Incidents After A Way Too Successful Job





To Jada and Cassidy it was such a rare occasion that they were enjoying it (very secretly of course) in the fullest. Helen Troy, the great Helen Troy, their boss and friend and famous (in their community) thief/industrial spy, being bossed around by her wife Ada, and not the usual opposite. They should have brought a camera!


True, Helen was recovering from the operation she had just underwent, and had a bullet removed from her leg!, but she was really trying to get out of that hospital bed.... until she ran out of Ada’s patience. Now Ada had been lecturing her wife for great and good five minutes straight, Helen was looking like a mouse cornered by an angry kitten and was meekly nodding to everything that Ada was ordering her to do.


Yes she was going to sleep on that bed, yes she was going to stay on that bed for as long as Dr. Pruett told her to, yes she was NOT going to try to get out of the room until allowed by Dr. Pruett, and yes she was going to obey Ada... OR ELSE????


Ada bent over and they shared a long hot kiss and Ada covered Helen, ordered with her eyes that Jada and Cassidy (and Dr. Pruett) left the room before her, shut the lights and closed the door. And had the puppy dog teary eyes that she sported on her face when she arrived at the clinic thirty two minutes before back right away. Jada turned to Cassidy and mouthed her the question ‘You didn’t told her?’. Cassidy mouthed back ‘I forgot...’.


Dr. Pruett, a mid fifties slightly obese woman who had no trouble at all in harboring (and giving medical support and taking care of) the criminal who had given her abusive ex-husband a harsh beating five years before, grabbed Ada by the hands and took her to the waiting room with the twins in tow. There was no one at the clinic at that hour (04:12 AM) so she could speak openly as they enjoyed some tea a few minutes afterwards.


‘OK you two little Irish devils, what happened? What went wrong?’


‘Nothing.’ – answered both sisters at the same time.


‘Don’t give me that!!! I just took a bullet from Helen’s left leg! And there’s two suspicious looking scars and a few bruises in her body. And you said that nothing went wrong?’


‘Tonight’s job... (‘Can we tell her?’ –Cassidy asked Jada and then both asked Ada who in turn nodded her acquiescence)... was successful much more than we could expect that it would. We got what we wanted and a perfect cover-up...’


‘And what about her wounds!!!!’


‘It wasn’t part of the plan, of course, but... it worked perfectly well for her (ours) purposes.’


‘Excuse me?’ – asked both on the other side of the table.


‘Do you ever heard the name of Phoebe Marrat?’ – asked Cassidy to Pruett.


‘Who doesn’t? She owns half the county... (...) Oh no!!! Tell that you didn’t...??!!!’


‘We do what we are hired to do. Simple like that.’


‘She owns the police! The bank! And the DA office! And the local military base! And...’


‘We know, we know all of that...’


The doctor was clearly flabbergasted. Her whole life she had feared and respected the notorious Ms. Marrat, even after the ‘incident’ seven years before that had turned her into a neurotic/paranoid woman. She was well known and even those who spat her name and tried to demean her had to admit that she, at least locally, was a force to be reckoned.


‘As you may know, ever since her kidnapping years ago she has become way too concerned about her own safety and of her company. She’s like a legend in our ‘field’, in the past three years about eight of our colleagues tried to rob her company’s data and got caught. There’s no way that someone can do such a job, that’s why we were... we are going to get paid about four millions for the job... because we did it!!! Well, not yet, actually...’


‘You what?’


The situation had turned into the opposite of a few minutes before, now it was Ada who was helping Pruett to cope with what had just happened. Pruett was obviously distressed and scared, and looking at them with very frightened eyes. She drank three cups of tea in a row until she managed to calm down. By their turns Ada, Cassidy and Jada drunk theirs while whispering among themselves what they could tell her about the story.


Finally the tea run out and Pruett offered herself to do some more while they finished their screening of they would reveal about the previous hours, and days, events.


Pruett came back from the kitchen with a fresh and steamy round of tea, and drank a couple of cups as she started to hear the edited version of the events, that lead to Helen’s injuries, before the narcotic she had slipped into the beverage took effect and all three younger women fell asleep on their chairs. She checked their pulses and other vital signs, none of them was having any kind of allergic reaction to the drug...


Then she checked herself, the antidote had done its job and she wasn’t having any trouble (at least apparently) plus she could have a few hours on her own before she fell asleep.


Good. They’ll be sleeping for about an hour, more than enough for her to deal with them before they told the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth!!!


How they had dared to do such a thing with her????








Someone had pricked her left cheek... Hmmm and the fact that she couldn’t move her hands to the now sensible spot indicated that she was bound... She assessed her situation before she opened her eyes. Ankles and wrists, both pairs crossed and linked to each other by a short piece of rope. She was lying naked on her belly against something soft, but it seemed that there were some straps or belts that prevented her to worm her way around the... bed?


No it wasn’t a bed. It was too small... a footrest!!!


There was a strap over the small of her back and another one passing under her armpits to keep her still, plus another long one that not only kept her legs bent and folded (a bit too tightly) but also lashed to the footrest. She was a neat a secure package... mostly of it done with rope, and the straps only helped her captor to keep her lying still over the footrest.


‘Come on, I know that you are awake...’


