Real Distress Time for Ms. Roberts





Now she was the pretty and buxom secretary of a wealthy, strong and handsome capped crusader, his alias was... ‘The Claw’ (OK, it was one that was more used by criminals but she didn’t wanted to think too much on him, not for now anyway), he had a public image of a ‘naive and coward playboy’ and no one but her knew his identity.


There was... a blackmailing ring that had tried to have him as their new victim, and just by luck she had stomped on their scheme. Now, as a sultry and slutty... Hmmm... blonde with a very generous cleavage on her silky red chemise tried to lure him to her four post bed, she was here, at the blackmailer’s HQ, tied up to a chair and heavily gagged and blindfolded.


Of course, if it happened ‘in real life’ the blackmailers/kidnappers would not be as gentle as Delia had been. The knots were cinched tight and out of reach, but her blood circulation was ok and she wasn’t feeling any real pain, just complete loss of freedom of movements and ability to speak coherently. And sight of course, thus she could be able to better ‘see’ herself as the pretty damsels in distress of her fantasies...


Actually she was in her office, and the person who had bound her so effectively to her own chair was none other than her (faithful) secretary, Delia Pryde. But bound that way she could have her fantasies, and relax. If the board could see her now...


Kimberly Roberts, 32 years old, the only offspring of the famous and feared late Jean Paul Roberts that had taken the reins of his business. She was a surprising success and, after four years in the control of her family’s business, she had more than tripled the value of the company. People often asked her where she got such strength, such stamina and cunning abilities and endeavor to fight the big sharks of her line of business and beat them.


If they only knew...





All her (adult) life Kim had been an adept of self-bondage, she simply loved and craved for the chance of being completely helpless. And found out that she actually needed such feelings in order to properly ‘recharge’ her batteries and thus be able to handle the board of the company, her family’s incredible ‘ability’ to spend money and her competition.


One night, over a year before, she had... found herself stuck with a black ballgag jammed into her mouth and a pair of shiny padded cuffs holding her hands behind her back. What an embarrassing situation!!! But she was needing some relief ASAP...


Delia, who wasn’t managing to get in touch with her, decided to disobey her orders and broke into her office. She still didn’t knew where the mousy little woman had learned to pick a lock like that. Of course, when she had her self-bondage moments she closed and locked the door and lowered the blinds, so no one (not even across the street) could see her big lil’ secret... But suddenly there she was, 40 something and almost two feet smaller than her, seeing her boss trying to pry a key from under a bookshelf with an act of contortionism and exposing her bare breasts to her... and the woman didn’t even flinched!


She calmly entered and closed the door, walked to where she was kneeling on the floor and knelt besides her, then with a few huffing and puffing managed to grab the key with the tip of her fingers. In one minute she had put her bra back in its place and was buttoning her blouse, blushing deep red all along. And what did Delia said?


‘I won’t tell anyone about this, but we should talk about it, after this emergency is over...’


And so, after catching her breath four times and tidying herself, Kim went to the board room and learned (and dealt with admirably as always) what ‘emergency’ Delia was talking about. Under the guise of some documents (related to the emergency) that had to be signed they stayed behind everybody that night. They talked and, according to Delia, no one had any clue about what she did in her office when she closed herself in from time to time.


Yoga and meditation were the most likely suspects, and Delia had told the secretaries of the members of the board that she had discovered ‘the boss’ (Kim) sleeping on her chair. Of course, under the treat of being fired, all secretaries swore secrecy (that didn’t lasted not even five minutes). But now Delia knew everything...


To Kim’s surprise Delia told her that she couldn’t care less.


Kim was the main reason for her 401K had reached its current value, Kim was also the main reason for the big yearly bonus she had received that year, so if that was her ‘secret potion’ that explained her capacity to handle everything that she did handle (besides her brain and character), it was more than just safe with her...


A few days later she found herself stuck, again. And was helped by Delia, again. This time the conversation was about how she could do it without any chance of being discovered. The solution was simple and came from Delia (since Kim hadn’t the nerve to say it).


