Big Dan Had an Idea




Three months later...

As they walked hand in hand enjoying the sun, the sand on their soles and everything else on that typically beautiful day at that marvelous beach on that paradisiacal island in the Pacific Ocean, they could not help but wonder about how they could be so lucky and yet be in so much trouble as they were now.

They didn’t knew where they were, they had no ways to get out of the island (even if they built a boat none of them knew anything about boating), they were either legally dead by now or at the very least being searched by the FBI, Interpol and some very nasty ‘gentlemen’, and their fates were at the hands of Big Dan.

And still, they were alive and in very good company, thanks to Big Dan.




Kerri wasn’t the smartest girl in the world, she knew Randy was trouble from day one, but he was handsome, the sex was great and she also wasn’t a prude and honest girl. She used her assets (36C breasts, 5’4”, reddish to brown curly hair and a beautiful voice) the best way she could, most of the time in dishonest ways.

She was wanted in Arkansas and Minnesota, and had done some things in Michigan and Oklahoma too, but nothing that put her on the top ten list. She was laying low working in a beauty shop for nearly five months when it happened.

Randy worked for Spike Bennet, a mid-forties guy with a very athletic body and a terrible reputation of being harsh and cruel, as one of his many henchmen. Another henchman was Big Dan, a very big and strong and very simple minded man.

There were only three things in the world that meant something to Big Dan: big breasted strippers, hiking and pulp literature. Baseball, basketball, football, politics... nothing else mattered to him, he sometimes even forgot who was the president! Randy was a tall man and moderately strong, but Big Dan was 6’9” and has only the strictly minimum amount of fat in his bodybuilder’s frame, and they were always seen together as Spike as gave them the same jobs to do. She got used to see Big Dan in their house reading his pulp reprints.

But when the husband of a friend and regular customer of her shop beat her friend really badly and left town, Big Dan only asked the man’s name. Three days later the whole town was talking about the lesson the creep has received with his two brothers by an unknown good (and very strong) Samaritan that left them for the sheriff to arrest, after they got out of the hospital of course. Randy said ‘good work man!’ to Big Dan and she gave him a kiss on the cheek, and Big Dan went back to his latest crime pulp magazine.

And things went along fine for them for a while.

One day something went terribly wrong with Spike’s legal activities. The FBI stormed the town and with the help of the few honest members of the local police and the state police started a cleansing. Spike had tried to made a step way too big for his legs, and was falling.

For a couple of weeks everything was a mess, but then Spike’s lawyers managed to free Randy and many others for lack of proofs and some inconsistencies in their accusations.

Of course, Spike didn’t liked one bit what was happening with his organization, and realized that he was going down eventually, so he decided to flee town... and was found dead in the next morning in his own house.

And then, everything happened way too fast.




Kerri’s head was spinning, it felt more weird than bad, but it was bad enough. What had happened? She tried to raise one of her hands to hold her throbbing head but found out that she couldn’t. The same for the other hand. In fact, her whole body seemed... attached to something. As well as her mouth. What was happening?

‘Ah, looks like somebody finally woke up!’

That voice. Amanda Perkins, Spike’s girlfriend and a BITCH if there was ever one. Kerri returned from her lunch and found the beauty shop closed. Not understanding what was happening, she entered through the back door and heard a moaning. Her co-workers Stella and Allie and her boss Susan were bound to the chairs of the saloon with strips cloths, tape gagged and blindfolded and stripped to their underwear.

And Amanda was there too. And so was Big Dan.

She only realized that he was there when he grabbed her from behind, clamped his massive hand over her mouth and warned her to not move, as if she could held by him that way! As he tied her up, Amanda kept saying that she knew that Randy was behind the death of Spike, and that he was going to pay. And she was going to use her as bait against her boyfriend. So, after Big Dan had her bound in a very unmoving manner, Amanda snapped her fingers and Big Dan produced a little brown bottle from a box and a folded cloth, he poured a liquid from the bottle in the cloth and then approached her with cloth. She tried to move away, but he had tied her very well to that chair.

She had never inhaled that thing. It was strong, quite smelly and sweet. She didn’t wanted to breath it, but now he held her head still with only one of his hands, and suddenly he blinked at her. She wasn’t able to understand anything anymore, but that image of his ugly bearded face blinking at her was the last thing she saw before she closed her eyes, overwhelmed by whatever drug he had used on her.

And now she heard him whispering “don’t worry” as he untied her blindfold. She was in an office that she didn’t knew, a very imposing one with that expensive furniture and decoration, but there were many things missing as she looked it a second time. Computers and cabinets, that what was missing. And then she was slapped hard...

‘Hey bitch! It’s not a business visit were doing here! It’s a trap! And guess who’s the bait?’

