An Ex-Captive’s Tale


Suddenly there was a car in that dirt road. She hesitated for a moment. Could it be that her escape route had been discovered? Then she considered her options: hide (if possible) or stay where she was and be spotted by the vehicle’s owner in less than ten seconds.

Then she felt (again) the cold breeze of the place and chilled, and then looked at herself. She was naked, ballgagged with a bunch of leather straps going all over her head and her hands were cuffed behind her back and to a chain around her waist, so she barely could use or move them. She was trapped and the next city was a good ten to fifteen miles away! If it was one of her captors it would be bad luck. If it was a pervert or something like that it was really bad luck. But what if it was rescue? Even the most moronic of the do-gooders of the world could see that she was in trouble, so she had a chance to free herself and the others.

And the breeze was really chilling…

She barely registered the face of a woman at the wheel when the car passed, but obviously she had been seen. The breaks were hit and the car stopped not seventy feet away from her. She was uncertain if she should walk to there and could see that the woman (a mid-forties lady with very black short-hair and glasses) did not believed in what she had just seen. Then the woman got out of the car. She reminded her of the librarian of her high school’s library, Mrs. Strutters, same conservative and old black business suit and glasses.

Of course, Mrs. Strutters was never that tall, the woman might have at least 6’! And she did take care of herself; she could see that she had an athletic complexion. And that she was seemingly very very mad at her! How? Why?

Stomping her feet all the way the woman walked the distance between them, Bridget decided to stay put (her expression was really a furious one) and wait and see. The woman grabbed her by one of her arms and forced her to walk with her back to the car. At each step Bridget’s fear toward the woman grew exponentially. Then woman directed Bridget to the passenger side of the front seat, but instead of opening the door she turned Bridget around and forced her back against the car. Their eyes stayed locked into each other.

‘Now listen to me girlie. I don’t live in the town ahead, I grew up in it but I left many years ago. Six years back it was night, I was using this back road as a shortcut to get there so I could visit some relatives. Then, out of nowhere, these two girls, young and beautiful and busty as you appear in the road. They were wearing micro thong string bikini and ropes around their torso and tape over their lips and there was a guy running after them. I freaked, nearly passed with my car over the guy and tried to ‘rescue’ the girls… only to realize that they were paid models playing the ‘ball’ part in a kinky game of ‘catch’! And guess who had the idea of promoting the game by calling some friends and hiring hem?’

‘Ms Tbut?’

‘Oh, so you know her! And this is again a game of her!’

Bridget shook her head wildly and then tried to plead with the woman, of all the people in the world she had to meet right now one that had reasons to… to… send her back there? She couldn’t allow it. So she shook her head even more and in the process she became so wild that the lady had to really held her in a lock.

‘Whooaa! I got the message, this is not part of one of her games, right?’

Bridget nodded.

‘You… I mean we are in danger if we stay here?’

Even more vigorous nods.

‘Okay… watch your head…’

The woman helped Bridget to sit on the passenger seat, put the belt and went to her seat. As she was about to start the car she stopped for a moment, looked at Bridget and had a weird look in her face. Bridget tried to make her understand that she wanted that the gag was removed from her, but was completely ignored. The woman put the car in motion and forgot about her nude companion for about five minutes.

There was a sign by the road indicating that they were reaching the town, ‘Welcome to Sunday Valley’ displayed in letters bigger than Bridget or even the woman. She parked the car behind the sign, near the more used state road but still out of anyone’s sight.

‘Now listen up, I am going to remove the gag and you are going to tell me who you are and what’s happening. I want to know why you’re shackled and naked and ballgagged and what you were doing on the road back there at this hour of the night!’


‘My name is Bridget Moore. I’m from the capitol; I used to work as a lingerie model there. Then I got financial problems and a friend told me about this lady, Kathleen Talbot, who owned a small town and had ‘eccentric’ habits. She paid a lot of money to have beautiful girls around her ding house shores wearing string bikinis and aprons.

