Off the Record




‘Off the record?’

‘Yes, yes. Off the record. There’s too many questions about this whole business and... well, if we could have some information from you...’

‘I don’t know, I signed a contract... you understand? I signed a contract and if I don’t follow what’s in it, he’ll sue me and I will lose everything! And I don’t want it!’

‘Look, Ms. Young, we KNOW. We know that you lied to us, we know that he lied to us and we know that your friends lied to us. Everybody lied to us. Whatever is the reason that makes you all lie, the police and the DA office and the FBI believe that it’s nothing related to all those crimes that happened last weekend. But we know that you are all lying. So unless you want us to dig deeper as necessary to find out the whole truth...’

Michelle looked at the two special agents who were across the table. They meant business.

They were obviously playing the ‘good cop / bad cop’ trick. O’Keefe was the good cop, and also the ‘fatherly’ looking one. He should be in his late fifties, prematurely bald and with a very good (but still fake) comprehensive expression in his large face. Wollinsky on the other hand seemed to not be playing any role. She was a hard looking white woman in her early forties with very inquisitive eyes, a very unfriendly expression in her face and seemed to be ready to grab her handcuffs and use them on her.

‘What I am about to tell you, part of it at least, will not leave this house. I will deny it in any court and before any judge. Do you understand me?’

Both agents eyed each other and Michelle could see that they were congratulating each other. Truth was that Michelle was almost ready to tell them everything. There was no need for them to go to her apartment. A few more hours and she would have gone to the precinct and told them everything, and not what his lawyers told her to tell.

She took another sip of her lemonade and gave them the bombastic truth.

‘Well... you’re right. We’re lying, we’ve been lying since day one. And the reason is that neither Jimmy nor Louie were at the manor when they overpowered me and the girls. They were in the open sea, cruising and enjoying each other’s company...’

‘Excuse me? What are you saying?’

‘James Earl Bonnet is gay.’


‘He’s gay. He likes and has sexual and love interests with men, not women.’

‘But you... your friends... all those girls...’

It was obvious that agent Wollinsky was one of his voters. Jim Bonnet, the poster boy and rising star of the State’s branch of the Republican Party, current champion of the Christian conservatives and all, was gay??!!!! The incredulity in her face was almost laughable.

‘You know..., he and his boyfriend..., well they have very good reasons to not come out of the closet. So they or their lawyers hire girls to go to his manor by the sea every weekend, the girls are allowed to use the facilities the way they saw fit and they (Jim&Louie) tell afterwards spicy stories about what had happened during the weekends (but they make sure that no one is going to think of them as whores or such), so basically the girls have a good time and get paid really good for it, while they get the yacht and go to the open sea...’

‘But all of the girls? All of them? He doesn’t...’

‘He’s gay. And is a proud Republican, but if he comes out of the closet he doesn’t get voted in the elections. So he had the idea to set up this ruse...’

Now the incredulity had been replaced by outrage. Jimmy had just lost a voter or two... she would have to call him after they left, perhaps even before. Now they were whispering to each other. Well, agent O’Keefe was obviously trying to calm down his partner, but her insults were clearly audible to Michelle. After a few minutes she had calmed enough for he turns to Michelle and ask her to continue.

‘As I told you the reason why we lied is because neither Jim nor Louie were with us when they arrived. We paraded through town less than after we arrived as predicted, the two local stallions showing to everybody in town the three beach babes that they would have as their ‘guests’ for the weekend..., bought some groceries and when we arrived back at the house it didn’t took more than twenty minutes for Jim and Louie be aboard the ‘Merry Widow III’ and out. And me, Lola and Greta were all alone. And they only returned less than two hours before those people left the manor. And that’s the whole truth!’

Wollinsky seemed to really need a time to cope with the astounding news, so she stood up and walked away from the kitchen for a couple of minutes. Jim Bonnet was a very good looking, athletic and handsome young man. Louis Narrin wasn’t far behind. Both used their charm and charisma in their daily business, and people said that most of the women that voted for him also did that because of his ideas and agenda...

‘So you had a breakfast...’ –said O’Keefe as his partner sat back on her chair.

‘Yes. I picked the smallest stick and had to wash the plates and all while Lola and Greta teased me about ‘how good the water seemed to be’, ‘we’ll leave some sun for you’ and such. I was already wearing my white string bikini and sandals. I did the whole business as quickly as possible and remembered that I had left my sunblock in my bag in the room upstairs. I thought ‘oh well, I’ll ask Lola if I could use hers’. The kitchen is in the back of the manor and the pool its on its left side, and instead of going there through the house I thought about taking a look at the roses outside (Jim has a beautiful garden way in the back of his estate) so I left by the back door, admired the flowers and circled the house on my way to the pool. I remember that I was humming as I walked and found odd that I wasn’t hearing any teasing from either girl anymore. Instead I was hearing odd sounds.’

‘Odd sounds?’

‘Yes, it seemed like a fight, but also seemed that it was being muffled somehow. I decided to check it cautiously and peeked before I made that last curve and was in full view of the girls. I thought that they were playing some trick on me. But they weren’t. They were being tied up. Two women were finishing to bind and gag Lola while a man was already carrying Greta in a fireman’s carry towards a couple of girls – who were standing trussed up, gagged and blindfolded and being held by another guy – that I had never ever seen before... Yes, they were them. And were already captive before they get inside the manor.’

‘Are you sure, are you really sure?’

‘Yes I am sure!’

How couldn’t she be sure? As if it was everyday that she saw her friends being reduced to salamis being unknown people who were already keeping two girls captive!

‘Did you saw them, did you took a good look at them?’

‘No! I mean, yes I took a good look at them but they were wearing masks and gloves and jumpsuits. It was hot, really hot, that morning but they were covered from head to toe in black and grey so even having a clear look at them I wasn’t able to see any particular sign, actually I wasn’t able to see even their skin color, much less their eyes or hair color! I could only saw their height and, if I am not mistaken, the volume of the women’s breasts!’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes I am! I told that I am sure!’

‘Calm down, Ms. Young, please calm down, and you calm down as well Marge. Now Miss Young, I want you to think about that moment. I want you to remember if you could saw anything that can help our investigation please...’

‘I don’t know... I didn’t saw anything...’

‘Please close your eyes and remember that moment as best as you can...’

Michelle did as she was asked to. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and was back to Jim’s estate. She was walking on her tiptoes, holding her sandals with one hand and thinking if she wasn’t being played by those two mischievous girls. The weird sounds got a little louder, why did they make her remember of the soap operas her mother liked so much to see? She had recognized the sounds as familiar ones, yet she was unable to identify them. She placed her hands on the wall and cautiously leaned her body against it, then she peeked at the pool. Lola was on her tummy at the white lounge chair by the pool. She still had her bikini bottom on but her large breasts (all women that were hired by Jim to play the ‘girlfriend for the weekend’ role had to be busty –he posed as a breast-man-, and even she was no exception to the rule, but Lola’s were really big) were completely free. Two women wearing jumpsuits, mask and gloves were in the process to tape her arms and legs together. They were using duct tape and a large amount of it. Lola seemed furious under all the tape that had been used on her face, turning her blind and mute but it was bit hard to tell.

Michelle did try to remember anything about Lola’s attackers, but all she could realize that they seemed to be a bit smaller than the Canadian blonde gal (Lola was a nickname, she never gave her real name to anyone), but not by much. So they probably were 5’6” or even 5’7”. That they were women was a bit obvious, the jumpsuits might not be formfitting but it was pretty obvious that they were women, even not considering the volume at the chest. She remembered that, as thorough as they were being with Lola, her attackers had spared Lola’s long and curly mane, tying it with to a ponytail with some ribbons.

A little at the left stood a giant of a man. 6’9” at the very least and obviously very muscular and in excellent shape. He too was completely covered with that black and grey jumpsuit and has his back to Michelle. Hanging from his right shoulder was Greta.

Now she wasn’t sure if that was really a ‘fireman’s carry’, but then what it was called?

Obviously he was holding her with his right arm clenching her legs against his body (probably at her knees) and his left hand giving some help every now and then. The problem was that he was using the opportunity to grab her... ample behind every now and then, and Greta obviously wasn’t liking it one bit! So she was twisting, shaking and moving and giving him a hard time, and in response he slapped her a couple of times (hard) on the exposed flesh (all girls were using thong bikini bottoms).

Michelle could not see clearly Greta’s bonds, just a few glimpses that made her realize that he had used rope (a lot of it) on her, but she was equally thoroughly gagged and blindfolded with duct tape. One of her breasts had popped out of the blue bikini top due to her fight.

She focussed her memories on the guy trying to find something, anything, that could give them a start to work on his identity. Other than he was so big that the petite auburn short hair beauty looked almost like a doll in his arms she had nothing.

‘No, I’m sorry. They were using that disguise in order to catch us without giving any chance for us to recognize them, and were very successful with that!’

‘Even the man that grabbed you?’

‘Even.. him...’

She tried to walk backwards in her tiptoes, turned back to run and collided face first with his chest. He already had a sponge ball in one of his hands, and a couple of moments later he was tying the knots on the scarf he had wrapped twice around her head to keep the sponge inside her mouth. She tried everything to avoid it, she kicked, kneed, scratched and punched him, but that black & grey statue merely ignored her efforts.

Then he unceremoniously turned her around and tied her hands behind her back with another scarf. She tried to run, without realizing that if she did that she would be running towards his allies, but didn’t managed to make more than a couple of steps before his big hands grabbed her and he wrapped his massive arms around her body.

Then he spoke with a calm and dispassionate voice.

‘Michelle Young, born in XX/XX/19XX in a small town in Alabama. Like all girls that are used by Jim Bonnet as decoys for his love meetings with his fiancé, you are a co-ed from a small university over a thousand miles away from here. More specifically, ************* near Chicago, right? You’re quite the suicidal chick by being a proud Yankees fan in the Cubes and White Sox territory, but that can’t be helped... can it?’

That stopped her movements and she stood frozen in his arms.

