A Small Town’s Biggest Secret...



09:05 PM


Meg Plummer was her bestest friend ever since kindergarten, the one she could trust and abuse the most. The one that was always there for her, even when she was going to do something as stupid and dumb as she knew that what she was going to (try to) do was…

Not to mention that it was a crime, big time crime…


But if there was someone on Earth that deserved to be humiliated in her own home, her name was Laura Treault. 5’2”, mignon with a plastered smile on her face and always the best clothes to better show her enormous cleavage; the town’s tramp. Not only in her opinion. An outsider, who had arrived in town a couple of years before with money to invest (she soon became the florist and the book shop business partners), and all the time in the world to spare… slutting around and offering herself to all men above 14 and below 100. Ok, all men above 14 and below 70… Ok all men that were at the bowling last night.


Ok, HER boyfriend, Cyrus Usher… who was with her at the bowling last night.


The way she had behaved at the bowling last night… the way those vulgar & expensive clothes were painted on her body, especially those big… she-was-not-wearing-a-bra!!!


She had slapped Cyrus in the face (like all the girls had done with their boyfriends) and promised revenge. Commando-like (two sets – one for her and the other for Meg -: boots, pants, shirts, gloves and hoods, all black) attire bought at Spencer’s, four rolls of black electrician tape and ‘other stuff’ bought at Home Deposit, her mother’s hardest hairbrush (solid oak), and Meg… who honestly thought that she was going to see a movie with her.


Now, after some discussion that she (as usual) had won, they both were putting on their disguises, and Meg was having some trouble with her pants (had she put one some weight? She could swear that her number was that one!). She took a good look at her friend.


Meg was the ‘shy & hot’ looking girl par excellence. Beautiful face, glasses, long black hair held in a ponytail, very expressive black eyes, trim waist, long legs and a bigger bra size than hers (but not as big as Laura’s).


And always having problems to find a boyfriend!!!


She on the other hand…


In spite of being the only daughter of the former State’s representative on the 198X Miss America, she never was satisfied with what she saw in the mirror. Blonde hair? Check (but it could be of a better shade). Beautiful legs? A bit too skinny actually. The eyes? Blue (and very unexpressive). The bust? 34B (she always thought about ‘enhancing’ them but her mother was adamantly against it). Well… she was ready and Meg wasn’t…


She gave a little help to her friend as she listened to another lame attempt to make her change her mind. Not a chance. They were going to break into Laura’s house, tape her up a dozen times and take tons of pictures. The spiciest ones would be sent to… To where?


She did wanted to humiliate the slut, but at the very least Meg’s arguments about how big of a crime it was what she was thinking of doing made her ponder on how she was going to do it without being identified. Laura would know who had done it to her, of course. But Alice (and her mother Doreen) would provide their alibis. Alice had already agreed (her boyfriend, Jack, had ogled at Laura’s cleavage for way too long the night before) and her mother had zero tolerance to her daughter’s demands…


Alright… It was 11:30 PM, time to make a **** pay for her sins!!!!




09:48 PM


They had behaved too badly today. Their fifth attempt of overpowering her during their night bathroom break, the fifth time they would sleep (after their punishment) without any kind of dinner. Those two were pleading now, too loudly… Four more hard strokes on their exposed behinds and they were done with their pleadings for now. Of course, as soon as she shut the lights and closed the doors they would start to sob, but for now they were silent…

She knelt in front of each captive and gave them a good night kiss. Full on their taped lips and, both kidnapped women had to knew better by now, without any resistance nor explicit demonstration of disgust or despise from the kissed woman’s part, the leather blindfold was padlocked in place and one last thug and check on each of the straps and belts that held them balltied and on their knees, then she lifted the grid walls of the large dog cages in which each woman was going to spend the night and left the room.


At the same time that her earplug received the automatic message from her security system. A break-in? But how could it be possible? She went for her PDA and learned how…


Two girls in black… One of them knew about the secret button… Both looked familiar…


OH NO!!!! They were going to find her!!!


Not to mention THEM!!!!




So far so good…


Who could have known that pick a lock was that easy? Or that Meg knew how to do it? A simple twist and shake of that pin on the lock and... presto!


She didn’t even have to break the glass on the backdoor with the rock she had picked on the ground. She made the ‘silence’ signal to Meg and went first…


All dark and silent. She turned on her flashlight and was immediately grabbed by Meg. With the right hand her friend gagged her and with the other she grabbed the flashlight and (at the same time that she pushed her body against her own with the left arm) turned it off.