From them on Delia provided the weekly ‘fantasy sessions’ that Kim craved for so much. Delia had a 15% raise for her help and to Kim it was a win/win situation. All the ties (and fantasies) that she couldn’t ‘enact’ by herself alone were now available, like this chair tie.


Legs crossed and with ankles tied to its opposite front chair feet (the right ankle was tied to the left front feet and vice-versa), the knees (where the legs were crossed) were tightly yet bearably knotted together, the valuable black miniskirt was left untouched and covering that tie and her blouse was gone, her waits was tied to the back of the chair, a crisscross pattern held her upper torso to the back of the chair and her arms were pulled back and to behind the chair, were the wrists were crossed and tied together, a classic! Long white scarves (that she had bought by the dozen) ensured her muteness and blindness.


But... alas... everything comes to an end. She heard Delia’s ‘secret knock’ at the door, then the door opening and closing, the click of her secretary’s heels on the floor and she felt the knots holding her wrists being undone. Too bad... ‘Marge’ (The Claw’s girlfriend/secretary name in her fantasy) would have to wait a little more to be properly rescued after he beat the blonde’s partners to a pulp, bound and gagged her to an armless chair (of course)... not. He would bound her over her own bed, with her breasts popping out of the chemise and...


‘Do you want some water?’


‘Yes please...’


She now could see again, and after exercising her jaw drank the cold water from the glass Delia had offered to her. Weird, it was only 01:46 PM! She was supposed to be ‘Marge’ for at least until 02:15 PM! Her fantasy was supposed to last for ONE hour, not half of one!


‘Is there a problem?’


‘Well... we may have been victim of a robbery...’


‘May have?’


‘Do you remember that girl from the Research Department, Dora Brown? 5’7”, strawberry blonde hair, always trying to hide her beauty under those ‘research tunics’ or whatever?’


‘Ah... ‘Shy Dora’ – pronounced as ‘Chi Adora, ‘who loves’ in Italian –? Yes... a good asset for the research department, fresh from the MIT isn’t? ...She has that birth mark above her left eye, or is it the right one? I knew it. So, what’s wrong with her?’


‘Well, somebody accessed, from her computer, the bogus data we left on the computers that supposedly are the Z43 Files (and where did you got that name? As if I didn’t knew...). She was seen leaving the building in a hurry not five minutes after the files were copied, which of course wasn’t supposed to happen. But...’




‘Her body language and the likes... Well me and Tina both agree that she may have been did that because she was forced to. Her co-workers confirmed that she was... weird and touchy today. And you know the fame of ruthlessness that some of our competitors have. She’s not answering her phones nor her pager and her wife... (you didn’t knew?) ...didn’t showed up at her work today. We sent some people to her house...’


‘Ok, no police until we are sure that she did it on her own and there’s no innocent’s life at stake. The data is worthless anyway. Give me a minute...’


Delia had freed her as she had spoke, and now it was time for a quick tidying. One minute later both were en route to the security center of the building.






As she had planned the data was worthless.


If it wasn’t she’d be in a tight spot as of now. She had sent the researcher in a wild goose chase, that would attract the attention of either the police of the firm’s security agents, and would leave the place a little more open for her to strike. But not immediately.


Not yet.






The two agents sent after Dora broke into her home and found evidences of a crime. The whole place was immaculately in order, save for the bedroom. Besides the bed that was disheveled, there was a tripod with a camera aimed at it and lots of cut strips of tape and piece of rope, that clearly indicated that someone (or someones) had been kept bound and gagged in the room (a couple of strips of tape had lipstick marks).


One of the agents wasn’t only a burly man, he was good with computers and gizmos. The camera was sending the footage of what she had been aimed to to a website.


When they accessed it they found them looking at themselves since the camera was still on. But when the man managed to access the previous footage the possibility that Dora wasn’t acting on her own was confirmed. Bianca, Dora’s lover (as the many pictures around the house evidenced), was sitting naked and bound and tape gagged on the edge of the bed.