When my friend, who had worked for her for a semester, warranted me that no sex was involved, that all I had to do was take care of the garden of the place (the position available was a gardener one) with the minimum amount of cloth protecting, and how much I was going to get paid for that, I signed the contract.

Well, you seem to know her better than me if you grew up around here…’

‘I haven’t see or heard about her since that incident, it’s sort of a taboo in my family talk about her in my presence. So don’t imply that I know about her current condition…’

‘Kathleen Talbot is one of the most charming, friendly and wicked women I ever met. She about 60 but is really in good shape. It’s obvious that she’s lesbian and the girls talk about her ‘nieces’ that visit her from time to time. I counted about fifteen different girls, of all races and features that were introduced to me as such in the four months I’ve been working for her. But while it’s obvious what are Kathleen’s intentions towards her ‘nieces’, she never tried anything with any of us. Never ever.

There was this girl, Belle, a very buxom blonde girl who happened to be the only lesbian of the house’s crew. Well, she and Kathleen slept together a couple of times, but only after Kathleen fired her, hired a new maid and introduced Belle to us as a new ‘niece’.

Anyway me and Maureen and Charlotte took care of the gardens; Zana was the chauffer and mechanic; Debra and Oona were the cooks; Priscilla, Mina, Yukiko and Antoinette (the only real French of the loot) were the maids; Roberta was the personal secretary and Laura made the house work as a clock. Even with all of us wandering around everyday in micro-bikinis and aprons or just a little something more covering our bodies…’

‘Wow! Twelve girls? Twelve girls… like you?’

She knew what she meant with that. The first time she had seen her soon-to-be co-workers she had thought that she was entering a branch of the Playboy Mansion. There was more variety than in that show though. Zana, Oona, Antoinette and Laura were blondes; Maureen and Priscilla were brunettes; Charlotte had jet black hair; Debra and Roberta were blacks; Mina (actually Ming Li) and Yukiko were Orientals; and all were former models or had the looks of one! And all wandered around in those… clothes…

‘Look, as I said before and you probably know already, Kathleen is lesbian. She likes to be surrounded by good looking girls…’

‘You mean busty good looking girls…’

‘Please, can I get to the point? The sooner I tell you what happened the sooner you’ll call the police and they’ll be rescued! Can’t you call them right now?’

The woman merely shook her head. It was pure desperation for Bridget, but the woman was adamant. Either Bridget convinced her that this was not one of Kathleen’s ‘games’ or…

‘Look, I understand what you say about her ‘games’. Once we were ordered to tie up a black niece of her in the middle of the maze she had in the back of the manor. I found odd that Charlotte knew that well how to tie up a (naked) woman, and she used such a weird tie with a rope connecting the ankles to the wrists, that she told me that from time to time some ‘games’ were played within the walls of the manor. Like ‘Rescue Mission’ which was the one that Kathleen and her ‘nieces’, there were another three of them, were about to play.

Ok, basically, the three girls played the roles of PIs looking for the ‘missing heiress’ they were lured to the manor and had to search for the girl. Kathleen and Zana were going to try to ambush and capture the ‘PIs’, Zana is not lesbian but likes to bind and gag girls, and the one that managed to find and freed the ‘heiress’ first would receive a prize, Zana was going to be paid by having the right to bind, gag and take pictures of one of the losers as her payment and… well, all would have a great time in the process…’

‘See why I need you to convince me?’

‘But I am telling you that this is not a game! It’s not! I was a captive with the others, ALL the others, until three or four hours ago! And while we’re here THEY are still there!’

‘Which is a very good reason for you to tell me what happened as quick as you can. Look, it’s a kind of a local joke how many times outsiders were nearly disastrously caught in the middle of her ‘games’. And I was once. If we go to the sheriff he’ll recognize me, and I don’t want to be embarrassed as I was years ago. So convince, then we’ll go to the police’

This woman’s stubbornness was unbelievable!

