Rerun vs. Reality









What she clearly remembered of the past eight hours:

-       At 07:23 PM, fashionably late as usual, Sasha’s good friend and former partner in various criminal enterprises F.E. Hall (that only recently confessed to both of them her real name, Farrah Edwina!) arrived for another night of poker and pizza with Sasha, the 19th or 24th ever since she had moved to Sacramento three years ago.

-       At 08:05 PM when the pizza arrived, pepperoni as usual, she grabbed a pair of slices and went to her room to watch some TV.

-       At 09:19 PM, since there was nothing on TV, she had decided to join them (if they were actually playing for money she wouldn’t have done that, her job as a waitress at ‘The Ones’ didn’t paid enough for that), and started to lose... (her clothes?) right away...

-       Sometime before 10 PM they had decided to open that bottle... but there was something that had happened between she sitting at the table and that, she was really sure of it... but what was it? She couldn’t remember...


Now it was... 03:12 AM. All three women were sharing the very large sofa in front of the TV, which was showing a rerun (what else could they be doing at that hour?) of a detective story set in the 70’s (not a bad movie actually, but the platinum blonde babe playing the detective’s ex-wife was such a lame actress!), and she was the only one wide awake.


And, because of any reason that the stupidly powerful combination of liquor of absinthe and who knows what else was in the mix of that concoction that Hall had put inside that blue bottle (now lying empty and on its side over the table behind her) made her forget, she had no chance of simply changing the channel on the TV or standing up!


She was almost naked under all the tape and rope that held her body, and the tongue bikini cut panties she wore was NOT the one she had put on after the bath... yesterday. Her hands were stuck, thanks to a confusion of rope and tape, right above the silk garment and the front part of the crotchrope (and linked to it by just rope apparently). Her legs had been melted together with tape and her (now useless) arms and torso showed enough rope to make her sure that Sasha had did the job. She still remember how much she had used (on her) after she lost... she lost that... bet? Was he current situation the result of a bet or bluff?


In any case, FE Hall (she still could not believe that her parents would do that to their only child!) still hold an almost empty roll of tape firmly clenched in her left hand, that was now resting over her right breast, as the slumbered body of the older (and smaller) woman half hugged her and half leaned against the whole lot of the right side of her own body.


And completing the entrapment of their half-naked prisoner, and very lame bluffer poker player (she was now sure that her current situation was indeed connected to... to a pair of kings!... and also that phone call), Sasha was sleeping on the other half of the sofa... with her legs resting (partially) over both her and Hall’s laps!


She couldn’t wiggle right and couldn’t wiggle left, couldn’t raise her legs or her hands and could not sleep! So all she could do was watch TV in that channel, since the remote control was lying ten thousand miles away (or on the floor, right in front of the TV, but it was as if it was now on the other side of the world)!


At least she had no need to go to the WC...


The movie finally ended, the good guy won (but not so much since he ended up losing the girl (good riddance for her!)) and it was now time for another one...


Hmm... now wait a moment...


On the screen a landline and a cellphone were rigging out of synchrony side by side over a bedside table, someone passed in front of the table too fast to be recognized by any viewer and the image started to zoom out showing the room where the table was located and the human activity in it. It was a modest room, but well furnished, being vandalized by two masked women as the owner of the place fought her bonds over the bed.


NO WAY!!!!


Now it showed only the two masked women as they opened drawers, removed them from whatever chest or closet or the likes they belonged to, turned it upside down and piled them in between themselves. In between the two of them, but way out of focus, the long haired blonde’s face was showing a lot of useless efforts! The smaller one kept checking on the former contents of the drawers as the (much taller) other one tried to find if there was a safe hidden in the walls. They had done quite a number with their captive’s belongings and finally the taller one stopped, turned to her partner and spoke:


‘It’s not here!’


‘How many more names on the list?’


The taller one grabbed a folded paper from her pants back left pocket and answered.


‘Seven...’ – she said in a tone that showed disappointment.


‘Let’s go to the next one... after I tighten any slack this babe has managed to produce.’


And, as the smaller one knelt on the bed, pushed the defenseless babe so she now stayed (paralyzed with obvious fear) between her legs, the back of the girl’s head almost touching her captoress’ butt with her fruitless efforts, and started to work on the captive’s bonds, on whose cleave gagged face the camera focussed on... the credits rolled out:


‘Betrayal’s Payback’!


