Another Real Fictional Ordeal




They all could see and sense that there was something wrong with Zee.


Something had happened over that weekend three weeks before, something bad.


She said there was nothing wrong with her but they could see that she was lying; her smile was too artificial and her eyes said otherwise. But it wasn’t fear or shame, as far as her friends could tell, just a clear inability to cope alone with whatever that had happened.


Then those two, Chelsea and her best friend Omaha, talked among themselves during a break in the making of ‘Kidnapper on the Loose 5’ while she stayed put bound in the buff to a chair in the scenario, in usual days she would most likely demand to be released by Chelsea (and would got ‘mad’ at herself for having fell in another prank) and decided that they would extract the truth from her by any means necessary, so they sort of ‘kidnapped’ her after Chelsea called it a day earlier than the usual.


None of them didn’t knew it at the time, but Zee wouldn’t be modeling or writhing in bondage for anyone’s lens for a while after that...


Both Omaha and Zee Lee were leaving on foot the offices of ‘3rd Silent Star Productions’ (Chelsea’s company) when suddenly Chelsea’s brand new SUV was besides them, Omaha shoved Zee Lee inside it before entering and told her friend that she had no say in the matter. Whatever, WHATEVER, that had happened to her during that weekend she could trust in them and tell them about it. Zee tried to deny it one more time, but Chelsea cut her short and showed to her that her behavior had taken a turn for the weird.


Zee quickly dismissed any idea they might be having about rape, but then she confessed that something really weird had happened and she couldn’t accept it, as much as she tried.


As she started to tell them, at Chelsea’s home (before and over the Chinese dinner they had together), they realized that her experience was like a script of one of their movies.

But it had happened in the real world.




‘After me and Hoyt broke up, which was predictable since we only wanted fun and no compromise from each other, I decided to have a weekend all to myself. I had not heart broken to be cured, I wasn’t in the ‘hunting’ mode and all I wanted was to have some fun. I know this hotel close to the sea called Johnston Inn, it’s nice and cozy and relatively cheap. I would enjoy the sun while teasing all red blooded male on the beach wearing one of my micro string bikinis, I would get a tan and would return to the shooting of a photo-set for Ken Porter’s website on Monday refreshed and recharged. Instead I spent nearly a day as a captive in my room at the hotel, being cared for and stringently bound by this... this...’


‘Calm down... calm down... that’s right, breathe, breathe calmly and steadily...’


‘It’s OK, really, I just don’t know who... or better...what exactly she wanted with me, or if she wanted anything with me for that matter. She claimed that she didn’t, but I don’t know, it’s this feeling that I still have when I think of she binding me and roaming her hands...’


Zee’s attacker was a woman? Both Chelsea and Omaha looked at each other a bit puzzled and then back at their friend. She was holding that mug of tea with both hands, took a sip and resumed. Nothing had happened out of the expected at first, she had arrived at the hotel and had received the card of the room she had reserved two days earlier, as she was entering the elevator she saw her attacker for the first time, and felt a bit odd.


‘She was like a tigress pretending that wasn’t a tigress... you know, like having a natural magnetism and authority and trying to look like a normal woman, well she had ‘I’m IMPORTANT’ printed in the air above her and was pretending to be a ‘common’ person. She was about a couple of inches taller than me, very short black dyed hair and wearing a conservative green suit and carrying two large suitcases with her, I thought that she was carrying her clothes and some legal or business documents or data in the other. Really, I thought that she was some CEO or the secretary of one and would spend a time at the hotel’s pool while working on something... I sort of pictured that image in my head. Then it was my floor and surprise... it was hers too. She was a couple of steps behind me as I went to my room, I didn’t felt uneasy with it, there were about six other rooms in that side. I passed the card to open the door, opened it and she hit me in the back of my head with her bare hands and shoved me inside the room. I fell face first on the floor a bit stunned and my back pack and my purse escaped from my hands, which she quickly grabbed and ziplocked behind my back, then it was the turn of my elbows who were quickly ziplocked as well, she turned me around and shoved this folded up hankie in my mouth and used another zippcuff to keep it in place, then she proceeded to use those zipcuffs all over me. Ankles, above and below the knees, waist (to trap my arms) and above and below my breasts. She then stood up and carried her suitcases to inside the room, then after a minute or two she came back and grabbed me in her arms forcing me to sit on the floor with she kneeling on it behind me. I had already recovered by then and was panicking and fearing the worst. She held me in a hug that you expect from friends and relatives and told me ‘Sorry... – as she meant it...- I am really needing to use this room tomorrow and I can’t allow you to interfere, so be a good girl and follow all my orders and nothing will happen to you. Be a bad girl and try to escape, fight back at me or raise the alarm and I will have to hurt you. I don’t want it but I will do it if necessary. Nothing, absolutely nothing will happen to you otherwise. I like guys you know, so don’t worry about r-a-p-e. And don’t worry about me killing you, no one is to suspect that I am here doing what I will do tomorrow, so we will talk later about how I am going to buy your silence. Now be a good girl and don’t fight me...’.’