‘Are you idiot? Ralph Bixby has his telescope lens pointed at THIS house 24/7. He never managed to grab a pic of her changing clothes, getting of the bath or the likes, but he keeps trying… And do you honestly believe that the sheriff’s son would not call his mother if he sees any ‘suspect’ light coming from this particular house?’


Oh… yeah, Ralph and his ‘astronomical studies’.


Everybody knew that he could say at which hour any of his teenage (like him) neighbors went to bath or came from it, and ever since Laura had moved to town grab a ‘memento’ of her bare breasted was one of his main goals! Judd had even tried to use this last year, when it was time to re-elect Barbra a fourth time, as a desperate measure to attract more votes for him, but he had not managed to prove his claims and had to pay some undisclosed money (to Ralph’s ‘college fund’) for Barbra. Still, Ralph’s ‘fame’ stayed intact…


She nodded to Meg, who made her nod again (to promise to not scream or anything after she let her go) before both hand and arm were off her body. They both checked the front and back of the first floor. Nothing. The door to the basement was locked.


So she was upstairs…


Yes, there was light coming from the room at the end of the hallway after the stairs. She went ahead as, for some reason, Meg decided to check on the other rooms first. She went along. Two guestroom well furnished, and empty. That left only the main bedroom…


She crouched on the floor and took a look inside through the keyhole.


There was a bed in the room with two bedside tables flanking it. On top of each bedside table was a lamp turned on. That’s why she could have such a clear view of the naked and bound black woman on top of the bed covers. She looked… familiar…


Problem was that she was sleeping (apparently) with her head turned on the opposite direction of the bed and resting atop a very big and fluffy pillow. Not a chance to see her face and probably the only comfort she was feeling as of now…


She could see that the crisp white ropes holding her legs (crossed at the ankles) together and bent backward (with her heel touching her butt), and her arms behind and to her back (it looked like the hands were tied palm to palm) and finally ankles to wrists… well those ropes were digging into her flesh. Including the one that… No… she must have made a mistake and not seen what she thought that she had see, a rope… there?


The woman looked to be above her better weight, but not much. 30, perhaps 40 years of age… If at least she turned her head around so she could see her face and identify her…


Meg was pocking at her right shoulder…


‘Not now Meg…’


‘Oh… so your companion is Meg… Meg Plummer perhaps?’


She froze. Her stomach started to ache immediately, her mouth went dry and she stiffened.


‘Turn around, now…’


It was Laura, who else? Holding a mean looking (and very much likely loaded) weird gun in her right hand, and a roll of tape in her left one. Besides that she was stark naked.


‘Remove your hood, and all your clothes for that matter, the both of you, but first drop these backpack of yours, and leave the hood for last… slowly… Come on…’


They obeyed. Blushing bright red every step of the way they obeyed.


‘My oh my… Trish Sark!!! OK… what are you tramps doing in my house?’




The dart hit her on her belly, and she was out before she could think about why it wasn’t hurting as much as she expected that it would. Meg held her body…






‘Is she okay?’


‘Of course she is, if I wanted to hurt her I’ll have used a real gun and a silencer…’


Surprisingly gentle for such a display of her strength, Meg was holding her lifelong friend in her arms as they went to the closest guestroom. Her mistress handed her a roll of tape and they both worked together, as they had so many times, and soon had deafened, muted and blinded Trish, besides the tight bonds that hindered substantially her movements of course. Each calf and thigh were held together, her forearms were taped together and in parallel behind her back, no packing on her mouth but her eyelids were safe thanks to a hankie. Earplugs and earmuffs finished the service and Laura was now looking very sternly to her favorite slave. Who accepted the slap in the face very stoically.


‘Now… what is going on?’


‘We… we were supposed to go to the movies. But she suddenly drives to and parks her car in the middle of nothing, she gives me clothes that are too tight for me to use and says:

‘Let’s give that ********** the punishment she asked for last night…’’


‘And, as to every whim of this pretty spoiled little **** had had since you were 6, you…’




She closed her eyes expecting another slap, but the touch was gentle… she was caressing the point where she had hit her, and the kiss that followed it was way more gentle…


‘I overdid last night, didn’t I?’


Since she knew that, at least when they were alone (or in a situation as of now, in which a third party was present but completely unable to see or hear them), she was supposed to never lie to her mistress, Meg meekly nodded.


‘You were… way too provocative, mistress.’