‘Alright. Two days ago some guys invaded the estate. I don’t know how many, I don’t saw their faces or heard their voices. Nothing like that. I was sleeping in my room and, well, I use a blindfold to sleep, and suddenly there was this big gloved hand over my lips and two pair of hands holding me down. They worked quickly and efficiently and soon I had rope around my crossed ankles, above my knees, holding my wrists and my elbows together and tape over my lips and eyes. They warned me, with one of those digitalized voices (sounding like robots you know) that they remove the blindfold but I wasn’t supposed to open my eyes. They placed pads over them and then strips of tape. It was all really uncomfortable but bearable. Then someone said ‘Let’s go, there are many more to subdue!’ and I was left alone. I don’t if my hearing was somehow ampliated or what, but I could hear them going through the other rooms of the place and some muffled calls for help. Like my own.

I don’t know how long I was left alone, then two persons came and lifted me from my bed. My legs were freed and I was almost gently guided to what I recognized as the dining room of the manor, there were already other women captives there and I was greeted by them. I was the last one to be brought to the room and tied to a chair, then they removed the tape over my eyes and I saw that all my friends were as captive as myself.’

Bridget shuddered as she remembered the scene. The dining room was very large and they had displaced twelve chairs in a half-moon disposition, and she had just been tied to the one in the left extremity of the crescent. At her side was Charlotte and an entirely black clad gal that was busy braiding her long hair? Charlotte seemed only distraught with the attention and was one of the few women that wasn’t crying or had already done that. One of her breasts had popped out of the lacy white teddy she was wearing. They had tied her as she had just been; one ankle and knee tied to its correspondent front leg of the chair, her lap to the seat and her torso to the low back of the chair, her arms were behind the back of the chair and tied to one of the chair’s back legs. It seemed that everyone had been tied like that. The irony was that Charlotte had great pride of her hair and always spent a long time taking care of it. And now someone else was doing it for her… even in that situation!

At her side Maureen and Oona were looking for support on each other, she couldn’t see Maureen’s face since she was facing her best friend (almost a sister – and only that – as the girls were used to say) who was facing her as well. Both seemed to be fine, although were openly crying and sobbing. Maureen was wearing an oversized black and blue T-Shirt (and nothing else) while Oona was wearing a sexy (and see-through) blue set of lingerie.

Zana was right at their side, and was the only one whose tie seemed different; she was nearly mummified to the wooden chair with the rope, her legs (also rope-mummified) were tied together and to the right front leg of the chair and her gag had been reinforced, and for the look of her cheeks the was something inside her mouth. She was also the only naked woman in the room (something that would not last).

Antoinette was topless, but Bridget could see that she was wearing black bikini panties. She seemed to have cried a lot but, like Bridget herself, was now too scared to do even that. Debra at her side was as furious as Zana but, since she was the smallest (and less endowed) of the crew and had a false frail complexion so they had not roped her as they had done with Zana. But from the looks of Debra probably they should have…

She, Laura, Roberta and Yukiko wore exactly the same thing; a white top and white bikini panties. It’s true that they were absolutely nowhere near alike within each other, but the effect of having equally beautiful girls bound in a similar way and dressed alike was (in her mind) enticing. Roberta’s right breast and Yukiko’s left one were almost completely free of their confinement, but weirdly Laura (the most endowed girl present) albeit showing signs of having struggle a lot (her hair was in disarray among other things) still managed to keep her mounds inside her top (that was about to explode in Bridget’s opinion).

Finally there were Mina and Priscilla and it seemed that their captors had played a pun with them. Mina was wearing a blue lacy corset (with matching gather belts and hose) while Pris was using a red teddy that left nearly nothing to imagination. The ropes and tape were red in Mina’s case and blue in Pris’… Three women (including the one braiding Charlotte’s hair) were taking care of all of them. They were silent and quite robotically cold in their manners, but at least were not abusing of any of their captives…

‘Hey! Are you alright?’