‘And you?’


‘I meekly allowed her to help me stand, then she helped me to not fall as I hoped my way to the bed, then she used a large zipcuff to hogtie on the bed and went down to business...’




‘One of the suitcase, the biggest one, contained a camera. I’ve checked and it was one of those ultra-pro models, used by National Geographic photographers and such, and it had a disassembled tripod and... oh dear I forgot the name... one of those things that professional photographers attach to their camera to take long distance pictures, in the end (after she put it all together) it seemed that she had mounted a telescope with a camera attached to it...’




‘My room was in the back of the hotel, I mean, not the side that faced the ocean. It faced a few buildings (none of them higher than four floors) and parking lots. And she aimed the camera to an alley between two of those buildings...’


‘Why?’ – asked both listeners at the same time.


‘I don’t know! From what little she let me know while I was her captive, she was there to take pictures of a meeting that was going to happen in that alley in the following morning. My room and the ones right above and below it were the best places where she could take the pictures she wanted, but while the one above me had a family from Oklahoma (father, mother and three kids, lots of people to deal with) and the one below me had a bunch of co-eds enjoying a pre-Spring break weekend (again too many people), well, there was only ME in that room, and she told me that when she had learned that her soon-to-be victim was a bondage model/actress... well that ***** said that she couldn’t wait to bind and gag me!’


Both Chelsea and Omaha also called the woman very foul names, then the Chinese food arrived. Minutes later, as they enjoyed their dinner, Zee resumed.


‘The way that I reacted when she told me that... she merely rolled me on the bed and spanked me in a playful way, like she was playing a bongo!!! Then she was over me, she was kneeling on the bed with my bound body between her legs, she leaned her head so her mouth was close to my left ear and said ‘Oh come on! Don’t you think that to someone used to tie up people against their will it wouldn’t be a dream or a fantasy to meet someone who gets bound by choice?’, she reassured me that I had nothing to fear from her, but let slip that she would be more ‘artistic’ than the usual with me. As I wondered what she meant with that she had cut the zipcuffs and was undressing me. I tried to protest and show some opposition, then she turned me around and looked me straight in the eye. ‘Don’t fight me’, just like that and said as if she was my mother, but with a hundred times the authority. She didn’t threatened me (although she had a knife and a gun in holsters under her armpits), and I stood motionless for the next minutes. By the time I was calmer and my heartbeat had returned to normal (under those circumstances that is) she had already removed all my clothes, leaving me stark naked over that bed, and was starting to rope me like..., exactly as if I was doing a shoot for RopeFreak’s website. Do you recall how he roped Maxine for that ‘captive co-eds’ shoot we three had a few months back? She tied me exactly like that...’


Seeing that Chelsea had no idea of what they were talking about Omaha explained it.


‘Ankles roped and cinched with the end of a very long piece of rope, then said piece is wrapped around the folded legs of the model and pre-cuts short pieces of rope are used to cinch the whole package, leaving the models legs trapped in what seems to be a net of rope. As for the arms, they are bound together with four long pieces of rope that gives to the final result the appearance of a single and very long piece of rope wrapping both arms together as close as they can get, then more rope is used to trap the trapped arms to the back of the model... Hey, RopeFreak is a nice guy, but he deserves his nickname...’


‘Don’t I know that? I posed for him when you two were in kindergarten!’


All three women chuckled at the remark, and Chelsea and Omaha looked at each other with a certain degree of satisfaction. It was working. Zee, who in the previous day wouldn’t have found the line funny, was cracking open everything she had kept to herself.


‘So she bound like that... exactly like that?’


