Target: Helen




Either she was telling the truth or she was the greatest con-woman of the whole world! Or both! But he had received calls of everybody, including the governor, and they had told him to let her go even if she had committed a felony…

So Sheriff Roscoe lectured her about the use of fake IDs for nearly an hour, her attorney paid all the fees and she agreed to stay in town for a couple of days until Judge Benton returned from Iowa. Her car would stay in Walt’s Shop for that time anyway. The pretty and buxom lawyer still tried to argue with her, but the lady was adamant. She was going to spend her vacations wherever her car allowed her, or not, to go.

So her lawyer kissed her on the cheek, bid her goodbye, promised to return in two days and returned to her fancy car and to the capitol of the sate. And she stayed in town. For at least a couple of days more… He knew few things, and wasn’t very smart actually. But the good people of his hometown knew that he knew how to read someone as few people in the world.

And this lady had ‘Trouble!’ written all over her body!

Oh boy, and who had said that things were quite slow that very same morning?

He knew that he was going to learn to keep his mouth shut!




‘Nn-nnoooohhhmmmpppphhhhh…’ - In normal circumstances she would already be under by now. But Kendra was allergic to the sedatives she had in store. Fortunately she had discovered it when she had used a mild dose. A doctor was expected to come that afternoon, but until then she would have to stay gagged and blindfolded.

That was a first in her short career as a ‘turnkey’. And since this snoopy secretary wasn’t her Helen, she was going to be strictly professional with her. She had already been stripped of her clothes, straightjacketed, hooded and been cared by a woman she didn’t knew, and she was comprehensibly scared to the core, but she still fought as little as Claire allowed her to.

‘Kendra..., could you please stop with that? I cannot put you to sleep without killing you or at least putting you in a state of coma, I cannot let you go for a while and I cannot let you free to wander around. So I have to keep you tied up or otherwise restrained. I won’t let you go and no one knows that you are here. Do you understand me?’

The African-American young secretary stood quiet for a while, then she nodded.

‘Let’s make a deal... I know that after a while it’s just boring, staying put only because you’re bound, gagged and blindfolded and unable to scratch your nose. I think that there’s a way to make you watch TV for a couple of hours at least, but I’ll have to move you, to really bind and gag you and other things. I’ll give a couple of hours to think about it, OK? Think about it please and be reasonable. Now, stay put and don’t make reinforce the straps...’

She patted the barely self-contained (in more than one definition) girl and checked on her roommates before leaving. Like Kendra, Valerie and Freddie were strapped to the hospital beds provided to them, but far less stringently. While Kendra had to deal with a number of straps enough for three girls as punishment for her two escape attempts during bathroom breaks, the two co-eds were only handcuffed to the bed and tape gagged and blindfolded.

The intravenous feeding also provided the regulated doses of sedatives that would keep them under for the next week, or until Veronica and Crazy Jane and the others had dealt with the criminal boss of their friend, who had put a price on Kendra’s death. Two girls oblivious to the world, one girl going nowhere... all was fine.

She returned to her flower shop.




Carlton Lewis held the girl until she passed out in his large hands.

For a man so big he was incredibly stealthy, she hadn’t heard or seen him coming from the back of her book store. She was reading the paper while enjoying a salad prescribed by her latest ‘infallible’ diet in the back room. Not that Fay needed one, she was just a little chubby (but not very much), but she thought otherwise...

Then she was suddenly jerked from the chair she was sitting on and held by two large and strong arms... Carl! It had to be him or ‘Babe’ Vincent, under HIS orders. She wanted to scream, and was really trying to, but he was holding something in his hand, a cloth soaked in something tasteless and odorless. She only realized that the moist meant something when she suddenly found herself becoming weaker and weaker... and wanting to sleep. After Fay was out, Carlton proceeded to tie her up. In a few minutes he had a nice bundle and was ready to go. He carefully lifted her and cradled the middle-aged woman and went to the back door...

...right into the awaiting hands of the local police force.

Five guns and one rifle were drawn and pointed at his head, and that sneaky Becca Newton, the ****** sheriff’s daughter, had managed to somehow come from inside the store without him noticing her and now the barrel of her gun was pressing the back of his head.

‘No sudden moves or I shoot, you will put her down and do it slowly and cautiously or I’ll...’

Carl heard her not-so-firm voice. PERHAPS she wouldn’t shoot, but Big Jack (Fay’s cousin) and Lee (the husband of Fay’s best friend) were another deal. And there were also Tobias, Maureen, Trevor and McIntyre to be dealt with.

He did as he was told. By now he was surrounded by two other cops, Big Jack grabbed his once captive and took her to an awaiting ambulance, while Carlton was arrested and then searched by Becca and Tobias. They found a note with some numbers scribbled on it (the code of the security system), a gun and instructions of how to go somewhere in another state. All cops were smiling or with a confidant/smug expression in their faces...

Finally, they had HIM for good!




Dean Gilbert saw at a respectable distance the arrest of one of his best ‘handymen’. There has to be a mole inside his team, but who? ‘Babe’ Vincent? Nell? Michael? Not even the legal problems that he knew he was going to have in the next weeks or months were enough to make him sweat. If he returned to his office at Dean’s he probably would be arrested... or perhaps not. He was already planning what to do next, he was going to the Police!

So he returned to his car and drove to the police headquarters. Carlton had instructions to not say anything if he was caught, and knew better so he wouldn’t say anything anyway...

As he drove as there wasn’t anything wrong in the world he kept thinking in who could be the one working for the cops. This particular small town wasn’t so small that it couldn’t have a ‘Crimelord’ as Ed and his paper had called him once, but also wasn’t big enough to him not know closely everyone he needed to. And he always was very careful when it came the time or necessity to introduce a new player in his team. Of the fifteen persons involved in his operations there wasn’t anyone that he could think of as the prime suspect.

No one would be THAT stupid anyway, could he or she be?

And what about that newcomer, and widow of a semi-famous criminal, Claire Milton? She had that successful flower shop, went to church every Sunday and talked in the schools of the county and the nearby ones about her ‘life of crime’, from what she heard she was once a very dangerous gal, all to prove to everybody that she was a dutiful and respectful citizen.

But she had those odd (at least for him) orders from other cities. From towns that already had flower shops and some were far better than hers. And those ‘orders’ always were dispatched at the wee-wee hours... That’s when he understood everything. When he saw her.

And he started to sweat.

Of all people in the whole world, SHE was in town. The mole, the police investigation, the scandal that would make his face known all over the state... nothing mattered.

He had to deal with her!




Esperanza Gonzalez moaned as loudly as she could.

‘ENOUGH! Do you hear me sis’? ENOUGH!!!’

Pilar entered the room stomping and followed by a more quieter Dolores. She went straight to bed, sat beside her bound sister’s body and grabbed her head and was about to deliver a slap with her right hand when Dolores grabbed her right arm with both hands. There was even more determination in her eyes than in Esperanza’s.

‘No, Pilar, you are not going to do that.’

‘But... she have to understand... she have to...’

‘She does. She doesn’t want to take part in it, she doesn’t want that we became criminals and she doesn’t want that we do what we have to, what we will do, regardless of the consequences but not carelessly, because we need to. That’s why she’s a prisoner in her own room. It’s hard, it’s really hard to us all treat you that way, Esperanza. But we have to do what we need to do, and we can’t let you call the cops. We’re sorry.’

Esperanza moaned again, clearly begging for something.

‘We’ll rip the tape if you promise not to yell again...’

She nodded. They gave her some water and then they stood in silence, facing each other.

‘There... isn’t anything that I can say that will make you change your minds?’

‘No. We’re with papá, it’s the only way to save Ricardo.’


‘Do you really think that haven’t considered about every other possibility, available or not, before deciding to do that? We did it, YOU did it with us remember? Either we do it or Ricardo dies and we lose everything... for nothing!’

Silence returned, then their mother called them. Dolores replaced Esperanza’s gag and kissed her sister’s forehead. Their parents were at the table, and she was crying and he looked far more concerned than he was when they left the room minutes ago. he was slamming his right fist on the table when they entered.

‘What happened? Did... did Ricardo...’

‘DON’T SAY IT! NEVER EVER SAY IT! Your brother... is fine considering everything. We have received unexpected and very unpleasant news. We may have to cancel everything...’

‘NO!!! WE CAN’TTTMMMPPPPHHH!!!!!’ – Pilar’s yell was cut short by her sister’s hand.

‘Cala-te tonta. What’s wrong dad?’

‘There’s a woman in town. Seems that her car broke about five miles east of Duddley’s Steak. Her car broke and she will have to stay a couple of days in town. And for some reason, she spent some hours talking with Roscoe...’

‘But... I don’t understand... who’s this woman?’

‘The very last person that we wanted to see in our town this week...’

Both Pilar and Dolores stood there with their mouths wide open.

Pilar was the first to react. OF ALL THE BAD LUCK! Dolores stood silent... thinking in how they could do it without her interference... They couldn’t, they simply couldn’t. And they needed the money, or at least the clear promise of it, for Monday.

So, she reasoned, they’ll have to make her disappear for a while, too.




Unaware of the consequences of each and every of her acts in the little town she was forced to stay, Helen decided to have lunch at the local restaurant.

She ordered a steak with potatoes and while she waited she decided to check on her e-mails and talk to some of her friends. So she used her laptop and cellphone, unaware of how this two simple and common acts would determinate her next days...

‘Excuse me...’

That voice... she raised her head. And looked straight at her most usual captoress.

‘Hello Helen.’

‘H-hi... Claire, what are you doing here?’

And then Claire became even more uneasy with the situation than Helen. She had thought that Helen had found her and was there, at the place she usually lunched, as a form to provoke her.

But she was genuinely shocked with her presence, and Claire realized that she had just ruined years of careful planning. Oh boy, Veronica was going to be sooooo mad!

‘I live here.’

‘And that’s... that’s where...?’


They stood silent until Helen realized that she hadn’t invited Claire to sit. After Claire ordered a meal, they resumed.

‘So, Miss Insurance Fraud Investigations, how did you find m... this town?’





As he did almost everyday, sheriff Roscoe Newton stopped by at Claire’s house around 5:00 PM for a cup of coffee and some talk-talk, they had been dating for a while and both enjoyed these private moments together. Today there was another reason for him to be there. As usual, she greeted him with a kiss and a freshly brewed pot of coffee.

The late forties widower seemed a little distraught, and she knew the reason right away.

‘Are you interested in the current whereabouts of a mid-thirties snoopy detective from NYC?’

‘... If it’s the one that was last seen three hours ago leaving the Steak’s with you, yes.’

Her smile became a playful grin.

‘I did not hurt her, but I am afraid that she is a little ‘tied up’ at the moment.’

‘WHAT???!!! Where... why... how????’

‘Calm down, calm down please...’ – she forced him to sit back on the chair – ‘I’ll explain everything. Enjoy your mug while it’s hot. Do you want some cookies too?’

That was one of the few things in her job that Claire didn’t liked to do, to lie to Roscoe. He was such a charming man, polite and respectful, and they had good times together... but she slightly altered the truth when she finished her mug.

‘Helen Hayes destroyed my life twelve years ago because she truly believed that I knew where the Kane Jewels were buried. If I knew that I certainly wouldn’t work as much as I did, and Sammy wouldn’t be the oldest member of her sorority, but she really did her best to make me confess where Harris had buried them... and make me lose my job, some people I thought that were my friends and other things. I forgave her many years ago, but she didn’t. so, when I realized that she was pushing the conversation to THAT matter, I told her that we would talk about it in here. So we came here, and we talked and talked and talked... she was more or less like you when you realized that Huey was innocent and Karl had fooled the whole town. But, unlike you, she was a little refractory to logic. So...’


Claire blushed.

‘Well, I decided to... have some fun at her expenses. I forgave her, but I haven’t forgot what she did and she did it... so... I played a prank on her and she ended up as she is now...’


His look said everything. He wanted his answers now.

‘Well, I said that if she wanted to be punished for what she had done, then I would punish her. Good old fashioned way and all. She was going to be spanked with the back of the most solid and heavy hairbrush that I had. I expected her to be mad at me or anything like that. I wasn’t really serious. But she thought and asked how I wanted her to be when I spanked her. OK, I told you, although I have really put behind me what... she had done, I hadn’t forgot the humiliation, it really didn’t mattered but... it was there. It is there. Not that I really care about it. But when she looked at me with those pleading eyes, she didn’t said ‘punish me’ but she got close to, I... I told her to took off her clothes and turn around. She was in her underwear and nicely roped up in a matter of minutes. That’s when I told her that her punishment was going to be my ‘captive’ (so to speak) until tomorrow morning.’

‘And she agreed???!!’

‘Yes. Actually I planned to release after half an hour, but when I re-entered the guestroom to do that she was asleep on the bed. Considering how many times she was a ‘damsel in distress’ all these years..., well..., I wouldn’t be surprised if she got used to be bound and gagged...’

Did he had bought it? She was nervous because Roscoe was a man that couldn’t easily be fooled, and that crappy story was one of her worst ever! But he seemed to be accepting it.

‘Well... I would have some trouble in believing in what you said to me...’


‘If among the fake ID’s Walt found in the secret compartment in her car wasn’t a pen drive. With many photos of Ms. Hayes more or less in the same state in which you put her... Too kinky stuff to be some memento of her cases.’

‘Oh... so she is a submissive?’

‘If that’s how you New Yorkers call it...’

‘Does anyone else know about... ‘it’?’

‘Nah. It’s her life and her decisions. I did a quick check-up on her life back at the precinct while you were chitchatting. She’s quite a heroine, but trouble follows her everywhere she goes. Big trouble, sometimes even bigger than her...’

‘Talking about big and bigger troubles... I heard that Carlton Lewis was arrested...’

‘Trying to kidnap Fay to prevent Valerie to testify in the next week’s trial, just as we knew he was going to do and when...’

‘But... that doesn’t means that he have a mole in your department? I mean, Val was a secret witness against him, right?’

And they switched the conversation to his problems and his personal fight against Dean Gilbert, what had happened in the previous weeks and what was going to happen. They talked about themselves too, he wasn’t going to spend the night with her as they had planned, but Claire understood, if they somehow managed to make Lewis talk they would have a bigger case against Dean, and finally he would do a real good cleansing in his town!

When it was almost 6:30 PM he apologized but he had to return to his office, they kissed and he told her to be nice with her ‘captive’, but he would like to talk to her the next morning.

Claire waited until his patrol car was long gone and realized that there was someone at Mrs. Miller house. Probably her granddaughter, deputy Jamie Miller.

The fact that Roscoe truly believed, and was afraid, that Dean would use her as a leverage both warmed and scared her. She could defend herself and, if she didn’t sent the signal every six hours, they would know that something was up and would send someone to look after the girls under her care. She entered her guestroom.

Helen was still under the effect of the pill she had willingly swallowed, it was a strong medicine that would keep her under for another couple of hours. She had already taped the Danger Code in her cell phone and sent it to the Central in the capitol. By now every move in every room of the house and under it was being observed. She put the phone on the speaker mode and decided to loosen some of Helen’s bonds. As she was undoing her ankle bonds the phone rang, and the call was automatically answered.


Veronica never said ‘Hello’ or ‘How are you’, it was always an order like that one.

‘I may be facing some trouble in the next two or three days. ‘

‘We heard about it. How’s the house?’

‘Safe. And Roscoe put a deputy to watch over me from a neighboring house. But I would like to know that one of you guys is somewhere in the precinct...’

‘Jane will be there in a few hours.’

‘...except her.’

But there was nothing she could do about it. Veronica had to close some unfinished business, and wouldn’t be available until Saturday. For the sake of Kendra, Valerie and Freddie she would have to bring down Kendra’s boss before anything. By now she had finished undoing the bonds in Helen’s legs, but there was no way that she would make the girl walk down until the secret room under the green house and her flower shop. And as strong as she was and as light as Helen was, she would have a heart attack if she tried to carry her all the way down.

So she left the nude and anesthetized woman alone and completely freed of any bonds or tethers, after ensuring that she was still out for the count, and went to the basement. There she pressed a seemingly randomly sequences of numbers in the obsolete 80’s model telephone (that really worked) and one of the walls opened. She always thought that it was a little too cliché, but the secret room had to have also secret entrances. There she found Valerie, Freddie, Kendra and Martha, just like she had left them over two hours ago.

As part of her payment for helping her to deal with the hygiene of the slumbered Valerie and Freddie and the delivery (and also the ministrations) of one of the few sedative drugs that Kendra wasn’t allergic to, Martha had begged to be hogtied on the floor, naked, blindfolded and gagged. Claire complied but now it was time to gave the freshly graduated doctor her dinner and a bath. There was a look of disappointment in the young woman’s face as she the leather blindfold was unbuckled. But she soon resumed her professional side and checked on all three girls before Claire had the chance to ask her what she wanted for dinner.

According to Martha, all three girls could (and would) be kept drugged for a while more. She congratulated Claire for the daily massages she gave to each and for the general conditions of the captives. A few minutes later, and before she went back up to prepare the dinner, Claire was cinching the knot that would held Martha’s hand trapped behind the pole she was being bound to (another part of her payment) when they heard it.

The intruder’s alert.




‘Babe’ Vincent got his nickname because of his face. Anyone that met him for the first time wouldn’t believe at first that he was a dangerous man, or a criminal. That he was strong it was obvious. While not being really tall, Vincent was quite massive. He had won many arm wrestler championships, and almost had succeed as a boxer, but then he had met Dean Gilbert. And now he did everything the skinny old man ordered him to.

Like kidnap the sheriff’s sweetheart.

For that he had to do some little things first. Check if there’s a police car in front or nearby her house; no to both questions. Check if Jamie was staying at her grandmother’s house as a guardian angel for Claire; yes she was. Neutralize her without killing her or giving her a chance to identify him in a court. That had been a tricky one, but he had managed to do that, after all, even guardian angels had to use the toilet...

He had been waiting for a chance for nearly an hour since he had broken into the house without she noticing, since that was quite a boring situation, she was talking to her friends while checking on Claire with binoculars. He had heard stories about how this girl was a blabbermouth, but none make justice to her. She talked to someone, then to this someone’s sister or brother, then to their school buddy, then to the buddy’s aunt, then...

How much was her phone bill? She didn’t gave him one second to jump on her and tie her up, and he wasn’t stupid to do it with someone listening on the phone. But, finally, she excused herself and finished her calls and hung up her phone. He placed himself besides the toilet’s door quietly as possible, and when she opened it...

