In the Dark




It was the dawn of the fourth or fifth day of her captivity. She knew that they knew that it could last at least a week more before she was missed, she had told them that. She didn’t have a family and her few friends or acquaintances knew that she had left her town to become incommunicable for a couple of weeks, and that she do mean incommunicable!


Very few people knew about her house in the mountains, fewer might have realized that’s where she was going to rest until she managed to kick out the writer’s block from her mind.

Her last three books had sold very well, better than she had thought that they would, a Hollywood major studio had bought the adaptation’s rights and Ben Affleck was going to either direct or have a role in it, or both. And she had another three books to write to the Gaarden House Publish Company, but four months of bad ideas or developments had made her go to the mountains. Winona (her editor) had promised that she would make sure that no one (even herself) bothered her for those two weeks, and Jessica (her secretary) swore that she would call the police and everybody else if she didn’t heard of her after the two weeks had passed. Even the cleaning crew who stopped by once a week to do their job in the, and whose members resided in their majority in the nearest town, was not supposed to appear while she was in the house. She was incommunicable, liking it or not.


And her captors appreciated it very much!


The young girl that was in charge of her had, again, slept hugging her from behind. Since she never had seen her captors she couldn’t say much about her, they had the same height (5’4”) but Glorianna’s black hair was short and even plain, the girl had her long hair entirely dominated by ringlets. Also, while she was... well, nearly plain and flat... and the girl’s bra size was at least 36C. She was waking up...


‘Hummm... good morning Glorianna, did you slept well?’


She nodded. They had hooded her the moment she entered the house, and ever since she was effectively gagged nearly all the time and blindfolded. The turnkey girl did remove the rubber ball from time to time to give her water and she had received tasty meals for lunch and dinner, but she had been literally being kept in the dark since day one.


‘Here... let me... ungg... help you. Do you want a glass of water?’


She nodded again. The girl had made her sat on the middle of her large bed and, before she was asked to, Glorianna moved her legs so she was sitting with her ankles crossed and her knees raised in the air, the girl’s hands grabbed delicately her ankles and bound them very quickly with rope. She felt the girl’s body moving around her and undoing the knots that held the glove that kept her arms behind her back. Each limb received a massage and she was then handcuffed. Another slight kiss on her... ballgag? (she had already told the girl that she was in the other team but that only had made the girl increase her teasing) and she felt the girl’s body leaving the bed and shortly afterwards the room.


Left alone once again she thought about what was going on. She was a writer that had made the Gaarden revive since they had published her first book nine years ago, she wasn’t a Cristhie or a Highsmith but her crime drama novels were very well known, and she had previously published short stories for magazines and even wrote a couple of episodes for a famous TV show. She was a VIP, but they were not interested in her, no ransom or perverted fantasy in sight, just her house satisfied their needs whatever they were.


Then she restarted to think about it.


After the initial shock and fear, she was sure that at least three people had jumped on her when she attempted to close the door and at least another two were in the house with them, she was slowly considering what was going on and what would happen with her. The fact that her captor girl had calmed her down and never acted in a really malicious way (the kisses were always in the ball not in her lips and she knew she was just... playing with her in a strange but really non sexual way), specially after she broke down in tears in the first night, had been a blessing of sorts. It had calmed her down, and activated her curiosity.


OK, four or five people (perhaps six) had invaded her two stories house and (due to what she heard as she was being captured and ever since) they were nor expecting nor prepared to have a captive with them at that moment. Two nights ago she had partially heard a discussion between the girl captor and two other women that were arguing that ‘she could handle a night on a mattress on the floor with the bound dame’, to which the girl answered that she was charged with the deal of the captives and she had the power to do as she pleased in order to not traumatize them too much. That seemed to mean that they were expecting to have a captive with them. By the way the girl argued with the other two that was her main (and only) obligation with the ‘team’ as they referred themselves to, so if she was here that was because they were expecting to keep someone as their prisoner in there.


But not her, not Glorianna Matthews. Then… who?


She didn’t knew much about the local VIPs, there were three or four families in a fifty miles radius who might attract the attention of professional kidnappers and, as long as she knew, there wasn’t anything that could attract the attention of thieves or industrial spies. She had made an effort to remember anything that could explain why they were here and who was their target for the past days, and wasn’t finding any reasonable answer.