It was obvious that she had drunk a little. Amanda was an ex-stripper that Spike had grabbed in his arms one night as she was pole dancing, thrown over his right shoulder and taken to his home. That had happened over five years ago, and in spite of his cruelty and ruthlessness, she had really loved him all this time. Or at least stayed faithful and at his side all along. Now entering her thirties, Amanda was taller and leaner than Kerri, and still had a beautiful face that now showed her clearly altered state.

And she had a gun. Not a fake one, because it was Kerri’s gun.

‘That’s not necessary.’


He was now standing between Kerri and Amanda, with his hand covering all the lower part of Amanda’s face who futilely tried to free herself by hitting his arm with the gun.

‘I said that this is not necessary. Understood?’

And he grabbed the gun, Amanda tried to resist but gave up eventually. She left the office fumbling. Big Dan looked at her and made the ‘be silent’ signal with his forefinger. Then he took a gizmo from his handbag and activated it. Then they could hear Amanda talking to Bart Bennet, Spike’s younger brother from the gizmo’s speaker.

‘...and we’re at the office. Not the club’s office, the shipping company’s office.’

ARE YOU INSANE! The cops are waiting for us to go there!’

‘Dan took care of the two that were staking out this place. They are locked in their car’s trunk and will stay unconscious for a while. And Randy is on his way here! I don’t know, I don’t think that that big monkey bought the story we told him.’

‘He’ll die with them, don’t worry about it. Now go back there and make sure that you’ll send him there! Repeat the address so I’ll be sure that you won’t mess up things...’

Amanda sent him to hell, but repeated the address and ended the call. Big Dan blinked at Kerri again and whispered ‘be frightened’ as he hid the gizmo. Amanda returned and told him to leave the place immediately, because she had gotten in touch with Bart and he was waiting for him. Big Dan was an unexpected great actor to Kerri, as he looked at her and then back to Amanda and then back to her.

‘And her?’

‘Oh, don’t worry about her...’

‘But I do worry about her! She doesn’t know what’s happening! She doesn’t know that Randy killed Spike or, more important, why! And I don’t want that someone that doesn’t know what’s going on gets hurt because of that!’

‘Like you did with those bitches at the beauty parlor? Alright, then put her to sleep as you did with them, but then you’ll leave. Understood? Put her to sleep and leave. And don’t forget, Atticus & Son, Pinewood Road, 478.’

‘Pinewood Road, 478. Pinewood Road, 478. Pinewood Road, 478. Pinewood Road, 478...’

And Big Dan kept repeating the address as a mantra while he produced the brown bottle from the handbag. This time Kerri was truly frightened as he got closer and closer with the scented cloth in his right hand. She didn’t knew what was happening, why Amanda and Bart wanted her dead and who was this malicious man in front of her.

THE Big Dan she knew was not an innocent man, but at least was a predictable one. Not so bright or smart, but not an idiot. And a very bad actor and liar. Absolutely not like this guy.

This time she tried to put on a fight, to resist. So he was more forceful and almost violent as he held the cloth over her nose. She was losing the fight. The fumes now were engulfing her, and she was losing her conscience...

‘Iiiittt’sss ooookkkkaaaayyyy.... I aaammm ooonnnn yyyoooouuurrrrr sssiiiiiidddddeeee...’

He was talking to her, but she couldn’t understand the words. She has no strength anymore. All she could do was breathe and keep inhaling the fumes.




Three months later

It wasn’t her day of providing the dinner, so she handed to her lover the fishes they had caught that day and decided to enjoy the water a little more. She thought about her life and the recent major changes in it. If Dan kept to his word they’ll have a chance of a new start, an honest one (or something else…). If he didn’t they were strayed in this island. They first and last attempt to make a boat (more like a dugout) had cost them seven days of hard work, and lasted five minutes on the water. They had been talking about it lately.

Making a new one, if Dan didn’t returned. It was night already, she had been swimming in the ‘private pool’ for over an hour now. Time to return to their shack. And then, when she decided to take one last look to the sea, she saw it. A boat. His boat.

Dan was back!




Kerri woke up feeling cold, and soon found out why! Amanda had stripped her completely while she was out! She was now bound hand and foot, how Randy had called it when she allowed him to try it (once!) with her? Oh yes, a hogtie. She was lying on her side on the floor, and what a cold floor that was! She could feel and hear steps coming in her direction. And then she saw her. Amanda. Lying in wait at the left side of the open door.

And still with her gun.

Then she saw him, Randy. And he saw her. And ran to her, falling in Amanda’s trap.

‘Sugar! What’s going on? Who did this to you?’

