Lightnings Are Lazy





They say that lightnings never strikes in the same place twice.


That’s a myth. Lightnings are lazy, they want the shortest path to come back down to Earth, so they DO strikes the same place as many times as needed...



'Excuse-me... Dayna!!!'




One of the bikini goddesses stood up and they hugged each other and fortunately, for the hopes of all heterosexual men at the pool, they did NOT kissed each other. Two hot blondes in tiny sling bikinis, alone and with no boyfriends in sight...


The newcomer was taller but just by an inch or two, the other one had longer and lighter hair and was accepting the glass of...? handed to her by a bulk of a guy. Six feet five, around 180 pounds of very little fat tissue, blue Bermuda shorts and brown to black skin. And the one who was now drinking through a straw was introducing him to the goddess in lemon and yellow (Dayna was wearing white with blue polka dots). Lucky bastard!!!


'Call me Jack, Jack Abbott.'


'How do you do Mr... Jack...?'


'Better now than I thought I would be doing one hour ago. No seriously. First I meet my old college benchmate and now... now I am the most envied man on the world!!!'




'Ok, ok, the most envied man in a 200 feet radius?'


But it was obvious that he was telling the truth.


Every man around them (except the gay couple in one of the tables and the kids) was looking at him with a more than obvious envious feeling.


While Dayna still worked for Jeb Norbertson, Jack was a big bucks lawyer (specialized in intellectual property) and had a charming and friendly attitude that matched with Zee's, soon all three were chatting as they relaxed on their lounge chairs.




'I can see him... He's chatting with two blonde bimbos... No... TWO... Not one... Your little girl and... I don't know, I think I know the babe... Yeah... What?'


To all people in the hotel (that were looking at them) they were passing for just six black women exquisitely and conservatively attired (as if they were lawyers or businesswomen or the likes), ages ranging between mid twenties to late thirties and having a dinner in the hotel's restaurant at a table that had a view to the swimming pool outside.


There was a convention of tourism business happening in town (but nowhere near from there) so it was easy to deduce that they had had no choice but to book rooms there. None of them had clean police records (quite the contrary!) and they were in the hotel for a job, but even outlaws feel hunger as law abiding people. And if they could have a good meal as they surveyed their primary prey... One thing, for all of them, was very weird though.


Usually they would not have to put on such a charade.


They had all their targets' useful data for their needs, the girl they were supposed to kidnap was their boss's sex/bondage toy!, they could do the job without needing to gather together and in such a public place and way, so why Debs had given them such weird orders?


As if it mattered...


'Nora, take a picture of me and Alberta but aim at the bimbos. Send the photo to the boss.'


Nora did as she was told and thus recognized one of the blondes. Zee Lee, not her favorite bondage model, but definitely one of the best in her book. She shared her information with Cinnamon and the others, and her sister Maureen scolded her with her eyes (the proper, long and boring lecture would be happening when they returned to their home).


After a few minutes Debs called back.


'Ok... sure... Will happen as she wants. Bye...'




'Well, Nora will have another blonde babe to take care of in a couple of hours. Just that. Alberta and I will take care of his client and the data, Maureen and D'uala will handle the witnesses across town and Harper will drive Nora and the babes in the van around the county’s back roads as we all do our duties.'


'But this new girl, how can you be sure that...'


'According to Debs, Zee and Dayna are friends, great good friends, that haven't seen each other for a while... As soon as Debs calls the guy, in... nine minutes, they will be alone and most likely will be bothered by one or two of those co-eds dudes right over there. Can't be sure on how things will develop after that, but Dayna knows that she have to return to her room, so we can 'kidnap' her, in about twenty minutes. Debs says hat we have to be sure that Zee will not be looking for Dayna for the next four hours, or Nora and Harper will have to take her along with Dayna inside those trolleys and into the van.'




'GOOD???' - said all the others at once.


'One bondage toy for me and the other for Nora..., I'll take Dayna if you don't mind...'


The look in Maureen's face was priceless. Harper was as 'freak' as her little sister was, and far more openly! Not that Maureen had any hope to reform her sister, not anymore at least, but at least (until Harper had joined the Duchess' ranks) she had managed to force Nora to be more... reserved... but she had just agreed with Harper's 'proposition'...




As usual when her mistress asked for her help, Dayna didn't knew much of what was happening around her. She knew that she was supposed to meet her old friend today and pretend that she didn't knew that he was living in that town. She knew that two or more black ladies that were inside her room at that moment would 'kidnap' her as soon as she returned to it and that she was going to be used as leverage against him.


She knew that it was that or have him disappear for a while, perhaps forever, since he had dealt with the 'wrong people' (her own mistress perhaps?) and she didn't wanted him to die.

He was a good friend, one of the few that had stayed with her after her little secret (as to how she paid her college) came out thanks to that...


So if she had to fool him to let him stay alive... And her mistress had promised a whole weekend in her yacht with another closet lesbian (this time a police officer! How she was going to achieve it? She couldn't wait to find out!!) for them to 'oust' if she did her part right. As if she needed any incentive from her mistress to obey her orders!!!!


But, truth be told, it had helped her a lot so far... But what about Zee? Zee's presence wasn't in her plans!!! But it was in her mistress'...


She had received a phone call as she was stretching on that lounge chair, and received orders to play along with whatever proposition that Zee made to her and to not rise any suspicion from the bondage actress/model's part. So she chatted with Jack and Zee and suddenly Jack received a phone call and stood up very quickly from his chair, as if he had received an electric shock, and had a quick and heated talk with somebody (her mistress?) and apologized with both girls as he had to run to the local airport ASAP.


Two drunken co-eds had tried to 'court' them, Zee had dismissed them and had remembered that she had something to do as well. Dayna pretended to have something to do as well.


So they parted ways with another hug, after having exchanged their hotel rooms' numbers to  'drop by' if they had any chance to go out and enjoy the town's night activities together, and then returned to their rooms. Three black women dressed as executives that she had never seen in her life before were in the room, waiting for her. For a split second she felt like a virgin being offered to some hungry deity, they were appraising and devouring her with their eyes, all three of them!!! Then the one sitting on the edge of the bed spoke.




The code word. She told them everything that had happened by the pool, the one that was binding her legs was openly disappointed with fact that Zee wasn't going to drop by so soon. The one doing her arms replied that they'd have to split her (were they talking about her?) between them. They were... Before she could say or ask anything their leader (the taller and by far most imposing woman of the trio) grabbed her chin and told her to say 'Ah'. A folded hankie was now resting on top of her tongue, and a very long scarf was being wrapped around her head to keep it there.


Six... seven... eight turns! Her legs were linked by tight rope 'cuffs' at the ankles, above and below the knees and thighs, her arms and crossed wrists weren't faring any better.


And their eyes...


'Don't worry. We have orders to leave enough ropemarks to make your friends and the police (if they are involved in this... situation) sure that you were a captive all along. This two nutty friends of mine might wish to have you now with them in their bed, just as I do by the way, but that would meant that we would have to be on Deborah's Death List from them on. You are almost irresistibly hot, but just almost... so don’t worry ok?'


That shouldn't have made her feel any better.


But there she was, a 29 years old hot blonde girl wearing only a flimsy sling bikini and lots of rope, locked in a room with three mean looking black lesbian ladies wolfing her with their eyes, and they would not do anything with her because of her mistress!


She relaxed and even hopped on her own (with the leader's hands barely touching her shoulders) to the chair that they had placed in the middle of the room... facing the... door???