She didn’t saw a thing, except for a blur coming toward her eyes and he had the hood put in place before she could realize. She was taller than him, but he had the surprise element on his side. He shoved a nerf ball inside her mouth and held it there with one hand while the other kept the girls wrists crossed above her head.

Then he moved his hand a little up, and closed the girl’s air supply. She went wild, trashing and moving but he kept her under his power and his hand where he had placed. Her struggles became more frantic, and he removed his hand. While the girl’s only focus was to have some fresh air in her lungs, he maneuvered her and pressed her body down until he was on top of her and she was on her tummy, slamming her face against the tiled floor. He quickly made use of the strong plasticuffs he was carrying, and Jamie found herself progressively restrained until she was hogtied quite harshly. Time to put her down. There was a small brown bottle in his bag, he soaked a cotton swab with the chloroform and pressed it against the girl’s nose.

By now she was already a little worn-out from her exertions and his grip was too strong. She still tried to resist but soon gave in. He kept the nerf ball inside and taped her lips together. Then her carried her back to her vigil spot, he cut most of the plasticuffs and rearranged her, using rope, tape and more plasticuffs to make it look like she was on duty, sitting on that chair by the window and behind a curtain. Then he looked at Claire’s house.

And saw that there was already a couple of unexpected visitors inside it.




Dean Gilbert was in his room with his latest acquisition, a young girl from Idaho called Ann something. Since he wasn’t in the mood tonight, she was watching TV while he kept phoning his friends, contacts, informants and others. People that he hadn’t talked with for over ten years was now following his requests and doing their research.

The chances that the biggest insurance detective of *********** was in town on vacation while he was about to see his empire, that he had built with a fraud against the same company nearly twenty years ago, vanishing due the persistence of a stupid lawman was next to zero. Specially if both of them had had a private conversation that lasted over an hour.

Michael made a few inquires himself at the bank, but didn’t came out with something useful. But Dean knew that if he was going down so would the banker’s son, and Michael would face even bigger charges than him. By morning one of them would have the answers about Helen’s presence in town. As well as Helen herself.

He wasn’t a man to go panicking for the mere presence of such a big... adversary, under normal circumstances. But Valerie, a mere waitress with big ears, could put him behind bars for that scheme that had failed the past year. And the attempt of the kidnap of her big sister had failed, so a bigger charge was looming and if he didn’t took Carlton out of jail soon...

He was for a moment distracted by Ann’s generous cleavage, then he realized that she was holding her cell phone on her right hand, and looked concerned about something.


‘It’s that guy whom I ‘am’ having sex with... he’s saying that there’s an unexpected trouble...’

Dean grabbed the cell phone. ‘Babe’ Vincent had tried to talk to him for the past twenty minutes, someone had beaten him, but in a way that Dean could not believe at first...




Amateurs. Two scared and very clumsy amateurs. That vase had cost her $ 80,00! And there was nothing she could do about it. They were scolding each other while trying to hide their fears. At least they seemed to be good at picking locks.

And now they were entering HER house, and had already broke another vase!

‘Tell me again why I cannot go upstairs and spank those two brats before I call the police...’

‘Because Patrick ‘Babe’ Vincent, 35, mean man and Dean Gilbert’s thug, 245 lbs. of muscles and etc... is tying up the policewoman that was supposed to be YOUR guardian angel at this moment, a prequel to what he is supposed to do tonight, probably kidnap you AND find the whereabouts of Helen Hayes, in other words, he is going to return to hiss boss HQ with four captives unless you follow your instructions...’.

‘I don’t know, I really don’t know. I mean... she trusts in me and I let her be kidnapped?’

While Crazy Jane explained once again her plan to Claire, Martha realized why the woman owner of such a calm and reassuring voice could be so... feared by the other people of the ‘organization’. She really didn’t looked at it as a secret society of sorts, more like a club with members that helped each while operating at the very limit of the law, or totally outside it.

It wasn’t the first time that she had been ordered by her master to go to an unknown place and treat someone that she probably would never ever see again, she had took more bullets from living bodies than she had fingers and toes. And in most of the cases there was someone, at least one and usually a female, kept against her/his will by force at that place. So she was an accomplice to several cases of kidnapping. But since most of the people she found captive were later on the news as criminals arrested or on the run, or witnesses of crimes that put criminals behind bars for real and for a long time, she has no trouble with that.

And besides, her master had ordered her to do that...

But Crazy Jane was different. Not the deadliest of the ‘operatives’ of the organization, she was the most feared, even more than that macho-girl Veronica. And in the exact moment that Claire was about to intervene in the really ridiculous attempt of B&E on her flower shop, those two Latina teenagers were not made for that, she received a phone call from Crazy Jane. The first thing she said was to finish tying her against that pole, while she (Jane) would explain what was happening and why, and what Claire should do.

And it made sense. As insane as it was, Claire would have to let Helen be kidnapped... Martha was so distracted that when she felt a hand on her face she, for a moment, forgot where she was and yelled. But the very effective gag Claire had put on her muffled most of the sound.

‘It’s okay. It’s me. I have to go now. Are you sure you want to stay like that until I return?’

Martha nodded as little as she could.

‘OK, if by chance any of them wakes up, you are a troublemaker captive being punished and you go along until I return. Once I close the door there will be no way to communicate with the outside world or leave this place, if they try it... well, they’ll be surprised. So rest assured, even if they don’t believe in you, they won’t get far and won’t be able to hurt you. Be back in three or four hours...’ – and moments later Martha stood as a mute guardian of the other girls.




Nor Pilar nor Dolores were made for the catburglarism. They had already broke THREE vases and a family portrait. Fortunately it seemed that Claire wasn’t home. But her car was still in front of her house, so where was she. And were was that accursed snoopy detective?

Pilar slapped herself, she shouldn’t swear.


What the...? Did Dolores went mad? She was in Claire’s room when she heard her sister’s voice, she ran to the guest room. Dolores was standing at the door and looking inside the room while she yelled again.


‘Do you want to tell the whole neighborhood that Mrs. Milton has two unexpected visitors?’

Instead of saying anything, or even trying to dislodge her sister’s hand, Dolores merely pointed to the room. Helen Hayes, naked as in the day she was born, was sleeping on the bed. Both sisters looked at each other and entered the room. What was happening in here? Was the Sheriff’s-soon-to-be-wife (according to her mother and half the women of the town) a closet lesbian? Looking a little closer, they saw that her body had weird marks on her legs, torso and arms and the cause of such marks was scattered around the bed and on the floor. Rope.

Since they were not supposed to be there, they were using flashlight to see, and the light of one of those hit Helen in her eyes started to woke her up. Pilar, who was closer to the bed, quickly placed her hand over Helen’s eyes. That woke her up right away, but instead of moving one of her hands to remove the one that was blinding her, Helen stood still.

Pilar took a quick glance at Dolores who stood by the door. She mouthed to her ‘come here’, but Dolores shook her head and they started an almost mute bickering argument. That’s when Helen spoke up, so suddenly that both sisters almost yelled with the surprise.

‘You’re not Claire. Who are you?’

Dolores summoned all her courage, did a reasonable job of altering her voice and answered.

‘We cannot tell you.’

‘Are you... the ones that Claire said that are going to remove me from here?’

The shock in Pilar’s face was perhaps even bigger then the one in her face.

‘We cannot tell you.’

‘I suppose you can’t. It’s OK. They are using newbies again right? Ehrrr, I am supposed to keep my eyes shut while you two bind and gag me, right?’

‘WE, I mean, my partner will blindfold and gag you first, then we will tie you up. Do not move, do not try any funny business. We are not here to hurt you.’

‘I know, I know...’

Claire had told her that, since she had found out the localization of one of their ‘holding areas’, THEY would have to deal with her. Probably she would be secretly removed from the house that very same night, but would be returned to town for her appointment with Judge Benton on Monday. Until then she was going to be her prisoner, since those weren’t really bad news or even news for Helen, she had complied.

She was allowed to have a bath and went to the guest room already naked and with her eyes closed, then she swallowed the pill and was now at the mercy of two (or more) unknown persons, but those two were really amateurs! A few minutes of gives and pushes and she would be able to free herself from their sloppy job.

They hadn’t even hogtied her! And her hands were tied in front! But since she believed that they were together with Claire, she wasn’t afraid and wasn’t supposed to fight back.

As for the sisters, they looked at their captive and felt an urge to laugh. But suppressed it.

So far the lady had been very cooperative, so they had to keep her ‘in the dark’. Then Pilar pointed to something beside the bed. Atop a small nightstand and besides a small lampshade there was a small bottle and some pads.

The bottle was labeled chloroform...

Lying on her back, with her arms and hands trapped in a web of rope beneath her torso and with the rest of her body similarly restrained, there wasn’t really much that Helen could to defend herself. But she was told to ‘breathe in’ and so she did. Lungful after lungful, getting dizzier by the second until she could no longer stay awake.

When they were sure that the woman was down, both Pilar and Dolores let the laughs flow.

They had been soooo scared! And in the end it was so easy! So easy!

Pilar was the first to recover. It had been easy, so far. They still had to take her out of town and keep her somewhere (their father hadn’t decided yet exactly were it was going to be) until they got the check from the insurance company. Her insurance company.

But first they’ll have to blown up papa’s business. And with her out of town. So they had to take her out of the house. ASAP! Pilar grabbed the legs while Dolores held her by her armpits and torso. She wasn’t exactly heavy, but she sure wasn’t light as a feather and she was the first (and hopefully last) woman they had to carry that way.

They managed to get downstairs and through the house without breaking anything else. Dolores stayed with Helen while Pilar went to collect their car. Helen was unceremoniously thrown in the trunk and the car left.

Four patrol cars passed them going in the opposite direction at full speed.




Angelo was at the hospital, trying again to convince Doctor Neal (THAT ***********) to do Ricardo’s operation BEFORE they had the money. Pilar e Dolores were on the other side of town, to kidnap a woman that wasn’t supposed to be here, at least not now. 

So it was up to her to deal with Esperanza. Esperanza, the oldest of her three daughters and, unfortunately for her, the most honest member of her family. She couldn’t go along with the plan, simple like that. So she had to be removed from their pat.

Officially she was back in California, trying to have as many (decent) jobs as a model as she needed to help pay Ricardo’s operation. But actually it was the night of her sixth day as a captive in her own home. She didn’t fought back anymore and accepted those horrible things they were using on her. Made of leather and steel, they allowed her to have a bath and to use the toilet unassisted, preserving some of her dignity. But she had already decided that they would be tore apart and burned afterwards... Afterwards...

What would be of their relationship? And would they really have the money that could, no, WOULD save Ricardo’s life, even at the price of the respect of one of their daughters.

She decided that she was going to try to convince her, again. And she would do it right this time... but first she had to give her the dinner.

She had prepared all her favorite food, a jar full of juice and was carrying it carefully as she went to the most isolated of the cabins that were still usable in their roadside motel. She really hadn’t to worry about inconvenient guests, they had none. And that’s why the bank wasn’t accepting their house and their business as guaranty for the loan they were asking.

Esperanza was were she had left her, sitting in front of the TV... but... the remote control was out of reach (and she was still securely tied to the chair)... and she was sure that that wasn’t the TV channel she had choose... She placed the tray over the table and went to check further.

Esperanza was sleeping, but that was because a cloth, a smelly cloth, was taped over her taped mouth and nose. And those weren’t the bonds... the bonds she had placed on her daughter minutes before... and that could only meant...

The attack was precise. Maria Imaculada Gonzalez wasn’t as tall as her daughters, but she was stronger than any of them. And yet, the woman attacking her seemed to be stronger as a man of her height. Maria was easily lifted from the ground while she fought back, she scratched and kicked and hurt her fingers, nails and heels. What were those clothes made of? Steel? Then she managed to land her elbow on the woman’s stomach, twice, and the grip was lessened. But as she prepared herself to run she was easily, and very forcibly, spun around and only saw a fist coming straight at her. Then nothing else.




Meanwhile Michael Farmer was in real trouble. Nell had found EXACTLY what were his plans for her, and had expressed her disagreement with her gun. He had come to her house expecting to have some ‘distractions’ from the horrible day he had have. He should never ever had accepted that money from Dean Gilbert. He had used all the excuses that he still had with his father and the board of the bank, but an audit was due to start Monday.

He was in trouble. And when he arrived to his bimbo secretary’s house to have some fun, she greeted him drunk, wearing only her bra and panties and pocking a gun in his face! And pulling the trigger! Fortunately for him the safe was on, and after some trouble he managed to overpower her. His face was bleeding and he would have some scars.

But she couldn’t be allowed to survive the night.

Her long and curly blonde hair was a mess, one of her large breasts had popped out of the red bra and her black eye wasn’t exactly beautiful. Plus, the towel he had gagged her with was holding back a torrent of insults, and messing with her cherry red lipstick. Still… she was easily the most beautiful woman in the whole county, if not the state!

And he couldn’t kill her. He had been drinking for the past half an hour while thinking in an option. There was only one actually. ‘Babe’ Vincent. And he had already paid him to do that anyway, he was only going to do it one week in advance.

Yeah, since he had not the guts to do that, ‘Babe’ Vincent was going to do it. But his phone was disconnected. He left some messages and decided to pay him a visit.

With Nell of course. But even bound as she was she managed to escape from his grasp, falling back on the bed the three times he tried to lift her of it. he needed to put her out for a while. A punch? Ineffective. Then he remembered, none of them was into bondage and other stuff, but she was quite the realistic dame. When they played ‘the burglar and the housewife’ she demanded that he acted like a real burglar, and once or twice he had used chloro… chlofom… that stuff that the burglars used with their victims (according to Nell fantasies of course).

Now where was that bottle?

Nell looked the bastard messing with her drawers with disgust. How could he pretend to cash on with her DEATH?! And not a fake one. A death real death, with her corpse as a proof!

And how he dared to bind her like that??!! Her wrists were bleeding, her elbows shouldn’t be touching and she was hurting all over!!! And what he was looking for anyway? And then she saw it, the bottle, the little brown bottle of… CHLOROFORM!

The realization that he was going to put her under, that she was probably never ever going to woke up again, all this made her renew her attempts to free herself in a far more desperate mode. Completely useless of course, he may have nor the strength nor the knack to lift her and put her in his car’s trunk, but he was strong enough to hold her down and immobile while she was forced to breathe in the fumes.

Her trashing only helped him actually, she breathed deeply through her nostrils, and soon her struggles started to lessen more and more, her eyes were no longer pretending that they could kill him and started to get closed. She relaxed and was easily carried through her house to her garage. He tried to talk with ‘Babe’ Vincent once more.

No such luck. Where was this man? He closed the lid after having one last feel of her natural D-cups, took the car out of the garage and turned left, away from the city.




To her it was amazing the number and length of the resources the ‘organization’ provided to its members. They must have placed about twenty micro cameras hidden in and out of the house above her, and the images they picked up were shown in the large monitors in front of her. She had seen the cops arriving and storming the house, three or four of them invading the next door neighbor’s house and a couple of paramedics following them, then a girl in cop’s clothes being removed on a gurney, cops roaming around for a while and then nothing.

A guy was left to watch the house, and had been sound asleep for nearly an hour now.

It was nearly 4:00 AM now. Where was she? She should have returned over three hours ago!

Martha was fine, albeit a little bored and sore, and the monitors showing the girls conditions indicated to her that they were just sleeping. She had already created a whole mini-drama in her mind that she’ll play if one of the girls woke up before Claire returned, and right now she was craving that it happened soon. Claire was late, she was bored and starting to have an urgent need to go to the toilet and... number two was waking up.

Time to cry some tears and put on a frightened look on her eyes...




It was a little bold of their part to go back home through the main streets as if nothing was wrong with them. As if there wasn’t a nude, bound, gagged and sedated woman in the trunk of their car. Pilar stayed in the car while Dolores went to buy their dinner at the local McDonald’s. Dolores was still amazed on how things had worked out that well.

They had invaded the house in a desperate, and very badly done, attempt to find out the whereabouts of the woman who could lay waste on their parents’ plan. And they had found her, and she had helped them to kidnap herself! But she had said something that she was expecting to be taken off the house by someone. Who could they be?

Did it mean that they would have to face some trouble ahead?

When she returned to the car, Dolores saw that they were already facing them.

Pilar was looking at the screen of her cell phone and crying, and Dolores realized that she was starting to attract some unwanted attention.

‘Que pasa? Hey, what’s wrong Pilar?’

Instead of answering, Pilar handed her the cell phone. There was a picture of two women on the screen. Their mother and their sister, bound and gagged on the backseat of a car. She gasped, then she put the cell phone on the speaker mode.

‘Who are you and what do you want?!!!’

‘Well, well, who am I? I am the one who have your mother and your big sister in my power...’

The voice was feminine but very distorted by some gizmo, with a metallic echo at the end of each word. Pilar cried a little louder and was admonished by Dolores.

‘But rest assured that they are fine, I won’t allow them to be hurt by anyone, even if you fail to follow my orders as I want to...’

‘Now look you...’

‘No LOOK the both of YOU, over your right shoulder... NOW!’

Puzzled, the sisters did as they were told. They had already attracted more attention of the bystanders that they would have liked to, and then Pilar saw it.

A black and blue SUV at the corner of the block.

‘Before you ask, I am not in there nor are your mother or your sister. Your would-be-kidnapper on the other hand...’


‘Start the engine and go back home, through the Payton Road please, and I-will-tell-you-both-as-you-MOVE!!! NOW Dolores!’

To their horror they saw the SUV following them when they reached the Peyton Road. By now the voice had told them that ‘Babe’ Vincent was at the wheel of the SUV, that he was planning to kidnap Claire Milton and Helen Hayes and had attacked Jamie Miller. And had received orders from Dean Gilbert to add the two of them to his list.

They were truly scared now. They never wanted to be criminals at first, and become entangled right in the middle of some big criminal mess made REAL criminals.

And that was exactly were they were stuck at the moment…

The road was desert now, and he started to get closer. Then they reached the point used by the local youngsters as a race track since the 70’s, but as they made the engine of their old Chevy do its maximum, and saw that the SUV would easily be at their side in seconds and force them out of the road moments later, they saw the right front tire of the car explode followed by the right rear one. Now the SUV was struggling to stay on the road, and becoming more and more far behind them. Their relief was short lived.

