A little more, just a little more... there, she had freed her ankles. Sort of.


They were still bound (as was her whole body), but at least she wasn’t anchored to the right front feet of her bed anymore. OK girl, calm down. It’s completely pointless AND useless to start crying now. Those *********** have just KIDNAPPED your friend.


Actually... It was way more than 'just' now... But the facts are the same:


SHE is in their clutches right NOW.


Find a way, ANYway, to call the campus police, or even the ‘real’ cops. Do it. SHE needs you, NOW. But first, catch your breath. One last try... It’s no use.


They knew what they were doing... But at least they haven’t crossed your ankles. You... can... with a little!... effort from your part sit on the edge of the bed. And now...!


Alright... you are now standing up, barefoot, besides your bed in your room at the Alpha Tau Beta Sorority. It’s... 01:32 AM??? You have been tied up for more than four hours???


Calm down... just calm down...


Think about Lina. Angelina Bartlett, your ‘buddy’ and best friend. Think about her...


Bound and gagged in her underwear and being carried away like a sack of potatoes over that gorilla’s left shoulder. Teary eyes, her vivacious emerald eyes were so teary!


She’s needing you, don’t fail her!


So, four hours before, around 09:15/09:30 PM, she (like the others) had been so efficiently bound and gagged by those three *********. But there she was, able to stand on her own... The bitch had bound her in a way that her blood circulation wasn’t obstructed nor hindered and yet... Perhaps it was a matter of leverage or... Hnnnnfff!!!!




Back to the bed. Ok, Wilhelmina Abigail Porter... You are going to raise from this bed and stand up again, and YOU-ARE-NOT-GOING to try to free yourself anymore. The bitch was very good in the job of restraining you. Fact.  Deal with it. Live with it.


And the others... how are they faring? Debbie, Loretta, Melissa, Audrey, Madeline...


She could hear them. The door was a tiny bit ajar, which was good since with the way her fingers had been taped and tied there was no way she could be able to reach the door’s knob and open it, so she could hear... muffled whimpers and sobs...


They were crying...


Well... she wasn’t going to do that. Not now at least. She was probably as scared as her friends were, if not more!, but she wasn’t going to surrender. She had managed to free her ankles from the feet of the bed to which they had been tied to by that curvaceous masked lady. She could hop (with the necessary precautions given her current situations) away from her room and perhaps even from the sorority. And find help.


She could and would do that!!!


She was a ‘Porter Lady’, her great-grandma Belle had fought Indians and the Cavalry, her grandma Terry had escaped five prisons to where she had been sent to and her mother had punched down all the people who had dared to look down on her ‘little baby’ (herself) just because of her family’s long, make it VERY long (back to the Middle Age perhaps?), list of ‘sinful women’... She could be able to hop away to the front door of the sorority house downstairs, at the very least! She was going to do that! Oh... YEAH... BABY!!!


Alright, first hop... Success! Go on girl!!!


Little by little she hopped away from the bed. Luckily they had left the lights on (which had been the reason of her awakening), so she could see to where she was hoping her way.


As she went to the door she saw her reflection in the large mirror on the wall (every room of the sorority had one of those 7' tall monsters bolted to the wall opposite to the door of each room). 5'6”, thin with small breasts, pigtails and resolved black eyes. She was wearing  her light pink set of bra and panties, and now rope (too much rope, she was used to the Hollywood-like ties, the ladies on police/western/serial movies had never been tied up that way) and a blue silk scarf covering her mouth, she moved her head just a little to better look at the knot holding the scarf, and whatever was inside her mouth, and sighed.


What a mean looking knot! Actually... what a display of mean looking knots! All outside of her reach, all... hmmm... she knew that knot above the back of her knees, she had been a girl scout and had learned how to do that one, and that one too and that one also. So she had been tied up by a former girl scout who had (obviously) specialized in tying up people.


Not a chance for her to reach her ankles, nor above or below the knees. Only the Plastic Man could be able to free himself from such a tie up! And she was not the most hmmm... 'contortable' girl of the house. Darla was, that girl (from a family that had been working in circus for 4 or 5 generations) could scratch her nose with her heels!


But Darla wasn't around, she had left town to visit her family. Pity, if Darla was around and had been bound as she was, she would already have found a way to free herself, and thus all (All? How many co-eds they had bound anyway?) would be freed in a jiffy!!!


At least, her 'chest tie' wasn't hindering her breath... It felt like a hug (a tight one) and nothing else, unless she tried to move the arms they kept behind her back.


Ok, back to the road for freedom and liberty... to... the... door!