‘Sigh… Men are so easy… SO EASY!!!!... that sometimes I forgot how easy they are and try to be more… ‘effective’… than I should be…’


‘Effective’? That wasn’t the word roaming in Meg’s mind, but she nodded, and was spun around and received a good series of ten hard slaps on her behind. She didn’t say a word nor tried to protect herself or do anything to stop her.


‘Do NOT lie to me. Never ever, no matter how silly I might be being…’


‘Y-yes… mistress. What are we going to do now? She saw her… Vicki, isn’t?’


‘No, it’s Oneide. Vicki stops by at Mondays…


‘Before Zoe and after Lucy?’









She had been tied as if she was a mummy of rope, then suddenly she was upside down, in the next moment she was lifted from the ground and suspended in mid air, and then tickled mercilessly. She was then tied (still suspended) with her hand and ankles connecting, a taut bow that put all her yoga at test, and left like that for an eternity. Next she had been placed over a woman’s lap and spanked as she had never been (she had never been actually, that’s why it was so shocking and devastating for her). Afterwards she had been locked inside some confined space (a closet), in a way in which her chin touched her knees and her whole body was compacted like a ball. Finally, she was forced to kneel on top of a big bed.


Right above and below the knees and a second round around her ankles and the junction of the leg to the torso, the ropes were surprisingly soft yet unyielding. There was room to maneuver her arms behind her back since they were not tied together, rather connected by three ‘rope cuffs’ at the wrists, arms and forearms. But she dared not to since her big toes had been lashed together and then to the rope holding her wrists apart. A big rubber ball had been jammed into her mouth, making her drool over her breasts after a while, after she had been finally allowed to drink something (water) through a straw.


And the ******* who had done it all was right behind her, hugging her from behind, and from what she could feel the ******* was still naked!!!!


Then she made a movement and whatever that was inside her right ear was removed, next it was time for the left ear, and her hearing was reestablished.


‘We need to talk… or rather… YOU need to listen and see a few things…’


And the padlocked leather blindfold was removed. She blinked a couple of times and found herself staring… at herself and Meg! Breaking into the house, going from room to room downstairs and then going upstairs. Then she saw herself being roped like mummy, by Meg? MEG??? Who had tied and suspended her, then tickled her, then retied her, then… then… MEG HAD SPANKED HER??? NO WAY!!!!


Wait a moment… there was something wrong with the ‘Meg’ that was appearing on screen. She was left-handed. Meg was right-handed. Same height, same ponytail, even the same dot on her left cheek down there. But the blue corseted, wearing that obscene thong bikini bottom and hooded busty girl on screen was NOT Meg.


‘In the case you are wondering… It’s not Meg on the screen, obviously. I called one of my ‘girls’, the only who could pose as Meg with the help of this…’ – she had extended her right arm, and she was holding the hood, that had a black fake hair ponytail attached to it, firmly on her clenched right hand – ‘…but what you DON’T know about Meg is that she IS ambidextrous, not just right-handed…’


What? That was so absurd that she had to turn her head around and look at the woman who had made such a silly remark. She knew for nearly twenty years, of course she would know that! But she wasn’t ready for what she saw in the woman who had raised her body (with the help of her knees) so she was now towering her captive.


Desire… and lust.


She was both groped and kissed with passion, and it was NOT fear that made her stood passive as she was being… assaulted? After the kiss broke both women were panting hard.


‘And you thought that I was interested in your BOYfriend?’


She nodded, blushing red of shame and disbelief. Laura, the town’s *******, a lesbian?

And she was now her captive, and no one (except Alice) knew that she was here…


‘Take of that fear from your eyes. That kiss was something that I have been craving to do since you turned 18. I don’t date minors, no matter how gorgeous they are…’

Huh, she was talking about… about… her?


‘…and while I can and do a lot of things to the women that drop by to be dominated by me, I never did anything to an unwilling ‘captive’, until now. You and Meg were the first and only because I need some leverage against the both of you… got it?’


What she meant with that?


‘Even Elmer’s Cave, **, population 14 thousand and something else have a market for a professional dominatrix like me. THAT, in the case you haven’t realized it yet, is what I do for a living. Women of all ages, but most of them older than me, comes by to be bound and gagged and dominated... they pay me good and I’ll satisfy EVERY single one of their dreams and desires. It took me two years to reach my current position, my list of clients and my reputation. I have over twenty regular clients, good revenue and I would never, ever, allow a girl who is famous for not being able to hold a secret to threaten it all!!!’