‘I did, now raise them up or I’ll have to use this little thing…’

As soon as he entered the room she closed the door and pointed the gun at him. Randy has no choice but to comply and raised his hands. She gloated, called them names and made some calls, trying to reach Bart. Then she and Randy saw him.

Big Dan. He opened the door as if he hadn’t a care in the world.

He closed the door and stood facing Amanda as a kid in a grocery store. Amanda of course felt uneasy standing between two big men and kept changing targets as she kept trying to talk to Bart. But the phone wasn’t working.

‘Hello guys… what a night huh?’

‘Oh you great idiot! Why didn’t you tried to sneak upon her?’

Big Dan looked at Amanda, then at the couple (Randy stood in front of a fuming Kerri shielding her) and smiled. And answered the question.

‘Well… because it’s unnecessary? Because I rigged her cellphone and it won’t be able to do anymore calls? Because half of Bart’s men were arrested by the cops twenty minutes ago, and he’s having a little trouble from coming to here with all the cops in town after him? Because I jammed her gun and it won’t work?’

Amanda turned pale at this statements. She pulled the trigger once, then again, and again, and again. Then Big Dan was towering her. He merely extended his open hand and she dropped the gun on it. Then he ordered her to strip.

Minutes later it was Amanda who was writhing naked on the floor as Kerri made sure that the best sailor knots she knew were TIGHT, that she was uncomfortable and that she could (barely) breath with that multi-layered gag. All the while she told everything that had happened to Randy, who looked at Big Dan and asked him:

‘What’s going on man?’

‘Randy, I was in trouble OK? I know that her and Bart killed Spike…’

‘NO WAY!!!!!’

‘See? I know it. But I can’t prove it. And I am no ******* rat. I wouldn’t tell it to the cops not even for a hundred million dollars, which is what this stunt may gave us. Ha! Thought I didn’t knew that, didn’t you? Gotcha!’

Both Kerri, who was now dressing herself, and Amanda, who was trying to find a position at least a little less uncomfortable, looked at each other and then at the men. Say what?

After some pressure of Kerri, Randy spilled it out.

Spike’s cartel was used to smuggle things inside the country and outside. And something that he had managed to achieve in that business was worth one hundred million dollars, as long it was delivered to a certain European country.

What it was no one was sure of it, it wasn’t nuclear or anything like. It wasn’t like if the container of it (supposing that it has one) broke or was damaged millions would ended up dying. It was something small and very fragile, and that was all both guys knew about it.

And it was inside the Bennet’s manor. But after Randy soothed Kerri a little, both went back on their assault on Big Dan, and both got guns in their hands now. Big Dan resumed.

‘Look Randy, if I went after you last week and said ‘Bart killed his brother’, would you believe in me? See, no one would as you didn’t. I’m Big Dan, the man who firmly believed that the Yankees had won the last World Series and lost a hundred bucks because of that! If I say that, and just tell me to whom would I say that (?), but supposing that I had said that to someone, Bart would find out eventually… so I had to lay low. You know. I knew that if Bart wanted to gain complete control over Spike’s business, he’ll have to find a guilty guy, a scapegoat. Someone whom I would help to somehow turn the tables against him. But until then I would pretend that I still believed in anything he told me…’

By then Randy had lowered his gun and was holding his head with the free hand.

‘Please don’t tell that you got that stupid idea from one of your pulps!’

‘Of course, why?’

It took a looong while, but Randy managed to make Big Dan understand that the Bennet organization was over, a walking dead corpse and such. He wouldn’t find no one to report to his discovery but Randy, and Randy only wanted to grab whatever that was worth one hundred million dollars from the Bennet Manor ASAP and flee the country!

With Kerri, and Big Dan, of course! Big Dan then told them that he had always kept secret his ability with electronic gadgets because he considered it his secret weapon, and yes... he also had found that idea in another pulp... At that moment Kerri was standing at the window, Randy was trying to find out what to do next, Amanda was trying to find a way to free her right hand as she had done with the left one and Big Dan was thinking.

‘Randy… you need to lure Bart to someplace to be able to break in at his home, right?’

‘If it’s another pulp-based idea of yours…’

‘Just listen OK? I can have a lot of private lap dances of naked busty gals anywhere I want with my share of the money, and that’s just the beginning, so listen up…’

And surprisingly, Randy liked the idea. It was a very good one. They would lure Bart and any men that he had at his side, lock them in a safe place and invade the house. It could work! And, anyway, Randy had no idea whatsoever of what to do from then on…

By now Amanda had managed to freed her two hand and feet. The elbow tie and the knees were a problem, but if she could only have a couple more of minutes with them lost in their thoughts and plannings and with their back to her…

...and then Kerri yanked her hair and forced her head and upper part of her body up and backward. She also wrapped her legs around Amanda’s torso, pinning her arms at her side, as she sat on her legs. Surprised, Amanda was easy prey to the cloth Kerri trusted against her face and ended up inhaling a large amount of the chemical through her nose before she realized that that was exactly what Kerri had in mind.