There... the door. Dammit! Her wrists had been crossed and bound and then another rope had been used to (after being wrapped around her waist three times) hold them at waist level. To make thing worst her fingers had been taped up together in pairs and the thumb to the side of her hand, then they had encased her hands with a thick cotton sock and finished with more tape! She wasn’t able to grab or hold (firmly at least) anything with her hands!


But... she could... no way... her body was obstructing the door... if she moved just a little to her side... and with the tip of her trapped finger... like that... just like...


It had been tricky, but she had managed to open the door with the pressure she exerted with the tip of the fingers on the side’s edge of the door and, she wasn’t going to tell anyone about it!, a little shove of her pink covered butt. It was now open and she was hearing...


Loretta... and someone else.


Loretta’s roommate Gabrielle was out of town, and she was hearing TWO muffled voices coming from behind that door (that was also ajar?)... Who could it be?


And why she was able to see everything so clearly? Because they, those three SOBs had left all the lights of the house ‘on’, corridors and bedrooms and everything else.


Past midnight and no one had bothered to come check the house that was so well lit?


Weird, to say the least.


Two... three... four hops and she was standing in front of Loretta and Gabrielle’s room. She had three options: Open the door with another improper movement of her behind, open the door with her head as a battering ram or... tiny little steps to the right until her body was in close contact with the door and a shove with the shoulder!


The door opened almost completely... And she saw Loretta and... Tilda?


Tilda, never ever Matilda (why her mother had given her such a name?), was one of the four female campus guards. With half the students from the side of Eve and not Adam, the board of administration had hired former policewomen (from the period in which there was manpower shortage due to the war) to deal with any ‘issue’ that might arise in the sorority houses. Of course, if anything really important had happened they should call their male partners for help... Men and their ‘No girls allowed’ rules...


Tilda was kneeling on the floor with her back tied to one of the four posts of Gabrielle’s bed (the room was one of the five that had such pair of beds, the others had bed as comfy as those, but more normal ones), the left front one, and with her head bowed forward.


She was snoring under the gag... snoring like a buzzsaw.


Any chance for her to (after somehow being awakened of course) free herself or help her to be freed from the ropes? Hmmm no. Her legs were a bit open and each leg had been tied separately at the ankle and upper thigh level at the same time (her navy blue skirt was gone but the rest of her uniform was still on her body) and she was barefeet, save for the nylons of course (UNlike herself), rope at the waist and chest to hold the torso against the post, arms up and above her head, tied together at the elbows and wrists and bending to the left, which allowed her to see her face. They had gagged her with her own black necktie.


But something white was appearing from behind it. A hankie perhaps? She hoped that it was that what she was feeling atop her tongue...


The 42 years old brunette snored very audibly, the gag wasn't managing to properly muffle her, and for the first time she stood in front of the 6’3” bulky woman and had to look down to see her. It felt so weirdly... good... to see the ‘Big Mama Tilda’ more helpless than she was... The woman was a, pardon yourself for the expression you are thinking right now young lady!, pain in the ass! A real one, always demanding, controlling, imposing and forbidding and apprehending and... Well, she was fine, looked fine...


Loretta on the other hand... Loretta looked scared, very scared indeed, and was crying and sobbing for both captives of the room. Their eyes were now locked and, it was very clear for her, the bosomy party girl was begging for her help.


And how do you expect me to do that Loretta? I am as bound and...


Wait a moment... Loretta’s bonds were different than hers own... Basically the same stuff. Ankles, below and above the knees, waist (waist to wrists actually), above and below the breasts and with a rope connecting her ankles to something (in this case a post of the bed) so she wouldn’t be able to move and free herself.


But they had used way more rope on her!!! Five or six turns of it over the limbs in each tie! And the effect of this, over her naturally ample chest, was very obvious!!!


Funny, she didn’t knew that people with freckles could have them on their chest... You are staring at a woman’s breasts! Stop it right now!!! No matter how big they are!!!


See what you have done? She’s crying even more you idiot! I-D-I-O-T, that’s you!!!


Ok... do something now...


Feeling that she, somehow and a the very least, had to comfort her friend, Billie hoped her way to the side of the bed in which Loretta’s reddish brown curls were closer. Loretta, not the smartest girl in the world, misinterpreted her intentions and writhed from side to side trying to move to the other side of the bed. That allowed her to see how much rope they had used on her back until the girl calmed down and returned to her former place.


So much rope!!! What’s this? Me and Tilda we're bound tightly, but in a more... well in a more ‘let’s just put you out of the way’ manner. Business stuff, albeit a bit wicked, plain and simple. But what did that lady done with you Loretta?


