My Very Last Job










It happened ten years ago. I found out that I was pregnant and I told my boss that I wanted out, no more jobs, no more thrills, no more nothing. A plain a boring (as if!) life was what I wanted for me!


Unlike Sean’s father, my boss was a gentleman and wished me well in my new ‘crime-free’ life.


He knew that I would never betray him, and that I would never be (honestly) put in a situation (by law enforcement agencies) that I would have no other option than rat him out.


I used to be really good in what I did, I still am... but nowadays I don’t break into other people’s houses, beat or tie them up, rob them blind or even kidnap them as I used to...


So there was I, in that early stage when you can’t say that a gal is ‘carrying’, and enjoying some well-deserved vacancies. Once I returned here, and found if I was the mother of a little angel or a little devil, I would seek some ‘honest’ job. I had enough ‘legit’ money with me to last two or three years on my own, even spending it lavishly as I was in those days at the beach.


Then came the phone call, in my hotel room, that I wasn’t expecting.


Honestly, I wasn’t.


My former boss wanted me to do ‘one last job’ for him. I tried to refuse but he told me that he had no option, I was the person he knew (and trusted in) that was the closest possible to a gal who was keeping an envelope that a dude had stolen from him. The second closest trusted person was but five hours away, and I was (at most) half an hour away from the dame. So the idea was for me to break in at her house, steal the stuff and meet the ‘2nd trusted’ and deliver it to him or her.


He didn’t tell me, at first, who was that person.


He actually didn’t give me too many details. In the past that didn’t bothered me at all.


‘Go there and break that guy’s legs!’, and I went ‘there’ and did it without making any question.


‘Grab that chick and keep her out of sight for a week!’, and I delivered a tight package of human flesh to one of my ‘safe harbors’ without bothering to wonder why I was doing it...


But now it was different. I demanded, for the first and last time, some details.


To put it simple; he was blackmailing some hypocrite ‘holier-than-thou’ fella into doing his biding.


The envelope showed the guy in a bed with a girl half his age, who wasn’t his ugly wife, and some other stuff that exposed the ways he had used to solve his financial problems, embezzlement for those who didn’t followed me. Twelve pages and five big pictures, that was what I was supposed to find in the envelope that was hidden somewhere in the bungalow I was now facing...


I went there. What else could I do?


I owed him a lot, and I knew that he was true to his word (although I swore to myself that I soon as possible I would be back to my – then – new home, here in this state where he still has like dozens of guys and gals that he can hire for such jobs) and that would be ‘the last time’...


It was broad daylight, there were half a dozen (or more) other bungalows in both directions and the beach they were all facing wasn’t exactly empty, but since it was ‘sort of’ a secluded one there wouldn’t be too many folks to watch me as I went to the front door, and at most they would be able to identify me as: ‘a white gal in a blue & white bikini, 60’s style, hair and face hidden under a white wide brim hat with a blue strip at the base of the crown, a bit taller than the other dames at the beach but not very muscular’. Oh, and carrying a ‘large beach bag’ with her.


A very large one, filled with all sort of stuff I could buy by the beach in the twenty minutes I used to ‘gather’ my working materials as I checked the place. I bought stuff here and there, always making sure that my big hat hid my face from any camera, and if by any chance the cops (later) did trace the stuff I would use back to this or that shop, or vendor, all the he or she would be able to say about me was that I was using ‘ridiculously big shades’ (that I credited, to two of them, to ‘partying hard till too late in the morning’)! What I bought? Four sleep blindfolds, a lot of string bikinis, a dozen hankies (in various sizes and colors) or so, a pair of gloves, some ‘tools’ and, using as an excuse the fact that I was a bit of an hypochondriac (!), among a lot of useless stuff... well, the anti-morning sickness stuff was for real as well as the vitamin C’s..., but aside those two I bought a lot of stuff at a drugstore that I didn’t used and threw away, and also those three rolls of Elastoplast.


As soon as I got in front of the front door I ‘fumbled’ in my bag, as I put on the gloves, and grabbed the tools I would need to open the door... which was unlocked. I got in and went looking around.


The place was a huge mess, I could see that two gals were using the rented place and that both of them were deep into messy & untidy places. Used clothes and bikinis (!) sprawled around and the four big luggages were over the single bed. To put it simple, they had arrived, opened their luggages as they selected ‘which ones’ they would use and had ran to the beach... and were back!


There was just a closet in that room and I ran inside it, while two blonde beach bunnies came in arguing with each other. Gal number one was a couple of inches smaller than the other, her bra size was three sizes bigger than the other one (who had hers bigger than mine) and had a very long hair, down to the small of her back! Gal number two was about my size, but much more slender, and was the one in charge. Both had the same shade of light blonde hair, but weren’t related in any way.