‘Well, Michelle, we will need to use this place for a couple of days. Don’t worry, I am steaming inside this hot jumpsuit because I don’t want that you or your friends had any chance to recognize me, which means that we intend to leave you all alive (and securely bound and gagged) when we leave this place tomorrow at night. You will be fine, perhaps a few cramps and sore muscles, and a few ropemarks, that will all soon fade. Now, I need to stop annoying me. Your attempts haven’t hurt me one bit, but I do mind being used as a scratch pole. So I am going to release and you are going to stand quietly as I finish to bind you properly so even if you still have the idea of escaping this place and call the police, there will not be any fat chance of it to happen! Or you can try to run again, and I’ll leave you tied up to one of the lounge chair all day. I am sure than the ropes and gag will leave interesting tan lines that I intend to make sure that demand a long time to disappear...’

The image of herself attending a class with parts of her body perfectly tanned and others absolutely white, and giving to all her fellow students (specially those bitches of Lambda Thau Lambda) a perfect living testimony of what she was about to endure was enough for her to comply. He didn’t said anything else, he simply opened his arms and she stood there without even daring to look back. She felt silly and a bit ashamed for that, but that was the kind of menace and treat that was necessary to achieve her full cooperation.

He kept using scarves on her, all were green and some seemed longer than the one around her mouth and between her lips and teeth. He tied her ankles and right above the knees, made sure that she couldn’t move her wrists but a few inches away from her waist and then put a folded one over her closed eyes (he simply told her to do that and she obeyed) before wrapping another scarf to keep it in place. Then he grabbed her in his arms in the bridal fashion and walked ahead to join his friends by the pool.

‘I am sorry, but there’s nothing that I can tell you that I haven’t already said a hundredth times. I couldn’t seen anything about those who kept me and my friends captive that I hadn’t already reported. I am sorry but... that’s it...’

‘And what about them, the other captives? Are you sure that they were...’

‘Of course I am! I know that first they attacked Lola and Greta, and made sure that they were effectively blindfolded, before the others were brought to the pool. But I could take a good look at them before I was captured! And to me they were as alien as the attackers, so of course I paid a great attention to the girls that were as trussed up as my friends!’



Both Michelle and agent Wollinsky looked dumbfounded  at agent O’Keefe.

‘Miss Young, the respectable girls that were found trussed up with you and the others in Mr. Bonnet’s manor don’t have any memory of the four days prior to their rescue. The FBI was able to retrace their movements until they went inside that limo at the capitol. Their real driver and bodyguards were found locked inside it, bound and and gagged and stripped to their underwear hours later. From that point to the moment that SWAT team stormed Mr. Bonnet’s place there is a gap of over 37 hours! And they were drugged with something that erased their memories of what happened during those hours. It is really necessary, for the sake of the criminal lawsuits against those men, that we are able to prevent their lawyers to place any, what that phrase that lawyers like so much...? Oh yes, ‘reasonable doubt’. We need to prevent their lawyers to buy any jury or judge against their clients (and we know that they will try it) and to create any ‘reasonable doubt’ that can make their clients walk free from the court. So we need to determine that those two women were with you and the others during all your captivity. Here, I brought some pictures with me...’

He stood up and grabbed his small suitcase that was resting on the sofa besides them, he grabbed a folder and handed it to her before sitting back on his chair. She opened the folder. There were sixteen pictures of women standing facing to the camera (with various backgrounds) wearing white string bikinis inside it, all women were headless.

‘What’s this?’

‘We heard a few stories about your phenomenal eidetic memory. Now both Ms. Harvey and Ms. Martin are models, albeit almost amateur ones. Now I want you to think about the two women that you saw at the pool and try to identify them...’

What the...? Were they both out of their minds? True she did have a good photographic memory, but to believe that she... well... the two women were bound and gagged and blindfolded with lots of tape, so there wasn’t too much of their facial features that she could have seen. She focussed on the bodies. She identified Teri Harvey very quickly, the agent had prepared two sets of eight women with more or less the same features, and from the first eight almost all had the same bra size and waist. But the woman that she saw had long and beautiful legs, and only one woman had such killer legs in that set.

But identify Sharon Martin proved to be more difficult. She dismissed five photos but got stuck with three pictures. She looked at one, then at another, then at the last one... she decided to close her eyes again and remember what she had seen prior to her capture.

The man was carrying Greta towards the pavement behind the pool. A man was standing there, holding two white women perfectly still by keeping a hand over a shoulder of each one of them. The women were in front of the man so besides, the fact that he was big and burly and was dressed in the same fashion than all the other attackers, she couldn’t say much about him. As of them it was another matter.

While she, Greta and Lola were (due to their job requirements) full-bosomed figures those two were equally beautiful and attractive, albeit of a more classic and lean type. Both of them seemed to have come out of a Milo Manara comic book, one with her almost white extremely short cut hair and the other with such a dark and long mane. The one with the long hair was (presumably) Teri Harvey, daughter of the principal sponsor of the local boat club. The one with the short hair was (also presumably strictly according to the agents, although Michellle hadn’t any doubts) Sharon Martin, the favorite one among the many nieces that the Governor of the State had! Michelle tried her best to focus on that memory.

Like her partner in bondage she was wearing white stilettos that seemed to have been tied to her feet in a way that her ankles were trapped together as well (the rope had been passed between the heel and the sole going around the feet, in front and above the heel and around the ankles, being cinched between them for last). There was more rope at their knees and waist (and that rope seemed to be anchoring their wrists that had been bound crossed together), and there was a ‘web’ pattern above, below and between the girl’s breasts that helped to keep their arms locked behind them and at a close range of their torso. And all the silver tape over their faces... it prevented Michelle to know the color of their eyes, the shape of their smiles and lips but not the form of their nose.

But it was their bodies from the neck down that mattered. She thought and thought and suddenly it hit her. She had identified Sharon! Why the devious...

‘These three pictures... they’re all from Sharon Martin, right?’

Agent O’Keefe seemed a bit odd because she had discovered his ruse. He nodded and collected the pictures back to the folder. Agent Wollinsky resumed the interrogation.

‘So after you were all reunited in the pavement..?’

‘Well first they told us to shut up. We were making a lot of muffled noise and they wanted us to listen a few things. The first was that we would not be harmed or treated badly by them. They wanted the place as an ‘alternative HQ’ since they got ‘doubts’ about the two that they had prepared for their ‘mission’. They would do that ‘mission’ during the whole following day and until then we would stay as their prisoners. And then he said that they weren’t really used to have so many people to deal with while preparing the last details of a ‘mission’. So he made a deal with us. He said that they had these ‘hoods’ used by people that likes BDSM. That particular model covered most of the face, except the nostril and from below them to the chin. We would stay blind and deaf inside or rooms, but we would not be thoroughly bound (just enough for them to ‘get ready’ without thinking much about us) and if, if nature called... we would be able to call them and ask for their help, that would be only provided by the women he assured us.’

‘And you all agreed?’

‘I don’t know if we all did that at the same time. All I know is that I nodded and suddenly there was this big guy grabbing me and throwing me over his shoulder. That’s when I realized that they had removed their clothes (most of it anyway), and I was resting against his bare flesh. And that there was another girl that he was carrying over his other shoulder at the same time. Yeah I know, two women at once, through the main floor, a staircase and a hallway until he reached a room. But I told you that all three men were big and strong.’

‘And he bound you two and put that helmet/hood on you...’

‘Not alone. He walked in silence and me and his other cargo... we were making some noise but I could here a pair of stiletto heels walking besides him. And wasn’t the one that opened the door of the room, he was keeping a firm grip (but not coping a feel) on our legs at the time. I heard a grunt and someone, clearly a woman, shushing with a melodic voice my fellow captive. Then the man put me standing on the floor and shoved me backwards. I fell on the fluffy and big bed of the room. I protested but then a delicate and petite hand was placed over my lips and I heard someone whispering in my ear ‘Shush pretty princess’...’

‘‘Pretty princess’?’

‘We all got aliases from the female captors. I was ‘Pretty Princess’, Lola was ‘Baywatch Babe’, Greta was ‘Porcelain Doll’, Ava was ‘Amazon Bunny’, Teri was ‘Dark Leggy Bunny’ and Sharon was ‘Ice Princess’. Of course I had no way of knowing that at the moment; but later, before they left and when they were back to their full covering costume, I and the others were able to identify who was who since they had removed the hood .’

‘Two things Miss Young. You were kept hooded all the time? And you was kept along Miss Martin all the time? We need to know that...’

‘Well... yes. The hoods were good enough to keep us helpless and all. They didn’t had to keep bound and specially gagged but that was sort of a bonus. I had to use the toilet a few times and so did my ‘comrade in bonds’, but every now and then (like when it was time to feed us and other occasions) the earplugs (which were parts of the hood that could be detached from it) were removed and we heard the same voice telling us things like ‘lunch time’, ‘dinner time’ and others. And she liked to engage in conversations with us before, during and after we ate, and it was a three ways talk. She even brushed our teeth and was actually quite the talker. In none of the occasions in which I was separated from the unseen woman whom I shared my ordeal with I was removed from that room, and I didn’t heard any sound that could make me believe that while I was in the toilet they were changing my ‘roommate’. They took a time, after binding me and her for the first time, to make all the doors (and even parts of the floor) of the house crack soundly in order to help them identify any attempt of escape more easier, even the windows cracked...’

‘And you both were bound by that woman? All the times?’

‘I can’t say anything for Sharon, I know that all the times I was roped up it was a female and gentle hand that did the job. Sure, the ropes were tight and unyielding. The knots were out of reach and anyway with the socks there was no way we could try to free ourselves.

‘The socks?’

‘Oh yes, the socks. After I was thrown on the bed and she called me ‘Pretty Princess’ for the first time, I was told to lie still while she finished ‘the other’. So I stayed like that, lying on my back on the bed while I heard some huffing and puffing at my right. Next I felt someone putting two hands under me and lifting them, making me roll on the bed so now I was lying on my belly. I protested and she whispered in my ear ‘Shush, the Princesses are to stay together and Mama is going to ensure it, don’t make Mama spank you for your brattiness’... I know, but she did call herself ‘Mama’ and for her it was all fun, like she was playing with dolls and we were the dolls. She was a bit weird, not enough to make us feel fear for being under her power, and after a while I got used to her manners toward us.’

