The Bad Girls, the Real Bad Girl, the Captives and the Two Real Captives





Kelly tightened the last strap, closed the buckle and stood back examining her handiwork.


Judge Martha W. Patterson was completely helpless at her (‘lack’ of) mercy and about to be ‘tortured’ as she had requested. The respected judge was now just another (about to be) satisfied client of Mistress Delores’ Concealed Dreams Club, lying on her belly in a very tight hogtie on a ‘dirt’ mattress in one of the rooms in the basement of the estate.


Both women wore black skintight micro leather skirts that exposed the base of their nearly bare buttocks (both wore tongue bikini bottoms underneath it) and blue leather crop tops with police badges attached to them. In the fantasy they were enacting JJ (Kelly) was a crooked cop that had overpowered her partner when Tracy (Martha) found out about her illegal activities. Now the tape gagged woman was going to be mercilessly tickled and then spanked by ‘JJ’ before being retied and left alone. ‘Tracy’ would have then three hours to free herself before ‘JJ’ returned, when she would either be freed by ‘JJ’ and finally pay her the extra promised (three years ago) if Kelly finally managed to render the judge really helpless by using only rope or, which had happened in the nine previous times they had played that fantasy, ‘Tracy’ would surprise ‘JJ’ and have her ‘revenge’ – as long as she was able to sit on hard surfaces that night it was OK for Kelly....


Kelly did not mind at all about being on the other side of the rope, but the fact that the older woman always managed to get free by herself of her ‘special’ knots was becoming a source of frustration for the 27 years red-haired girl, plus there was the fact that she had plans for the 10 grand she’ll receive when she finally managed to not be ‘caught by surprise’.


Suddenly she heard a buzz in her left ear. Mistress Delores was calling.


It has to be something really special; Mistress Delores’ strict rules about interruptions of fantasies were not to be taken lightly. She said the code word to the judge and, under the obviously disappointed and yet intrigued captive woman’s gaze she answered the call.


There was an ear plug in her ear and the ring on her hand could be used as a mike, gifts from a dotcom millionaire who had enjoyed his month of slaver fantasy, and all clients knew about it and that if they were used it was for a very good reason. Kelly didn’t like to hear the orders she received from Mistress Delores, but besides being her boss she was her friend, a very good one, and she knew that the harsh tone in her voice was unusual.


Something was wrong. She closed the connection and turned to her client.


‘‘Tracy’, I am sorry but I am being summoned ASAP to Mistress Delores’ office. If you want we can end this session right now and, as soon as I am available again, we can restart from the point we left or from the beginning. Or I can blindfold you now, another girl will arrive in a few moments, probably Melissa and she’ll use your forced blindness to help you believe that you are still prisoner of ‘JJ’. If you choose the later, Mistress Delores told me that when the door opens again in a few hours there will be two girls for you to overpower and play with, supposing that until then you manage to free yourself from the ropes they will apply on you in some moments. They’ll be Melissa and Heloise most probably. What do you chose? Blink once for the first option and twice for the second, okay?’


If she wasn’t wrong, Mistress Delores had only interrupted four fantasies in her nearly twenty years of business. Twice to give really bad news (death of relatives) to her clients, another to communicate to a doctor that he was being called at the hospital and the last one because she had found out about the other tastes of the client, which ended up sending him to jail. Normally Martha was a cautious woman, a very pondering one, but when she was inside this estate she was back to her snoopy and reckless years of her youth. And anyway if she stayed that meant TWO young, busty and flexible girls to play with...


‘Melissa has very sensitive soles and armpits and Heloise can’t stand have her naturally bigger than mine breasts tickled, but don’t tell them that I said it to you...’


The now blind woman just nodded and relaxed. Kelly moved a painting from its place at the wall and checked the sensors behind it, they were all already on and even depicting her vital signs besides Martha’s. She gave the older woman a quick last glance and went out to the corridor. Melissa and Freddie (two white girls instead of the usual biracial pair? That was a new one) were already arriving. They were dressed exactly like Kelly and, even with the stilettos they wore (Kelly had just removed hers in order to run faster) both girls were at least one inch smaller than the red, who was doing her best to keep a straight face as they passed through and politely mouthed ‘hi’ to her. None of the girls working for Mistress Delores was as ticklish as Freddie... she managed to let the unsuspecting brunette enter the room completely unaware of what lied ahead for her.


