Saving Josie (and the others)




If they were any other women I would not let them treat me the way they did.


But they were who they were and I had done with them what I had done. I deserved their… distrust, despise and contempt. I had attacked them, bound and gagged them, I had even kidnapped one of them! All unsanctioned actions against fellow BA members!


And now I had been ordered by the Board to work with (alright, for) them for a semester for free in order to pay my debt with them. So I was no longer the member 556 of the BA, I was ‘Harry’ (not my real name), their slave. Not in the way you might be thinking.


Since there wasn’t too many things that I could do in an accountancy firm, they owned me. I had to pick up their lunches, laundry and whatever else they wanted and couldn’t say no to any reasonable order they gave me. Do fifty push-ups at any time if they ordered was a no-no, but go to the other side of town just to buy a ‘special’ blend of tea was reasonable, even if I paid with my money. ‘Harry, could you pleeease drive me home tonight?’ was an order and not a request, and there was nothing I could do about it.


Josie was the worst, since she had fought me and attempted to grab a hidden gun, I had left her overly bound to a chair with her breasts bare to be found by the cleaning crew the next morning; so she had spent a whole night waiting for her morning humiliation and could only hear Fiona and Valerie’s struggles in the next room.


Not even Helen, whom I had kidnapped, was that mad at me.


Actually Helen was no longer mad at me at all, she had found out that her boyfriend wanted an ‘open relationship’ and hadn’t bothered to ask her what she thought of it, so she had ordered me to have a dinner with her in a fancy restaurant. I only accepted because for the first time in two weeks I would have company for dinner, and who knows... if I was the perfect gentleman I might be able to find out how to get the girls no longer mad at me...


Next morning I woke up with Helen’s lean and graceful body over my own, and I was waking up I remembered the good night we had. So now I had a friend and ally (and occasionally something else) inside the firm, but even with her being the boss of the other three, she told me to let their steam run off by itself while she tried to persuade them.


After a week only Josie was still bickering me, Fiona was still a bit too demanding but Valerie was treating me as just another guy, even if I was the only man in the small firm.


One night I was at a pub when Helen sent me a text message inviting me to go to her apartment. I should have realized that there was something up since she usually preferred to talk to me, but I went to my place, had a change of clothes and drove to her parlor. The door was slightly ajar and I could hear the sound of one, no... two gagged women inside.


I had no gun with me but my trustee hunting knife attached to my right leg a little above the ankle. With her firmly in my hand I opened the door, entered and there they where; Helen and Fiona, hogtied on their underwear on the large table of the dinning room.


I couldn’t help but evaluate the girls for a moment. What a contrast! Helen was a brunette with long flowing hair, Fiona had a short (very short, nearly military cut) bright blonde hair. While Helen’s breasts were a bit small and she was lean, Fiona was a vixen of natural 40DD bra size and all the right curves. None of the girls showed fear in their eyes, they were more like angry or even mad at someone and that wasn’t me. Actually the sight of that big blade in my hand shocked them for a moment, then they started to gave me orders (that eventually I’ll find out that were to guard that knife).


That’s when I heard steps coming from the kitchen and Valerie (another brunette with the most athletic body between the trio, standing at nearly 6’ without heels and with a such a devious expression plastered in her cute face) entered the room carrying a mug of coffee in each hand. She casually handed me one and sat on a chair in front of the table, with her two friends shouting muffled remarks at her behind her back. Puzzled, and enjoying a good coffee, I stood in front of her as she told me what was going on.


She told me to hand her the knife before she explained everything.


It was no secret how their boss, Member 001, loved the sight of bound and gagged women and that her minions were generously paid either to bring young and beautiful girls for her or to restrain said girls or to be said girls. So... they liked to practice ambush and tie-up tactics with each other (and with these words she just confirmed the truth behind a myth within the BA members that I never thought it could be real). Tonight was one of said times and, after overpowering her two friends, Valerie had decided to... ‘question’ her boss with the help of a feather and the full knowledge of the most sensitive areas in Helen’s ticklish body. About me and her. Helen looked at me with such a ‘I’m sorry’ (gagged) face...