As soon as she was helped to sit on it another long black scarf was wrapped six times over her eyes, and she heard a knock on the door. And her voice. ZEE!!!!


'Dayna?? Is that a bad hour? I was lying when I told you that I have a meeting in about an hour, I just had to get rid of those morons who were listening to us... can I get in?'




But the leader's big right hand was covering her cleavegagged lips, her left arm was pining her to the chair and she heard the door opening. And Zee entering the room and gasping...


'Well, well, two for the price of one...'




'...don't worry. We don't mean any harm to you or this wildcat. Don't try anything as my associates binds you. No, no, no... I do the talking, you do the listening. A client of the old friend of this lovely lady law here is trying to bite more than he can chew, and we are going to take you both for a ride as our other associates show him (and her) the errors of his ways... We definitely have not any intent of hurting any of you two... There's no need for that anyway and we're not sadistic... We could have easily conked you to unconciousness as soon as you entered the room, couldn't we? Now open your mouth without making any sound... yeah... that way... all in... Don't fight please... Hmm a little more rope on the anchor ties... Yes, that’s fine now... Put her on the bed...'


NOO... what???


With surprising speed and regard, the leader of the attackers grabbed her body and cradled her in her strong arms and carried her to the bed. She was placed on her side, with her back facing Zee's one, that was much obvious to her (even with her still blindfolded with the scarf) since Zee's hands quickly grabbed hers and held them as tight and gently as possible.


Even being, again!, in such a dire situation (for the fourth or fifth time!) Zee was concerned with her! There was another knock at the door. The attackers exchanged a few words with two or three newcomers and then their heard something being wheeled inside the room.


'Girls, that's when I bid you both good bye. My friends just took care of the security system of this hotel, and of the personnel inside the security room, so no one will be watching as they get you to where our van is parked one at the time inside a chambermaid's trolley. You'll both will have a long ride, that will last at least four or five hours, inside the van, bound and gagged and blindfolded, and nothing else. Bye...'


Was it hers the hand that both, first Dayna then Zee, felt feeling their nearly bare behinds as she spoke? Two light swats on each girl's cheeks and they heard the door opening.


'Hey babes... if the boss said that we can only touch you to transportation and restrain issues then that is what we'll do. But let me say it Ms. Lee, it's a bit weird for me to bind and gag and kidnap a bondage model... it's odd... but, please, don't worry OK?'


Zee's grip on her hands was, for a moment, very painful. Then she was gone, lifted by two pairs of hands whose arms/elbows touched her body a bit too strong and harshly as the black women had a little trouble in doing so. Then she heard them dealing with Zee, the door opening and something being wheeled out of the room.




Mistress??? It came from a cellphone on the speaker mode.


'Dayna, you are doing well. Do not worry about Zee or Jack. There has been a development that wasn't really unpredicted... and perhaps you both might need to be kept captives for a little more than I was expecting at first...'




'Harper, please use my slave's big buttocks as a bongo for the next few minutes. I told you that you have not to worry about anything, didn't I? Harper, if you may start...'


And, for the next seven minutes, Dayna wasn't exactly spanked since her buttocks were used as a bongo by this 'Harper' lady, who hummed a song from her native country as she did so. Both her and her mistress were surprised with that...




Isis Holland was not sure of what she should have done anymore. Should she have gone to the police? To the FBI? To the E! Channel? At least she was sure of what she should NOT have done. She shouldn't have called her firm's attorney!!!


She REALLY shouldn't have had that stupid greedy idea!!!


Not that it did change the fact that she was resting on her belly on her own bed, but not because she wanted to. They had barged in as she was preparing to go to the club to play some tennis games with her friends. Now her shoes were nowhere to be seen, they had removed her socks (and why did they have done that for?), her skirt was totally exposing her white silk covered behind, her white polo T-shirt was ruined due to the amount of tape they had used on her torso and most important...


...she didn't knew what they had done with her baby!!!


Nothing, absolutely nothing was worth her daughter's life!!!


'Mrs. Holland? Your daughter is fine. If we had hurt her, even accidentally, and our boss found out about it... well let's just say that you would end up feeling sorry about us...'


No way!!! But, considering what she had heard about her neighbor's girlfriend... perhaps...


'Do you want to drink something? Are you thirsty?'


Actually, she was. The black and masked woman that was talking to her was very strong. Instead of helping her to sit or kneel on the bed, then leave and return with a glass of water, she grabbed her and threw her over her right shoulder and carried her to the kitchen.


Lorena (her 42 years old maid) and Kristy (her 21 years old daughter's babysitter) were there, as much taped to chairs as she was being now. Lorena's grey maid uniform had disappeared under the black tape while Kristy's blue jeans knickers and 'Metallica' black T-shirt were barely visible. In a matter of four minutes she was nearly mummified to the chair, and cried with the other two women all along.


It was her fault, HER FAULT!!!


Then, first Lorena and one minute later Kristy, both women were blindfolded with a long and thick black scarf wrapped around their eyes.


As she was expecting, she was next, but one moment after that happened she felt something being placed inside her right ear, and for the second time in her life she heard HER voice.


'Mrs. Holland, by now I believe that you must have realized that your lawyer handled us the DVD you made of me and your next-door-neighbor without receiving what you demanded in return. He is probably going to try some ‘Commando’-like rescue of his friends that we have now on our power, nothing that I haven’t foresee. As for Sadie and Erin, well... you won't be hearing from them anymore... but don't worry, I don't plan to kill them. They will be... relocated... so to speak... to Australia.'


She turned her head to where she believed the black woman was standing, and pleaded.


'The documents you were demanding in return of the DVD, and its copies, are now inside your safe in your personal bathroom. I don't want to have my friend relocated, and I don't want to ever fear to visit her, so you will have what you wanted to achieve through your lame attempt of blackmail. BUT, I really hope you learned your lesson, Mrs. Holland... May this be the last time we have a conversation in such terms and remember... And... obviously... Don't say anything to the police about Ann!'


The earplug was removed and the attacker left the room. For long minutes she didn't heard anything else in the house other than her own muffled pleas and those of the other women. Then there was a knock at the front door, and someone entering her house...


'Mrs. Holland? Mrs. Holland? I... I called the police... someone just left Barbra inside her babysitter balance right in front of my porch and... Oh my God!!!'




They were inside a ship somewhere in the sea. Bound to each other by the ankles over a large and very comfy mattress. Each girl's arms was tied at the side of their bodies at the waist line with soft and non-abrasive rope. They were still wearing their sling bikinis, lots of that 'comfy' rope carefully arranged over their bodies, leather blindfolds over their eyes and tape over their lips. They wished that that muscle relaxant (that had helped their captors to shove them, heavily hogtied and gagged, inside those two big trolley travel bags and carry them in plain sight into that ship) had wore out.


It hadn't. They could breathe normally and there was actually no reason for the gags.


There was no one in that ship, a big yacht if Dayna (who knew a lot about ship's engines and the sound that they made) wasn't mistaken, besides them and... someone else other than her mistress. The way that their captors had talked with her (their still mysterious current captor) indicated that she wasn't holding them on her free will.


They had barked orders to her, had three or four times remembered her of a ‘big red pouty lips’ woman called Toni that was waiting for her to take them to 'there' so they could and would set her free and had left while (obviously) mocking the captor's lifestyle.




'Are you alright?'


She had entered the room? But how? She hadn't heard... of course she wouldn't close the door! Why should she if she was alone with them?