‘Yes. While Maxine sported a big blue ballgag for the shoot she, with the help of the treat of a taser and a mean looking big hunting knife, had replaced my gag and now I had a sponge inside my mouth and six strips of tape over my lips. She grabbed me and craddled me in her arms and locked me in the closet. I was there in the dark for about thirty minutes when suddenly she reopened the door and knelt on the floor, I had spent most of the time crying and she had predicted that, so she had a hankie in her hand. She dried my tears as she kept saying that I had nothing to fear from her and such. When she was satisfied, and I was more calmer, she cut all the ropes holding my legs and helped me to stand up. She had ordered dinner for two and it was waiting for us at the table. Honestly, if she wasn’t holding me firmly I don’t think that I would be able to reach the swivel chair she had selected for me. My legs were tied to the single leg of the chair, a few turns of rope over my lap to keep me seated on it and then she showed me that the taser was charged and that I was to look to my right. The TV and DVD were on and paused...’




‘She had this disc from a season of a crime TV show. Later I watched it and I saw that it was from an obscure 60’s show’s first and only season. She had selected it because at some point of the story the villains kidnap the hero’s girlfriend (a blonde like me with that 60’s fluffy hairdo and those long skirts and sleeved shirts) to lure him into a trap in a deserted warehouse... very cliché... anyway, the reason why she had paused the show in that scene was because the actress (who was kept bound to a chair and gagged and blindfolded during half the show) was ungagged at some point and ‘convinced’ to give a heartily scream for help in order to attract her boyfriend’s attention to the place where she was being held, so he would fall in the bad guy’s trap, and whoever was that actress she did have some lungs!’


‘So if you screamed when she was giving you food...’


‘She would tase me, push the swivel chair with an overly regagged me on it back to the closet and swear to whoever appeared at the door that she had pressed the wrong button on the remote control. And afterwards she would hurt me...’


‘What a ******!!!!’


‘It’s okay, really. She told me, before she was gone, that she had to pretend that she would hurt me if I misbehaved, and by then I had reasons to believe in her...’


‘...? ...? ...So she gave you dinner...’


‘Which was exactly what I had ordered the four other times I had been there. When I realized it, as I was chewing something, I made such an incredulous look that she had no other reaction than laugh and laugh and laugh. I got mad and was about to launch a scream when she quickly seized the lower portion of my face with her hands. It was like a pair of steel gloves holding my mouth shut and my head immobile. ‘As I told you, I am here to take some pictures and that is. I knew that the meeting was going to happen in this town but not exactly where until eight hours ago. In eight hours I managed to find the perfect secret spot to photograph the meeting, then I hacked into the hotel’s computers and selected you and only you as my unwilling (for now) helper/assistant, found out everything that is to know about you – including my real name – and learned what you had for dinner the other occasions you came here. Consider it a demonstration of my primary non-violent intentions towards you. Now you’ll behave or I will have to gag and punish you?’.’


‘And then...?’


‘That was one of the most unrealistic moments of the whole thing. She moved the swivel chair, with me tied and regagged on it, to the bathroom and freed one of my arms, the other was bound to the single leg of the chair and gave me my toothbrush. After we were done she asked if I wanted... if I needed to... if...’


‘We got it!’


‘She helped me... and then she proceeded to tie me up as I stood passively in the middle of the bathroom, she didn’t needed to threaten me or anything, she simply made me stand up after I had put on the bottom part of a string bikini and told me to stay put. I was blushing bright red so ashamed of myself I was while she was ‘business as usual’. Ankles, above and below the knees, wrists, a long piece of rope connecting all previous four and for last the elbows (not as close as I can take it tough), I was already gagged with a hankie inside my mouth and she applied five or six strips of tape over it, then she grabbed me and threw me over her left shoulder. She carried me to the bed in front of the TV, the room was basically a large bedroom with a bathroom (not a big hotel that one), and spend ten to fifteen minutes hogtying me on the bed. And again I recognized the bonds, Banshee submitted me to an exact copy of that hogtie for my participation in her ‘Naughty Burglar Nurse’ DVD last Summer. You know, my hands were tied side by side and over my butt and the same rope that kept apart and locked in place linked them to my crossed ankles... since I was facing the TV she knelt in front of the bed and told me ‘Sorry, but I think that you’ll freak out if I gave you a bath, so I’ll have one myself as you enjoy the TV show’. She spent forty minutes showering and singing while I watched a very bad 60’s TV show...’


‘And she was singing...?’


‘I don’t know, some opera stuff in German (I am sure that it wasn’t Italian thus...), she did have a great voice but I couldn’t understand one word. She came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and put on some sexy lacy underwear (pricey, like Victoria’s Secret) in front of me. She lied down on the bed in the right way and watched one episode of the 60’s show, the 10 PM news and a movie... keeping a hand over my left buttock all the time!’