Melissa already knew the judge’s ‘fame’ of being a female Houdini. Usually they played an Amazonian Xena-like fantasy, with the blonde girl being ‘Callisto’ of course, and no matter how she tied the fift... forty something lady, she always managed to get rid of the ropes AND to place her in a stricter tie. Beside her and Kelly, other two girls were commonly chosen to be the villainess in her monthly weekend of fantasies at MDCD’s estate. That giantess Nigerian gal with a weird name was a black pharaoh that met her right dessert after having too much fun at the expenses of her oldest slave, POW, captive political enemy or whatever. And there was Sakura, who always played an evil Japanese lady (or ninja, spy or...) and whose extensive knowledge in shibari never was enough to keep the judge captive for a long time (unlike any other woman who enjoyed – or not – her ropes).


She didn’t go to the office on the first floor nor to her private quarters on the second, the orders were for her to go straight to the vast garage. Usually that meant that some very very VIP was arriving and, without any fake modesty concerning herself, only the best girls of the house could receive him or her. Then what that Southern ******** was doing there?


Layla only had – according to Kelly – her skill as masseuse to justify her employment, otherwise she was a ********, ************* and **************!!!


And the feeling was mutual...


But besides the tramp, Mistress Delores was there too, as well as those three bodybuilders, Marie, Mary and Donna. The first two had lost their breasts to their enhanced muscles and had to have it corrected surgically. Donna, obviously the strongest of the trio, towered everybody else in the room while she kept a ‘mean’ pose that was enough to Kelly avoid her stare. They were regularly used in Amazonian, military or femforce fantasies, but now wore black leotards and black shorts with a leather pochette tied to their waists. They could see that the pochettes were bulging with their contents.


Mistress Delores was dressed in a very conservative way, like a Sunday School teacher in her black garments and glasses. The black stilettos she was wearing didn’t made much to change the fact that the also ‘forty something’ grey haired woman was the smaller one in the place. Both Kelly and Layla felt the oppressive atmosphere of the place.


Something was really wrong.


Since Layla was behind and at the left of her boss and friend and the body builders waited in a line besides Layla, Kelly positioned herself at Layla’s right. Both girls eyed each other. It was true that MDCDC had nearly forty girls to all kinds of fantasies that didn’t involved sexual intercourse; they even had a couple of really fat girls and a couple of nearly skeleton girls for those who had such fetishes, but still...


HER breasts were real while Layla’s were obviously fake, SHE had real red hair while Layla changed her one’s color in a weekly basis to the point that not even she remembered the original color (and made lame jokes about it)! And...


‘Girls... there’s a car that is going to arrive in a few minutes. I would like that you put on something more ‘normal’ before they arrived. Like those clothes Marjorie put over there...’


Both girls instantly rushed to behind the van used in kidnap fantasies and found a pair of tennis shoes, black jeans trousers and two sizes too big white T-shirts. They quickly took off their fetishistic garments and were just checking themselves in the mirror like darkened glasses of the van when the garage’s door opened. They rushed to their previous places.


‘I’ll explain everything later. We are about to receive two girls that ARE NOT having a fantasy being fulfilled. They are captives, real captives of real deal evil people. I am paying an old debt by allowing these... worms to use my estate to guard them for a few days. It’s that or let them kill the two girls in a most unsavory and horrible fashion. Do not interfere! I know everything that you want to say right now, and believe me, there’s no other way to save those girls’ lives! I... I will pay you both five, no; ten times the usual for your days of care towards them, to make sure that they are fine and safe, but also completely unable to leave this place. Or they are doomed. Now, please, be quiet!’


A white limousine entered the nearly empty main garage and stopped right in front of the women. On the opposite side of the car two big and burly men left the vehicle with guns drawn, they ignored Donna and the other two’s stares and checked the place. Both wore black business suits and shades and one of them picked a device from a pocket of his suit, he waved it in all direction and said something in a foreign language to the people inside the car. The door on the women’s side opened and he appeared.


Tall, with reddish brown hair and a striking muscular figure. Vladimir ‘Beria’ B.!