Uh-oh… It’s not like she had no word nor honor, but the maximum that she had been able to keep her mouth shut was a little above a month when she was thirteen…


Wait a minute… could it be…?


‘So, yes… I had to put you through a series of experiences that you, obviously, did not liked one single bit, but made it look like you did and was actually a regular client of mine! Meg’s father and grandfather had a stupid prejudice against left-handed people, for crying out loud it’s the XXI Century and they still said ‘left-handed are the Devil’s workers’ or whatever **** that came out from their mouths every (few) times they saw her using her left hand!!!, and according to two of my clients (that know her better than you) his religious fanatics was not only the cause of his divorce (that he does not recognizes its validity) but also the cause of a lot of traumas on her psyche!!! So every time she’s relaxed, and calm, as when she’s having another session of kinky-filled sex with her best friend and toy…’




Ten strokes and a series of treats later, Laura resumed.


‘Go to the police and these videos, plus Meg’s records of course, will prove that the blatant lie that I just said is ‘true’. You’re a lovely girl, a pity that you are obviously straight…’


Trish’s fearful expression and nods caused a stir of laughter on her captoress, that were rewarded with was obviously some sort of a ‘playful’ pair of slaps on her left buttock.


‘…and if I knew that I could trust in or bribe you I would have done that. But all my clients (including the one you saw) TRUST ME to keep their ‘secret lives’ a secret. TRUST is the most important thing in my field of work. So if I had to do what I did to neutralize the treat that YOU and Meg posed to them, I won’t gonna say that I am sorry because I am not!’


OK… ok… (You filthy blackmailer…)… but what about Meg?


‘Huh? What did you said?’


‘Wht but mghi? Wrr ishi?’


‘Oh… ‘What about Meg? Where is she?’ Is that what you are asking girl?’


The answer to Trish’s nods was simply use the remote control to switch the TV channels. Trish thought that the had been mummified with rope a few hours later. She was very wrong about that. Meg was the one that had been, literally, mummified with rope... and suspended on the horizontal!!! There were hooks somewhere above her body and out of the camera’s reach, a couple of dozen of them, and each one of them had four or five ropes coming from some point of the tight mass that cocooned her friend. Only Meg’s tightly cleavegagged face (and resting in what looked like a hammock of rope made just to ease the strain on her neck) had been sparred by the multicolored restraint...


********, ******* and ***********!!!!!


‘I don’t think that I would like to know what you meant with that, and neither would you...’


She turned off the TV, placed the controls way out of her reach and (after another kiss) stood up and went out of the room. Still stark naked.


Trish’ mind was in the biggest rollercoaster she had ever been. She could never ever even theorize that such a ‘weirdo liberal thing’ like a ‘leather lady’ (or dominatrix as Laura had called it) could exist in her town. and even if such a thing did existed in Elmer’s Cave then the last person that she could think of being... that... would be Laura.


But most important of all... why hadn’t she fought back when she was being... kissed? And what was in that devious ******’s mind regarding her and Meg’s immediate future?


She stayed like that, very confused and completely unable to free herself, for about thirty minutes, then she heard Laura’s voice; ‘Go on...’, ‘Don’t stop!’ and other phrases, and someone making weird noises. It was Meg, having to hop all her way from wherever she had been stashed to this room ‘wearing’ lots of green rope on her legs, torso and (Trish could only presume since they were out of sight) arms, and a very weird ball...gag(?).


It was white and very huge, very jawbreaking, and had another huge white ballgag attached to it. This second ballgag had its own straps that were dangling over Meg’s breasts.


Wait a moment...


Twenty minutes later Laura cinched the last knot, and Meg and Trish’s bodies were tied together from the back of their knees to the top of their torsos (and under their armpits), a mass of soft (definitely nonabrasive) and blue rope that gave them enough room to breath... and nothing else. They were lying on their side with their heads resting on a large pillow, and their lips nearly touching each other thanks to that double ballgag, to any casual onlooker (and the camera on a tripod aimed at them) it would look like they were kissing.


But to add insult to injury... the **** had went to another room to select ‘which one’ of her ‘large collection of itching powder’ (?!) she was going to use on them!!!


‘My clients, who helped me to produce those videos of your ‘regular’ performances in this humble place of mine, want one last insurance against you both... Thus...’


And as they begged and pleaded and moaned, she pressed the ‘rec’ button on the camera.