'The rope I am using on you... it's a special kind that my wife... loves a lot to use on me... and me on her... it won't hurt your skin... but since I am... very skilled with its use... none of you will have any chance... to free herself... I am going to remove it now... and leave and lock the door. In about half an hour... the relaxant will wear out... and you will be able to eat and... use the toilet. Don't try... to do anything... else. It's pointless... anyway. I will see... you both... in the morning. Don’t try... anything...'


For someone speaking so weirdly (with a voice synthesizer) and slowly, the woman's finger were very quick, and tender, she sort of massaged each limb after she removed the ropes. Both girls, after the drug finally wore out and they could remove their gags and blindfolds, agreed about that. They first hugged each other and cried a little, then they tried to open the door and the two hatches (no chance at all for that to happen!), then they used the toilet and decided to give a try to the food that had been left on a platter on the floor. Salad, some fruits and spiked water in two big glasses. They were asleep in less than twenty minutes.


Through the hidden micro-cameras the Duchess saw it happening and re-entered the room. Zee... sweet little delicious Zee, she had once fell hard to some very low level due to the effect of that girl's obvious charms on her mind. Dayna... the now most regular toy of her right arm’s kinky games... All hers for the next two days...


No gags, just mean and escape-proof sailor knots on their crossed ankles and wrists and the blindfolds (of course since she didn't wanted that Zee had a chance to recognize her as the 'Fraulein' that had attacked her). One girl at the time was helped to lie on the bed and she covered them almost completely, leaving only their heads out, and she kissed each girl's right cheek before she left the room. The devices that were monitoring their body functions were working perfectly, and just by luck she was with twenty three (of forty five) of the DVDs she had of Zee with her in her cabin...


That girl really had a weird effect on her...




‘There’s really no need to gag me Mr. Abbott’


‘Shut up!!!’


What was more exasperating in the whole situation was that after he had broke/barged into her house, pointed a gun at her, tied her up without she showing any fear or attempt to impede him from doing so (not even complaining as he cinched the knots as tight as possible), gagged her and locked her in her own car’s trunk and then drove her to that place (a cabin by the lake whose owner was away in a trip to some central Europe country), she still was as cooperative as she had been from the very start!!!


Ann Dobson, nowadays known as Calliope (‘Callie, please!’) Armstrong, presumed dead or worst for the past seven years, was now looking at him with such a cool look in her eyes over the tape gag!!! What his client had tried to do was way more than risky!!!


Just by luck, and due to the habit that she had to spy on scantily clad girls with her priced telescope-like lens of her professional camera (she was a voyeur not a closet lesbian), she had seen Ann and had taken pictures of the very attractive redhead as she lounged on her own backyard over a towel in a black bikini. So potent was the equipment that she had managed to take a good picture of the girl’s face, the first of many. Ann, or Callie, lived at about half a mile southeast from his client’s home (which was located at the top of a small hill) and together with Teri (a brunette that lived a good mile down west) and Winona (a blonde that lived 600 yards northwest) they formed the ‘most regular targets’ of Isis’ lens.


Completely illegal of course, but he couldn’t say anything to the police about it.


Then one night there was this show on TV about big time criminal women from the past and present. They talked about that dreaded giantess from the 50’s (Thelma something), about serial killers, about the Duchess, and showed a good picture of the only woman in the world that could have sent her behind bars.


Ann Dobson.


For a week no one heard of Callie Armstrong, who suddenly had a ‘family emergency’ in Alaska!, and (from what he had managed to hear from a secretary he had bribed) when she reappeared she claimed that she was just a lookalike of the ‘poor girl’ to her co-workers at the accountant firm she worked at, and they had bought it.


Actually even Isis had bought it too at first; if Callie was Ann then there would not have been any reason at all for her to reappear. Her ‘Callie’ identity was (more likely) a gift from the nearest US Marshall Office and, due to the TV show, would have been discarded immediately. So Isis ‘welcomed her back’ by buying a even more expensive and powerful camera and aiming at her house far more often.


One day she took a picture of her, a lady with an outrageous fake shade of red in her hair and a very young and handsome man. She never ever knew the guy’s name, but almost instantly recognized the woman. It was the Duchess! For the next two months she, through her own surveillance and research, managed to be sure of two things: ‘Calliope’ was indeed Ann Dobson and her very irregular visitor was the Duchess!!!


But instead of going to the police or FBI she decided to do what Jack knew was a very foolish thing, to get back at her former husband and employee. He had left town with his secretary and six years of her researches! And was making his name with her work!!


She wanted..., no, she had demanded that the Duchess stole back all the data plus whatever he had managed to create (with the help of the fresh-from-college-geniuses he had hired) based on it. She had demanded it!!! Why hadn’t HE called the cops?


Because, truth be told as hard as it was, he had been greedy as well. Of course, he had tried to cover their tracks as best as he could... His grampa Oliver used to tell him 'never go along with greedy guys, they are as dumb as they think that they are smart', and he had been so greedy! So greedy and dumb!!! He had hired two amateur actresses that were about to be expelled from their apartment, and were as greedy and dumb as himself, to pose as the contact of 'those who knew the truth about Callie' and Calliope/Ann and the Duchess.


Yeah, as if the Duchess had become the 'Duchess' by being not able to see through his ruse. He had tried to do it right though. Sadie and Erin had... 'paid a visit' to Callie when the Duchess was there. They had gambled with whatever fear that the Italian noblewoman had about her 'little secret' with Ann become public... and had lost!!!


Of course, at first, the Duchess had played along. She had agreed to do all four 'jobs' that the 'contacts' had demanded as the '1st payment' for their silence...


He had been very cautious into selecting the targets. None could be traced back to his office and all were scattered across the country, and all were high profile industrial data. The data his client wanted would be mixed along others in the '2nd and last payment'. The 'jobs' that  were needed to achieve the '1st payment' were supposed to happen in the next weekend, and to avoid any suspicion he had kept his habits, like going to the pool of the Lord Jim Hotel where the best babes (that definitely weren't minors) used to go to get a sun tan.


There he had met his old sweetheart (yeah right..., the girl was lesbian not bi, a pity...) and another incredibly sultry blonde girl (that he was sure that was straight and had not racial prejudices due to the way she had looked at him...), they were just chatting when the phone call came. He didn't knew the number but answered it anyway.


It was the Duchess herself. He was in the swimming pool of the Lord Jim and she knew that because, right at that moment, there was a gun aimed at him. He controlled his panic and did as he was told, giving the girls some lame excuse and running to his apartment.


There he found a palm top on top of the table in the kitchen. Opening it he saw, through a web link, the feed of cameras that showed him sitting at the table in the kitchen, Erin and Sadie watching TV in their motel's room, Mrs. Holland lunching with her daughter and the baby's babysitter, and Dayna and Zee Lee writhing on top of a bed tightly bound, gagged and blindfolded. He had reached for his phone only to have it ringing in his hand.


It was the Duchess again. She told him to seat and don't move... or we would not be seeing the girls again. None of the four. They had put about ten different cameras all over his and theirs place and were monitoring him all along, as he was forced to watch the strikes.


First he saw two black and hooded ladies barging into Erin and Sadie's living room.