The effort had helped her spent the time, because with her mind more calm and relaxed it had really became boring being bound and blindfolded after a while. She even had wanted that the captor girl was addicted to crosswords and needed her help…


Thinking about her she could hear her coming back, and she wasn’t alone. Two extra pairs of footsteps were coming to the room. Two persons sat on the same edge of the bed and four hands delicately dragged her body to next to them, then as the many buckles on her ballgag were undone (and she had the drool wiped from her body), her elbows were again lassoed as close as they could get. Then she heard an unfamiliar male voice.


‘Miss Matthews… we hope that our nutty friend wasn’t too harsh on you…’

She shook her head. A glass of water was brought to her lips, she drank a little and then as the man standing in front of her and the woman kneeling behind her completed her bonds. A few strips of tape reinsured her silence. Then she was warned not to open her eyes, the leather helmet that had been her second skin for the past days was removed and a scarf was tied over her eyes. It felt really lightly on her skin. The man said that it was just for protection since she had been (literally) kept in the dark for so long light could really hurt her eyes when they went outside. Then the man easily cradled her in his arms.


She couldn’t be so light for him... could she? She dared not to open her eyes completely, the little she did really hurt and the man noticed it right away.


‘Well Miss Matthews, your unexpected arrival forced us to change our plans a little. You see, we spotted you coming because we put some surveillance gear around the house. And now we have two new unexpected guests with us. We are not, by any chance, going to kill you or them purposely hurt you or them. We believe that you know them...’


What? What was he talking about? What...


‘Calm down Miss Matthews, please calm down. Here’s the drill, I will take you to them and you will have this hood removed, after your eyes are readjusted to light you will see that they are fine. Distressed, obviously scared, bound and gagged and all, but fine anyway. You will be allowed to talk to them in order to make them understand that: One, you are fine; Two, nothing is going to happen to you all except ropemarks and some cramps; Three, our interest is solely on this house of yours; Four, after we do what we want in your house we will leave you and them behind and, finally; Five, you three will be bound and gagged and in need of each other’s help to free yourselves from your captivity but there won’t gonna be any treat to your lives or excessive obstacle to prevent you from doing so.’


They were outside. She could feel the sun on her skin as she had felt him moving around the house, through the hallways until she felt a warm breeze and they were in the paving.


‘You will be able to see them, and only them. Look straight forward, do not try to look what’s at your right or left, and specially not behind you! If you do nothing will happen to them, but it will take a while before we let YOU go. Is that clear? I will talk to them and you, and you won’t look back at me, is that clear?’


She nodded. This man was very strong, not that she was fat (just a little above the desirable weight), but not only he was carrying her as she was as heavy as a pillow, he managed to keep his pace and firm (yet not exactly strong) grip on her all along. He walked about five minutes more (she was counting the seconds) on a irregular ground and stopped. Glorianna could hear them somewhere at her left.


He made her stand and turned her to the left, whispered in her right ear one last treat to urge her not to look otherwise but up front and started to remove the scarf. It took a minute or two for her to be able to see clearly, and she recognized both captives right away.


Winona and Jessica!


While the WASP par excellence (but absolutely not arrogant, haughty or anything else due to that) Winona was wearing her usual beige jacket (with a white shirt underneath it) and skirt with a pair of brown shoes on her feet, redneck cutie Jessica was more casually attired with a set of white blouse, blue trousers and white and blue trainers. Jessica seemed more disarrayed than Winona, her hair was a mess and her bra was appearing while Winona was (almost) neat. Both early thirties brunette women were bound with a vast array of zip cuffs holding their arms immobile behind their back and as close as possible, their legs together and their ankles crossed. They were duct taped gagged and blindfolded kneeling on the ground (over what looked like a beach towel each) in front of some trees, they were deep in the woods or so it seemed, and apparently waiting for something.


Saw with the corners of her eyes a gloved hand grabbing the edge of the strips (it has to be that, what else could it be?) and ripping them all form her cheeks at once. It should had hurt more... but it had been only an uncomfortable sensation.


A hand over her left shoulder made a slight pressure and she got the message. Both women got a bit frantic when they heard her voice, but calmed down as she begged them to. She told them that she was fine, that she had been a captive for days but so far they had treated her well, they were not interested in her...



After hearing the man telling her and them that they would spend some time alone (but with someone to watch over them), and that ‘afterwards’ (afterwards what?) they would be brought back to the house and would spend a few more hours in captivity, after which their attackers would leave the county and they would not face too much trouble in breaking free of their bonds, Glorianna was blindfolded as her friends were. A soft pad was placed over her closed eyes and strips of tape were placed over it. Her mouth was packed with a foam ball and lots of strips of tape (she lost the count after the ninth) were carefully smoothed over her lips. She was helped to kneel between her friends who ‘welcomed’ her with muffled squeals and inquires. Then she heard a familiar voice.