This is definitely NOT a ‘normal’ way to bind someone. It’s almost, almost, like that b-i-t-c-h wanted to use your body as a canvas. Yes!!! Definitely!!! Positively!!! You were bound as if it’s possible to do so as a form of art!! Is it? Don’t think about it Whilelmina...


No use. Her hands are as trapped as my own. But... let me see if I can sit without falling over you Loretta... Slowly, slowly, slooooow-LY! There... I... know... I know...


Uh? Why are you...? What are you doing? Stop trusting your head against my hips!! What? What? Stop... She’s looking at my right hand... and trusting her nose against...


Loretta closed her eyes and enjoyed the careful and gentle scratch over her ‘cute’ nose (everybody said it). It had been itching for a good hour!!! Blessed fingers...


After the scratch Loretta opened her eyes, she was still crying, she simply couldn’t stop it, but now her eyes were very adoring to Billie’s analysis, and she wasn't sobbing anymore. The only sound they heard was the buzzsaw coming from the front of the other bed. They looked at Tilda and, shame on us both!!!, had the same mischievous look in their eyes. She, somehow, understood the question that her friend made.


No, she couldn’t free herself, no chance for it to happen


And it was true. Comparing their bonds it was obvious that the all black attired and masked woman that had (as they presumed, and were right but could not confirm at the moment) bound them had go easy on Billie, which had allowed her to free her ankles from her bed.


As for Loretta...


Will you be okay? – (How can we understand what the other is trying to say?) – Are you sure? I’ll be back. I promise. One deep breath... annnnddd...!!!  Here I go!


Only about an hour later Loretta did stop to cry (as Billie held her in her arms). But she was way more calmer from Billie’s departure on...


Unfortunately, right now her ribs that were starting to itch...


OK... No help here... Let’s the other room. Which will be...


Right or left? In any case she’d to pass in front of two more rooms before she reached the stairs. Six rooms per floor, three stories house, over thirty girls in the whole sorority. Had those three bound and gagged them all? Unlikely. Too many girls and too little time.


True, not all the girls were in the house at the moment. More like... hmm twenty girls? Still it was too much... Too much. Still... it was a midweek’s night... where were the girls?


Calm down. Your business is simple. Find someone whom you can help to be free orr can help you to free yourself. Find her (since it’s unlikely to find a guy inside those walls), be freed one way or another and then you can think about the other girls...


Do it.


Every floor was in the shape of a square, two room per side of the square minus the one for the stairway, with a huge void in the middle of the square (she kept repeating to herself ‘Don’t hop near the baluster, always close and closer to the wall and doors!’).


Her room (and Lina’s) and Loretta & Gabrielle’s were on the opposite side of the stairways, at her left were Melissa & Audrey’s and Polly & Luana's and at her right were Debbie & Madeline’s and Yasmin & Wanda's. Which she'd chose?


Sigh... she took a very deep breath. Whichever she chose, if she didn’t found help in it or means to help whoever was in it, she’d go to the other one first before trying the stairs.


As her (conservative) father liked to say... ‘Turn to Riiiiiight!’.


She was getting good with this hopping-while-having-your-arms-bound-behind-your-back stuff... Another shove with her shoulder and upper body and the door was open.


Both Debbie and Madeline were on their beds, lying on their bellies with their heads over their pillows at was usually the feet of their beds. They looked fine, giving their current situation and had either (literally) succumbed to their fears and were now sleeping or had not yet awakened. Their beds looked almost untouched, which meant that they hadn’t woke up to find themselves prisoners in their own room, which had not led (yet) to those frantic movements that she had experienced almost an hour before...


Should she awake one of them (or both)? Hmmm... she was now standing in between beds.


Madeline, 20 years old, 5’ (the smaller girl of the sorority), a real mignon with all those curves that fitted her petite body so well... what’s this? The... ******! She (the woman in charge of tie them) had tied her long and plaited raven hair to the tie on her forearms! What a filthy ************!!!!! Calming down (and solemnly promising to herself to wash her mouth with a bar of soap as soon as she could do that), Billie checked the girl’s bonds.


Due to her long hair there were some idiots at the campus that had nicknamed her ‘Raven Rapunzel’, and while braided having four strands of hair interweaved, as usual, she could see some rope wrapped around the knot and to the ropes on her arms (that in her and Debbie’s case were tied parallel to each other), besides that and the fact that her ankles were crossed her bonds were pretty much the same that she was ‘sporting’.


The gag was another issue, a wide stripe of medical bandage covered all the lower half of her face. Hmmm... no, she wasn’t going to wake her up.