Suddenly they were there, guns draw and aiming at the pair. Crying and begging all along they were forced to strip completely. None of the actresses did move an inch as one of them started to wrap loop after loop of white rope over their limbs. First Erin then Sadie, wrists (with the hands palm to palm), then elbows (she managed to force the girls to allow them to touch), then above and below their breasts, then ankles, above and below the knees and finally a long piece of rope to connect the wrists to the waist. Foam balls almost gently pushed into the girl's mouths and four strips of white tape to cover their pursed together lips and they were ready. The 'sister' who had done the binding was either bulky or fat (she was massive that's for sure), and could easily grab one of them at the time and carry her to the garage of the house. Since, besides the hood and gloves (and guns) she was dressed as an ordinary executive gal, all she'd have to do was to find a way to accommodate both girl's inside their own car's trunk and leave the place driving it.


She hadn't to bother too much about it. As soon as she entered the garage she carefully let the captive girl slid from her shoulder, helped her to stand properly, turned her around and injected something in her bare buttocks. The first girl (Sadie) immediately went limp and was placed inside the car, lying on the back seat, and was kept in place with the seatbelts.  Erin was put inside the trunk along with a couple of large pillows, taken from one of the girl's bedroom, to better cushion her. After thirty minutes it was all over.


In the meantime both Zee and Dayna (in that order and who also were previously being kept captives, inside one of them's hotel room, by a trio of masked/hooded black women) were put inside a trolley like those used by chambermaids, with a black chambermaid (the only one of the group that he managed to see her face) holding and guiding it, then taken through the hotel's corridors and elevators until they reached a blue van parked in some sublevel, then the captive and limb (drugged and still bound and gagged) girl was taken from the trolley and placed inside the van over a bare mattress. After both girls were ready (was it what they, BDSM people, called a 'hogtie'?) the van left the parking lot.


Then it was Mrs. Holland turn. Her chubby brunette maid was washing the dishes and talking with the nanny (who was waiting to get paid as she ate a fruit sitting by the table) when two other black and hooded dames burst into the kitchen. The taller one grabbed the maid while the other jumped on the nanny, twisting the girl's arm and forcing her (who had stood up) to bent forward and had her head shoved against the table.


Meanwhile Mrs. Holland was giving a bath to her seven months old daughter. Downstairs both women were being quickly, efficiently and quite rudely (if compared to how the others had been deal with) taped up. Their arms were taped together as close as they could get behind their backs, then they were forced to seat and taped to the chairs they were in. Both women had been gagged with what looked like balled up socks shoved inside their mouths, and only after their attackers had finished to melt them to the chairs their lips were taped as well. Then both women went after Mrs. Holland...


She never had a chance, they jumped on her as if they had done it a hundred times and soon she was writhing on her own bed. Then they left her and went to the adjacent room, and she could see them taking her baby with them! The baby was now sleeping but held in a babysitter balance. They took the toddler to the kitchen and, while one of them took care of the sleeping little girl the other spoke to the captives. Since suddenly the sound was on he could hear everything that she said in a electronically distorted voice.


'This is our first and last warning. This time, but only this time, we will NOT take the baby with us. Do not let her call the police, do not try anything funny, she knows what we want and she must understand that, if she doesn't give it to us, her baby will disappear.'


They stood like statues for about ten minutes, then while one of them grabbed the balance and took it away (to the back of the house), the other went back upstairs. Jack heard everything that the Duchess told Mrs. Holland a few minutes later. And when the elder and noisy neighbor of his client appeared and freed all three women he sighed with relief.


Then he got mad, really mad.


FOUR GIRLS, one of them a very good friend from his college days, were still in the... the clutches of that Italian lady's henchwomen!!! He was going to force her to free them all!!!


But how? Go to the police or FBI and tell them about Calliope/Ann Dobson? Right, most likely she had some story already rehearsed hundreds of time ready for whenever a cop stopped by her home calling her by her real name... But he knew about her, he knew where she lived, and at the very least, the very very least, she meant something to the Duchess...


And now here they were. He, sitting on the edge of a bed where a mid-thirties nearly naked woman (she was sunbathing in her backyard when he had 'showed up' and her sling bikini top's knots had been almost completely undone by now) was lying on her side behind him, with some curiosity and no fear at all in her eyes and... and was looking past him.


He stood up violently with his gun in his hand.


There wasn't anyone in the room or by the door, and she was actually looking at the table of the cabin. There was a something over it. A laptop.


Same model of the one he had left at his apartment. It was on, and he opened it. And was greeted with the sight of the current status of Erin and Sadie.





And all because they had accepted that ********** money!!!!!


And because they had wanted more...


They sort of accused each other and tried to find support and comfort in each other as they were lying on the floor of that house. The cold and tiled floor of that house. They were lying on their bellies with their bodies incredibly taut due to the strict hogtie to which they had been placed in, the soles of their feet were being touched by their fingers, there was (probably) a hook or a pulley in the ceiling above them, and the long piece of rope that connected both short pieces of rope that created the hogties was passing through it so if one of them pulled at her bonds the other was pulled up and, due to the 'bows' in which their bodies had been turned into through a clever use of short and tight pieces of rope, she was forced to do like a rocking chair, which caused the other to move accordingly...


As long as they managed to lie still...


Then their captors took pity of them (after twenty minutes of such plight) and cut the ropes that created their hogties and other bonds. Their arms and legs were marvelously massaged afterwards, and then padded handcuffs were placed on both wrists and ankles. The links between the 'bracelets' on their wrists were none, but those on their ankles allowed them to take reasonably long steps. The jawbreaking ballgags jammed into their mouths were kept untouched by their captors as were their leather hoods (that covered most of the rest of their heads leaving only a ponytail appearing). Two pairs of hands grabbed each girl and made them stand, and then walk to somewhere. A backyard, with freshly mopped lawn in it.


There their hoods were finally removed, and they found themselves standing in front of two lounge chairs occupied by two women wearing one piece swimsuits, one conservative the other quite scandalous (most of it was a fishnet), with two couple of bodyguards/secretaries standing beside an behind them. One of the girls (dressed and acting like a secretary) took their measurements while the other typed them to her PDA.


'Girls... this lady at my right deals with a very obscure business... the traffic of human beings. Actually, the traffic of young, pretty and ripe female human beings...'


She let the words sunk into her captives' minds before she finished the phrase.


'So...' - and she turned to her guest - '...what do you think of these two?'


The four women that had brought them to them were now holding hem more vigorously. As Erin tried vainly to trash and perhaps run for her escape, Sadie just stood there crying more than she had been so far. The woman that had made the question was a brunette in her early forties and wore the fishnet piece, her companion (and slave trader?) was in her late twenties early thirties and was a petite Chinese lady wearing a cherry red two piece.


'Are you really going to sell those two girls to me for only one dollar? What's the catch?'


'No catch at all. No diseases, mental or physiological, whatsoever. One dollar...'


The Oriental woman extended her hand and her burly male bodyguard handed her a coin.

She handed it to the older woman with a smile that said more than both girls could handle.


'...and they're yours. Do you mind to wait a week for the proper delivery?'


'Who will do it?'


A pair of black women appeared at the scene from behind them. They were dressed in leather and jeans, almost like black girls in every Hollywood take on black rider babes, but these two were definitely not babes. They were hunters, 'don't-mess-with-me' women and more. Much more. And were eyeing them with such a disdain!!!


'Oh, them? I want them unharmed and in one piece. Is-that-clear?'


Both black women nodded, and started to rope their captive right away. They used yellow rope on both girls, from the soles of their feet to their shoulder blades and armpits, a weird diamond like pattern repeated everywhere over their bodies that took a whole hour to be completed. Both girls did try to struggle but it was completely useless.


In the meantime the one that had sold them read a paper while the other appraised the whole procedure with critical and analytical eyes.