Spike had had this fetish thing about putting her under, so she easily recognized the drug, and the sensations that came with it. The dizziness, the lethargy of her members, the overwhelming need of a good sleep. And the worst part was that she enjoyed it. They were going to kill her, if she was lucky, and her last thought was of the pleasure they were giving to her. But it was sooooo gooooodddd....

Kerri felt the woman’s struggles to lessen, lessen and finally end. She was out. Time to reinforce the knots and do some nasty dirty tricks like gluing the knots. She looked at the boys and they kept talking with each other, they had seen her taking care of Amanda and decided to finish their talk-talk. There! Let’s see this bitch getting out of this now!

As she stood up and admired her work, she could feel Randy behind her. She turned around and gave him a big kiss, and was surprised when Randy grabbed her hands, moved them to behind her back and Big Dan started to bind them together.

‘What? What’s going on?’

‘Shhh Sugar, it’s OK. Do you trust me?’

‘Of... of course but... what’s going on?’

‘Simple, Big Dan is betraying us, and will try to flee the country with you and her as payment for his services. And he’s going to leave me behind...’

Randy explained her the plan and, quite reluctantly, she accepted her role on it.




They were there. Randy’s car was still parked in the back and Louie had just found a car with two cops beaten, bound and gagged locked in the trunk.

They would pay for having killed his brother, specially Randy. He only had four men with him now, all the others had been arrested, but it was enough. He’ll kill them, return home, grab the ‘merchandise’ and use his big cruising yacht to travel to Hong Kong and sell it.

They split in two groups and entered the office. Martin and the new guy came from the back saying that they weren’t there, and they weren’t in any room in the front part of the building either. That’s when of the men heard a moan, and another.

There was someone in the closet. All guns were pointed at the door as Louie opened the closet, and Randy fell on the floor coming from inside it. He was bound hand and foot and seemed to have received a beating. Bart couldn’t care less. He was ready to be shot and... Martin grabbed his arm and showed him a picture.

Big Dan was smiling, and his hands were holding closed to him two unconscious girls. It took a while to Bart realize that the girls (under all that tape in their faces) were Amanda and Randy’s bitch, Kelly or Kerri. They seemed to be naked (at least from the waist up) and Big Dan was enjoying holding them and groping them at the same time.

‘THAT ************!!!! I AM GOING TO KILL HIM THE *************!!!!!’

That was almost hilarious to hear that from a man that was still restrained as Randy was...

‘What’s going on worm?’

And Randy told him a fantastic story... Big Dan, that dumb and dumber Big Dan, was the man who had killed his brother! It seemed that all his naïveté was an hoax, and everybody had fell on that. He had captured Amanda and Kerri, beaten him up and left saying that he had to meet some North Koreans... That last part made Bart’s blood froze in his veins.

How could he knew about that? He made Randy repeat the story once more with all the details that he could remember. And everything made sense. His men had been arrested while waiting for Dan to arrive so they could kill him. SOMEONE has tipped the FBI about their location, and made his movements around town as difficult as possible.

Then they heard sirens. The cops were coming to see what had happened to the guys on the stake-out. He ordered that Randy’s legs were freed and they run from the place.




Oh boy, those girls were beautiful! Due to the masks in their faces he couldn’t see them properly, but their nude bound bodies were spectacular, specially the taller one.

He checked and was amazed that a woman could have a 40 something breast like that without a boob job. He was going to check it again when his father’s finger wrapped around his own very painfully. And then he received a punch. They were not here for that.

They were here to avenge his brother and his mother. The price for that was to keep those two women sedated, bound and gagged AND UNTOUCHED. A small price.

He heard another admonishment and went to the front of their store. His younger brother (who wasn’t allowed to go to the back were the women where being held) was totally focused on checking the warehouse’s back with his telescope. The men had arrived five minutes ago, Koreans like them but from the other side of the fence, and were waiting. They were concerned with the number of cops and federal agents on town, but had a mission to do. And so had him, his father and his brother.

Meanwhile, Mr. Park Dong was appraising the two women that the Giant had brought him less than fifteen minutes ago. He could understand why Hyun had been attracted to them, HE was attracted and even tempted, but the Giant was a ruthless man with a kind heart, better not abuse. One of them was stirring.

He tightened the medical straps that held her on the bed and dropped a few drops of the chlorosomething in the mask. She was completely out.

He found himself staring at her breasts. She really had big ones. He decided that it was best that he found something to cover them, you know, the night was cold...




Three months later

She was running as fast as she could now, she had to tell the news as soon as possible.