Turning to the left she took a good look at Debbie.


Debbie was one of the few athletes of the sorority. She was a long-distance runner and was working hard her way to be at the Olympic Games in London in two years. She was still wearing her uniform, probably because she had been ‘caught’ as she arrived from her daily ‘ten miles run before dinner’. Women’ shorts and singlet both with the university’s logo on it, white in front and lemon green at the sides and extremities with the letters in deep blue, and with her running shoes still on. They hadn’t (obviously and logically) allowed her to have a bath after the ten miles run, she was stinking a little...


She couldn’t get it. Debbie wasn’t exactly a... drop dead gorgeous girl like Loretta, Melissa or Lina, but no one could say that she wasn’t beautiful. A bit skinnier than the flavored by the fashion makers those days, but still a pretty girl. Ok, the nose was just a little bigger than it should be, but her short blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful smile... You really had to be into men and not be a woman to say that she wasn’t a good looking woman!!!


Then why was she into something as manly as sports?


She was cleave gagged with strips of black cloth, sporting almost the same bonds that her roommate (minus the tie with the hair) and anchored to the right back feet of her bed.


Had she fainted of starvation? She seemed fine though... what was it? A plate on the other side of the bed, with the remains of something made of bread and... a sandwich (or two) of something. That explained what was at head level on her bed. Bread crumbs. So, before of after she had been bound she had been allowed to eat... a sandwich of peanut butter?


She looked fine.


OK, back to the corridor and going to look at Yasmin & Wanda’s room. As she started to get closer to it she heard the muffled sobs, they were fainter than those she had heard as she had approached Loretta's room, but that was because the door was closed. Yet, they seemed a bit more... intense than those Loretta had made. More than one girl was awoke, bound and gagged inside that room? It sounded like way more than two...


Weird... Here I am... Hmm... Hnnffff... HHNNNFFFF!!!!


What's this? The door was... locked?


Even managing to, with some contortionism, grab the handle and turn it down, the door didn't moved one inch. It was really locked. And there was more sound coming from it.


Muffled calls for help. Whoever was inside it had seen the handle moving...


She decided to take a peek at the room through the keyhole... It was way more difficult than she thought it would be... She 'fell' face first against the door and 'hopped' her head down the wood until her eyes were at the keyhole's level. First she managed to find a way to be more steady and then she took a great look at the room...


What the...


Yasmin (the exotic exchange student from somewhere in the Middle East, always with those very expressive eyes), Denise, Holly, Wanda, Halley, Fredrika, Paulette, Zoey, Angie... and others whose faces she couldn't see... Ten to fifteen girls were inside that room, they had turned it into some 'damsel storage room'... They were all looking at her...


Or rather at the eye they were seeing peeping through the keyhole...


They were pleading, intently, and begging and... It was no use...


Yasmin, Denise, Paulette, Wanda, Anne Marie and three others whose faces were out of her eye's reach were wearing their underwear, bra and panties and no nightgown or robe. All the others were wearing the dresses they were using when they had left the sorority hours before. Most had went to see a movie or meet their boyfriends, and now all were kept inside that room... In a way, it made sense to Billie.


They were in the first floor, at only a flight of stairs to reach the front door. After tying up the usual occupants of the room (Polly and Luana)... the sound she had heard!!


Around 9 PM she and Lina, who were studying for the next week's exams in their room. had been surprised by two people barging into the room. A tall and bulky man and a very curvaceous woman, both dressed from head to tow in black, including their leather gloves and hoods (more like ski masks), and holding guns in their hands.


Five minutes later both girls had been (for the lack of a better term) 'taped up' by the woman and laid face down on their beds with their legs folded and 'taped' together and arms behind their back taped as well, they had been gagged with that sticky stuff as well. They heard a scream and then some confusion upstairs.


For long minutes they waited for something to happen, at the time she was way too scared to do anything other than look at her roommate with bulging tear filled eyes.


Then they heard it. Many people, many many people, coming downstairs at once. Some orders being shouted and many people walking towards somewhere on their floor...


To Yasmin & Wanda's room! They had, for some reason, decided to stash all the girls form the upper floors (and those who arrived afterwards) in the 'twins' room! Denise and Paulette were from the 2nd floor and Anne Marie was from the 3rd! The others... That blue covered behind didn't helped her to identify its owner, but the long pair of killer legs couldn't other of Tiana's! That girl had the best legs of all campus, and those were hers!!!


She couldn't identify the other girls no matter how she tried.


So, for some reason, they had chose that room to stash most of their victims... But not Lina.