‘But you were explaining us about the socks...’

‘Oh yes, sorry, well she calmed me down saying that they were not going to hurt us, kill us or whatever, and she was using that calm and reassuring angelical tone... when I realized she had changed my bonds so now my wrists, that had been crossed before being tied up, were palm to and encased in something. A pair of Jim ‘s woolly socks, one foot to each hand and wrists. I must have panicked, or at least I got really agitated. Next thing I know she is placing her palm over one of my... my... buns while whispering ‘Calm down’ in my ear. I complied. I felt totally at her mercy, under her power and I stopped that exact moment. She asked me to make a fist on each hand. Then she pulled the socks (one at the time) and started to wrap duct tape around my hand. When she finished my hands were trapped in two ball-shaped ‘mittens’. My hands, and according to the girls the same happened to them, my hands stayed liked during most of my captivity. Blind, deaf and with any use of my fingers I was very easy to deal with... so...’

‘Oh yes, now I understand what you and the others meant when you stated that your hands were kept taped almost all the time. Please Miss Young, continue...’

‘Well, she tied a rope linking loosely my wrists to the back of my bound knees and then, with the help of the man, she maneuvered my body so I was facing the other girl. She told us that she was going to keep us most of the time in that position and that... well...’


‘She removed the top of our bikinis and told us to got closer and closer and our...’


Wollinsky had slammed both open palms over the table as she stood up abruptly. Michelle expressed her wish that both agents left her apartment, but O’Keefe managed to convince her otherwise. With the excuse to give him a time to lecture his partner, Michelle decided to make some coffee for everybody. It wasn’t a small apartment, but from his point of view O’Keefe could see her reflection all the time and didn’t saw anything suspicious. Michelle didn’t made any weird or deceptive movement and at most stayed with her right side turned to him (never with her back), so he saw her making what even his partner would have to admit that was one of the best coffees she had ever drank.

All the while he reprimanded her. She was already saying things that neither Bonnet’s lawyers would not let her repeat in court! They had few and weak evidences that the story the famous politician and the governor’s favorite niece were telling to the press was a bunch of lies, and without anything to restart their investigation they would stay were they were that morning. In a dead end. Michelle was the only girl that had spoken to them, so if she made her expel them from her apartment without giving any new piece of information...

Wollinsky gulped.

She was a well known trigger happy, hot-headed and (sometimes) very disobedient agent. O’Keefe was her last chance to stay on the field and not be removed to some desk in the deepest and most insignificant office of the FBI her superiors could find.

So she apologized to Michelle and, after the coffee and some chit-chat, the younger woman resumed her non-official statement.

‘After they... forced me and the other woman to that... intimate position, I heard the woman say ‘Both of you... close your eyes and do not open them if you want to be found by the police tomorrow and not in a couple of years!’, and although she said it with her enchanting voice, the tone used meant business. So I closed my eyes as soon as the blindfold was removed, and that’s when she put the hood on me. I don’t know if she put it on me first or it was the man that did. All I know was that that thing stayed on until the next afternoon.’

‘It stayed all the time... around your head?’

‘Well..., not exactly. After a while, a couple of hours I think, she served lunch to me and the other gal. Whoever she was I introduced myself to her and she to me (after we were both encouraged by our captor while she gave us cups of water). They, it was two pair of women’s hands, had undid the bonds that connected me to the other woman and mad me sit up on the edge of one side of the bed while my companion was sat right behind me on the other edge, and I introduced myself and she to me...’

‘And she said ‘Sharon Martin’?’

‘Yes and when we were fed afterwards, and our verbose captor encouraged us to talk, it was the same voice. Although we were always freed from the... ehrr... ‘intimate position’ in which we were kept most of the time by a couple of hands, only one woman tend to our needs and gave us food and etceteras. That gave her plenty of time to try to makes us at ease, she always started with something like ‘Only 20 more hours before we part ways for ever girlfriends...’ or ‘And how my two princesses are fairing?’ and wanted us to take part. And both me and Sharon wanted that all be over soon, and begged for her to release us and not hurt and such. It was very awkward for me the first time I hummed the ‘toilet signal’ and she released me from Sharon, then freed my legs and helped me to go to the bathroom. There she asked me whispering to my left ear ‘Would you like to do it by yourself?’, and of course I nodded. And then she asked ‘Would you like to have a bath as well?’, and I nodded again. Then she told to stay still and after a couple of minutes, perhaps more, she told to stand still and don’t open my eyes. Then she undid all my bonds and removed the hood, I could hear her clearly now and she said ‘Wait for me to close the door before opening your eyes’, and when I heard the sound of the door closing I found myself alone in the bathroom. I used the toilet, took off my clothes and decided that I was going to have a bath, and I was under the water for no more than three minutes when I collapsed...’


‘Everything that had happened to me the past hours, the ropemarks all over my body as the proof that it wasn’t some sort of delirious bad dream while awakened, the feeling of impotence and dread, everything came to me like a hammer and I fell on my knees. I must have stayed there for a while, then suddenly I felt that hand over my shoulder...’

‘You managed to see one of them?’

‘NO!!!! It was her, the woman of the melodic voice. She just asked me ‘Are you all right?’ and I yelled at her, called her names and such.... How could I be alright? I was a captive of who-knows-what-kind-of-criminals, two of my friends were in the same situation and all because some guy needed a hideout... Of course I wasn’t alright! But I said that keeping my eyes shut tight, without daring to look back or even move my head...’

‘And then...?’

‘She asked me if I wanted to see Greta and Lola and the other captives. I said yes so I saw a hand turning off the water and then two hands grabbing me by my armpits. She lifted me so easily!!! She said that due to my language... I would not receive dessert at dinner! She said it in such a playful tone that it disarmed me, and then she told me that I was supposed to keep my eyes shut. Then she blindfolded and toweled me, she left me alone for a moment and when she returned I was helped to put on some underwear, she rummaged through my stuff so it fitted me perfectly. Next she bound my wrists behind my back, put something folded inside my mouth and taped it there. She told me that she was going to guide me through the rooms and I would be able to see the others, but only when she removed the blindfold and I was supposed to look only at them. I nodded and off we went.’

‘And you saw all the others... including Ms. Templeton?’

‘Yes, our first stop was right beyond the door and I could see Sharon and she was bound in the same way that I was. I remembered that shortly before I was freed and taken to the bathroom I was wondering if she didn’t had fallen asleep and got my confirmation. She was looking so peacefully for a girl trussed up the way she was, bare breasts and all, and I heard the voice of the woman from behind me, she always stayed behind me after she removed the blindfold, telling me that we had some errands to do... So the blindfold (something made of leather and with locks) went back and she guided me through the door. The manor is quite big and I soon realized that we were being kept in the same floor, but in rooms a bit distant from each other. She opened a door, we entered and she positioned herself behind me and removed the blindfold. I saw Greta and the woman I would later know that was Teri. They had been bound in the exact same manner than me and Sharon. I merely motioned to move my head a bit to the left and two pair of hands grabbed it, a pair from each side, and held it there. My captor said ‘Silly girl, I told you to look straight forward!’ and her fellow captor (another woman) added ‘Now Mama and Auntie will spank you...’, and as silly as it seems the only punishment that I got for breaking the rules was a pair of hard sweats from each woman, after the blindfold was replaced...’

‘And Lola and Ava?’

‘She led through the hallways and I was expecting to be delivered back to the room were I was being kept, but when the blindfold was off again I found myself looking at Lola and another woman. Tall, very tall actually, the kind of woman that you expect to see in a volleyball of basketball team, not skinny tall but muscularly tall you know, long and curly jet black hair and wearing a blue set of bra and panties, bound exactly as all the other girls were. My captor’s answer to the obvious question that I was unable to question was ‘She? Just the proverbial snoopy reporter caught snooping by the not-so-bad guys...’, then I was sent back to the room, allowed to finish my bath and change clothes, ok they made me put on a flimsy lacy set of white underwear with a thong included but still I wasn’t kept naked, the hood went back and was removed only twice more when I needed to use the toilet... until they led us to the living room the next day.’

‘The same room in which you were found?’

‘Yes. They told us that the boys had returned and were locked elsewhere in the house. Only us girls would be allowed in the room until they had to depart. They removed our blindfolds and we could see that our captors were back to the jumpsuits. But they said that it was only for us to be allowed to see all the others girls and have a quick chit-chat. ‘Mama’ said that it was a perfect day to waste it inside and she would have some tan on her before she left, and the boys wanted to watch a football game on TV while they waited...’

‘...For? While they for...’

‘She didn’t said, no one of them did. We were all ungagged and Ava started to make questions to us right away, and was quickly regagged with a mean looking pink... ehrrr... ‘ballgag’ (I think that is the name of that thing). It was really a jawbreaker, very big. ‘Mama’ said that she was a snoopy girl and would be fed for last, after we were regagged, but we could talk between us. All the girls started to ask to the others if they were fine, if they were well treated and such. Amidst the cacophony Lola gave one of her trademarked whistle calls, it’s a powerful and loud whistle that usually makes everyone else stop and pay attention to her, and then she said that she had been well fed and cared for and asked if we had been too, we nodded or said ‘yes’. Then she said that she had been allowed to use the toilet alone and even had a bath, and so did we all. And by making statements about how she had been treated by our captors and then questioning us if the same had happened to us we were able to realize that all of us had been (with few and unimportant differences) treated the same way. Then we turned our attention to ‘Mama’ and talked to her. She didn’t said what they were waiting for, what were their plans, so when we learned about the facts it was a surprise to all of us and asked us if we had anything against potato salad, fruit juice and yogurts, because that was what they were planning to gave to us as lunch. Ten minutes later ‘Mama’, ‘Auntie’ and ‘Cousin’ (the woman that had been in charge of Lola and Ava) gave us our lunch. Afterwards we were escorted in pairs or alone to the nearest bathroom in which we had our teeth brushed, they gave us some water and we were promptly regagged and the hood went back. Oh, the girls that answered that they wanted to use the toilet were left alone for a couple of minutes before being rebound and all. They gave Ava her lunch, brushed her teeth and they tied us up one last time and blindfolded us all by closing the eye strap on the hood. We heard them removing the jumpsuits (it was a hot day and the women made remarks about how good it was to be out of those walking saunas), we heard the women approaching and each one of them gave to each one of us one last kind word, you know... ‘Don’t worry’, ‘Everything’s gonna be alright’, ‘We’re not the bad guys in here’...’