Dan was back! She didn’t cared if that meant that she’ll return to the US or she’ll be delivered to Australia or New Zealand. She was going to leave the island!

Hot baths, perfumes, new clothes, TV programs, movies, CIVILIZATION! And hot baths... how much she wouldn’t give for one right now... hell, she’ll kill for one!

She saw the shack’s door slightly ajar, and opened it thunderously.


She was tied to one of their chairs. And a unknown blonde woman was behind her. And another woman had just pounced on her and was holding her in her massive arms, her feet were now a feet or more above the ground, and that taste and smell... chloroform. She couldn’t believe she had missed it too...

She looked at Kerri, the unknown... petite blonde... was holding a cloth over her nose as well. She was crying? She wanted to embrace her lover tightly in her arms, but that bodybuilder Amazon woman wasn’t letting her go that soon. And now her head was spinning, she had no strength left to scratch the bitch. Nor desire to it.

All she wanted was to sleep. Kerri was already sleeping, and Amanda followed her with a few seconds behind...




The detonator would not work from his store, so he grabbed his son’s cellphone and went to the closest distance necessary from which he could, unobserved, spy on the warehouse. These nightvision goggles the Giant had lent him were very interesting toys he reasoned.

No movement from outside... no, a car, and another, and another were arriving. Three cars, going to the back of that isolated and secluded warehouse.

He did a quick check on the surrounding area of the warehouse. No one. He checked with his sons if there was anyone else in the front of the building. Nope. He remembered the instructions of the Giant. ‘Wait for them to come inside, count to twenty and press the button’, he thought once more in his beloved Ji, and waited for his son’s signal.




The plan was working like a charm. Bart had left only a couple of men guarding his house, the greedy young doctor and the ‘merchandise’. The men were dead, the doctor suddenly realized that sell her life’s work, secretly developed in an obscene research for the sake of the national security, wasn’t supposed to be delivered to hostile nations.

Not that it changed her current predicament, that mysterious giant of a man had grabbed her, tore her clothes apart, gagged her with her own underwear (yuck!) and bound her fiercely. Now she was over his shoulder as he moved through the empty house to the... basement? He knew about her. HOW? He opened the heavily locked door and deposited her standing on her feet beside the door. Then he went to check on her research.

To anyone else, she looked like an Oriental beauty, a Korean girl in her early twenties, gracious physical complexion and an aura of purity and sweetness that was almost overwhelming. She couldn’t help but feel something close of a motherly love towards her, and the brutes had dared to put those... those... THINGS in her. They were made most of leather, had a lot of padlocks and the way that they were arranged were putting her flexibility to a harsh test. She was bent like a taut bow for crying out loud!

The giant man undid all her restraints, removed the leather garments and helped her to sit on the mattress she had been left... all those weeks??!!!! He talked to her in a calm and yet imposing voice. She belonged to him now, for he had captured her mother and killed her current owners. If she wanted proofs, all she needed was to follow him.

She graciously arose from the mattress and stood waiting for his next move, then he went back to her again, threw her over his shoulder and told the lithe little woman to follow him.

They walked upstairs until they were in the back of the manor. He checked on his watch and, as if on cue, they heard a thunderous explosion coming from their right.

At the distance, somewhere in the warehouse district of the port, they could see a giant cloud of fire and smoke arising. The whole town could see it.

Then she heard her melodic voice.

‘I will follow you, Master.’

He told her that he would need to left her in a safe place for a while, until he could deliver her safely to her new home. And that he needed to tie her up and knock her out cold. She merely turned around and crossed her wrists behind her back. Minutes later he had two bound loots over his shoulders, and managed to arrive unnoticed to his van.

There he injected both women a light sedative and then drove to Mr. Park.




He saw the man who had run over his brother years ago entering the warehouse, and whose brother ordered that his mother was killed when his father tried to sue them for what the corrupt cops had called ‘a misfortunate accident’. Of course, the same cops had said the very same thing about his mother’s death! If it wasn’t the very same ones that had made all those threats against him and Hyun! Bastards!

And now he was entering the place, with the few men that he still had and to meet some North Korean spies... wanting it or not. He told his father about the monster’s arrival, and started counting. Either he was anxious or his father was counting very slowly, for the explosion happened when he was in the ‘33’, and not in the ‘20’ as planned.

And what an explosion! How many TNT, C4 or whatever this man had put on the place? Should have been about a ton! Or two! He could hear it now, and he doubted that there was anyone in town that hasn’t heard it. And then Hyun grabbed his cellphone and started to yell at it, oh yes, their father was closer than them to the explosion!

After a minute or two they heard his voice. He was fine, and would return home in ten minutes or less. And they were not supposed to check on the girls.




‘(Who is she?)’