‘Huh? Oh. Yeas I am, I was just… remembering what happened, a bit too detailed perhaps. After about thirty or forty minutes two women were brought to the room. They were the ‘nieces’ of the week. One was a Latin gal with long flowing black hair and the other a redhead (also with long hair). Both were naked and overly bound with tape, their torso and arms had become one. They were forced to lie on the floor and while a pillow was provided to each they had they wrists and ankles linked together with tape.

More fifteen minutes of wait and Kathleen was brought to the room. She was impeccably dressed as… as she was about to go to a very important reunion with the board of her multi-billion company. She was not restrained in any way. But seemed far more torn to see us as we were than ourselves. She apologized and told that it was all her fault. There was some company, someone that wanted to have an illegal transaction with her company, and since she had refused any other form of persuasion…

She said that she was going to be back in three / four days tops. That we were not going to be hurt or molested by our captors. She had just ‘hired’ one new chauffer, one secretary and two bodyguards, all young (and busty) females to not attract any suspicion, that were going to be her shadows for the whole duration of our ordeal. She stayed with us for a couple of hours, saying a kind and encouraging word to everyone, then she kissed each and everyone one of us in the forehead and was ‘escorted’ by her new assistants to out of the manor.’

‘And you have been a prisoner for the past two days?’

‘Yes. We were blindfolded and, one by one, we were freed from the chairs and escorted to one of the restroom on the ground floor, they said that we were not supposed to try anything ‘funny’ for the ‘sake of the others’ or ‘else’. Even Zana and Debra, the ones with the biggest fighting spirit among us, didn’t try anything. After we used the facilities we were ordered to blindfold ourselves and let us be tied up, then we were took to the kitchen and a meal of yogurt and sliced fruits was served to us, we were brought back to the restroom to clean ourselves our teeth, rebound and taken to one of the rooms upstairs, two or three girls to each room (the beds in the guestrooms are really large). They left us there, bound but not overly and with socks and tape rendering our fingers useless, and every now and then someone appeared, checked our bonds and either said something like ‘You’re doing fine’, ‘We’re not monsters, we just had to scare the old witch’ or ‘Nothing personal doll’ or slapped us ‘playfully’ in our… our exposed buttocks…’

‘What? But weren’t you all dressed, even if in your lingerie?’

‘The first time we were taken to the restroom we were ordered to come out wearing only the leather blindfold that they provided to each one of us, and we did it. Anyway, hours passed and suddenly someone was untying the rope that loosely connected my ankles and wrists and made me sit at the edge of the bed, I felt a little maneuvering and someone was helped to move from the middle of the bed and sit at my left. Another movement sensation and someone was now sitting on the opposite edge of the bed. A robotic voice said that we had ten minutes to chit-chat before lunch was served; they gave us water and left the room. Oona was at my left and Yukiko was behind us. All three of us were scared and we showed it, but then we tried to figure what was happening. Yukiko remembered that she had heard Kathleen yelling with someone at the phone a couple of days previously, and that when she had asked Roberta about what had happened (Kathleen rarely looses her temper) she was told that it was something that it was better for her not to know about. At that moment we heard a robotic voice say ‘So this Roberta chic knows about the business? Good to know’.

We immediately tried to argue with the woman and plead that she was not supposed to hurt any of us, and were soon all tape gagged. She said that she knew that she was not allowed to hurt anyone of us. So all that she had to do was to gave Roberta ‘VIP treatment’, or keep her locked alone and away from any other captive. Since we had misbehaved by yelling at her we were not going to receive lunch. The hours passed and we started to feel two things, boredom and hunger. Then suddenly there were two pairs lifting me from the edge of the bed, then my legs were freed and I was escorted to what I later recognized as the farthest and most isolated (and small) room of the house.