'Is that how you expect them to be delivered?' - asked one of the black 'biker babes' when they were done. Both Erin and Sadie were now completely devastated and none of them registered the answer of the Chinese woman.


'Not bad... not bad at all. Do whatever you want to them, but remember... no piercings, no tattoos, no nothing. Just rope and cuff marks. And use a little more rope around their breasts when you finally deliver them to me on the other Coast of this country of yours.'


Both riders nodded and threw their now precious 'cargo' over the left shoulder of each one of them. Erin was carried by the taller of their captors, Sadie by the kinkiest and both shrieked when they saw in what they would be 'travelling' across the country.


A travel trailer.






Erin, 23 years, dirt blonde with short hair. Sadie, black hair mane that went to the small of her back. Both tall and lean, Erin had a small bust while Sadie was definitely a 36C.


Both shared a bunk bed, Erin on the top one. While Erin had just been tied at the wrists and ankles (and those bond had been for their turn tied to the frames of her bunk) and she was just sort of stretched on her bed (she couldn't reach her wrists with her mouth no matter how she tried but otherwise was fine); Sadie had been fetishistically bound; her legs were bent and her ankles bound to same tie that kept her hands (one at each respective side) at the waist level, the elbows were not touching, more like held by a thick 'ropecuff' as close as she could take for a long time and that 'cuff' was also anchoring her still as possible, with four pieces of rope starting from it, going to each corner of the bunk, then under and around it two or three time, then back. She was really stuck. Both girls wore black tape gags and blindfolds and seemed to be asleep with their heads resting on big and soft pillows.


The screen had been divided in four. One showed Erin (head first), another Sadie (knees first), another the bunk from its side and the fourth showed him and his captive.


There was a camera in the room.


Actually six of them since their feed appeared successively at random intervals, but the fact was that they (actually that ****** Italian) had predicted even that!!!!


He felt like the mouse in the kitten's paw...


His 'captive' started to make too much noise for his likes, so he ripped her thick (five layers) tape gag, she moved her jaw in two or three different directions and spoke.


'Don't worry about them.'


'Why shouldn't I?'


'When they appeared at my home... can I have a glass of water please?' - he helped her to drink it after he helped her to sit on the edge of the bed – 'When those two passable little actresses you and Mrs. Holland hired to pose as 'contacts' of some 'criminal organization' appeared at my home... well let's just say that they were lucky that Mi... that the Duchess was in a good mood, or they would have left my house locked inside some big case or trunk and straight to some interrogation room that her staff could provide in one or two hours. No, she was amused with their lame act, with their pathetic pretension of blackmailing HER, of all people! You know what we did after they were gone? We talked, for hours, about what I am to her. Her Achilles heel. You are right in one account, she DOES care about me and my safety, and that's why she knew she had just met two phonies...'


'How? Where did I...'


'If any of the many... 'business rivals' of hers knows about me, or anyone really greedy to find it out and try to use for his or hers intents, well I will disappear. I'll be kidnapped and probably will be treated very harshly as I wait for whatever they demand from her part to be done. I know that it is most likely that I... don't survive the experience or at least get a lot of unpleasant scars, both in body and in mind. But I decided not to live in constant fear of it to happen. What's the use? I live my life, with friends that call me by a name that I am almost in the verge of recognizing as my real one, and have a great friend who happens...'


'Friend? You're not her...'


'Our relationship is none of your business. But I can tell that we're not lovers nor I am some bondage slave or toy of hers. We're friends!'


He stood up and tried to assimilate what she had just said to him. So she had seen past his and his client's ruse from the start? Then why... He looked at the bound sleeping girls.


'Alright, and what about them?'


'Well, they did try to blackmail her, like you and your client, and looked down on her... As of now they are having the 'Fear Tour', it's one of her most tricky punishment. They looked down on her as if she was garbage and THAT, mister, it's the last thing that someone could do with her. So now they must be believing that they are being transported cross-country to some place where they will be shipped to some country far away overseas, most likely China or India (don't ask me why she usually chose one of those two as the 'destination'), what will actually happen to them is that they will be the toys of their transporter(s) for the next few days, then they will be set free (with some clothes and money) in a city far away from here and will have to come back on their own. It's all about to show how easily they can become real deal victims of the Duchess' wrath if they dare to think of her as a fool...'


'Like me and my client did?'


'Exactly, whatever your client really was after, Michaella discovered right on the same day of their visit last week. So she had it provided ASAP and set this lesson for you and them.'


'OK... ok... so what should I do now?'


'Drive me home would be a good start...'


He thought for a moment or two, sighed audibly and with the most defeated look she had ever seen in a man's face, he set her free. She massaged her wrists, tidied herself and got ready to leave with him. But there was the issue of Dayna and her friend Zee.


'Don't worry about those two... She told me that she is going to need them for a couple of days more, that they will profit with their ordeal and...'


But his extended arm was now blocking her passage to outside.


'Then, I am afraid, I will not be able to let you go... for now.'






Not very unexpected thought Debs as she saw Jack rudely grabbing Ann by the left arm and dragging her back to the bed of the cabin. She complained that his roughness was totally unnecessary and that she would cooperate in full, and as he taped her legs together in five different spots, then her wrists and arms (and then the arms to her torso) and helped her to lie on the bed, covering her body with the bed sheet before he remade the five times layered gag over her pursed he realized that she really meant it.


Her trust in him (and in the Duchess' thugs and minions) was complete and absolute.


After the party that had followed the 'act' they had played on the two tramps that had dared to think that Mikki (The Duchess you idiot!) would visit her best friend alone and on her own had reached its peak, she had passed one arm around the 'slave trader''s waist and the  other around one of the waitresses', and had taken them to her chamber.


They were resting peacefully at her left under the silken covers of the bed. She texted a message to the Duchess: 'Boss... what I told that would happen just did happen...'.


One minute later they were watching the action happening at the cabin and had already gotten in touch with Amparo and Rosanna who were waiting for her orders. Yes they could invade the place in less than twenty seconds if needed, yes they could kill him in less than ten if needed, yes they could just sit on the ground and watch the grass grow as he did nothing really harmful to their boss' 'little sister' (as Amparo had once called Ann).


But the boss decided to talk with him first.






'Then I am afraid...'


'Oh... stop with that!!! I had a stupid of an uncle who was used to say that 'blacks have only a quarter of the brain of the whites!', he was stupid and racist and much more but only I can say anything about him. Don't make any of his lame words come true!!'


'Now listen to me...'


'Do you realize that the cabin where you are now is completely surrounded by my... ehr... 'employees'? That I can have you killed in the blink of an eye? I had your whole life checked and double-checked and analyzed by professionals. I know you can be rough with my friend if I am with yours. And I know that, just like me, you will regret it. I was rough with your friends? You'd target ME and not my friends for your revenge, am I wrong?'


'(...) No.'


'I can't and I won't tell you WHY I need your friends for a couple of days. Suffice to say that they won't be nowhere near the chance of any harm or danger to happen anything to them. (...) ALRIGHT!!! Do you heard about the trick that Billie Mae Hammer used against those... freaks and losers that attacked her, her wife, her and those models she had hired?'


'Yes. Are you going to...'


'I said too much already. Too much!'


'Promise me that you are not going to let anything happen to them...'