‘In case you are wondering, we don’t know why they are here. We put a fake tree trunk on the trail to here, they stopped to check if they could remove it and, as they realized that the trunk was made of Styrofoam, we darted them. Honestly, we won’t bother to ask them why they’re here. By the time someone notice their lateness in returning from your house we will be so outta here, and besides... OPS!! I am not supposed to tell...’


It was the... the bimbo that had taken care of her the past days. And as she was talking to them she had knelt behind her, hugged her and seemed as naked as Glorianna was! In the middle of the woods? Obviously both Winona and Jessica reacted to her teasing, and in result she felt their shoulders slamming in her forearms. And protested as loud and quite incomprehensible as they were calling her names.


After a while all three women got tired and relaxed. The woman was there, they could feel her and smell the pleasant perfume she used. Occasionally Glorianna could hear one of her friends muffled yelp, if she wasn’t doing it herself for the woman’s hands touched her unexpectedly in the most ticklish places!


Then one of her friends started to get agitated, she needed to go... There was one quick negotiation with her and the turnkey and she could feel Winona (the sound and movement came from the right and Jessica was at her left) being helped to stand. After a few minutes they returned and she heard tape being ripped while her legs were entrapped.


Time passed slowly. Glorianna drifted to sleep, woke up, was helped by the nude (?) girl to relieve herself, re-restrained and then, as her stomach’s demands started to get too loud, she heard movement towards her. ‘Time to go’ that all she heard as a rope was tied around her neck as a leash, her legs were freed and she was helped to stand.


‘Now listen up miss Great Writer..., is it really true that Ben Affleck is going to direct ‘A Few Highlights on the VanderBoyd Affair’? –she heard two barely muffled laughs and the bimbo’s ‘ouch’ before speaking again – I have two friends here to help me guide you and your friends back to your house. Just walk in a straight line and I’ll warn you of any trouble that might be ahead of you. A few more hours and it will all be over. Now please, walk.’


A sharp pain in her buttocks and she obeyed when the ‘request’ was remade for the third time. At one moment she was grabbed by another woman, taller and stronger than her turnkey, and forced to make a slight turn to the left. After about ten minutes they reached their goal. She and the others were ordered to stand still.


The rope around her throat was removed, she felt a man’s presence and she was lifted by the taller and stronger woman (oooops, being blindfolded was really deceiving) and thrown over her shoulder, then she was carried back to her house and to her room. She presumed that it was her room, it was really weird having to calculate the route the woman had taken with her head down and moving backwards (according to her lower body) and forwards (to her upper body) at the same time. A door was opened and muffled screams were heard right away. Another captive? No, wait, it was more than one!


One, two, three and four? What the hell was happening here?


She could feel her back touching someone’s elbow (ouch) as she was carefully placed on a mattress on the floor. Her feet were touching two pair of feet and was it a face, a gagged and drooling one, that had just touched her navel?


‘Girls! Calm down! I’m just bringing in the real owner of the place and her two friends! But don’t worry, you won’t have time enough to get properly acquainted. Tiger and Ceres are going to be delivered to somewhere in one hour. Rainmaker will be sent to somewhere else in two and you, miss Know-It-All, will stay with me for a couple of days…’


That brought a round of muffled protests, demands and pleas from the women around her. The one whose elbow was picking her back received a head-butt for her rudeness, which started a series of another protests and movements from both parts.




For the next ten minutes the tall woman and at least a couple of others were really busy. First both Glorianna and her unknown attacker/fellow captive were separated from the others and made to stand in front of each. Her bonds were removed, but not the tape over her lips and eyes, and she was ordered to hug the woman in front of her. Who was as naked and as uneasy with weird intimacy as she was. She was an inch or two taller than Glorianna and her larger breasts were really squashing hers own. The trio of unknown women worked fast and in unison, yet with obvious care, on their bodies.


Glorianna’s hand were tied together at the wrists by a very long piece of rope, then the rope was tied around their bodies in a very efficient way. They had passed it under her armpits and over the other woman’ shoulders, then they crisscrossed it over their increasingly pushed together upper bodies, then the rope was pulled between their legs and tied to the other woman’s wrists. As long as they kept their hands still…


Now they were forced to walk side ways and made to kneel then lie on the mattress, then as two of the women worked on their legs (Glorianna’s ankles were bound together, then the other woman’s ankles were also bound behind hers, then rope was added all around making sure that their legs were as close as only one as the situation allowed), one went to retrieve Winona and Jessica. Glorianna heard them coming although she couldn’t know at the time which was the first to be brought. Then the bimbo’s voice was heard and she just said that she was glad that ‘she had a personal harem of babes to tend for’!