The good doctor... Helen had told her that it wasn’t a good idea to look for her help given the circumstances. She had pursed her wife’s lips together with her thumb and index fingers and ordered Cassidy to bring them here, and had promised her wife that, if things went wrong, she’d gladly be her ‘slave’ for the next month.


She hated being a slave... well not really, it’s just that Helen sometimes (ok, all the times) overdid it... And she sort of enjoyed it, even with those clamps and chains and... well, she liked it a lot... yet she was a ‘slave’ all along and... Helen was such a kinky ‘mistress’!!!






‘Open your eyes, now!!!!’


She did it. They were in her office and the doctor was kneeling besides her. Now redressed in more casual clothes (indigo blue trousers, white tennis shoes and a Lakers T-shirt), the smaller woman was looking very anxious. Exactly as Helen had warned her that she would be if she learned the truth about their presence in town too soon...


‘I am going to take the gag off, don’t try to scream or call for help, do you understand?’


She nodded and trust her head backwards as much as she could so Pruett could remove the three layered foam tape gag, then the soggy tissue that had been used as a packing was removed and she gave some water to her captive. Then she sat cross-legged in front of Ada on the floor and was all business. But Ada definitely wasn’t...


She took a good look around the office. Classy, the mandatory diplomas and books were on the walls and shelves, a few pictures of the family and friends and... there!


Kathleen Pruett and Phoebe Marrat, on the inauguration of what looked like an hospital of sorts and... Dr. Pruett grabbed her chin and forced her to look straight into her eyes.


‘Yes, I know her. Years ago, before Helen and Jolene beat that sorry excuse of a ******** that I made the mistake to fall in love with and marry him, she was the one that offered me a job in this town. She was the one that supported me when I needed. And you... YOU...!!!’

‘Calm down... please calm down...’


Pruett closed her eyes and took six or seven long and deep breaths before she looked at Ada once again. The girl was sort of amused with her situation?


‘I want the truth!!!’


‘You will have it, don’t worry. But first thing first. How much do you think that what we stole tonight is worth. Its real prize, NOT what we’ve been paid for steal it?’


Was she serious? So it seemed... Okay... Phoebe had made a lot of enemies all her life. Supposing that someone was willing to pay for that file, no more than twenty/thirty sheets of paper plus a couple of DVDs, more than its accurate value just to hurt her badly...




‘Three million dollars?’


‘Less than a quarter of one actually...’


WHAT??? But they were being paid FOUR million dollars... to steal something that was not even worth 250K? How could it be possible? WHY???


‘Let’s make a deal...’


‘No deals!!! Absolutely no deals at all!!!’


‘Calm down... I just want to see the twins and Helen, see if they are fine and not in pain. This strap holding my legs against this footrest? It’s starting to hurt. So, please, gag me so I can’t say anything to them, put me on a wheelchair if you don’t want to waste too much time hopping to where you stashed them and please, please!, my legs are starting to hurt...’


Pruett thought about for a moment, then she cut and slapped four strips of microfoam tape over Ada’s lips, smoothing them very professionally as she did it, then she removed all the straps over her tightly bound body and helped Ada to sit on the footrest. Ada stretched her bound legs as much as she could... What was that sound?


Oh, there was a wheelchair already awaiting for her behind her, that was how pruett had brought her there in the first place. Without asking anything the older woman grabbed the bound captive in her arms bridal style, walked a couple of yards, helped her to sit on the wheelchair and sat on a chair panting for about a full minute!


Warning, with a stern look in her eyes, for her captive to stop with the funny look aimed at her, Pruett wheeled Ada through the corridors of the clinic.


First stop, Helen, who still sleeping peacefully on her bed, with all those life support stuff attached/connected to her and no sign of restrain on her body... other than a handcuff slapped on her left wrist and to the bed. The look of disapproval of Ada was really obvious, but she abstained herself of making pointless (and well muffled) angry remarks.


Both sisters were in the same room and both sported the same restraints:


Ankles sporting a white medical strap with a buckle that linked them together then strapped to the bed by another much larger strap (this one padlocked, their legs were ‘adorned’ with the same kind of large strap (and padlocks) below and above the knees and on their thighs;

A belt wrapped around their waist that was connected through two metal rings to another padlocked (on both ends) strap that held them against the bed;


A very mean looking straightjacket made of black leather and canvas (or something close to it), with a lot of straps and locks in it, plus two rings on each side of the arms that were linked (through ‘strong leather straps’, she wasn’t sure what they were made of) to the back feet of their beds. There was room for them to breath but besides it...;


A gas mask strapped and locked on their heads that was connected to what looked like a small respirator attached to a tank. She recognized it, it was made to give someone a steady supply of oxygen mixed with some narcotic drug (more than once Helen had ordered that it would be used on someone they had to ‘put aside’ for a while)...


Plus the mandatory life signs detection devices that would alert Pruett if something went wrong with any of the girls. Yes, they were fine... and being well cared by the doctor.




Ada nodded and she was wheeled back to the doctor’s office. Felicity was sitting on the chair behind the desk, and Ilka was hiding behind the door, closing it as soon as Pruett wheeled Ada in. But none of them made any movement or gesture that they would try to subdue Pruett and/or release Ada. In fact, both were grinning mischievously at Ada...