‘I tried to protest, but she barely patted me and told me to behave. By now it was really obvious for me that she meant me no harm, but also that I was her newest toy and there was nothing I could do about it. I felt enraged... and impotent. She untied the rope that forced my legs to bend backward, shut down the lights and the TV, placed a soft pillow under my head and called it a night. I waited for about half an hour before I made my first attempts to get free of the ropes, and she played the bongo with my buttocks for an Eternity before she said ‘I have the lightest sleep you can think off, next time I will have to be mean, REALLY mean if you catch my drift, now goodnight.’ After a while I somehow went to slumberland. I woke up with she cinching the last knots of my renewed hogtied state, then she wrapped the sheet of the bed around me by rolling me over a couple of times, wrapped a few turns of rope around the tight package and stayed by the window in position. It wasn’t really hurting me and I could breathe, but try to be engulfed my a sheet while bound and then feel the sheet be roped to you... after what looked like an eternity I heard she call someone (the sheet worked well as a blindfold) on the phone. And then she cursed (in what also looked like German) the person to whom she was talking to. She had been made to believe that the meeting was to happen at 7 AM, but it was actually to happen at 9:15, which meant that she still would have to wait for over an hour! She said a few other foul words and hung up. Then she took me out of that cocoon and... and... after another... in the... bathroom...’


‘We got it!!!’


‘She gave me a glass of water and a fruit. She more than obviously enjoyed binding me one last time, but this time it was a simple stuff. I sat wearing only my panties on the edge of the bed. She tied my wrists together and to my knees, she then gagged me with white tape and blindfolded with a black scarf. To do that she knelt on the bed behind me, and after she was finished she hugged me from behind and leaned very close to my right ear. She said ‘Let’s talk about how am I going to buy your silence...’, I could only nod or shake my hand as she talked of course, but after we had settled down for 10K and a ‘free pass out of hell’.’


‘A what?’


‘Hold on a second... you made a deal with that woman?’


‘NO!!! I mean no... not really. She told me that one of the reasons that she had chosen me was that I was a fetish/bondage model, so all my rope marks could be explained as ‘job related’ if I went to the police. She was a pro, which meant that the FBI and the police didn’t knew who she was (of course, she said, they knew about her but didn’t knew who was behind her heists). The only thing that all my ‘break of truce’ might achieve was that the people she was about to take pictures of would be aware that it had happened, and might end up finding a way to ‘question’ me (and she really meant what you guys are thinking that she did with that) sooner or later. And that would be bad for her business. She needed that I kept my mouth shut for ten days, so she would pay me up front and in advance one thousand dollars per day of silence. Plus she would, as she did, give me a phone number. If I ever found myself in trouble, if there was a stalker after me, a very abusive husband/boyfriend, someone threatening me or my family in ANY way, I’ll just have to call her with that number and my problems would be gone... Don’t look at me like that Chelsea, I was bound and gagged and blindfolded and at her mercy... what else should I have done? Shake my head in defiance? I nodded...’


‘It’s OK, it’s OK... come here...’


Chelsea cradled Zee in her arms, and the younger beauty finally started to shake and cry. She had been holding on those tears for three weeks? Then Omaha placed her hand over Zee’s right shoulder and nodded at her. Zee cried in Chelsea’s arms for five or six minutes. Then she was allowed to have a bath in Chelsea’s guestroom’s bathroom.


Meanwhile her two friends discussed what they had heard and agreed that it all looked like a script for one of Chelsea’s movies, and that Zee might need to seek some help.




Three months later


The two were among the very few persons in the world that could do what they were doing, laughing at her with a reasonable excuse to do so, and were enjoying it. She had hoped that they would react otherwise, but their laughter was starting to stroke her mean bone...


‘Stop it, NOW, the both of you...’


And both did. They knew how far went their privilege. But it was so hard to keep a straight face after they heard what they had just did. Their friend, their high and mighty and wanted and dangerous and professional friend... had done such a faux pas!!! Which her led her to an unbelievable situation, she had been asked to hunt down... herself!!!


‘Oh man... MAN!!... but how it happened? Why does Banshee is asking you to hunt down and deliver to her the ‘German ****’ as she called you?’


‘I don’t know. Zee retold to her and a few people the account of her captivity in my ruse. Specially how after I supposedly took pictures of that nonexistent meeting I kissed Zee – and why did I did that? YOU are the lesbian here, Debby, not me... – ....passionately (I must admit) on her tape gagged lips, how she heard me packing up everything I had brought with me and left the envelope with the ten thousand dollars on the bed behind her, with a pair of scissors on top of it. It mustn’t have taken more than five minutes for her to free herself, and five minutes later she was back in her car and returning to her home! I saw her running like she had just heard that her house was on fire... I should have realized that I had went too far in my... shenanigans, more like caprice if you prefer. And Banshee (like the other bondage producers or riggers/ringers, as they call themselves, that had booked sessions with Zee) agreed to postpone the two photo-shoots, wished Zee all the best possible in her temporary retirement, but then she called me and asked (almost going as far as demanding) that I... her secret partner in business...’