One moment she and her friend were scared to the core of their bones with everything that was happening... Next the statuesque black clad girl was inside the room, holding coils of rope in her hand. It took her twenty minutes (more or less) to bind both roommates the way she was now. She didn't said a thing all along except for a 'Do not fight me babe!' that had stopped all Lina's attempts to prevent her from binding her...


Then the guy, bigger than the first, was in the room. The black clad woman patted Lina's white covered behind and the guy grabbed her, and threw her over his shoulder and they left. And then... and then... she remembered an aerosol spray can being aimed at her face...


Some knock-out spray had made her sleep four hours?


That stuff only existed in the comics... right?




Some of the girls seemed to have heard and understood what she meant to say, most were just begging harder for her to not go. The 'twins' principally. Yasmin and Wanda had the same long flowing raven hair and pouty/full lips, the same height and weight and (almost) the same facial features. And yet, they weren't blood related!


They hadn't even been born in the same continent for crying out loud!


Both had been bound to the front posts of the beds, Denise and Holly shared the same ordeal, and only Holly was wearing something other than her underwear... (and as usual she should be looking very great on that white and blue, if not for the ropes...).


And all four (the best good looking girls – as a whole – of the captives, that she could see, in the room) were bound the same way. Ropes all over their legs and torsos, either four or five loops parallel to each other or crisscrossing something (like their b... chests), hands above their heads and large scarves or ribbons covering their lower faces. She was (partially) seeing other girls either on the bed or around it, but there was more human activity in the room. So many girls locked in only one room...And yet...


How they couldn’t managed to free at least one of them?


No time to think on that...


Sigh... she really had became too good with this hopping stuff...


Melissa & Audrey's door wasn't locked, but it was too silent. That only lasted until she opened the door, urgent and demanding muffled calls for help filled the room as she poked her head inside it. Where were them? There was no one in either bed!!!


But there were those 'anchor ropes', she could see a rope tied to the right front leg of the bed farther from the door and rope wrapped around the right front leg on the closer to her. And the sounds came from in between the beds... She did a few hops and saw them.


Obviously they had tried to free themselves as she had done... over half an hour earlier. And both had fell from the bed while doing so. Now their beds were really disheveled, they still were tied to them and were looking at her with very begging eyes. What the...


While Audrey was tied practically exactly as she was, Melissa was mummified with rope!


Uh? Why oh why they had tied her with BLUE rope? And, just for starters, where did they found it? Loop after loop after loop, that blue stuff covered her legs (except for the knees) her torso and arms (tied in front) and she was bare breasted... Was she naked under all that navy blue thing? Weird, very weird. But not as much as the fact that she was gagged with RED tape (again, where did they arranged that and why they had used it only in her?).


And now Melissa was so bright red of shame for having been found like that!


She tried to comfort her friend, but she couldn't get too close since the space between the beds wasn't that big and they were filling the most of it. She managed to ask Audrey to show her her hands. Taped and encased as her own. And while Melissa's were freed (she was bound at the wrists) she couldn't get close enough... Or could she?


''Dre... 'Dre... mvv wuuy... plss...'


She did very tiny steps instead hop her way to Melissa's left side, Audrey wormed her way until she was almost completely under her own bed, then she knelt besides her (and Melissa for her turn did move a little to give her more room) and bent backwards with her shoulders and head resting on Melissa's bed... Audrey cheered them both and...


No use, Melissa's fingers were trying but her knots were way out of reach... So she slid with her back to the 'inner' side of Melissa's bed. Her arms were touching Melissa's large breasts but she had no time to think of that, Melissa's fingers were touching the ropes... yanking it but not doing anything useful. Why wasn't she undoing the knots?


Oh, right, she had to move a little further to the right and downward so the knots would be within Melissa's reach. But to do that... Why had this Delaware gal had to have such big...


It was improper and very weird, but she managed to do it. And once Melissa got a hold on the knots... Had she been a scout girl also? Probably, how else could Billie explain such proficiency and quickness on undoing all those nasty knots on her back?


There... there, her arms were free!


She brought her hands to her front, removed (with difficulty) her gag and the soggy packing and then used her teeth to undo the prisons trapping her fingers.


It took a while but she managed to do that. All along both Melissa and Audrey were eyeing with both hope, worship and... fear? She found odd the way they were looking to each other and then to her... There, her fingers were with some weird marks, but those would fade eventually, she opened and closed her hands for a while in order to restore the circulation and movements properly and then removed her friends gags.


'You girls are fine?'