‘I... I... I...’


Felicity stood up with her left hand raised and waiving as if trying to calm down Pruett.


‘Shhh... It’s okay doctor. Helen warned us all that we should NOT tell you who was the target of tonight’s job. And she made it clear to the twins and Ada... but they did tell you anyway, didn’t they?’ – The doctor and her captive nodded – ‘Which means that, somehow, you managed to overpower all three girls and is very much demanding to know the truth or else, right? – Again, both women in between the highly skilled con-women nodded – ‘Oh, well, Helen told us to drop by to see if Ada had or not earned a full slave status for a month and, if she had done that as she did, that we should tell you everything... Just one thing, how did you manage to capture all three of them? The old trick of ‘let’s put some sedative on a beverage and drink it after having swallowed the antidote’?’


Pruett looked at Ilka.


‘Yes, she’s a big fan of ‘Get Smart!’, particularly of Don Adams’s portrayal of Mr. Smart.’


And, as Pruett told both women how she had fooled the three girls into drinking the spiced tea, Ilka (a statuesque early thirties blonde with tattoos in both arms wearing black jeans tank top, jacket, trousers and boots) knelt in front of Ada and cut the ropes holding her legs together. Then she asked Ada if she needed or not to go to the toilet room. Blushing, Ada nodded and was escorted to the room at the left of the end of the corridor.


Trying to compose herself, Pruett sat on her chair as Felicity (mid-to-late-thirties long flowing blonde hair gal with piercing blue eyes, dressed just like Ilka) sat in one of the chairs in front of her. After a couple of moments of a tense silence Felicity spoke.


‘You know... Helen has a great esteem for you. She knew that you would react as you did the moment you knew that we had the Marrat lady as our target. She gave me and Ilka specific instructions to tell you everything that you might want to know about the job. And she meant it. Everything. So, what’s your first question?’


‘Who hired you?’


‘Phoebe’s mother and baby sister, Annabelle Marrat and Fawn Marrat.’


NO WAY!!!!







In the meantime, at the toilet room down the corridor, Ilka was being tied up by the woman who had knocked her out cold. She had opened the door to Ada enter the room without realizing that there was someone behind it, and when she did it there was no time nor space to avoid the first punch. That one made her a bit too dizzy for her likes, and was followed by a series of six very good ones that sent her to Lalaland. All done in less than a minute.


Ada, who had recognized Ilka’s attacker, just stood motionless a few feet away from the line of three stalls. The black woman, who wore black leather from head to toe, looked at her and smiled. And removed some coils of rope from her jacket’s pockets.


‘Hello Ada. Don’t try anything funny while I tie up Ilka nice and tight, ok?’


Ada nodded. It wasn’t very uncommon that friends or acquaintances of Helen were hired by opposite parts of Helen’s clients. And it wasn’t the first time that the Black Rose was on the ‘other side’, which forced her to capture Helen’s agents or find herself being captured by then. About seven months before, during that job in Reno, she had cinched the knots on the tall and strong black Amazon as she was left over that hotel room’s king size bed, naked and bound and gagged with strips of the bed sheet.


There had not been any mockery from their part towards her back then. They had been professional with her, just as she hoped the Black Rose would be now...


A tight hogtie, with a long piece of rope anchoring the ‘package’ to one of the sinks. Plus some tape (without packing) to ensure that Ilka was blind and mute...


And now both black women stood face to face...


‘Do you really need to...?’


Ada nodded.




Relieved, Ada nodded eagerly.







‘ there was I, enjoying one of the most beautiful São Luís’s beaches when I saw him arguing with another man. He had let a moustache grow and was now a blonde man, but it was him. The police had to intervene and, from what I heard of their argumentation with the cop, the other man was a disgruntled former employee of one of the enterprises he had opened with the ransom he had collected from Phoebe’s mother. I followed the other man and paid him all that he claimed that ‘Roberto Vicentino’...’


‘So he’s really Brazilian?’


‘Yes, and for the last time, please don’t interrupt me! Anyway, he claimed that he had some money to receive as his ‘worker’s rights’ (DON’T ask me what it means) from the worm, and after I gave him the money he wanted he gave me everything I wanted about ‘Senhor Vicentino’. Address (of his home and factories), phone numbers and etc...’


‘And you decided to collect the money...’


After the extremely traumatic experience that her daughter had suffered at the hands of her former private secretary, word on the streets was that Annabelle Marrat would pay one million dollars to anyone who beat (and recorded it) ‘Robert Clark’ to the point of he hadn’t any chance of fooling/deceiving and hurting any woman anymore...


And while enjoying a Brazilian holiday in one of its North-Eastern cities, Felicity had spotted him. It had taken a bit too long for her to convince Pruett that Helen’s clients were the closest persons on Earth to their target, and were where those two that were taking so long?, but now the older woman seemed to be accepting the idea of a ‘tough and tougher love’ act from the Marrat ladies towards their loved one that Helen had been hired to enact.


‘One week later Helen met Mrs. Marrat for the first time, and delivered the DVD to her own hands. Let’s just say that it will cost ‘Robert’ a lot of money to be able to be attractive to a woman again... You really don’t want to know what we did to him...’