She simply could not believe in it!


A rerun of the TV movie based on the most famous (and last) job the two... something she would properly name later... that had roped/taped her up the way she was now, and both women were way past any chance of waking up to watch it!


On the screen she finished cinching the last knot and slapped the poor girl’s blue silk (partially) covered behind and got out of the bed. They got out of the condo, removed their masks and gloves and, acting almost inconspicuously (but were seen by a neighbor), went straight to the car ‘Sasha’ (or as she was named in the picture, ‘Mona’) had stolen earlier.


The camera returned to the futile efforts of the girl (the only one to bear some resemblance with the person she was impersonating) they had surprised as she was desperate to get ready to leave her home and arrive (late) at work.


She rolled around 180º over her bed and kicked the phone and cellphone to the floor, and then she slid to the floor and managed to grab her cellphone and dial 911.



But according to Sasha, Hall had anchored the girl’s legs to one of the bed’s back feet and it had taken about forty minutes for her to somehow manage to free her legs before she could do what she had just seen. ‘Based on a true story’... right!


The first of many ‘reinterpretations’ the movie showed up. True, according to both women the police and the DA Office, through the only living witness they had of the whole story (that haughty skank!), had been fooled into believing in a version of the facts that was way beyond a ‘slightly colorful’ interpretation of what had actually happened...


But did they have to lie in the parts that were not product of both Sasha and Hall’s minds?



On the screen the name of the girl (spelled wrong) was scribed by ‘Mona’ as ‘Helga’ (Hall) drove them to their next target. Then the image changed to a sunset, a man was walking around his sports car saying ‘Come on, come on! Pick it up!’ over and over again as the words ‘Four days earlier’ appeared over his head.


A female hand picked up her phone and answered it. And, behind her cleave gag (partially covered with two long strips of tape placed forming and ‘X’ over her lips), she smirked as she always did whenever she saw that part of the movie.


It’s not that she did not thought that ********* ********* was a bad actress, the former Playmate of the Month knew how little were her acting skills and made a lot of fun with it on a regular basis (but sometimes she DID deliver a good performance), it was the fact that she was a whole foot taller than the real ‘Mel’ Blanco! So every time *********’s face appeared on the screen as if waking up on her bed, and she was identified as ‘Amelia Blanco’ with white letters at the bottom of the screen, she couldn’t help but remember that picture of the two women standing side by side she had seen once... and smirk.


Speaking of which... how many times had she seen this movie?


On the screen the soon-to-be-dead dude convinced ‘Mel’ to let him visit her, it was implicit that they had not parted ways in good terms because of him, as ‘Mel’ prepared breakfast. The scene cut to ‘Mona’ and ‘Helga’ as they called ‘Mull O’Bannon’ and told him that they hadn’t managed to find out where ‘David’ was.



And that was another lie.


When she had told her that she was ‘Mona’, Sasha was adamant that she had only met Dave Nyren (alive) once, after he had been badly beaten and yet refused to tell where he had hid that DVD, and that only after she saw him is that Mull put her and Hall on the job of recovering the DVD, not a moment before. She still liked his abduction scene since it was hard to find a good shootout scene with a woman wining in the end, but it was all fake.


As for what they were actually doing, on Mull’s order, on the days before they met Amelia Sasha was always cryptic in her answers, and Hall only showed her a picture of her collection of ‘ransom shots’ (although it was not obvious for her if they were all indeed ransom shots). It showed a bare-breasted black woman (wearing jeans) lying on a bare mattress, ballgagged, loosely hogtied and blindfolded with white strips of sheet. Hall told her that the lady was hers (and Sasha’s) occupation for a full week before that day.


She could be anything, including a gal that Sasha and Hall had for some reason kidnapped under Mull’s orders. But Hall’s wicked smile told her that the truth in this case was much more... twisted than she could think of. Criminal too.



Anyway, in the screen ‘David’ was meeting ‘Amelia’ and, after a lot of begging, she agreed to hide a clear plastic case with a DVD inside it for him for the next five days.


As soon as ‘Dave’ left she turned her computer on and took a peek on what was inside it, a meeting happening in an alley, and recognized a couple of guys from the city hall meeting some small fat dude (‘Mull’) and started to take notes.


