As Real as in Fiction


Should he tell? He would become marked as a freak, at the very least! But... Ralph and the others were completely lost! The press and the mayor were all over them, the FBI was forcing his way into the case! And of course, there were the victims...

None of them had been killed, tortured or raped. The few items that the perv had stole were easily replaced, except of course their dignity. Be found the way they were either by the police or family and friends was shamming to the core! And if he was right...

He didn’t knew much more than what was in the news. Five girls, ages ranging between 21 to 27 and all white and with blonde hair – not exactly the same tone (one was more brunette than blonde and another was a near redhaired gal) but blonde anyway –, with long legs and big breasts had been surprised in their homes over the past two weeks. While being polite and repeating that he was ‘sorry, very sorry’ all the time, their mysterious attacker – a man of 6’ to 6’2” of height, middle age, muscular complexion and covered from head to toe in black – forced them to strip and sometimes dress clothes that he had brought with him, then he bound them (in a way that ended up eventually exposing one or both breasts and stole a few items of the captive girl. Rumor has it that he had snapped a few pictures of the bound girls on the process. And if the other rumors were right...

He had invited Ralph and his partner to dinner; just pizza, beer and a baseball game on TV. He knew Ralph very well, they were friends since Ralph’s family had moved to his old  neighborhood over thirty years ago, and knew that Ralph was going to talk about the case while they ate and saw the game. He simply couldn’t prevent it. He had been suspended once or twice due to that, but Big Mouth Ralph (and he did have a big mouth anatomically speaking) always talked with his friends about cases he was working with.

His partner arrived first, to warn him not to encourage Ralph to be too talkative about the case or their lietenant would send them both to ‘paperwork duty’ for the rest of their long natural lives... problem was that Garfield needed to know just a few details to confirm or deny his theory, details that were not in any paper, radio station or TV channel.

He kept it to himself, specially after detective Taylor Daniels told him that she had enough of ‘civilian theories’ about the case. The mid-thirties woman’ stare was enough to make him realize that she was serious about it! And besides if he was wrong and word went out that he had that theory, and the reasons behind it, he’ll be marked as a freak..

Ralph arrived and saw his partner mood and, with the excuse of needing to have a really cold beer, explained to him what was going on. Somehow, the attacker found out Taylor’s cellphone number, and had sent her photos of every woman he attacked! Two or three pictures every time! And since she had gave her card with the phone number to hundreds of people over the years, and who knows to how many people they had shared the number, there was no way to find out who he was! Ralph was in the middle of explaining how the guy was managing to avoid having his messages traced back to him when they were interrupted by Taylor, who told him to shut up and watch the game.

Ralph managed to keep his mouth shut for the first four innings, but at the beginning of the fifth a tall man in the crowd managed to catch the ball of a home-run in such a spectacular way that a reporter made a lame joke about urging the police to hire him to catch the ‘Damsel Maker’ (he would later apologize for that remark), which was how the man Ralph and Taylor were after had been conned by the press. Ralph said a swearword and nine minutes later he had already gave Garfield the information he wanted.

He was right!


Taylor Daniels was fuming. Freak! BIG Freak with a capital letter! He might be Ralph’s best friend, and technically a cop like them (he was a forensic), but he-was-a-FREAK!

Of the most disgusting way!

He was going to his large collection of DVDs and VHS tapes and selecting those who had that ‘Fawn Parker’ in them, she had dared to take a look two of those who he had already selected and almost let the whole pile fall on the floor (perhaps she should have done it...).

The gagged face of a topless cop was on the cover of the first! And three or four women (in various sates of undress) were on the cover of the other!

After Ralph had opened his big mouth the man... Garfield something... had excused himself with way too much politeness and run to his bedroom upstairs, he returned three minutes later and had a very constrict face. He called Ralph and the men exchanged a few words.

By now her attention on the game, which had never been that big anyway, was null. She could hear them talking and arguing upstairs, then Ralph returned and told her his buddy’s absurd theory. That the perv they were after was a copycat of bondage scenes!

She didn’t wanted to hear anything else after that, she grabbed her coat and wanted to get out ASAP, but Ralph insisted that his friend had put a DVD on the TV upstairs that had a scene with more than just remarkable resemblance with the third attack.

After insisting and supporting his friend Ralph managed to make her, at least, go upstairs to watch that scene. They entered a guest room which was rarely used and the other perv, Garfield, was sitting at the edge of the single bed waiting for Ralph approval.

The ‘movie’ was called ‘Bound by Devious Intruders IV’ and, according to Garfield, was simply a collection of sketches of girls being overpowered by burglars. The first thing that Taylor realized was that the model called Fawn had the biotype of all the previous victims. Young, long blonde haired gal, generous bust size and a vivacious attitude. She was in an obvious fake bedroom, in the middle of putting on a black nightdress, and standing with her back to the camera in a white flimsy tongue bikini panties and nothing else, when the black clad men stormed into the room. And quickly subdued her with their gloved hands.

They were in two, were a bit overweight and wore ski masks. One pointed a gun at Fawn and she was tied up by the other. He grabbed a roll of black electrician tape and started with her wrists, then he passed it above and below her bare breasts pinning her arms to her torso. More tape went around her ankles and right above her knees, then the guy helped her to hop to the bed and lie on her belly on it. He finally gagged her with the tape and rolled her to her side. And Taylor had a flash at that point. The girl’s body on one side, exposing her ample breasts to the camera, the frightened look on her eyes and the black tape.

