Some Surprises on the Assault on the Judge’s House





Honoria I. Baxterson was a much respected judge of the state’s Supreme Court.


The I. stood for ‘Isadora’, but it could be ‘Impartial’ since, while being a conservative-leaning moderate, there was no way that she would ever allow her personal ideas and even prejudices to interfere in what she believed was the correct interpretation of the law. And only the law. Sometimes the conservative papers praised emphatically her decision, sometimes the liberal papers did so… she was never deadlocked with one or another. But to the Lynnleys (Ralph, Joseph and Alan) she was only one thing.


A ***************** traitor!!!!


While personally against abortion and death penalty, she (back then a District Attorney) had prosecuted and sent to the state’s Death Row their hero: Mack G. Coultard, who had shot and killed one of those child killers... he deserved a statue, not death!


Exactly one year before their hero (after a seventeen years fight in the courts) had been executed, and now they were going to avenge him. By killing the DA that had sweat blood to put him in that cell, then it would be the judge and the jurors’ turn. They had gathered all information necessary for that, they knew their addresses and the layout of their homes and everything else. Their days were numbered…


But first… the dishonorable judge Honoria…


They had one thing in their favor, the judge’s house (a two stories early 19th Century and very somber structure) was a bit isolated from its neighbors and had a few trees (from all sides) to block at least in part the view of the building.


Plus the judge was used to live alone and had not a 24/7 human security around. At most a patrol car passed in front of the house every couple of hours. But the pair of cops that were on that duty for the past month had the habit to go drink some coffee (and stay for a while) precisely at 00:30 AM, every day. And they had just passed by and hadn’t noticed their presence in the bushes in the back of the house…


When they came back (more or less around 03:30 AM as they did every day) will they realize that the lights had been cut? That the ***** that owned the house had drowned in her own putrid blood? How much time until their message (a manifesto in which they declared the righteousness of their actions) was found?


Right now it did not matter to them…


Right now Joe was cutting the house’s electrical power, the cables that connected the security system to the outside world were next, and all three were wearing night vision goggles and bulletproof vests and had their knives sharp and guns loaded.


It was time.


The Lynnleys were not exactly rich, but they had bought very good gear for the night’s activities. Right now they were dressed in black from head to toe, had three holsters and a backpack each and had memorized the whole layout of the house. They were not very tall, more thin than fat and had not a lot of muscles with them. But they were men and had weapons and the surprise element on their side…


The back door of the house was surprisingly easy to open, they moved fast and silently through the place. First stop the garage, damage her cars so she would not have a chance to escape. The garage was a separate and large wooden structure since it had been built to accommodate four cars. The judge had only one, but they were expecting two since (as Alan had found out) the judge’s long time friend (another ****** judge called Seela something) was staying overnight. There were four cars in the garage.


One was the judge’s, another the judge’ secretary (a pretty brunette early thirties beauty called Kara… Balew), the third was Seela’s… but to who did belong the fourth? And why of the four cars only Kara’s wasn’t a 50’s model with a tailfin and all?


And what was that sound coming from the open trunk of the unknown owner’s car?


Ralph, the oldest of the brothers, was the leader and thus he went to check on the origin of those mewled cries… He stood mouth open and jaw dropped for almost a minute.


There was a nearly naked girl inside the trunk.


Buxom, very buxom indeed (albeit it was clearly obvious that they weren’t natural) with a light color on her ponytailed hair, long legs and trim waist, a dark thong bikini bottom and a pair of impossibly big platform shoes (that weren’t clean)… plus all that white rope that kept her voluptuous body in a tight package (with her long hair tied to the same very elaborated knot that kept her arms behind her back parallel to each other and connected them to her ankles) and bent like a taut bow, the head harness that kept her blind (thanks to what looked like a thick leather blindfold) and gagged (it seemed a dark rubber ball) and the tiny (yet strong) locks and padlocks that prevented her (or them) to set her free…


She had sensed (probably heard Alan’s wolf whistle) their presence and had stopped crying immediately. Joe extended his arm to touch her but was prevented by Alan (who was still massaging the spot in his face were Ralph had beat him), and Joe leaned over the girl and whispered a lot of question that, obviously, she could only answer with nods and shakes of her head. After a few minutes they had the whole picture.


She, as they were imagining, was a stripper. She didn’t know where she was or how she had arrived in that place, because she had been kidnapped!


Whoever had did that to her had knocked her out cold (she had nodded when he asked if, ‘like in the soap operas’, a smelly rag had been trusted against her nose), stripped her and put her in her current situation. Whoever was behind it had made it clear what were her intentions when the lid was opened (to allow her to breathe more easily), and whoever it was she, the busty and unnamed stripper, was sure that was a woman.