Nor Valerie nor Fiona (who could only nod at Valerie’s words) had any problem with my affair with Helen, the problem was Josie. She and Fiona were even a bit ‘tired’ of Josie’s attitude towards me, so she had decided to help me in order to pacify the place where she worked. And she explained me the whys of Josie’s mood. To make a long story short, I had unwarily made her revive the worst night of her life.


Fours years before she and a slimeball called Hugh were partners. They did small jobs and were not members of the BA, one night Hugh had the insight. Why not steal the BA and flee the country with more money in his pocket than he could ever think of. Of course he didn’t told Josie about his plans, and since the place he was going to steal had a cover up as a women’s clothes shop she thought it was just another job. So they stormed the place in the night he knew that the owner and her daughter were alone. With Josie’s help he bound and gagged the women and locked them somewhere in the shop, then he went to search the vault of the place. When Josie saw all that money (hundreds of thousand of pounds that for some reason were being guarded there) she realized that something was up and forced Hugh to tell her the truth, then she tried to rationalize with Hugh who jumped on her. Since she wanted to talk with them he decided to let her behind and flee (alone) with the money.

The girls suspected that he made lewd comments while binding the now half naked girl; he had tore her trousers, jacket, T-shirt and bra with a knife as he bound her; leaving her exposed and for all to see on the display window (that was covered by a curtain).


Josie spent hours there fearing for life and the humiliation that she would suffer when the police was called by Hugh when he arrived in France. But, fortunately for her, at that time she wasn’t that good with knots as she became later (and at that point all three women chuckled openly as they remembered, through Valerie’s words how ridiculous were her bonds in the beginning of her career as Member 001’s minion), so the daughter of the shop owner – Valerie – who had managed to free herself and her mother found her.


The BA was lenient with Josie, the hidden security cameras and mikes proved that she had tried to show Hugh the errors of his ways, so she spend a year working for Valerie and her mother by day and helping a few BA members (Helen and Fiona include) by night as her punishment. Of the bastard nothing was ever heard again but a punishing team returned to England days later with his valet, documents and what was left of the money he had stole.

I know what happened to him since I was a member of that team at the time, but its too gory to write down about (specially in here).


After Valerie finished her tale she ‘asked’ my help to tie the girls for a series of photos that their boss (Member 001) had required, and as we bound Helen and Fiona for a series of poses she told me how should I proceed with Josie to be at peace with her.


None of what she said was of any help, because the very next day I got Josie’s respect, got my time revoked and saved all four girls’ lives!






But, of course, I had no way of knowing that at the time. So I was all ears to Valerie that night (on purpose we didn’t ungagged neither Helen or Fiona except to change their gags) and, after Valerie and a playfully fuming Fiona left, I carried a ‘struggling’, sexy and neatly done bundle OTS style to her own bedroom.


The next morning I made her breakfast and everything else, and she ended up ‘forgiving me’ before we left (very late) to work, but I remembered then that I was going to have to make a detour first, so she went alone to one side of the city and I went to the other.


Remember what I said about a ‘special’ blend of tea? The one that was only sold at the other side of town? Josie’s favorite. So I went to this fancy tea shop before going to work and arrived at the building about two hours later than the usual.


Now let me tell some facts bout the building were the girls still work. After the ‘incident’ in which I played the leading role a few months back, Member 001 (through legal channels) pressured the owner of the place to improve the security of the place. Cameras were installed by a firm of her choice (since she owned most of the firms that rented the place she could make ‘suggestions’) and a few security guards were hired. I ended up knowing all of them while ‘working’ with the girls, and I never had seen the fella that was at the station in the building’s lobby. But I did recognized him right away.


Phillip ‘Phil’ O’Malley, ex-cop and one of the few members of the Hellhounds still at large. I put my best ‘honest’ face and pretended that I didn’t recognized him (I have photographic memory and I had seen the latest internal news message with the photos of those scumbags that still were on the run) but I was completely alert.


I noticed that Millie or any of the girls that worked for her weren’t there also and Millie’s (her coffee shop at the lobby) was closed. I innocently asked ‘James’ (the name on the tag he was wearing) why I wouldn’t be able to enjoy some decent coffee before going to meet my ******** boss and the guy said that she had gotten the flu.