‘(What? Don’t you recognize her? It’s your nephew Hye, the youngest daughter of your brother Jeong-Hoom, you know... the one with you had a big fight?)’

‘(He has a daughter?)’

‘(I know that you and him don’t talk with each for the past twelve/thirteen years, but he still your brother, and she’s still your nephew... at least from now on...)’

‘(And you know too much. But who is she?)’

‘(The very special woman with a very unique condition that the Bennet were going to sell to the North Koreans, with the willing and unwilling help of the other women. And no, I won’t tell you who was willing and who wasn’t...)’

Mr. Park looked at the four women strapped to medical beds in the basement of his store.

They had feeding tubes and drug tubes plunged in their arms and he had provided a registered nurse, he had made the woman show him her license, that would pose as the girl’s aunt (from the mother’s line) when they ‘arrived in town’ in a week or two.

Until then all four would be kept sedated almost all the time, with short periods of conscience under tight bondage, and be looked for by the nurse and Mr. Park (who had been a doctor back in Gwangju). Mr. Park reasoned that he would do it, and that he actually would have done it for free, but the half a million American dollars the Giant was paying him were more than welcome.

‘(What kind of back-up story I’ll have to put for them both, my nephew and her aunt?)’

‘(You and Lee Eun would have plenty of time to work on that. I will return in two or three weeks and only then I’ll be able to pay you for your help and take the girls with me.)’




Things went smoothly for Dan after that.

The federal agents identified the corpses of Randy, Bart, four of Bart’s thugs, the North Korean Cultural Attaché at the UN North Korean Representation and five of his secretaries and bodyguards. Three major newspapers received evidences that linked the Bennets to the sell of US military secrets to the late attaché. The town was now shown everyday in the news and things started to change for good, the police department was under scrutiny and investigation (only three policemen would escape jail time), the mayor resigned, and all rats (or most of them) left the sinking boat. It was a cleansing!

But there were two thing that Dan didn’t counted for in his plans. First that the feds and the state police and the press would take so much time to do their jobs, thus forcing him to stay at the safe house for nearly a month. And that, in the meantime, Miss Lee and Mr. Park would fall in love. So when he returned to town, he had slightly different orders to follow.

‘Hye’ was going to stay in town, as Miss Lee daughter. The cover story prepared for her was as good as the first one has been, and besides, he could make a better false trail that would attract those who were after her away and away from her.

The greedy doctor was sent to the Farm, to start her ten years penalty as pony slave. As for Kerri and Amanda, they were his to do whatever he wished to with them...




After over a month sedated almost all the time, it was a weird sensation to finally be allowed to wake up. She felt... weak and sore.

She had very vague memories of waking up held by dozens of leather straps that adorned her whole body, impressions of being carried and lifted up and darkness, a whole world of darkness in which she was falling forever. She was atop a massage table, and strapped to it. And receiving a wonderful massage from very skilled hands.

‘Welcome back to the land of the living ladies.’

It was him. Big Dan!

‘Please do not try anything. You’ve been out for a long time. Both of you. Many things happened, but I will talk about it later. Right now you need all the help these ladies can and will give to you. Proceed please. See you later...’

And no one else said anything to them after that. They were wearing hood that were locked to their heads, leaving only their nose, ears and taped mouths off, and the straps were ungiving. Or perhaps it was the fact that they were both very weak. And the massage was sooooo good! Both girls ended up sleeping naturally.

For a couple of days they received sort of a royal treatment. They knew about each other because they could hear their captors referring to the other girl by her name. Then they received drugged food, and felt asleep. When they awoke they were bound together on a bed, with Kerri on top. And they were in a moving boat’s cabin.

None of the girls was pleased with the fact that she was bound to such a ****** bitch. But they were well gagged and well tied, so their opinions and intentions toward each other (despite being obvious) were not professed. Big Dan created a routine that was simple.

Every four hours he would release the girls one at the time, gave her a bathroom break and some food, then it was back to the ropes, tape and gags. He put them through every position he knew, some very demanding for them and all very erotic for him. They were allowed to spend some time under the sun, more or less three hours, everyday. He never talked to them and if one of them tried to talk to him, she was regagged and brought back to the cabin. They spent days with the forced and mute company of each other.

Three or four times an alert was heard coming from the navigation station as they were sunbathing bound. Then he jumped on them, brought them as quickly as possible back to their cabin and forced them to breath through chloroform soaked cloths. When they awoke, many hours later, he always apologized for his roughness, but didn’t explained what had happened. After a couple of weeks, perhaps more, they arrived at the island.