‘And then?’

‘We stood there, bound to our seats or each other and listening. Then one of the men remembered that they hadn’t replugged our ears and the last thing I heard was a TV show like those that comes before some football/baseball game...’

‘And you all stayed there, in the living room, until the police found you four hours later?’


‘Are you sure Miss Young? Are you sure that none of the girls was removed from the place while you were bound, hooded and all? Please, think about it, it’s really important...’

Michelle thought and could visualize the scene back in her mind. They brought Ava back to the large living room after she was allowed to use the toilet.

All hands were back to the sock and tape ‘mittens’, and hers were bound in front of her, a short string linked them and her knees, giving her little space to move. She had been roped to one of the bar stools they had brought from an adjacent room. Her ankles had taped together and to one of the stools ‘ legs and rope had been wrapped around her waist and thighs and kept her tied (respectively) to the small back of the stool and its seat. At her left was Lola and at her right was Greta, they had been bound in exactly the same way by ‘Auntie’ and (if she wasn’t mistaken) Lola was wearing the purple and red bikini she had bought for that weekend, she was almost sure of it, while Greta was wearing a one piece swimsuit that was blue with ‘Keys’ written in golden letters at her chest level.

Teri was wearing a yellow bikini top and a pair of white daisy dukes and sitting on the sofa at their right. She had been as nearly as mummified with as Sharon was being right then. Ankles, calves, below and above the knees, thighs, and (to trap her arms at her sides) there were six lengths of rope covering her torso and another crisscrossing her bust. Her wrists were linked to her thighs binds and she (like the others) had been cleave gagged and then tape gagged without packing. Sharon stood between ‘Mama’ and ‘Cousin’ who were doing on her the same job that they had done in Teri and, like Teri, she was putting very little resistance against them. Actually that was weird... She, Greta, Lola and specially Ava had shown some displeasure when they were bound, but those two were very passive. Like two sheep. And Sharon was being bound in the buff! As naked as in the day she has born!

And while ‘Auntie’ had been quite the professional with them, and ‘Mama’ and ‘Cousin’ had been much the same with Teri, they were obviously taking great care with their task and handling her like she was made of porcelain!

In the end she didn’t saw when ‘Auntie’ taped the furious Ava (clad in a quite sexy lacy black set of bra and panties) to a stepladder (that wasn’t open just reclined against the wall at their right). She only remembered of them when she heard ‘Auntie’ admonishing Ava to not struggle much, or she might end up hurting herself and the others. It wasn’t a big stepladder but given the fact that she (and Greta and Lola) were unable to move themselves without the great risk of falling bound and face first on the floor, and that they were exactly in the possible line of danger if Ava made the stepladder fall forward, they immediately started to plea with Ava to not struggle at all.

Then the men came in the room and admonished ‘Auntie’ for what the unnecessary risk she had put all the hostages, unlike the women’s their voices sounded mechanical and distorted. ‘Auntie’ said that Ava should be punished for her two attempts of escape and in the end the men grabbed the stepladder (with Ava still taped to it) and placed it on the floor right in front of her and Greta and Lola. She could see that the stepladder had about six or seven steps and Ava’s body had been taped to each one of them, as if the tall woman wasn’t already mummified with tape without those extra strips! They tied the stepladder to the feet of the stools and said that if she moved she’ll move the stools as well, and they doubted that she or her friends would let it pass unnoticed to them. Then the eye strap went back to the hood and she was kept in darkness, and soon afterwards in complete silence, until she felt hand undoing her bonds and removing the hood many hours later.

‘To be honest... I am not sure if either Teri or Sharon stayed with us. The way they had me, Lola, Greta and Ava bound it was really difficult for them to remove one of us without the others at least sensing that something was amiss, that something had happened like if someone was approaching the spot of the room where we stood. You know, when the SWAT team stormed the place we could not see or hear them coming, but we sensed it. The cold wind suddenly coming from the crashed windows and forced open doors, the sudden movement from Ava’s part and other things told me, and the others, that rescue had arrived. True, both Teri and Sharon were with us when it happened. But since the last time I saw them before that happened they were bound in a sofa, and the hood was very good in keeping me blind and deaf, it was like they were bound and gagged in another state!’

‘So... you can’t vouch... I mean, you can’t state that either Miss Harvey or Miss Martin stayed in that room from circa 2 PM to circa 7 PM, is that correct?’

‘Well, yes. I think that it’s like that... why?’

But they didn’t answered her question. They made her explain a lot of petty details about her ordeal, down to the menu of the two lunches, dinner and breakfast ‘Mama’ had served to her and ‘Sharon’ (it was obvious to Michelle that for some reason they did not believe that Sharon had been ‘Ice Princess’ all the time during those two days).

After four full hours of her full cooperation she was sure that they had no doubts that she had been telling them the truth, and thus bought her lies hood, line and sinker.

She called Jim and Sharon less than twenty seconds after she saw them getting in their car through her front window. Sharon laughed a lot when she told them about she made them believe (at least for a while) that Jim and Louie were a gay couple...



Neither Agent O’Keefe nor Agent Wollinsky had full access to the investigation of the FBI regarding James Bonnet, his manor by the sea and his effective participation in the tumultuous and shady events of that weekend. They were both outcasted due to their personal animosity towards the agents in charge of the case.

But both knew that they were idiots and an arrivistes (at least in their minds), and besides if they managed to have some answers when (and not if) the ***** blew their career sky-high by failing as miserably as they knew he would, their own careers would be saved from the ostracism that loomed over them right now. So they had small talks during and after work with as many people as they could, eavesdropped all the conversations they could and either forced all favors that knew other agents, police officers and specialist owed to them to be paid ASAP or became themselves in debt with their helpers...

But by the end of their unofficial three weeks investigation they had very little. A major international gun smuggler had tried to buy something from someone over that weekend in that county. The place arranged for the business meeting was his yacht that was anchored at the local boat club. In order to get full access to the club a still undetermined group had kidnapped Teri Harvey and sent some photos of her captivity to her father.

The photos didn’t showed much to help identify her whereabouts, just Teri lying stark naked and stringently hogtied over a bare mattress. Specialist had used the latest image enhancer softwares in order to find a clue. All they managed to find was that she had been held inside a boat due to the predicted variation on the shadows thanks to the sea motion.

Jim Bonnet appeared at the meeting inviting the owner of the yacht (whom he supposedly knew as just another rich and richest by the second do-nothing) to an upcoming party at his manor. With him was a still unidentified brunette with a striking figure and very little covering her. According to local witnesses the girl went inside with Jim but never went outside. Jim went back to his car and returned to his manor.

The distinguishably white limo of the small town’s biggest madam was seen entering the boat club premises three hours later and four ‘misses’ went outside wearing very revealing and sexy outfits. They went straight to the yacht and everyone that saw them thought that ********** ********* was having a ‘open sea private party’ after his successful ‘business conversation’. But the yacht never left the dock.

And five girls were seen leaving the yacht, entering two already parked cars and leaving the area one hour before the police was alerted that something was wrong at the madam’s house. By that time there had been another anonymous tip about the situation at Bonnet’s manor, and that first tip said clearly that Sharon Martin was being held with Jim at his manor by some robbers. The local SWAT team stormed the place and found all captives.

The men, Sharon and Teri had been sedated and would wake up in the following morning. The other girls were quickly sent to the hospital and then there was the tip about a robbery at the madam’s establishment. Due to the high profile of the incident at the Bonnet’s manor the local sheriff sent only two officers to the brothel. And they found the place locked down with the madam and all her fifteen ‘nieces’ bound and gagged inside their own rooms.

They had been captured all at noon by a ‘commando’ whose only purpose was to replace the girls she had selected to send to the yacht for their own. So the sheriff was forced to ask for the State Police and nearby counties’ help as the invasion of the brothel and the (possible) raid on the yacht were investigated by his men.

Nine people were found inside the yacht, three of them wanted by the Interpol and another one with a huge contract with the Pentagon, besides the owner of the boat.

Agents O’Keefe and Wollinsky had a lot of questions to do if they wanted that their long stalled careers finally returned to were they knew they belonged. The official investigation about the whole affair was still under complete secrecy, specially when regarded to them, but they knew that the special team assembled to it was facing too many dead-ends and controversial clues and witnesses. Since their current ‘official’ investigations were already concluded or had no new activity in sight for the next few days they decided to act.

One of O’Keefe’s informants managed to find where one of the girls found at the brothel was hiding and Wollinsky went to ***********-** to find out about Sharon’s kidnapping.



‘The money first, then I’ll talk...’

What a little..., but he had no options. She would only answer his questions if he paid her 5 grand. She was a pretty young girl, but he had seen a lot of snakes with more (and higher) moral standards than the short autumn-haired petite in front of him.

He grabbed the envelope in his breast pocket and handed it to her, as she counted the bills he discreetly activated the already hidden recorder. There was a wire in the phone as well and a tracking device was hid in her purse. He had broke in a few minutes before while she was having a late dinner at a restaurant at the corner, hid all the gizmos and returned to his home while he waited for her return. He gave her enough time to have a shower and prepare herself, and she was obviously hitting on him!

What kind of woman answers to a knock at the door at hour ‘wearing’ only a wrapped pink towel (which was conveniently too short for such purpose) and sandals? There was another towel that she had used to dry her hair as she waited for him and now had been wrapped around her delicate neck and was partially resting over her exposed bosom.

Did she really believed that he would fell for that (badly acted) representation?

She finished counting the money, put back in the envelope and ‘casually’ guarded it inside her cleavage, then she sat back of the bed and invited him to sit on the chair in front of him. He stayed where he was and waited with more than just a glint of exasperation in his eyes.

‘Okay... they were in seven. Two burly guys and five bitches...’

‘I thought that they were in six...’