For the next thirty or so minutes the action was more or less like it had actually happened: ‘Mel Blanco’ did a lot of digging with very care and uncovered an extortion plot from Mull and two councilmen against some guy close to the mayor, ‘Dave’ hid and run all over the state until a shootout (that only men actually took part of) sent him with a bullet in his leg to ‘Mull’’s clutches. The TV Movie only left implied the treatment he received from ‘Mull’ and his men, but then ‘Mull’ went to his computer and files, dug a little and came up with three lists. ‘Mona’ and ‘Helga’ received theirs and went hunting...


The top left of the screen showed 06:15 AM in medium sized white letters when ‘Mona’ stole a parked car from some guy, she told to ‘Helga’ as they drove off, she knew had just arrived home after a nightshift. At ‘07:23’ they were seen leaving an apartment turned upside down by their thorough search. At ‘08:10’ they were leaving a room, going to search somewhere else inside that house while the tape gagged face of the owner of the place was seen over the bed in the background. ‘09:37’ and two cops were rescuing their latest victim. ‘10:18’ and they were back into the car after leaving another building.


And that was when, after they scribed another name, the camera stayed focussed on the next name in the list as the image faded away. Amelia Cross Blanco.


Four minutes before, when she was last seen, ‘Amelia’ was convinced by her boss to enjoy the next day. She had done a good job, but now they would have to wait a couple of days before they had any development in the story she had brought to him from who knows where, so she was not supposed to show up at work the next day.


Now the former Playmate that was ‘Amelia’ for the movie was shown lounging under the sun, stretching the stress limits of the fabric that the strings in her yellow bikini were made off and showing way too much of her cleavage (but then again, everybody in California knew that ‘Mel’ Blanco was tanning topless when she got her ‘two visitors’ and this was supposed to be a family TV movie... even being a bondage fest one).


‘11:05’ and the camera stop focussing in the voluptuous body’s upper torso and walks through the house, all the way to the front door which is opened by ‘Helga’. ‘Mona’ comes close behind and closes the door, they look around to see where the owner of the house is (they already made sure that if she manages to dodge them se won’t be able to go nowhere with her car), one of them squash ‘Amelia’’s phone and they spot her. ‘Mona’ practically shoves ‘Helga’ aside and orders her to check the safe, although it’s not shown how they knew about it in any part of the movie, in barely audible whispers...


Now that was a part of the movie that she wanted to see with those two (while wide awake) at her side! She knew Sasha’s version and Hall’s one too, and they were quite different! To see them arguing about how much the other (and the TV movie)’s version was wrong...




But for now, alas!, all she could do was sigh and watch ‘Mona’ crept up to where ‘Amelia’ was, next came the ‘infamous’ handgag and the treats, ‘Amelia’ feigning to comply but as soon as she had an opening she landed her left elbow on ‘Mona’’s belly and delivered a couple of kicks that sent her attacker down. A quick tie-up ensued and as she stood up she heard the other attacker’s voice: ‘Is it done yet? Have you tied up the babe?’.



Another obvious lie.


Hall would never scream out loud her presence, or even her existence, that way unless she was adamant that ‘Amelia’ was already captured. True, her house was not exactly right next door to its nearest neighbors so she could have cried if she wished to.


But not at that time.


It was still unclear how Amelia had learned about Hall’s presence in her house, but that obvious solution was an insult to Hall’s professionalism!



‘Amelia’ saw the remains of her cellphone and landline one, held the gun tighter in her hands and went upstairs. Meanwhile ‘Helga’ found the envelope and the DVD in it and was immediately confronted by ‘Amelia’. The gun, aimed at the floor at the left of ‘Helga’s feet, failed and the ‘Catfight of the Decade’ started.


To give them credit the actress impersonating ‘Helga’ and the Playmate impersonating ‘Amelia’ did put on a good fight, but it was way too short and ‘Amelia’ felt much more the way they both rolled down the stairs than ‘Helga’, who had not much trouble to KO her then. Comparing that to the version she had heard from Hall’s lips was cowardice!


Immediately afterwards ‘Helga’ managed to produce a roll of tape and used it on ‘Amelia’, then se freed ‘Mona’ who decided to use more tape on the already well restrained buxom girl (who obviously wasn’t naked as the real Amelia had been then).


