A Real Fictional Ordeal...




The three women were moving around the bed, doing nothing to change their current condition since actually there was nothing that they could do, there was nothing that they should do and there was nothing that they wanted to do except move and wriggle around in their bondage, posing for the camera aimed at them.


The taller (and older) of the trio was also the most famous of the models. Chelsea Blaine was in the BDSM scene for the past fifteen years, absolutely nobody in town knew that her real name was Phyllis but she was well known for her participation in that reality show three years prior. A curvy lady with long flowing black hair (braided for the occasion), Chelsea knew that she was only 'in the game' yet due to her fans and name.


She was a late thirties woman right now in the middle of fresh early to mid-twenties very bosomy buxom babes for crying out loud! Probably that was the reason as to why she was the most covered of the women of the shoot. The 'plot' of the movie she and Annemarie and Bayley were posing for at the moment was about con-women doublecrossing, triplecrossing and more each other, and getting tied up and gagged in the process or tying up and gagging the others in the process. Even the woman in charge of their bindings and of the direction of the movie, and their current situation, had been on the other end of the rope for a shoot as their 'victim', just like that lesbian porn queen and her newest doll and six other models.


Whoever paid for these customized videos had a lot of money to spend! It had started a few months before, right in the beginning of the subprime crisis, and every couple of weeks it was a rope and knots galore that couldn’t cost him/her less than 50K/60K!


Right now they were shooting the first part of the climax of the movie, when all three con-ladies shared a room for the night after being all captured by the supposedly ‘innocent’ bystander... She was wearing a micro string bikini, Annemarie was topless with the thong bottom of a blue bikini covering her and Bayley was stark naked, save for the tape gag, rope and cuffs of course. All three had been cuffed in the back and their cuffs were all separately linked to another cuff with a long chain between each bracelet. One of the bracelets held their handcuffs and the other was closed around the brasses of the front of the bed, each foot was actually two small posts and between them there was an ornated and elaborated brass rail. The chain of this second cuff was long enough so they could hobble and hop (their legs were roped at the knees and ankles) about four feet in any direction.


They had pretended that they wanted to get free and had wandered to find a weak link or another way to free themselves. Even if the ropes ornating their elbows and breasts weren't there they would not have made a movement to remove their gags and therefore elaborate a better strategy. After nine recorded minutes of 'growing desperation' Chantelle (actually Zee Lee, a Canadian Army brat with a strong accent, long legs and obviously natural yet enormous breasts) 'returned' and told them that it was naptime...


Banshee, the former model and now successful independent bondage producer/director/web site owner, and her assistants started to free them right away.


As they were getting hydrated with straws at the same time that her arms were being freed, Chelsea took a good look at the other women on the set... Zee... Zee could be her daughter! Annemarie could be her youngest sister! Bayley could an even younger (more than five years) sister... she was getting too old for this stuff...


But it paid the bills, there was a lot of respect all around and there were  the pranks...


Chelsea was the greatest prankster among the bondage models of the town. From itching powder in a blanket where one or more models were supposed to lay for a shoot to... ehr... kidnappings (where the ‘victim’ was ‘held’ in her own home/apartment and was ‘rescued’ by her loved one, a regular Valentine Day’s prank), Chelsea had done them all... But of course, sometimes SHE was the target of a prank... Like now.


Annemarie and Bayley were putting their clothes on, but she was still trapped in the rope and cuffs of the shoot. And Edgar, the rascal nephew of Banshee, was adding more rope to her body. The muscular 19 years old former boy scout was showing all his expertise in knots to Zee Lee, who was giggling like a madwoman as Chelsea’s arms and torso became one. Banshee was nowhere to be seen, she had probably left in a hurry to edit the scenes and delivery a preview to her client, so she was at the mercy of:


-       The girl whom she had tickled as she was hanging upside down from a tree in a shoot in the woods outside town two months before (Zee),

-       The girl whom had been the latest victim of her collection of itching powder (Bayley),

-       And the girl who had never been able to make her pay for all the pranks she had been victim since they had met nine years before (Annemarie).


All three models were standing in front of her, grinning with the most devious grin they could produce, then suddenly she was turned around and thrown over a shoulder. At Zee’s orders, Edgar carried her to the back of the studio and deposited her inside a closet. There was a metal bar inside the closet and he soon started to lash an elaborated rope harness to it. Chelsea recognize the harness as one of the most comfortable to keep a bound woman hanging in mid-air in the horizontal. Said and done, fifteen minutes later Zee kissed the young and delighted man full in his lips as Annemarie and Bayley remembered Chelsea of what she had done to them. They knew that all were harmless pranks (even when she had used the itching powder), so she had nothing to fear from them.