It was exactly as the first photo of Gillian she had received the following evening after the attack the personal trainer had suffered. Only one attacker (and in good physical shape) and she was removing her nightdress not putting it on, but otherwise it was like the scene she had described to Taylor had been filmed! Garfield speed up the scene after that point and showed Fawn’s attempts to free herself or escape, then the two masked guys returned and the camera focussed on her pleading gagged face before fading to black.

When the image returned Taylor, who had sat on the bed on the opposite side of Garfield, almost jumped high enough to hit the ceiling! The 2nd photo! Now Fawn was being tied to one of the front bedposts of her bed, the tape was still over her lips and it seemed that the guy had added more strips. Now tied with rope at the ankles, above and below the knees, waist, wrists, elbows and breasts effectively tying her and herself to the post, Fawn’s eyes were even more pleading than before. The men made a few comments about her jewelry (‘Not too much to pay for the tape and gas’! exactly the words that the guy had used with Gillian!) and Taylor’s (now) big eyes met Ralph’s. And Ralph then told her that, according to Garfield, the other attacks matched scenes with Fawn in other movies...

So now he was browsing his large collection looking for the movies with that Fawn babe...

The lieutenant was on his way, she and Ralph had woken up or otherwise disturbed Jack, Hugh and Van who also were about to arrive. Garfield wanted to keep his participation as a secret at least for now, when Lt. Norton arrived things would not be as he wished but, for now, he could keep his anonymity. They were in what once had been the basement of the house but now was obviously the inner sanctum of the guy.

Collections of Playboy and Penthouse magazines, softcore porn DVDs and a few other things where in every rack of the place, but the main collection was of bondage and fetish material. He had at least two hundreds of DVDs and VHS tapes with girls bound and/or gagged on the cover and back cover! Not to mention the comics!

If he wasn’t a 5’7”, black (or African-American as the mayor preferred), overweighed and almost completely bald man with a very big nose she would think that he might be the attacker himself. But the few things that she knew tell about the appearance of the perv she was after was enough to make her dismiss that idea...


Fortunately for Hugh, a baseball addict, the lieutenant took nearly one hour to show up and Garfield allowed him to watch the rest of the game. But then the lieutenant arrived and wasn’t pleased with their theory, deeming it as nonsense even after hearing that the only phrase the man had said to Gillian matched exactly the one in the movie.

Then Ralph confessed that he had already told Garfield a few things about the case, and was warned that he would be suspended for it even if it beard fruits, and according to Garfield there were more ‘unbelievable to be just coincidence’ matches between the other attacks and scenes of another movies with Fawn Parker.

Lieutenant Lee Norton just said ‘Unbelievable?’ and both men nodded. He thought a little and decided to give it a chance. But ordered that Garfield pressed the fast-forward button if he believed that the scene on TV was not of interest for them.

There were three piles of DVD cases on top of the old DVD player. The smaller one had five DVD cases, one was from ‘Bound by Devious Intruders IV’ and he showed to the newcomers the same scene that he had showed to her and Ralph, besides a pair of wolf-whistles from Van there was no reaction from the men and lt. Norton seemed outraged.

Then he put ‘The Search for the Map’, a pair of bound and gagged buxom and nude women were on the cover flanking a girl dressed as a pirate. The story, if she could call it that, told about the many betrayals and doublecrosses between a gang of female thieves that went after the map of pirate gal’s treasure. Right at the beginning of the movie Fawn Parker (playing a lawyer) entered her room and was grabbed from behind by the only man in the whole cast. He was tall and strong, musclebound actually, and quickly had a scarf jammed into Fawn’s mouth and another to held it there cleave gagging the beauty.

Taylor remembered how the first victim, Terry Cornwell, looked like. Terry’s breasts were smaller and her hair was almost red, and of a different cut, and she herself was a bit smaller than Fawn if Taylor wasn’t mistaken. But from then on things happened exactly like the secretary of a famous lawyer (and lifelong friend of the mayor) had told them. After gagging the beauty, the man ordered her to strip completely.

What followed was almost a manual for cheesecake shots of buxom girls, but Garfield had the decency to play the scene on fast-forward.

When the coil of blue rope (of the exact color and type used on Terry) appeared on the man’s hands she heard one of the guys gasping. It was a very elaborate and artistic tie, not the kind that a real burglar or thief would use but for the movie purposes..., the rope formed a web pattern on Fawn’s upper torso, keeping her wrists crossed and her fists pointing up behind her back at the same time that enhanced even more her (natural?) breasts.

Then the guy went for her legs and got (ridiculously unconvincing) kicked by Fawn who tried to run. In the ‘real world’, the man had allowed Terry to try to escape, but quickly grabbed her. She was forced to put on her red stilettos back and her ankles were crossed and bound in a way that even her shoes were bound to her feet. Next her legs were taken care of and to finish things up he had connected her wrists to her ankles (something that Garfield called a ‘hogtie’) and she was left to struggle on the floor of the living room.

The video showed glances of the man searching through her room and office until he found a will, which he robbed, but of course the main focus was on the writhing body of the busty model. The he walked to where she was, knelt at her side and said ‘Thanks for this prized will babe’, word by word as the man had said to Terry (who didn’t understood why he had referred to her personal documents like that) and left. The cameraman ‘followed’ the burglar while keeping Fawn’s body on his lens, until the burglar closed the front door and the scene ended. According to Garfield that was the first movie of Fawn.

But the second attack was, according to him, based on the 14th movie of Fawn, ‘Tuesday Night Visits for Nurses and Doctors’. And nurse Penelope ‘Penny’ Packard had been attacked on a Tuesday night... This time Fawn was in the cover with another girl, and the picture of her lingerie clad body would be enough to convince lt. Norton.

It was the very same pose and angle of Penny’s body in the photo Taylor received in her phone! Perhaps even the same lingerie!