‘There’s no need to thank me. Now girls, you have but one option to see your mother and big sister again. You, Pilar, will drove to the abandoned McInley facility. It’s where I am enjoying their company. Don’t worry, besides a rough treatment at the moment of their capture, they are otherwise unharmed. And you, Dolores, will throw your two cell phones through the window. NOW!’ – But Dolores didn’t moved – ‘I can see you gals… Dolores…’

She threw them while cursing the owner of the voice, who understood and spoke Spanish, and use the language to lecture them for the rest of the short drive.




It was really an adrenaline rush make a car slide on its side for over two hundred feet without overturning, both scary and at the same time invigorating. He didn’t panicked nor fainted nor anything like that. He heard the tire exploding and then the other one, he realized that someone had shot at him (which perhaps explained the weird route the Gonzalez sisters were taking to return to their home) but right now he had to stay calm and do what was needed to be done. And he did it. He controlled the car.

And how he felt alive with that!! He slowly got out of the car, put his feet on the pavement and then he shouted and yelled for a good minute.

Then he finally took a look at his SUV. No use, the dampers and bars were history. He would have to walk back to town… unless… he saw the lights of a car approaching.

But, was the driver… drunk?





‘‘Hello? How are you? Fine, thank you, and you? Fine, fine... So, what’s up?’’


‘Hey, some chit-chat is good sometimes… but not in the middle of a job... I know... Specially with you. But honestly girl, you should learn to relax… really relax, not breathe and yoga exercises before an action during an operation…’

‘ Could you please stop telling me what I am doing without having an acceptable explanation to explain how you can know it? It freaks everybody out. And what are the big news?’

‘Well, The Gonzalez Sisters (plus Helen) are on their way. ‘Babe’ Vincent and Michael are meeting as we speak. Dean Gilbert is really considering the possibility of fleeing town. Claire is in position, and let’s face it, she’s really going to enjoy a lot what she is about to do. The cops are clueless. And the cold-hearted campaign manager bitch that you supposedly knocked out cold is very much awake… and… right… behind…’

‘I know, I know. AND THE FACT THAT YOU KNOW THAT IS VERY… excuse me for a moment’ – Two quick sounds, followed by an ‘Oummph’ and the sound of something falling over other something later – ‘…as I was saying, VERY FRIGHTENING!’

‘I know. And I LOVE IT!’

Veronica closed the call before she said something that she would eventually regret. The daughter was exactly as her father used to be! Exactly!!! And as much as she didn’t admitted it, she really felt bad when people reacted the way everybody reacted when she was around. Everybody that knew what she could do that is.

Better return to her task. This KO’ed bitch was the one that wanted Kendra dead, as well as Kendra’s roommates. Everything was coming to an end in this case very soon, and the three girls wouldn’t have much of a story to tell to the authorities about their missing days after they were found in three or four days.

The campaign manager hadn’t had any real chance from the beginning. Considering what the representative had done, Kendra’s courage in trying to expose it and how she had behaved after that, Veronica HAD to punch her. But her kidnap went too smoothly, and Veronica had done a real good job in tying her up. So, after her third bathroom break, she had purposely left a couple of knots not as tight as they should be… And four hours later there was the result. A beautiful face, with a black eye. And she couldn’t care less.

Finally she would receive the drugs that would keep her out, until Angela decided her fate. A cotton swab drenched in alcohol first, and she injected the prescribed dose. Now to retie her, as a precaution of course, in a more bearable position, hands in front and sitting hooded on the couch next to her. Only then she returned to her laptop.

After finally reading and answering all the e-mails from Yelena, Angela and the others she had received the past three days, she sent an e-mail to Thelma giving her instructions on how Yelena should be properly punished for her misbehaving attitudes, checked a few pay sites and then returned to work. She activated the link to the cameras in Claire’s house.

And really, really disliked what she saw…




As much as Rebecca wanted to be stealthy, there was not a place to hide if she was seen now.

Of all the creepy places that Ann had to chose for their meeting, she had to choose the old McInley and Sons Sawmill! It was a creepy place, regularly used as a hideout by all sort of people that didn’t wanted that the local authorities knew that they were around, and it was isolated and very very CREEPY. She really hated the place...

And where was that girl? She left the car that was parked in front of once has been the office of the facility and started to search and look around. Then she felt the sting down there. She immediately place her hand on the spot and found something, a dart.

Did somebody just shot a dart on her... behind?

She was starting to feel woozy, she had been drugged, the dart... where was up and where was down? Was she walking anyway? She knelt on the floor completely unaware of everything else. She couldn’t understand anything about her current condition, whereabouts and if she was or not alone. She wasn’t. There was a shadow, vaguely human, coming in her direction.

She reached for her gun, where was that holster? There!

But the person was already at her side when she raised the gun at... her. It was a woman, a woman that easily pried the gun from her hand and held her fist when she attempted to punch her. A woman that held her, while the darkness finally took possession of her.

Claire couldn’t help but think in all the evil and wicked stepmothers of the fairytales as she dragged the unconscious body of Rebecca inside the house...




Dean Gilbert was furious. He had been arrested!

They hadn’t the slightest evidence linking him to the mysterious abduction of Claire and Helen, and Vinnie had been cautious when he attacked that Harry Miller’s nephew.

But at least, he was able to talk to Carlton now. ‘Talk’ was a figure of speech, they were insulting each other, but in the middle of the swear words they used sign language. Deputy Kenneth Maxwell was busy talking to his wife, so he didn’t realized what they were doing, and preferred to yell over his shoulder for them to shut up every time they used a harsher, than the acceptable for him, word. So far he had managed to convince Carlton to wait a little more, after all he would be released in a matter of hours...

The odd part, for Dean, was that the Ann something girl was arrested too, and was still being interrogated by the sheriff. Dean knew by far that he wasn’t a man that talked in his sleep, and he never let the girls of his strip joints know more about his operations than the strictly necessary. Some lap dances for free for his best ‘customers’ and ‘business partners’, perhaps some Sex too, and once or twice he gave a girl (one who had became a nuisance) as a bonus after a successful negotiation, or a bullet.

Everybody knew that, but no one would ever be able to prove anything.




19 years old, the last five spent on the roads and streets after running away from an (later arrested and sent to a 6 years season in prison) abusive mother.

And the girl who had entered that room two hours before shaking and trembling with fear had metamorphosed into a confident and self-assured youth that looked at him straight in the eye and, far more important, was really starting to earn his respect.

But the urge to find his daughter and give her a sound spanking hadn’t subsided yet.

‘So let me get this straight. You are doing this for a certain... Mireille Norris. Right?’

‘Yes. The bastard gave her to someone in Nebraska, he simply ordered to Carlton to tie her up and put her in his car’s trunk, and I’m hoping to find who when you get access to his files.’

‘So you’re not being paid for that, and my daughter, I mean deputy Rebecca Newton, hadn’t promised you any lenience or deal that might prevent you from doing time. Is that correct?’

‘HEY! I know that the feds will know about what’s happening here tonight. Dean Gilbert is the link between many illegal operations in both coasts, so if he goes down, many real bad guys will be displeased. And the feds will have an excellent early Christmas, so I guess that they’ll have something for me in order to be sure that this happens. And be sure of that, it took me a while to trust in your daughter, after all I know that Dean has a couple of your men in his pocket. But I will tell you everything about what happened tonight AND where you can find all the evidences you need to put him behind bars... when she arrives.’

‘And what about the... crooked cops?’

‘Besides Brian Collins... I don’t know.’

So that was the answer for the sudden change of behavior of Becca towards Brian. If it was true. Just to be on the safe side, he ordered that Brian was among the three assigned to guard the front of the police station. Thus, he could keep an eye on him and he wouldn’t have an opportunity to talk to Dean or Carlton. But where was his daughter?

He excused himself for a moment and, standing by the half-opened door, gave some orders.




Michael was drunk, thus he was far more overconfident (and stupid) than the usual.

‘And you expect me to kill her right here??? Are you nuts?’

‘Look Vinnie...’

‘No ‘look’ you! The name’s Vincent, and unlike you, I have a brain. I told you I am going to do that, but only under my terms... not yours! And certainly not now!’

‘Why not?’

‘Listen up you idiot; Dean Gilbert was arrested less than a couple of hours ago. Because they believe that he has something to do with the mysterious disappearance of the Sheriff’s sweetheart and that PI from New York. Problem is that this should have been true, if somebody hadn’t beaten me to it and done it before I could make my move after I had their guardian angel cop lady roped up like a calf. Then another someone, whom I have reasons to believe is NOT linked to the first unknown party prevented me from capturing the bitches who have captured the PI, by doing THAT to my car. Add to the fact that Dean only wanted to have that Milton widow in order to find the whereabouts of the PI, who scares him to the core for some unknown reasons, and I am in trouble! I need to find that Hayes bitch! I need to find who put me out of the road by shooting me! So until it happens I can’t help you!’

‘But... then... what... what  I am going to do?’

Vincent barely could see the face of the banker’s son under such darkness. But this was the guy who pretended to replace Dean Gilbert???!! Ridiculous. And besides, how could be so stupid to really believe that he would kill some incredibly HOT vixen chick like Nell?

The plan that Michael was developing for a while suddenly was increased...

‘Let me see if I got that straight and I am not making any mistakes. According to your plan, she dies and you will be the indirect beneficiary of a very generous life insurance policy that we’ll split 70/30, right?’ – Michael nodded – ‘OK, I have an idea. To kill her today and perhaps tomorrow are not reasonable options... BUT I have a secret place in my cabin. More like an underground chamber. You drive to there, we’ll stash her inside it and you can go to the cops saying that she’s missing and that she was kinapped by unknown persons... then, when her body is found, I’ll make sure that you are the last one in the suspects list.’

Michael was so desperate to have Dean Gilbert out of his back that he accepted.

Vincent could think in about a dozen ways that a plan that simple could go wrong, but he had some ideas for miss Smith, and the most urgent did not had anything to do that she was (if she recalled it right) a 38DD-cups babe. Then they heard a thump.

She was awake in the trunk of Michael’s car. While Michael started to search for the bottle of chloroform inside the car (it had rolled unto it rested under the driver’s seat), Vincent opened the trunk and then took a good look. Gorgeous, simply like that, her two breasts were out of the tiny bra and her eyes not exactly filled with fear but more like concern and rage, lots of it.

He bent over and whispered in her ear.

‘Play along if you want to stay alive.’

Then he groped both her breasts and played with them. He was still playing when Michael finally found the bottle and went to his side...

‘HEY!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING????!!!!!’

‘She’s already dead, isn’t she? So what’s the problem? Give me that... gimme!’

He gouged the bottle from his hands, soaked his own handkerchief with the liquid and placed it over her nose. Since Michael had already returned to the driver’s seat he saw when Vincent bent over again and whispered to a dazed Nell to have faith in him for he had plans that she would like to hear, but she would have to act like she was chloroformed, then he tossed the cloth somewhere near her legs. Nell wasn’t sure if she could believe in the big man’s word.

The fact that she was still alive had at first gave back her hope of getting out of the mess, but then... she had enjoyed what the big man had done with her breasts. It was meant to excite them both, and her body had accepted it in the fullest.

Now the same man said that he was going to save her... and somehow she believed in him, she had no options anyway. She stood silent and either as effect of the short dose of chloroform or due to her fatigue (it had been a tough day at work), she ended up sleeping.




Maria Imaculada awoke with a start. She half expected to be bound or otherwise restrained, and looked at her wrists for a moment. They weren’t cuffed or bound or whatever. She was still dressed and in the cabin that had been Esperanza’s prison for the past days.

But she was alone. She ran out of the cabin screaming her daughter’s name, then she felt a vibration in one of her skirt’s pockets. A mobile phone?

But she didn’t had one, she barely knew how to use one.


‘Señora Gonzalez, buenas noches. I am the one that took away your daughter.’

‘Please... please don’t hurt her. Please!’

‘Calm down señora Gonzalez, please calm down. It is not my task to cause harm to any of your daughters. You are not criminals, and your amateurish interference in our plans had to be stopped or somehow coerced. Which is why I took your daughter...’

‘Please don’t hurt her...’

‘Señora Gonzalez, I am asking you... no, I am demanding you to calm down, NOW! I have Esperanza, Pilar and Dolores under my power. Nothing is going to happen to them. Nothing. Plus, you won’t have any problem with the law and Ricardo is going to have the surgery done before the weekend, I assure you. And when your son returns home, his whole family (including the sisters that he likes so much to goad, to provoke and to annoy) will be there.’


‘Señora Gonzalez?’

‘You promise? Do you promise that my daughters won’t be harmed? DO YOU PROMISE? And that Ricardo will... live?’

‘You have my word Señora Gonzalez. Now I know that there’s very little insurance, comfort and security coming from an unknown voice of an unknown woman that had just punched you and kidnapped you three daughters, but think in how your abuelo would react if someone accused him of going back on his given word? I react even badder.’

‘... I... I have no other options... do I?’

‘Yes you do señora Gonzalez. When Sheriff Newton arrives here in one hour or two, you can tell him about the disappearance of Esperanza and the others, you can even tell the truth about your oldest daughter’s conditions over the past days, but that will cost you Ricardo’s surgery. In that case, your daughters will be found even before noon, unharmed and well, but no funds for Ricardo. Eventually, things might develop well and he is saved. Or you say and do as I will tell you now, and Ricardo will have a surgery ASAP and your daughters will be found before noon. It’s up to you, señora Gonzalez.’

It wasn’t much of a choice actually. She patiently heard what the woman wanted her to do, complied, ended the call and ran back to the back of the office of the motel, in which she lived with her family. She searched for the number of Dolores and Pilar phone.

But when she dialed it...




They parked exactly where they had been told to and waited. And waited. And after twenty minutes Helen started to come to her senses. That was what Claire deduced that was happening. She was seeing them with the night vision telescopic lens. Finally they decided to get out of the car, that’s when she heard a moan behind her.


She knew that the dose of the dart wasn’t exactly a lasting one, but that was a surprise nonetheless. Then she looked back at the sisters. One was down and the other was running to the employees’ shanty. Well, that was a problem for her yet unknown helper to deal with. She had a soon-to-be daughter, that didn’t liked the idea and had done enough for Claire enjoy her present situation and obligations, to deal with.

Rebecca almost expected to hear Dean Gilbert (or perhaps Michael Farmer)’s voice when she awoke. She was still dressed in her brown and beige uniform, minus her hat and her holster and was bound on a mattress. How did they called it?

A hogtie. Her wrists linked to her ankles and so close that her fingers were touching her heels. Something was filling her oral cavity and tape prevented her to expel it. She felt that something had been placed over her closed eyes and then more tape was added in order to keep it there. Whoever had put her in such a situation had done a good job, she wasn’t going anywhere. With knots out of reach and her fingers taped she hadn’t many chances.

There was someone on the mattress with her, someone close to her head. Someone that grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled. Someone that was using a voice synthesizer.

‘Listen up. Your father is going to be a hero. Dean Gilbert is going to jail. Michael Farmer is going to jail. Mireille is going to be found and saved. And YOU are going to cooperate with me in order to allow me to make it happen. By staying exactly as you are until I say so, or your father and all your colleagues will find you naked. Is that clear?’

She was so obvious! So clear and transparent! Her fake ‘please-don’t-hurt-me’ attitude was too far-fetched... Rebecca...

‘It is good for you that you understand. We are not interested in hurting you, nor in humiliate or shame you to the core of your bones. You are but a distraction, a ruse. A damsel-in-distress awaiting her rescue. And also, you are many more things. But I digress. I will sedate you now, do not fight back, or you will awoke clad only in your underwear.’

What she had just said? She had said something that had picked her attention, but what? But Rebecca couldn’t remember exactly what had been it.

But she knew that her unseen captor had gave her a clue about herself...

Claire looked at her captive. She had fell for it! She suppressed her urge to laugh, hum and whistle as she prepared a generous dose of chloroform in the medical pad. It was too much?

Well, it was dripping... Naaaaaah...

Again her hair was grabbed and pulled, forcing her to raise her head more than she would have liked. And a moist cloth was forced against her nose. Chloroform.

It reminded her of when the school janitor’ son stole the keys of the chemistry laboratory from his father pockets, stole a bottle of chloroform from the lab and use it on a ‘realistic’ try at their regular ‘cops and robbers’ play. She woke up in her bed, with her father saying that she was grounded for a month and her mother warning her that the suitable (for her behavior) spanking was only postponed. It the end it all became a family joke. But she doubted that this bitch would give her anything to laugh about.

Like now...




Ten years went on, and Oliver Powalski learned to respect and love his trophy wife. True, she was still one of the less blessed in the brain department in the whole county; but still she was always there, she understood him (in a VERY simple way), was an enjoyable company (even talking about Hollywood gossips and soap operas most of the time), sex was great and sometimes she really surprised him in a good way.

Which is why his first reaction when he regained his senses was to call her name. He really didn’t expected her to answer, after all she was gagged when he had last seen her, but at least he wished to hear a moan, a muffled whimper or something like that.

But there wasn’t any answer.

He had returned home after trying unsuccessfully to convince Dean Gilbert to plead guilty in the trial. The fact that one of his bodyguards had been arrested while trying to kidnap a woman, in order to influence the main witness of the prosecution, seemed to mean nothing to the old bastard. Who even dared to threaten him!

He was tired, not the very least scared with Dean’s menaces and the dinner wasn’t ready. That was a first. Penny always called him asking when he would return home and, unless he was somehow detained by one of Dean’s many legal problems, he always had a hot dinner waiting for him when he arrived. He called her name and her a sound in their bedroom, and as he entered he found his wife sitting at the edge of their bed facing him.

There was a woman dressed from her to toe in black sitting at her left side. This woman was smaller than Penny and had smaller breasts, the only two things that he could say about her.

Her head was covered by a ninja-like hood and she wore sunglasses, her ‘uniform’ was form fitting in some places and (apparently) reinforced in others. In contrast his wife was overly bound, blindfolded and tape gagged in the buff. She seemed to have been crying but he wasn’t sure. Before he could say anything he felt a finger tapping him in his right shoulder. He turned his head and saw a can with a spray pointing at him. And then nothing.

He checked his watch, all that had happened over five hours ago! He checked their room, the guestroom, the whole house and nothing. Penny was gone. Then the phone rang.

‘Mister Powalski?’

‘Who is it?’

‘Mister Powalski, someone here have a few words for you...’