While Zee and Edgar were going to see a baseball game and have a great time afterwards, Bayley was going to a movie theater to watch the latest Statham and Annemarie was going to enjoy whatever she had tivoed, Chelsea was going to spend a night in the closet and nothing else. It was a warm Summer night in southern California, no fire in the woods to endanger her life and three security dudes (that would not know that she was there) to protect her from harm. So all she had to do was to enjoy her current situation... while she planned exactly what each woman was going to ‘suffer’ at her hands next time, of course.


A small shove to make her swing a little and the closet’s door was closed and she heard them leaving as they laughed. Oh well, she had that coming for a long time...


Since she had nothing else to do, wasn’t someone who went to bed early and her eyes adjusted to the semi darkness present (there was no light in the whole studio, but soon the lights from outside came through the windows and gave her some visibility), Chelsea looked around the closet and thought about how she would tie all three girls inside it...


Zee was going to lay on the floor, naked with her gargantuan breasts cushioning her torso and quite probably very stringently hogtied; Annemarie would be kneeling on the floor (with Zee’s body between her legs?) with her arms tied above her head and linked to the metal bar; Bayley was going to... to... that’s it! She would put a hook on the closet’s door, on the inside side, and was going to make Edgar tie her in a way that she would be kneeling in mid-air and all three women would be sporting jawbreaking harness ballgags and...


Wait a moment... was that an envelope? It was!


It was brown-yellow, the same color of the inside of the closet, and was attached to the wall right above the closet’s door. Who had put it there and why?


It took more than four hours for Chelsea to find out. She was almost dozing out when she heard a crack. Someone was opening the door and cursing Banshee for have not yet oiled the hinges of the door properly. It was a woman, a ninja. Or so it looked like to Chelsea.


She was clad all in black and not even her eyes were visible, although she wasn’t using night vision goggles it was obvious that she could see in the semi-darkness better than Chelsea since she had moved in complete silence through all the large building without turning on any light. And she was as surprised as Chelsea was...


‘What the... who are you?’


Chelsea tried to call for help, but a steel paw closed itself around her lower face and turned her feeble moans into something even more inaudible. The woman took a good look to Chelsea'’ bonds and chuckled. She warned Chelsea to not make any sound and removed her hand from her face, then she told her to nod or shake her head.


‘Chelsea Blaine?’




‘Is this some kind of payback for all your pranks?’


Shame filled nod with her face blushing deeply...


The woman chuckled, and produced from somewhere in her back a very mean and big knife. But before she cut the ropes that kept Chelsea hanging she tore strip after strip of duct tape (from a roll that she found on the floor of the closet) and placed them over Chelsea’s already very efficient gag. With her same neutral, metallic (it came from a synthesizer) and authoritarian tone the woman told Chelsea to relax and cut her bound body from the ropes, the woman’s arms were surprisingly strong (she was not a big woman, she probably was much smaller than Chelsea, and had not the body of a heavyweight fighter) and gentle. Chelsea was deposited on the closet’s floor and soon all ropes that were still tied to the bar or dispersed in the floor were in the woman’s backpack, except those that the woman used to reinforce Chelsea’s bonds to the point that she was a spooned salami.


‘Don’t waste your time trying to escape. I’ll deal with the guards and will be back in thirty minutes. You saw the envelope, don’t you? Don’t you?’


Fearful and quick nods.


The woman moved with surprising grace and speed and Chelsea found herself alone in the closet. Time passed slowly as she tried to understand what was going on. Ok, it was all about the envelope, or so it looked like. Who had put it there? What was inside it? Was Banshee involved in the whole business somehow? And more importantly, what was going to happen to her? The ropes weren’t cutting into her skin, but Chelsea’s desperate moves would leave marks that would last for a while...


The woman returned almost one hour later, gave a slap on Chelsea’s butt for her futile attempts to escape and cradled her in her arms with the same gentleness she had felt before.

‘Seriously, you’re in big trouble. NO ONE was supposed to know about the envelope. Yet, and stop those tears please, I am not going to hurt you. I know you are used to some cramps occasionally and that’s all you have to fear from me, stop crying please...’


But the tears didn’t stopped. Chelsea had never felt so scared and terrorized in all her life! The woman shook her head and deposited Chelsea’s overly bound body on a coffee table  in a room near the back door. From her small yet spacious backpack she produced a hankie and dried Chelsea’s tears, then she calmed her down with soothing and reassuring words...