I mean, both were beautiful gals, but number one was something... something that you only see in men’s magazine of the finest kind while number two was more a streetwise beauty, good looking gal that you see everywhere. And number one was paying for everything while number two was giving the orders. They were arguing about number one’s bikini, deemed ‘(Not) too small’ by number two (although I didn’t hear the first word at the moment).


As if number two’s wasn’t incredibly small!


But at some point number two put her index finger over number one’s lips and said in calm, melodic and very imperative tone: ‘Shush! The white with yellow polka dots, not any other, or I will leave you inside that closet over there while I enjoy that restaurant... Is that clear?’ and she went to the bathroom to take a bath... and kill Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’!


Number one pouted, stomped her feet and sighed, and decided to clean the room as she tried to find a way to convince her lover (fairly obvious) to change her mind about her bikini!


So she grabbed the clothes and bikinis, put some of them back on the luggages, closed the luggages and grabbed the small pile of T-shirts, trousers and shorts, she had separated the clothes that they would effectively use and walked toward the closet...


I grabbed her as soon as she managed to open it. The buildup closet had two doors, she opened one and placed the pile she was carrying on the floor, and as she straightened herself she saw my feet... and soon I had her in a bodylock and totally inside the closet.


‘Listen up! I don’t want to hurt you, and I don’t want to hurt your friend or whatever... I am here to steal something and I don’t want anything else from here. I won’t hurt you, rape you or kill you and the same goes to her! Just close your eyes and don’t fight back and everything will be fine...’


She was scared stiff in my arms! I had to repeat the order and swiftly had her eyes covered with one of the blindfolds, (…) it was a white wide one and it had ‘DON’T DISTURB ME!!!’ in bold black letters written on it!... Next, since the closet was not wide enough for the both of us..., I went outside carrying her airborne in my arms... she wasn’t exactly light as a feather, but...


Anyway, aside the blindfold I didn’t use any of the bikinis I had bought to blind anyone I found at the bungalow, I used hers! And that’s when I got a surprise. She was wearing a very small bikini, but the only one I found that was ‘white with yellow polka dots’ was even smaller! It basically covered the nipples and... down there... and nothing else! But at least the fabric was good...


I used the top on her crossed ankles, the bottom I used on her calves and thighs (after I folded her legs), another top on her wrists, its bottom was used to create a tight hogtie, and the last top & bottom were used to trap her arms. Inside her mouth, filled to the maximum possible, were two folded hankies, and over the lips went the Elastoplast...


I had a taut package at my feet in record time, and her lover was now ravaging ‘I Am What I Am’ in the bathroom as she toweled herself and asked out loud why ‘Bessie’ had become so silent all of a sudden... She opened the door and saw ‘Bessie’ writhing over the bed, got out of the bathroom as if to rush to her help... and I threw a towel over her head as I tripped her feet.


She went down and I was on top of her before she could react, her right hand twisted and trapped in between her shoulder blades (by my right hand), my left knee against her back and blinded by the towel. She fought a little, but I can be vicious...  I could be vicious sometimes.


‘Stop it! I am not here to hurt any of you so don’t make me hurt you! Stop it! I just want to...’


‘Is that about that stupid envelope?!!’ – She half asked / half yelled under me.


‘Blue envelope, big and wide...?’


‘Yeah, that one... I knew it was a bad idea... I just knew it! Look, you want it... fine, it only means to me that I won’t gonna receive the five hundred bucks I was going to use to buy my gal a special gift! Just that! You want it? It’s at the bottom of the black luggage, under all my... clothes. Just take it! But please... please... don’t hurt her okay? Just don’t...’


‘Stop fighting me and I won’t going to hurt anyone. I am a hired thief, not a sadistic piece of ****!’


So she went limp and I had her gagged and blindfolded by her own hands in no time.


She knelt on the floor when I told she and I used more of Bessie’s bikinis to bind her, and since this one had more muscles than the previous one, I used more bikini tops and bottoms on her. About twice more than I had used with Bessie! Her blindfold? Plain and in a dark shade of blue. After I was done I grabbed her, this one wasn’t as easy to carry as the other one (she needed a diet)..., and placed her over the large bed. Next I grabbed Bessie and dragged her slowly towards her lover, their hands touched and in the next second their fingers were intertwining.