Pruett gulped. After taking care of Phoebe immediately after her release she had been the first person to know what that... that... monster had done to her (she had seen the marks).

And how had she wished to meet the bastard in an alley with a baseball bat on her hands!


But now... she knew that she didn’t wanted to know that...


‘Suffice to say is that, to hurt his pride and ego and everything else, to a breaking point, Helen had him beaten by ONE woman who used just her bare hands on him...’


On the other hand, perhaps she did wanted to know what they had done with him after all.


‘But on the very same day in which Mrs. Marrat would show her daughter the DVD... well, you know more about the incident between Phoebe and those two trainees...’


‘Tell me about it... So she didn’t showed it to Phoebe?’


‘No. She thought and thought and thought, and talked with her other daughter (who also was really worried about her big sister’s rapidly increasing paranoid state of mind), then they decided to get in touch with Helen, and we were hired to...’







‘Come on... don’t make a fuss...’


But how could not she make one? She had thought that the Black Rose would, after having allowed her to use the facilities of the room, just tie her up and leave her besides the still slumbered Ilka. Instead, she had been tied up very tightly, but only on her arms and torso. Hands palm to palm and then as much as her arms could take to be close to each other (and they could take a lot), next a lot of rope above and below and crisscrossing and over her large and bare breasts and another absurd amount of rope around her waist to anchor her arms to her back. About a dozen knots cinched tight to ensure the entrapment of her arms and then seven or eight strips of tape over her lips!


She should have not done that overkilling tying on her back in Reno, since it was obvious that the woman was in for revenge! But at the same time the Black Rose was being as careful as she had been that night, and had checked all the knots to be sure that her captive was not in pain or with her blood circulation threatened. Just like she had done.


Next came the unexpected part. Instead of tying her legs or making her sit or lie on the floor, so she could tie her legs a bit more freely, the Black Rose had grabbed her by her bound arms and made her walk towards the back of the building.


She was being kidnapped?


No. She was going to be used as leverage. Again...


To make things worst for her the night and the wind were not exactly warm, especially for someone so poorly protected against the chilling temperature.


So she had all the right to protest and...


‘Do you think that I am going to really hurt you Ada?’


She had stopped so abruptly that Ada almost tipped over her. Now they were in the parking lot behind the building, and there was only a big brown hatchback car about twenty feet from where they stood, with her captor’s both (big) hands over her shoulders and her eyes were dead locked on her own. Ada realized that she had to answer the question and shook her head. Then the Black Rose removed her jacket and covered her with it.


‘Don’t give any trouble, ok? I’ll turn the heat on and you’ll be fine. It’s just for a few hours and I won’t gonna make anything that puts me as Helen’s main target for the rest of my short life. I’m not stupid. So be a good girl to me, ok?’


Ada, reluctantly, nodded and three minutes later the Black Rose was back inside the clinic.

Ada was now lying in the cargo area of the hatch, hogtied not too demandingly, wrapped like a burrito on a blanket and feeling warm again as she waited for the Black Rose returns, or Felicity appears and rescue her. While she did it, she pondered about her situation.


She and Helen had long ago accepted the fact that she was Helen’s ‘Achilles’ Heel’, and only less than a year before (after the incident in which she had been fooled into becoming the ‘captive’ of that retired legendary Indian dude) she had accepted the fact that she would never be a good field agent. But she was good in helping the field agents.


Very good, particularly when it came to deal with the eventual captives and especially in the very rare occasions in which said captives were children, but that did not changed the fact that, for the fifth time, she was going to be used as leverage against Helen.


And since it was partially her fault... that would earn her another month of ‘slavery’!








The sensible top touch cellphone’ screen was showing her a series of six pictures of the two captive women. Both were blondes and in very good health, specially the one that was in her early twenties, but the other that was in her early forties was more like a mature version of the... wait a moment. They were really lookalike...


‘They’re mother and daughter.’ – said Felicity.


‘How did you...?’


‘Simple stuff. We knew when they would arrive from Denmark, we managed to stall their appointed chauffeur for nearly thirty minutes in a staged car accident and we had the two replacements ready. So when they arrived they were greeted by ‘our’ chauffeur and taken to where they are now. When the real chauffeur appeared he picked them thinking that they were whom they claimed to be, and since he was half an hour late he didn’t made too much questions about why they weren’t in the arriving area of the airport. In the meantime, both Danish ladies were gassed, stripped and bound as you are seeing, so when Helen’s agents appeared at the hotel claiming to be them, and were easily recognized as fakes, they just showed those pictures to the bodyguards assigned to Mrs. and Ms. Friis...’


The pictures in question showed the two captives in their conservative (yet lacy) sets of underwear, white for the mother and pink for the daughter, and taped up and gagged in the back seat of a limousine. There were one close-up of each woman showing a sleepy gagged face (with the mother’s head resting on her daughter’s right shoulder), and a cardboard sign on the younger (and buxom) woman’s lap saying ‘Do as they say or we’ll pay for it’.


‘So, right from the beginning, Phoebe knew that they were not whom they claimed that they were... But she didn’t knew that they were just decoys?’




‘But... dear Lord... what you did with those two Danish women? They are innoc...’