This time a gang of five guys were hired to attack five different women and search their places looking for a big (and obviously fake) silver coin. Fawn was the fourth attacked, bound and eventually kidnapped girl (by her attacker after all the searches ended without the coin being found). This was one of the few movies that Garfield had on its VHS version only (the company that had produced it went bankrupt and there were legal issues blocking the DVD version according to him). He quickly connected the cables, had the video on the right position and pushed ‘play’. After this movie all the persons in the living room were sure that they were dealing with a copycat, even the lieutenant.

The scene started with Fawn sleeping on a bed in a supposedly dark room. A man entered the room and cautiously moved towards the head of the bed, he placed his gloved hand over her pouty lips and Fawn woke up in shock. The focus of the camera never let her face as the man’s voice was heard in off. ‘Sorry babe, but I need to search your room, be a nice girl and I won’t hurt you, and you’ll have a nice story to tell your girlfriends tomorrow...’ word by word it was exactly what the perv had said to Penny according to her testimony!

A quick fade to black and now the man was kneeling on the bed behind Fawn, who was gagged with a sitting on the edge of the bed, as he finished her bonds. There was a close on her arms and in the overly done job on them. Her elbows were touching as her arms almost were (that girl was, unlike poor Penny, really flexible thought Taylor), then another web like pattern to keep the bound arms tied to the torso (and enhance her bust), another to tie her legs together and he shoved her backwards, making her ‘land’ on the mattress with a shriek as he said ‘If I don’t find out what I want, I’ll have to take you with me doll...’.

After a few minutes of futile search, of course the camera focussed on the busty bound girl and her ‘attempts’ to get free, the man returned and threw Fawn over his shoulder, leaving the room with a very pleading girl shrieking over his shoulder as the image faded.

In the ‘real world’ the man had turned Penny’s room upside down and didn’t found what he was ‘looking’ for, then he grabbed the nearly panicky girl and threw her over his shoulder, only to undo most of the bonds (much to her relief although she did suffer of pain – caused by the roughness of his treatment and ties – for two days) and tie her (still in the same yellow and blue set of bra and panties he had forced her to put on) to a chair in the kitchen.

Before Garfield showed them the source of the fourth attack, Norton got in touch with other detectives at the Central Precinct demanding everything they had on ‘Fawn Parker’ and the companies that had produced her movies. Garfield gave him all the general (and a few more specific) information he had about her and them and Norton repeated the names to the man on the other line of the phone. After a pause of nearly twenty minutes, in which Taylor, Ralph and the others shared their impressions about the case, Garfield resumed.

‘The Great Damsel Kidnap Affair’ dealt with the scheming, execution and (unbelievably erotic, phony and ridiculous) aftermath of the kidnapping of a ‘rich heiress’. Along the way the now lone kidnapper had to find a house in which he would keep the heiress after his previous lair had been busted by ‘the undercover cops' (two very scantily clad girls that had freed themselves from the bonds he had placed them, and then overpowered and bound his two associates and tried to ambush him), so he parked his car in an alley and went looking for a place where he can keep the girl (a brunette with fake breasts and a little overweight) bound in his car’s trunk. He casually saw a woman (Fawn) entering with her car in what was presumed to be her house’s garage and pulled a gun on her when she answered his knock at the door. He then forced her to go to her room and proceeded to tie her up.

The lingerie model and student at a local college Carol Obander was actually surprised by the man when she emerged in her room coming from a reinvigorating shower. The man had forced her to dress the same clothes that Fawn wore in the story (a blue floral patterned mini-dress that went just below her buttocks but as the tie went on revealed a blue tongue bikini panties underneath it), before tying her in the same fashion.

At first there was nothing different than in the previous times. He used tape and took care of the wrists first, then he taped her elbow as close as possible (this time Fawn’s elbows didn’t met, according to Garfield it was her first movie after having some health problem and she had recovered her flexibility completely), and passed the tape above and below her breasts, and taped most of her legs together as well. Then he taped the calves and thighs into a single mass. He pulled some string off his pockets, forced the now kneeling girl’s chin to nearly touch her knees and used it to keep her in position, more string was used all around the now compacted body (what Garfield called a balltie) and after the predictable (fast-forwarded) minutes of Fawn’s helplessness depicted to the viewer she was grabbed by the man and locked inside a closet. Again, the man’s words (‘Don’t worry, I don’t intend to abuse you hospitality... much’) were the same that Carol had told them she had heard before being locked in her own closet by her attacker.

Lt. Norton was now more open to Garfield’s facts about the movies. Fawn had not been bound by the same man, either for the camera or in front of it, in any of the movies so far. A guy called Barry Bennett was one of her attackers in the first movie he had shown them and played a role in the previous one and in the next, but he bound other girls or just appeared in his villainy self to a bound Fawn after the ties had been completed.

Actually, according to Garfield, Fawn was one of the most well beloved models of the BDSM and fetish scene. She had never did a porn movie, but her cheesecake movies, foot worship and leg movies, fetish movies, etc... besides the bondage-oriented ones, sold very well even nearly ten years after the last movie she had done was released. No one knew of her after she had left the business, she had disappeared completely.

That gave the police officers a series of different thoughts about the matter. Many ideas roamed inside their minds as Garfield prepared the last movie.

It was called ‘Where is the Formula?’ and was about an industrial spy who managed to hid the pendrive with the formula she had just stole (from a ‘Research Facility’ leaving two women in security guard uniforms and a mature one previously dressed as a scientist, but left in the buff, bound and gagged behind) inside a girl’s purse at what looked as a mall.