There was a sign hanging from her neck in each of the three short movies he managed to have access to. At first it said ‘I am alright, for the moment’, then it was ‘Do what they want, but only at lunch time’, then ‘You will find me behind the palm trees’.


The bonds in the three messages apparently hadn’t changed, but the tape gag had been moved between the second and the third. No signs (reflexes) whatsoever that could help them to identify the attacker/kidnapper.


So now it was a kidnapping situation, apparently. They got in touch with their boss and their boss’ boss. More agents would be provided but first they’ll have to try to confirm that the videos weren’t an hoax and find any clue about what ‘behind the palm trees’ meant.





26 years old Bianca used to work as waitress at a restaurant called ‘Cuba Siempre Libre!!!’ right in front of the beach. It was closed now since it had went bankrupt a couple of months before, but the constant vigilance of the police prevented it to become a point for junkies and homeless people. It’s symbol was a giant palm tree hanging on its front and if, like now, someone hid or was hidden behind it there were not many points of view (from the a bit too distant buildings behind it) that could lead to his/her quick discovery.


Not that she didn’t stopped to hope that it happened...


At least that dreadful black woman had allowed her to put on some clothes...


Boots, one of her tightest jeans trousers (indigo blue), a well filled yellow tank top and a and leather jacket over it... Obviously the ****** was into bondage (or very used to bind and gag people) and had turned her into one of those bondage babes!!!


Well, at least she was covered now. Ever since the night before, when their sleep had been interrupted by that gun and that light on their faces... was it finally coming to an end?


She hoped so...


Five to six hours tied up with her hands below Dora's breasts, and Dora's almost under her own pair, then the woman allowed them to (one at the time) use the toilet. But wearing those big and heavily strapped gags in the shape of balls! That thing had made her drool like a... then the Amazon had allowed Dora to put on some clothes and gave her the orders she was to follow that morning. Holding back her tears (that she for her turn allowed to flow freely), Dora had kissed her tape covered lips and went to work.


It took ten minutes, less than a third of the time needed to go from their home to Dora's workplace, for the black ****** to shoot the videos she wanted... Twelve more minutes to have her clothed, bound and gagged in her own car's trunk, around forty to arrive here and fifteen to go from the back of the building to the roof. The woman who took her out of the car and brought her here wasn't the same that had put her inside the trunk!


This one was... more tender and gentle. As if it was possible. Well, she had talked with her (the previous one texted messages on her palm and made she and Dora read them) in a soothing and caring tone, she had dried her tears, and she was a white woman anyway...


Forty four minutes later it was all over and she was tied to two supports of the enormous palm trees sign, there was a camera aimed at her and her new kidnapper was gone.


The camera was the main reason as to why she felt like a bondage model...


One of the support was fixed diagonally on the roof, she was sitting on it and with her back and arms tied to another (vertical) support and protected from the sun by the shade of the sign. The ropes weren't digging into her flesh, her attacker had checked and actually smiled as she was able to put her index finger between the ropes and the skin, but by no chance she was having any success in slaking them! The long, very long, ropes that bound her legs together at the ankles, shins, below the knees, above the knees and thigh, and each and all of the bonds also connected her legs to the support, beyond any chance of letting them go!


The same overkill was repeated in her torso and arms.


The white masked woman, albeit smaller, was way more stronger than herself and she had no chance but to comply to her will and might. Her hands were tied in front of her and to her lap (there was rope everywhere in her forearms), there was rope around her waist, twice on her abdomen, below the breasts, above the breasts and in a crisscross pattern on her upper torso keeping her unable to move much.


With a scalpel (and holding her head still with another demonstration of her strength), the woman made a tiny cut on her tape gag and allowed her to drank a whole bottle of water with a straw. Then she placed six more strips of tape over the three that were there already and patted her head and left. Six minutes later she returned with another tripod and another camera and explained to her that she was going to be 'around' and, if necessary, she'd be there to help or rescue her in no time. She really did seemed sincere...