Felicity grabbed her phone and selected a mini-movie. In the movie both captives, tied up to chairs (each leg to its correspondent front leg of the chair, and the same happening with their arms and the chair’s ones, plus some rope on their laps and torso to held them against the chair) and still gagged with tape, received an explanation from their captors about their current situation. They were to be treated well and fairly, no harm was meant against them and as soon as their ‘replacements’ got what they wanted from the Marrats they would be set free. Both women were crying and looking at each other (they had been placed in front of each other and the masked woman talking to them was a couple of feet at their side) as they listened to Helen. Helen then asked if they had any question to make.


The mother nodded and was informed that their captivity was to last a couple of days, three at most, and then she made a request that clearly amused Helen. Since there was nothing that they could do change their ‘captive status’, she asked to at least be allowed to have access to her papers and use the time that she’d spent as a captive to better prepare for the meeting that, eventually, she was going to have with Phoebe.


Her daughter’s eyes bulged noticeably for a moment and in the next one she, clearly, said a few reprimanding words towards her mother. Then the movie ended.


The next set of pictures showed the older woman still tied to the chair, but now with her arms free as she perused through the papers (sprawled over a desk in front of her) of the upcoming business meeting and made a few notes. Her daughter in the meantime had been removed to a mattress about five feet from the desk, and left bound hand and foot and more efficiently gagged (and now blindfolded). Pruett handed the phone back to Felicity.


‘As of now they might be sharing the same state of helplessness that the twins are faring as we speak. BTW, the stuff you used on them, from the straightjackets to the respirator, did you got it from Helen herself or from...’


‘About a year ago Helen dropped by with two Mexican girls that had to be put ‘on hold’ for a couple of days. They were witnesses to her then current operation and, for their own sake, they had to be kept restrained and sedated for two full days. She had all the necessary equipment and was very convincing when she told that it was either that or a grave for the girls. A woman called Norma helped me to take care of them during those two days. Then Helen returned, awakened the girls and (by using the ‘mean and cruel bitch’ ruse on them) made them tell her what they knew about whatever was the whole situation about. Next both girls (cousins or friends) were regagged and drugged and shipped outta here. But the equipment stayed behind and, well..., I kept in a good shape and usable so...’


Felicity nodded and Pruett took another look at the image of the captive women.




‘Annabelle will gave those two’s company everything that they want, with the condition that their kidnapping and the whole affair that happened tonight never reaches the papers. She’ll pay their shrink’s bills and so the hospital ones that, I believe, will come from you...’


‘Still... I think that...’


The door opened, but the woman that entered the room was not one of the two that had left nearly half an hour before, and she was holding a gun in her right hand. Seeing the obvious distress on the doctor’s face, Felicity assessed her situation (no one had gotten close enough to strike her from behind) and cautiously turned her head to the door.


And sighed quite audibly.


‘Hello Black Rose... Ilka and Ada?’


‘How are you faring Felicity? Ilka is writhing on the floor of the toilet room, I could have dropped by earlier, but I decided to ensure that she wouldn’t be able to free herself. Ada is my ‘guest’ and will stay like that for a while more...’


‘You want this?’ – said Felicity as she pointed to the file over the desk.




Felicity pondered the situation for a moment, then she carefully grabbed her cellphone.


‘Mind if I check with Norma first?’


‘Not at all... as long as you be a cooperative girl as soon as she gives the green light...’


‘Of course.’


The jacket was bulletproof and so were the trousers, and were very effective against the gun in the Black Rose’s hand (Helen had been shot with a rifle). On the other hand Pruett was completely defenseless against it, and there was the possibility of Helen becoming in need of her professional care. So Felicity would not try anything against the newcomer, but had to receive a direct order to release the files to the Black Rose.


The phone was put on the speaker mode.









Flanked by her mother and sister, Phoebe Marrat was a total wreck.


She had gambled with other people’s lives!!! How could she have dared to do such a thing?


People that she knew very well (like her family and the manor’ staff) and people that she didn’t (like those two Danish women and her employees), in her mind she had put their lives on the plate of a scale and that stupid file on the other, and the file had won!!!


What kind of heartless *********** had she become?


The three brunette women were sitting on the large sofa on her sister’s dressing room. They had been tied up at the ankles, above the knees, wrists and wrists to waist with hemp rope, then more hemp rope had been used to bind them together at the ankles (which were one pair over the others now) and her right arm to her sister’s left one and her left arm to herr mother’s right one. Finally all three women had been cleave gagged and blindfolded with large blue scarves. Her sister’s head was resting on her right shoulder and she seemed to be sleeping now, having succumbed to the fear about one hour before.


She wasn’t sure since they had plugged her ears after they had blindfolded her.


She was praying that their leader, whom she had shot on one of her legs, was fine (she had to be fine!!!) because if she wasn’t... all the sixteen captives, men and women, in that house would suffer... because of her act!!!! Stupid, dumb and idiotic file!!!!


Meanwhile, her mother’s gag and blindfold had been carefully removed and she was having a conversation with someone called Felicity. To avoid any chance of Phoebe listening to the conversation the phone on Norma’s palm was using a software designated for deaf/mute people. All the words that came to it were instantly converted to text that appeared in the screen, Norma (who could read lips) ‘heard’ what Annabelle said and texted it and the software transformed it into sounds (that were only heard on Felicity’s phone). That’s how they realized (after a quick search on the safe of the house and the private computers of all three Marrats) that they had stole exactly what they were pretending that they wanted to!!!