But the girl went with her (young and beautiful) model friends to a fashion convention and soon she and her bulky partner were invading all the rooms of the hotel where the convention is happening, binding and gagging the models inside. Fawn was the seventh and last of the girls and the first of the women the man – some ‘Greg Henny’ who had a great resemblance with the man that had copycated the scene with the local celebrity Wanda Pethel (the weatherwoman of Channel 5) just three nights previously – left stark naked and bound. In the story, the ‘Goon’ decides to really check on the girls from now on (an obvious excuse to bind them naked), so after he grabbed and overpowered Fawn the image faded to black with a super close-up on her handgagged face and when it returned she was on her belly, bound in the buff as he finished to hogtie her on the floor of the room.

In the story the Goon had stripped and (presumably) searched her before tying her up, which explained the rough treatment (but not assault) that Wanda had suffered from her attacker who kept demanding ‘Where it was?’ without even specifying what ‘it’ was, and Wanda had already been as thoroughly mouthpacked (with two socks) and tape gagged (her lower face was covered with blue tape) as Fawn looked to be in the movie…

The fast-forwarded attempts of Fawn to break free from the ropes eventually faded to be replaced by another (Latin) girl as Garfield shut down the DVD player, stood up and turned to face everybody and told them that, strictly considering bondage oriented ones, Fawn had made thirty one movies between 1995 and 2001. He had them all so if the lieutenant wanted to see those who had not been ‘copied’ too they were right behind him (the two big piles). Norton politely, yet with obvious disdain and disregard for him, declined and ‘thanked’ him for his help, leaving the place in a rush as if it was burning.

Even Taylor found it disrespectful. They had considered the possibility of the attacker base his acts in bondage and/or fetish and/or porn productions, but with all the websites and producers on the market they simply didn’t knew where to start, and had started to look at the most recent titles… Garfield had pointed the right direction to them and was rewarded with… exactly what she thought that he deserved.

She left the place after thanking him for his help. Ralph and Garfield spent the next hours identifying all the scenes of Fawn in the other titles she appeared, making notes about poses/materials/phrases said by the attacker  and other things. By the time they finished they had had only two hours of sleep before having to return to their jobs, but they would be able to identify the next scene that the attacker would use.

Plus, since Garfield had made a lot of research on his own on the titles (Fawn was his favorite model), Ralph had a lot of files about the movies themselves. He was honest to Garfield and told him that the lieutenant probably would not use it as he was especting, perhaps he was not going to use it at all. Garfield told him that he knew it, which is why he was giving it to him the files for him to use as he saw fit.


Finally! Finally they were on the right track! That good for nothing of a lieutenant was going to take weeks to find out which scenes he was replicating! Too bad that they had to need the help of such a pathetic man like that Garfield… but it was over. Almost over.

Now he would mimic one or two more scenes with his missing beloved one, he already had over ten more girls in sight for the action, while he left ‘suggestions’ here and there at the precinct in order to make the lieutenant search her.

He still couldn’t believe that she had left him like she had, sure she had misunderstood him in their last date, REALLY misunderstood. With the helps of the fools and maggots he was forced to work with, he would find her. He had to.

And they would live the rest of their lives as they had to. Together.


The rumors about his collection had spread around faster than lightning, and some jerk had left his opinion about him in his locker. And his boss had lectured him about the proper and expected behavior of a technician. And that lady of the fifth floor had returned his honest and true Christmas gift to him with a look that said more than a thousand swear words!

And he was suspended, for a week and without pay, after someone leaked the information to the press and a battalion of reporters tried to ‘interview’ him. The name of the model he had discovered to be the ‘inspiration’ for the Damsel Maker’s crime had not been leaked to them, and he kept his mouth shut as a mass of mikes and recorders was thrown on his face.

He went straight to the lieutenant’s office and was told that he wasn’t part of the ‘official’ investigation team, thus he wasn’t allowed to be in the same room than the Lt., Ralph had tried to say a few words in his name and was told to shut up. Ralph said what he thought about the lieutenant and was immediately suspended.

The mayor and the commissioner had not liked to know that the first important clue in the investigation had come from… him. So they had both ordered for him to be expelled from the building if necessary. There was another battalion of reporters in front of his house.

And two very important messages in the answering machine.

One was from a sheriff of a small town about a hundred miles from the town, the other was from the owner of a sex shop downtown. They had to use the back door, and pass through the backyard of two houses, to avoid the reporters.


That night, 25 years old Janice Lawrence heard a weird noise coming from the room of her sister Rena. Something fell of the floor and crashed. She checked the clock on the bedside cabinet, 11:55 p.m., turned on the lights and called for Rena. No one answered.

She stood up, put on a T-shirt to cover her breasts and walked to her sister’s room. She knocked at the door and called her again. Someone answered by making a weird sound, something muffled or… was she hurt? Hurt and unable to make a sound?

She opened the door, entered and turned on the lights.

Three things happened at the same time: She saw that her sister was (technically) fine, she understood the meaning of the muffled sounds the moment she understood that she had been thoroughly gagged and tried to scream. But then she was grabbed from behind, lifted from the floor and a paw was placed over her mouth and lips.

It was him, the Damsel Maker!

‘Do as I told you and you both be fine, Velma…’

Velma?? Oh no! He was really reenacting scenes from that kinky s***! Some bitch called Fay had made movies and this guy was mimicking scenes of them around town! She panicked and trashed wildly, managing to scratch the side of his face as she yanked his mask off. That surprised him long enough for her to stomp both of her feet on his left one.

She kept repeating to herself, ‘Don’t think. Do it. Don’t think in anything. Do it’, and she did. She grabbed his arm with her hands and yanked, how did her sensei called that judo-trick? Whatever it was he would be proud of her, he was yanked off the ground and landed four feet ahead of her… one feet at the right of a scared and weirdly bound Rena.