‘Hunt down yourself!!!’ – both Debs and Ann said at once, and restarted their laughter.


Those two... but she had it coming. Why she had did that again? She only had to snap her fingers and two dozens of girls even more sensuous, buxom, beautiful, docile and all else that could matter for her... TWO DOZEN at the very least!... would be delivered anywhere she wanted. She had started to bind and gag girls oh so many years before, with that ***** signorina Dalenore that bullied her all through high-school, what the..., one of those two hyenas that she was starting to wish to tie up to the mast (upside down of course) was a regular ‘victim’ of hers until two years before, when she finally allowed her to go...


‘Hey... Michaela? Michaela? Are you alright...?’


‘Of course I am not alright! I am seeking the advice of two of my friends, the biggest ones in that selected and small group of people, and I put aside all hierarchy that could matter among us, and the result is that I have two hyenas...’


‘That you would love to tie up in the buff to the mast of this yacht...’


‘Upside down of course.’


‘Of course.’


The two...!!!! But that was exactly why she was asking their help.


They knew her that well.


The small yacht in which they were sunbathing at the deck was at about three miles from the shore, officially it belonged to another of her frontmen and, besides them there was a crew of three women, all Debs’ subs, that were at the moment enjoying whatever Debs had tied/restrained them in before locking them in their cabin joining her and Ann. They had warranted privacy for their chat and no one would ever know that she, the infamous Duchess, had made such a sloppy act! And what she had achieved with it?


A few pictures of the sweetest captive she had ever had, some fond memories and more than a dozen ideas for scripts of bondage customized movies that she would pay to be made, and thus would have that tender lovely eyes and expression all to herself, again.


Because until Zee, with the help of that psychoanalyst, put out all the monsters or whatever that she had given to the girl, no Zee Lee in any bondage website or producer’s recent portfolio! Not to mention of all that could have gotten wrong if Zee had called the cops.


She had overtrusted her own legendary powerful presence! She had not provided back-up for her tryst with the Canadian girl! Tryst??!! She had attacked the poor girl! OK she hadn’t molested her... but she had subjected the beautiful model to her sexual whims!!!


‘So... besides YOU having to find a shrink for yourself, DON’T DENY IT!!!, how are you going to deal with the situations. You told us that you promised to Banshee a ‘solution’.’


‘Don’t remind me...’


Banshee had called her and told her everything, after all the photo-shoots she had booked with Zee were for her, and then... somehow... she found herself accepting the deal that Banshee (that really considered Zee as part of her family) had proposed to her. Why?


Because as Banshee told her Zee’s recollection of the events between them she realized what she had done, and felt deeply ashamed and vulnerable, and right at that moment Banshee had begged for her to find the ‘German’ and ‘deal’ with her...


She had indeed went looking for professional help.


Sheila Hannigan was, besides the owner of the front business of one of her ‘safe deposits boxes’ as Debora had nicknamed them, a real deal analyst. And a woman that, just like her, loved to see other women under her power and authority. So instead of becoming Sheila’s newest patient she had picked a couple of names, ordered that a thorough check was provided and had decided for that lady in Newark. She would have their third meeting in a couple of days. But she also thought that she should seek help from her friends.


‘Debs? I think it’s time to start to have the lunch be prepared... could you please untie those three and make them do it while I have a little talk with her?’


It was her cue, after she finally had managed to make her boss tell her part of what had happened in those two days that she had went AWOL she had paid a visit to Ann. They had talked about the weird behavior of the Duchess (and its probable causes), and had deduced the whys and hows (since they were two of the few people to whom the Duchess talked openly without reserve sometimes they had get to know her very well). And had decided to play possum when she (as expected) decided to have a private chat with them.


Now, as she undid the bonds of Ashley and Thessa’s ‘X’ hogties (and was really thinking about not freeing Farrah), Ann was probably explaining to the Duchess the idea they had developed to get their boss out of the corner she had put herself in. Probably, sooner or later, the Duchess would realize that Ann couldn’t have had the idea all alone and in just a few minutes. Oh well, she would think about if (when...) it happened.


Right now she had three girls to attend...