Her daughter, after being forced by her to not call the police to arrest the women that were pretending to be the Friis ladies, had decided to play a ruse that had ended up giving to their ‘captors’ the real research files of her company’s next cancer medicine!


The DVD that she had slipped into what was otherwise a slightly important accountability file was worth more than a hundred million dollars!!!


She mouthed to Norma ‘Please, do everything that you can to avoid this woman to deliver the file to our competitors!’, Norma then texted the words ‘Alright, give the DVD to her’ as she immediately called reinforcements and sent them to the clinic.








‘Okay, so what will we do now?’ – asked felicity after she closed the call.


The Black Rose grabbed something in her breast pocket, an aerosol like the ones carrying pepper spray, and threw it to Felicity who grabbed it with one hand.


‘Quick Nap or Sweet Dreams?’


‘You know that I only use Quick Nap...’


‘I don’t get it... you’re not so usually into industrial espionage...’


‘Phoebe Marrat hired the Finnegans to steal the data from a competitor, then her victim waited for about six months for her to develop the research (since it seemed that his scientists had reached a stall point or the likes on the research), then he hired me to retrieve his research and achieve whatever Phoebe’s scientists had managed to do with it...’


‘Dog eat dog world, isn’t it?’


Felicity sat back on the chair, aimed the aerosol at her face and twenty seconds later she was out cold. ‘Quick Nap’ (its real name was even bigger than ‘Sweet Dream’’s, hence the fact that both drugs were better known by such silly nicknames) wasn’t strong enough to make her sleep for more than forty minutes, but since it could be absorbed very quickly by the skin there was no way she could be faking her unconsciousness.


Black Rose checked her pulse and grabbed the file while keeping an eye on the woman behind the desk, not that it was really necessary. It was obvious that she did not represented a danger to her plans: lots of overture for her to strike her body and face if she wanted to, real scared eyes and hands raised high above her head.


She had to be sure though...


‘You will count to one thousand. One thousand, not a second less, and you’ll do it out loud. Very loud. Only after that you will check on the others. Is that clear?’


Pruett nodded and the Black Rose left the room. At the same time that she shouted loudly the numbers she was typing her computer. She had kept it on since, it was linked to the equipment that were monitoring Helen, Jada and Cassidy, and now it was displaying the feed from the security cameras. Including those who we not in plain sight.


She could see the black Amazon walking down the aisle until she reached the back of the building, opening the back door and leaving it, going to a hatch parked in the back of the building, opening it to check on her wrapped up captive (the magnifying lens allowed Pruett to see that Ada seemed fine and whatever was the question that she had heard she nodded in response), getting on the driver’ seat and leaving the place.


Immediately Pruett run to the toilet room and found Ilka. The furious and impotent girl was trashing madly on her bonds, but not only the Black Rose had a big collection of mean knots in her head but she had also glued the ones she had used on her.


All Pruett’s efforts were pointless, and she only managed to remove the girl’s gag and packing at a great cost (but scratched the girl’s face a bit harshly while doing so).


While still fully clothed (save for her boots), she had no weapon with her at the moment so it up for Pruett to find something to cut her bonds. She ran to the kitchen and returned four minutes later with a way too big knife, but she was skilled enough to use without making Ilka feel any pain, just an audible sigh of relief when she could lift her legs from her butt and open them. She stood up a bit shakily and had to be held by Pruett as they walked back to her office side by side. Nine minutes later Norma (who was still at the Marrats’ manor but now could speak freely) was coordinating the search for the Black Rose and Ada as Ilka, now riding her blue dirt bike, was doing a screening on the neighboring motels...








‘But what if she tries to escape?’


‘To where? Your car is here, mine’s too and there’s no other vehicle around... or there is?’


Brad shook his head.


His old Ford ’89 and that hatch of hers were the only (fast) ways to get out of the private airport as of now, since there was no one but him and those two black babes (one of them a real delight for his eyes, even being black) in a five miles radius... make it ten. And it was inside the hangar, parked against the East wall next to the overture of the gas tank.


The runway was in the middle of nowhere and was only used when one of the Kapull (or was it Gapull?) wanted to enjoy their estate (which was over twenty miles away). He had been awakened at 3:15 AM with orders to get the hangar ready to receive a jet, he drove to here and was doing the job (and cursing those Indian millionaires who had bought the late Mr. Gates’ business for the umpteenth time) when, about forty minutes ago (around 6:13) they had arrived. At first he had tried to expel the tall black girl that got out of the hatch, then he saw another black girl’s gagged face and went for his gun.


Twenty seconds later he was massaging his wrists, she had his .38 in her left hand and was telling him to call his superior... and was asking the bound (in the buff!) and gagged girl in the car if she was alright! And the captive girl nodded at her without any glint of fear in her eyes! What was happening in here? He called his boss.


Five minutes later the gorgeous model (she had to be one, or a stripper or...) was bound to and on a stool, he was discreetly aiming one of the security cameras at her and the armed black Amazon was providing a blanket to cover her naked...