Now, finally she was hearing someone trying to open that rusty door in front of her. One hand, big and strong and hairy (ugh!), appeared and she could hear its owner huffing and puffing. Then the door was opened and two big guys come from behind it.


And so did Dora... her Dora...


It was finally over...





Dear Mercy of...


Why oh why(!) Tinker Bell had to overdo every tie up she was paid to do? A simple pair of ankle and wrist rope cuffs would have done perfectly the job!


Well, at the very least... very least... They were thinking that it was all over and that she didn't knew that what Dora had stole for her was absolutely worthless.


They were in for a big surprise in a few hours...


IF she could handle a few more hours inside that cubicle in the ladies’ room of the 18th floor. She had to. 400K, 400K, 400K, remember the 400K, remember...


The things she did for so much money...


Hmm... Betty was reporting (in the coded way she had been told to) that she was being followed. So the security guards/agents of the company had managed to intercept Dora before she reached the encounter point? These guys were good...


'You know what to do' was her answer.





One hour later a black haired woman was found in a cubicle of the ladies' room of the fourth floor of a shopping mall. She had been drugged and bound and gagged with strips of cloth taken from a blue blouse (of the same tone of the one Betty was wearing) and her clothes and wallet were missing (save for her bra and panties).


It fooled the security agents since Betty was wearing a brunette wig (that went down the tubes) as she was being followed by them. She spent a few hours in an ER, gave her statement and a fake name to the police and disappeared.


More or less at the same time that the police concluded, after checking the security tapes of the mall, that there was no attacker at all. Two security guards were positioned in the front and in the back of the hospital, no one saw her leaving. Forty-two minutes later a nurse discovered a doctor locked inside a closet, after having been conked, stripped of her bra and panties and bound and gagged with medical tapes and strips of cloth taken from towels.


Betty was never properly identified by the police.





Dora and Bianca were rushed to a private hospital at the company's expenses. As much as she wanted to visit them and call the police, Kim rationalized that it was best (at least for now) that the theft of those (useless) files wasn't a public issue.


She could fool the thief by pretending that she/them had robbed the real thing, and thus now she was 'scared', 'furious' and 'concerned' (with her company's future) as she would be if the real files had been stolen. She called the board to an emergency reunion, acted like she was all that the member of the board (it had to be one of them, the files were useless to any of her rivals, except those of the board!) was expecting that she was now.


Scared, furious and concerned.


The last part wasn't that difficult to pretend. She was concerned with Dora and Bianca's distress and how they would deal with it... She was furious with the lengths to which her own ‘fellow’ board members could go to have enough ammunition to remove her from the direction of her father’s company, no HER company now... But scared?


That was the hardest part, she didn’t remembered last time she had been scared in her life. But she tried to be ‘itchy’ and ‘sweating bullets’ for the remainder of the day. She was very successful with that. And thought about apologizing to the people she mistreated the next day. So she (thought) that she had fooled the thieves...


And was fooled by the Black Rose.





She had spent over ten hours inside that cubicle! The things that she did for 400K...


But it was worth it. As Tinker Bell had told her that she would manage to make it happen, the security system of the building had registered the return of her visitor badge (that she kept with her all the time) and thus, for the security of the building, she had left the premises more or less at the same time that everybody else did.


Now it was 8:30 PM. The feed of the past week was what the security agents were seeing in their monitors, so she could go unobserved (through the stairs of course) from the 18th floor to the 22nd, where the offices of the board were located.


According to Tinker Bell, there were a couple of secretaries plus the CEO of the company and her private secretary to deal with. As she has expected and asked for, her client (and his partners) had managed to force the CEO to work to that late...


Four little girls... Hmm, two?


The two secretaries had just left, leaving the CEO and her private secretary.


Too bad, she could use one the mid twenties gals as leverage against the CEO. She'll have to go with that early forties 'dean of a boarding school for girls' and nobody else...





OK, after such a hellish day she simply needed the thirty minutes of 'Marge' that she hadn’t had... Delia had looked at her with a 'Oh come on!' look in her eyes, but had complied.