Ann/Calliope made some angry noises under her gag. And when he removed it she gave him and the Duchess a reprimand. If the Duchess wanted to use both girls as baits for a trap against parts unknown or whatever else, what could he really do now? He could end her life as it was now with one single phone call or stop at the local precinct, just like Isis Holland who was now scared to her core (and what was that idea of hers to use treats against her baby?), so why was the Duchess making him angry and mad? That wasn't the woman that she had lived under her power and might for five long years!


'Mr. Abbot, Jack (can I call you Jack?), the whole point of she allowing you to kidnap me is to prove that she will always be three or four steps ahead of you (when she's calm and in a better shape of self-control that is) so you CAN hurt ME, but not HER. There's no need to keep me as your prisoner anymore. Your friends ARE safe and fine. Your client IS safe and (considering what she passed through today) fine. The two actresses you hired ARE safe and fine. EVERYBODY is safe and fine. Four of them are not free or able to do anything that the Duchess's 'employees' don't allow them to do, but they are fine nonetheless. In a couple of days, perhaps less, your friends will be set free. In a week the actresses will be set free. And there is nothing that you can do (and won't do anyway) to change that.'


He capitulated, but put the gag back on and took her home inside the car's trunk. He spent the whole trying to find a way to escape the trap he had fell in. There weren't any, he wasn't exactly a bad guy, he didn't knew bad guys and he wouldn't do anything that bad guys do with a helpless woman. She looked more disappointed with him than mad when he took her out of the trunk (somebody from the Duchess organization had parked her car in front of her own house, allowing him to park his car inside her garage), but she decided to make some coffee for them and chat with him for a while.


They talked for about two hours straight and she did the most of it. Their conversation wasn't monitored by the Duchess or Debs or anybody else, Ann had long earned the right to have private talks. He left her house feeling very uneasy with the pact he had forged with Ann, and had a couple of very troublesome night of few sleep, but kept his part of the deal.


As did Ann/Calliope, and the Duchess.






'...And there was that time when a... 'crazy' girl who has the body of a model, like you and I for instance, but for some reason likes to burglarize hot girls (she did say to me and my sister before she bid us goodbye that she does it more for the 'fun' and 'thrill' of it than for the money). She wasn't really lunatic as you may be thinking nor put me and Maryann in some crazy and incestuous tie. No. Simple stuff, ankles and knees and wrists, then a long piece of rope wrapped around each one of our waist, then linking the waists very closely. Clear see through tape for the gags and 'goodbye babes!'. It took about half an hour for us to free ourselves and find out that she had cleaned our wallets... And that was the last one.'


'So let me get this straight. You, a bondage model by choice and... hmm...'


'It's not big deal for me, and kinda fun actually (just kinda...)...'


'You have been bound and gagged and in some cases kept captive for real and against your own free will, six times already? Girl, what does Fate has against you?'




They were chatting while sitting on the edge of the bed. Their still mysterious captor had provided two big (at least five numbers above their size) white T-shirts from the Florida Marlins for them and a pair or bikini cut white sling panties, plus a few magazines, while they were sleeping. They had awaken and removed their bikinis and put on the new clothes, then they had ate the breakfast and tried to read the magazines to pass the time.


They ended up talking to each other.


Dayna was feeling eerie with the coolness that Zee was showing and had asked why she was acting like that, the answer had shocked her.


A bank robbery, two burglaries, a German con lady who was in need of her hotel room's window (come again?), a carjack by a couple of female escape convicts and a romantic encounter with an LA Clippers’ player interrupted by a couple of thieves...


She had to, by force, learn how to deal with the whole situation of being a captive 'for real' and she, apparently, had mastered it. Dayna for her turn was very convincing with her tale of how her long treatment, to cope with the whole bizarre situation at her client's manor a couple of years back (but actually a passable excuse for her encounters with her mistress and the pretty hot girls/women they so marvelously had 'ousted' from the closet), had managed to learn how to deal with the situation at hand. More or like Zee was doing.


They were in the middle of the chat, which has converged to their ideas as to how the captor would provide lunch for them (since the breakfast had been a few hours back), when they had a surprise. The door suddenly opened violently and a woman with long black hair and brown eyes (the only things that they could see of her face under that leather hood she was wearing) and dressed in a pair of black tennis, black jeans knickers and white T-shirt barged into the room. She had a gun in her right hand and a small bag in the left one.


Both Zee and Dayna hugged each other as they looked to the menacing woman. She threw the bag on the bed and motioned to Zee to walk to the bed and open it. Not for a second Zee thought about trying to jump on her, and anyway she was in a closed space with not much room to move and with an innocent girl whom might get hurt if she tried anything (she rationalized it all later). So Zee opened the bag, turned it over and splashed its contents on the large bed. Padded cuffs, some coils of rope, two ballgags and two leather blindfolds.


'Cuff your friend wrists and ankles, then tie her arms to her torso above and below the breasts and her legs above the knees, then gag and blindfold her and help her to lay on the bed. Then go to that corner facing and don't try anything stupid.'


To Dayna the surprising change in the persona of the captor was very intriguing. Obviously this was the woman that had been taking care of them all along, but she had somehow decided to stop her charade of 'lesbian whose wife has been kidnapped and who suffers of some respiratory problem' (she knew that all handlers of captive women had to pretend to be someone else, but clearly this one had overdone her characterization).


She nodded and mouthed to Zee that she was 'fine' and allowed herself to be (tightly according to the handler's orders) restrained by Zee. She was helped to hop to the bed and lie on her belly on it with her head resting over one of its pillows.


Zee's bond's only difference were that her legs weren't restrained and the cuffs at her ankles had a longer chain between them, and that the hooded woman seemed to be hesitant as she bound her, thus there was more rope over body (but the bonds themselves were practically the same as in Dayna's body). After finishing to cinch the last knot the handler ordered her to stay put and went to check on Dayna. She added more rope that turned the lawyer into a tight hogtied bundle but, at the same time, she put an earplug on her left ear.


While the Duchess helped Zee to walk through the big yacht until they were in the bridge, in which they stayed for a while, Dayna heard compliments, teasings and orders from her mistress and actually enjoyed her ordeal, which she knew was now being recorded by Debs.






The woman made her sit on a small chair, then wrapped a lot of rope over her legs (that also connected them to single feet of the bolted chair) and over her arms and torso. She thought for a moment with both of her hands resting over Zee's own shoulders and removed her ballgag and made her drink orange juice through a straw. Then two strips of tape were placed over her lips and she heard the woman walking around the bridge.


'Do you... do you realize how much you just freaked me out little girl?'


What? She, the captive, had scared her, the captor???!!!


'Don't scream, it's pointless since we're miles away from the shore but I assure you that I will replace with whatever I have that is the most jawbreaking and teeth-crushing in my private stock if you scream. Got it? Now... what's your name again? Profession?'


'Zandra Lee. I am a model and 'actress' specialized in fetishistic (mostly bondage) stuff.'


'You are NOT the bimbo secretary of some pharmacist company's CEO?'


'No!!! And neither is Dayna!!! She's the lawyer of a CEO, but he deals with export-import and things like that. He doesn't produces anything, just carries them from there to there.'


Two fingers pressed her lips to purse got the message. For about two minutes there was no sound in the bridge. Then she heard a ripping sound and four strips of tape were plastered over her lips a bit forcibly. Then the woman moved away from her and...


'Control... this is Ship 2, Ship 2 on the line calling Control...'


After a few seconds 'Control' answered. From what she could hear it seemed that had whoever had kidnapped them told her captor that they were 'Naomi' and 'Scarlet', bimbo sweethearts of the captor's gang intended targets. But 'Control' assured her captor that 'Naomi' and 'Scarlet' had been indeed kidnapped by those who had delivered them to the captor. Doublecross or shenanigans. The fact was that they were NOT the ones that the captor was supposed to keep under her sight and thumb.