The respectable judge Honoria involved in kidnapping? For forced sexual purposes against  an unwilling and much younger woman (the judge was 52 years old, the stripper was obviously in her mid-twenties)? They couldn’t be THAT lucky!!!


Not only they were going to kill a ****** traitor of the human race, but they would also reveal her darkest secret AND destroy her reputation in one strike!!!


Joe, as usual, had the stupidest idea as to how they should use the situation in their favor and suggested that they killed the girl too. Ralph stroke him harder than he had did with Alan and told him the obvious, if they killed an innocent (completely innocent since her connections with the ******** were obviously involuntary from her part) woman they would smear the name of their hero. No, they would kill the judge and whoever was in the house, and when the cops found out about the judge’s abhorrent sexual behavior (and had a living witness to back their discovery)…


They checked the girl’s bonds and (even with all the trouble they did NOT removed their gloves as they did so) tightened all the knots. It was going to leave some marks… but there was not a single chance for her to free herself now…


They slashed a few tires, cut some cables on the cars’ motors and went to the kitchen as silent as they could… and found ANOTHER buxom and nearly naked bound beauty.


She was calmer than the previous one, almost as if she was sleeping, lying on top of a black granite bench top right next to a table and at the left of the sink. The whole bench top had a ‘U’ shape and she was lying over one of its extremities.


This one was a little less endowed (but not much) than the previous one (but had been subjected to a surgery to reach her current bust size), also had a long hair (albeit this one was of a darker color) held in a ponytail which was tied to her wrists…


Alan and Ralph had great eidetic memories and found out that not only this girl was ‘dressed’ as the previous one (dirty big platforms and all), but had been subjected to the very same bondage down to the last loop of the last knot! And no matter how they touched or pocked her they could not wake her up… Joe smelled something odd and found, in the dustbin, a foul smelling rag. She had been chlorophormed (or the likes).


Over the table were four used plates, with four crystal glasses (all with lipstick marks) and other indications that four women had had a dinner in the room. Removing his goggles and turning on a flashlight Ralph confirmed a suspicion.


The sedated girl (as the previous one) was not wearing any lipstick, so she wasn’t one of the women that ate and drank at that table a few hours previously…


There was an open door, with a stairway leading to the basement.


Leaving Alan behind, Ralph and Joe went below. They found three folding camp chairs placed side by side against the wall more or less in the middle of the large basement, there were a lot of boxes at one corner and  on the floor, in front of the row of chairs, was a painted line with something made of leather discarded near it.


Curious, both brothers went to the painted line and could see marks on the ground on both sides of the line, as if something had been dragged, but in only one the ‘dragging’ lines reached the painted line. There were other marks on the ground as well.


And there was the leather stuff. Two corsets, linked by a ten feet long piece of strong leather (of a different and less crafted kind of the one the corsets were made of), and on a closer examination Ralph could see that both corsets had been used that night… but for what? As they were walking to the pile of boxes they heard a sound upstairs…


And Alan (who was supposed to be holding his prepaid cellphone, so they would not have to shout to communicate with him upstairs, in his hands all the time) did not answered to their calls in the next minute. They went upstairs almost too fast for Ralph’s likes.


Alan was lying by the door of the basement.


He was fine, but was unconscious. Joe threw some water on his face, and only after that he realized that he hadn’t seen (as he went to the sink to fill a glass with water) the nearly naked slumbered captive beauty over the granite bench top.


She wasn’t there. And hadn’t fallen (to her death most likely) on the floor in neither one of the bench top sides… Alan wasn’t of great help either, someone had hit him in the back and that was all he could remember of the fact.


Whispering among each other they discussed the whole situation.


What was going on? Was the judge involved in the kidnapping of both girls? Of only one (if so who had ‘brought’ the second one?)? Where was the judge? Her friend? Her secretary? Or the mysterious owner of the fourth car?


They had seen some light in one of the guestrooms moments before they had cut the power, they had even waited for one or more women to come down the stairs (and were ready to ambush and kill them), but after a while they had realized that the woman occupying the guestroom at the left of the judge’s own room had probably fell asleep with the lights on... and decided to broke into the house. Now they knew better...


They were back to the garage… and the first captive girl was no longer inside that huge car’s trunk. It was more than obvious that they were dealing with someone who was wide awake and ready for them inside that house. Someone good enough to knock out cold Alan and grab the two girls in such a short span of time…


The judge? Not a chance. Judge Seela? Nope, mostly because she was a mid-sixties black woman and they doubted that a woman that old could be sneaky and stealthy as their mysterious foe. Kara, the judge’s secretary? Neither, they had checked her whole profile and, at most, she had some shooting training in her resume…


That left the fourth woman.