They were. After about ten minutes both were free. Since she, suddenly, wasn't sure if their captors had really left the sorority (or were for some reason just amusing themselves with her efforts) she begged for the girls to don't make any noise at all.


And they were whispering among them, and behind her, as she checked if there wasn't any suspicious noise or shadow beyond the now partially closed door. Melissa was putting something over her very curvaceous body meanwhile, then as she returned to where they were standing she was surprised by both girls who (sort of) jumped on her.


Audrey (who was a pro-wrestler) kept her in a tight human lock from behind as Melissa held both hands over her mouth. They... they were as scared as she was.


'They are not in the building anymore. They left hours ago, somewhere around 10:45. But... before we go and find a way to free the others... there's something that you MUST promise to us. Don't scream. Please don't scream. You're not going to scream, are you?'


She shook her head as lightly as she could under the circumstances.


'Wha-what's going on? Why... why have you gals attacked me?'


'First, you must promise us... to me and Audrey... that you are NOT going to tell anyone about how I was bound, about the fact that I was naked under the rope and all that.'


'Why?' - and immediately Melissa handgagged her again.


'Because the person who bound me that way is the same that is holding you now...'


Billie's eyes went almost out of their sockets. WHAT? Melissa, a sophomore like her in some English/Literature classes. The most popular girl of the sorority, who had a thousand admirers and a firm relationship with the college's linebacker, the new Betty Grable (with a beautiful hair more close to Veronica Lake's than Ms. Grable's actually) and (there was no way to say it better) the 'girl with the right curves in the right places' par excellence...


She and Audrey?


Audrey was just a couple inches taller than Billie, and about seventy pounds heavier. She was fat, has always been fat and (to be honest) ugly. Big nose, bad hair, fat fingers...


Melissa and Audrey? Lesb... Melissa quickly dismissed what she knew Billie was thinking. She and Audrey were friends, big time friends, friends for life!, and just that.


She didn't explained how it had started or why she did like it to happen to her, it was no time for that!, but for a good seven months, every other week, Audrey did roped her the way she had been found (and in many others ways...?!!!) because she, Melissa wanted and liked it. And now both girls were begging for her to keep it a secret...


Billie's eyes said it all. She was mad, she was really mad at them, after all she was their friend!!! A Porter never betrays his/her friends!!! All they had to do was to ask her to not say anything about her nakedness and the blue rope!!!




Both girls freed her and asked for her forgiveness. Admirably controlling her temper Billie told them that they had to and they would talk about the whole stuff, but for now they had to free all the others! And find a way to get in touch with the police since the whole thing was, as it seemed, part of a kidnapping scheme. Lina's kidnapping!!!


Both girls didn't knew about Lina's fate, and rushed to put on proper clothes as Billie did the same, rushing back to her room. She quickly put a plaid skirt, a college logo T-shirt and a sweater, then she went back to the corridor and met the girls again as they were busy freeing Polly and Luana. The brunettes were now only sporting their gags as and a few ropes over their bodies (besides their underwear of course) as neither Melissa nor Audrey bothered to hide their 'knot undoing' ability. And besides, the thankful eyes and mewls form the soon-to-be ex-captives indicated that they were not bothering to think about it now...


She announced to them that she was going to free Loretta, and rushed to her room. Loretta was crying in her arms a few minutes after that, she helped the girl to compose herself and dress, and they could hear some banging and cursing. Luana, foul-mouthed Luana, was trying to open the door behind which all the others were being kept captives...


But all the doors in the sorority had been crafted to be strong and resilient...


Polly's head appeared at the door, she and Audrey came in with the news. They hadn't managed to wake up neither Madeline nor Debbie (nor had she managed to do it with Matilda), but at least they had freed their bodies and put them under the covers of their own beds. While the newcomers and Loretta freed Matilda she decided to check downstairs.


While she wasn't the sorority's 'mother', she was the mother's right hand. And knew where the spare keys were kept. She admonished Luana to stop banging at the door and, with the Navy brat in tow, went downstairs and stopped as she was turning left at the bottom in order to go to the library. There was a noise coming from the kitchen at her right.


She motioned to Audrey and the others, who were now either at the top of the stairs or close to it, to come down and, together and compacted as in the Roman legionnaire's 'turtle' formation, they went all to the kitchen. And found Angelina.


She was bound to one of the chairs around the table facing them, her emerald eyes showing all her relief for having been found and also the expectation of being released as five girls (lead by Billie) rushed to the chair she was tied to and freed her.