Both girls were standing side by side and naked in front of him. He delivered all the bad news to them, omitting details like what exactly the North Koreans would buy, in less than five minutes. Kerri would have punched and kicked him (or at least tried to) if she wasn’t so well tied and gagged, Amanda on the other hand was more curious of what would happen with them. Then he showed the airplane ticket to Europe that Randy had bought for himself, and nobody else. Kerri this time did tried to hurt him, but after he hold her, forced her to look in his eyes and asked her if Randy was or not capable of doing such a thing, she was forced to admit to herself that he was really a man that could do such a thing, and then she collapsed. Big Dan held her as she cried and her body trembled.

But after a while she was able to stand on her feet, so Dan helped her to it and turned both girls around so they could face the island, and stood behind them as he described it as being ‘nothing extraordinary’. Big, but not inhabited and without any animal bigger than a rat living in it. The sea around it had many sharks, but there was a place in which they could swim without fear, sort of a ‘private pool’ that it was theirs, and only theirs, to use. Plus the island had fruits and some small birds, they wouldn’t die of starvation while they stayed there. Both girls looked at him shocked and pleading with him at the same time.

‘No girls. I am a wanted man now, big bad guys are after me. My boss allowed me to have this little fantasy fulfilled, having two hot, lusty and unwilling girls to play with on a cruise, but I am no stupid. I know that they know where I am going to. It’s all part of the plan. While I have some moral oriented conduct, albeit a very twisted and kinky one,, they have none. So I would not put you deliberately in danger by keeping you with me as I finish my travel to Australia or New Zealand. But don’t worry, in a couple of months everything would be over and  I will be able to return to the US, so I’ll drop by here and take you with me. You are legally dead by now, or in the FBI, NSA or even CIA watch list. Now turn around and take a good look to your new home for the next months...’

They did as he had ordered and looked and the island. It has two or three mounts, lots of trees and... what was that? It looked like... a shack?

‘Oh, yes, I built that little cabin over there last time I stopped by. I will leave some useful things for you gals in there, like sunscreen, clothes and some food. But if you don’t want me to find two corpses, you’ll have to learn a few tricks... and if anything happens and only one of you is around when I return, it is better for the survivor to have an acceptable story or I will be very unpleased, and she will spend the rest of her life there.’

The girls heard what he said and looked at each other and then at the island. And failed to see him picking two syringes from a box in the small table behind him. The prick was abrupt and took them by surprise, they almost jumped, and he was grinning as they looked at him again. It was a very quick drug, for they barely started to insult him under their gags and then felt in his large arms’ support.





They still had a grudge against each other for the first three days, but it all ended when Amanda tried to steal Kerri’s dinner on the third night, simply because she had been unable to fetch anything better than fruits while Kerri had used the rods properly and was having four middle sized fishes all to herself. Kerri could see it coming clearly, and set a simple hunter’s trap for Amanda. And the town girl found herself hanging from one foot upside down while the hillbilly laughed hard and harder ten feet away.

Amanda allowed herself to be tied up and gagged by Kerri, who surprisingly fed her with some of the fish when it was ready after she lowered her to the floor.

‘We’re on the same boat, so don’t try it again, tomorrow I’ll teach how to fish’, and that was the first of many valuable lessons to Amanda. She had had the idea of the boat, but Kerri never had made one, or a raft or anything made for float. The disaster, that hasn’t been bigger because they had made a ‘test-drive’ in the private pool, made them realize that they’ll have to become far more used to craftmanship before trying it again.

Gradually they became friends, and then something more…




Three months later

It was the fourth day of their captivity. So far it had not been pure hell because they had not been sexually assaulted, used as punching bags or tortured.

But otherwise..., it had been unpleasant to say the least. Kerri and Amanda were kept gagged almost all the time and tied every second of the day. They were meat toys that those two bitches enjoyed tying in every way they saw fit. Amanda had spent the previous day suspended in twelve different ways while Kerri had her joints pushed to the limit. They had been fed with something, that they could swear that was dog food, every time their captors had bothered to serve them something other than the drugs.

The giant Amazon didn’t needed it, she could easily handle both Kerri and Amanda at the same time if necessary. As for the petite blonde, even Amanda could overpower her (or so they thought) very easily, so that’s why they had brought so many bottles of chloroform with them. Did they intended to use it all on them before leaving, and when they left the island, would them be allowed to go with the two bitches? Or would they be left behind?

Again they had been subjected to the drug, but something was different. They were inside the shack, and free of any bonds. The first thing Kerri realized was that Amanda was trying to kill with the hug she was giving to her, no other explanation was acceptable.

Then she calmed and soothed the bigger woman. They had ropemarks all over their bodies…, and they weren’t naked! OK, each one of the girls was using one of the smallest bikinis they had received for each from Dan, but it were two pieces of clothing (as smaller as they were) for two girls that weren’t allowed to use anything for the past days.