What those two were to each other? After the armed chick was done, and only the pretty (gagged) face and the bosom of her captive appeared over the blanket, she introduced herself as ‘Rose’ and told him that his bosses were (obviously) dealing with illegal matters, so it was better for him to not try to know what was happening...


Not that it meant anything for Brad, for all his 58 years of life he had did what Mr. Gates (and after him one of those Kapull/Gapull folks) had told him to do. If his job was to get the hangar ready for a jet plane, for whatever reason there was to have a jet plane arriving at such an hour in such a lonely spot of the state (and to meet such a dangerous woman who was traveling with a nude captive), then that’s what he was going to do.


Simple like that.


He tried to engage in a conversation with the Amazon, she ignored him. Then he tried to get closer to the captive babe, the Amazon blocked his path. So he went to his computer and pretended to play some solitaire while he was aiming and zooming the camera to the blanketed chick. Not that he was that much into black beauties, but there it was a real deal hot babe bound and gagged not thirty feet away from him, wrapped under and to a blanket that thus was fitting her body very well. He had DVDs, some VHS, a lot of comics and magazines and six subscription to different websites portraying B&G girls.


This one was in the flesh and just thirty feet away from him.


A few minutes ago the Amazon had received a call. It was from Ms. Kapull herself, she was arriving in no more than forty minutes in her private jet. That bit of information started a reprimand from the Amazon, who said that she had strongly warned Ms. Kapull to rent a plane under one of her employee’s credit cards, but Ms. Kapull closed the call.


After some very foul names the Amazon spotted an old and dusty green coverall (which had belonged to his son when he had worked as the mechanic/guard of the place) hanging from a hook on the wall, then she had looked at her captive and then back to the coverall.


She had asked him where the toilet room was and then had asked the girl if she was in need of... The girl had nodded, the Amazon grabbed the coverall, cut the ropes and removed the blanket from over her captive, cut her bonds, handed her the coverall and warned that she had five minutes to come back wearing it. The busty girl had not even bothered to walk/run in the buff as she passed by him. And now the all-business looking dame was checking her two .357, the four blades of various sizes (all mean looking), a .22, a brass-knuckles...


‘Are you expecting any trouble ahead?’


Without  bothering to turn around the woman answered.


‘The girl, call her ‘Ada’ for that is her name, was my warranty that some people would not try to interfere when I grabbed what your boss wants. Said people are like me, pros and not amateurs in our field. As long as I treat her fine, they won’t mind (much) that I had to grab her to get my job done... But for their professional name and pride they just have to try to recover what I took from their client. So I had to cover all my bases and had it all ready for deliver the goods to your boss, without any chance of them to realize it sooner than they should, until that stupid ******** did the job for them when she... she...’


He knew what he meant with that.


The flight plan (which he knew were accessible for the right price, Ms. Kapull had achieved such info more than once) of the private jet would tell to the captive’s family where she (and whatever that was of Ms. Kapull’s interest) was being held.


Speaking of the girl... His son (wherever the Kapulls had sent him to work for them this month) was not a tall man, and was a bit thin. And the girl was about an inch or two taller than him and was voluptuous... he was really stretching that coverall!!!


‘Do you have anything that she can drink?’


He grabbed a beer from the cooler in the back seat of hi car but she shook her head, but she accepted the lonely sports drink bottle that was in there.


After she had drank it all she stood passively as the other woman looped tape around her crossed wrists and ankles. A white and long scarf was wrapped three turns around her head to blindfold and gag her and she was back to the stool.


Then, to his pleasure, the Amazon decided to ‘tighten the package’ as she called it. Starting at the legs she used about seven pre-cuts coils of rope that she had grabbed in her car as she was waiting for the, now clearly angry, captive to leave the toilet. Calves, above the knees, thighs (and to the stool’ seat), waist to wrists, elbows (as close as it was possible) and above and below her breasts. She had to open the coverall a bit, since the blindfolded girl indicated that she was having problem with her breathing after the gag was removed (and put back in place with strips of tape over it), which exposed a lot of cleavage...


Way much better than any photo shoot in any of his websites!!!


To finish the tying the girl had her ears plug and was patted on the right shoulder, then ‘Rose’ pointed a gun at him and made him walk backwards until they reached his desk. She went straight to his computer and discovered the feed that he was recording. She erased everything (since there was no way of just deleting the scenes in which she appeared) and then let him record the girl’s passive captivity.


The plane appeared in the sky about fifty minutes later, by 7:30, at the same time that three cars came up the road at his left. He started to sweat profusely and wanted his gun in his hands, ‘Rose’ was absurdly calm and didn’t even bothered to go next to ‘Ada’.


Seven women got out of the cars, none of them was unarmed and all had ‘all business’ looks on their faces. None of them was black, one of them was Mexican/Latin and the others ‘white’, not dressed as commando-babes but not casually dressed either. They stood at about fifty feet from the entrance of the hangar. The plane landed and taxied until it was right in front of the entrance, since there were a couple of cars blocking it.


One of the women, about 40 years of age, some muscles and red hair, handed her guns to another one and walked to the plane showing her hands all along. She picked her phone and made a call, and he could see Ms. Kapull answering one inside the plane.