First she had removed her blouse and bra as Delia grabbed the pre-cuts coils of rope. The wrists, then the ankles, then a gag (a folded chess patterned hankie). Now Delia was taking care of the last details. More rope trapping her arms to her torso (and enhancing her bust marvelously), now it was time for the legs. So Delia helped her to sit on her chair...


And Kim saw the masked woman entering her office. Black, tall and intimidating. And armed and grinning. She didn't looked like some kinky present of Delia to her...


It was real, oh no... it was for real!!!


Seeing her shock and sudden fear in her eyes Delia turned around... and raised her arms.


'Well, well, what a surprise... Are you guys a couple?'


'N-no. Harumpf... What do you want?'


'Some files that I, supposedly, already stole today...'


Both soon-to-be-captive women looked at each other with surprise, incredulity and fear.


Delia managed to composed herself quickly and very admirably.


'I have a long ribbon in my pocket, I was going to use it to gag her properly, but I can use on myself and thus, as I provide what you want I won't be able to raise the alarm...'




'Fifty thousand dollars. She will give fifty... no, a hundred thousand dollars to you. As long as you don't tell your client, or anybody else, about what... what we were doing...'


'And how am I going to collect that money?'


They negotiated the maintenance of her secret for the next 2 minutes, then Delia grabbed very slowly the long red ribbon in her suit's left front pocket and gagged herself with it. She opened Kim's personal computer and downloaded the Z43 file to a pen-drive at the same time that the masked woman grabbed Kim and held her in a tight 'hug'. Then she placed the pen-drive over the table and knelt on the floor with her hands in her head.


Their attacker produced her own pre-cut coils of rope and, as Delia watched impotently, she first finished Kim's bonds and left the beautiful CEO lying hogtied on the top of her own desk with a tight cleave gag parting her lips. Kim was holding back her tears as she saw the masked woman reducing Delia to the very same state of impotence, Delia didn't fought back and was gagged with a foam ball and another ribbon that her attacker found in the right pocket. The attacker then checked if the file in the pen-drive was the one she wanted and leaned forward until her mouth was very close to Kim's right ear.


'Don't worry. No one will know about your little tryst...'


Then she patted the CEO's behind and waved at the suddenly struggling woman on the floor and left, locking both women inside the office (that she had shut the lights).


In the dark, Delia tried to comfort Kim, but she had gagged herself too well for achieve any good result. She really didn’t liked to hear her boss sobbing as she was doing now...


Over four hours later, while trying to figure why the computer was saying that Kim and Delia were still in the building (a fact confirmed by the presence of their cars in the parking lot) but the lights in the 22nd floor were all off, a security guard found them.


Another guard found one of the building’ ground floor’ back door open ajar.








'Don't you dare to count the money...'


'I know better... and I trust in you.'


'And, surprisingly... so do I. I talked with a lot of people these past weeks. You are very well recommended and trustworthy. How well you managed to do the job?'


'There's over a hundred pages of files in it, plus pictures and other stuff. Your boss will be able to fight back my former client with it and keep the company to herself...'




'Two secretaries, a masseuse, a trophy wife, three bratty late teens daughters, a...'




'You asked...'


'Do they, those ******* sharks!, know about these files you’re giving me?'


'Nope. I managed to disguise each search as a separate and independent burglary, when I made my presence known... and most of what you are holding was just copied, not stolen.'


'Good. Be seeing you... perhaps.'


'I am sure we will meet again... Good luck...'


And with that the Black Rose, exquisitely dressed for the soiree party (that she hadn't been invited to but the busty girl, whose clothes she was now wearing, she was replacing had been...) that was happening at the yacht club, raised her glass as a salute to Delia, who was inadequately dressed for a business meeting (which was exactly what had happened), but Delia was more preoccupied in going to Kim's manor ASAP.


The Black Rose checked on her current captive through her PDA, the bimbo had fell asleep over the mattress in her hideout... good. She got out of the ladies room and mixed with the people at the party. She quickly saw her target and ‘pounced’ on him...