And his mask was in her hand… wait a minute. She knew him! He was standing behind that cop, that lieutenant something, when he had made that press conference a few hours back! Her was a cop? The Damsel Maker was a cop?

He was. His gun was now in his right hand, he was keeping it on his waist on his back, and pointing to her sister’s head! There was blood in his face, but his look, his look… it scared the both of them! For a whole minute no one did or said a thing, then he spoke.

‘Look at what you just did Janice! I was going to tie you girls up, just that! Like in her 6th movie, that scene with her and Kay Loeb bound to back! Just that! But you know me, both of you recognized me, didn’t you.... you ********’??!!!!!’

He threw his handcuffs to her and she complied , turned around and put them on. Ten minutes later both sisters shared exactly the same bonds. A rope harness passing above, below and between their breasts, shoulders and armpits and effectively pinning her arms behind her back. Their wrists bound together (he replaced the handcuffs after the harness was ready), and tied to a rope that was passed around their waist and between their legs! If it wasn’t for their panties the rope would be in direct contact with their…! Their legs were tied together at the ankles and knees before he tied the calves and thighs together as well. He had finished by putting a black rubber ball in each girl’s mouth, then he strapped the band of leather to which each ball was linked to very tightly.

Both girls were crying as he considered what to do. He knew that not even Norton was so stupid to leave him in peace after what he did, even Norton would find out who had done all the attacks and why. True, probably someone else would find it for him and he, after a respectable delay due to his firm denial of the facts, would be forced to hunt him down. His plans needed two corpses, one female and the other one male. He was not stupid to use one of these two for the female part. He wasn’t going to drive hours or days with a girl (alive or dead) in the trunk of his car. And probably the lieutenant wasn’t going to let him go alone anyway (supposing that they didn’t brought HER to town).

So what he was going to do?


The following morning Garfield and Ralph were talking with a striking beautiful woman that called herself Lady Kathleen. She was a thirty- -perhaps forty (actually fifty...)- something woman of long black hair and unbelievable white skin. She was elegantly dressed in black leather; knee-length boots, skirt, chemise… all leather. They had met her through the owner of the sex shop, he said that she wanted to meet them under the condition of anonymity. She wouldn’t repeat what she would tell them to a judge or anyone else, specially after she saw how the press and the law enforcement agencies were treating Garfield after HE had gave them the right direction for their investigations.

She said that she knew who the Damsel Maker was and that she could prove it. Her words and the way she told them made both men be sure that, at least, she believed that she meant what she was saying. They were at her place, a common (yet a bit isolated) house in the outskirts of a town in a nearby state, and were now discussing what she knew about this ‘Greg Henny’ whom she believed was the Damsel Maker.

Back in the days when she was Dame White (mid 80’s to late 90’s), Lady Kathleen was one of the most recognizable villainesses of the fetish/bondage industry. Have her in the credits meant that she was going to bind and gag (and torment in some cases) most of the models and actresses for nearly the entire length of the picture, and sometimes she was not even ‘punished’ for her actions. An expert in shibari and suspension, Garfield had a lot of her work back at his home. She had met a lot of people while in the business.

‘Greg Henny’ was not his real name, but it was the only one he answered to. A white man of uncertain age (she believed that he was in his mid twenties when they had last met in the fall of 1998 but wasn’t sure), good looking expression and manners, he had handsomely paid her to have lessons in how to tie-up a woman. She (with the help of two models) had spent about a whole month of nearly daily training to get him as skilled as he believed that she was. He claimed that he was learning the necessary to open his own website, that he had kept enough money to invest in it and was going to give it a try.

But he was not that good as a liar said Lady Kathleen. Something in him stroke her odd and she decided to keep an eye on him. He managed to start in nine productions under two other aliases before she discovered what he wanted.

Lady Kathleen claimed that she was a very good judge of character, and every time she met him in conventions, at the sets of his/hers/theirs movies or any other place her senses went turmoil. He was dangerous. So she hired a PI to follow him. She said that she had never done it before and ever since had not repeated such behavior, but that she was glad that she had did it. He was planning to kidnap Fawn Parker all along!

He had bought an old house way out of any prying eyes under an alias, two different cars in an used cars shop with another, was obviously stalking Fawn and, when he found out that he was being followed, sent the PI to the hospital missing the morgue by inches.

She called some of the guys of the trade and showed them what she had found out. She declared that she would never repeat ever what she was about to say, EVER, and confessed that she and two guys invaded his home, the one he had bought with his ‘real’ name of Greg Henny, one day while he was out on location. They found a shrine for Fawn alongside plans on how he was going to kidnap her and keep her in the other house for the rest of their lives. The whole thing still crept her even after all those years.

She called ‘reinforcements’ (she did not specified what she meant by that word) and met Greg at the location, confronting him with what she had found out.

And the man was nuts! He firmly believed that Fawn was in love with him (and not with her boyfriend) and that she needed to be protected from those who were against their love.

Erotomania, that’s what a friend told him what he suffered was named. Anyway, four or five hours later ‘Greg Henny’ was admitted at a local hospital in coma and with both his arms and three ribs broken, besides many other injuries. Lady Kathleen said that he tried to punch her to death and her ‘reinforcements’ overreacted. Since she didn’t wanted to go to jail for her actions, neither did any of her ‘reinforcements’, the case was never solved by the police. By the time ‘Greg’ woke up Fawn had left the business (as well as herself) and there was no way for him to find where did Fawn went.