The exit was opened and the retractable stairs displayed, the woman got inside the plane and was out not five minutes later. Then Ms. Kapull (all 5’2” of her), her secretary (whom fitted very well her 6’1” frame) and her three bodyguards (all 6’5” plus of them) got out of it and walked towards the entrance of the hangar. A moment later the pilot was behind them. As soon as they entered the women went after them.


The woman her ‘special assistant’ had hired was inside the hangar, there was a bound black girl (wearing a coverall two sizes down at least) and an old white man with her. She, her secretary and bodyguards and the pilot of her jet stood between the three and the entrance, who was now blocked by those mysterious (and dangerous) armed women.







‘The DVD?’


The woman called ‘Black Rose’ lifted her T-shirt, it was inside an envelope taped to her torso below her breasts. The secretary picked it and checked it with her laptop, giving a thumbs up to her boss after a couple of minutes. Then all the women and bodyguards got tense as she grabbed the DVD and held it with both her hands, turning to the leader of the armed women she spent a way too long moment pondering her next actions...


‘What now?’


‘You have the copies of the files you paid the Black Rose to achieve, our client won’t be too satisfied and thrilled with the fact that he won’t be the only one to have it, besides the Marrats of course... but it was his fault that the Black Rose managed to get her hands on it and grab one of us as a warrant, so we couldn’t care less about his satisfactions... Send it to your research facility now and we’ll wait one hour before we let you go.’


The Indian woman looked at her bodyguards... Three against seven, her secretary and the mechanic/guard of the place were useless and she knew that the Black Rose wasn’t into shootings and killings. She could wait for one hour in this cesspool...


Her secretary had already started the transmission to the facility in GA, and just to be on the safe side she’d provide a copy of the data in the laptop files, so she nodded to the older woman in the place... and all the men and women inside the hangar (save for the two black girls, one because she wasn’t aware of anything that was happening around her and the other because she was cooler than an iceberg) relaxed and breathed more easily.


Time passed slowly, her bodyguards (professional as usual) stayed alert all the time, the guard of the place asked for permission to play solitaire and that bound and gagged girl on a stool was allowed to know what was happening, and the blindfold and earplugs were removed. She expressed very audibly her satisfaction for seeing her comrades so near her (and they nodded and mouthed or yelled encouraging words at her), but after a slight tap on the shoulder by the Black Rose she sort of composed herself.


Exactly one hour after she had nodded her acquiescence to the woman’s idea, the Black Rose started to cut her captive’s bonds, the girl stood up and (following an order of her leader) received the DVD from her hands and was escorted to outside the hangar by a friend, then the women (who never left their guard down nor gave their backs to the bodyguards for even a second) were all back to their cars and left the place in a hurry.


Her pilot and the ‘jack of all trades’ of the place took care of refueling the jet, her secretary transferred the second part of the Black Rose’s payment to that account in the Seychelles (who then left the place in what she would later know was a stolen car), and she called her father giving him the news. It seemed that someone else was interested in the research of that new drug, but she had no useful data about it.


Her father gave her new orders and she immediately had her secretary contact her ‘special assistant’ and schedule a meeting with him by noon.


One hour later the whole place had returned to its usual abandon.







‘Ye Ol’ Buzzard!’ was the Texan counterpart of Moe’s; apparently just another normal and legal business where people could have some drinks or a meal, in reality a place where criminals liked to socialize and have some chat about past and future jobs. Besides the fact that it didn’t had any stripper, the major difference with its Californian counterpart was that the law (especially the Texas Rangers) was well aware of the clientele of the place, but the food was so good that the place was always crowded with honest people. And the con men and women that went to the place knew that they should never disrupt the flow of tourists and law abiding clients to the place... or they would suffer the consequences.


It was usually used by a criminal who wanted to make amends with another, like tonight when the Black Rose was paying a dinner for Helen, Ada and four more women of Helen’s gang. All were dressed (and posing) as tourists from the East while the Black Rose, dressed as a ‘serious/conservative’ cowgirl was playing their cicerone.


‘So, any harm feeling? Ada?’


 ‘Not from my part, Rose, girls?’


Neither Ilka nor Felicity had anything against their hostess for the job with the Marrats, nor Billie nor Cassidy had for their brief captivity incident in Missouri two weeks before. The fact that they (again) had found themselves on different sides of a same ‘job’ had made the Black Rose get in touch with Helen. Neither Billie nor Cassidy had anything but fading rope marks and, as usual, there were no complaints as to how they had been treated by the Black Rose, but it would be better if they said it face to face... so here they were.


‘How much the Marrat paid for you for the bullet you got from that sick lady of them?’


‘Another million, plus I what I could take from their jewelry. They’re too busy to try to beat the Kauls, and with Phoebe’s treatment, to bother much about it. They had to make a great deal with those Danish ladies and put some pressure over the local press and police to keep the whole affair a secret. But you want to know about Kath, right?’


‘I might be in need of her... assistance in a couple of weeks.’


The problem was that Pruett only accepted ‘jobs’ from Helen, and both women discussed the best way to have her help. In exchange for her influence over Pruett, Helen ‘asked’ for the Black Rose’s help in a job scheduled for the following semester. After the dinner all women went to a club to celebrate their deal, always on the Black Rose’s expenses...






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