Then she put Chelsea inside a large sports bag! Then the growingly desperate (yet fearful to disobey the ‘do not move!’ command from the ninja) Chelsea was carried outside and deposited, still inside the bag, inside someone’s car.


And then she heard Banshee’s voice.


Inside the bag it was very difficult for Chelsea to breathe, but the ride was a nonstop one until they reached their destination. Meanwhile Chelsea managed to hear the conversation between the women in the car almost clearly as she was in the backseat. She and the ninja were arguing about her. Banshee demanding that Chelsea was released immediately and the other woman saying that she needed to be questioned before anything else.


It was a heated argument, in which it became obvious that while Banshee hadn’t been forced to do anything against her will (although it was now obvious to Chelsea how she had managed to recover from her disastrous investments in the stock market so quickly), she was regretting for a long time having associated with the ninja and her boss, whoever he was. The lid of the trunk was opened and the so was the bag.


‘Oh my... are you alright?’


Banshee’s movement to undo her arms’ bonds were cut short by the ninja, who quickly overpowered the older woman and before either Banshee or Chelsea could realize she was holding a tape gagged and tied woman in her arms.


Then, as Banshee obviously apologized with tear filled eyes, Chelsea watched impotently as the ninja used a whole roll of black electrician tape on her friend and most regular boss. Banshee’s legs became one and so had her arms and torso. Then the ninja woman grabbed Banshee, threw her over her left shoulder and carried her away.


Twenty minutes later she returned, removed Chelsea from the bag, cut about 90% of her bonds (the cramps and lack of movements on her body were enough to render her helpless even if she was completely ‘free’), removed her monstrous multi-layered gag and replaced it with a ballgag with a hole in the middle of the ball, then she offered to Chelsea a bottle of sports beverage that she eagerly drank with the help of a straw (hence the hole in the ballgag), then still holding the bottle in one hand the ninja carried Chelsea OTS through a very stylish, large and silent manor. It was like the ones she saw in movies and TV series; a huge garage (in which Banshee’s car was parked) filled with classic & old & brand new sports cars (at least a dozen of them), very high class furniture and paintings and decoration in each of the rooms she ‘visited’ hanging on the woman’s shoulder, a spiral marble staircase, and a large bedroom with a four posted white silk covered bed in which she was deposited in the middle of the pricey and immaculately clean room.


Each of Chelsea’s limbs was carefully massaged by the ninja after she cut the last bonds, then she covered Chelsea’s mouth and nose with a hankie. It smelled weirdly and she was too tired anyway to even try to raise a hand to prevent the ninja from doing it.


After Chelsea was out the ninja covered her body and went to the room where a video conference between her (and the manor’s owner’s) boss and Banshee was happening...




Morning found Chelsea still sleeping on the comfortable large bed. She slowly came to and didn’t recognized the light blue pajama she was wearing, nor the bed nor the room.


Then she remembered everything that happened the night before... and panicked for exactly twenty seconds. The fear she was starting to feel about her surroundings and fate were quickly substituted by her curiosity as she heard a joyous laughter, Zee’s laughter.


She run to the room’s window and didn’t believed in what she saw...


Zee, in a mock excuse of a string unikini, was lounging by a ‘D’ shaped pool and laughing at the latest Gloria’s joke. They weren’t the only ones relaxing in lounge chairs or enjoying the water. Chelsea counted eight busty girls, all bondage (some also porn) models and all regular victims of her pranks, and there seemed to be more of them eating the meat that Banshee, her husband and an unknown man were barbecuing for everybody at the left of the pool. Banshee was... laughing? What the...?


Was it all, everything that happened, a joke? A prank?


‘Miss Blaine?’


Now Chelsea wasn’t getting surprised with anything else anymore. But a scantily clad young and busty maid was almost too much. The girl was barely legal, if she was, to wear such a fetishistic outfit... her round behind and her whole breasts (save for the nipples) were in clear view! Actually the girl was wearing a bikini covered by the strictly necessary to make her look like a maid, apron and cap included, and looked at Chelsea with a genuine smile that showed some concern and fear...


‘Miss Blaine, could you come with me, please?’


‘What’s going on? WHAT’S GOING ON???!!!’


The girl looked so fragile and contrived that Chelsea took four deep breaths to calm herself down. Then she realized that she was still wearing the pajama. With the ‘maid’’s help she quickly changed to a one piece green swimsuit and then she followed the girl downstairs.