No one knew his real surname; he was nicknamed after the infamous head of Stalin’s State Police due to his cruelty, ruthlessness and tendency to provoke real bloodbaths when someone dared to oppose him. Kelly gulped; Martha was the woman that had sent his brother Vassili to the death row! If he knew that she was so close...


‘Miss Delores I presume? I believe HE called you and informed you of your new... clients.’


‘Yes, HE did.’


Vladimir contained himself. Arrogant freak! He had killed many people for less! How dare she talk to him in such a... improper way? And looking at him straight in the eye!


If she wasn’t under HIS protection she would already be begging for her and the two busty gals (behind her) lives! Not to mention those transvestites!


But she, just like the two girls that should be already dead, was under the protection of the only man he feared in the whole world. And he had good reasons for that, didn’t he?


‘Piotr! Fetch the two **********! I want to leave this... place... ASAP as they say...’


Still in shock of being so close to the gangster, both Kelly and Layla’s eyes followed one of the men when he moved to the car’s trunk. He opened it and muffled screams could be heard. He grabbed what looked like a used sack of potatoes, which contained an obvious living cargo, and deposited it on the floor, and then he picked another.


‘And who is she?’


Both girls moved their heads back to the scene in front of them. A tall, statuesque and still very eerie blonde was getting out of the car. She was drop dead gorgeous, the body that top men’s magazines paid well to have in their pages, long legs and hair, big breasts and trim waist… and yet there was something really wrong with her.


Kelly’s eyes and the blonde’s get locked for a moment, and Kelly found herself backing out. The blonde hadn’t changed one thing in her attitude or looks, but now she looked very scary to Kelly. And a moment later, to Layla also.


‘She’s the caretaker of the two girls...’


‘Not a chance! She’s Illyana, right? ‘Dead Eyes’ Illyana, right?’


That nickname altered for the worst the aura around the blonde. She made a movement as if she was going to get closer to Mistress Delores, but Vladimir merely raised his left hand and she stopped. Now she looked straight at the smallest woman in the room, who seemed very unaffected by her stares. With a look of disdain (that infuriated more the blonde), Delores returned her glance to the bulky and dangerous man in front of her.


‘She will not get any closer to them, or any of my real clients or girls!’


‘Miss Fawcett...’


‘I know she swore to kill judge Martha W. Patterson! And I know that you (and she) know that the judge is here right now! Even if it wasn’t the case I would not...’


‘She’s going to stay.’


‘No she’s not!’


The three burly women behind Kelly started to move forward, the two burly men raised their guns ready to point them at the 5’1” lady that was arguing with their boss, the dread blonde was calculating how long she was going to let the arrogant **** lives…


At that moment Lara’s theme was heard. The still unnamed bodyguard grabbed a cell phone and handed it over to Vladimir with very shacking hands after he answered. Vladimir and Delores spoke with whoever it was and were forced to reach a deal.


The blonde, Illyana, was going to stay as a guest in the estate as long as she behaved. If she didn’t, Mistress Delores was free to proceed as she wanted with her; otherwise she was going to stay until she was called back by Vladimir. By then the two kidnapped women, who were going to be cared for by Kelly and Layla (and only them), would be left for the police to find them somewhere else many miles away from the estate. Reluctantly, both accepted the ‘suggestion’ from the man on the other side of the line.


Vladimir and his bodyguards reentered the limo which then left the garage. The two women were still writhing inside the sacks, at an order of their boss Kelly and Layla rushed to free them of them while she detailed to Illyana the rules which she would have to follow. Mary and Marie moved so they were behind Kelly and Layla and Donna, with the meanest look she could give to someone, stood behind her boss.


Each sack contained a nude and nearly mummified with rope ball tied woman. One was a incredibly buxom (both Layla and Kelly doubted that they were natural ones) woman with long jet black haired which had been tied to a ponytail and used to anchor some of the ties restraining her, the other was about two inches taller and was African-American with short black hair. Besides the absurd amount of rope all over their bodies and the tape covering their mouths and eyes, both women wore a strange looking belt with an electronic device attached to it. Kelly looked at the rope work and couldn’t deny that it was a well done job.


It would leave marks, they weren’t going anywhere and the best way to set them free would be cut them free, but the blood circulation seemed fine, no part of their bodies seemed to be damaged by the lack of oxygen and with some of Layla’s massage techniques they would be fine. Layla might be what she was, but she had to agree that she was good with her hands. Suddenly she felt a gloved hand covering her mouth.