Ever since the... 'incident', she hadn't touched her DVDs and magazines, hadn't entered the websites nor the chat rooms, hadn't done anything but eat and breathe.


She knew that Logan, Tyrell and Hobbard were going to pry the company from her fingers.

One of them had hired that... that... that... But it didn't mattered anymore...


She had been so foolishly arrogant! So...




There was a knock at the door. Her staff wasn't around (she had dismissed them for the weekend), so she put a housecoat over her negligee and went to answer.


After the attack she had tripled her personal security, so anyone that could pass through it at that hour, 8:42 PM, was either family or close to it. Like Delia was.


She was, as usual, dressed conservatively and holding whatever files on her hands. And tried to make her read it, uselessly. Then she had tried, once again, to talk with her and make her talk about the whole thing, again.


She was paying 500 bucks the hour in a weekly basis to a shrink for that...


Then... Delia got mad. Very and truly mad. She grabbed her Kim’s chin with two fingers and forced her to look into her very angry eyes. And her voice was mean pure business.




And she, finally, talked about the episode. She was feeling dirty and dumb ever since that night. She always had fantasized about it, always had stupid ideas as what it was to be so helpless and... she couldn't believe that she had been that dumb!!!


Delia heard it all without interrupting her. Not even when Kim grabbed a vase and threw it against a wall she did say anything. Then she grabbed her by the hand and they walked to the front of her (very large) room’s closet sliding doors.


And, again, Delia spoke in a tone that didn't admitted opposition.


'Take off that robe and your underwear, grab whatever panties or bikini bottom that has a thong and put it on. I'll be waiting downstairs...'


Puzzled, Kim opened her mouth to ask her why, but Delia didn't allowed her to. One look. Just one very expressive and intimidating look. And then she was gone.


Kim didn't knew what to do. And then she removed the robe and her lacy white underwear and put on a blue thong bikini bottom, then the undercoat and went downstairs.


Then all lights were suddenly off as she reached the bottom of the stairs.


'The housecoat. Take it off... now.'


Where was she? What had happened to the lights?


'Take it off.'


Not sure as to what was happening, Kim obeyed and (with shaking fingers) removed the white housecoat who fell on the floor at her left. And then someone pounced on her.


Before she could say or do anything a ball was jammed into her mouth, her hands were grabbed and pulled behind her and zip/plastic cuffs were used a bit too freely on her arms and wrists. By now she was lying on her belly on the cold marble floor, and her legs were uselessly 'pedaling' in the air. Then the cuffs were used on the legs, one, two... six of them. Finally, she heard a ripping sound and someone grabbed her hair, pulling it up as a roll of tape was circling her head one, two, three times, keeping the foam ball inside her mouth.


Her heartbeat was faster than she never thought it could be, her mind was awake and as attentive as it never had been and all her senses were on the maximum...


'Don't worry, it's just me.'


Delia! Her attacker was... Delia? How dare she? How could she have done such a thing to her? What the heck was going on there?


'So... feeling angry, mad at me? Good. That's exactly what I wanted to see.'




'I am using night vision goggles. And you know what? Welcome back to the land of the living. Now, after I heard all your self pity and commiseration, let me tell you something...'


But Kim didn't wanted to hear anything, so she trashed violently under Delia, who held her in a tight human lock (where she had learned that?) until she calmed down. And it was like that, held in the darkness by the person she trusted the most in the world, that Kim heard a lecture for the first and last time in her whole life.


Delia's voice was now calm, but imperative and soothing. There was a BIG difference in what she always had craved for and what had happened that night.


All along, and in every time she had found restrained and helpless previously either by her own hand or with Delia's help, Kim knew that she didn't really wanted to be helpless. She knew that what she wanted to be (while restrained) was as safe as possible, therefore enabling her relax and enjoy her 'distress'... It hadn’t happened that night, unfortunately, but that didn’t meant that she should feel ‘dirty’ for wanting her ‘helplessness’ back...