‘Ollie... I am fine. They didn’t hurt me. They say they won’t hurt as long as you cooperate... ‘

Before Oliver could say anything the mysterious woman was back.

‘If you return to your bedroom, you will find your laptop on the bed, open it and access your e-mail account. There’s an e-mail for you and Sheriff Newton...’




Pilar was running in zigzag, trying to avoid the darts that some ****** had shot at her and her sister. After they had arrived, they waited until they got bored and heard the detective awakening. Dolores had decided to get inside the abandoned building of the main office of the sawmill, helping their captive to follow her after she took her out of the trunk, when she was hit. Pilar saw her falling on the ground and left the car to see what had happened, and a dart hit the car inches away from where her right leg. She decided to run for cover and try to help her sister later, it didn’t make any sense to stay at her side and get sedated too (she hoped that Dolores was just asleep) and she wasn’t a coward. That was she kept reminding herself as she run. Something hit the ground at her left, then at her right, then...


It was the same distorted voice that she had heard before, coming from the speakers of the facility. They had been fixed? And why she had obeyed the order?

‘Pilar, I know you’re not a coward. You would try, as best as you could even if it wasn’t much, to save your sister later. There’s no reason to be ashamed of your acts. Now please return to the car. Number four and two, tie her up...’

WHAT??? Did they really expected her to voluntarily allow herself to be captured??

‘Pilar, both your sisters are fine. Yes, we have Esperanza with us. This is going to be some Wild Saturday Night and Wilder Sunday for this little town, and after that your father will still have his little business, not one member of your family will go to jail, Ricardo will be saved and you will have quite a story to tell to your friends.’

They had Esperanza? How? And if it was true, what had happened to her mother?

‘Pilar, turn around. NOW.’

She did as she was told. There was a black clad woman besides her tying up a still prone Dolores. Another woman equally clothed was helping a still nude, bound and gagged Helen to get out of the car, and was now enveloping her in a cloak or blanket. And coming from what once had been the garage was a third ninjalike woman, holding something in her left hand and helping... Esperanza to follow her with the right one.

It was Esperanza, or at least someone that at that distance really looked like her big sister. In any case she finally gave up and surrendered. As she walked to the car, the third woman helped her sister to walk in the same direction.

Esperanza was still dressed as when they had left their home, hours before. A khaki shorts and a white T-shirt, and now a pair of running shoes and miles of hope had been added. She was hobbled, her arms pinned to the torso and it seemed that her elbows had been lassoed together (her breasts weren’t that big). The gag had been changed too, it was now a white tape one and she was blindfolded with the same material. She waited until all the three women were (more or less) in a fifty feet range from her. Dolores had already been roped up like a calf, Helen’s blanket was wrapped around and tied to her body, two of the ninjas were holding rope and tape in their hands and eyeing her and third had stopped to move, forcing Esperanza to stay still at her side, when she was about fourteen feet of the car.

Time to play her best move, thought Pilar, and she pulled the gun.

‘Okay you bitches! Move away from my sisters and kneel on the ground, now!’

‘And why would we do that?’

The woman was holding a mike in her left hand. It was weird to hear the answers to her demands from the speakers.

‘Do that now! Or I’ll shoot!’

‘Pilar... we know very well that your father only allowed you to carry this gun tonight if it was UN-LOA-DED, which is why you didn’t used it when number three was shooting darts at you. You can use it as a blackjack, a hammer or a projectile, but not as a revolver. Now, hand it to the woman at your right and help the woman at your left to carry your sister to where all three Gonzalez sisters, along some other women, will spend the rest of the night and part of the Sunday as our captives. Pilar... don’t make us use what we brought in order to ensure our safety, and the one of our captives. Please.’


The ninjas laughed, Helen made amused (and muffled) snickers and their leader suppressed her own giggles, when it dawned to everybody that Esperanza, even in her actual state, was bossing her sister... And that it seemed that it was working!

‘Lo-look, whatever you’re pretending to do with us... please don’t...’

The woman that was helping Helen to stand took a few steps and stood in front of Pilar, she calmly removed the gun from her hands with one hand while she placed a finger over Pilar’s lips, who complied and lowered her head. Then the leader spoke.

‘We’re criminals, real ones. We’re mean sometimes. We’re kinky and devious. But we’re not what you’re thinking of us. Number two might spank you a little, because she really dislikes when someone think THAT of her, but that the biggest... embarrassing moment that you can expect to pass through until we call the police. Now...’

And they marched in line to the interior of the garage building. The leader and Esperanza in front, a ninja carrying her sisters legs while she did the same for the torso and head and, finishing the line, Helen by guided by the last ninja.

Before she entered the garage, Pilar was suddenly grabbed from behind and tape gagged. Then she saw the interior of the building, completely empty save for the women sitting in the middle and the other women standing behind them. The women that were sitting were actually bound to the chairs, and apparently asleep.

THE SHERIFF’S DAUGHTER! They had kidnapped the sheriff’s DAUGHTER! And Mrs. Powalski and... who was the last (and nude) one? As the leader helped Esperanza to sit on one of the chairs then proceeded to bind her to it, Pilar was ordered to stop and wait, and Dolores wasn’t exactly a lightweighted feather... After Esperanza was properly restrained, the woman aimed a spray can at her face and... nothing. The can was empty.

So she crouched and grabbed a bottle under the chair holding the buxom wife of Dean’s lawyer and poured what was inside on a cloth. Esperanza did fight back, a little, but then either the leader convinced or she gave up, the fact was that she stood still and with her head slightly bent backward, offering full access and no resistance to the leader’s attack.

Then it was time to finally move. With a little difficulty they placed Dolores body in one of the chairs, and then the third ninja grabbed Pilar and snapped a pair of handcuffs on her wrists. The leader stood between Pilar and a still wrapped up Helen while the two women worked in unison and undid some of Dolores’s bonds, only to allow that a more bearable and efficient tie was made. In a matter of minutes they had done it.

Then they grabbed Pilar. The chair was exactly like the ones that were occupied now by bound and drugged women, a wooden low back chair that, unlike the rest of the furniture in the building, was brand new, resistant and strong. Her arms were placed behind the back of the chair and then tied to her ankles, forcing her leg backwards and keeping her feet off the ground. Not exactly comfortable, but she could handle it. The rest of the bonds that quickly lashed her to the chair were as effective as bearable too. Then the leader approached, the two ninja backed away and she sat on her lap.

‘It’s time for you to sleep. If your still afraid that we have any mean and evil intentions towards you and your sisters I repeat; there’s nothing to be worry about. All of you will be fine through the whole ordeal we will put you. You won’t wake up inside a crate shipped to Saudi Arabia, Eastern Europe or Mexico. Now...’ – she stood and gently kissed her forehead – ‘have nice and beautiful dreams, ok?’




‘All are fine?’ – and all captives were then checked by Claire, who nodded – ‘OK, Claire, you stay here and keep them fine, asleep and secure. Violet will stay to help you. Li Ming and I have some things to do in town and two ladies to bring here before dawn, but any problem, ANY, call us and we’ll run back here ASAP.’

Violet and Li Ming kissed before the lethal and petite Chinese girl followed Crazy Jane to their car, parked behind the building. Li Ming realized that she was really enjoying all the emotions that perpetrating all those crimes had brought to her, and that she shouldn’t be.

So while Jane drove she stood quiet and silent on her seat, and meditated.

Meanwhile, Helen was completely freed of any bonds by Claire, who explained everything that happened until that moment (and like Violet laughed when she told Helen how she had helped the Gonzalez to kidnap herself) and what was going to happen from them on, specially what was to be her (Helen’s) part. Still blushing because eof her naiveté, Helen agreed.




‘ repeat the plan.’

‘I had a huge of a fight with her, I left the house, I went to the hills and drunk a lot, I provoked the car accident that put you out of the road, you drove me back here and left, I entered the house and... is it really necessary? Alright, alright... and I got punched by an unknown person. When I woke up in the morning, she was missing. I don’t know who took her and why. I’ll go to the police station and meet you there at 9, we’ll put the last touches on our story and then we put the police on the case of her mysterious disappearance. And in three or four days you kill her and dump her body where it’s not likely that she will be found soon... Right? But why do I have to be... OUMMPPHHH!!!!’

‘Because you’re an idiot’ thought ‘Babe’ Vincent, but he said nothing as he delivered more punches to Michael’s body and face. Michael fell backwards and stood sprawled on the floor with his back against a wall.

‘Because it would look more convincing if you claim that you fought her kidnappers.’

‘OK... (ouch) ... OK ... I understood. And now?’

‘Now you sleep right there, to make it look like you were KO’ed by ‘them’, and I will burn these gloves so there won’t be any proof that I did it in fact. Then I’ll go back to Dean’s place and YOU  will call me when you wake up in the morning.’

‘Alright, alright. Good night...’

‘Wait! What exactly is in that bottle? I thought it was chloroform, but it isn’t, is it?’

‘And why do you wanna know?’

‘Because you idiot, if she dies before I say so I might get into trouble. I don’t want her to OD, so answer me, what did you put in that bottle?’

‘It’s ‘spiked’ chloroform. I paid a chemist to add a potent erogenic stuff to it, to make the bitch even more receptive when she wakes up. And she was receptive, wasn’t she? And don’t worry, only if you really mess up she’ll die of it.’

So that was what had happened... He PUNCHED Michael on the chin, who even before hitting the wall behind him at full speed was already down, and left the house.

So now he had a sultry brunette tied up under his cabin. A sultry brunette that he hoped had a good memory, because if she had, he’ll leave town a very rich man, with her as a bonus of course. Or he’ll leave town before noon, nearly penniless, but still with her as a bonus.




As she reapplied the gag with gusto, Kendra took a good look at the woman in front of her. Only three or four years older than her, a couple of inches taller and a very feminine body.

And an idiot, a complete idiot, to believe that she would fall for her ridiculous über-dramatic story, that she was the least convincing to sell it. Actually, from the first moment she started to tell her ‘story’, Kendra realized that she was lying. And very badly.

‘Are you going to tell me the truth?’

The woman pleaded with her eyes and what little movement she had left, as if saying ‘but I am telling the truth’! And doing a very lame job with it.

‘Girl, you just don’t have it. I am an amateur, but when I was on stage in high-school everybody told me that I was a good actress. And you aren’t. Simple like that. You overdid and you were absolutely not convincing. Now I don’t know why you’re here in your current state, but I know that you lied to me. And very badly.’

The woman stood silent for a moment, then she lowered her eyes, then her head.

Kendra looked around. The... chamber in which she and the others, and this liar, where being held was spacious, had a lot of computer paraphernalia and monitors (that depicted the inside and outside of a house), many medical supplies and a lot of bondage stuff. Was it possible that the girl, even in her current state, had been placed as a watchdog for her and her friends?

Unlikely. Then what was going on here, wherever ‘here’ was.

‘Miss Paul?’

The voice startled her, it was coming from... the speaker in the ceiling.

‘Miss Paul, I have something that you might like to see...’

And then all monitors showed her... Laetitia Danton, her ********** boss! The ****** that had ordered her death in order to protect HER boss and HER job. Nude, hottied (how did the girls at her sorority house had called it when she passed on the initiation?) and cleave-gagged.

‘It’s almost over, Miss Paul. I beg you to have some patience and...’

‘NO! I wanna know where I am. I wanna know what’s happening. And who she is! And...’

‘She is the one in charge of your health.’

‘Is she a doctor? And who are you to think you had the right to kidnap me and my friends?’

‘If I hadn’t done that, you would be dead by now, as your friends. Now please behave...’

‘I will not behave! I want to know where I am or...’

‘Or what, Miss Paul? Are you going to say that you will hurt the sleeping lady behind you?’

Sleeping? Yes, she was sleeping, her head was down and her face obscured by the mass of her long black hair. And she... she was feeling tired too. She yawned... oh nooooo!!!!

‘Don’t worry, the airborne drug is absolutely inoffensive for you. And very expensive. We simply couldn’t allow to use the emergency procedure number 3 every time we had to put you under. Have pleasant dreams Miss Paul...’

Bbbiiiiiitttttttcccchhhhh.... Kendra tried to raise from the chair in front of the monitor, she managed, but then she slumped on the floor. And didn't raised from where she stayed.




All six deputies that were in the police station saw Oliver Powalski enter the sheriff’s office, demand to be alone with the sheriff for a moment and close the door. They saw him giving the sheriff three papers. And then the sheriff grabbed him and punched him on the face.

But when they all entered (or at least tried or were intending to do that) Roscoe’s office, Oliver told them that it was alright and to not enter. The sheriff told them to get out and they left. Then Roscoe helped Oliver to stand and they talked for a few minutes.

When they left the office and went together to the cells they couldn’t have a more somber expression. Minutes later both Dean Gilbert and Carlton Lewis left the police station, but Oliver stayed behind ‘to fill some forms’ as he put it.

The first thing Dean did was call all his men and order them to gather at his club.




Even bound and gagged, Nell fought the two pair of hands that were trying to force her to get away from the ‘hole’. ‘Babe’ Vincent had placed her inside it, had realized that she was actually awake and, when he was sure that Michael wasn’t hearing, had said that he had a very profitable business proposition for her that would keep her alive and make her richer as she had never been. So she kept playing the unconscious girl when Michael popped his head inside the ‘hole’, and only dared to open her eyes when she was sure that she was alone.

The ‘hole’ was actually a rectangle under the living room, long enough for her to strain her legs and wide enough for her to roll over a little but with not enough height for her to lift her torso and sit. Vincent had left it partially open, so she would have some air until he provided a vent. She was still trying to understand how Vincent’s grope on her breasts could have been… enjoyable and why she was still wanting more when she heard them lifting the opening of the ‘hole’. They were two women, dressed as modern ninjas, and wanted to take her somewhere.

Not a chance!

They did have room to stay in the ‘hole’ with her, but she was trashing violently enough to avoid a good hold of their part in her body, until the petite lady simply fell UNDER her and put her in a vicious scissors hold while started to make some pressure on her throat. Not strong enough to choke her, but it was hurting.


Instantly the pressure ended as the scissors hold, the legs were still wrapped around her waist and her throat was still encircled by the small girl’s right arm, but there wasn’t any strength in them now. Funny, she wasn’t into women, but was finding the situation quite erotic...

‘Nell? Listen to me, Nell. There’s nothing wrong with you. You have been drugged. Michael had some sort of ‘spiked’ chloroform with him, and that’s what Vincent used with you. Because you are under the influence of a mildly powerful aphrodisiac... STOP WITH THAT! STOP WITH THAT RIGHT NOW!’

The ******! How could he have done that with her? She remembered now, Michael had provided the chloroform for one of her fantasies, and it had worked so well, they had never ever been so… SHE had never felt that… and it was all thanks to a drug! She had been drugged! Oh, when she managed to put her hands around his throat…


She suddenly realized that she was still a captive, and that now she was with new captors who seemed… amused with her?

‘Sorry. I couldn’t help but smile. You have so impressive and beautiful eyes… Now, Nell, Vincent already punched (and broke the nose of) Michael when he told him about the extra ingredient in the bottle. And trust me, that’s only the beginning of his troubles. Now, Vincent has some plans in store for you. To put it simple; you both steal Michael’s money, you ran away but end up in the ‘Most Wanted’ lists so you’ll have to hide. He obviously have plans to have sex with you long before that, but only when the aphrodisiac is out of your blood and if you want it too. Eventually, the money will run out and he has no plans for that, yet, nor that what to do with you when it happens, after all he’ll be a more prized fugitive than you. Now, my proposition is: you help US make a mess with Michael’s money, with you having the right of a taking a ‘compensation’ for all the things he did to you, and send him to jail for a LONG time; you’ll have a nice, comfortable and quite luxuriant place to stay for a time while we put you under the radar for a reasonable amount of time (long enough for the things chill out and you be considered as a not-so-innocent girl by the authorities but not enough for them to go after you), when it happens you will be allowed to leave whenever you want and if it happens there will be a more than reasonable paycheck for your cooperation... and silence…’

Nell looked at the two ninjas (the smaller one had somehow managed to get off behind her and out of the ‘hole’ while the other was speaking without Nell realizing it. HOW?). There was curiosity and a few other things in her eyes...

‘Vincent? We have plans for him too. Big plans. Unfortunately, we will not be able to keep him out of the MW list, but I believe that we will compensate it very well for him. If the plans will work out or not it’s entirely up to him. Right now, we need to get out of this house. Vincent is at the Club now and will stay for a couple of hours more, but in five minutes YOU will be asleep in my car’s trunk. There’s not a neighbor’s in a half a mile radius, so there won’t be witnesses to your second kidnapping this night. I am going to untie your legs and you will walk between me and my friend, right before we put you in the trunk she’ll inject you a little drug that will put you out for less than an hour. That’s exactly what’s going to happen and you know why I know that you are going to cooperate with us?’

Nell shook her head, fearing the worst.

‘Because I know that you are more than your breasts. There’s a brain up them, and while it for now a little ‘corrupted’ (so to speak) it’s working pretty fine for our purposes. You realize that we could have hurt you, OK, SHE was hurting you but when I old her to stop she did so, didn’t she? And we still can hurt you, we still can be betray you. BUT-WE-WON’T. And while the heat is up (and you are going to help us making it reach a volcanic temperature), you’ll be safe, very well cared for and with a HUGE sum of money waiting for you...’

Nell looked at the two women, closed her eyes, sighed and then nodded.

Her legs were already freed (how the little ninja could be so stealthy?) and they helped her to stand, them she froze in fear as the small ninja produced a mean blade from a pocket in her back, but it was only to cut what was left of her dress and underwear. Completely nude, she was escorted to the back of the cabin where a Honda SUV was parked, then she was placed inside it on her belly and felt a prick on her behind.

She was out even before they closed the lid.




He couldn’t believe his luck. Dean would have to pay him ten times... no a hundred times more than the usual. He wasn’t sure of what was going on.

That Dean might not face sunshine in a cell it was nearly obvious, but Carlton Lewis had tried to kidnap a woman in order to coerce a witness for the prosecution in a case against his boss!

But Carlton was free. And moments before Brian Collins was arrested, Roscoe came to him and two others and told them to guard a girl for the night. She was Dean’s latest babe, a hot blonde called Ann Scouser, and was a witness against him.

And he was one of the guys with orders to protect her from Dean...