For the next minutes only her hums could be heard in the room. They must have placed two or three mattresses side by side on the floor to (almost) comfortably display seven women on them thought Glorianna. Two women were weeping, someone was really pissed off (and suffering a good ol’ spanking by the bimbo’s hands) and her mind was in turmoil.


Who were those four women? What they were doing in her house? If she could believe in what the taller woman had said, they had been lured to here for some reason. But which one? And why did they had been called by those nicknames? Glorianna knew that their captors didn’t wanted that they knew (at least for now) who were their companions in captivity; hence the reason why they had referred to her as ‘the real owner’, but why did those words had been chosen? Supposing that there was a reason, and thus each of the four women recognized hers and the others by the nickname, was it because she was talking about their tattoos? The stamps over the T-shirts that they (supposedly) were wearing prior to their capture? Possibilities ran through her mind as she considered each one and realized that she didn’t had enough to discard anyone as of yet.


Suddenly the door opened. ‘Is it… time?’ the bimbo asked. The answer came from two women at Glorianna’s upper right as they were, possibly, made to stand. The taller woman warned them to behave, to not try anything since they were blindfolded and heavily bound. The women’s protests just increased. Then the girl whose body was so pressed against hers started to make some noise and move her head as best as she tried, not very successfully, to not hurt herself and Glorianna while she attempted to attract their captor’s attention.


She was really young! Perhaps not even twenty years old! She was warned to not call her friends by their names, or all would have to stay with them for a longer time than the planned, and she did so. ‘Tiger and Ceres’ complied as their leader (she talked with the intonation and voice of one) ordered them to behave. They had lost that one, they would win the next one (Glorianna managed to heard not very well obstructed laughs at that one) and those… ladies and gentleman would be really sorry when it happened!!


Before she could say anything else the gag was back, her friends were gone and Glorianna was back to her thoughts. At some point the bimbo said something about give water to all the remaining five captives, in the middle of it ‘Rainmaker’ was taken by their captors.

Lunch came (very late) in the shape of ham sandwiches with cold water and yogurt for desserts. Then the man returned. He made a few questions to the bimbo as how they had behaved so far and decided to make an announcement to ‘miss Know-It-All’.


‘You have but two options. Rescue your friends, following the instructions in the envelope we will leave downstairs over the kitchen table, OR free those women, then call the police and ATTEMPT to prevent us from doing what we pretend to. Your call. Let’s go…’


Suddenly the ropes around the ones holding the other woman’s wrists above Glorianna’s small of the back were cut, then most of their legs were freed. It was still really hard to Glorianna do anything, but she could sense the other woman’s coordinated efforts to get free herself. Did they removed the tape over her eyes as well? Apparently, since her efforts became faster by the minute, and far more successful and less painful as well.


She extracted herself from Glorianna’s ‘hug’ and rolled to her right, Glorianna could hear her panting as she removed the ropes and tapes, the ‘FINALLY!’ she shouted when she removed the gag must be audible even at the garage, and then, to her surprise, she felt the unknown busty girl kneeling at her right and starting working on her ropes.


Not to free her, but to further enhance her restraints!


‘I am sorry. I’m really am. But I need to rescue my friends and, since I am wanted by the law I can’t have the help of the local boys and girls in blue, right?’


Oh... GREAT! What now? The girl tied some rope connecting her elbows in front as much as Glorianna could allow her, her wrists were linked to the rope holding her knees together and her feet were tied over someone’s else (Winona or Jessica). The girl rushed downstairs and all three women spent the next minutes trying unsuccessfully to free themselves.


They heard someone coming and filled their lungs to the maximum in order to better attract his or hers attention, but it was ‘miss K-I-A’ (as Glorianna would later refer to her). She first freed Glorianna’s feet from the connection to someone else’s and then, quickly and with some strain on her part and muffled protests from her friends, did something that Glorianna believed (and was right) with dragging the mattress where Winona and Jessica were resting. The girl panted for a while and regained her composure.


She had a proposition to make.