‘Helga’ went upstairs, checked the DVD and did some calls, checked her gun and the one that had failed and when she returned downstairs she announced that she had just ordered a pizza. ‘Mona’ pretended that it was alright for her, since all she had to do was ‘stash the bunny somewhere’ when the pizza arrived, but it was very obvious to the viewer of the movie that she had mouthed ‘What?’ as she smothered the tape over ‘Amelia’’s eyes.



It was another obvious solution taken by the writer of that script.



After stashing ‘Amelia’ (probably the only realistic tape balltie ever seen in a mainstream movie) in a closet, and again mouthing ‘What?’ to her partner, ‘Mona’ followed ‘Helga’ to the kitchen of the house where they started to discuss what they knew about the whole deal they got themselves in and why ‘Mull’ had given them ‘crap guns’.



In reality they had decided to lay low and warn the ‘others’, whoever they were, that ‘his hunch’ about Mull was correct and he was trying to doublecross them all.


Why they warned them, and who had given them the ‘hunch’, they hadn’t told her.


She was Sasha’s roomie (who happened to have a sealed juvenile record, which actually belonged to an angry kid that had disappeared like eons before... and yet she couldn’t care less if there was still somewhere a bounty on the taller lady’s head) and a good friend of Hall, but they did kept a ton or two of secrets from her.


Which was fine from her side as well.



So, using a conversation that the real Amelia was sure to have happened, the writer of the script made ‘Mona’ and ‘Helga’ tell the viewers the whole deal that had happened so far.


‘Mona’ as the ‘know-nothing’ and ‘Helga’ was a very convincing (and bossy) the ‘know it all’; and somehow she knew about ‘Mull’ and his very VIP partners’ ambitions that could be thwarted if the DVD went public. The pizza came, sans the guns and ammo that were delivered with it in the real world, and ‘Helga’ paid the delivery dude while ‘Mona’ held ‘Amelia’ in a tight human lock (gun held against the chin and all that).


As ‘Helga’ prepared the table, grabbed a couple of cans of soft beers and did one last call, ‘Mona’ undid the tape ball and taped ‘Amelia’ to a sturdy chair.


The duo ate a slice each before they turned their attention to ‘Amelia’. ‘Mona’ introduced herself and her partner with the names they both became known with, but warned ‘Amelia’ that they were obviously fake ones. ‘Helga’ then grabbed ‘Amelia’’s notebook and showed to ‘Mona’ what ‘Amelia’ had managed to gather from the whole deal so far, and then she explained to their captive what was going on and what was their participation in it, in exchange of what ‘Amelia’ knew but wasn’t in the notebook.



That was the dumbest point of the TV movie, the way they managed to gain ‘Amelia’’s cooperation so quickly. True, later, near the end of the movie, it would be shown that ‘Amelia’ was actually buying time. But in no way she would have said that much so quickly to two dames that had overpowered her in her own house.


It was said that the original version of the script contained torture, or allusions to it, in that part of the plot. But the real Amelia’s strong objection, and the fact that some of the executive’s patience with the script was now thin (due to all the gagged mewls thrown in it in the name of ‘reality’), had forced the change.


Both versions were fake, what they had done was to ‘explain’, with their big fat lie, to Amelia what was going on and what would be her grim and short future if she didn’t spilled the ‘goods’ real fast, since it was obvious to them that ‘Mull’ did wanted to implicate them on her murder and they were NOT going to let anything serious happening to her.



As ‘Mona’ was feeding ‘Amelia’ with a pair of slices of the pizza, in order to give her some strength for the ‘bumpy’ hours ahead, ‘Helga’ got in touch with ‘Mull’. And, as all three women were expecting, he gave ‘Mona’ and ‘Helga’ the order to kidnap ‘Amelia’.


Off to her own car’s trunk ‘Amelia’ (now tightly hogtied) went, ‘Mona’ took the wheel and went to the club ‘Mull’ owned and delivered ‘Amelia’ straight to a windowless room in the basement. In the meantime ‘Helga’ met ‘The Guy’ (a rival of Mull that she had said she was going to meet) in an alley. His face was never seen, but it was presumed he was white and in his late 50’s, and he gave her the whole lot of bad news...