‘No words, here, gag yourself with this. I’ll do the whole talking with them. I’ll explain everything to you girls later. But for now, silence yourself.’


Kelly looked at the other women, only the Russian girl also wasn’t gagged and looked at them with disdain. She opened her mouth and forced the foam ball inside, then she used the scarf to cleave gag herself very tight. Mistress Delores then ordered her to proceed.


Minutes later both women were lying on their belly on the ground as Layla worked her magic with them while Kelly gave them water. The pretty and lovely pair of Marjorie and Laura (better known as The Dolls due to their enchanting ‘fragility’) was assigned to tend to nearly all Illyana’s need (Mistress Delores made sure that she understood that sex was completely forbidden) but, even with the two ‘frail’ beauties wearing flimsiest black string bikinis grabbing her arms and trying to force her to go with them, Illyana insisted to hear what Mistress Delores had to say to the two captive women.


The petite woman attached a voice synthesizer around her neck (another gift from that .com millionaire) and spoke in a robotic voice, yet in a reassuring and almost comforting tone.


‘Ladies, I am the one in charge of you two for the next five days. Me and my assistants will see that you are in no pain, fed with edible and tasty food and beverages and, if possible, that you don’t spend all this time in what will soon become a boring state of immobility, blindness and muteness. I know that the youngest of you is Christy Xavier, a former hair-stylist-to-be that turned into a stripper for revenge against Vladimir, and was fool enough to go work in one of his gentlemen’s clubs trying to spy on him or, if possible, have a chance to kill him like he had your fiancé killed two years ago. Special Agent Cordelia Scott, I know that your partner is a crooked man in Vladimir’s pocket, that he betrayed you when you managed to convince Christy to testify against Vladimir in a minor case that would lead to his downfall if conducted properly. I know that he was one of the men that nearly raped you two a few hours ago. And that doesn’t matter to me. You can, and probably will, hunt him down to World’s End AFTER I receive confirmation that it’s safe to release you two, you can hunt Vladimir too if you like, although I believe that by this time tomorrow he won’t be in the USA and won’t ever return. You can do whatever you want for you will be alive and in one piece, just like Christy, but only after I release you both...’


Padded cuffs were placed on the women’s wrists and ankles, and both were thrown over one of the muscle-bound women’s shoulder. While Mary carried Christy to somewhere on the right wing of the estate with Layla following her, Marie took the struggling G-woman upstairs. At one point she got annoyed with the squirming woman and placed her on the floor, opened the pochette and retrieve pre-cuts (and neatly wrapped) coils of black rope and started to further immobilize the black girl. She gave a very explicit look to Kelly who quickly grabbed some rope and knelt to help her. Three minutes later there was nothing that Cordelia could do with her arms (who had been ‘melted’ to her back), but she still had fight in her. That’s when Kelly felt a presence behind her.



Judge Patterson was looking at the trio with a curious expression in her face. She was still wearing the provocative dress that fitted her mature body very well, and mouthed the letters ‘NCF’ to them as if she was making a question. Marie nodded and Kelly followed her.


The older woman approached and looked with obvious interest to the rope work done on the beauty before her. She mouthed ‘can I go with you?’ and received two folded hankies. She placed one inside her mouth and tied the other around her head, effectively cleave gagging herself. The group then went straight to one of the ‘luxury rooms’ and the judge helped Marie and Kelly to anchor the still struggling woman to the large and soft bed they placed her. While Marie created a harness of rope to hook the girl’s torso to the two posts of the head of the bed, Kelly and Martha freed her legs, and then each woman grabbed a leg and tied it to the leg’s correspondent post. Just to be ‘mean’ the judge decided to tickle her captive.


Six minutes later Marie and Kelly were escorting her out of that room and back to the one that had been appointed to her. The judge knew the rules and wrongly supposed that she had ‘overdid’ in her interference of the black girl’s fantasy.


Only after the door was closed was that Marie ripped the tape over her lips and indicated to Kelly that she could do that too. But both ignored Martha’s muffled pleas and warned her to keep going, or they would not free her before she returned to the room. Instead they would free the two girls sent to her and lock her with the two retaliating girls.