Both Ralph and Garfield reasoned that that wasn’t too much to tell to the police, specially if she wasn’t going to repeat her story, but they asked for a picture of ‘Greg’ anyway. They went to the basement where she kept the boxes of her day as a fetish star and searched through it. To Garfield it was like paradise, she had unpublished photos of Fawn and other models and ‘behind the scenes’ ones on which he casually kept an eye. After about one hour they found the pictures a friend had took while they shot ‘Wild Mountain Men’s Wiving’ – Greg had been one of the three bachelors looking for a bride – and there it was a sequence in which ‘Greg’ prepared with the help of Lady Kathleen a model to a scene in which she was left bound to a tree while her friends were also captured by her attackers.

Like any heterosexual man Ralph’s eyes went first to the bare breasted lady. Red curly hair, freckles and a sizeable and seemingly natural pair. Albeit cleave gagged with a red and white scarf, it was clear that she was fine, she even attempted to smile at Lady Kathleen, as her arms were tied behind the three-trunk by a man that seemed familiar to Ralph. The next three pictures showed their host tying the girl’s legs and then he was in the fifth picture, talking with both women and looking at their right. In the next picture ‘Greg’ and the director of the movie talked about how he was supposed to ‘act’ in the scene, but Ralph barely saw that one or the following ones. He couldn’t believe in it!


For a brief moment he wandered how long it would take for them to be found. Not because he cared about them, but he had to consider the possibility of  they be found too early and how it would affect his plans. He couldn’t allow that anything stood in his way.

Not now that he was so close to reach his goal...

They had found her! If it wasn’t for that ridiculous spyware program that was installed in all the computers of the precinct, due to a scandal in which four detectives were surfing in porn sites at another precinct, he would have used all the networks his job allowed him to to find her by himself. And use someone else’s passwords was too risky. So he had used this ruse of the ‘Damsel Maker’ in order to force them to find her. And they had done that!

He, again, thought about his bad luck. If the bitch had not taken off his mask... it would have been perfect. A pair of sisters attacked... how did they called it? Escalation.

More panic and fear and more demands from the general public, the mayor and everybody else for them to find the DM... and his suggestion about ‘sending someone’ to have a talk with her when she was found. The lieutenant had been, at first, hesitant. He still didn’t wanted to follow his idea. But when a small town cop called and asked, in Fawn Parker’s name, if she was considered as a reliable witness for the case. She had told him that she believed that a certain ‘Greg Henny’ was the Damsel Maker… so she didn’t had forgot about him! She remembered him! True, she didn’t knew his real name, which was good.

The police, and most likely the FBI although ‘officially’ the feds had not entered the case, was chasing a ghost. He had been ‘Greg’ for exactly two years in order to get closer to her.

And it had worked oh so well… nearly eight years relying on fond memories… what did they had told her after the savage, brutal and unprovoked attack he had suffered made him disappear (while he recovered)? What lie could be so powerful that made her ‘go on with her life’? He would forgive her of course, but he would ask her the names of those he would punish, dearly and in kind, for such a heinous crime!

But he was diverting from the point. In a matter of minutes Taylor would be knocking at his door. His backpack was ready, he had already ensured that they would not be able to make any sound to denounce their presence to her, which would only force him to add Taylor to their company, but still… no. He couldn’t touch Fawn with bloodied hands…

Could he?

If that maggot had not told him that Taylor would travel with him! ***** Norton! Just to be on the safe side he decided to add more tape, ignoring their pleas completely.


Hugh knew Ralph since he was a rookie, they had a ‘big brother/young brother’ kind of relationship, and like everybody in the precinct he despised the arrivist that they had as lieutenant, so he had agreed (after nearly half an hour of an almost too heated discussion) to check on the data Ralph had gave him. From the first moment he dismissed what Ralph had told as a sheer insult to one of the best men in the force!

But… The Mercy Hospital had a file on him dating nine years back, he had been found brutally beaten on an alley behind a sports bar downtown and he had never told anyone about it, and the injuries matched those Ralph had said that there will be in the file (and how he had managed to find out about it anyway?).

And since he was only checking on that file because he had agreed to date nurse Betty Jane, which was not that bad although he preferred women that were taller than her, he was not going to be able to use it on trial. Wait a moment… On trial? Was he already considering the possibility of Ralph had told him the truth about… Jack?

Ralph was waiting for him in front of Jack’s house. Even after being told that Jack and Taylor had left earlier to meet Fawn Parker in a small town somewhere (or perhaps because of that), Ralph had asked to meet him there. He had about twenty to thirty photos inside a briefcase. As he had told him by the phone Jack knew Fawn Parker, he was ‘Greg Henny’!

No doubts about it! But part of him tried to find a good excuse for his silence about it. The most obvious was the public exposure that Ralph’s friend, that Garfield fella, was suffering from the media and everybody else in town.

And he tried to rationalize it with Ralph, they ended up arguing harshly, to the point that Ralph did something unthinkable. He went to the back of Jack’s house, for a second too late he considered what might had been his motivations to do so, and then he heard a crash.

He was invading the house?!! He run there right on time to see him kicking and charging at the back door. Hugh grabbed his gun and pointed at Ralph, who merely shouted to him to look at the window. Hugh did so and froze.

The window showed a regular spotless clean kitchen with everything he was expecting to see in there. Ice-box, oven, sink, table, everything was there… Plus a naked, overly bound (with rope and tape) and gagged young blonde woman. She seemed to be screaming under the layers of tape over her lips and whatever was inside her bulging cheeks.

Hugh grabbed his gun by the barrel and tried to break the glass. It held without even a scratch! And Ralph seemed to be in trouble with the door. He helped him while he called for reinforcements, after about a dozen kicks the door finally started to give in. Ten kicks more and she finally flew off its many hinges and locks (over ten). Ralph was the first to arrive at the girl’s side, she started to cry and got a bit frantic until Ralph told her to calm down. They were going to rescue her, they knew that Jack Mollock was the one behind her condition and he was going to pay, but she needed to stay calm.