‘...and like you can see, Chelsea made sure that Zee, Annemarie and Bayley paid in kind for their participation in the highly elaborated ‘prank’ she was victim...’


The pictures and mini-movies that filled the screen showed all three women in positions very demanding, with them overly restrained and very enticing for her tastes.


Specially Zee. She had plans for that overly bosomy sweet little thing...


‘And she has no clues whatsoever?’


‘Absolutely... she was almost sure that she had been victim of a disproportionate and lame prank when she appeared at the pool that morning, the fact that ALL young women (who had suffered for her pleasure) grinned like they were related to the Cheshire Cat only reinforced that... I still don’t know exactly what Banshee meant with the words ‘Joshua Trees’ but whatever it is it calmed her down immediately, stopped her stomping and even made her look like she had deserved everything she had suffered...’


‘And her words were just ‘But I thought...’?’


‘Yes... Banshee’s answer (‘Forgiven, not forgotten my dear...’) started the greatest chorus of laughter I ever seen! And her husband should deserve an Oscar for his part in our poorly prepared drama, no, I am serious ma’am. He was that good...’


‘So... how is to be the major and only business associate of a promising bondage/fetishism entrepreneur? Do you have any problems with it?’


‘Ma’am, it’s your cup of tea, not mine. But that doesn’t means that I cannot take part in whatever it is necessary to keep our... association... a secret.’


Jeb Norbertson was just another of her legal business fronts, in his case a export/import business that allowed him to finance a myriad of relatively unknown movies producers, including the raising star among the fetishism industry ones: Chelsea Blaine.


As long as he lived in that manor, had a staff of scantily clad young women with him and was allowed to host very wild parties he was happy and would have no problem with it.


‘For the last time, are you sure that she believes that ‘the envelope hidden in the closet’ was just part of your (and Banshee’s) ‘greeting prank’? Are you really sure?’


‘Ma’am, she showed me her latest screenplay. It’s called ‘The Envelope’ and deals with a girl, Rowenna Baker most likely, that is used by a criminal to transport some ‘top secret’ data that she confounds with a postcard sent by a friend. Of course that will lead to a lot of tying and gagging and, since the criminal herself is a lady she’ll take part of the action... well, Chelsea confided me that the inspiration of where the stolen data would be hidden came from her pranked ordeal, since she spent hours thinking in what was inside that envelope. She truly believes that, as part of ‘my prank’, I hid the very generous contract (that Banshee practically begged you to have me write it down and signed) inside it and she even says that ‘that was the most brilliant part of your devious prank...’!’


‘Alright, I will... keep an eye in Ms. Blaine for a while more. But just one eye...’


She then proceeded to question him about the latest four envelopes she had him prepare and hide in the scenarios of some of the movies he financed.


It was a variation of the ‘dead drop’ strategy used in espionage, and it worked.


As far as she knew (and had a lot of proofs to back up her belief), both the FBI and her rivals had no clue as how she managed to control her growing empire without getting in touch with her tenants more than a couple of times every year.


Then she dismissed him and closed the videolink. Then she stretched and decided which one, of the latest six customized video both Chelsea and Banshee had prepared at her order and scripts, she was going to watch now to help her relax a little (right...). As she prepared the popcorn and a jar of orange juice, the Duchess rethought about the whole situation.


A clever and simple plan that was nearly ruined by a prank of three bondage models over a prankster one, if Banshee had not begged and implored to let her make Chelsea believes that she was the victim of a bit too sadistic prank... what she would have done?


Chelsea Blaine had three fan clubs, that had really hated her decision to go behind the lens and no longer in front of them, and was way too well known. Her disappearance would raise too many questions, but besides murder she would not have any other option.


She chuckled at the thought. Amparo, Betsy, the sisters and many others. She had about four dozen of highly skilled killers under her orders, and she rarely ordered them to kill!


Back to the former line of thought... she would not have any other option but to order the killing of Chelsea, or just pretend to kill her and have another ‘permanently bound guest’ at her yacht... and even that (given Chelsea’s popularity) wasn’t a warranty that the secret of the envelopes would stay a secret. And now Chelsea was going to base a whole commercial movie in the secret content of an envelope! She laughed.


Humm... ‘The Beach Bunny and the Escaped Rope Maniac’ (she really had to think in a better name!), with Zee and her delightfully big and natural breasts...


She put the DVD on the plate and pressed the ‘Play’ button.