He knew that the other two were ‘honest’ so he wasn’t going to bother them or himself expecting that they suddenly became ‘reasonable’. He already had a plan.

They arrived at the Gonzalez’s nearly ruined family business. As usual, since that mysterious conflagration in the nearby hills six months ago, it was desert. He didn’t thought that it was weird that only Mrs. Gonzalez appeared and received them, but as the others he got pissed when she refused to receive Ann. In the end they had to radio her demand to talk with the sheriff before she let them do anything. Then she returned to her house to await his call.




‘...and five minutes ago they called me. They said that you had choose the other gusano as part of the girl’s escort. They said that I was to get in touch with you, señor sheriff, so you would be able to know what to do. They said that they will take care of the ones that are with your niña, while you take care of the things in here.’

‘And you’ll have to...?’

‘I am to leave the motel and find a safe place to spend the next couple of hours. They said that Brevin is going to somehow lure the girl outta here or help Dean’s men to grab her, they said that there will be trouble and gunfire. And that they... they... they wanted me alive when they let mi hijas... mi hijas...’

And the woman started to cry again. While Roscoe tried to make her get a hold of herself, he started to think. Collins and Brevin. That made sense actually and explained how Dean could always know his moves...

Oliver was another that was a mess due to what had happened to his wife. She was one of the four women in the picture that he had showed to him nearly an hour ago. His daughter still was clad in her brown and beige uniform; an unknown young woman totally nude and hooded from the nose up; Oliver’s wife Penny was wearing a see-through set of white lacy underwear with matching gather belt, opera gloves and hosiery; and there was Claire. All four women were tied side by side in what looked like wooden chairs.

Except for the leather hooded one, they had blindfolds like the ones mostly used in airplanes and trains over their eyes and were all tape gagged. He couldn’t find anything useful in the background of the photo to help him identify the place.

‘...señor sheriff?’

‘I am here señora Gonzalez. Here’s what’s going to happen. I am going to order to one of the two other cops to escort you to the hospital. Tell them that Ricardo’s condition got worst or something like that, but he will drive to his house where you are going to spend the rest of the night. And which of your cabins is the most isolated one?’




To say that Dean Gilbert was having a hard time would be an understatement! For twelve years he had slowly build a reputation as one of the strongest ‘links’ between East Coast and West Coast’s crime organizations and families. But now his business associates demanded action and caution. That he had to destroy any possibility to become a liability and at the same time he had to destroy any proof of his business deals and trades. So now he, ‘Babe’ Vincent and Carlton were shredding documents after documents and setting fire on the remains.

Outside the office, it did seemed to be a regular night at the Club. The only things the regular customers were noting was that it looked a bit too crowded for a midweek’s night. And that all the new customers looked mean and dangerous. They had came from all over the state and also from two nearby ones, some were ex-convicts and all were here to do whatever Dean told them to. By now they had the orders to relax, enjoy lap dances for free (but not getting anything else from the strippers) and to not get drunk.




‘You... you are not going to punish me?’

‘That’s part of MY job, not hers Martha, and you can await something devious when Li Ming and Violet brings you back to the Central. And I hope that this experience, with your punishment, helps you to finally understand why we don’t allow you to have a more active role in our missions. Do you understand me?’

‘So, you were just testing me?’

Again, Veronica’s voice was heard through the speaker.

‘Exactly. Kendra was the perfect person to show to you what could happen if you kept poking your pretty nose in our business. You are a doctor Martha dear, a good one, but not an actress and definitely not a... con woman like me. Or all the (many many) others that are going to wait in line while we took our turns... ‘punishing’ you.’

And she was off. Martha gulped, again, but then felt the reassuring hands of Crazy Jane over her shoulders, doing that divine massage that only she seemed to know how... she didn’t understood why the others seemed so uneasy near her.

‘It’s because I frighten them silly girl. And because my sadistic bone likes to do that. Now, are you ready to spend the night watching these two?’


‘That way you’re not going to get some ideas of your own. Seriously Martha, even I who am not into the bondage lifestyle as Veronica or Li Ming or the others do like to play with you when your husb… master allow me. But sometimes, your snoppyish character and usual overconfidence gets the better of you.’

Martha did understood that, but was it a reason for she be gagged with a padlocked gag?

‘There isn’t a single piece of clothes in here that fits you, and anyway you’ll have to find a way to open the entrances. You are stuck here with these two girls that are your mission. Keep them under until we return, and perhaps I might convince Veronica to not send you to Mistress Dolores dungeons for a month…’

Then Crazy Jane easily lifted the still unconscious and now back to the bonds body of Kendra over her right shoulder, Li Ming dared to wave her right hand to her and they left her alone with the two still unconscious Valerie and Freddie.

Actually, aside from their daring kidnapping (all three were taken from their apartment in broad daylight by two men posing as cops), Kendra’s roomies wouldn’t have absolutely nothing to say to the reporters in the many interviews all three girls gave in the following week. As for Kendra, that was another story...




‘Are you sure that she is alone?’

‘Yeah. She was watching TV when we left her alone. When we were checking the cabin to see if it was empty I left the window of the toilet opened, but you have to hurry! Roscoe told us that in thirty, forty minutes tops, a bunch of state police dudes will be here to help us, and I believe that that’s how long it will take to Jerry return from the hospital.’

‘How many people are there, besides you, Hank and An... the bitch?’

‘No one else from what I can see...’

‘OK, Carlton will be there in ten minutes. Here’s the plan...’

And Dean Gilbert detailed to Scott Brevin how his men would kidnap Ann. What Dean didn’t knew was that Scott (who was supposedly taking a bathroom break) had two guns pointed at him as he spoke, that all the conversation was being recorded and that the state police was already at the El Sueño Motel. When the call ended two state troopers grabbed the handcuffed Brevin and threw him inside a patrol car, which left the place.

Dean and his friends Christopher Finley (sheriff of a nearby county) and Wallace Prescott (officer of the state police who supposedly was in charge of the situation) then proceeded to elaborate a plan of their own. Ann was placed under the protection of the only two female police officers present, and they left to take Ann out of the soon to be war zone.

Jennifer Finley was like Becca, the daughter of the sheriff who became a policewoman. Like Becca she was a beautiful girl with an athletic complexion. Unlike Becca she was a fake curlyheaded blonde, didn’t pretended to make a career as a law enforcer and was in good terms with her father’s fiancée. Katherine (Kathy) Cairn was five years older than Jen and was the third in command in their hometown’s police force. She had a natural ‘old school’ teacher posture, her first try at a job when she returned from her time in the Army (people always said that she would have been a perfect drill-sergeant), a small nose in a big face and two very inquisitive (brown) eyes.

They were in Kathy’s own ‘civilian’ car, and after a short ride they parked behind the ‘Welcome to ********’ sign at the eastern entrance of the county. Ann and Jen soon were chit-chatting about Hugh Jackman’s latest movie, and Kathy realized that she had to pee. So she excused herself, went in the bushes a little behind the car...

... and didn’t returned.

Five minutes, eight minutes, it took ten minutes for Jen decide to go after her, without sending a warning to the other cops. It was pitch dark back there and she really believed that Kathy had stumbled on a rock or root. Then her flaslight spotted two bare feet tied together, then two legs tied together at the calves and above and below the knees. Kathy had been stripped to her pink underwear and efficiently reduced to a salami. She was fine otherwise than that and breathing normally under the thick cleave gag somebody had placed on her.

Then this somebody was behind Jen.

A mean long bladed hunting knife was pushed against her throat while an iron claw wrapped itself around her face silencing her. Her attacker was a woman, a few inches shorter than her and of a less muscular complexion. That gave Jen the hope that she could use the tricky movements she had learned in her self defense classes with success.

Fifteen minutes later she was almost in the same condition than Kathy, except that she was standing awake (and a little dazed from the chop in her head that somehow the ninja had managed to deliver) and wearing a white set of bra and panties. With light swats on her rump, the ninja forced her to take short hops while they moved back to the car.

Another ninja was finishing the last knots on Ann’s body and she, unlike Jen, seemed at ease in her condition. They were placed standing side by side with their backs against the car, then the other ninja went to the bushes and returned carrying the still limp form of Kathy. Her petite friend meanwhile had forced both Ann and Jen to bend over the hood and Jen saw when she prepared a syringe with something, then moved to behind them and suddenly Ann tensed then relaxed completely then looked at her and then she was completely out.

Then Jen was lifted and turned around, the other ninja woman was looking at her while she kept a firm grip on her. Her voice was like a robot’s one.

‘I know that you don’t have any reason to believe in what I am about to say, but I am not a liar. Before noon you, Kathy and Becca will be found with the Gonzalez sisters and the other women that we abducted tonight. Except Ann. She’ll be fine, she’ll be safe and (eventually) she’ll reappear, with a reasonable and acceptable explanation for her friendly attitude towards her kidnapping and disappearance. But it might take a couple of months, perhaps more.’

Before Jen realized, her panties were lowered and she felt a prick. She was out before Li Ming put the syringe back in the small box she carried attached to her hip.

Crazy Jane placed the two sleeping women with Kathy in the backseat, making sure that Ann was sitting by the window. They drove for fifteen minutes until they met a trailer that was parked in the middle of nowhere waiting for them.

Martin got out of it, grabbed the slumbering Ann from Jane’s arms and reentered the trailer. While Jane and Li Ming made a U-turn going back to the McInley facility.




Meanwhile at the Club things were finally being put in motion.

Dean had spent nearly two hours talking with his associates, hearing treats and curses and making promises after promises. In the end he received the order of ‘fixing’ his backyard while it still was his. Then he received an e-mail. He opened his safe and removed most of the money that was inside putting it on top of his desk then he called all his men to his office.

When the last one of the nine entered he finally spoke.

‘There’s about two hundred thousand American dollars on this pile. Carlton will split the money between the men that return to me with Ann. I don’t care how many people you kill, but bring her alive to the Lakeside Grill before dawn and leave no witness behind. Not a single one. And the money is yours.’

‘The Lakeside Grill...?’

‘Don’t you knew? I am about to suffer an unpredicted, yet profitable, reverse in my luck...’

There were two state patrolmen that were keeping an eye at the club. They saw a huge commotion and a fire that suddenly appeared in the back of the building. Customers and strippers soon appeared at the front screaming and running for their lives, but soon there were incidents between the customers that required the attention of the patrolmen (that had already called the firemen). It took nearly an hour to control the fire, arrest six ‘drunk’ customers that caused trouble to the patrolmen making them lose the track of Dean and his men and contact Wallace. By then the gunfight at the motel had already became history...




‘Hi. Are you alright, señorita Esperanza?’

‘Hum, y-yes. I (…) think I am (…) fine.’

‘Good. Excuse me for a moment, please.’

Helen stood up and went to were the ninja women were gathered. They started to discuss what to do next in whispers, pointing at all their captives and then among themselves. They were deciding who was going to do what with whom. Esperanza looked at her sisters. They were crying, actually why wasn’t she crying too? Why she was accepting it so… naturally? They were being kept against their will in an abandoned facility by four or five masked women and the woman her father had ordered her sisters to kidnap… and were not the only ones!

Ten women, perhaps more, were the captives of these commando ninja women…

That was the sheriff’s daughter bound back to back, with her arms under the other girls’ breasts and vice-versa, with an unknown young white girl. Four or five feet behind them another pair of two very beautiful and buxom sleeping women similarly bound. More four or five feet an older woman was tied to another young one. The trophy wife of that disgusting lawyer was bound to a post in front of them. She and her sisters were bound to wooden chairs side by side, and as all the captive women in the room they were stark naked.

That was the first thing she noticed when she came to her senses. Her mother would never allow her sisters to bind her in the buff. And NEVER that stringently.

So she looked at her right and saw the weeping face of Pilar, she looked at her left and saw a black clad ninja woman holding (from behind the chair) Dolores head still with one hand while she kept a small bottle positioned under her nostrils. It didn’t took too long to Dolores react and try to move her head, and woke up.

Meanwhile Esperanza took fully comprehension of her situation. There wasn’t any abandoned place that big in the county other than the McInley sawmill facility. And from the look of the place they were all in the kitchen. But the chairs to which all women were bound to were brand new, and strong. Then Helen Hayes, the very same Helen Hayes that had caused so much panic that her family had had another bad idea and Dolores and Pilar had left the motel to kidnap her, so Esperanza would have a sister in captivity, opened the door  also stark naked and carrying a tray with a glass and a jar full of water. She placed the tray on the floor, removed the tape gag from her lips, the packing and gave her that delicious water.

And now they had reached a consensus. Helen and the three mysterious women opened a large sportsbag, grabbed its content and went from girl to girl placing a leather blindfold and earplugs in all of them. Except her and her sisters.

‘Now we can talk in privacy without needing to put any of them under.’

It was the florist! The former outlaw! The Milton widow! She removed her hood and stood in front of the trio, with Helen flanking her.

‘We know everything. You were planning to set fire in the motel and collect the insurance in order to have money to pay Ricardo’s surgery. Esperanza objected to the plan and, in desperation, you all made her a captive in her own home.  Then you heard that my friend here was in town, right in the eve of the arson. You panicked and decided to kidnap her. And she helped you BIG TIME in that one, didn’t she?’

What? Her sisters were nodding while their expression denoted some sort of… amusement. And Helen was blushing RED! Then her sisters started to laugh under their gags…

What had happened at Mrs. Milton house?

‘Well, girls. We couldn’t let you two interfere with our plans. YOU BROKE THREE OF MY VASES AND A FAMILY PORTRAIT! If ‘Babe’ Vincent hadn’t interfered and had already subjugated Jamie Miller who was supposed to be my guardian angel… Oh yes, you escaped to be arrested on the spot because you were not the only ones that were interested to have Helen here in your power. Dean Gilbert wanted and still wants her too.’

She looked at her sisters. They nodded enthusiastically confirming the story. What exactly had happened that night in her backyard (and very much proud of it) little town?

‘Now, here’s were I tell you things that you won’t be able to tell to no one, even your father and mother. Why? Because Dean Gilbert is even meaner and more dangerous than you think. And he’s going down tonight. He had big plans for this town, plans that would make him even richer than he already is. The people I work for want this town to stay as it is, a good place to live for good and decent people, like us all. Of course, I am more than just a florist, but no one will ever know about that because you will never tell it. To all intended purposes, for all that matters and all things considered it was ‘Babe’ Vincent who kidnapped me and Helen, you three were taken from your home by person or persons unknown and the world will believe that what we had here on that fateful night (FYI I mean NOW) was the fight between a criminal organization led by Dean Gilbert and a to be forever unknown its true identity and members business associate of his. And we all (you, us and the other women and girls) were caught in the middle.’

‘And… and if we don’t follow the plan?’

‘You will. Because the first arson fire, the one that ruined your small business, was caused by Carlton Lewis under direct orders of Dean Gilbert. Because the Farmers, father and son, knew that and (as part of Dean’s plans for the estate in which your father built his business) made so many objections to pay the insurance and to gave your family a decent and fair mortgage. Because Ricardo’s illness was considered by them an unexpected help to their plans…’


‘Straight to Hell in Life, no stops or anything to made the ride easier…’

Esperanza was fuming, she wanted to yell, punch and do oh so many others things, she was straining so hard at her bonds (just like her sisters) when she felt a hand on her right shoulder.

It was Helen’s.

‘Stop it, please. There’s nothing you can do that can help bring them all down properly, i.e. worst than Claire wants you girls to believe, except follow the script we will gave you now… so please relax. That’s it, breathe... calm down and breathe...’

‘Why… what… I mean… are you… part of all of this?’

‘Yes and no. No because all I wanted was to spend my vacations road tripping as I always do, after the incident with that fake crippled guy in Omaha all I wanted was just that. I wasn’t a treat to your plans, nor to Dean’s. But…, well me and Claire we have quite a history. Oh well, it’s obviously not the first time that I met her organization and, strictly technically, I am a prisoner just like you gals. After all the events programmed for the rest of this night and the morning of today I will be found by the police in the very same state of helplessnes of you all. But they trust me enough to allow me to help them. And if I try to do anything on my own… they told me that they’ll have me roped and suspended upside down (to be found like that by the police) in absolutely no time. And I know that they mean it…’

Esperanza looked at her sisters who nodded.

‘OK, what do you want us to tell to the world about what happened tonight?’

Claire and Helen explained to them what they should say and why, what they had managed to hear and see from their captors (specially about Dean’s business and their relation to it). They had not time to rehearsal it properly, and if the Gonzalez acting skills were as good as the stealthiness’ ones they were all in trouble. But Crazy Jane had told them that they would do it quite convincingly. So they just made the girls, one in turn, repeat  their parts five times and reggaged them. As Claire was soaking the cloths, Esperanza started to make some noise under her gag, like she wanted to say something. It was a question for Helen.

‘Why are you so sure that the plan will work. Why does he wants you so bad?’

‘Because he believed that I was in town after him. I never met any Dean Gilbert, but I know a traitorous rat called Samuel Tyren. And if I tell the world that Samuel Tyren is alive using the alias Dean Gilbert, he’ll never ever will have peace again. And will, eventually, have a very painful and horrible death. And since I am the only one that can provoke it, he’s going to do anything, even under these circumstances, to have me and kill me.’

By now Claire had already placed the cloth against Dolores nose. She attempted to fight back, but (before being reggaged) Esperanza ordered her to behave and to stick to the plan. Dolores stopped still and allowed Claire to put her under. Esperanza saw her repeat the process with Pilar, that’s when she realized that the two other ninjas had took three of the younger captives off the room while they were talking to Claire and Helen. The same Helen that was now being bound to the same pole against which the still asleep busty housewife was tied to.

And now Claire was behind her.

‘Don’t worry with nothing. Everything is gonna be alright from now on. I promise you… And when you wake up, that little brat you call baby brother will be having that surgery…’

She moved her head like she was asking ‘Do you promise?’ and Claire put her best reassuring smile in her face. Esperanza stood still with her head arched backwards while she inhaled as deeply as she could. And soon she was out.




Meanwhile, not a hundred feet away in the only room in which there was electric current, three very frightened nude girls stood side by side while their captor, a small woman that had to raise her hooded head in order to look them in the eye, started to undo the bonds of the taller one (and the most beautiful of the three). She had just broken a pile of tiles with a single (and almost far too quick for them to see) movement of her right fist. All three girls had awakened tied to a column in the middle of a bare room. They saw a petite girl dressed as a ninja enter the room and turning on some laptops and computers, one in turn they had been untied and helped to hop to a spot five feet away from a pile of tiles, until they stood side by side. Then the small girl simply stood behind the pile, facing them, for a moment. And now they had all realized that not only she was armed (with a gun and some knives in holsters on her waist) but she was also dangerous with her bare hands. And they were her prisoners.