‘No, they were in seven. Madam Kay hasn’t any prejudice towards the sex of her clients, and four of them entered the place as newbies, one of the man had appeared twice a week over the past three month, the couple of  ‘lesbians’  was returning for the third time and the last guy had been vetted by Gail, our computer wizard, and seemed a legitimate Minnesotan or Missourian lawyer as he claimed to be. I was at the entrance hall when he came down holding Wanda bound and gagged with one hand and a gun with the other hand. We were in four at the hall. It was me, Allana, Tara, Phoebe and Georgia. He forced Georgia to open the door, she did so but tried to run away and was promptly grabbed by a woman that was as tall as him and brought back inside struggling in her arms. Then two girls followed the giantess and they overpowered us all. So they were in seven.’

He looked at the portraits of the ‘customers’ made by the girls that had attended them. Two burly, big guys in their mid-thirties that could easily be found either working in NFL or in a bodybuilding contest. One was white and the other black. Both had their black hair cut extremely short and had no specific physical signature. No scar, tattoo, dot or whatever.

The lesbian were another matter. One was a white woman of long legs and red hair, the other was Oriental (probably Chinese) and quite petite. Both had very stylized tattoos on their backs, the white woman had what looked like a black unicorn to him and the Chinese chick had a white tiger, and both tattoos seemed to have been done by the same artist and covered almost the totality of their backs. Both women were in their mid to late twenties.

No useful fingerprint or DNA from any of them. The ‘lesbian couple’ seemed to be already known by the girls due to their ‘burglary force fantasy’ (they always pretended to be a rich couple robbed and ‘raped’ by two or three scantily leather black clad ‘burglars’). But this time instead of discussing exactly what (and how) the ‘burglars’ would do to them, and giving the girls the fake guns and kinky fantasies they had to wear, the two women had produced real mean looking guns (with silencers already attached to them) from their holdalls and rolls of duct tape. Minutes later Marcy, Nenna and Valerie were laying side by side on the bed, hogtied with the tape in the buff (and just for fun they had put the buxom black girl between the equally well endowed white Southerners). Then they started to ‘visit’ the girl’s private rooms and left a trail of nude or semi nude taped mummies behind them.

Meanwhile the black buddy had really had a great time with Morgan and suggested that they had a shower together, and left her bound and cleave gagged (with the strips of a white towel) inside the bathtub. He had dressed himself and had informed Madam Kay that he wanted to discuss the hiring of some of her girls for a private party. While his partner was making their accomplices enter the place he was cinching the last knots in Gail who, like the Madam and her personal secretary/chauffeur/bodyguard, had been forced to strip to her bra and panties before being tied up. That made a little sense if they were in seven, but then why the other girls (Alanna, Tara, etceteras...) said that they were in six?’

‘Beats me. But I saw TWO girls following the giantess that held Georgia in a tight human lock in her arms. Of that I am sure... Unless..., well one of them followed the giantess right away, while the other seemed like she had forgotten something somewhere and did an U-turn and exited the house seconds after she came in. By that time the guy holding Wanda had already forced us all to face the wall behind us, kneel on the floor, interlace our fingers over our heads and close our eyes. The others complied while I... well I... I froze OK? I stood there with guy saying that I had to follow his orders, Wanda pleading for me to do as I was told to and the others begging and shouting at me to do so...’

‘And you...?’

‘The giantess shoved Georgia in the arms of the girl that had followed her, came to me and slapped me hard. I fell face first on the floor, she jumped on me and I received the roughest treatment of all the girls. I was the one they left naked and stringently balltied on a silver plate over the table and the kitchen! And the only thing that changed in my bonds from the moment that ******* stood up after she tied me up and the moment I was found was that, at first, I was cleave gagged with a thick scarf. When they left me on that cold plate they changed it to a bright red ballgag. I could barely move so tight (yet weirdly bearable) were the ropes she had placed all over and around my body!’

‘And the other girls?’

‘They behaved and followed all the giantess’ orders. At some point, as Alanna was the one she was tying up in a loosely tied hogtie at my right, the lesbian came down and told her that ‘all the girls upstairs are secure and silent’, and one second later came the big black guy who says that he needs help with Madam’s computer files, which was when we realized that they had complete control of the house and us all.’


‘The giantess went inside and I swear that the second girl, the one that had come back outside as soon as she entered the house, was waiting for her at the door of Madam’s office. She stayed there for a few minutes and when she returned she was leading a line of bound and gagged captives lashed by their waist, they were Madam, Gail and Dorian. All were naked and with their arms mummified with rope behind their back. She told the lesbians and her companion to look after us while she and the men would pick up the captive women on the first floor. The guys mockingly protested, since they said that they would have to carry them (and us) back to their rooms afterward, but it was obvious that they had no problem with the idea of grabbing and holding naked bound women...’

‘Did any of them... men or women...’

‘NO!!!! It was obvious that they wanted and would pretty much like it if they were allowed but they had a timetable, were all professionals and the giantess told us all (before she left) that if any of the guys much like thought about the ‘R’ word she would slowly kill them. But the guys were red-blooded straight fellas... so they had the interest...’

‘And the women?’

‘They just said ‘Men!’ as they lectured them when they brought down Annie and Ginger... I don’t know if the ‘lesbians’ were really lesbians or very good professionals in their work. But the others were as straight as myself. Then we were all gathered together. Most of us were naked and the others very close to that. They simply said that one of Madam’s clients was a traitor and that they would prove it to the world by exposing him with the help of their own girls. After that we were all blindfolded with tape as we heard a car approaching the end of the lane where Madam’s house was built. Four or five girls came to the room giggling and chatting and I remember to hear one of them saying ‘Oh my God! It’s really for real!’ then she must have been promptly grabbed and gagged and all the newcomers were rushed to one of the rooms on the ground floor. We all could hear them having some sort of altercation and then, after about twenty minutes, we heard the woman saying ‘Place them all inside their rooms in pairs or alone, but let the frozen chick...’ and I heard she whispering something and people giggling and even snorting...’

‘And then they took you to the kitchen?’

‘And placed me on the large silver plate over the table. It took the two guys to carry me safely to there, a girl whispered in my ear if I wanted water and, after I nodded, I felt the tape being removed from over my eyes as the knots of my gag were undone. I blinked as a glass of water was gently offered to my lips, then came that nasty ballgag and one of the now fully clad in black women, I couldn’t identify exactly who was she, stayed behind guarding me as she prepared some coffee for her partners...’

‘What? She did what?’

‘Prepared coffee. They had one or two hours of wait ahead according to what she told me (she decided that either I listened to her, and answered with nods or shakes of my head when she asked me something, or she would turn my exposed buns as red as the ball inside my mouth), not to mention ‘ busy night!’ as she said. So she prepared some coffee for she, the men and the woman that stayed behind to guard us all.’

‘And they stayed there in the kitchen, drinking coffee, all the time?’


‘I paid you to answer my questions... If you are going to tell anything that might attach you somehow to a felony, and you are afraid of that, then let me remind you that we are not having this conversation. I want facts and I want the truth, but nothing that you say to me will be used against you simply because I am not here, officially that is...’

‘Okay... It’s just that... There are cameras in all the rooms, two or three hidden cameras that are activated the moment a sensor detects heartbeats inside the room. Madam Kay says that all she wants is our safety - if a customer endangers purposely one girl’s life the sensor will detect the dangerous change in her heartbeat and will activate an alarm, and the images will either help to force the customer to pay a substantial sum to the girl (and Madam Kay of course) or to send him/her/them to the death row -  and her own, since she disapproves the use of certain substances she use the cameras to monitor us 24/7 (as long as we’re inside the house of course). All the clients are informed about the cameras and some even want a copy of their performances... The images are all deleted after a week.’

‘And they used those cameras to monitor the captives?’

‘Yes. The woman who talked to me explained that they had recorded the past two weeks of the footage from ALL the cameras and had used it to move around the house (after having taken care of the trio of ‘burglars’ in their room) while their partner overpowered Madam and the others. And now their remote access to the cameras and sensors allowed them (the women) to check on their captive without having to move from the kitchen. The men watched some baseball or football game, can’t remember now exactly what it was, and every now and then stopped by to make some popcorn, one of the women read some paper and made a few sandwiches before going to join them. That left me alone with the giantess. She simply grabbed the laptop in which she was watching the feed from the cameras, placed it besides me on the table and from them on...’

‘Did she...?’

‘No! Not... exactly... she... merely said how I was beautiful, how I shouldn’t be afraid and once or twice she placed her hand over my butt... but otherwise... we watched the captives.’

‘All the time?’

‘(...) Dorian tried to hop her way to the bed in which Madam and Gail were bound sitting back to back, she saw it and went there and next thing I know she’s in Madam’s private room spanking Dorian’s... behind quite mercilessly, then she made Dorian stand facing one of the posts of the large bed of the room and then... well you musty have seen the pictures right? She used two rolls of red tape to mummify poor Dorian to the post and what was left on the second roll was generously applied in Madam and Gail’s bodies...’

‘Since you just talked about them, what is this thing about the pictures?’

‘At one point the other woman went to the rooms in which the others were been kept and took pictures of them, all of them and a lot of time. She told me that she liked to took pictures of her victims (and just that) and that the images of the cameras were just in black and white so... Just for fun (I think) she printed a few of these pictures and splattered them all over the table on which they had put me before they left. And...’


‘I don’t want any trouble with me...’

‘I told you that I will help you to disappear after tonight! But I won’t give any cent more!’

‘It’s not that! It’s that I will really have to disappear after tonight! Be removed from the surface of the Earth for a long long time!’

That got him interested. Could she being trying to sell him some very valuable info?

‘I can... provide a safe place for a month, more or less, and 10K more. But nothing besides that. Now, what are you hiding from me Miss?’

She had sat on the edge of the bed right in front of him, and was obviously trying to entice him with her cleavage with the way she bent forward as she seemed to be pondering her options. Then there was a knock on the door. He jumped on her, put his hand over her mouth and whispered ‘Are you expecting someone?’, she tried to shook her head and he told her to answer the door. She stood up, asked who it was and was told that there it was the manager of the hotel, demanding to know who was the man she had allowed to enter her room at such hour since the hotel was ‘a respectable establishment’.