Now it would have been easier to simply kill that guy right away, he had his guard down and had been identified as one of the ******* that had terrorized members 782 and 603’s families three years before (he might have even been the *********** who broke the arm of 782’ son!). But there were cameras watching us and it was more than obvious that matter how many were with him, they were watching us. And who knows? They might not be so shy to keep their hostages’ line of sight away from the video screens.


So I couldn’t broke my cover as ‘Harry’, the jack-of-all-trades of the ladies of the 502. I thanked ‘James’ for the info and went to pick an elevator.


I knew that there were 16 rented offices at the building at that time. 9 were Member 001’s legitimate business or cover-ups enterprises. Most of the completely legal ones were at the 1st and 2nd floor. All 3rd, 4th and 5th floor were hers, which made them the first target of the team the guy was backing up. Now I knew that, in their prime, the Hellhounds could take down a whole building in one strike if necessary, once they had ‘robbed’ a whole floor in order to gain access to the evidences that ended up convicting some of our fellow members, but now it was another story. What was left of them might have manpower enough to do the obvious, so I could find some help in the 3rd or the 4th.


But first I had to blind and deafen them...




The security room was in the ground floor but, since it wasn’t in the building’s original plants, it has a big flaw in its actual location. It could be accessed without having to pass through the door at the lobby. All I had to do was a performance. I left the elevator on the first floor and I looked like I was having a serious problem with my... I looked like I had ate something that didn’t made me good, I held my stomach with one hand and put my most distressed and in pain face. I sort of frogmarched through the hallway until I entered the lavatory with my hands already in the buckle of the belt!


As soon as I entered I ran to the window of the lavatory. It was big and large enough for a man of my side to pass through it, without any difficulties, and leap to the ground outside. Then I entered the ground floor lavatory and wasn’t surprised to find it occupied.


48 years old Millie (a 5’3” olive skinned woman with expressive black eyes), her nieces and helpers Patrisha (5’3” as Millie, but far less robust, almost skinny actually, and of same skin and eye color) and Vanessa (5’5”, also Patrisha’s cousin, her delicate skin was always suntanned due to an abnormal level of melanin in it, otherwise she would look just like another Welsh gal with her long black hair and big eyes) and an unidentified young black woman wearing a conservative blue set of jacket and skirt were lying hogtied on the floor.


They had used tape, lots of it, to restrain them and ensure that they would not be able to see or hear anything. Millie and her nieces still wore their white and blue waitress uniform and, since they had not struggled at all, seemed far more elegant that the still struggling black girl who, even without any noticeable success except for the small loosening of the tape connecting her taped wrists to her ankles, had managed to get very disheveled to the point of her shirt buttons had popped open and her generous cleavage was perfectly seen.


Since they were more than enough efficiently blindfolded all I had to do was be silent as possible and they wouldn’t be able to tell the cops, which would be called eventually after I found a way to deal our ‘visitors’, who had entered the lavatory if they realized that someone had entered (I went to and took very seriously the three stealthy courses that the BA gave last year) in there through the window while they were there.


Supposing that I was unlucky and there would be someone watching the images from the camera right at the entrance of the security room, I calculated that after I opened the door of the lavatory I would have about five to ten seconds to cover the eight feet between the two doors, slam the door open and deal with anyone that was in there.


And all I had was my faithful hunting knife... and two picklocks.


But I got lucky, there was someone watching the images as predicted, but he was more interested in the images of Helen, Josie, Fiona, Valeria and the three babes from the design firm at the 506 than in the door so when I burst through the door... Lucky me, unlucky him.

I removed the corpse and took a good luck at the images of the video screens. And my concerns started to grow as I realized that no one was wearing a mask. Their captives were not blindfolded and they weren’t wearing masks! That could only meant one thing...


They were in six, not including the dead leer, and most were concentrated in the 5th floor. One posing as ‘James’ in the ground floor, another waiting for me near the elevator hall at the 5th, two watching the seven captives kneeling bound and gagged wearing only their panties on the floor of the hallway on both sides of the entrance of the accountancy firm and two (perhaps three) inside it.


At one point one of them opened the door and gave orders. Helen was roughly handled by one of the men (who grabbed her placing his massive hand under her armpit and then yanked her to her feet) and taken inside, then it was Josie’s turn.