But whatever fear that was starting to arise in Zee's mind was crushed right away.


'Those ************ foxes! What are you going to do with those two bimbos?'


'What else you expect me to do? I am not a killer. Have the boys ready at the marina by the dawn of tomorrow, there must be someone in town that they are related to somehow so the boys can take them to this person. I'll frighten the bunnies a bit so they won't call the police and that's it. I won't gonna be involved in murder so take that option out of the actions of the boys’ minds. But I want the money you promised me for this job. It's not my...'


'Alright, alright... you'll have your money. BUT... it's better for them and yourself that they don't involve the coppers in this business. Call you later...'


The conversation ended and the woman was now standing in front of her.


She removed the tape from Zee's lips. Zee attempts to thank her were denied when she again pursed Zee's lips together. Under the blindfold Zee was crying, and after a few moments the leather was gone. She was in a bridge, in a very modern pilot house, that yacht was very expensive and had the top of the top nautical technology in it.


'Do you think that I like to use this hood? Some BDSM freak that used this ship before me left it (along with a lot of his paraphernalia that I don't touch even with the help of a seven feet long stick) in the captain's cabin. But here... let me dry your tears...'


After it was done the blindfold went back, and Zee heard a sigh of relief as (she presumed) the hood was removed. She heard something (that she presumed was a three leg stool she had seen with the corner of her left eye) being dragged in fron of her.


'So... you are a bondage model...'




'And you have been involved in six situations in which you have been tied up, or the likes, for real? Six? One, two, three, four, five... SIX???'




'Do you know that this 'cool' behavior of yours about what happened to you and what is happen to you and that 'counselor' downstairs... IS FREAKING ME OUT?'


To her surprise, Zee heard that the 'hooded woman' was used to have captives aboard. It was one of her many income sources. And all of them always were docile and crying and never as composed as she was now, or had been as she talked with Dayna a while back.


Yes there were cameras and mikes in that room, how else could they be monitored as long as they were kept there while having some 'privacy'?


So Zee and her captor started to talk about how she dealt with her hostage/captive crisis situations, how the captor dealt with the more wrecked girls she had 'met' in such line of work, how Dayna was faring (according to their points of view) and much more.


Of course Zee had no way of knowing that she was talking with the same woman that three years before had put her in a 'wrecked' state of mind, and to the Duchess silent delight she saw that Zee had managed to put behind all that she (in such a shameful act from her part) had made her pass through. Not that it prevented her to call herself a long list of very foul names a few hours later when she was alone in the bridge.


Then both women's stomachs made their demands for food quite audible and, after a shared laugh among them, Zee obeyed the order to 'open her mouth and close her eyes'.


The blindfold went back and this time a thick... towel was wrapped around her head and between her teeth. The ropes tying her legs were undone and she was guided to the kitchen.  There her torso and lap were tied to a chair but her hand were set free and then cuffed to their respective back feet of the chair. She was left alone for about five minutes (in which she became sure that her captor could easily find a job as a rigger in any bondage website), then she heard Dayna being brought to the room and been tied as she was at her left.


'Alright girls, here's your options. You don't try anything stupid and I'll free your right hand  and remove your blindfolds. That way you can be able to eat, with the help of a spoon, what I am about to prepare for us three. Or you can stay like that and, after I ate one of my favorites and delicious recipes all alone, I baby fed you with two or three cans of baby food one at the time. If you agree with the first then I'll have to eat with the hood on, but YOU are going to stay for the rest of the day bound to each other the way I see fit (after your dental hygiene of course and other uses of the bathroom in your cabin). If you prefer the second you'll stay free inside your cabin for the rest of the day, at least until naptime.'


'Why?' - was the first thing that Dayna, the first to have her gag removed, asked to their captor – 'Why are you giving us options, and specially those?'


'Because I can. Because I hate this hood but, if you're going to savor my culinary skills, you have to be able to do it properly. And because I was fooled by three ****** in which I was fool enough to rust in. There's a lot of steam wanting to get out and I can either punch and kick the punching bag I have in my cabin... or I can exercise my 'mean bitch' side on you. Don't worry, I won't tie you up to humiliate or hurt any of you. It's just that I have a 'mean bitch' side, and it has to be treated accordingly from time to time...'


'Which was one of the reasons as to why you took this job?'


'Girl... I like you, you have courage... but have a little more brains next time, OK? If you ever find yourself in a situation like this one, again, there's no guarantee that the next dude or gal that holds you is as... forgetful... as I am.'


'Zee? What do you think?'


'She'll do whatever she wants with us anyway, but at least we will have food, real food, in our bellies. Fine... tie us up as you wish, after the lunch... ok?'


'If she's fine then I am fine too, but you are a... MMMPPPPHHHMMM!!!'


Both girls were regagged with huge ballgags and could only hear, besides their angry and muffled remarks, their captor humming/singing 60's rock songs. She had a good voice. This and the fact that a delicious smell started to fill the room completely was enough to calm them down. Their stomachs started to protest more audibly for the meal that was being prepared. Then their blindfolds and ballgags were removed.


They were in a spacious (for a boat) kitchen, with very expensive furniture all around, but all both girls cared for was right in front of them on their dishes. Some Italian recipe, with potato salad and a piece of fish for each woman as side order plus orange and lemon juice.

It was all very good and tasty. Afterward, one at the time had her hands and arms retied and the blindfold reapplied, was then freed from the chair and taken to a bathroom in which she was left alone after her hands were freed. The way she was tied now didn't gave the girl a complete liberty of movements, she was hobbled at the knees by ropes and a mean looking knot and her elbows were connected by what looked like a 'rope cuff' of sorts. She could brush her teeth (with some contortionism) and use the toilet but that was all.


If she tried to open the door (that wasn't locked) and fight for her and her friend's freedom... good luck and lame chance! So each girl did use the facilities (one toothbrush for each of them), and as requested walked backwards as she exited the bathroom. Blindfold and gag (a long scarf wrapped many times around their heads) and ropes reapplied and she was then guided/escorted to her room. There more and more rope was added to their bodies making sure that their arms were as close as they could take for hours, that they could not raise them one inch from their backs and that they could only hop around if they wanted to.


When they were both together seating side by side on the edge of the bed the blindfolds were removed. They were in another cabin, in this one there only two things, a bed and a plasma TV nailed on the wall. Grinning, the hooded woman hand Dayna the TV control, warned them to not touch the gags or else and bid them a good afternoon, and left them alone. Dayna and Zee had the same idea and reached for the other girl's gag.


And stopped. All they had to do was one of them slide over the bed's edge until she was sitting on the floor, then the other could be able to reach the tight multi-knots of her gag, then they would simply have to reverse their roles. But they stopped, looked at each other with resignation and both shook their heads at the same time.


Sighing, both adjusted themselves a little better on the bed and Dayna turned on the TV.






What the...? It was his car!!! In his garage!!!


Normally that would not raise any eyebrow on his face, but it was his car, the same car that the Duchess had told him to leave (with its keys in the ignition) in a busy corner of the city the night before. And now it was here, back in his garage.


But not unoccupied...