‘I am sorry to frighten you girls. It is not my wish to cause any harm. My wish, Miss Lee and Miss Jenkins, is to bring your bosses down, so you may have a new chance to live your lives in a more… decent way than being the mistresses of the banker and the banker’s son. And as for you, Miss Paul, I am in need of your help. I will not make any treats, I won’t menace your friends’ lives and I most certainly will not torture you or anything like that. I need your help Miss Paul. What can I give in exchange of it? Besides your immediate freedom of course…’

Her voice was melodic, and with a distinguished Japanese accent. Figures, she was a ninja!

‘I will not make anything illegal!’

‘Not even to secretly (VERY much secretly I assure you) help the FBI to bring down four or five criminal organizations, and make the next months a living hell for many others, and gave these two ladies flanking you a new chance in their lives? Not even for that Miss Paul?’

‘Hey wait a moment! What’s going on here? Who are you, who are them, where are we and why do you think that any of us will help you anyway?’

‘Girls, please, look at yourselves. Now. Just do it, please.’

She just stood there, waiting for them to do it. And Kendra looked at the other two girls as well at to her own body. She was a babe as the boys in college said, but the two other girls were far more gorgeous and beautiful than her. Specially the taller one. They all had very great bodies, but this brunette was making her envious! And the other girl wasn’t far behind. So all three were striking breath taking beauties. So?

‘I am a lesbian woman. And I must say that have you three under my watch and guard a dream come true. If I could add my lover to the group it will be perfect, and my gal is quite the jealous lady and I love her even with (or perhaps because of) that. So even with me being a proud lesbian woman who loves to bind and gag nude girls, you have nothing to fear from me. Seriously. Your current lack of clothing is because I won’t take any chances with you, and only if you were completely fools you would run away from here, at this hour of the night, while naked as in the day you were born. And besides, you are not here because you’re all smoking hot busty girls. It’s what everybody forgets about you that I am interested in right now. Your privileged brain capacity.’


‘Miss Paul, you’re a snoop and a hacker. Very good in both departments but not as good as you think, or my friends wouldn’t had to kidnap you and your friends in order to save your lives. I need the hacker. And as for you two, Miss Lee you are the private secretary of the banker of this town, the same going for his son and Miss Jenkins. Private in more than just one meaning. And you both hate it. But, while Mr. Farmer has some consideration for your health, his son Patrick was planning to have a local hired hand to kill you smoothly as the ‘accidents’ are. So he’ll have the money (from a life insurance policy that you don’t know that you have in your name) to pay Dean Gilbert and thus diminish (but not end) his subservience to him. Girls, you two are big breasted women with privileged brains above them, but no one cares about what’s up them. Am I wrong?’

‘No (…) curse you.’

‘So… what do you want? What do you exactly want?’

‘Very simple. Since nor father nor son cared about your intellect, and you both preferred to play dumb & incredibly dumber in from of each anyway, they were a bit careless about their operations. And anyway, YOU ARE their secretaries, aren’t you? We gave you their personal files, their personal pen drives and laptops, Miss Paul crack them and you tell me what’s ‘this’ and what’s ‘that’ and before they realize it, every dirty little secret of their clients is with...’

‘WAAAAIIIITTT a moment!!! I didn’t said that I was going to help you.’

The ninja opened an envelope and handed it to Kendra.

‘This… Miss Paul, is part of the sources of the regular incomes of Dean Gilbert’s business associates… and the bosses of these two wonderful ladies here know it very well. AND NONE OF THEM COULD NOT CARE LESS ABOUT IT…’

Kendra puked for nearly five minutes straight, so did Nell and Patti Lee.

After a while they recovered enough to Kendra show that she still had doubts. That whoever did that for a living deserved what was coming to them was clear, but was she really going to help it happen? How could she trust the mysterious ninja girl?

‘Simple, miss Paul, you could be with all your toes broken by now, the sole of your feet completely skinned and many other umpleasant things. I want your help, I need it badly to make everybody who has interest in... THAT... pay. But I won’t go down to such level…’

With a little help (and support) of the other women, Kendra started to crack open the laptops and pen drives that the ninja gave her. Actually nothing in it seemed to have any connection with child porn, but considering that it really seemed that the names in the files were in low and lower things, she wasn’t really sure that she had been fooled by the ninja. The secretaries helped her identifying files and transactions, and soon they had fully comprehension of what had fell in their hands. Dean Gilbert’s whole ‘business’ enterprises.

That’s when Patti and then Nell were knocked out cold by the ninja girl with a karate chop at the base of their heads. Kendra managed to jump to her right side and roll on the floor. When she stood and turned around to face the ninja… she felt a light tap in her right shoulder. She waited for the chop, that never came.

‘Turn around please.’

She turned, as fast as she could while delivering her right knee to… nothing. Then she felt a strike on her left leg and fell on the floor on her butt.

The ninja was sitting on the floor at her right.

‘You’re still needed and no, I did not betrayed you… or them.’

‘It’s kinda hard to believe from were I’m looking…’

‘They helped you to get access to Dean Gilbert’s funds and business. Now it’s time to mess around a little, to be a cracker for the first and last time in your life. The person that could do that for us is… unavailable at the moment.’

Kendra was sitting on the floor by now, she could see two other women dressed in the same fashion than the first one, injecting something in the bare flesh of the two secretaries, then proceed to bind and gag them.

‘Miss Paul. We need your help. We need you. I am going to make an offer and I want you to think about it very carefully. If you don’t believe in me, if you don’t agree with the plan or if you simply can’t do what I want you to do just get on the floor on your belly. I will bind and gag and sedate you. You’ll wake up with a story that you will realize that is best to not tell to anyone, because you might attract very unwanted attention. Or you can accept my offer…’

And Kendra did accept it. More because of her curiosity (she was entering the files of a small criminal empire for crying out loud!) than because of her trust in the ninja’s word. It took her one hour and a half to finish everything. By now it was dawn already, and she was really tired. She didn’t reacted when the ninja grabbed her hands and placed them behind her back, nor when she was regagged. Then made to stand and when she received a prick in her bare buttock. Then she felt nothing more and woke up three days later, over five hundreds miles away from where she had spent that night and the previous days with her two best friends.

But she didn’t told anything to the police. And, eventually, received the agreed payment…




They were surrounded, outnumbered and outgunned. Still, due to the accusations they were already facing and/or the ones they would receive after that moment, they tried to escape.

After nearly twenty minutes of shootout, three of the remaining seven cabin of the place were looking like Swiss cheese, four vehicle were destroyed, three of the guys were dead and other three were en route to the hospital, two were arrested and only one had managed to escape.

As for the police officers, none died although one probably would have to leave the force after he left the hospital, four patrol cars sported bullet holes and one of them was on fire. The ambush’s strategy wasn’t perfect and was proven to have some serious flaws, but it had beard fruits. In the following morning, after the news about the gunfire arrived in town and were properly spread, all those who had suffered under the grip of the (relatively) newly arrived crime organization would stop by at the police.

How many crimes would be at the very least reported was something that no one dared to make bets on, and if they had some luck there’ll witnesses and proofs with the notifications. The crime rate that was quickly going up would return to its boring normal level.

But to sheriffs Chris Finley and Roscoe Newton all that mattered now was the whereabouts of their missing daughters. None of the arrested goons was saying anything, and one or two of them seemed to be genuinely shocked to know that Dean Gilbert would go to that length.

It was way too bold to kidnap the daughters of two sheriffs. Even for him.

Then Oliver received another e-mail.




Not even him knew how he managed to run from that shootout. Instead of running to a cabin or back to his car, he went straight to the trash bin and hid behind it. When the gunfire increased between some cops and the guys that had hid in the cabin in which the babe supposedly was hidden, he realized that the cops were rushing through the lane in which was placed the giant bin to find a better spot to shoot at the cabin. No one of them had seen him.

He cautiously crawled away from the lane and reached the road. Since the road was at an upper (and completely bare) level than the Motel, if he stood and someone looked behind him or herself, he would be easily seen. But once he was on the other side of the road, he would be able to run as he wished to. He crawled until he was almost reaching the pavement, then he stopped, inhaled deeply, stood and run to the other side. He stood silent for a moment.

The shooting had not stopped. And he wasn’t hearing any car coming up and back to the road, actually he was seeing the lights of reinforcements coming!

He waited until the two patrol cars entered the driveway that led to the motel to be sure that he could run to... where? The club was on fire, his cabin was too risky (he was well known and it wouldn’t take long to the cops realize that he wasn’t among the dead, injured or arrested), but it was there that Nell was. ‘Babe’ Vincent was good with maps, and if he wasn’t wrong, if he walked about a mile straight forward into those bushes ahead he would return to the road not a mile or two away from...




No one knew that he actually owned the Lakeside Grill. He was rarely seen there, and always enjoying the tasty meals prepared by Lois and her daughter, but when he gave the keys to the widow he told her that when came the day that he needed to use the place, she’ll have no objections to it. He had been really clear about it.

And still, when he and Carlton arrived, she had rebuked him. Now mother and daughter shared the same fate, Carlton had done a quick but efficient job with electrical tape and they were going nowhere, taped to chairs in the kitchen. But as the time passed, Dean realized that he might have done a bad deal. He was hungry, and didn’t knew how to cook an egg. Well, at least a ham and cheese sandwich he would be able to prepare.

But where was the mayonnese?

‘ere, do you want some ketchup too?’

For a moment, Lois Borgenson forgot the terror she had been feeling for the past two hours.

The look in his face was priceless! The strange woman that had suddenly emerged from the front of her restaurant was holding the mayo pot with such a normal expression that really took him by surprise. She was a slightly skinned and tall woman with long black hair and casually dressed in blue dungarees with a blue T-shirt underneath it. She looked to her daughter, who apparently had recognized the lady and was trying to say something under the tape gag. ean grabbed the gun he was carrying and pointed at her.


‘I am the bringer of sad news Mr. Tyren. The attack your men launched on the El Sueño Motel failed. All but one are dead, going to the hospital or arrested. As we speak, the financial data about your operation with the Farmers is starting to become public. Your associates in both coasts are being informed of that right now and...’

‘Where did you heard that name? WHERE DID YOU HEARD THAT NAME????!!!!!’

‘Does it matter? And..., as I was saying before you interrupted me, your gun is unloaded and the safety is on.’

Two things happened almost at the same time, Dean looked at the gun in disbelief for an instant and received the full impact of the woman’s elbow in his throat, and as he went down she raised her right knee who hit him on the chin.

She didn’t even bothered to look back as he fell backward and stayed sprawled on the floor. She grabbed a plastic bottle of water in the refrigerator and two glasses. Mother and daughter were taped onto chairs disposed side by side right in the middle of the kitchen. She carefully removed their gags and gave them water. After her mouth was back to normal Lois looked at her daughter who seemed to await something from the mysterious woman.

‘Julie, are you alright? Do you know this woman?’

‘Yes mom, to both questions. I am fine, really and I know her. She’s ‘Crazy’ Jane, the ‘Crazy’ Jane I wrote you about in my letters. And what are YOU doing here Jane? Heyymmpppphh?’

After applying a lot of new strips of tape over her friend’s lips, Crazy Jane made the silence signal with the forefinger (and surprisingly Julie obeyed) and looked at the mother. They really looked like mother and daughter. Julie was a younger and thinner version of her mother, and both shared the same freckles, the same red-hair and the same blue/green eyes. And were both dressed in the same plain white cook outfit...

‘Mrs. Borgenson, do you want to be freed from any kind of power that the worm behind me have over you? Do you want to be free?’

Of course she wanted. She and Jane started to talk and discuss Jane’s proposition. It was really simple actually. In exchange of the town never ever knew about the liaison between her and Dean, she and her daughter would deny knowing what had happened of Dean, who according to Jane was already doomed. Jane would blindfold them and they would have to act as if WHATEVER she said to him when he woke up was true.

Lois looked at her daughter and asked her if she could trust Jane, and Julie nodded eagerly. She remembered that the weird woman that had been her daughter’s sophomore was honest and true to her word. So she allowed Jane to regag her and then they were both blindfolded with strips of cloth that she had brought with her.

Five minutes later Dean woke up.




Sally was one of the strippers at Dean’s club since her husband died in an accident two years before. She really didn’t liked it but it paid the bills, and at least Dean never allowed his customers to touch her. As everybody in town she knew that he was dirty and filthy, but she had two kids to raise and for them she’ll do anything, specially considering that now she had been deserted by her friends and was quickly becoming an outcast in her own hometown.

So no ‘decent and honest’ paychecks for her, except those from Dean.

She thought once more in James and Larry, and thanked her father for his idea of a trip to Florida. The current situation was scary enough, but with her two little sons in the house with her when he broke in, it would be unbearable. She was sleeping in her bed, enjoying her unusual night of rest, when she felt his hand over her mouth.

It was ‘Babe’ Vincent. He smelled bad and looked worse, and was carrying a .45. After he was sure that she was alone he allowed her to put on some clothes (she was sleeping in the buff) and didn’t answered any of her questions. He tied her hands behind her back with one of her belts and shoved a handkerchief inside her mouth, then he forced her to walk with him to the garage, there he tied her feet together and helped her to get inside the trunk.

And now it seemed that they were riding for twenty minutes. Finally the car stopped. He opened the trunk and carried to inside... his cabin! She assumed the worst and trashed wildly in his arms. He ignored her and threw her to his bed. Then he selected some clean clothes and displayed them on the bed at her side, and started to remove his clothes...

‘Look Sally, all I need is your car and to be sure that the cops will not know that I am with it until it’s too late. You’re gorgeous, I am a redblooded man but to put it simply I don’t think I need to kidnap a hot babe like you to have sex with her and even if I thought that, even in that case, I simply don’t have time. I only have time for a bath.’

Four or five minutes later he emerged dripping from the shower completely oblivious to her presence and dressed quickly in the most casual look he could do. Then he went outside.

Something happened, something that he really didn’t wanted.

She heard him cursing and yelling and crashing something. He was livid and furious at the same time when he returned to the room. She coiled back in fear and this time he showed a reaction. He grabbed her by the armpits and lifted her quite easily and looked straight in the eye at her. His voice was calm but very cold...

‘For the last time, I only need your car. Nothing more. UNDERSTOOD?’

She meekly nodded. He went to a closet and removed a bag from it, the black bag that Millie (another stripper) had told the girls about. And as her story said, it was full of rolls of tape.

I am only going to make sure that you’re not able to raise the alarm, it will be a little discomforting but it also be bearable. But first...

Even in that point Millie’s story had been true. Millie was her best friend in the job, a tall black girl that once in a while was paid by Vincent to pose for his private collection of photos. She could be posing in the nude or fully clothed, restrained or unrestrained (although those last ones were very rare occasions) inside the cabin or outside. She never knew and he never told her, and it was always a surprise for her since he always sedated her before starting to shoot the photos and she always woke up in the middle of them.

So now he was soaking a cloth with something. According to Millie it hadn’t had any smell or scent, and didn’t left a bad taste in her mouth. Sally hadn’t had any chance but instead of pouncing on her, he made her sit on the edge of the bed and placed the cloth against her nose and cleave gagged mouth. She knew better than to fight back. But still she tensed and clenched her fists, and slowly her hand started to open, her head dropped to a side and he carefully made her rest in his bed. Three minutes later she was in a moderate hogtie and with lots of tape applied in the right places.

Time to get out of the state thought Vincent. Without Nell or the money she would give access to him. But at least he was free and alive, in that order. He gave one last look to Sally and left his cabin for the last time. That’s when his cellphone ringed.




‘That’s not much of a deal.’

‘True. But let’s face it, you don’t have too many choices, do you?’

And she was smirking as she said that!

‘So, all of that happened tonight…’

‘It happens all the time, and it’s usually called ‘Hostile Takeover’. We want this town, and we don’t want you and your men in it. So we used your mortal fear of anyone knowing who you are, who you really are, Mr. Tyren.’

‘Stop calling me that! He is dead! DEAD AND BURIED!!!’

‘And as all or at least most of the traitors he’s unlamented, even by his family.’

Unable to see anything, Lois wasn’t really sure of what Jane wanted with Dean.

It seemed that Dean wasn’t Dean, but someone called Tyren, Jane was playing her role as the member of a criminal organization that was overthrowing Dean’s one and both she and her daughter had been labeled as ‘casualties’!

‘So I go and get your money…’

‘Five million dollars.’

‘…and you dispose of this two, give me Helen and a way out of the state?’

‘No more and no less.’

Five million dollars. That would leave him with only one million, with half the big time criminals in the US after him and… but there was that bank account in the Cayman Islands.

With one million dollars he would be able to go there. And he’ll never ever would fear that Helen, the same Helen that surprisingly survived after he left her unconscious to be burned alive with his hideout nearly ten years ago, would appear in front of him flanked by FBI agents or US marshals or whatever and bring him down. That was worth five million dollars.

‘Lady, you have a deal… but what about those two?’

‘You left Helen bound to a chair and gagged and sedated, and set fire to the… shack where you had overpowered her. They are already bound and gagged, so…’

Lois wasn’t pretending when she heard Jane coming closer. She heard her daughter fighting until she wasn’t making any sound. Then she heard Jane coming behind her. A firm grip on her chin and she was unable to do anything when the soaked cloth was pressed against her nose. And that’s when she felt the fragrance of… melon?

‘Pretend it’s chloroform, but please be a little more convincing than your daughter…’

How had she done that? The whisper was so low that she barely heard it and… a stronger pressure and she decided to play her part. She trashed and shook and tried to move her head in all directions possible, but the grip was way too firm eventually she lessened the efforts, more and more, until she rested her chin against her bosom…

‘My car is outside, you have one hour to go to the McInley facility… GO!’

She heard his footsteps running at full speed, then nothing. Then the blindfold was removed. Julie was alright and so was she. She removed the gags and gave them more water, then she made them repeat their story. Dean and Carlton had tied them up, Dean stayed with them until someone appeared and had left presumably after sedating them. They had not seen nor heard the person or persons that had arrived and left with Dean. They couldn’t tell if they were friends, employees or part of the ‘rival organization’ he referred to while eating a sandwich.