‘The Guy’ didn’t even exist. In order to loosen Amelia’s tongue a bit fast they had used one of the many wrong deductions of the reporter against her, the whole deal between Mull and the councilmen had no opposition from a bunch of other crooked politicians + a shady boss of the ‘Underworld’... how she had came to that idea was of no concern to Hall and Sasha, it was at best an incredible big long shot, but the bad to worst news were real.


Hall (and the other guys and gals that worked for Mull) actually had phoned like mad to everybody she (they) knew that could know something about the stuff Mull was involved in at the time, and quickly they had the whole ugly picture displayed for them.


The ride from Amelia’s house to Mull’s place couldn’t (and wouldn’t) have lasted three hours if not for the necessity to buy them all time to gather the info.


Hall, and Sasha, had phoned the other guys that were doing errands for Mull and asked them to check on the guns they had received from their boss (with the excuse that they were all ‘spotless clean’, unrelated to any previous crime anywhere in the US). The very same ‘problem’ with the cock of the gun was found in every single one of them.


Some of the more hotheads wanted to pay Mull a ‘visit’ right away, but a guy that Sasha had once identified as ‘Jack’ (when her tongue had slipped badly) had managed to make them all pretend that they did not knew about Mull’s betrayal. And all, eventually, returned to Mull’s headquarter... with a pair of guns (or more) of their own with them...



As Amelia was being prepared for a session of torture, that never came, in that windowless room ‘Mona’ and ‘Helga’ were seeing meeting all the guys and gals that worked for Mull that they knew were trustworthy, and sharing with them what ‘The Guy’ had told ‘Helga’.


So when ‘Mull’ and his faithful bodyguards entered the room to start that... a stampede of angry thugs invaded the windowless room and pointed their guns at him. ‘Helga’ entered the room carrying a plastic bag that was obviously heavy, and threw it at ‘Mull’’s feet.


All the useless twenty-one guns that ‘Mull’ had given to them hours earlier soon were sprawled at his feet, and ‘Mona’ (now standing in front of the still tied/taped up to the chair ‘Amelia’) threw her a .357 that ‘Helga’ was quickly pointing at ‘Mull’.


Seeing that his former employees/paid suckers/fall guys and gals were actually armed (and how much he was outgunned) ‘Mull’ surrendered. At that moment one unidentified guy entered the room claiming that he had just found ‘Dave’’s corpse in a plastic bag inside the trunk of his own car (as ‘Helga’ had warned him that it was going to happen).


What happened next was exactly as it happened in reality.


Mull and his bodyguards got a harsh beating and were left roped up like calves in that room, the guys and gals worked feverishly to clean up all traces of their presence in all the rooms they could remember they had been in, which effectively turned all those nasty and dangerous people into a cleaning crew that worked way too well for the police’s tastes...


And ‘Mona’ and ‘Helga’ were part of the quintet that cleaned out Mull’s safe and left twelve people (mostly employees of the club) bound and gagged in his office, and split the money found between all the people that Mull was planning to blame and/or kill so his plans with those councilmen could bear fruits.


Somebody found all those people and called the police, who did a thorough search in the building and found the corpse, ‘Mull’ and his bodyguards but no ‘Amelia’ (although her clothes and documents and the data she had gathered were found too).


It was unclear if ‘Amelia’ had been KO’ed or had just fainted, but it was an obviously passed out girl that was lashed (wearing a T-shirt of ‘Mull’’s club and presumably nothing else under it) to a chair in a derelict building by ‘Mona’, who phoned ‘Helga’ one last time as she grabbed the wheel of her car and left California by road (‘Helga’ was at an airport).


But not before she paid a female bum to call the police, and tell them it was a man that had paid her to do so if they ever found out that she was the caller...



Another bull****. Someone, that neither Sasha nor Hall had ever told her who it was (but it was a man indeed), practically pried Amelia from Sasha’s hands and told them to get out of the state as he was going to make the girl be found elsewhere.


Why they had moved her out of the club, instead of leaving her to be found in another room of it? It was because they wanted that there was a search for the missing buxom reporter.


That way the whole conspiracy was revealed even before he started to tie the unconscious girl to that chair. But where did he kept her for like twelve hours, or more, was a mystery even to the pair of former criminals. The only clue that they had was the same that the police (and all California for that matter) had in their possession.