In the backseat, wearing way too oversized FLORIDA MARLINS(!!!) T-shirts and blue sling bikini panties (and LOTS of tape) were Dayna and Zee. Zee's head was resting over Dayna's right shoulder, they seemed fine and drugged. He carefully grabbed Zee and carried OTS to his guest bedroom where he deposited her over the bed, then it was Dayna's turn. Remove the tape over their lips was easy, but the rest of it demanded small scissors or perhaps his shears? Nah, where had he put that thing?


He felt it safe enough for having them alone for a moment and turned his study upside down, but found the scissors and cut the tape, then he covered them and thought about the whole episode once more, more like for the 1000th time. No words yet from Sadie and Erin and Mrs. Holland was waiting for him to be at her home, so they could and would talk about what they should do with that ******** data she had received from the Duchess, in...  twenty minutes ago. He turned on his cellphone and she had already left five messages.


He was in the middle of a discussion with her (he didn't wanted to leave Zee and Dayna behind while they were still asleep), when he saw Dayna. She was standing with legs a bit too shaky, but was awake. She could and would see after Zee, she had his number and would call him if needed, and both were fine. They had been under the care of a great cook and mean bondage freak bitch, but were fine nonetheless.


Jack only believed in that after she repeated it three more times and could stand on her own.

He kissed her on the lips, told her to have what was in the fridge for herself and left.


Dayna sat on the floor and relaxed. Damned Formula 13! It was the best for transportation through short periods of times, but it always left her way too dizzy! Why couldn't they have used the Formula 20 instead? Ok, they'll be waking up in... by noon, but she wasn't going to be feeling that dizzy! Nearly crawling on all fours she managed to get back to the single bed. Zee was nowhere near of waking up, great face and breasts but belonging to a 100% heterosexual woman... Well, there was that cop that her mistress her promised to her...


Zee only managed to awaken 2 hours later (she had drank too much of the spiked juice), and both awaited for Jack to get in touch in the kitchen. They were hungry and, even being a guestroom, the place where they were now was way too 'macho'.


As they were chatting about how it was being, for a big Phillies fan like him (his study was sort of a shrine for the baseball team), to have two hot girls wearing Florida Marlins T-shirts waltzing around his place. At first Zee, who preferred basketball and hockey, didn't thought it was a big deal, then Dayna started to tell her anecdote after anecdote about Jack's 'devotion' to the Philadelphia Phillies. They were in middle of a good laugh when he and his client, Mrs. Isis Holland, suddenly appeared at the room.


First the girls told them what they remembered about their whole ordeal. They knew that they had been kidnapped because of Jack's client (Mrs. Holland) ambitions, they knew that both of them had tried something that had blew up in their faces badly (but the were not mad at them, they knew that they should be but weren't), and that their kidnappers had tried to get rid of them by selling/delivering them to a third party. Jack seemed too interested in that part, but neither Dayna nor Zee had too many details. Whoever 'Naomi' and 'Scarlet' were it remained a mystery to Zee and Dayna, or so Jack and Isis hoped.


For their part they explained that they had tried to hire some industrial spies to 'steal back' (since she was telling the truth about having had her research stole by her ex-husband Isis was very convincing in that part of their lie), but somehow things had gotten way out of hand and... they owed them a big apology and compensation.


Before either Zee and Dayna could say or do anything, Isis handed them a bulged envelope with 10K in each and assured them that this was no bribe, if they wanted they could go to the police and tell their ordeals right away. She hadn't told the 'truth', that she had just told them, to her nanny or her maid (who had resigned and didn't wanted to get in touch with her), but Jack had instructions to have them receive a 'compensation' as well.


Isis, who had also bought new clothes for the girls (following Jack's correct statement about their measurements), told them to get dressed and that she was going to buy them lunch in a restaurant nearby. They discussed the whole business during and after the lunch, and in the end neither Zee nor Dayna did wanted to get the police involved, much to Isis' silent relief.


Their kidnapping (that the police had no info about) had been disguised as a daring robbery at the Lord Jim Hotel, and the attack on her house was being treated by the police as some business rivalry going way over the top (without any real clues).


The ropemarks (that they hid under the tight fitting trousers and long sleeves) prevented both girls to enjoy the beaches as they had wanted, but they stayed in town for a while more. Zee returned to San Fernando Valley two days later, after receiving a mysterious e-mail with the picture of two girls, one blonde the other with black hair and both bound side by side over a bed, with hands in front and blue tape gags.


The e-mail message was 'These are Naomi and Scarlet, they're fine and will get in touch with Jack. Don't worry about them.'. It was sent by 'Rhea' (the nickname her captor told her she would use to get in touch with her as soon as she had her hands on 'Scarlet' and 'Naomi', which would meant that they were now 'safe', yet still captives).


She had no ways of knowing if those two girls were indeed 'Scarlet' and 'Naomi', or even captives for that matter (they could be models, amateurs or pros), but... she couldn't do nothing but hope that they were them and they were fine. And so she did.


Her sister Maryann and her friends couldn't believe that she, again, had been subjected to such a dire situation. And again she proved them that she was coping well with the fact.


Isis and 'Calliope' met in the first's private office three weeks later. The gloating ***** that Isis was expecting came in the shape of a woman really concerned as how far her friend (and protector) had went to protect her. They didn't became friends or anything like that, but Isis didn't feared her anymore after that. The data that she had achieved helped Isis to pay all her bills and prosper marvelously, and her formers maid and nanny ended up returning to work for her. The police never knew what was behind the 'incident'.


Erin and Sadie were Nora and Harper bound toys for two full weeks. On the third day of their ordeal Harper decided to be honest with them and told them the whole truth. They were not going to be sold, they were not going to disappear from the surface of the Earth nor anything that they might be thinking at the moment. But... they were private property of the duo for as long as they wanted (no sex, the Duchess had a strict no-rape policy), and for the next eleven days, the travel trailer roamed around the NorthEast Coast with two girls writhing in bondage and being photographed and filmed while doing so.


They tried to get free, tried to overpower (when they had the chance) their captors and failed in both. Sometimes they had company, once there were five girls bound inside the trailer, but most of the time they were alone. The worst part was that they realized that, in a very twisted and sick way, one of their captors (Harper) did care about them and was considering to kept them for her forever. Just a variation of the ‘good cop/bad cop’ strategy but they had no way of knowing it. Then one morning they awoke free and with their captors gone, with new clothes and 20K in cash for each.


A note left by the duo thanked them for the great memories and warned them to not try to call the cops. They were in the outskirts of the town where it all had happened. They went home and called Jack. Three days later Sadie returned to South Dakota with a letter of recommendation while Erin stayed in the town, eventually both had great jobs but left their careers as actresses behind. Harper, as usual, paid a couple of ‘visits’ to both...


Dayna and Jack had great two weeks together, and she helped him to cope with what he felt he had done with her (and also to become the most envied man whenever they showed up at the beaches or the Lord Jim's swimming pool). Afterwards she had a whole dull couple of months working for Jeb and scarcely having any contact with her mistress.


Then one night she had just left the shower cubicle when she saw them, the same three women that had 'kidnapped' her at the Lord Jim (this time wearing all black attires more fitted for what they were about to do...). Ten minutes later she (still wrapped in her towel) was inside her own car's trunk, taped hand and foot and gagged and blindfolded with the same material. One hour later she was in her mistress 'secret place' in LA, and a ladycop (oh come on, with those curves she was a real one? Oh, a rookie?) sharing the bed with her in the same state of helplessness (although the other girl was wearing her uniform)...


The Duchess kept an eye on Zee (especially on her proverbial bad luck) from them on. Zee never knew that she had the most devious of all guardian angels on her side...