There, lying on her back and apparently sleeping, was Roberta. They had tied her with her arms and legs wide open, each limb tied to a leg of the bed, and she was gagged with white tape. Then the blindfold came back and I was escorted outside the room to another guest room. There I was given another set of yogurt and sliced fruits and allowed to use the restroom on my own, I even had the right of a bath. After that I was tied up, blindfolded and tape gagged. Then I felt someone being brought to the room, she was allowed to use the restroom and when she saw me, we were only blindfolded after being bound that time, she gasped ‘Bridget’ and I recognized Pris’ voice. Then they brought another girl, repeated the routine, and told us to sleep. It took a while (it’s not easy to sleep while you’re being sandwiched –albeit lightly- by two buxom women)…

The next day (yesterday) the routine was repeated and this time I had lunch. We had two chit-chats and I found out that the other girl was Zana. Then they changed by ‘roommates’ after I was allowed to have a bath. Kathleen’s manor has twelve guestrooms in the case that you don’t know. This morning I found out that I was sharing a bed with Laura and Ludmilla (the Latin ‘niece’) and, I know it’s kinda weird to admit it, but nor me nor them were really frightened about what was going to happen to us.

We had spent already two days under their power and, given the circumstances, they had treated us well. And, if things had not changed somehow, I probably would still be there and with the same kind of spirit. Honestly.’

‘Changed? How?’

‘I don’t know exactly how. It must have happened right after dinner. Suddenly they were untying us two or three at the same time and leading us downstairs. Our bonds were changed and that’s how I got that chain and handcuffs. And that thing with leather straps. They removed my blindfold so I could see the others and even Zana was scared. Something bad had happened and we feared for ourselves and for Kathleen. Finally we were able to see how many captors were taking care of us: nine, all women. They still wore the all black uniform, voice synthesizers and masks but were almost desperate.

They had lost contact with Kathleen’s new ‘crew’. We were ordered to kneel on the floor in front Kathleen’s large plasma TV. They tried and tried to get in touch with their fellows for minutes and nothing. Then an image appeared in the screen, and we rejoiced as our captors cursed their luck and nearby future. The Chinese ‘secretary’ was on the screen.

Wearing her birthday suit plus lots of rope keeping her still against what seemed a post (and enhancing her ample bust) and a few strips of black electrician tape. Then the camera was moved and now the ‘new chauffer’ was writhing on the floor of what seemed a cellar. She also was naked and tied up albeit…, I don’t know how to call her ties, her thighs and ankles were tied up together, I don’t know how to call it. And also generously tape gagged. From a bound blonde to another and there’s ‘bodyguard’ number one bound sitting on a ottoman back to back with ‘bodyguard’ number two (a black girl with as many muscles as her counterpart), each girl’s wrists were tied together under the other girl’s breasts and to the other girl’s knees, those two were cleave gagged with thick cloths.

Then the grinning face of Kathleen appeared in the screen. She had had the help of some friends and had not only captured the people sent to watch her, but had ruined their employer as well. I don’t know what could have happened from there, thinking back I believe that perhaps she was going to buy our freedom from those women… I don’t know.’

‘What happened?’

‘Zana and Debra did. All our captors were starring at the screen with their backs to us so they, they… Those idiots! They had made us to kneel but not tied or chained our legs, so those two idiots raised and charged at the captors as they yelled ‘’unnnnn’ under their gags. We all understood that they meant ‘run’ and well, in the moment, that’s what we did. I was one of those who were in the back of the group and instead of running past our captors, like all tried, I stood and run on the opposite direction.

Soon I had the company of Laura and one of our captors gave chase to us as soon as we managed to open the kitchen’s door and get outside. One captor versus two escapees, she had to chose whom she was going to grab and she chose Laura and tackled her as I reached the tree line and dared to look back. There were two black clad women tying up and taping up and who-knows-what-else a struggling Laura. Soon the taller one grabbed Laura, threw her over her shoulder and walked back to the manor. I… I retreated and run through the woods. I must have walked for hours! I’m feeling like I just run a marathon!’

‘Actually, you escaped from my clutches about three hours and –she checked her watch- seventeen minutes ago. And you just walked about seven miles during all this time!’

Bridget’s face showed all the shock and incredulity that she was feeling. The woman was one of her own captors! She tried to turn her head away from her and give a heartily scream when the woman’s left hand suddenly was covering all her lower face. One minute later a strip of tape covered her lips completely and her chin was being held by that hand.