08:05 AM


It was still itching!!!


She was in need of a dozen baths right away!!!! And her father’s .45!!!!


She was so going to... to... kill (!) that grinning ******!!!!


They were traveling in Laura’s SUV (the one with the tilted windows), taking the shortest cut to her own house. She was in the backseat, back to her black-comandette attire and tied at the ankles, knees and knees to crossed wrists (which made her forearms rest on her thighs), and gagged with three or four strips of black tape. Some customized seatbelts held her unable to move save for a few twitches in all directions, but she couldn’t help to rub her body against the seat and them…


It was still itching…


Then the car stopped she got out of the driver’s seat and was in the next minute removing all those (5, 6…, SEVEN customized seatbelts?) and then she was… scratching her belly. She had put a lot of that accursed stuff on her front torso and breasts, and with the itching feeling that followed anyone who ever saw that record would think that she and Meg…


She wanted so much to…


NO!!! STOP!!!!


But Laura couldn’t care less. She held the girl’s chin with an iron grip, removed the strips of tape and… offered her some water. And smiled another grin as she eagerly drank.


‘What you wanted to do when you went (and broke in) to my house last night was a big felony, I have (for obvious reasons) a state of the art security system around me. I have the sheriff and other important women in this town as clients (Yes, I do…). You could have put yourself into way much trouble, hell... you could have ended any chance of achieving any dream you might have inside that pretty head of yours. And for what? Cyrus Usher? If you haven’t realized WHO he is before the year ends then, my dear, I feel sorry for you…’


First the absurd claim that the sheriff was her client (in order to intimidate her no doubt), then the even more absurd accusation against Cyrus. Who the **** she thought that she was? But a single finger over her lips killed any shout she might have screamed at her, and the look in her eyes… The fierce and cold as the worst winter possible look in her eyes…


‘I am not a blackmailer. But you are a ‘holier-than-thou’ kind of person, so I have to take my precautions. Go to the police and Barbra will have access to the records of last night’s performances of you and ‘Meg’, specially the ‘hot-lesbian-love-act’ of a few minutes ago. Stay quiet, and no one will ever see that. Mutual destruction if you open your mouth, that’s what in store for us. Or we can keep on living our lives, if you stay quiet…’


‘And Meg?’


‘I’ll go back, free her and then I’ll take her to her home. It’s not like I am going to add her to my ‘collection’ of kidnapped slaves that I keep in my basement…’


She fled from her SUV and went into her home at top speed. She took a very long bath before she finally gathered enough courage to tell her mother about what had happened.


Sheriff Barbra Bixby and deputy-sheriff Kimberley Custer were with her mother in the living room when she went downstairs. Her mother knew about the ‘special’ relationship between the sheriff and the deputy and Laura, and they knew that Laura had ‘ensured’ that she was not going to tell anyone about Laura’s source of income.


Both law enforcers got visibly mad with what they heard, and left her house with gritted teeth and a mean expression in their faces. Five days later, Deputy Kim dropped by and handed her a series of DVDs, all the copies of the material that Laura had recorded, plus a bonus one. How the duo, the only clients of Laura that did not submitted to her but instead made her submit to their erotic whims, had punished (together) their ‘mignon slave’ for her ‘overreacted’ acts against both her and Meg. It was a three hours long DVD, and she enjoyed every second of it. Over the next years, way after she had dumped that good-for-nothing Cyrus, she learned about nine other clients of Laura…


It was not her cup of tea, and none of her business.






08:31 AM


‘Yes… yes… yes mistress… I understand… After tomorrow at 10? Very well madam…’


She closed the call, and Meg hugged her from behind. She was still wet from the bath she had started to take as soon as she heard the car moving away from the home.


‘Trouble ahead?’


‘Barbra and Kim will ‘punish’ me, with some earnest, for what I did to you and Trish… Nothing that I cannot handle. And you, how are you feeling my dear?’


A long kiss that almost ended with them in bed, but Meg still had to play her part as the poor girl that went from conspiring to commit a huge felony to suffer said huge felony, all thanks to her devotion to her bestest friend in the world, after her mistress of course.


‘I love her, in the same way I love my cousins and my mother, but I was craving to spank that bony behind ever since she got me in the principal’s room when we were ten! And ever since she gave me oh-so-much reasons to spank her harder!!!’


‘Are you sure that you are her friend?’