‘It’s up to you girls, and if one of you is not true to her word then you’ll spend a day or two in your current situation before I manage to call the police, or you can be free in ten to thirty minutes. All you have to do is to keep your eyes closed as I remove the blindfolds. If I just suspect that one of you is peeping on me... I’ll leave you all three just like you are now or, if I find it necessary, I add more rope and tape to your bodies. So, are you going to behave and keep your eyes shut as I remove the tape, and for five minutes afterwards, or you can start getting used to the ropes for you are going to stay like that for TWO FULL days more? Nod or shake your heads for the answer. Are you going to behave?’


All three women waited until she said ‘start counting’ to start it. Probably Winona didn’t waited to reach the ‘300’ in her mind, or probably she counted it faster than Glorianna. In any case she started to make some noise and, fearing to see an unknown girl’s face as she did so, Glorianna opened her eyes. They were at the empty guestroom at the end of the hallway and both her friends shared a mattress which had been displayed perpendicularly to the one she was on, ‘crossing a T’ so to speak.


At some point of their captivity, probably while she and the busty gal were being bound together, both Winona and Jessica were forced to strip to their underwear (Winona’s was surprisingly sexy – all lacy and red with even a gather belt – while Jessica yellow and black set was more of the sports kind) before being put in a similar tie.


Their wrists had been crossed and tied to their small of their back by what seemed a solitary long piece of rope that ran around their waist as well. Glorianna’s kinky mind, for some reason, expected to see at least a strand of rope running tight between their legs also linked to their wrists but it was not the case. Their hands had been reduced to inutility since they were trapped inside socks (four socks each) that had been overly taped at the wrists (under the rope). More rope appeared at their knees (above and below) and ankles.


It was clear to them that it was up to Glorianna to free them all.


Then Glorianna followed Winona’s gaze (and continuous movement of the women’s head) to her right. A sharp and big hunting knife had been nailed on the floor at about five feet of them. Both women held as high as they could their hands in the air to further emphasize the hopelessness of their efforts of grabbing the knife (Jessica even managed to force her butt up in the air to give Glorianna a better look at her trapped hands).



It took nearly twenty minutes to all three women be completely freed of any bonds. They hugged each other, cried together and decided to go to the police after finding out that their mobile phone and laptop’s batteries had been removed and all lines were dead. They quickly put on some clothes that Glorianna arranged for them all, checked themselves in the mirror (their hairs were a mess and Glorianna’s skin was pale and sported the marks of the leather helmet she wore) and, relieved, found out that both Glorianna and Winona’s car were parked in front of the house, and were working without any flat tire.


Before hitting the road they decided to know what had happened to each other. Both friends hugged Glorianna as she told them her ordeal and were in turn hugged by her when they told her how, after receiving a mysterious phone call (from an unknown young editor of a famous mystery magazine that had published some of her stories years before), Winona had decided to go check on her and had managed to achieve Jessica’s help on the matter after finding out that said ‘editor’ never had worked for that magazine or any other.


They were expecting that a paparazzi had phoned Winona to achieve and, for some reason, didn’t managed to get in touch with the local police force. When they arrived in town they learned that something had happened to the phones and web connection in almost all town. Only the local hospital had been spared of a clever and very efficient hackers/crackers attack that had disconnected the small town from the rest of the state and the world.


They tried to go to the police station but found out that the whole local police force (seven members) was out and a very talkative volunteer was there to write down the messages and phone calls. Someone had invaded the place and tied up and gagged the dean’s daughter (who worked there as clerk/archivist/phone operator...) while rescuing/kidnapping a lady from the capitol that had drunk too much last night, and the bishop’s daughter was taken with them. All police force was at the moment outside town looking for the mid-thirties auburn haired woman, her ‘rescuers’ and their 36 years old comrade...


Winona managed to convince both Glorianna and Jessica to keep their mouths shut until someone, that had a badge and the authority to record a statement from them, appeared at the station. There was a joyful commotion in the whole town when both ladies were found bound and gagged in an barn in an abandoned farm some miles away from town. They had been taken there immediately after the ‘rescue’ (actually a double kidnapping) and, since they had been kept blindfolded and deafened (by earplugs) all the time, hadn’t the slightest clue of why they had endured their ordeal. Again Winona managed to convince Glorianna and Jessica to keep quiet until the sheriff finally appeared at the station.


No robbery, B&E, attack of any kind, murder or any attempt to commit any of these crimes was reported during that day. There seemed to be no reason at all to lure the police force to outside the town while she was ‘unreachable’ by any non-physical mean. Before Winona could prevent her, Glorianna talked to the sheriff’s brother and told him that she and her friends had been attacked, converging to them all the town’s curiosity.