With their guns in their hands and completely ready for action they climbed the stairs, and found no one in the four guestrooms which left only the judge’s own (and way more bigger than the previous ones) room to look for the still at large four women (plus their two unwilling captives). They opened the door with a powerful kick, Alan jumped and rolled forward on the floor (as he had seen in that ‘SWAT’ movie) and found himself pointing his gun at THREE bound and gagged young women!!!


The first captive (apparently asleep), the second captive (also asleep) and a third buxom captive babe. This one was black, of a similar body shape (albeit her huge breasts seemed a bit more real than the other’s) similarly attired and bound as the other two (dirty platform shoes’ heels and all) yet… this one was awake and just tape gagged.


He looked behind him and saw his brothers checking the whole room (nothing weird and no one else in the room but them), and pointed at the girl’s different gag. Ralph nodded and knelt in front of her to better rip it from her face (and be ready to handgag her if she tried to scream) as his brothers stood behind him with their eyes focused on the three tantalizing helpless beauties on the front edge of the bed in front of them.




‘Who are…?’


Before he could finish his question he heard a sound behind him, he started to turn around as he raised his armed hand and aimed the .44 at…


He saw with corner of his eyes Joe kneeling with his upper body sprawled on the floor, Alan’s body was over a chair by the bed and… something hit him painfully in the wrist breaking a couple of bones there, something took the air out of his lungs with a sledge hammer strike on his stomach and someone (whose tall and powerful frame he managed to see only a glimpse) punched him hard on the chin sending him backwards…


He was out cold before he could even start to fly…






He landed on top of the two girls who were just pretending that were sedated, and their panic (which they had managed to hide very well so far) arose immediately.


She heard the wall opening at her left, and Honoria and Seela rushed to their beloved and devoted slaves, freed them and held the hysterical girls in their arms as they told them soothing and reassuring words. She on the other hand injected a powerful drug in each of the three SOBs, tied them nice and tight and piled them in a closet in one of the guestrooms and only then freed and held her girl, who only then allowed herself to cry and desperate. For about ten minutes as she discussed with her friends’ secretary (and main slave) what they should do (murder was out of question) while Honoria (every now and then) answered a question or gave an idea.


Fortunately for them Honoria had taken all the precautions that she, over four years before, had told her to take if she wanted to take part in their games…


That would be tricky… but workable.


And, as a bonus, she’d have to keep their slaves with her for a while…







After a very good coffee and an even better donuts, officers Hubb and Finch decided to take another look at the ‘Judges Lane’ (besides Honoria, other four judges lived in that street) since it was such a quiet night. They were just two blocks and a half away from her house when they received an urgent call from the dispatch.


The Invaders Alarm in Honoria’s house had been activated not three minutes before, and the videolink with the panic room of the judge’s house showed her, Judge Seela Ayamitte and a third woman bound and gagged inside the panic room!


Twenty minutes later all three women were being checked by paramedics, the DA was talking with Honoria by the phone as the Lynnleys, found inside the closet, were being taken in gurneys to the hospital. More and more police officers kept arriving to the scene and the whole area was being searched after the manifesto, through which their killing intentions were blatantly clear, was found with them and their van was found parked less than a block away in an alley (and inside it the cops found evidences that proved that Honoria was just the first, in a line of at least ten people, that they were planning to kill). But no trace of the ‘mysterious kidnapped stripper’ (as Honoria and Seela were calling her) was found in the whole neighborhood.


The next morning a chambermaid was called to clean a room in a roadside motel, and found Nicole Sark, 24, an African-American exotic dancer, bound in the buff with strips made of the bed sheets. She had been gagged and blindfolded with the same material. The black butterflies tattoos she had in her body identified her as the woman half the state’s police force was looking for since the rescue of judges Honoria and Seela.


And she added only more mystery, and spice, to the whole story when she declared (after a lot of patient work of one of the detectives) that she was judge Honoria’s web slave! She said that, for over a year, she had had an online relationship with the judge with very few (and satisfactory) meetings with her. A week before the night in question she had did exactly as her mistress had told her to, basically allowing herself to be kidnapped in an alley, and suddenly found herself inside a house with a mysterious (and much older) captive woman tied next to her and… for a whole week…


With some patience, and specially after a picture of Honoria was shown to Nicole, who did NOT identified her as the ‘judge Honoria’ she knew, the ruse was unveiled by the police.