‘Look you two... that’s my last job, ever, okay? I am sorry you two decided to return to an early... to a late lunch or whatever. You probably wouldn’t have found that I was here and would have enjoyed this wonderful town and its beaches... Oh, I was forgetting... Are you feeling this?’


I grabbed Bessie’s ankles and tugged at the fabric holding them crossed.


‘It’s the white with polka dots... I kinda ruined it by tying you up with it... sorry...’


Bessie’s reaction was an almost smile under the four/five layers of Elastoplast over her lips, her lover’s reaction was obviously of rage, so I slapped the naked gal’s buttocks, and Bessie’s ones as well (she started to protest as soon as I landed my hand over the bare flesh for the first time) and crouched by the bed as I opened the black luggage.


I found the envelope, with all of its expected contents, under another envelope...


With pictures of Bessie in obvious consensual restraint... Her lover did promise to leave her locked inside the closet if she didn’t put on the ‘white with yellow dots’, remember?


Anyway... aside a single picture wearing a white T-shirt and white trousers (and black rope and lots of black tape), Bessie was either buck naked or at least topless (while wearing only panties or thong bikini bottoms) in all of them. Hogtied, frogtied, suspended, pole tied... you name it. She was bound that way and while in some she pretended to be scared, in others her delight was obvious!


‘You guys are into it?’


Both stood frozen with fear as they realized what I meant with the question...


‘Look, babes, I am a retiring criminal... I am NOT going to blackmail you. I am only paying a favor for a friend who asked my help and who is NOT going to pay me for that... So, are you into it?’


Both girls nodded as their grip on each other’s finger became obviously unbearable!


‘I intend to leave you... Bessie, by the front door. You’ll have to worm your way back to here, where I will leave a pair of shears taped by this bed on the floor. You, ‘bossy lady who wants her lover to go technically naked in public’, well this large bed has an interesting headboard... I think I will anchor you kneeling with your torso bound to it... it will be Bessie’s job to free you. But what if somebody saw me getting in? Or getting out? Would you like that the police found out about...’


Both girl shook their heads vehemently!


‘That’s what I thought. If you gals manage to free yourselves... don’t worry about the pics. I have your addresses and, within a week, I’ll be delivering it back to you, in person. Okay?’


So I grabbed Bessie’s lover and had her bound against the headboard in no time, it was one of those carved wood ones, quite beautiful and artistic, with the help of the very last one of Bessie’s bikinis.


Next I grabbed Bessie, still marveling as how light she was, and carried her away.


I placed her sitting by the door, with her back against it and removed her gag, after a quick trip to the kitchen where I grabbed a glass of water for her.


‘Are you really going to return them? My pictures? You promise?’


‘Sure... I have no interest at all in exposing you, doll. The guy who asked me a favor, he don’t want that whoever is the loser who was going to pay your lover five hundred...’


‘It’s Dick... Richard ‘Dick’ Dane, the last guy she had before... she found herself... and me. Is he going to die if you take the envelope with you?’


‘Who knows? Not my business... is it yours?’


‘I hope he dies, but I don’t know about her... Listen... For how long you want me to keep...’


I placed my finger over those big lips and she got the idea.


‘I don’t want to know her name, I already know that yours is Lizbeth Aaronson, and your address as well, and that’s too much for me. But you were saying?’


‘I honestly don’t know for how long I can keep her bound and gagged if she still think that he’s worth the effort, but I think I can give you about one hour if she starts making treats and demands behind her gag. You really promise you will return our mementos?’


I regagged her, and used a lot of Elastoplast this time, before I answered.


‘I said that I would, and I am a woman of honor!’


I resisted the urge to spank her once more, removed the gloves and tidied myself in the mirror before I left. One hour later I met a good friend at an airport fifty miles up north, he was airborne within forty minutes and flied back here with the envelope in his briefcase. I returned to my hotel room and looked around in the news, nothing on the TV or websites of local newspapers. Around 8 PM I had a phone call from my ex-boss. He was exulting!


With the envelope in his power he had managed to force the holier-than-thou fella to stop being a pain in his *** in the most critical moment possible! He did mention ‘Dick’, after I casually asked him about the consequences of my actions, and said that the guy was done! That he didn’t bothered to ‘swat’ small flies like him, especially after they ‘lost their wings’.


I did a quick trip back here the next day.


Basically I went to the airport, flied all the way from Florida to here and went straight to Bessie’s address. The police was there, attracted by Dick’s reaction to his downfall...


Nothing really ugly, he wasn’t even capable of doing that, but they (Bessie and her lover) told the cops about what had happened the previous day and sealed Dick’s fate for good. Last I heard of him the feds tried to use him as a witness against my ex-boss, but he had neither proofs nor anything else of any of his claims against him so... he was a waste of their time as well.