My blood boiled when the ******** then pistol-butted Valerie who became frantic when the door was closed. But I needed to stay focussed and calm. I called the ELN (Emergency Line Number) I had learned when I started to work there, and moments later I was displaying the whole situation to Member 001 herself! She was displeased to say the least, but not unprepared. I typed a series of commands and suddenly she was seeing the images from her place. Turns out that she owned the security firm of the place as well...


She then activated other commands from her side and then we saw what the nine hidden cameras inside the accountancy firm were picking up. One guy was holding Helen in a tight lock and pointing a gun to her head while Josie typed order after order that she received. I heard Member 001’ selection of foul words as the men were recognized by her team.


While four were ex-cops and Hellhounds, one tall and a little fat Asian guy was a hacker on probation and the last guy was a convicted arsonist...


She gave orders to one ‘Angie’ to start roaming through all the images pick by all the cameras she had ordered to be put one the, showing us a vast array of images of people working or getting desperate as they lay bound and gagged, and soon we found them, three piles of sacks of compost with devices attached to them. They were going to explode the building? It made sense in a very twisted way, they were robbing one of the biggest thieves in this country history, so they have to make sure that they would not leave any clues behind. Nor witnesses. But still, there were at least about a hundred or so people in the building that had NOTHING to do with the BA!


I looked at the screen again and saw that the guy that was waiting for me at the 5th floor was growing impatient, that the others at the hallway were also concerned and that ‘James’ was coming to check on his now silent friend.


Member 001 told me to do something, since her team was still about five to six minutes away from the building, while she distracted the men in the 5th floor.


What she did was call the accountancy firm and, posing like she was in a foul mood due to some mistake of one of her minions and demanded to know a lot of things about her assets. Helen was ungagged and a gun was placed against Josie’s temple and new treats were made against her and the other girls, but she recognized the code words Member 001 said and knew that she had to bid her time. While one of them covered the telephone she told the men that, if she didn’t gave to Member 001 what she wanted, the place would be flooding with heavily armed thugs in no time. So the leader of the gang renewed his treats, freed her hands and ordered that two captives were brought inside the firm. With one last look to Marjorie (the ‘owner’ of the design firm), Josie and Gigi (how Paulette, a lean French gal that worked at the design firm and was the youngest of the captives, was nicknamed by us) standing against one wall with two guns pointed at them, Helen started to play her part.


‘James’ opened the door only to be killed by the gun (which had a silencer attached to it) of his deceased pal, I run to the lobby and took the elevator. I had two guns with me now but I needed more help. I stopped at the 4th, hid the guns in a bag and run to the model agency in there with the phone in my right hand still in touch with Member 001.


As expected the door was closed and an improvised sign of ‘Sorry, we’re not going to open today’ was affixed to the door. I used a picklock and entered. There was Megan, the flaxen blond secretary of the place, on the waiting room, bound and sitting on the chair behind her desk. They had packed her mouth to the fullest and tape gagged her and she was, like any other woman that worked for Member 001 they laid their paws upon, wearing only her (tongue bikini) panties. Equally reduced to a topless bound beauty, but in her case she also was wearing a matching white gather belt and stockings, the owner of the place and former lingerie model Deborah Karlsdotter was lying kneeling at Megan’s right side. At Megan’s left was Deborah’s twin sister and secretary Zara. Both redheads were in what I identified as a kneeling hogtie (a very tight one with from their elbows to their wrists taped together) and had leashes tied around their necks and to the armless chair Megan had been tied to.


But where were Mike (the photographer and former US Navy sharpshooter), Reynald (half of the make up team and very skilled hand-to-hand fighter) and Louise (the other half of the make up team and also a great shooter)? Not to mention any model that they were working with in here. I made the silence signal and all three women nodded.


I cut some of Megan’s bonds in order to help her stand, then I turned her around and set her hands and arms free and gave her the knife. My mobile phone vibrated at that moment.


Member 001’s top assistant Belle told me that the reinforcements were arriving, that her boss was managing to bid us all time by playing the demanding bitch, but the guy that wanted to ambush me had been ordered to check on the 3rd and 4th floor while one of the two who were guarding the girls in the hallway went to check on the ground floor.