Billie took care of her tight and multi-wrapped gag, Loretta of the right arm of the chair, Melissa of the left one, Luana of her legs (tied together and to the left front leg of the chair) while Audrey showed all her prowess by undoing (faster than any other girl) the mean looking knots that held Lina's torso wrapped to the back of the chair, marveling all the girls in the kitchen (except Melissa and Billie who managed to hide it very well).


She gave the excuse that her father was in the transportation business (and that she had been forced to help him since she was six years old), thus...


Lina was now crying in Billie's arms, but as soon as Polly entered the room saying that their attackers had cut the lines of every phone in the house she asked Luana (who was studying to be a doctor) and Audrey to take care of her. She rushed to the library and opened the 'secret' cabinet in which the master key was kept and, with Luana and Loretta in tow, went upstairs to free all the other captives.


Thirty minutes later Billie, Audrey and Roberta (the bulkiest girl of the sorority) managed to reach the Lambda Thau Thau Fraternity's building. The police arrived at the sorority before the campus police. The next day all girls checked their rooms and belongings.


Nothing had been robbed. Although there were hundreds of theories about the whys of the 'Assault on the Sorority', nothing was ever found that could explain it. The campus police budget was improved and all personnel received some training, the 'Cube' (as the sorority building was known) was demolished two years later and the sorority moved to a better located and freshly built two stories large house at the same time.








'...and after the athlete ate the two peanut butter sandwiches she was knocked out cold with the aerosol spray. Karen cleaned her face and gagged her and went to the room in which she and Barney had surprised the two very differently looking girls having a bondage fun moment, she stayed there for five minutes and seventeen seconds talking with the sultry blonde sophomore. Then she went downstairs, did a last check in the Bartlett's offspring's bonds and left through the back door, going straight to the car in which Barney and Tom...'


Barney Farnum, Karen Oswold and Thomas Bernard couldn't believe in what they were hearing. SHE had been there, with them! SHE had been in the same rooms and corridors and stairs, and had seen them, heard what they had said to each other and to their captives and had followed every move that they had made from the moment that they had invaded the place. And she was hiding in there before they had barged in!


And each one of them had thought that, after six months of a harsh (to the borders of plain raw crudelity) training, their senses had became as good as their sensei were!


That woman wasn't human!!!! She couldn't be human!!!! She was some ghost that could create flesh to cover herself when she needed to deal with the living!!!!


'Mrs. Hartings, I believe our trading is now over. I owe you nothing, neither you owe me something... anything at all. Am I wrong?'


The seven men and women in front of the trio were either standing up or sitting in very expensive and confortable chairs. They weren't exactly rich nor famous, but they were very powerful, had all the correct connections in many places around all States and Territories of the country. And had decided to use it to their (and the country's) benefit.


The trio in front of them was made of a former commando (Barney), a former jewel thief (Karen) and the best burglar of fourteen states in the East Coast (Thomas). They were the firsts, more as qualified as them, would be added to their rank. For their plans to protect their business and the country they were going to need a small, highly qualified and armed group of 'soldiers'. Those three would lead that group.


They had put them through various trainings and tests. That night's event had been their last test. Three people, barging into a sorority located within eyesight (yet a bit afar) of five fraternities and the campus police headquarters, and yet managing to overpower everyone (twenty six girls) inside it without creating any disturbance that could attract anybody to the building. Even with orders to turn on all the lights of the building. How they had behaved with their captives was as much important as having been successful in catching them all.


The previous formation of their 'army', which had been created/arranged by their fathers and grandfathers, was nothing but a gang of the scum among the scum of the outlaws. But the best part was that mysterious Japanese lady that Nicole Hartings had found somewhere and, somehow, had managed to convince them to train the trio for half an year.


At first none of the three had accepted the idea, but she simply crushed the trio (and six professional fighters that Nicole had dared the others to find and hire) in a series of fights that lasted over six full hours, afterwards she proved that she was stealthier than all three together and finally she proved that she could overpower them anytime she wanted.


Those three were the best that they had managed to find, and Nicole had managed to find a foreigner that was best than all three together! For a large sum in non-sequential bills of ten and twenty she had agreed to train them and submit them to the test.


They had passed, and so had she!









'Wait a moment... are you trying to tell me that the Friendship started with three outsiders trained by some shinobi? And that their first act was raid a sorority?'


‘Well, Angelina’s father was a reporter who, somehow, had managed to learn about the ‘first’ Friendship. And they chose her near kidnapping as the ‘final test’, and intimidation warning... We wouldn’t do it today, but it was nearly seventy years ago...'