Nicole had never actually met Honoria, before that night that is, and had been lured into believing that she had become Honoria’ slave when she had become somebody else’s slave. That unknown woman (whose physical description couldn’t be more different than of the real Honoria Baxterson) had managed to have access to Honoria’s private laptop and installed a bug/chip in it through which she gained remote control of the laptop, thus allowing her to send all the 335 highly erotic e-mails to her slave while posing as the respectable judge (the tech that discovered the bug/chip later received a substantial raise) with her laptop’s IP as the source of every said e-mails. But some of the e-mails had been sent when the judge was on the bench or other social/work activities, including one sent at the time in which she was giving a speech on a law school.


The bug/chip had tried (and almost succeeded) into making the dates of the e-mails and  access to paid websites (of high sexual content) compatible with the judge’s agenda, but the forensic department of the state’s police saw through its ruse and revealed their real date and of the websites that Honoria claimed that she had never seen before..


It was in one of those e-mails that Nicole received the orders of maintain a complete (and highly graphic) record of her meetings with her mistress. The whole set of e-mails, websites visited (including three different BDSM chat-rooms), pictures and such were kept hidden from the judge since it was a parallel set of archives that the judge didn’t knew about. And according to Seela (who heard the mysterious woman bragging ‘like a comic book mad villainess’ about her plans), after Nicole was forced to have sex with the real Honoria, her usefulness was over and so would be her life…


What exactly the woman wanted, besides implicating the judge for the rape and murder of Nicole, was never exactly revealed. Blackmail most likely, but to gain what? None of the previous and current cases that Honoria was handling was big enough to deserve such an elaborate charade. Another unsolved mystery for the city to deal with…


The Honoria Affair (as the press called it) was eventually revealed as a real masterwork of revenge/blackmail, perpetrated by an obviously professional woman who bore a great despise and anger against Honoria, and whose carefully crafted plans had been foiled by the disastrous intervention of the Lynnley brothers.


The police never found out who she, the fake ‘Honoria’, really was but they kept the investigation for a couple of years until they admitted it was cold beyond hope.


The Lynnleys got 85 years each for all their crimes, that fortunately they had only (mostly) conspired to commit. The fact that they had already wrote seven manifestos for their (intended and identified in each manifesto as such) first seven victims didn’t helped them one bit. They still sustained the validity of their actions for many years afterwards.


And their claims that there were another two busty strippers being held captive in that house that night, that they had NOT entered in a fight with the ‘fake Honoria’ that had allowed the trio of bound and gagged captives to run and lock themselves inside the panic room and, finally, that there were evidences of a peaceful interaction (the dinner and whatever was what had happened in the basement – found empty by the police-) among four women (the three ‘captives’ and the ‘fake Honoria’) were not taken seriously not even by their few and fewer supporters after a while. They stopped talking about it around the 9th anniversary of their convictions since their lawyers managed to convince them how much it was hurting their appeals. They never talked about it anymore.


Nicole did a tour among many strip clubs around the country, refused various offers to make porn movies and quickly faded into obscurity and moved to Florida.









‘But wouldn’t it be far easier to simply kill those three maggots?’


Two, of the three young women in front of them, stopped their submissive posture and looked at her as if she had really offended them!!! And they were the ones that had been, carefully and quite beautifully, restrained by the third buxom girl in a white sling bikini.


They were undeniably helpless and yet… what a rage!!!


Then reality sunk back in their minds and they both looked at Debs with fear and shame in their pleading eyes, and Debs had a very devious smile in her face.


Those two were in for something in a near future…


‘Forgive them, please. And leave their punishment to me. You must understand that, every time when I meet them and their mistresses, I am NOT your second-in-command. I am Mistress Deborah, their mistresses’ most cunning rival and faithful friend. If I ever end up being judged by any of them two I hope that my lawyer earns his big fat paycheck, that the police/FBI and prosecution had NOT made a good job preparing the case against me and that YOU help me, for they will send me to life in prison or worst if that’s the case. Because the great hours that I, Honoria and Seela and our slaves have together mean only ONE thing, that we may be on different sides of the law, but that does NOT means that we cannot be friends, and rivals in our games…’


‘Like this one?’


After having their arms and upper torsos (and even their ponytails!) adorned with coils and coils of white rope, both Patty (the blonde) and Rena (the very dark shade of brown brunette) were having that weird kind of black leather corset being laced to their bodies by Nicole (who had become Debs’ newest chambermaid two months before), who had resumed her work. Some huffing and puffing, but with all respect to their breath capacity, and she was done. Two girls taken straight from a John Willie fantasy, all because they were supposed to play (for her) a very kinky variation of thug-of-war!!!


And all that she wanted was to relax after that dull and tough week of bureaucratic work!