Cautiously they left the shack, and their two captors were outside. But the petite girl was completely powerless with the amount of rope that the strong woman had adorned her voluptuous body with. The amazon looked at them and told them to wait. Then she soaked a cloth with chloroform and placed gently over the blonde’s nose.

That was too much for Kerri, who went back to the shack to look for something to use as weapon. Amanda on her side was enthralled by the sight, she admonished herself for it, but she couldn’t help it. The blonde was putting on a fight now, something completely useless in her situation, but she kept trying to avoid the inevitable consequence of the taller woman’s actions. She gave one last ‘attempt’ to break free, and rested on the Amazon’s embrace as the fumes finally seemed to be working… Kerri hadn’t found anything useful and returned as the blonde was gently placed at the Amazon’s feet.

‘Good morning girls, I believe that you both had some very unpleasant days at mine and my girl’s care… Don’t you?’

Both girls started to call every name they could remember. She just stood there calmly waiting for the verbal assault to end. When it finally happened, she pointed to something at their right. Fruits, bottles of water and some sandwiches. Both Amanda and Kerri ate and drank it all faster than they thought it was possible. As they sat satiated on the floor, the Amazon offered them one bar of chocolate to each and resumed.

‘I don’t need to say to you that your lives are in my power. I received the order to bring you back to the United States… WITH TWO CONDITIONS!’

‘What are them?’

‘You will have a decision to make, but you will have to be honest with that AND you will not allowed to change your mind about it. Now, please, think about the past three days. Think and remember everything. Now add everything unpleasant that could have done to you by me and my gal, now make it worse, times ten! Can you make it?’

It was something very hard for them to do, but they could get the point.

‘So, if any of us lie in the answer, I mean decision that she has to make, both girls…’

‘NO. Only the false girl would pay for her lie. If the other one had a tender feeling for her and force us to treat her harshly, we’ll do it for as long as it is necessary, but not as harshly as the liar will be treated for the next years…’

‘And what is this decision?’

‘Very simple. Daniel is dead. But the… men that killed him think that he left the US with the ‘merchandise’ as they call it. You know that this isn’t true. And you will keep your mouth shut! You are dead, not yet officially, and thus you both will stay. You will be given new identities, but which ones will be up to you. You can live together or part ways, it’s not my decision. But once you became Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2, you will stick with it! Whatever you have done as your current and past identities will be erased the moment you set foot on American soil. Or worse, times ten, and for years! Do I make myself clear?’

Amanda and Kerri nodded, then Veronica lifted the unconscious Yelena in her arms and threw her over her shoulder. Then she started to walk away.

‘I will return at night, alone, to hear your answer girls. You have the whole day to think about how you want to spend the rest of your lives, and with whom. Think carefully.’




Veronica waited for the eve of their arrival to Hawaii to make them pay for their insults.

With the lame excuse that they were not allowed to go on shore, she had drugged their breakfast. The girls spent the whole morning locked in their cabin tied back to back, then Veronica fed and chloroed them and changed their ties to a moderate hogtie. And Yelena joined them on the bed in the same predicament. And to Kerri’s horror, she wasn’t the only one having fun! Meanwhile Veronica spoke with her boss.

‘So, how’s ‘Hye’?’

‘Fine, fine. In the end, Dan’s idea to let her live as another Korean girl in the United States of America, instead of South Korea (so close to China, Russia an the North) as we had planned, worked better. She’s a heartbreaker, but otherwise she mingled very well in the community. Everybody had already realized that she is a smart girl, but fortunately no one realized yet HOW smart she is. And let’s hope that no one ever does that.’

‘And the North Koreans?’

‘As far as we know they were thinking that they were buying a man, not a girl. The late and unlamented Bennets played that trick on them. They had enough data to know that they were buying the real deal, but presumed the ‘merchandise’’s sex. Which works very well for our purposes. And before that you ask, she MAY eventually end up working for me, but it’s not my goal for it to happen.’

‘Are you been honest with me Angela?’

‘I don't care how incredible are her brain cells! The only reason which with I will, one day, allow that bitch that worked for me to walk free from the Farm is the fact that, at least, she managed to turn a brain damaged little girl into a normal woman. Unfortunately, the process is way too risky and dangerous to be used in a larger scale, I tremble to imagine another girl like Hye walking around, a hundred would scare me to death!’

‘So do I, so do I.’

‘But enough about Hye. And your new girls?’

‘They're cute, limber and very funny to play with, specially Kerri, whom I will have to somehow force her to admit that she loves to see what I do with Yelena, and Amanda is planning to help me on that one...’

‘Good luck for you girls, bye.’

As she returned to their cabin, Yelena has to be freed to make their dinner, Veronica pondered on how she would let the girls spend the evening...