(Not) Alone in the Woods





It took about five to ten minutes for the fog in her mind to disappear and she realize that she was bound and gagged, clad only in her bra and panties and tied to a tree somewhere deep inside the park. At first she was too dizzy to realize why she couldn’t move but an inch or why she couldn’t speak clearly. Plus there was the fact that she was feeling cold and tired, and couldn’t detach herself from the harsh wooden surface on her back.


Then she slowly came completely to herself as she realized that she was looking down at her almost bare breasts and a lot of rope wrapped above, below and between them.


She quickly took care of her situation. She had been zipcuffed at her legs (ankles, above and below the knees and thighs) and tied up at her torso, but the ties were more to lash her to the tree’s trunk than anything else. The trunk itself was large enough to her hands being linked by a short piece of rope instead of tied together. She tried to break free but was well tied for it to happen, but realized that she could try to saw the short piece of rope.


As she rhythmically moved her forearms up and down, as little as the awkward position allowed her to, she tried to remember what had happened and how she had ended up in such a strange situation. She had no clues whatsoever.


She was a deputy, one of the two only women of the local police force. But there wasn’t any real action happening in town. No big criminal behind bars or up to face some big charge, no special delivery for the local bank or... whatever justifiable excuse to snatch a cop and replace her. She lived in Creston Falls, **, population 3019 for crying out loud!


There was only the National Park, with a big forest and the falls that gave the name to the town and county, and a small factory (that was about to close down and kill the town BTW) in the whole county. The richest person around was Mr. Lassiter, but he was in a hospital in the capitol and hadn’t no relatives, and he wasn’t that rich anyway.


So why she was in such a situation? And who had put her in it?


She couldn’t remember a thing about her capture, no matter how hard she tried, so she started to think about who could have done that to her.


Locke? Why was she thinking in her childhood estranged friend? Because she had seen her in a similar situation once, that’s why. But what she at first thought that was a rape/kidnap situation was nothing but a sexual game between the pharmacist and her husband. As if there was anything sexual in tying up your naked wife to a tree in the back of your house!


She knew that she had overreacted (and badly) at the whole situation, and that had cost her much of what Sammy felt for her (she still thought that she had to stop by their house one of these nights and have an honest talk with them, but why did she had to take the first step?). But it couldn’t be them, they were out of town and wouldn’t do that to her anyway.


What was the point? She hadn’t told anyone about their ‘preferences’ and they weren’t pranksters or vengeful. No, they weren’t behind it. Hmmm... Then a vengeful criminal?


But she hadn’t dealt with anything more dangerous than that drunken driver three months earlier, and even if she wasn’t the primary target but a bait of some kind to another police officer of the county, the biggest crime that had happened in town in the past ten years had been the bank robbery seven years before, and all that were behind it were now behind bars in another state and the county’s police force hadn’t anything to do with their arrests...


Still she tried to remember every single person that she had cuffed or arrested and found no suspect for her current situation, at the same time that she kept ‘sawing’ the rope that held her hands behind the tree behind her. Then someone cut the ropes for her.


She hadn’t heard or saw or sensed anything, and then suddenly there was this very voluptuous black girl in front of her... wearing HER uniform??? And pointing a gun at her.


Twelve minutes later she was being led by the black woman, deeper into the woods.


She had been untied from the tree, a mass of tape over her torso to ensure that she couldn’t raise her arms (that were tied in front of her and to her torso) and a leash tied to her crossed wrists. The impersonator had been kind enough to give her some water before she buckled that ball inside her mouth (she was drooling over her barely covered breasts!) and while a bit mean with the ‘motivation slaps’ (as she had called them) on her buttocks, she had also prevented that her captive had a bad fall two times already. At one point she had carried her, bridal style and with surprising easiness, as they had to go down a slope.


The trees were getting closer and closer of each other, which meant that they were now deep into the park, and the woman never let go her left hand of the leash or her right hand of the gun. Then they heard a whistle, to which the captoress replied with another whistle and there was a last whistle. She didn’t like the look in her captor’s eyes...


‘Sorry girlfriend... you’re not supposed to see anything from now on...’