That was ‘just one’ of the games she her friend had played during the week in which she was the respectable judge’s ‘secret guest’ (Nicole, while having all her needs well cared for and being well treated – more or less – all the while, was considered by all as part of Debs’ ‘private luggage’), with their three slaves as both the athletes and the prizes of said ‘games’. With the three girls tied neck to neck after six nights of very interesting activities, it had all ended with the last game. Tug of war…


The last knots were cinched, time for the head harnesses. Why couldn’t the girl be able to see how close or far she was from the middle mark? Why should she be gagged also? And why this whole silly and unreal game was giving her some ideas?


‘And how did you made that ruse with the e-mails and websites?’


‘Piece of cake. The bug DID mess with the data/time record of the laptop, and so those forensic techs discovered what we wanted, not that Honoria had made Kara answer some of the e-mails between her and Patty (without they signing them with their real names of course)... And since ‘Nicole’’s laptop was never found by them, they had no way to find out the truth. And besides that, Honoria takes extra-plus-ultra precautions into protecting her weblife’ secrets. She even taught me a few tricks...’


She nodded and drank another sip of the mango juice.


All the other women in that private beach were just waiting for her to give her authorization to Debs for the ‘game' to start. Time to tease them a little more...


‘So, basically, the girl that, while equilibrating herself on those absurdly big platforms and heels, manages to drag the other girl backward or make her trip and fall on her…’


‘Exactly, she wins!’


‘And for how long do you plan to keep those two with you?’


Even blindfolded, both girls’ expectation and hopes were clearly visible as they turned their heads towards Debs and held their breaths. Nicole just pretended to be mad at them, since to take care of the two stranded slave girls was one of her attributions she knew how much they were longing to be again under their real mistresses cares, and slightly patted them on the top of the head, grabbed their heads and ‘forced’ them to look forward again.


‘A month, no more than that… after the events the security around Judges Lane got a bit tighter. That’s the price they had to pay for the plan B, but thanks to that Honoria’s reputation is now pristine... For the past months both women have… shared… between themselves that sweet little thing called Kara and a pair of professional sub girl called Ana and Toni, but they (and of this I am sure) are longing for those two as much as they will shamelessly deny it when I manage to reunite them again. I am working on it, I have to. Honoria and Seela are not the only mistresses whose slaves play ‘games’ with my own, and all my ‘partners’ knows that Nicole and Patty lost the competition and that I am owing a full month of Nicole’s submissiveness to Seela... Stop with that Nicole, I don’t want to hear it, if you try to do that once more you will be demoted! I know you did your best!… and they are starting to demand a bit too harshly that I make that happen soon…’


‘Or they will stop allowing their slaves to play games with yours?’


‘Exactly… Hey… You know what I do to relax and enjoy the life… Now stop teasing us please. Pretty please? Thank you... Nicole…’


A stinging slap on both girl’s exposed behind at the same time and they started putting some strain on the ‘leather cable’ that connected them.


And put on quite a show for the Duchess, Debs, the two visiting mistresses (that were hiding their fear because of her presence very well) and the other six girls (of Debs and her two friends’ harem, and who were marveled of being in the same place than the famous Duchess) at Debs ‘modest house’ in Southern Florida…


The Duchess looked at the cheering, and looks of envy (?) and obvious desire, coming from the attendance, and thought one last time that there were more ‘normal’ ways to relax after a stressful five days straight yearly business’ balance meeting.


Those endless conversations, expositions and evaluations had really drained her out! So when Debs had suggested a weekend in that ‘little place’ she had by the beach...


She had almost immediately recognized Nicole, one thing led to another and Debs told her what had really happened at Judge Honoria’s home that night. One thing led to another and Debs and the two other mistresses (a lawyer and an engineer) had decided to have a ‘tug of war’ competition among their slaves the following morning.


But an unexpected problem in that recent operation in New Jersey had prevented her to see the competition, except for the final match between the favorites Patty and Rena.


Truth be told what she really wanted was to watch a movie like… ‘The Interrupted Competition’, with Clark and Oona as the mistresses and Zee and Mia as the slaves, in a BDSM competition interrupted by a mysterious woman (Chelsea) that made them all her prisoners as she was escaping from somebody (interpreted by Joe scythe and whose identity was purposely left in the dark) who showed up at the precise moment in which her captives had overpowered her, and left the house with the slaves and Chelsea as his captives.


Not an original idea for the 52nd customized movie with Zee, and the fact that she simply looked divine in the pictures in which she had been put in the same situation that those two ‘siliconed’ cuties were as of now… Oh well, she would see it after lunch anyway...


Time to choose a side and cheer a little…




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