She placed a fresh balled cloth as a packing before reapplying the tape on Lois, but Julie wanted to make some questions…

‘Jane, honestly, please be honest. But… are you… a criminal?’

‘Yes if you want to know if I break laws for a living, and no if you want to know that I do that for greed or because I am mean. I do that to help people like you and **** people like him.’

‘Always the same Crazy Jane… but how did you whispered that way?’

Julie was regagged and Jane grabbed a bottle from her backpack. With her back to her captives she answered, and the voice came from behind them!

Ventriloquism, pure and simple…

‘Now girls, I wish you pleasant dreams and please remember to play surprised when I appear at the hospital tomorrow. And please, may you both be a little more convincing!

This time the mother was the first. It scented like melon again, but now it was highly effective. A mere whiff and she was dizzy, a breathe and her eyelids were too heavy, two and she was nearly out. And after the third…

After finishing with the daughter she kissed both women in the forehead and left on foot, right on time to see the police arriving and storming the place. She had no trouble walking through alleys and deserted streets, until she saw the car.

Her ride. And ‘Babe’ Vincent was at the wheel…




If the night wasn’t warm and at least the dark and small room in which she was being kept wasn’t with it’s walls in perfect state, thus allowing some chill wind to come in, she’ll be sneezing by now. They had bound her very tightly but before that they had took all her clothes! She didn’t knew for how long she had slept after she was shot (with a dart?), it seemed that hours had passed since she felt two pair of hands carrying her.

They were going down in a stairway, and seemed to take great care with their cargo (she), one of the women even admonished the other when she took a misstep. Then they arrived, a door was opened, she was carefully laid on the dirty floor and they closed the door.

And ever since she had been trying to free herself.

And finally was making some progress. First her hands, then her arms and then the rest of her body. It was so good to be able to stand and shake the cobwebs in her mind, the drug they had used on her and had hindered most of her efforts was still there, but she was able to focus her eyes. She grabbed the handle and opened the door.

Surprisingly it didn’t made ant sound and she carefully peeked outside the closet. Albeit jumping into an almost pitch dark place, when her eye got adjusted she realized that she knew where she was. Every once in a while someone picked the McInley facility as a new drug laboratory, hideout or something like that and three months ago they almost got Carlton when he used the place to hide the ten to fifteen Eastern European girls Dean sent to somewhere in Illinois. She and her partners arrived a day or two later, and her lantern’s battery failed while she was in this same corridor. She was in the large basement of the main building and wasn’t alone. She could hear a muffled whimper coming from another door in that long corridor.

The only problem was which door. There were five in each side of the corridor and she had emerged from the one on the left side of the end of it. Carlton had used these closet to stash the girls, and someone was mimicking his MO. She found one or two women bound, gagged and sleeping in each closet, including the snoring (not whimpering) Mrs. Powalski, and nothing that she tried made them woke up. They had been sedated. She gave up trying to at least have Jen Finley and Mrs. Cairn on her side and went to look for some clothes. The floor was creaky but she was doing a good job in not make too much noise...

‘Who’s there?’

A woman, she was at the end of the corridor, carrying a lantern attached to a weapon (a semi-automatic?) and pointing it at her. She raised her arms.

‘YOU! You’re the sheriff’s daughter right? Don’t do anything and daddy won’t have to bury you next to your mother. Now walk slowly towards me. Keep walking...’

Rebecca considered her options. The woman seemed to be a pro and also seemed to mean it. And she was naked and without a weapon, and there was not a chance that she would be able to cover the distance between them without getting shot. Reluctantly and trying not to make any sudden movements, Rebecca walked out of that corridor. The woman walked backwards keeping fourteen/fifteen feet between them, and when they finally reached a better illuminated room Rebecca took a good look at the woman.

She was dressed in a skintight black outfit and was masked, was a little shorter than she but otherwise she couldn’t be sure of the color of her hair or eyes. The woman picked a pair of handcuffs from a back pocket and threw them to her. Rebecca turned around to show her back to the woman, put the cuffs on (behind her back) and knelt as she was told.

Then she heard a weird sound. Something had just fell on the floor? She turned around and her captor was sprawled on the floor, at the feet of a petite and equally dressed in black (although this time it seemed to be black leather and not spandex) woman. Who was carrying another gun and pointing at her, while making the silence signal.

‘If you behave...’

There was another woman! And behind her! But how?

‘ won’t share the fate of those poor Bulgarian and Belarussian girls. As well as all the girls that are sleeping in that corridor. It’s important to our plans that we leave a reliable witness behind. You, as the sheriff’s daughter and one of the best police officers in town and a proud and honest white trash, fits the application perfectly. Or you can be on a box and being delivered in a brothel somewhere with the other women. Your call.’

‘I’ll behave. I will... behave.’

While the unseen woman behind her added loops and loops of rope to her arms and torso, Rebecca saw the petite woman denuding and binding the first unknown black clad woman. She did her best to memorize the features of the newest captive in the building. Short blonde hair, a tattoo in the shape of a bouquet of flowers in her right shoulder and a nasty scar in her back. After reducing the woman to a tight package in less time than her unseen captor (who did much less with Rebecca’s body), the petite woman pulled up a syringe and injected something in the bound blonde. By now Rebecca’s oral cavity was being filled with a huge sponge ball. Then tape was applied. And a blindfold.

‘It’s simple actually. We’ll help you to be in a very good place to witness a business deal between Dean and some rivals of my boss. A deal that we won’t allow to happen. Then we knock you out and leave, and when this place is stormed by the police, state police and (who knows?) FBI, you tell them what you saw. But remember, make a sound and they only will find the corpses we’ll leave behind us, no captive girls whatsoever!’

Rebecca nodded. She was helped to stand and placed between the two women, then she was carefully guided to some room upstairs, where she was forced to get inside somewhere and kneel, more rope was applied and she felt a prick on her arm. She became more and more confused, not exactly sleepy, she couldn’t think coherently about anything now.

Time didn’t meant anything, she wasn’t sure if she was alone or even in the closet, box or whatever they had placed her anymore. And she didn’t cared. She felt good.

REALLY good, flying with a squadron of winged rabbits…




‘She’s out, and probably flying to Mars as we speak.’

‘You’re sure that the drug will wear off when I make her smell this?’

‘Hey, these things cost THAT much because they work like a charm. Now I’ll go and prepare our little helper for transportation while you go and take a look at the girls, call me if anything goes wrong with ANY of them.’

Li Ming nodded, and Crazy Jane returned to the entrance of the corridor. The ‘KOed’ girl was undoing the last knots of the ropes. While the amount of the white and crisp rope placed on her seemed to be an overkill, it’s was actually highly ineffective, after Li Ming and Jane helped Becca to walk out of the room she ‘woke up’ and patiently freed herself.

‘Hello Hildie, are you fine?’

‘Yes. I am only worried about these tattoo and scar… are they really washable?’

‘Of course they are.’

‘And what about the ****** I am impersonating?’

‘Right now she’s in a stall and there will be her home for a couple of years or maybe more. She was abducted last night and it was made to look like she ‘suddenly’ decided to leave her home and life as her associates knew it. Follow me.’

They went straight to the back of the garage. There was a big heavy truck with parked outside it. It’s legitimate cargo was entirely made of boxes of computers. Many of those boxes were piled beside the truck leaving it half empty, with a very large open box in the middle of it. Three air cylinders with masks strapped to them and they were in turn bolted to the box, and there were many straps hanging from the box beside each tank. ‘Babe’ Vincent was finishing the strapping of a stringently bound sitting Nell, he removed her ballgag for last and replaced it with the mask of the tank next to her. Then he stood and got out of the trunk.

‘Who’s she?’

‘Your turnkey for the next month, now bind and sedate her. Quickly please.’


Hildie took a step and placed herself right in front of the big guy.

‘One week ago, I rented a house, a big house, not twenty miles from here in the next county. Everybody in town is talking about the big blonde that is sharing a roof with a black babe and a Chinese with no one around to see what they’re doing in a radius of miles. The police will appear tomorrow… today and will be looking for you, and they won’t find you. Li Ming is going to return to her job tonight, and she’s going to take Nell with her as you have been told about, so me and Sheila will be your cover up for a whole month… for a price.’

That was a first for Vincent. He decided to go along…

‘And that price is…?’

‘Like Sheila, I am a bissexual submissive woman. Make us happy, these are your orders.’

Vincent took a good look at Hildegard, then at Jane and then at the sleeping Nell.

‘In one or two hours, I will have millions of dollars with me. What could make me not bind and gag this Sheila, this Li Ming and you and Nell, grab Nell (who’s the only girl I am really interested in right now) and the money on… say… six hours and go for it? Try to escape, to flee the country with a hot chick and lots of cash?’

Both women smiled. Hildie answered.

‘In one or two hours the whole state will be closed, you’re about to be the most hunted man in this state’s history, you wouldn’t go far and would even endanger Nell’s life. And you’ll have to deal with Li Ming first.’

‘And… if you stick to the plan, I can guarantee a BIG bonus…’

Crazy Jane whispered something in his ears. At first he couldn’t, and didn’t wanted to, believe in whatever she told him. But he decided to gave a try. Since he was in a hurry, and she declared that she was flexible, he taped her arms together from the wrists to the elbows, did the same with her legs and delicately, but still firmly, pressed a soaked cloth against her eager nose and mouth. She took lungfuls with gusto, and was soon so dizzy that he had to held or she would fall on the floor. A little more and she was out. He carefully strapped her to the box and put the mask in place, he even checked if her and Nell’s pulse was alright.

‘Why did you gave such order?’

‘They are both submissive women, craving to be put to sleep and or subjugated/dominated, so I needed to know if you could do it right. They’re my friends, so I wanted to be sure that you can make them happy… Because if you try ANYTHING with them...’

‘Is this why they call you ‘Crazy’?’




She was back to her senses, and her nose was irritated by something. One of the women was siting on something behind her, and was using her legs to keep her in an even tighter hold. Then, as she heard some weird noise, the blindfold was lifted and the woman’s left hand reinforced the gag while the right one held a blade against her throat.

By the voice it was the other woman, and she had a calm and gentle tone.

She said that she had orders and she would follow them, but as long as she behaved, Rebecca wouldn’t have anything to fear from her. But silence was essential. They waited for about twenty minutes (perhaps not, Rebecca wasn’t much sure about the passing of the time yet).

Then they arrived. Rebecca had realized that they were where once has been the workshop of the facility (a place now full of trash, broken machines and who knows what else) inside a closet partially blocked by some debris placed there by the other woman.


It wasn’t necessary, Rebecca was totally focused on what she was seeing.

‘Babe’ Vincent carried a woman in a fireman’s carry and a backpack. It was Claire Milton and she was nude, bound and down for the count. He placed her on a coffee table, opened the backpack and bound her to it with a large amount of rope.

Then a woman entered bringing another nude and helpless woman on a leash. She was carrying a pistol in her other hand and waved it in the direction of a chair in front of the table now occupied by Claire. The other captive very reluctantly walked to it and sat. And was quickly bound to the chair by the woman. Again, Rebecca did her best to memorize the woman’s face and features. A blac... African American beauty in her mid-twenties with long black hair, dressed in an expensive blue executive dress and black stilettos.

The other woman..., who was now fuming and reacting to something her captor said, was she Helen Hayes? Then she saw ‘Babe’ Vincent grab a bottle from the backpack and a folded handkerchief. He soaked the later with the content of the first, and pounced on the black lady. Caught by surprise, the woman was easily held in a strong lock by his arms, and he kept her off the ground the entire time she struggled and trashed.

Rebecca could hear the muffled angry shouts that the lady was making from where she stood, then they lessened in potency more and more, her struggles became weaker until she collapsed in his arms. He took off all her clothes before binding her stringently and carry her to a box nearby. He closed the box, sat on it and waited.

After a few minutes two things happened, Dean Gilbert arrived carrying a case in one hand and a gun in the other while an earplug was placed in Rebecca’s left ear by her captor. She could clearly hear what they were saying even at such a big distance.

Dean was approaching Vincent very carefully.

‘Vinnie? What are you doing here?’

‘Change of plans Dean, or should I call you Mr. Sam Tyren?’

Dean lifted his arm and pointed the gun at him.

‘How... where... what’s going on here?’

‘Simple. Some of your business associates wanted you out of the picture and contacted me to betray you, and some people wanted them out of the picture and these last ones contacted me too to betray them. When you got all psycho and frenzy due to the presence of Miss Insurance Detective here in this ****** of a town, you forced us all to move sooner than we expected and before our plans were ready, so we had to improvise...’

‘They? Who are those ‘they’?’

‘Dunno. I’m getting paid big bucks to **** you real good, and I don’t care to know who is paying me as long as I get paid. Sorry Dean, nothing personal but... hand me the briefcase.’

‘Stand BACK! I already killed a man tonight, and I don’t bother to do that again...’

Rebecca realized that ‘Babe’ Vincent was deliberately placing himself between Dean (or Sam) and the captives. And he seemed to be way too confidant.

He raised his hand and snapped his fingers. From that angle it was impossible to Rebecca to see what happened exactly, but she saw Dean looking around and around and becoming more uneasy by the second while Vincent stood impassible.

And she heard a lot of hammers being cocked. Dean was sweating profusely now.

‘From what we heard, you’re a traitor. You sold secrets of the boys from the Pentagon to some country. Kill you right now would be too easy. You can leave the gun on the floor and walk through that door and enter your car and start running for your life for the rest of it. Or you can be killed if you don’t surrender in 5... 4.... 3...’

Dean dropped the gun and the briefcase on the floor, and at a nod of ‘Babe’ Vincent he was allowed to start running. Then she (and Vincent) heard a voice saying “Clear”. Then Vincent went straight to where Rebecca and her captor where hiding, removed the debris and opened the door. He was greeted by the woman, and cradled the overly bound Rebecca in his arms until she was deposited on the floor between the still out Claire and the very alert Helen.

Then Vincent grabbed a camera and started filming the trio from various angles without saying a word. After taking a good footage he grabbed another folded cloth from inside the backpack and doused it. As he pressed the cloth on Rebecca’s face, she recognized the scent.

Chloroform. Should she fight back? No, so far they hadn’t really hurt her or anyone else, she prayed to not wake up tied to a bed with someone on top of her and breath on the cloth…




‘As you can see, Sheriff, your daughter and your eternal fiancée and the woman that caused everything that happened tonight by merely being in town are all alive and well. My associates are just waiting to hear my call so they can leave the place and them, as well as all the girls that we had to... ‘collect’ tonight, will be rescued by you and your men.’

To say that everybody around him wanted to shoot him was an understatement...

He had been bold enough to drive to the first road block he saw, and when the cops tried to arrest him he showed them the mini movie he had made with the three women. The sheriffs had been called and they were pressing him now. But Vincent was adamant.

They would be found only after he was out of the county.

Reluctantly, and knowing that he was probably going to lose his job for that, Wallace gave the permission and Vincent left. A complete description of himself, his car and clothes were given to the State Police even before he was true to his word and sent an e-mail telling the whereabouts of the missing women. But not all of those who were kidnapped that night were rescued as the sun appeared in the sky.

To this day NO ONE in that area of the state can explain how the police could forget to look in such an obvious place like the McInley facility. It was the source or motif for jokes about them for the months that followed, but since the police officers of both counties managed to quickly erase any trace of the organization once led by Dean doing numerous arrests in the meantime, they got all ‘pardoned’ for the fault.

But no one knew how Vincent managed to escape.




‘So you are sure that Dean Gilbert is or was an alias of Sammuel James Tyren?’

‘Yes. I had never ever heard the name Dean Gilbert, but I also will never ever forget the face of the man who tried to kill me after he killed my mentor, the man that taught me everything I know in the business, as I was his bound and gagged prisoner.’

The interview took place three days later, by then things were really a mess in the so called underworld. Dean Gilbert or Samuel J Tyren, whatever was his name, had many files that had fell in the FBI hands. The number of crooked cops, DA’s and judges arrested so far was way up three dozens; and many had flee to avoid jail time.

In both coasts many ‘damage control’ murders were happening, and thus the number of criminals seeking the Witness Protection Program had increased largely. The small bank of the late Mr. Farmer (killed by Dean when he went to his house and demanded to have a night withdraw or else...) and son (arrested for a large list of felonies when he appeared at the police station to report the disappearance of his secretary) was under strict scrutiny due to evidences that it was used as part of a vast and complex scheme to launder Dean’s money.

The fact that the downfall of his organization seemed to have been caused by a still undetermined criminal group only augmented the death toll in the crime war that was at full speed by now. After three days of pure and rampant gossip in the media, Helen Hayes participation was being cleared by the sheriff Roscoe Newton, his daughter Rebecca, Claire Milton and Helen herself. So far she declared that she and Claire could only be sure that actually TWO different organizations worked on the county that night. They had been kept drugged during most of their captivity, but were sure that ‘Babe’ Vincent was being paid by the two organizations. That was going to ruin his reputation he thought.

A soft moan from behind his back reminded him that perhaps it would be worth it. He looked at the girls. Sheila was still asleep and Hildie was the one that was awakening... and he had decided to not let it happen until noon. Both girls seemed to be insatiable and as much fun as they were, he needed a break to think a little clearly.

Things were happening way too fast for his liking and it seemed that they were doing it on purpose. As if they wanted him to be off-balance. So either he put them in a very stringent bondage position for hours or he kept them sedated. Both girls enjoyed both, but the second was easier to be done than the first. He had bound them in a mock intimate embrace tie; each girl’s wrists were tied a little above the other girl’s waist, their ankles were bound together too and as a final touch a special ballgag kept them kissing each other the whole night. Hildie’s eyes were starting to blink, so he decided to get it done.

The bottle of chloroform was under the bed and there was a vast amount of things to be soaked with it. He undid the straps of the gag to have a better access to her mouth and nose and pressured a wet pair of clean panties against her lovely face. Since she liked it and was definitely helpless to prevent him, it didn’t took long to have her back to slumberland. He put her back in the kissing pose and turned back to the TV.

The interview went on for nearly an hour more, he had to put Sheila back to sleep at some point, and after it the news channel started a special program to discuss the impact of the events of that night he realized that perhaps her plan could and would work. As crazy as it was. Perhaps THAT was why they called her ‘Crazy’...