Before she could realize it there was a... leather blindfold buckled over her eyes, strips of tape over the ball and the ‘cop’ was carrying her OTS (hey, watch the hand!) for a couple of minutes and then she was deposited on the ground, over what seemed like a blanket.


And she wasn’t the only over in that blanket.


There were a couple of angry and well muffled voices with her and she was lying on her belly between the owners of them, her legs were wrapped in tape except for the ankles, which were tied together and to the wrists that were then forced to make a fist and taped in ball shaped mittens forms. Then she heard her impersonator once more.


‘She? She’s the real officer Paula Howell, I had to borrow these clothes and badge from someone didn’t I? Oooohhh... Stop (SLAP) with that (SLAP) right now (SLAP)!!!’


All the spanking had been delivered to the woman at her left; she could feel both women’s breasts against her torso as their captors forced them to get closer to her. One was really busty (but it was a boob job) while the other was more or less her size... weird, she couldn’t feel any clothes over their skin as their constant wriggle (and her own) made them touch each other all over. Were they naked? It did ‘looked’ like.


‘How things are going at the other site?’


‘Smooth as silk... they are going to have some company in a while.’


What? Did she mean that more captives would be brought here (wherever ‘here’ was)?


The busty woman at her left was the more agitated of the three captives, she got spanked three more times during the hour (she started to count the seconds to have a better idea of the passing of the time) they stayed together. The woman on her right was completely silent and immobile after a while, like she was praying or crying to herself.


Then the impersonator welcomed someone, and a fourth and a fifth captives were forced to kneel on the blanket, she sensed three more captors with them (besides the one that was guarding her previous two companions and had stayed silent all along, but had helped her impersonator to hold her left companion in captivity down for the latest session of spanks).


‘Everything’s fine! We did it!!! WE DID IT!!!! I can’t believe that we did it!!!’


And he was not the only one, among their captors, that was rejoicing at the moment. She heard another man saying to ‘Deaf’ to ‘high-five’ and the following slap of their hands, and one of the women at her left protested audibly when she got teased (and perhaps more) by one of the female captors, something about her lack of success by trying to ‘outsmart her’.


Soon she felt a frenzy around her, both women besides her had their legs untied and were forced to stand and were removed from the scene by two or three captors, then after a few minutes one of the new captives was taken away by another captor, leaving her and an unknown woman (who was sobbing openly) at the hands of her impersonator.


‘Could you please stop it? We’re not gonna hurt. Why would we? You helped us big time girlfriend, big time indeed. Could you please...?’


But the girl couldn’t stop crying.


Suddenly the leather blindfold was removed, and she found herself staring at a young (18/19 years old at the most) and athletic short blond haired woman who was kneeling on the ground in front of her. Funny, she thought, both were wearing exactly the same blue and pink set of underwear. The blonde girl was kneeling on the blanket, with her wrists and ankles linked by a very short piece of rope and no other bonds visible. She had been gagged with a towel wrapped around her head in between the lips, it must have been a thick towel for her mouth was almost open and yet there was barely an audible sound coming from her. She was crying effusively and had her pleading eyes locked with her own.


The black impersonator was standing besides them with a tired expression in her eyes.


‘Girls, we are supposed to stay here for about five minutes more, then you WILL walk with me as I move to the place I am supposed to go (you have the option to be left tied to any of those trees around us, but I WON’T be coming back for any of you), then when we get there I will tie you two nice and tight and together, but none of you will be able to free each other or herself, as I do my part in the fixing this whole mess-up that YOU (and she pointed at the blonde) created with your snoopy habits!’


The blonde girl then started to cry even more and was hugged and comforted by the black woman, who said that it would be better for her to know in what she might be putting herself (and her friends and family), into or the next bad guys (and gals like her) that she crushed into might not be as gentle with her as they had been.


The weird attitude of their captor towards the younger woman puzzled the captive lady cop. While she was obviously bored with the ‘insistence’ of her youngest captive to keep on crying and sobbing, it was also obvious that she had a genuine concern for her.