I flied back to Florida and enjoyed the rest of the week and a half I had paid, in advance, for at that hotel. I returned home and waited a couple of weeks, and then one night I surprised both girls... (...)


(Sigh)... You want details, right?




Okay... With my tools, that I buried and/or destroyed after that night, it was a piece of cake for me to get into their house. I mean, Lizbeth is quite the rich gal, she had a Porsche in her garage! But her security system is not even a hundred bucks’ worth! So I went in, it was something around 3 AM, straight to the master bedroom, and found Bessie... tightly roped up with a mile or so of white rope, cleave gagged with as white and long scarf and blindfolded with another. Seriously, her lover must have taken a couple of hours to wrap all that rope around her legs and arms and everything else!


(Alright…) Her ankles had been crossed and her legs were totally roped up, there was rope even around the soles of her feet! And her arms had been bound as close as possible, Bessie is (or was at the time) a very flexible girl, in a ‘monoglove of rope’ before they were ‘melted’ to her back…


As for her giant mam… breasts they were roped up and actually squashed as well.


Her lover? Sleeping in the buff while holding her captive in her arms...


So I placed my gloved hand over her eyes... and had to harrumph quite loudly! Both girls awoke with a start, and became rigid when I revealed myself.


‘I am sorry it took so long for me to show up... but I heard about Dick’s attempt of breaking in...’


‘You have them with you?’ – She asked rather frantically ignoring my explanation.


‘I will leave them over your comber, be a doll like Bessie...’


I gagged and blindfolded her with a roll of white tape I found on the way up to their room…, next I did a quick but efficient job with the rest of the roll and had her trapped in a taut hogtie.


Next I set out to free Bessie... Can you believe that she fought against it?


She had kept her lover bound and gagged, after she ‘told’ Bessie (by shaking her head or nodding) that she didn’t cared that much about Dick’s life, for over five hours! So, of course, per their own set of rules, she was to be strictly punished for a month! At the very least! I regagged her (with the last three strips that roll could produce) and told her that only MY rules mattered to me.


And my rules said that Bessie would be the one, again, that would free her lover, after she wormed her way from the front door up to the master bedroom, and not the other way around!


Bessie’s bonds were very simple, wrists and ankles and some rope linking them but… what the hell!


That was a real deal deep into bondage & BDSM (lesbian) couple I was dealing with!


They got a bit frantic as they heard me rummaging through their stuff, but I only wanted something to make me sure that I would have at least half an hour head start before Bessie freed herself once I left. After a while… presto! A hidden room behind the third large closet of the floor!


Don’t ask me about its size, or the other ones’…


And there I found mannequins, corsets, and lots of BDSM stuff! Including the ‘special’ cuffs I put on Bessie’s wrists and ankles, before I removed the rope. They had no chain between the bracelets, and the one connecting each pair of cuffs had but a few links, carried her downstairs and before closed the door she was already starting her odyssey… and flipping the bird with both hands at me!


I first thought about giving her the best spanking I could, but then I realized that I was chuckling, so I went back in and closed the door, went to the bar in the hall and served myself a root beer and watched her efforts. And as she finally made it up there I put another (unopened) very cold can of root beer over her arched behind… man, did she jump!


In the next moment she was back into ‘scared stiff’ mode in my arms as I cradled her body against mine, sat on the floor… and did nothing for like ten minutes. When she finally protested (meekly as it was)… I actually hugged her naked and bound body.


‘I could bind you in a most humiliating way, I could spank hard or I could really hurt right now, and there’s nothing she could do to help you. And I could rob you blind and steal all sort of ‘mementos’ you have of your time under her power to blackmail you, or just kidnap you, or do all that to and with her. But I won’t gonna do it. Why? I left that life behind me two weeks ago. The only reason that I am here now is that I wanted to go out with a bang… the biggest heist I never did. But I will leave with a good counsel, your security system sucks! Big time! Change it or the next person who is good enough to break into this house with her, or his, eyes shut might not be like me…’


Then I kissed her on her cheek and told her that I had lied and had taped the keys of her cuffs on her lover’s belly, which was a lie. Sometimes I wonder how long it took for Bessie to realize it…


In any case I ‘dropped by’ one last time a few hours later, just walking down the street around noon and took a peek as Bessie (and her gal) were dressed in suits (hers was pink while her lover’s navy blue) as they left their manor in a good mood. I kept walking down the street for twenty minutes more and never ever went back in that part of the town.


Six months later Sean was around and the rest is history…






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