Fortunately he went to the other side of the hallway and entered the dentist first, a legitimate business who happened to be used by some of us as well, and then to the other accountancy firm of the building (another legal business and also an unpredicted cover up for our business since the owner always tried to steal some clients of Helen and the others).


With quick moves I cut most of the rope holding Deborah and Zara (I left Megan -and themselves- to finish the job) and ordered to free Mike, Reynald and the others first. The last door between him and me was the estate agency (completely phony, it only existed to manage our hideouts, safehouses and such). Now among our co-workers there was a blind girl called Zoe, everybody in the building loved her and it was almost a surprise for me when I learned that that archivist was in Member 001’s pay. If they had hurt her…



And when I was approaching the glass door very cautiously I heard a weird gurgle. Was she being choked? I opened the door and found a stunning scene.


The guy I came to kill was kneeling on the floor, his both arms (obviously broken) were hanging useless at his side and he was fighting (as little as he could) for air. Behind him was Zoe. She was strangling him with a wire of sorts. They forced her to strip as well and bound her with only a lacy white pair of panties to cover herself, and even now she was gagged by the same silver tape that all women that I had seen so far were sporting. Around her arms and legs dangled various pieces of rope and her eyes were determined. In the last moment, before she became a killer and the guy died, she relaxed her grip. She told me to tie him up as she freed the others. Only then I saw Berta and Maggie, scared as they had never been in their lives and crawling back from the woman that was approaching them.


They also didn’t knew this side of Zoe and were nearly panicking when she touched them. She didn’t touched their bonds, instead she hugged her ‘boss’ and started to soothe her. Both Berta and Maggie started to cry openly and were comforted by Zoe. I did a quick job on the guy and asked Maggie if I could untie her. She, remembering how needy were her aim skills, nodded. I walked to her while Berta was still crying in Zoe’s arms, unlike us she wasn’t used to directly witness dire situations (she was the widow of former member 201).

Kneeling behind Maggie I could see that they had crossed her wrists and tied them to her waist and her crossed ankles were tied by a short piece of rope to her thighs. Zoe extended her raised hand in my direction as I mentioned to free Berta as well. The former member 109 (who had quit the job after the accident that blinded her)’s participation in those days events wasn’t over, but for now she would just help her friend.


The tall and lean Maggie was putting her clothes back in a hurry when the door opened and Mike and Reynald entered carrying weapons in their hands. They wore only trousers and looked both very mad (the guys that had tied them and the models up had decided to spare two of the girls for themselves, and told them what they were planning). As they told me that the assistant asked if the said girls were a buxom short haired flaxen girl and a Latina of even bigger ‘attributes’, both of average size (for their jobs). Mike sighed audibly when I told him that they were in a vacant office on the third floor, both girls were hogtied side by side on the dirty floor but seemed otherwise fine. When I started to tell him that first we’ll had to take down the remaining Hellhounds he told me to shut up, he knew that very well.


The assistant then told me that the team had arrived, but the leader of the attackers had already smelled something wrong and was getting nervous. Me, Mike, Reynald and a still half naked Louise stormed through the stairs. Now I am not good enough to simply turn a corner firing my gun in a hallway full of people and strike only the one(s) I am aiming at. But Mike is that good. The last order we received from Belle before the action took place was to shoot the ‘Big Bald Guy’ and spare the ‘Redhead’.


Mike got the BBG with one single shot and the Redhead just knelt on the floor raising his right hand while he placed his left index finger over his lips. The now deceased BBG was lying in a pool of blood between Fiona and an almost shrieking long dyed blue hair goth babe with many tattoos around her overly white skin.


Before Mike could do anything the Redhead jumped on the girl and clamped both his hands over her already gagged mouth. And asked for our help.


Turns out that the Redhead was the arsonist, who had made the bombs only because the ********** had kidnapped his family. Whoever WE were he had rationalized that we were a better option of his kids survive that day than the word of the leader of the kidnapers who was inside with the hacker, whose Chinese mother had also been kidnapped to ensure his cooperation as well. Reynald and Louise carried the now tottering girl as me and Mike charged inside the room after Jaap (the arsonist, who was from Netherlands) shouted that the other guy (didn’t bothered to remember the name he yelled) had fell suddenly.