Kim heard all the words and they went deep inside her, and she cried in Delia's arms for a long time. Afterwards Delia left for a moment, turned the lights back on, returned and guided her to her own bedroom holding her with both arms in a gentle hug. There she removed all Kim's bonds, made her lie on her own bed and covered her.


The next morning Kim awoke feeling well, as she hadn't felt a long long time. Delia was sleeping on a chair at her right. She awoke her and they discussed many things, before they went down to business. According to Delia, everybody (but those three ***** at the board) were counting on her on the next meeting of the board scheduled for the next Tuesday.


Kim obviously already knew that, but she was still feeling unsure and uncertain about a lot of things, so she allowed Delia to take complete charge of her for the weekend, and saluted her a she was a 'superior officer'. Grinning, Delia forbid her to wear anything but the bikini bottom (or any piece that has to have a thong) for the whole duration of the weekend, then they had a bath in separate bathrooms, a simple breakfast and Delia grabbed Kim by the hand and took her downstairs. Kim was feeling really uncertain and exposed, but there was no turning back now. Delia was already working on her body...


She used microfoam tape to gag, blindfold and restrain Kim and made her lie on the floor of her own private study, with only a rug to protect her from the wooden floor. There she added more tape until Kim was nothing but a tight package.


Then Delia threw the A-bomb. She had hired the very same woman that had attacked and robbed her! In the very same secret meeting in which she had paid her the 100K!!!


Since it was for a new job unrelated to the one that had made them casualties, the Black Rose had no problem in collecting copies of everything that Kim's enemies were planning to use against her. And Delia had no problem whatsoever in hiring HER!!!!


Kim wanted so much to question her... Her what?


'Hush, little girl, HUSH. I think, no I know that you need to 'recharge' your batteries as you always did. It's just the way that you do it. I for myself watch B-western with John Wayne, ‘Rocky’ Lane or... You? You fantasize with yourself in damsel in distress scenarios while restrained. Simple like that. Now, I intend to have a fully loaded YOU Monday morning at the office, not that pale apparition that had been showing up lately, I intend to have Louise (the 'spy' Hobbard planted in our floor) reporting to her real boss that you are back, and I intend to have a bigger than last year bonus at the end of the year! Because, if any of those three gets the company..., I’ll be lucky to have a company to work for by Christmas time! Won’t I? So, for this weekend, you are hereby ordered to have your fantasies... Wanting them back or not. I will do whatever you want me to in order to fulfill them, and in the meantime I will study your rivals plans. Because I want you to kick those *******’s  asses Tuesday afternoon! Actually everybody at the office wants it! Thus... dream on!'


Dream on? But... but...


The tape was holding her legs together and bent, having been applied at the same time on the shins and thighs (in two different places), her arms were also taped together and to the torso, her 34D breasts were cushioning her torso against the rough fabric of the cheap rug... cheap? She had just allowed her crazy... ok, just plain weird secretary to tape bind and gag her nearly in the buff and she was more concerned with the quality of the rug she was resting on? Where did it had came from? Back to her former line of thought...


Her lower face was gone, completely covered by the tape and she couldn't see a thing...


She was... she was... starting to feel good, very good indeed...!


And safe.


There was a state of the art security system around her. There was no one but the person she trusted (trusted, not loved! She was into men!) the most in the world nearby and she...


She was herself, Kimberly D. Roberts, CEO of the *********, Inc., captured while alone at her home by her doppelganger. The woman that had surprised her as she was getting ready for work was none other than her long missing evil twin sister... hmm... Lana.


No... Tara! Yes, Tara was best as a name for the cruel, psychotic and beautiful girl.


And now, as she lay so crudely (and wonderfully) restrained on the floor, she could hear the con-girl printing (with the intent of sell it of course) all her company' business secrets (So many? Did Delia wanted to use all the paper sheets she had in her study? Apparently...) and transferring all her personal funds to a bank account in... somewhere. She was going to lose her company to some *********** if she didn’t freed herself!


She had to freed herself!!!! (as if she really wanted it...)