In the weeks that followed, all three women were interviewed by the police and the FBI and NSA/CIA agents (with them being lured to believe that they were just another bunch of FBI agents) too. They answered a lot of questions but received no answers for theirs. The house on the mountains was turned upside down by technicians but whatever was found to give any clue about the real identities of the mysterious captors, and also of the equally mysterious co-captives, was not told to Glorianna or the others.

Meanwhile, Glorianna’s mind was in turmoil. Her writer’s block was gone...



One year and a half later


‘In the Dark’ took four months to be written, revised, printed and acclaimed.


Glorianna had never worked so feverishly in a book as in the tale of Jennifer Bayley, a common housewife (in the middle of a nasty divorce) that visits an old cabin of her family and finds it occupied by a gang of...? (the critics were divided with the purposely hidden identity of her attackers and their motivations) being kept as a captive for two days straight. The quest for answers about her ordeal took more than one hundred pages and ended up inconclusive (she managed to stumble in a shadowy allegiance of the local politicians, but they proved –after being arrested- that they had nothing to do with her captivity). Some said that it was brilliant, others said that it was the only flaw of the book.


Two Hollywood major studios wanted to change it in their adaptations, another wanted that it – the identity of Jen’s attackers and their motivation – was the base for a trilogy (and since Glorianna wasn’t too inclined in writing a sequel right away they would provide the scripts...), thus in the end she sold the rights to an independent studio (and Hillary Swank nearly got her third Oscar with her portrayal of Jennifer).


All three (Glorianna, Winona and Jessica) were back together at the house for the seventh time since that day. They were taking a collective break while Glorianna leisurely worked on the sequel of ‘In the Dark’. Since she had returned to TV (a mini-series with her name in the credits about a hostage situation in a law firm with shadowy motivations and secrets concerning all parts involved was the latest summer’s big hit) she hadn’t had much time to properly work in it, a situation that she would try to (start to) correct in that weekend.


After the weird week at the hands of the Good Thieves Gang (her best shot at the identity of her captors), the security system of the place had been improved to a state of the art level.

Too bad that they (the GTG) were used to break in places with such a level of security, and that they wanted some information from Glorianna...



She barely acknowledged the strip of tape being pressed and smoothed against her lips and her hands were rendered useless with the wrists crossed and tied together, and then tied to an already awaiting rope that had been passed around her waist while she was sleeping. And she had helped them by sleeping with a fluffy (yet very effective) blindfold over her eyes. They were in three, since someone else was taking care of her legs, and worked in perfect silence. Then she remembered that she wasn’t alone in the house.


As if on cue, she heard two sets of angry and muffled protests, and two women were placed at her right side on the large bed with the face down. The reason became apparent when two (very) sound slaps were heard and they yelped, becalming immediately as they were threatened with more of the ‘medicine’. Meanwhile Glorianna froze in terror.

She was hearing someone making some sound in the back, somewhere at the left of the bed. But there was only... the desk in which her laptop was resting when she went to bed! The sound was of someone typing! They were after her data! Her new book!



And, in truth, they were. The similarities between them and the gang that attacked Jennifer in the book was impressive, she even had named three members of the gang of criminals with their actual names! So they needed to know what she really knew about them and how much of that she was going to put in the new book.


In the end they were amazed with what they found. In the second book (at least to the point that Glorianna had already wrote and had made a script of what was going to happen) became apparent that Jennifer’s attackers were members of a corporation who used highly illegal methods to make an hostile takeover on another corporation. Despite the obvious discrepancy, the facts that she displayed about them were pretty much accurate, including an incident that had happened to a member of the gang years before!


They let the member known as Showoff taking care of the captives and discussed what they could do about it, and how could she possibly had have access to that data.


They separated Glorianna from the other two and questioned her, she wasn’t sure of how she had the inspiration for the names and situations she wrote about the gang that attacked Jen, only that it seemed perfect (if not too perfect) put it on the paper.


They made a deal with Glorianna, who agreed to change some of the background data of those characters in order to avoid a third visit of the gang, and left the place afterwards. It took nearly two hours to Glorianna free herself and the others this time.


She kept her word and made the changes required by the gang, and thus The Good Thieves Gang stayed in business for many years more. Only when their cover was blown and they became fugitives is that that Glorianna realized that, while she was their captive, she might have heard some interesting conversations between the members of the gang, who thought that she was really in Slumberland and not half awake at the time, which she used to create the problematic characters and their past.