It had to be a joke thought the agent, that fleabag ‘respectable’? He decided to answer the man’s request himself. He’ll simply show his badge, threaten him with something and order him to don’t disturb them. Then again perhaps it would be better to check on the man before opening the door. He looked through the magic eye and saw a very small man, no more than 4’5” wearing a Bermuda shorts and a White Sox T-shirt. ‘Respectable’?

He opened the door. And was immediately thrown back with the couple of punches a giant masked man delivered to him. Two other burly guys run pass his falling body and pounced on the half naked girl who tried to grab something on the nightstand’s drawer (a .22) and was rudely held and tape bound as the man who attacked the agent held him down on the floor. The small ‘manager’ entered the room carrying an atomizer in his hand and, with some help of the masked giant, sprayed something in O’Keefe’s face. He went down in seconds. By that time there were three men rendering the now naked girl completely helpless. Her arms were taped together from the elbows to her wrists, her thighs and calves had suffered the same fate, one of the men had held her hair up in the hair (but not by pulling it) while another made turn after turn of the roll of white tape around her face and now both were wrapping the tape around her torso, sparing just her breasts, in order to make sure that she couldn’t move her arms and inch past her back. One of the men picked the neatly package and went out of the room going straight to the opposite one in the hallway. Three women and a man were waiting for them there.

‘How long before Agent O’Keefe wakes up?’

‘About thirty minutes.’

The giantess turned to see the captive, who seemed not afraid at all to be in such situation. With a tender touch she held her chin as she bent down and kissed the taped lips.

‘Good girl... Are you sure you want to go on with the plan?’

The mummified girl nodded eagerly. She knew that she would do anything this woman told her to. The giantess turned her face to the three men.

‘Very well. Take her out. she’s to be treated as a captive 22hs of each day until I say so. Give her enough edible food per day and every three days allow her to take a bath. You are all mean evil guys that kidnapped a potential key witness of this whole affair. But if you are really mean evil guys to her... May the devil have mercy for you for I sure won’t!’

Why did she had to do such act every time? They knew that they shouldn’t not touch the girls specially after they had them roped or taped to the foolproof no-escape point. They were not stupid to make ‘Dread’ Debbie (how much she hated that silly nickname –and how much it was appropriate!-), the Duchess’ most faithful deputy, mad at them.

But then again, how could she make herself even more bigger to her faithful minions if not by reasserting her authority. That chick was going to crave for the few times her ‘Boss’, as she had called Deborah a few times while they prepared the trap, showed up at their hideout during her forced stay with them! Just like the nearly countless ones before her and the ones that would follow her. But they had to take her out of the hotel.

They placed the girl on the bed and as quickly as efficiently possible they had her calves and thighs taped together, then the large sports bag specially prepared for her was placed besides her body. Taped as she was she would fit nicely and the foam insulated sides of the bag would make sure that she couldn’t move much, made even less sound and could be transported in plain view. There was a mini-tank of air with a gas mask attached to it, they strapped the mask after they checked if the air was passing through and she was then carefully placed inside the bag. They sprayed instant foam on her back just to make sure that it would be a tight fit inside the bag, and as usual the girl shrieked due to what the chicks said was a ‘very sudden cold feeling’. Then they were out of the building while Deborah and the others were staging the scenario as the Duchess had planned.



To the general public, the unofficial investigation of Agent Kenneth O’Keefe ended up with a missing witness of the ********* Harbor Affair. The police was called and found him waking up handcuffed to the bed of the missing Valerie Tanner, and a quick search in the room found the devices he had illegally obtained and placed in there.

His superiors didn’t liked to know about the rogue investigation, information suppression and other acts that he had performed, seeking personal glory, during the five weeks after the arrest of the gun smugglers and spies and nailed him down.

By the time Valerie finally resurfaced, when a DEA strike team found her bound to a chair and cleave gagged inside a secret room in a house near the Canadian border, he had been already convicted of a dozen crimes, but refused to implicate Marge Wollinsky as his partner in the illegal parallel investigation.

Valerie didn’t managed to give much information about her captivity and her physical conditions were a proof that her captors (that had avoided capture by the DEA agents) had not gave her the royal treatment, what little she knew was already months old by then and wasn’t big news for the (by then almost closed) official investigation of the ********* Harbor Affair. She got an ambulance chaser lawyer who managed to grant her a profitable compensation for her ordeal from the government. She legally changed her name, bought a house and disappeared, exactly as the Duchess had planned.



‘How did they managed to enter?’ was the main question in Beatrice Duschamps’ mind at the moment. She and her sister Jean and her nieces Pauline and Chloe were sitting at the table in the dining room. Not that they had any choice in the matter.

At least six all black clad men and women had somehow managed to break into her husband’s manor less than one hour before. Could they be part of the gang that was plaguing the state for the past half an year? Sixteen of her friends and acquaintances (all members of the state elite) had been burgled so far. Some had been lucky enough to not be at their homes when it happened, because in three other cases, other than hers that is, the burglars had been a bit mean with the homeowners.

And had forced them to strip before tying them up to the chairs in the dinning room of each manor. It was not the rule of the gang, in many cases they had found only employees or homeowners and employees in the house, or even house-sitters like those bimbos that Freddie Peller had arranged to watch his place. In those they had just tied up the persons they found before looting the place. But not in her case.

Here she was, with a mile of rope keeping her legs together and tied to one of the front legs of the chair, forcing her to be sat to chair and unable to rise or move and with that white scarf wrapped around her mouth (another trademark of the gang).

Pauline and Chloe were crying softly with their heads bowed and Jean still tried to find or create some slack in the ropes, vainly of course. Back in the days when she went to college, Beatrice was known for be quite proficient in binding girls for the sorority pranks and the ‘wars’ against other sororities, specially if said sorority was the Omega Lambda Thau or those vixens from Epsilon Alfa! And she still knew when someone did a good job in restraining someone else. None of them was going to be able to free herself.

So since it was inevitable some form of public humiliation, if they followed their script they would reactivate the alarm after they were long gone and they would be found like that by the police, Beatrice decided to think about how they could have entered her home in the first place. Since the start of the crime spree they had increased three times the security of the place. Three times! And doubled the number of cameras and nightwatchers! And the company in charge of it was really trustworthy!

She owned the company after all!

But there she was, bound in the buff with part of her family joining her. The house staff members and Chloe’s two very young sons (ages 2 and 3) were locked in their rooms. The woman that was leading the attack showed a picture (in Pauline’s own cellphone) of Sean and Dan to Chloe, proving to her that they had not been molested or even bound and that at least them would not have a single possession stolen. She really seemed to mean it.

Then she showed other pictures to them all, and she found out that the staff was bound and gagged in whatever they used as sleeping suits (and she mentally reminded herself to fire that tramp that worked as cook assistant, tattoos were not allowed in the staff, especially there!) in their own rooms and the four guards were bound to a tree in the backyard

As for her jewelry, valuable paintings, coins and stamp collections... what else could have attracted their attention? She saw through her peripheral vision her Picasso being taken from its frame. How dare them! They would pay, oh yes they would!

But the owner of the largest security company of the state had nothing else to do, after the robbers finally left one hour later, but brace herself and wait for the debacle in her business.



‘OK, you won! I’ll tell you everything! But first there’s one thing that I need to know…’

‘Ask it.’

‘How good you are as a liar?’

Special Agent Marge Wollinsky looked at the woman sitting in her car’s passenger seat.

Joan Summersville, 38 years old, 6’3” and some muscles. Until the past month she was a member of Sharon Martin’s entourage, more accurately one of her bodyguards. Then she let Sharon be kidnapped under very shady conditions and was found along her colleague Djanira Monroe and Sharon’s private chauffeur, Natalie Berkeley, bound and gagged inside Sharon’s limo by a state trooper. Like the other two she got fired the very next day.

And like the other two she had received a HUGE last paycheck the day after that.

So big that she managed to pay part of her parent’s house mortgage, thus saving her mother from losing her house, and renegotiated the rest of the debt. Of course, this and the silence clause of the contract she had signed when she left the Martin’s estate were the talk of the backwater town she was right now. It had been a very dirty game this one she had played with her. Showing her badge to the police, talking to her friends and relatives, creating just enough pressure to force her out of her shell.

And it had worked.

‘As good as you need me too, why?’

‘The deacon’s wife is coming to visit my mother in a few hours, you’ll show up and will say something, something that make this ****** you spread around town stop. You’ll say that you’re sorry for all this rumors and other things that people is saying about me and how I got the money. Be convincing, be very convincing, and I’ll tell you what you want.’



‘She wasn’t kidnapped. The little brat kidnapped herself… and we helped it!’

‘Excuse me?’

They were right behind the road sign that welcomed everyone to the town.

The day before Marge had put on a show, telling to Joan’s mother and the deacon’s wife (the town’s biggest gossiper) a good story about why the governor had paid her such a large sum when he fired her. That morning many people (who had spend their time creating their own explanations as of the whys and hows) didn’t dared to look at her when she bought some groceries. There were some people who didn’t believed in the explanation, and she knew that she would have to work a lot to really earn the town’s respect.

She wasn’t afraid that the truth might arise one day, fat chance for it to happen!, but she had already decided to live her life there. And didn’t wanted to start it with a big lie…

‘There’s no way that what I am going to tell you will ever come to public. What you are going to do with that is up to you, and I really hope that you get yourself in a big mess!’

‘Look, about that I…’

‘Shut up OK? You wanted to hear it, then you’ll hear it. The truth is that the great governor of this state is a jerk, a worm and a perv. With incestuous intentions towards his niece.’

And once she started there wasn’t anything that Marge could do to stop her. She told about the gilded cage and crew the governor had provided to Sharon: four bodyguards, a private chauffeur, a secretary, two private tutors and a personal trainer. All were relatively young women, because he couldn’t think of the idea of some guy, any man of any color or shape, getting closer to her than him. He wanted her all to himself.

Sharon was the only daughter (she had four younger brothers) of his late wife’s youngest sister, and had a remarkable resemblance with her passed away aunt. Of course that didn’t justified his jealousy and freaking manners toward Sharon. Nothing did.