The blonde took a few minutes to recover, and then she nodded as the black asked if she could walk and there they went. Both captives had a leash tied around the waist whose end was firmly grasped by the impersonator, who was carrying a sniper rifle and a backpack (in which she had guarded the rolled up blanket) and was walking in a firm pace (which they were forced to accompany). As they started to get out of the forest (after a good thirty minutes walk at least) she recognized to where they were heading.


None other but the Creston Falls! The 300 feet falls were surrounded on both sides by rocky hills, and she and the blonde were being led to the East riverbank (the highest side). Since they were close to the falls the little sound that she or the blonde could make through their gags was tampered by the water. And they got closer and closer of the falls.


At about sixty feet of the falls there was this rocky formation that was known as The Stone Wall, it extended up to a mile in length on both sides of the falls, but wasn’t more than three feet tall at most. In any case, anyone that hid behind it would be able to see the glorious valley in front of the Falls and the riverbanks below without being detected by anyone that was there. A perfect place for a sniper to hide...


To get to the wall they would have to climb up the hill (which was difficult even with their arms free), so the impersonator found a good spot (behind and in the shadow of a large rock) displayed the blanket on the ground and proceeded to tie them up together.


They were first forced to kneel in front of each other and them to ‘get together’ as their captor called it. Her medium sized breasts were being squashed by the blonde’s bigger ones and the fact the black was cinching all that rope around their upper torsos very TIGHT made both captives’ respiration a bit difficult. Then they were ungagged and received water that they eagerly drank, and were afterwards gagged with a simple knotted strip of cloth wrapped around their heads. Then she wrapped tape over their arms and tied their crossed wrists together and to their crossed ankles, then with some difficulty she made her captives lie on their side on the blanket and kissed each one on their cheeks and foreheads.


Then she was gone. After a while both captives stopped their attempts to communicate with one another, the rumbling noise from the falls made that impossible. So they stayed like that for about a couple of hours or so (the blonde cried a few more times), and suddenly there she was, the fake cop with a smile in her face and a smoking rifle in her hands.


‘Let’s go girls, one short walk and it will be all over...’


She cut the ropes connecting her captives together and their ankles and wrists, helped them to stand, then she massaged their legs (which at first they found odd and embarrassing, but afterwards they felt good with it), retied the leash around their waists and forced them to walk back to the forest. As soon as they reached the tree line she stopped, and tied the leash rope around the first tree that was thin yet firm enough for that.


‘Thank you.’ – she said to her now former younger captive before she kissed her gagged lips. She then whispered something on the girl’s right ear and nodded as the blonde beauty obviously asked if she meant ‘that’. Another kiss on the cheeks and foreheads, and a slap on each captive’s behind, and she was gone.


Her co-workers and friends found them about fifteen minutes later.







She never knew exactly who the girl she had been rescued with was.


The blonde told the paramedics that her name was Caroline Hill and six hours after she was admitted in the county’s hospital a group of FBI agents appeared and took her, then another group of agents talked with her boss and co-workers and yet another inquired her.


Officially speaking nothing had happened that day.


Three days later the FBI arrested a military dude that was selling secrets to the Chinese.


Five days after that, a reporter got news from an ‘inside source’ and ‘Caroline’’s picture (identified under another name) appeared in her TV as being a witness of the crime.


Four days later she awoke on her own bed, hands cuffed (with her own handcuffs) in her back and a couple of strips of tape over her lips. She had gone to sleep wearing her green set of underwear and a T-shirt, but now she was naked under her covers...


Her ankles had been cuffed together (there was such a thing as padded ankle cuffs?), so she had some problem in standing as she tried to get out of the bed. There was a sheet of paper taped on the door of her room, the phrase ‘go check your kitchen table’ were written in red on it. She had to hop all the way to get there. The keys for the cuffs were on the table, with another note wrote in cap red letters: ‘STOP MAKING TOO MANY QUESTIONS. FORGET THE WHOLE INCIDENT IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU.’


But it wasn’t a treat. Whoever had written that must have seen that episode of ‘The Unit’ since the note ended with a ‘GET OUT OF HELL TICKET:’ and a phone number.


Three years later her mother had troubles back in Georgia with some nazi neighbors. She used the ‘ticket’ and the police had them arrested after they were called to the house... and found their plans for a fire on a Baptist Church and them beaten to a pulp…





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