At noon both Sheila and Hildie woke up (with a little help of his part) to find that their new Master had played a trick on them, and after he ungagged them they asked if they had done anything wrong with genuine concern. He explained that they were ‘fantastic’, but he had deduced that they had orders to not let him think in what he should do with his life in a most pleasurable way, and he’ll punish them for that. They seemed to really like that last part… but they confessed that he was right, which increased his ‘points’ as their Master.

Then they discussed what other things they could do while he hid in their rented house, besides sex. There was some gym machinery in the basement, cable TV, books, magazines and other things... and he wanted to know about the still missing Nell Jenkins and Patti Lee.

Fifteen minutes later, as the girls prepared a reinforced brunch, he was on the computer. He had found that morning that it was true what they had said that without the girl’s help and consent he’ll not be able to use it, but with their password...

A little wait and that Jane girl was at the screen.

‘Hello Mister Smart. I hope you didn’t found my ruse too… strenuous.’

‘None at all. They’re really… imaginative, and quite demanding in their needs. Exactly as you wanted. But now I need to know exactly what you want with me. Why am I here, why are they here, where’s Nell and that Patti girl, what’s going to happen now with me and them and, most important of all… what’s going on really?’

‘Or…? Are you threatening Hildegard or Sheila’s health?’

‘NO! And I doubt that anyone of you, whoever you are specially you, would leave them with me if you thought that there was the possibility of me doing any harm on them…’

‘Well, it goes like this… they’re masochistic, they’ll do whatever you tell them to and they will be happy that way. BUT they still have the right to say NO, or do anything that any reasonable person could understand as the equivalent of it, or well… YOU didn’t knew my name or anything else about me when I called you, and I knew exactly what you had done, your bank accounts numbers and passwords, your rap-sheet (including what the cops doesn’t know about you)  and many more. I can find you wherever you hide, with whoever grants you cover and protection. And these two girls’ best friends would love to have a private talk with you then… so why do I have to worry about my gal’s health?’


‘You’re done for man. Not only no one might never ever trust in you again but some of the nastiest SOB of this country wants you under their power now. On the other hand, you’re young, you’re strong, your aim can be improved and the same for your stealthiness, fighting skills and life itself. I am sorry to tell you that all those fantasies you had with Nell since Michael Farmer told you his plans to cash on her death, well they’ll stay as fantasies… Think about what everybody’s thinking that is happening to them right now. The secretaries of two corrupt and crooked bankers are gone, all the financial database of their work for Dean or Tyren disappeared with them and while the son is an idiot who really can’t tell much to the feds, his father was conveniently killed by his greatest client. So the two secretaries MUST be being forced to reveal what they know about the data, secret codes for instance, by whoever paid you to kidnap them and do everything else…’

‘And they are? Are you… torturing them?’

‘I don’t know… does it seems that I am hurting them?’

She stood up and moved away from the camera, revealing two examination couches behind her. And two nude girls bound to them.

The webcam was detached from Jane’s computer and moved closer to the couches. There was a complete surgical anesthesia and breathing apparatus between them and he could see a tank under it. Two tubes were attached to masks strapped to their faces, they were really Nell and Patti. And not only they were strapped with sturdy heavy leather straps, but stringently bound under them. They seemed really fine and from the little he knew about life monitors (mostly from ER) their life signs were stable. Then Jane spoke.

‘The ‘secret code’ of Dean/Tyren was simply ridiculously easy to break. You my friend, is going to be known as the man who had mercy on them, and made them be kept sedated mostly all the time. They’re fine. We let them be awake six to eight hours per day and, while the food might not be regalous (they’re prisoners), they are otherwise treated as queens. OK, captive queens, but queens none the less. And both will receive part of Dean’s money in exchange for their testimonies (they already know the bank, number and password of their rewards) that the feds will want them to give when we…, ops, YOU release them in a couple of days. By then most of their knowledge will be useless anyway, but they might be used by them before entering the WitSec. Which is why your fantasies with Nell probably won’t be fulfilled. Except, of course, if she decides to walk out of the Witness Protection Program…’

‘They’ll be fine in any case, right?’

‘Of course. Look, I confess that we were… unprepared for what happened. Actions like the one we did that night needs weeks and even months of surveillance and research to be done properly. Me, Li Ming and Violet are part of the best research team of our organization, not the strike force. And Helen’s appearance in town triggered a series of events that we weren’t really prepared to deal with. So we improvised, and did our best to keep Dean off balance and the police after HIM and only him. Fortunately it worked like a charm…’

‘Please… I am not a fool.’

The camera was focused on Nell spectacular (and bare) breasts, it had been for a very long moment aimed at her face, and suddenly (and after a quick movement) her face was back.

‘I had to try… didn’t I?’

‘You planned everything? Everything?’

‘Leaders of strike forces or teams have a lot of privileges, YOU have the potential to become a leader of a team in a few years, but I have the bigger privileges and paycheck. And I have to make myself worth every single one of them… don’t I?’

‘Privileges? What…?’

‘In your case, supposing that you accept our job offer, safe houses and girls. Simple like that. We might need to change your looks and make two or three tattoos disappear, but I guarantee that at least once a year, you will have a month like the one we… Sheila and Hildie will give you. In normal months, we will require discretion in your meetings but if you want us to provide them, fine by us. And of course, every time we need you to be kept aside of the following events of your actions under our orders… I know you have no race preference and as most Americans you have a breast thing but that’s not your main goal, and we have a HUGE list of available female company.’

‘But how could you prepare such a chain of events? From what I could see the Gonzalez are scout free, they might be even able to rebuild their business with a huge indemnity from what’s left of the Farmer’s bank, the cops have enough motivation to shred into tiny little pieces all of Dean’s work, and there’s enough heath and smoke around here that no one will be ever able to know exactly what you intended to do…’

‘Does it matter? Does it really matter? Do you really want to know the truth?’

There was someone behind him. It was Sheila, wearing a lame project of a blue string bikini and with a look of concern in her face. He looked back at Jane.

It did matter, but not now. He could have his answers later.

Right now a vixen in blue and another in black would gladly submit to any of his whims for nearly a month, there was a place in which he could hide if the police showed up and they had bought the complete pay-per-view package of the baseball season…

‘This isn’t over Jane.’

‘I know.’




Crazy Jane closed the connection and turned around. Both Nell and Patti were now being removed from the couches and placed in wheelchairs. She thanked the bulky handyman that had taken care of Nell and grabbed the handle of the chair, moving Nell away from the room. Veronica was at her side holding the handles of Patti’s chair.

‘He’s right you know. A complex chain of events that required that me and the top dogs of the strike teams (and for the last time, NOT FORCES!) of Angela in many other places of the country at the time, leaving you with a bunch of six very skilled (yet completely new to the business) girls against a number of odds that I can’t even count properly. And you made their baptism of fire become the operation of the year, you made the FBI happy as they haven’t been in years and at the same time they are so busy that they will have to be out of our way for a while, it worked, everything worked. HOW?’

‘There is to be a reason for why I have a bigger paycheck than yours…’

‘And now?’

‘Now you keep taking care of these two beautiful packages as you have been doing, you make sure that they will follow the plan and say everything that we told them to as we told them to. Don’t be too harsh on them, they’re neither bi or lesbian or like to be bound and gagged, albeit we need to keep them that way for a while. And by the way, great work with Kendra…’

They then started to talk about Kendra’s case, part of the complex plan of Jane, and how the girl had behaved as they were expecting. After a while they arrived at Veronica’s quarters.

Yelena opened the door, allowed her lover to come in, replaced Jane at the handles of Nell’s chair and closed the door. As with everything, Jane knew that the four would have a very good time together, even with the ‘captive’ secretaries being what was the word? Vanilla?



They kissed one last time and he finally allowed himself to return to his home. They had had a perfect weekend in Atlanta, but now it was time to return to their routine. He with his job as a sheriff, she with her job as a professional kidnapper. She knew she couldn’t do it anymore. He was an honest and decent man, and she simply couldn’t lie to him anymore. So she was going to quit the organization, supposing that it was possible.

She was waiting for her in her own kitchen. Crazy Jane Mallory.


‘What??! What are you... what are you doing here??!!’

‘Helen... and a surprise girl got in the middle of an operation in ******, and I needed to have a serious talk with you about your engagement, so I brought them here... and here I am.’

The most disarming power of the woman in front of her was that she could say what she had just told in such a common way that Claire found herself accepting it as something normal.

So instead of getting mad at the woman that had invaded her home, she found herself sitting on the chair next to the one Jane was siting on.

How could they know about the engagement? Only Rebecca and Sammy knew about it... and Sammy had grown very fond of that girl Billie. And Billie was one of the girls of Veronica’s harem. And Jane was a big friend of Veronica.

‘Why do you want to quit?’

‘I don’t! I-I mean... I... ‘

This girl had a very good reason to be so feared...

‘I just can’t do it anymore. Look, I know that what we do is right. Helen is a great woman, but most of the time she just gets in our... your way and that can mean a lot of trouble, if not many deaths, so its justifiable that we... I keep her as a ‘guest’ for a while downstairs. And that goes for all the women that I took care these past years. But I can’t do it.’

‘He would understand, supposing that Angela allowed you to tell him...’

‘I know, from what you guys tell me about her I know that. But she would not let me... right?’

‘Exactly, which means that what do we have to do with you and Sammy?’

‘Look, Sammy has nothing to do with what I do here...’

‘She knows about the room downstairs... and she even helped you once or twice.’

‘Just because Roscoe wanted to have some dates with me! SHE HAS NOTHING TO...’

‘Hey calm down, calm down... There are a procedure to follow, OK. First of all I need to know if you’ll EVER tell him about your former occupation... ‘

‘My what??!!!’

‘We’re not monsters Claire, we do need to have some precautions to do before everything, but you’re free to leave anytime you want. As long as you follow the rules...’


‘Well, first you’ll have to sell the house and the flower shop to the next ‘turnkey’, which will be me, yes I am going to move to this town, then you’ll...’

Meanwhile in a room upstairs three pair of eyes watched the conversation through the tube.

Sammy was furious, Billie was kind of enjoying the reversal of her luck and Rebecca couldn’t care less about their feelings.

She had been the captive of her soon-to-be stepsister and her two friends for three days. Three days that she had planned to spend sunbathing in a beach somewhere in the Pacific Coast, but she ended up being introduced to her soon-to-be stepmother’s shady business instead.

The worst part was that she would never tell anyone about it. She simply couldn’t.

The Farmers had always been not really honest bankers, her county wasn’t crime free and there was always something illegal happening at the McInley facility. But things had gotten out of control when Dean Gilbert appeared, and it was because of Claire’s mysterious affiliations that things were even better than they were once. The crime rate had taken an U turn and was back to levels of thirty years ago! All thanks to them.

The first thing she saw when she woke up, she didn’t had memories of her abduction, was Sammy’s grinning face. The second was Helen’s with a reassuring smile on hers. The third was herself, and she was nude and strapped to a bed. Then she saw Billie and Jane. Jane told her that she was going to have a very different weekend, but Sunday night she would return home and if she wanted to tell her father the truth about Claire... so be it.

But they wanted to show her some things first. She saw two women being prepared for a long distance travel, receiving injections that would prevent them from needing to use the toilet and at the same time sleep during all the voyage. She recognized them as the two wanted con-women that were suspected to have been involved in the kidnapping of the daughter of a chief researcher in a lab some miles North. The girl was found almost unharmed and safe, yet sedated and with marks of physical abuse perpetrated by the two women. An APB on the two had been ordered and only the orders of her friends that they ‘could handle it so go get a bronze on your skin’ had prevented her from staying in town.

And now there they were. But Jane told her that they were not after them, but who had paid them to beat and torture the 19 years old co-ed. She was then revealed to be being held in a secret room in the basement of Claire’s house. The two women were heavily bound then strapped to boxes. Shortly thereafter Becca was blindfolded and she heard a lot of movement around her. When the blindfold was removed she found that two other women had been placed on beds next to hers and that the boxes were gone. Then Jane had a proposition to do to her, she could stay strapped to the bed or be removed to the house above their heads. It wasn’t the first time that Sammy and Billie were in town while Claire wasn’t. Becca nodded, hoping to find herself with chances to get the upper hand over her two captors.

But those two were very skilled. She was well cared, had good food to eat and did felt overly pampered sometimes. But not for once they let her have a chance. Since they watched the news with her, she ended up learning that the two con women were arrested with their client (the CEO of a rival lab) by the state police in the second day of her captivity. She also learned the identities of the two women now imprisoned in the secret room. Two young PI that were allegedly dead, much to some nasty arsonist’s relief.

Jane always dropped by to have a talk-talk with Sammy and Billie while they drank some coffee that she brewed for them, they even gave her (Becca) a little.

Then, three hours before, she gave them spiked coffee.

At first they simply couldn’t understand what was going on, their eyes lost their focus, their voices became soggy and their movements slouchy. They realized very quickly what Jane had done, but none of them could understand why. Billie stayed still until her head rested on Becca’s tummy (she was bound on the bed, hands bound to the headboard and feet to calves), but Sammy tried to rise and punch the grinning woman... and collapsed on her arms. The first thing that Jane did was to free her, then she gave her clean clothes and ordered her to have a bath. Becca found herself following the order to the letter, and took a long and refreshing one. When she returned she found Jane cinching the last knots on the two hogtied nude women.

Then she took her by the arm, led her downstairs and into the secret room, where Helen had joined the captivity of her PI colleagues. All three women were strapped to beds and with masks (could they be chloro ones?) tied to their faces. Rebecca was allowed to check on the girls and, considering what little she knew about human physiology, she considered them in good health. Jane explained that part of the ruse on the two PIs was to made them believe that Helen was a prisoner like them, then she made a proposition to Becca.

Becca’s hometown was perfect to their plans so, in exchange of her silence about the secret room and the organization, and very little and occasional help, Jane and her partners would provide any help that the local police force might need.

After nearly two hours of conversations, they reached an agreement and she went upstairs to have some fun at the expenses of her former captors. After twenty minutes of ticklish madness (she was just returning the favor...), Claire returned home right after Jane cinched the last knot on Becca’s renewed bonds.

And now they were hearing the last details of Claire’s retirement from the organization. What surprised Becca was that the main reason of Claire’s attitude wasn’t Sammy’ graduation, but her father. She couldn’t be an active member of an underground organization and be the sheriff’s wife at the same time... Then Jane told Claire what was going on in the guest room...

All three girls were freed in a matter of minutes while Jane could be seen in the TV drinking a mug of fresh coffee very innocently.

Claire became Claire Newton two months later, one week after Jane moved to town (and became particularly famous in the Halloweens that followed…).





When she felt the leather gloved hand over her mouth she panicked, then she heard his voice.

‘Hi gorgeous. May I know what are you doing here?’

He was clad in black from head to toe, and wasn’t alone. There was a woman equally dressed in a sort of commando suit that was holding coils of rope in her hands, and looking at them very impatiently. He took his hand off.

‘I-I-I..., I have this job as a secretary in a small financial firm, and made new friends there... one of them had this idea and we came here to enjoy a weekend at the beach during in between seasons... Is she... are they alright?’

- Hurry up.

He looked at the masked woman, then at the nearly naked goddess in front of him... all the fantasies that were still locked inside his brain came out all of a sudden.

But he had a job to do.

‘Nell, or whatever that is your name now, ...we’re in a hurry. We’re going to need to...’

She smiled and turned around, lying on her stomach with her hand crossed behind her back. Marylou started to do her business while he knelt on the floor next to her head.

‘Where are you living now?’

‘My driver’s license is in my purse. And before you ask, yes, you can drop by anytime you...’

‘Could you please cut the lovebird act and gag her?’

‘Stop being a pain in the neck!’

But Nell was already standing with her mouth open. Her packed her mouth with a hankie and taped her lips, then he stood up while Marylou finished her job. Then they went to the other rooms of that motel. It wasn’t the season, but most of the rooms had one or two young men and/or women in it. Marylou’s two brothers had already done what they needed with that industrial spy, who would sell useless data to his buyers supposing that he wasn’t identified by the cops when they arrived. He had forced them to use the ruse of the assault on the motel for the fifth time in four months. If there wasn’t a group of feds after tem by now...

But nothing of that was important to Vincent. He hadn’t heard of her since that night, he knew that the WitSec had given her a new identity and he would probably never ever see her again.

He was completely ruined and wanted by some nasty big guys, but the extension of the damages caused by the fall of his former boss was still being determined.

Dean Gilbert, Samuel James Tyren, whatever his name was, no one had ever heard of him again. His mortal fear of being discovered by Helen Hayes had turned his name into a joke.

While he couldn’t say that he was having a bad life… He only had to keep himself in his prime, something that was really hard considering the resources that he had at his option, and do the mission that were designated to him (none of them going against what little he had of a moral code). And the girls were a good bonus to his paycheck. But none could be compared to Nell. After he and Martin took care of a couple of sisters (he had to deal with the wildcat one while Martin had the scary sheepish red-haired) he returned to Nell’s room.

‘Time to sleep girl... Oh, and by the way, your friend is fine, but her sister headbutted me hard! And she’s fine too… Nell, I didn’t looked into your purse. If you don’t want me to...’

She shook her head vehemently.

‘You want me to? You want...’

She nodded.

‘You know that I won’t be able to go there in the open. I’ll have to drop by unexpectedly...’


It was Veronica in the earphone. She was coordinating the action from a car parked nearby.

‘Vincent, everybody but you and the woman that say your name with a smile in her face while sleeping is were he or she is supposed o be now. So do it! Now! The cops are on their way!’

‘The woman that what...?’

‘I don’t know if she loves you or just wants to spend some quality time with you. You find it out next week, or the one after that, I don’t know and I don’t care. I already have the code of the security system of her house, but it’ll be useless if you get caught. Actually it might put you both in trouble. So…, put her to sleep and got to the reunion point!’

Right, the reunion point. He had to sedate her, take a look at her driver’s license and run. She said his name in her dreams! He quickly soaked a cloth, sat on the edge of the bed and took another look at the curvaceous girl that was now in a position that showed to him all her features. Then he delicately placed the cloth over her nose. She did her part and inhaled deeply. He, on the other hand, did his best to control himself.

He managed to, she hadn’t changed too much. Just her nose and her hair, she was using color contact lens and fortunately they hadn’t touched her breasts. Her tied the cloth in place (over the nose) and run, he could already hear the sirens. He made it to the reunion point and three hours later was in another state, relaxing in a tub and already planning his first visit to Nell.