Sharon wanted freedom. And she asked her friends, the real ones, not those in her uncle’s pockets, for help. She had tried (at least twice) before only to find that her ‘best friend’ or ‘kindergarten fella’ was more interested to please her uncle, or too afraid to fall from his grace, than in really helping her. But she found out that she could believe in Greta and Lola (two waitresses in a ‘Hooters’ joint) after they helped her to have a free evening. As in ‘free of the governor eyes over my back evening’. Through them she met Jim who, even with his political and financial career at stake, decided to help her… after all they were in love.

Joan laughed so hard when Marge told her what Michelle had told her about Jim being gay that she had to take five minutes to recover. But that couldn’t be more different.

After all, of her four bodyguards she knew that she could trust in her (Joan) because Joan was the one that her found she and Jim moments after they had sex for the first time. And she didn’t had reported it to her boss, not even for a bribe from Jim’s part, just because she didn’t liked what was happening with Sharon.

So they planned the whole kidnap affair.

‘The whole idea was to make the governor confess his feelings on camera. You know, the love of his life (part 2) is kidnapped and the kidnapper turns out to be one of his possible political heirs, who knows his dirty secrets. They have a confrontation in his manor and during the whole arguing Jim meant to force him to spill the beans…’

‘And the kidnapping?’

‘Piece of cake. Djanira and Natalie weren’t trustworthy, both had a lot to lose to be filled with the real details of Sharon’s plans for that night. And besides, both (specially Natalie) are really lame actresses. So Sharon told them that she had received a phone call from a friend asking her to stop by, she made them understand that this friend probably had found out how jerky was her latest boyfriend and was needing a friendly shoulder. Anyway, the said friend was one of those who had betrayed her in the past, and had called her only because the three women that had invaded her apartment forced her to do so. The three women, that she only could identify as ‘babes in skintight black spandex outfits from head to toe’, had her and her girlfriend nicely roped up on a mocking embrace on their own bed. In the plan Sharon would, if necessary, said that she had forgot that her friend had ‘came out of the closet’ or something like that. Guess who were the three women?’

‘Michelle, Greta and Lola?’

‘With a little back up (only if strictly necessary) of Jim and Louie. But I really would like to know where those three learned to pick locks and assault people like that. I went to the same hospital that the couple was went to and I heard their statement to the police and made a few other questions myself. The two were already ready for some intimacy when suddenly the door of their room is burst open and before they realize it they’re bound and tape gagged. It wasn’t that hard for the trio to convince the girl to call Sharon and give her the call (it was needed because we knew that her uncle had her phones wired) that sent us all there in that neighborhood. Not that is a bad neighborhood, just a scarcely inhabited one. Djanira went out of the car to check the apartment, she had to say on her phone ‘No problem’ if the coast was clear and ‘Come in’ if there was any fuss, the idea was that if even we had any problem the guys hearing Sharon’s calls would contact the police and the whole block would be swarmed by cops in no time. We stay at the car, Djanira knocks at the door and suddenly she’s facing two weapons. One of the girls, probably Greta, had hid herself in the stairway and had managed to creep behind Djanira without she noticing it. The girls wasted no time in cuffing her hands behind her back and slapping a strip of tape over her lips. By that time I was ‘concerned’ with the sudden silence from her so I kept making calls, suddenly we heard her voice saying ‘No problem’.

‘And how did they managed to force her to do that?’

‘They didn’t, the guy who had created this very simple code, my former boss, never really thought about changing the code phrases. Djanira was overly gagged with lots of tape a pair of hands when she saw one of her captors pick a recorder and push play. Then she was ‘handled’ by all three and it didn’t took long for them to restrain (I do mean restrain! She looked like a weird mummy when I saw her!) her with rope, tape and ankle cuffs.’

‘Ankle cuffs? But where did… never mind. And then?’

‘I got out with Sharon and she told  Natalie that she would not stay for long. We got inside the apartment, by then they had threw the overly bound form of Djanira on the same bed where the couple was laying, and we played our parts like we were radio actresses. None of them could actually see us, but they would be able to testify in court (if necessary) that we had been ambushed and forced to strip to our bra and panties before we were tied up like salamis and, since Sharon had decided that her ‘performance’ as the kidnapped bait needed as many reliable witnesses as possible, we were ‘forcibly’ marched to the bedroom. Then Djanira was released and forced to strip. She got the same bindings that me and Sharon had received, a weird weblike pattern that kept our wrists tied to the opposite elbow and our arms as whole unable to detach themselves from our backs (where do they learned that stuff?), and we were escorted to the elevator. It was already 3 in the morning and no one watched us as we marched in line to it and then from it. I don’t know how they managed to capture Natalie, all I know is that there were two of them with us in the elevator cabin and since all three of us were hobbled and bound they could handle us easily. One of them had got out of the apartment before us and somehow had forced Natalie to strip and bound her in the same fashion than we were. Then we got all inside the limo. They had a holdall each with them and from one of them they produced a few gizmos, like those we see on TV when people start looking for hidden devices like GPS, mikes and others, and searched us and the limo. They found all of them but we heard them discussing. It seemed that if they tried to remove the last two they would activate an alarm in the governor security staff center. How they knew it is beyond me, but then they decided to play one trick. One of them put on Natalie’s clothes and drove a minute or two apparently back to the nightclub where Sharon was when she got the call from her friend, then she got out of the car and with three quick movements removed the gizmos, went back to the wheel and made a U-turn and drove wildly for about ten minutes getting out of the town and onto the hills as fast as possible. I know that because I was one of the four girls bound and gagged and thanking the inventor of the seat belts again and again. Then she stopped, her companions called her a small portion of the names we wanted to say out loud and they got out half-carrying/half-dragging Sharon with them. Then they returned, saying that they ‘needed to be sure we wouldn’t be able to free ourselves’ and they put socks over our hands and…’

‘They did what?’

‘They put socks over our hands. Dressed our hands with socks. Then we were told to make fists and they used tape to wrap our fists into ball-shaped box gloves.’

‘One thing that I need to be sure. The attackers… they were Michelle, Greta and Lola?’

‘Well… yes. They were really wearing skintight outfits and you know how Jim and Louie hire buxom babes for their weekends, so I deduced that they were them because of the curves I saw in those three and the fact that they knew Sharon’s plans, our lines and their own and… I didn’t saw their faces. I couldn’t, I had to pretend to be forced to obey their orders as they ‘threatened’ Djanira and the couple’s lives so they could not remove their hoods, look at us and wink. Too ridiculous to do and way too risky…’

Marge interrogated her for a while more and hit the road, Joan returned home through a shortcut. There was a car parked in the middle of the ‘shortcut’. She parked hers and got out of it, the driver merely lowered the glass window.

‘You talked too much…’

‘I’m sorry. I got a bit carried away and…’

‘And now she knows about the tape mittens that were used by Michelle and on Michelle!’

‘I am sorry…’

‘Come here…’

As Joan bent forward Deborah kissed her full on her lips, then Deborah opened one of her hands and one of the black women in the backseats placed a silk handkerchief on it. She dried Joan’s tears and kissed her again.

‘It’s okay. We’re going to deal with her and by next week she’ll be history…’

‘You are not going to…’

‘We never do it unless it’s strictly necessary. Those two girls behind me? They can kill anyone I tell them to, but how many times did you killed someone since I hired you?’

‘Only one, and it was in self-defense. The guy got out of the house shooting straight at us.’

‘See. Silly girl. Until next year, she’ll have resigned from the FBI, went back to wherever she crawled from under and to never ever be heard again. Got your flashlight?’

Joan nodded and Deborah handled her a file with everything that they knew about Marge Wollinsky, specially the parts that she didn’t wanted that no one knew about.

‘What a filthy ***********…!’

‘Yep, she is exactly that. Don’t worry about her anymore. She doesn’t knows it but she’s history, AND we’re pulling the strings we attached to her and she’s not even realizing it!’



Seven months had passed since she had started to work on the case. She wasn’t any closer to get any proof against the culprits of all those crimes than she was on day one. Worst, she had been suspended (without pay), was very much like going to lose her job and had no credibility whatsoever regarding the case. And she had managed to discover everything.

But besides her poorly valued word, she has no proofs at all!

None that could be used in court that is. She had broke the law about a dozen times, had invaded four residences and checked on illegally obtained evidences. She even had to assault, bind and gag three people during her investigation! She knew that she had to obtain  ‘clean’ proofs soon or she was so going to be fired next week! And perhaps even arrested!

All thanks to her and her minions!

The Duchess, a criminal mastermind that had managed to make the US law enforcement agencies to believe that she was less important and dangerous than she really was, was behind everything! The violent downfall of governor ***********, the crime spree among the wealthiest community of the state, her own fall from grace... Everything!

She calmed herself and checked the house once more. She was hiding behind a thick bush in the cottage garden for the good part of the last three hours, and had took another two to get there since she had parked her car off the road and behind some trees way back there, but finally it seemed to be happening some action.

The house belonged to Valerie Baxter, née Tanner, and had been bought with the money she got from the US government. And there was the homeowner.

Valerie was not alone, Michelle Young and Sharon Martin were with her, and all three seemed to be sharing a good laugh together! And who was with them?

Marge gasped, and started to take pictures with her cellphone. It was the Duchess! There was the proof she needed! After being expelled from the USA and being declared persona non gratta, she had be under strict surveillance from the Interpol and at least four European law enforcement agencies. And had disappeared four months before.

And there she was, illegally in US soil!

Weird, there was something wrong with her cellphone. She had taken the pictures but wasn’t managing to send them to anyone. She had tried her boss, her so-called partners at work and even the few people she knew outside her job that could have something useful to do with the pictures. But there she wasn’t able to get any line, probably she was out of reach or perhaps the always prepared Duchess had something, some high tech gizmo, inside the house that prevented the phone to work properly.

She wasn’t delusional in that one. She remembered what she heard about the carabinieri lady, that the Italians had managed to introduce in her house staff, who seemed to have tried for one hour at least to send the warning that she had unexpectedly left her home in that small village in the Apennines. Then the other staff that was left behind simply jumped on her, tied her up to a chair and proceeded to clean the house of any evidences that could link the duchess (she was really one) Marcella Sombolli di Vespusiano to her real activities.