Still it was obvious that she wanted to say something to them. While Hugh went to look for something to cut her bonds, and remove all that tape, Ralph started to peel away the multi-layered gag off her face. It wasn’t going to be something easy.

Jack had wrapped many turns of that sticky green stuff around the girl’s head, probably they would need to cut her hair to remove it all, and if his sense of touch wasn’t wrong there was something with a buckle underneath it all. It was a red ballgag. Hugh managed to find a pair of shears (alongside a lot of bondage stuff) in a box under the coffee table and, with a lot of care, he managed to cut the tape right at the left edge of her face (and in front of the ear) without drawing any blood from the girl. The strap of the huge ballgag were a little harder but he managed to cut it and removed the thing from past her teeth. There was a pair of folded hankies behind it! How the girl had not suffocated was beyond their comprehension! She tried to say something but her voice was barely audible, and very cracked. Hugh quickly grabbed a glass and filled it with water from the sink, after drinking half of it the girl’s voice was more understandable.

She had a sister that was still a captive in the basement, Ralph told him to go and free her and he didn’t needed any further encouragement. Plus, the faint sound of coming sirens was music to his ears. He turned on the lights and descended the stairs.

There she was, even younger than the one upstairs and equally unbelievably taped and bound. He identified himself as a cop, which brought tears to her eyes, but he told that he was not in league with Jack. She was going to be freed and Jack was going to be sent to prison for a long time, that he would make sure that would happen. She calmed down and nodded as barely as she could. But how was he going to help her?

There was rope all over her legs, even wrapping the sole of her feet! Her arms and back were now one thing under all the tape and rope and she was probably as thoroughly gagged as her sister was. He heard movement upstairs, lots of movement.

Two paramedics and a female cop rushed downstairs, he was completely ignored as they started to cut her bonds and tape with their special scissors and, when another female officer appeared, he was politely asked to leave the place. Realizing that he was the only man in the room, and that the still captive girl was naked, he blushed and agreed.

Upstairs things were a mess, the whole house was being searched while the first blonde girl was being finally freed by other paramedics. Ralph was nowhere to be seen but he could hear him yelling at him, he rushed upstairs. There where three rooms there. One was Jack’s, the other was bare yet with one wall filled with data about the girls that had been attacked (photos, addresses, list of habits) and photos of the attack. Janice and Rena Lawrence, that was the name of the girls below, and according to what was written besides the pictures he had planned to attack them in order to raise the pressure on Norton and the investigation.

Something had obviously went wrong, and the maniac took pictures of everything. It seemed that he had subjected both girls to at least four other ties during their brief captivity before the last one. No mention to any food or drink given to them in any moment, just a note on a bathroom break. How he wanted to kill the ******. And where was Ralph?

In the last room, the biggest one. Fawn Parker’s shrine. Pictures of her adorned (dressed, ‘dressed’, nearly naked and naked, restrained in various ways or not, posing or not –some seemed to have been taken without her knowing it-) all the wall and the ceiling, there were the mandatory candles and flowers (red roses…). There was an altar in the middle of the room, with four white candles ‘protecting’ a picture of Fawn smiling.

Ralph was right in front of it, standing in an unnatural stance with one leg raised high on the air. What was wrong with him? And why did he asked him to crouch on the floor? And then he saw it, there was a round depression in the carpet exactly where he was standing.

And according to him he had heard a click when he had stepped in that part of the room…


That was… unexpected. But not much. He had prepared a trap with a land mine inside her rightful devotion place. And had attached a beacon to it, he was good with this sort of things, the beacon would activate a pre-paid phone call.

Now someone had stepped one the land mine and was now much likely dead, as well as anyone else that was with him the house. But it wouldn’t take long for someone call the dumb woman at his side, or the sheriff of the small town. He had to take care of Taylor right now, grab Fawn (even if that meant to restrain her against her will) and leave this ****hole of a town ASAP. But what would he do? The sheriff was supposed to meet them at Fawn’s place, and only Taylor knew where it was and how to get to there!

There was no time to… properly question her. Nor to do anything else.

There was a black and white patrol car parked in front of a moderately small house (only ONE story? Poor Fawn, where and how was she living now?) in a lane with very few other houses. And the sheriff was a lady… and was alone.

Good, now he knew how he was going to do what he needed to.

They exchanged pleasantries about why ‘Big Town’ cops had to go to such a ‘backwater town’ as they moved towards the front door. Jack positioned himself behind both women as they walked. The sheriff was a mid-thirties woman like Taylor, perhaps only a year or two older, but while Taylor was of obvious (aristocratic) European ancestry with her high and mighty ladylike features (blue eyes, brown to red hair, 5’7”), sheriff Paula Meadows was of mixed ancestry. Most likely of being of some Native-American ancestry, the woman had a weird stare and movement that intrigued Jack. It was almost like the 5’5” woman… she was on guard! She was on guard even in the presence of fellow law enforcer agents!

He was planning to shove both women towards Fawn and the door as soon as Fawn (who was supposed to be alone at the house according to Taylor) answered the knock, then he’ll grab his gun and force both ladycops to strip and cuff themselves, with or with Fawn’s help under his close watch, and lock them somewhere. Then he’ll put Fawn on the trunk of her own car and leave town, he’ll switch cars a couple of times before reaching his secret place.

There was no papertrail that could lead anyone up there, he had even killed two guys in order to be sure of it! They’ll be free to live their love there till the end of their lives!