The single filament of hay found in Amelia’s hair.



But the search they had sparked actually led to the documents that proved ‘Mull’’s contacts with America less law abiding citizens, or merely residents, and they got hit by it (not severely but hit anyway), and were nowhere near pleased with the whole situation...


So next ‘Mona’ time was shown she was hanging from a metallic beam in the ceiling of a nondescript room ‘Somewhere in Boston’ (as it was identified in white letters), fully clothed for the winter but her feet did not touched the ground.


And a guy was ‘preparing’ a hot iron nearby when the leader of the bunch of men that had (somehow) captured her received a phone call. In what was obviously a police precinct an unidentified crooked cop warned him that the person that had caused the whole citywide search, that had caused him so much trouble ‘months before’, was positively identified as a man (identity unknown) who had paid a female junkie to make the 911 call...


But what made the cliché (white guy with a pricey suit, wearing gloves and speaking with a strong Italian accent) react in a more human fashion was the info that a rat had told the police about what was happening inside that room at that moment, and that he had minutes before the cops and ‘that DA’ arrived ‘ready to have a party’ with him.


So chestnut were provided out of nowhere, ‘Mona’ was freed and thrown out of the building with some money shoved into her pockets, and when the police stormed the place they saw some guys prying chestnuts out of the fire to their boss...


The last image of the movie was of ‘Mona’ walking into the distance in the Boston streets. Then the image froze and came the mandatory ‘and afterwards’... with the expected pictures of the ‘real’ ones siding the frames of the actors/actresses impersonating them.







And that’s when she got one of the scariest (not so later changed to ‘funniest’) moments of her life. She had felt some movement from Sasha’s body, but none from Hall...


‘OH-MY....*********!!!!’ – the unexpected scream came in Hall’s voice.


Next Hall was all over her, and she was lying with her back against the seating portion of the sofa, after she had unceremoniously thrown Sasha on the floor (and waked her up with it) as she frantically peeled the gag off her lips.


‘Are you alright?’ – she kept asking over and over again.


‘Hey! Watch out will... ya...’ – and then she saw the realization in Sasha’s eyes, and next the two women were working feverishly (and uncoordinatedly) to free her from her bonds.


Of course... they had all drunk that ultra powerful mix of whatever with whatever squared with the dreaded absinthe... but she had been thoroughly bound and gagged by the two of them afterwards. And gagged with packing! And extra strips of tape over it!


And what if she had vomited? She’d be dead by now, by the hands of two of her bestest friends... thanks to... to a pair of kings... with which she had won the poker game!


OH ****!!! Hall knew!!


And they suddenly knew that she knew that they knew... ah stop with it!!!


She only wanted a deep hole to bury herself in it...


Hall’s right hand grabbed her chin and forced her head up with gentleness, but her smile was very wicked when she started to speak.


‘You honestly thought that I wouldn’t have noticed by now your little ‘agreement’ with Sasha? I worked with her for three years..., not all the time, true, but most of it! And I know pretty well that she would NEVER be able to keep this place so tidy...’ – at that point Sasha did try to protest, but both hers and Hall’s look convinced her quickly to no waste their time, since they all knew that if it was for the female version of Peanuts’ ‘Pig Pen’ the place would be looking like a war zone – ‘So what was she doing in exchange of slaving you that much? I pride myself of being very perceptive and the fact that the uniform of that place you guys work at has long sleeves was quite a blessing for your... ‘needs’ right? Plus a little questions here, and there... Do you know that your former roommate wasn’t that hard to crack up, so she could tell me about your self-bondage experiences, at all?’


‘How much?’ – She asked with her teeth gritting.


‘Twenty bucks, and a few well placed punches on some guys that were about to ‘cure’ her from her lesbianism, that she doesn’t have but they couldn’t care less..., with their hands and... You know... plus a slight public humiliation... for them.’


She remembered the case... from last year? Hall knew about it from way back?


Three useless dudes that were targeting women that worked or hanged around lesbian bars. They hadn’t raped none of their victims but robbed, harassed, manhandled and humiliated? Yes...Until the night they were beaten quite harshly, forced at gunpoint to strip completely and walk out of the alley they had ambushed their (never identified) last victim’s friend...


‘It was...’ – Hall nodded – ‘How is she?’