‘She’s lovely, honest, a big friend and a great pure heart… It’s not like that because I love you mistress that I cannot have a real deal friendship with a straight girl like her…’


As she redressed her one or two numbers short attire, and was then restrained by Laura, Meg made a lot of questions about how she (Laura) was going to handle the backlash from her clients, when they heard of what had happened the night before, and details of what was the story that she had to tell them if asked about it…


Laura hoped that THEY were listening as she answered all of them…







Down in the basement of Laura’s two stories home, behind a wine shelf that opened like a book, was a door that was now open. After the door was a spiral staircase which lead to a large room that, back in ’62, had been built as a fallout shelter (not the most improved one). It had a spot with treadmills and all the necessary equipment for the captives to keep their physical health, a restraining area and a punishment area as well, and there was still more room in the place! Nearly fifty years of NO use at all had made the place vanish from the small town’s memory, the fact that the town itself nearly died in ’83 with the flood (and the loss of public records of the place) had helped their plans…


But unlike Scott from Prairieville (who posed as a dentist), Millie Mae from Three Pines (a florist), or Dick Payton from Ahallasse (a computer programmer), just to quote the most closer operatives (that did the same job as her) to her, this Laura babe had such an unusual source of income that that was the fifth time in which one of their ‘delivery & retrieval’ operations was almost discovered by one of her ‘clients’!!!


OK, the fact that she had the town’s sheriff as a ‘client’, with the company of the judge’s wife and two of the three mayor’s daughters among many others, was a much appreciated leverage that (if necessary) they might use one day. And to be honest, THIS time it wasn’t her fault. But he was starting to get used to such a situation…


But he had to admit that Laura knew how to do ‘it’.


The naïve, blonde and busty girl that had tried to blackmail their bosses’ representative in Omaha, for instance, was completely docile, a few hints of defiance in her eyes (that could explain her participation in last night attempts of the women to be overpower Laura), but not much. The fire and rage (she was trying to avenge a wrongfully convicted relative with her pathetic attempt) of two months before were now gone…


The one that had almost been surprised by those two little tramps, a mid-forties executive hired by a ‘headhunter’ firm to a job in a state far away from her own (which made their job of grab and replace her with one of their own far more easier), was going to be Laura’s private toy for at least a couple months more. Since she was looking at them (through the gridirons of the dog cage she was locked in) with such a superior attitude, it was obvious that she would keep on try to use every single opening that she had to free herself, with or without the others’ help. ‘Though customer’, was what Laura called the likes of her.


The third woman, that they had come to remove from there and send her back to Atlanta, was a lawyer who knew too much about an operation that had been completed last night, hence her five weeks of stay under Laura’s thumb. The African American and early thirties thin beauty had a lot of clients among the local ‘Clubhouse’ (what a ridiculous name!) of the Friendship. Hence the fact that they had simply kidnapped her and not…


Or perhaps the rumors were right, and that Italian aristocrat had managed to put an end to the warring ways that the Friendship had started to display ever since…


The newcomer (that they had brought with them) was a CEO’s wife (and slave) and was, by far, the most docile of the captives. Truth be told, he had read her diary (what kind of late thirties woman still keeps a diary like a teenager?) that one of her fantasies was exactly what was going to happen to her for the next month (at least); to be kept 24/7 a captive in a very hidden place, out of the reach of the law and anybody and under the will of…


Laura! Since there were not too many differences between her idealized ‘mean & cruel main kidnapper’ and Laura, he could almost think that the woman would enjoy her stay in here. But he knew Laura, and whatever useful data about how to deal with (and therefore control) her husband that the tall and bosomy brunette might have behind those lovely brown/blue eyes of her… she would give it to Laura. One way or another, or another!







Laura’s real reason to move to Elmer’s Cave was never discovered. After her punishment, whose details were made known to all her 27 other clients, she endured a few weeks of stern looks and even a few cancelled appointments, but Meg acted as a devil’s advocate and revealed to them that she was, since one year before, the mysterious helper that Laura every now and then used to fulfill their fantasies. The Sheriff and her deputy, after making a quick poll with the other clients, ‘sternly punished’ her (for the first time).


The CEO’s wife did have her dream fulfilled, more than she thought it could be possible, and her husband (as well as the lawyer and the executive’s) career did not felt a harsh blow due to what he had to allow to happen in order to have her back, thanks to the ‘Collateral Damage Compensation’ policy that had been re-established by the Friendship. Actually they all had (very well disguised) compensations for their troubles.


As for the ‘blackmailer-to-be’… that’s another story for another day.




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