Ursula Hartings was the current Counselor Two of the Uncanny Friendship (what a horrible name, why hadn't she managed to change it to simply 'The Friendship'? She had tried four times already and yet... the silly name remained...), a position that she kept with all the dignity she thought it deserved. She was known the 'historian' of the Friendship.


Which was the reason why Kathleen Talbot always asked her about 'interesting' tales of the beginning of the Friendship, spicy tales, kinky tales, thrilling tales, fun tales...


And Ursula was always happy to oblige... why not?


Even not being into women it was a pleasure to go to any of Kathy's houses/manors and enjoying the... ‘ambience’ (the display of great looking girls in various states of seductive near-nakedness). Most of them had a brain under all their glory, and the few that hadn't were also enjoyable to talk or be with. And, she had to admit, Kathleen's 'peculiarities' were as intriguing as desirable for her tastes... One hour before she had, purposely, broke into the 'wrong room' and found a naked and bosomy girl in her mid-twenties wrapped like a spool of rope over a bed. And the suddenly frightened, and well leather gagged, Latino girl had been 'anchored' to the left front post of the four post bed she was lying over.


Like ten girls had been that night, back in '46...


After a not very convincing reprieving Kathleen (flanked by two leather clad ‘bodyguards’ that stayed behind in the room) expelled her from the room where Manuelita was 'resting', and Ursula decided to tell her the story of the raid to make amends with her hostess.


Now they were sitting by the pool where seven girls were either swimming or sun tanning. Without taking her eyes from one of them (a sultry petite Oriental) all the time Kathleen had heard the end of the story, and now was making a lot of questions about it.


'But this sensei of the trio... what happened with her?'


'Good question... about one year later the enforcers, now a party of ten, met her under very less favorable conditions in New York City. To make a long story short (since I've already told a good story for today), she had found better protectors/partners than the Friendship...'


'Oh you tease! You are NOT going to leave that chair until you have told me everything!'












There was a big convention happening in that hotel. The governor of the State and one of their US Senators was there, as well as over 500 people. All white people. Plus the hotel' staff and policemen guarding the place... They sure had chosen a busy place!


They managed to lure into that room by her captors. They had been gentle with her, albeit she had heard four or five very lame and disgusting jokes about lesbians...


They were testing her 'lil' sakura' as she called her sometimes. Poor scumbags... they sure were deserving everything that they were about to receive...!!!


Her red silk lacy bra was ruined and her left breast had popped out of it. The ropes weren't hurting her (much) and the gag... who used electrician tape to gag someone?


She heard a huge commotion happening outside the closet she was locked in. Furniture being broken, cries of pain (and bones breaking) and something (more like someone) had just violently crashed against the door of the closet...


She had arrived.


The fight lasted for a few more minutes, and two cries for help (coming from a man), then she heard the door opening, the blindfold was removed and she saw her.




As the knots of her gag were undone and they shared a kiss she saw with the corner of her eyes a girl, about twenty-eight years old and of her height and measurements, gagged with a towel and undressing herself. When she had only her bra and panties she knelt on the floor with her hands over her head. And didn't stopped to look at Himiko as she was seeing the devil in flesh. The reasons were obvious, seven men were scattered around the room.


Strong and bulky and unconscious, all of them. Three had broken arms and two broken legs, and nearly all the furniture of the room had been destroyed in the fight.


Save for a black eye the girl was fine. Himiko started to bind her with the same ropes she had been bound with as she started to get dressed with the unknown girl's clothes. Then Himiko ripped four strips of cloth from the bed sheet and made a tight human ball of the trembling girl, rolling and locking her in the closet afterwards.




There was a man at the door, impeccably dressed in a blue business suit and unarmed.


'My dear Miss 'Kogane Himiko', do you prefer that I use your real name?'


'My name is Himiko ever since I cut my bonds with my homeland. Who are you and why did you kidnapped Nora? - (Crouch NOW behind me my love...) - '


'Don't worry... I never had any intent to hurt her. All this was but a test...'


He carefully and slowly grabbed something in the left front pocket of his suit, and threw it to Himiko. It was a badge with a business card wrapped to with by a tiny strand.


The business card said 'Randall Rogers – Insurance Claims Investigations' and identified him as working for a big insurance company. The badge had his real name.


And identified him as an operative of the OSS.


'As I said... my superiors wanted to see what would you do after you returned home 300 miles away from here after your last job for those rich rascals, and found no Nora and a 'reception committee'. Some of them didn’t believed in all the data that was gathered about you. Less than seven hours after your return..., here we are. Impressive. Very impressive!!'


'What do YOU want?'


'I don't want anything. Uncle Sam, on the other hand, wants to hire you, Miss Himiko...'