According to the assistant, the guy who was pointing the guns at the three standing captives looked at Helen, then at the Anglo-Chinese dude and then started to walk towards the door. We didn’t gave him a chance, as soon as his shadow appeared at the door we opened fire.


And as Mike run to the stairway (to free his girlfriend/fiancée and her friend) the rescue team of Member 001 finally arrived...






Over the next three hour the rescue team raided the rest of the offices in the building.


If the last Hellhounds had simply attacked the offices of our shady businesses, then all we’ll have to do was wait for the night and do a thorough clean up.


But they had attacked Member 001’s legitimate businesses and tenants (and thus included to their victims a vast number of innocents –children include- whom we couldn’t simply make disappear) and now we had a mess in our hands.


Member 001’s orders were actually simple: The Hellhounds had attacked the building targeting the two accountancy firms here because they believed that one of them, and they didn’t knew which one, was linked to the BA. So they hadn’t believed when their search found out that they were wrong, got very mad at themselves when they were forced to face it, and had decided to raid the rest of the building. Of course, we did it in such a sloppy way that the police was called almost immediately. There was some confusion but then the law enforcers started to go to each and every office of the building.


They found dozens of people tied up and gagged in the 3rd, 4th and 5th floor. Including me. I was battered as well, after all I had tried to fight one of them until I found out how badly outnumbered I was and they were not happy at me. I still think that 089, 145 and 996 did exaggerated in their staging of the beating of me…, I spent three days at the hospital!


All the images of the security cameras had been stolen so the cops had only our statements to guide them in their investigation. True, they soon smelled that there was something out of order with so many people with rap-sheets working in the same place. But there were far more totally clean and innocent people that had been caught in the middle than what they classified as ‘of suspect attitude’... Truth be told, Member 001 would have paid the bills of the psychological help the children that were caught in the dentist office and the veterinary firm even if she hadn’t profited with the whole business.


The books Helen and the girls ‘furiously’ provided to the cop, in order to clean the name of the firm, were so well crafted that we knew that it would take years for them to consider the possibility that Helen and the girls were who they really were.


After seven months of investigations the police only managed to prove the participation of the Hellhounds, whose bodies were never found. Jaap and Johnny Cheng were reunited to their families after a group of BA’s enforcer raided the farm were the widows of two of them where holding them, they started to work for the BA (mostly for Member 001) within the next week (and the widows were sold to a Russian friend of Member 001).


We had a problem with the models though. Of the twelve buxom babes that were at the agency at the time of the Hellhounds attack (Deborah was supposed to select two or three for a swimsuit shot a few hours later), three were… not very cooperative with our plan. So when the police raided the model agency they found nine models and the staff of the agency. The other three were delivered to Member 001 herself and, after a week of intense ‘persuasion’, were left in an abandoned shack by the lake a few miles East of the city, where the police found them bound to chairs and cleave gagged with dirty rags.


Turns out that those three were the ones (among the models) that profited the whole affair the most, with their ‘week captivity of rogue cops’ short lived fame. A couple of years later when I made a professional visit to one of them (a long legged black haired gal that I left balltied in a closet), I was amazed with the quality of her jewelry, far more better than the one I would have picked if she hadn’t starred that TV series one year before.


As of me, as I told you before, I earned Josie’s respect and much more.


In the month in which (in order to avoid any suspicion of the lawmen) I still worked in the firm after the raid I became the ‘hero of the 5th floor’, everybody in the building said hello when I appeared to work and I became the girls of the firm’s best friend (please, envy me).


Helen (and Fiona and Valerie) were fun to play with, but Josie and I got married less than a year after the last act of the Hellhounds. It’s truth that I had a help of three wicked cupid gals, but if they hadn’t done what they did (forget it, I’m not telling anything about it) me and Josie would spend years in a mockery of a relationship. She still works at the firm and is used to my unusual working hours, and gives me a little help every now and then, when I need someone to watch over the housekeepers, staff or such.


She’s qualified as Assistant Level 3 so the BA, so far, didn’t reprimanded me of anything for using my job to heat up my love life...