But this Indian cop/sheriff was not letting her guard down! Was she suspicious? Or sure?

In the end, it was Fawn that helped him. She yelled ‘come in’ after the first knock, and then they heard something crashing inside the house. The door was unlocked and Taylor went to grab her gun, but Paula said that Fawn (or Kay L. Barlow as was her real name) was known in the county for two things; her past as bondage/fetish model (that granted her with some trouble a few years back when she returned from Hollywood) and her clumsiness. But as the sheriff’s attention was totally focussed on Taylor, Jack made his move.

A hard shove and sheriff and ‘Big Town’ cop fell on top of each other on the floor as he calmly closed the door behind him with his free hand, the other one has his gun drawn at them. Then Fawn entered the room apologizing that she had some trouble at the kitchen…

…and stood right there with her mouth open as she recognized him.


The Bomb Squad arrived and removed everybody from the house, except Hugh.

They had found eight other bombs and devices scattered around the house. Then at Ralph’s urge he finally agreed to go downstairs, but first he did a quick stop at the ‘planning room’ and grabbed as many incriminating evidences as he could. He was in the backyard of the house in the next moment, handing to Van what he had gathered.

He took one look at the street, the vultures from the press (specially the TV) were already there, along with everybody that had not a job or any other better thing to attend. Both Lawrence sisters had been removed to the nearest hospital many minutes before, perhaps even a full hour. He wasn’t sure of anything else. Only that his friend Ralph was upstairs playing a ballerina for more than one hour now, that his friend Taylor didn’t answered his calls or anyone else’s and that he was going to kill Jack.

There was a silence in the whole house, the techs believed that they had properly messed with the land mine and Ralph was going to finally be moved away from it.

Fortunately for everybody, Jack was nowhere near as good as he thought that he was handling with explosives. True, they were going to blow the whole house sky-high in the next hours, but a relieved and strained Ralph was carried downstairs by two techs. Against the chief of the Bomb Squad’s authority and treats Hugh managed to grab more documents in three other trips to the house, until Van and two other cops grabbed him and removed him of the premises, they had news about Taylor and Jack, and Fawn.


There wasn’t time enough for a good job, so he forced both Taylor and Paula to stand with their back against each other, then Paula’s hands were cuffed behind her back by Taylor who had hers cuffed by Fawn. All women sported strips of black electrician tape over their packed mouths. Both women’s legs were taped together and then to the other woman’s ones, making them a single post standing in the middle of the room. He ordered Fawn to tape their fingers as well before he placed her in a bearable tie for the trip ahead.

First Fawn had to strip until she stood in front of him in a quite conservative set of white bra and panties. Had she gotten a little fat? Her waist seemed a bit larger, and her breasts even fuller than he remembered them/ he dismissed such thoughts.

He had no time for them!

Black tape at her ankles and wrists, he placed his attention on the pair of cops. He made sure that their torsos were taped as close as possible of each other, then he wrapped more tape on Fawn’s legs and arms, grabbed her and kissed her full over the tape, then he threw her over his shoulder and shut the lights as he left.

He went straight to the garage, carrying carefully with both hands, and using the chance to feel her a little, opened the door expecting to find an old 90’s car and perhaps a few boxes and tools. There was a brand new SUV in the middle of the garage, right behind the four cops with guns drawn at him. And there was a trio of equally really angered ones behind him. And he could hear someone running through the stairs…

He was forced to move backwards, still carrying the tape bound and gagged (and relieved) Fawn OTS. He made an attempt to move his hand towards and was warned that they would have to treat Kay’s (Fawn you morons!) injuries from the fall, but he would leave the town in a casket if he tried to do that. He was ordered to remove her from his shoulder. A tall and really strong man approached him and helped him doing that, then as Kay/Fawn was quickly removed from the scene by two female cops, her husband punched Jack three times before a freed Paula (still bearing strips of tape all over her clothes) managed to hold his arm and convinced him to go be with his wife.


Turns out that while Ralph returned to the city to expose ‘Greg’/Jack, Garfield grabbed Fawn’s last address with Lady Kathleen and went to her hometown to warn her about him.

But sheriff Paula misunderstood his motivations and, determined to protect her friend from a ‘Big Town’ creep like she thought that Garfield was, had him locked up.

Garfield spent the whole (short) period of incarceration explaining to the deputies what he could tell about Greg without revealing Lady Kathleen’s name, one of them checked with the police department right as an alert was issued against Jack.

Right at the same time that Jack confiscated both Taylor and Paula’s phones and radios, and when their calls went unanswered the whole local police force zeroed on Kay’s home…


Lt. Norton was moved to an obscure and very little important department on the docks.

Jack faced enough charges to be the eternal whipping boy of any cellblock he was sent to... If a board of doctors didn’t found him unable to stand trial. Last time anyone bothered to hear about him he was completely delusional, imagining an idyllic existence with his wife ‘Fawn Parker’ in a cabin somewhere in Alaska.

Kay Barlow/ Fawn Parker refused large sums of money from the most important erotic sites to pose for them. In the only interview she gave to the press two weeks later she declared that that part of her life had been fun, really fun, she had no regrets for what she had done back then, but it was part of her past. Her three kids and her husband were far more important to her now, she was thankful to Garfield for him have done what he could to thwart Jack’s plans, but beside a little gift he had eagerly accepted from her they didn’t pretended to stay in touch in the years to come.

Garfield never sold the seven unpublished photosets of Kay/Fawn (in the prime of her beauty and looks) she gave to him. He kept his job and never bothered to move an inch to gain the ‘respect’ of his co-workers back.

Ralph was eventually promoted to Norton’s place after a year.