‘Fine, don’t worry about her... are you alright?’


‘Yes... I won, right?’


‘Yes.’ – said both very relieved women.


‘Pair of kings..., turned into a foursome?’


‘Yes.’ – Now Sasha sat behind her as Hall undid the last knots over her right leg.


‘And what I asked as a payment was...’


‘To watch our particular ‘moment of glory’ with us sandwiching your neatly roped...’




But then she started to remember. That unknown, to her, friend of them (DJ something) had phoned and told them that a rerun of ‘Betrayal’s Payback’ was due to air tonight, they would finally watch the movie together! That was the excuse for Hall (already a little too much intoxicated) to open that bottle. They kept on playing and suddenly she was winning! And again and again and... She won! For the first time! Overly intoxicated all three women agreed that six bucks was ‘too little’ for such a special occasion.


So she had asked to be bound... as she had been until a few moments before!!!... in order to properly watch the movie ‘in the right mood’ (she had said that???)...


She had... (where was that hole again?)


Sasha was massaging her body, now laying prone on the floor, as she was used to do while Hall was sitting next to them and was obviously enjoying her discomfort...


‘So, how many times does my big friend truss you up?’


‘Three times a week, for a couple of hours at least... on the eve of my birthdays she puts me through a six hours session... and...’ – but Sasha was already handgagging her.


‘It seems that’s too much information what you are releasing now... But the fact remains the same; I owe you a safe ‘session’... after we wake up...’


And it was settled in a matter of minutes, the sofa was Hall’s domains for what was left of the night and the other two went to their rooms. If at least they weren’t smiling the way they were every time they realized how she felt so uneasy with the fact that Hall knew...


About half an hour later she felt someone in the bed with her, it was Hall (complaining that for some reason the sofa felt like made of rocks) so...


They talked for twenty or thirty minutes in which it became clear to her that Hall had no problems with the ‘weird desire’, that she had started to feel ever since she had seen the ‘ransom shots collection’, that had made her ask that as a reward for winning the game.


Hall had, after all, a ‘mean sadistic bone’ that had made her take pictures of all the women she had unwilling tied up and gagged. The same ‘mean sadistic bone’ made her carry the collection in her smartphone (and that was a dumb thing that Hall simply couldn’t avoid to keep on doing!). But at least she had taken precautions with all those women (she was still really mad at herself for having gagged her) and they could only accuse her of causing them some more-than-mild discomfort. Yawning quite audibly Hall checked on the tape holding her hands palm-to-palm, and her knees and ankles together, and gagged her with a couple of strips of tape without packing, and then she shut the lights and told her to sleep.








It was, indeed!, a great experience!


They had started to argue when ‘Amelia’ delivered the ‘belly blow’ on ‘Mona’, and now that the ‘twenty minutes fight (at least)’ had been reduced to a ‘one and a half minutes fight’ they were arguing again! Hall insisting that it had lasted all that time, Sasha saying that the movie version was more accurate, and both were for real!


Their observation were way more precise that she had expected, it wasn’t like she was going to learn all the truth about that day in the next two or three hours... but watch the fake thing with the real deal at your side explaining, and arguing about, how things had actually happened was much, much!, better than she had hoped for!


A buddy of Hall had tivoed ‘Betrayal’s Payback’ for himself, and three hours earlier she had dropped by at his placed and had gotten a copy for her.


By the time had managed to return to their home everything was ready.


No alcoholic beverages!, but hot coffee and cocoa ready to be delivered with the popcorn.  And she greeted Hall wearing another very revealing bikini feeling all fresh from her hot bath and... It had taken nearly half an hour for Hall to finish the ultra-tight frogtie that she had been subjected to; that had only earned a cryptic question from Sasha (‘Frisco?’), answered also cryptically by Hall (‘No! Pasadena! The Texan one!’); plus three minutes to ‘properly’ tape gag her and lastly ten minutes to lash/melt her to that large footrest... she couldn’t move even a tiny inch! And no pain at all in all her joints and flesh!


Behind her the two former outlaws made themselves very comfortable, enjoying the cocoa and coffee and popcorn and all else...!, and turned the DVD player on...


The best part? ‘Betrayal’s Payback’ was but the first of a pile of four movies they would spend the day (and night) watching, with breaks and changes of positions of course...








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