To the furious and muted girl they declared that, if ever caught, they would state that her boss had found out that she wasn’t whom she claimed to be and, thinking that she might be linked to the Mafia, she had gave the orders that they were following. Three hours after they completely cleaned the house the police was called and found the carabinieri locked inside the (now empty) cellar wine. From them on no one had ever seen the Duchess.

And there she was… alone? Marge grabbed her binoculars and for the umptieth time she checked the whole place. One car and two 500cc motorcycles parked in front of the house and she was sure that no other vehicle was around. No sign of any other human presence but the four women in revealing bikinis walking around the house with… a volleyball ball (there was a net already set and ready at about 50 feet from the back door). No shadows, curtains movements that the wind couldn’t explain, nothing. They were alone?

Could she have been that lucky?

Marge considered her options… if she went back to the road, where she knew her cellphone would work, she might lose the opportunity of capturing the alluring criminal. If she tried to capture her without any backup… she would have her career back.

She took more pictures. It was obvious that the younger women were friends of the older one, who was also the most conservatively dressed (and she was wearing a thong blue uniki!). Michelle wore a white and blue one piece that basically covered only the most necessary parts, Sharon was wearing a micro-string yellow one and Valerie was wearing only the string green bottom part of her own. Then something attracted the Duchess attentions back to the house, from their gestures it seemed that it was the telephone and that she was expecting the call. Could it be something that would force her out of the house?

Marge decided to act ASAP. She checked her backpack contents, she only had a roll of black electrician tape beside a few other items. And her gun. She carefully moved towards the girls through the bushes and behind an herbaceous border.

She took a peek, Valerie was putting on a large green T-shirt standing with her back towards her, Sharon and Michelle were laughing at something and there was no sign of the Duchess. She stood up with her gun aiming at Michelle and with her left index finger in front of her own lips, the girls immediately complied. They tried to fool with a very good ‘what’s going on in here?’ act, but Marge wasn’t going to have none of that. She threw the roll of tape to Michelle and told her to make good use of it and to all of them to shut up or else. Michelle quickly taped her friends ankles, knees and wrists together, then she wrapped the roll a few times above and below their breasts and slapped a few strips over their lips.

Marge then taped Michelle’s wrists and elbows together (that girl was really flexible!) and also gagged her and led her to the house, always keeping her in front of her as an human shield, then she had an astounding sight the moment she entered the kitchen.

Three girls were in the kitchen, all were sitting tape bound and gagged in the chairs around the rustic wooden table and looked at her with a certain contempt in their eyes, almost as if they were mocking at her, as if she was being expected…

Then she felt the gun being unceremoniously jammed to her back. And a black girl in a white bikini showed up at the other door of the kitchen with two guns already pointed at her. But Michelle’s reaction was the most bizarre one, she simply moved to the chair that was positioned as if for her to sit on it, and sat looking back at Marge with the same look of the other girls… Marge suddenly recognized two of them, Greta and Lola!

‘Bind her hands behind her back and let her inside…’

The other black girl, who was behind Marge, followed her sister’s (they weren’t twins but still very lookalike) orders and soon Marge was being escorted inside the large house. The girl who gave the orders said that she was going to bring Valerie and Sharon inside and went out. The Duchess was sitting on a sofa in the living room, watching a very interesting movie. She helped the black girl to make Marge sat at her left and re-started the movie.

Marge Wollinsky was the main actress of it. it showed she breaking and entering a house and checking the papers in the private study of the owner of the place, then she entering an office and forcing a cabinet open. Then she binding and gagging two co-eds, whom she remembered happened to stop by at the parent’s house of one of them quite unexpectedly and forced her to act like a burglar, she had left the girls bound in the underwear locked in two different closets of the house, and the ‘movie’ showed it clearly! From the ambush on the first girl to the last cinch of the last knot…

‘Last year someone invaded Clyde’s house and tied up him and his wife and his sister-in-law, we already punished the amateurs that did it. For safety measures he installed a high number of micro-cameras inside the whole house, and since the girls didn’t knew about it, it’s fairly acceptable that they didn’t deactivated it when they arrived at the house, which was useful to identify the masked burglar that did it. One call, and Clyde will deliver the original record to your superiors claiming that he confronted you, you threatened his family so he was scared of his shadow ever since…’

‘That’s a lie! He’s one of your chief accountants! And…’

‘…Few other people know that. To the general public his a very respectable member of the community, Man of the Year of his town of three years ago and all. And there’s more…’

Now the images showed her invasion from the moment she jumped the wall to the instant she led an obviously frightened Michelle to inside the house leaving two taped up girls squirming on the grass. Then Marge noticed that there was something wrong with the images, actually with the timing in the right upper border of the image. According to it, from the moment that she began her invasion till the one she gagged Michelle no more than thirty minutes had passed. She looked back at the Duchess who indicated that had to look back at the black girl. Now the girl had a syringe in her hand.

‘Did you read the papers? Two other houses were invaded this past week in this county. As it happened today, only young women enjoying the summer vacation were at the houses at the time when the lone masked burglar lady tied them up, gagged them and robbed their valuables. Of course it wasn’t you, but I can assure you that the woman I used Is quite an exact match to your measurements, especially height, so it wouldn’t be too difficult for me to make you take the rap of these crimes, specially if after hours of well done rehearsal to make sure all those six girls back in the kitchen knew their parts very well, the police found six tape bound and gagged (in ‘creative’ positions I assure you) and terrorized girls willing to blame YOU for their ordeal, with those last images to back their stories and a reasonable explanation as to why there’s no more images of your deeds in here. And of course you wouldn’t be nowhere to be found, but don’t worry… I don’t intend to kill you…’

‘Than-Thanks… I think, but can you tell me why would you not kill me now?’

‘No problem at all. See.. Paola (that pretty little thing that my fellow countrymen placed in my staff) was a nice straight and law abiding officer that I had to deal with. You are a rogue one. It’s not the first time that this crave for career uprising (and not justice) of yours make you break the law. I know about Montana and Idaho…’

Marge gulped. But kep a straight face.

‘So when I was faced with you and your former partner I decided to use you both. I am implementing a whole operation in this country and I am more than prepared to deal with those who play by the rules, even the so called ‘Underworld’ ones, but those who don’t can be useful. Your illegal investigation exposed many flaws in my operation’ security. True, a honest law enforcer wouldn’t be able to know 10% of what you know now, but what if one of my many enemies was in your place right now? Knowing what you know?’

‘And because of that… help… of mine, I am going to live?’

‘And keep your mouth shut. As I said, I know about Montana and Idaho, and I have proofs of what you did and remember… there’s no prescription for murder. So while you’re trying to convince whoever I make find you AFTER this whole set-up works like a charm and you became a wanted woman… some snoopy reporter has the scoop of her life!’

‘**********! *****************!!!!!’

The two black girls had to hold her and jam a huge white ballgag in her mouth, buckling it tight. The Duchess stood impassible as they quickly reduced the woman to a tape hogtied captive and stood up with a triumph look in their faces.

‘Enough Marge… ENOUGH!’

That tone of voice, somehow it made her comply right away. The Duchess spoke again without bothering to look at her captive.

‘As you may know, Sharon was quite instrumental in helping me fund part of my operations by stealing all those who she knew (or she suspected that they did) that knew about her uncle’s fantasies with her. Beatrice Duschamps’ company installed micro-cameras all over her bedroom providing interesting feed for the big perv and when she found out about them, she had to get out, no matter what the price. And how did she found out about them? Deborah showed her part of the feed that she had… managed to obtain under my orders. All she had to do was, with the help of my operatives, capture Lola and Natalie and the bodyguards and show them all those images, that included Sharon’s baths, and some others and they were all hooked. Perhaps one day you might find what really happened at James Bonnet’s manor that weekend, how I used the FBI for my purposes and everything else… or do you already know?’

Marge nodded as best as she could. And it was a half-truth.

By helping the FBI to arrest all the members of a smuggling operation she had obtained a void which she had filled with her organization, then when Sharon or Bonnet (somehow) helped her to gain access to the files of Beatrice Duschamps’ company (and thus get all the necessary codes and everything else needed for the crime spree) she had gained access to a number of safes and files, and very dirty secrets, that she was using to force the VIPs of the state to legitimate her business and cover up schemes.

She had a firm base in the US and very few people knew about it! She was sincere and honest when she answered the following inquiry, after all what was the point in lying?

‘So… you have me. Completely. I suppose that you’re going to say how are going to be my impending future, besides my firing from the FBI next week…’

‘Of course. What I want is simple. You will attend the necessary meetings and will accept your dismissal from the FBI quite elegantly. Then you’ll move to some deep, isolated and out reach place and will live there for the rest of your natural life.’

‘I made mistakes and I committed crimes, but…’

‘YOU committed two Hate Crimes, two murders and many obstructions of Justice to cover them up. And I can prove it all. You are going to tell me that you are going to do as I say, and will be true to your word. If I think that you are lying, or that you somehow will try to cheat on me, all the proofs I have of your crimes, specially those that happened in Montana and Idaho! I doubt that any deal you might get will stand after that!’

And it was true. She had been a stupid and overly naïve girl when she had fell on that trap of those creeps back in Idaho, not that it justified anything that happened there, and a loose-cannon-with-a-vengeance in Montana. So she complied.



Marge Wollinsky woke up in her home five days later. She had no physical marks that she had been kept as a drugged prisoner for the past days and doubted that any exam could prove it either. She had a few hours before being fired from the FBI so did a quick check up on the news. The assault of a lone burglar lady on Valerie’s estate was old news, she found out that the culprit had somehow managed to corrupt the records from the security cameras but the technicians were hopeful to recover something (and she knew exactly what they would if she didn’t followed the script). The niece of the now nearly impeached governor *********** was one of the victims and there was an article considering her bad luck of passing through two captive situation in less than one year (yeah right…).

No one cared when she stopped by at the office to pack her stuff. She moved to Maine and tried to live as a PI, with moderate success. Every now and then the heists of the Duchess’ gang were in the papers and on TV, but she kept her informations to herself.