‘Shush girl, your ordeal is almost over. Now be a good girl and don’t make a sound now…’

With her free hand the woman had grabbed her mobile phone and was calling someone…


Two hours later Bridget and Laura were hugging each other, but not because they wanted. The woman had tied them in that position and their hands were secured to the other girl’s small of the back thanks to a rope attached to both their waists. Plus, their knees and ankles had first been tied together and then the pairs were roped as one. As of gags, since both were being so cooperative, they had only two or three strips of tape without packing over each girl’s lips. So far, in order to have something to spend the time after she had brought them to that ‘abandoned cabin’ – after she had cleaned the mattress where the girls now lay – and tied them as they were now, the woman had introduced herself as Jamie.

She was the only one of the group that had invaded the Manor to have managed to escape the strike team, which had overpowered her comrades as they were busy overly restraining the girls after the mess that Zana and Debra had created had been controlled, sent by Kathleen raided the place. Since she realized that Kathleen was buying time, but her immediate chief didn’t heard her when she told her it, she decided to follow the order to lock Laura and Oona somewhere by putting Laura on her own (Jamie’s) car’s trunk and leaving Oona (the trunk was small and she didn’t wanted that a dead ‘free-pass’ in her hands) behind tied to a chair. She was able to see ‘some guys in black commando like clothes’ invade the house as she hit the road.

Then her cellphone ringed when she was almost reaching the interstate. It was Kathleen, the raid had been a success, except that she was free and Laura was in her power. But Jamie’s sister, Chrissy (the ‘chauffer’) was in her power, so they soon reached a deal.

She was going to drive to the cabin they had used while preparing the invasion of Kathleen’s manor and wait, Kathleen would go there alone with Chrissy tied up in the trunk of the car she was going to use. Jamie was going to grab the keys from Kathleen’s hand as soon as Kathleen saw Laura still alive and well (and Jamie had sent some photos to prove it during the negotiation) and they were not supposed to see each other ever, or else.

Then, as she took a shortcut to the cabin, Jamie saw Bridget. She had decided to let her tell (from her point of view) a story that she already knew how had happened in order to know how much of the whole thing they had let transpire to their captives.

And according to Jamie it was better that they never knew what Kathleen was supposed to do to have them back in the first place. Now, what Kathleen was supposed to do to have them (Bridget and Laura) back was not only bring her sister to her, but also a case with at least a hundred thousand dollars in small and non-sequential bills.

After about thirty minutes of wait a car approached. Jamie was tense, she knew that the cabin should be surrounded by at least four or five guys heavily armed, and she only had her gun with her. The car stopped and someone got out. It was Kathleen. Jamie knelt on the floor and kissed both girls’ taped lips and went outside.

‘The car is in perfect conditions, the tank is completely fully, there are some clothes for you and your sister, some change to not attract unwanted attention and the cases with the money are with her in the trunk. Now where are my two friends?’

‘One moment, I want to see my sister and the money…’

Since no one else was making any sound, Bridget could hear everything perfectly as if she wasoutside. A muffled grunt as soon as a trunk was opened, ‘Calm down sis’, cases being opened, Jamie’s whistle, cases being closed and a trunk being shut down.

‘There’s more than a hundred thousand dollars in it…’

‘Next to three hundred actually, not worth any life for me. Have a nice one with your wife, at least at four thousand miles away from my door Miss Lyman. Laura and Bridget?’

‘In-inside, the-the keys, please...’

As they heard the engine being put in full force, tires running away from the door as if the devil was chasing them and Kathleen’s ringtone (the 1812 Overture), both girls started to cry abundantly. As she ordered her men to let Jamie escape and bring clothes and blankets to the cabin, Kathleen’s joyous and tearful face appeared at the door.

‘Hello girls, I’ll have you free in a moment!’

Now Bridget and Laura did hug each other, it was finally over!