Two hours later she was Suzi, a beach bunny locked kneeling on the floor, cleave gagged with a big towel and with her long flowing hair tied in a ponytail to the bar above her head in a dark closet by an escaped convict. After the frugal lunch she was Lt. Judy B. Morrison, kidnapped, stripped and replaced by a curvy Russian spy who was at the moment stealing some Military’s top secrets, having to attack & bind & gag at least a trio of great looking military babes (two of them wore glasses) to do so, as her prey writhed helplessly encased in rope and cloth over a motel’s bed miles away from the base where her impersonator was ‘working’ at the moment. The National Security demanded her to free herself!!!


By then Delia had already studied the documents and prepared a proper presentation for her, so she brought her back to Earth by removing all her bonds, but still forbidding her to wear anything but the flimsy red lacy panties she was using at the moment, and they sat side by side in a sofa and discussed for the next three hours and a half their strategy for the meeting based on what the Black Rose had discovered for them.


Kim used the chance to question Delia about her actions to achieve said documents (she really was displeased with the fact that innocent people had suffered for her to be able to read those papers, and demanded that some compensation was provided to all the Black Rose’s ‘casualties’) and Delia was honest with her, with the loss of the secrecy of the ‘Z43 file’ they needed better weaponry to fight her foes, and she had already settled for a reunion with the responsible for the security of the company, in the next Thursday, to order him to discover who were the ‘casualties’ and what could be done for them.


As for the Black Rose issue, well she really was, according to Delia’ sources (which she didn’t told Kim whom they were), the best in the business, thus...


Kim had to think alone for a moment, so Delia went to the kitchen to fetch some coffee for both. When she returned she heard Kim tell her that, as long as there were no real deal ‘casualties’, she was allowed to hire anyone (including the Black Rose) that she saw fit for any job necessary to help her. But no real deal ‘casualties’, or she would be fired and face on her own all charges that the DA would pin on her, and for the ‘casualties’ of those jobs she would have to provide all the ‘compensations’ necessary!


Delia silently congratulated herself for her successful (and quite insane!) plan, her boss was back! Poor of the ******* who had hired the Black Rose! They resumed the planning of her strategy for the meeting, which lasted for two more hours.


Then it was time for dinner, she waited for it as Colleen, a once bored and lonely housewife now bound and being burgled by the infamous Tape Bandit as she writhed bound to a chair in the kitchen, while Delia prepared something for themselves. Afterwards, Delia relaxed while watching B-western movies with someone called 'Ken Maynard' as she was Dana Dellorys, a Hollywood starlet kidnapped by a crazed fan who had displayed almost all her charms for him to see as he reviewed her movies (she was bound on a small coffee table and being used, as she had sternly demanded, as footrest by Delia whose bare feet were resting on top of her belly) and slept in her bed as Valaryanna, the princess of the Elvish Northern Kingdom who had been kidnapped days before from her own bed by the cruel Kottriné, Queen of the Amazon Drows of the North, who wanted a huge ransom from her father the king Norfellel, the Fair, but for now just wanted her as a bedwarmer...


It was odd for both women, at first, to sleep in the same bed. But for years Kim had wanted to sleep heavily bound as a real deal human salami (and nude, but she was wearing another thong bikini bottom), and Delia would not let her sleep unobserved in such a state.


It was the first time that they did it, but since both were heterosexual women they never had any form of sexual intimacy while doing so from then on.


And in the following day she was so many other helpless damsels in so many distresses...


Needless to say, the ‘Z43 file’ was completely useless to the one (Tyrell) who had paid the Black Rose to steal it, since Kim rammed her rivals down in the Tuesday meeting...


Delia’s presence at Kim’s manor in the weekends became more and more regular, and she ended up moving herself to a room in the second floor, but still had her relationship with a diving instructor to occupy a few weekends. She ended up hiring models to share her boss’ predicaments in her fantasies, buying costumes for said fantasies and taking all precautions to keep it a secret from everybody else. She was very successful with that.


Ironically, Kim more often alias used by the press was ‘the Untamed’...