While they walked through the hallways and stairs with Martha in front of them, Kelly told the story and made Marie understand that she would do the talking. Much to Martha’s relief, she was freed from the tape harness that she had been placed in by the two women before they reached her door. She had to hear a lengthy lecture on what she could do or not while inside the MDCDC’s walls, then another lecture on the prohibition of interference in another client’s fantasy and finally the information that she would remain locked with ONE girl for the rest of her stay as a punishment, so she would have to chose between Melissa and Freddie. Martha tried (still gagged) to reason with the duo, but was threatened of being locked mummified and alone in her room if she did not obeyed them.


‘Honestly Martha... would you like that someone decided to have any kind of liberty with your fantasy? I can’t tell you who she is, except that she is a newcomer. Yes, that’s the first time that she is here. She’s... what exactly is her fantasy again Marie? Spy or G-Man?’


‘G-Man, and she has discovered that Mistress Delores, and us, are actually Soviet spies. We kidnap lovely girls that work for the government and ‘torture’ them. And now she is in our power, and we want to know how much she knows about our operation...’


‘Yeah, just like that. She likes Eric Stanton, Ruiz and Eneg’s work for Nutrix, and for the next days she will be living in one of their stories. She’s paying us to fulfill that fantasy and you saw how much she’s convincing as a Non-Consensual Faker. She’s having the time of her life, and you wanted to have some fun with her!’


It had worked, Martha’s eyes went down and she nodded. She was really ashamed, almost in the verge of tears, and she turned her back to Kelly so Kelly could ungag her.


‘I would like to stay with Melissa if I can choose...’


Inside the room she could see that the judge had been busy. Melissa and Freddie were naked and kneeling hogtied on the mattress, facing each other and with their bodies tied up together from the back of their knees to their bosoms. Their wrists were not only tied to their ankles but also to their waists and a complex pattern was holding their upper bodies linked as one. Both girls were tape gagged and blindfolded and made quite a show of desperate and muffled pleas for help when they heard the door opening.




The safe word made both girls stop their performances and stay silent and quiet as Kelly and Marie converged on Freddie. The short-auburn beauty didn’t even flinch as she felt the ropes being removed and Marie helped her to stand up.


‘Alright, Martha misused her allowed freedom and because of that... well what kind of fantasy you were enacting here anyway?’


‘We had reversed the roles. She was ‘JJ’, the crooked cop and I was ‘Tracy’ her captured partner, Melissa was ‘Lena’, another cop that discovered how crooked ‘JJ’ was but was also captured. And before you ask, she was already freeing herself when we entered the room...’

Kelly looked back at Martha, who was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. How could she have done that? She would question Freddie and Melissa later but now she had to talk with her boss. After a moment she had a satisfactory solution for the current situation.


‘OK, Martha, what about this: ‘JJ’ was selling ‘Tracy’ and “Lena’ to her real boss when her cover was blown and she became a fugitive. She managed to escape with ‘Lena’ and, now, she’s in a hideout with ‘Lena’. She doesn’t dare to get out of the room (and we won’t let you do it anyway) and has a very good reason to stay a while longer anyway...’




As ‘JJ’ started to show to her ‘poor captive’ how mad she was mad for her ‘unusual source of income’ had been discovered, Marie locked the door of the room. Freddie was told to go to her room and Marie and Kelly went straight to Mistress Delores’ office.


As usual, Mistress Delores was monitoring the activity in the rooms of her estate when they entered. It was a slow weekend. Councilman Troy Baker was enjoying his idea of a kinky cowboy with Adele and Shawna; a famous (and snoopy) TV reporter enjoyed her Lois Lane fantasies with the help of 50’s style dress for her, fake bombs and the masked women that kept placing her in peril over and over again; two bored housewives in their mid-40’s played cops and robbers with Susan and Wanda; Jenny and Xiao were mud-fighting each other in the back of the estate as four friends cheered and placed their bets on them...


...and Illyana was carefully cinching the last knots holding Laura (or Marjorie)’s body on the chair she was sitting. Actually how much rope did that Russian had used?


She barely could see the feet of the girl under all the rope that was over then, even her soles had been roped! The same went for her legs, lap, torso and arms. Only her hands appeared at the end of the armchairs in which they were now attached to. Even the girl’s breasts were adorned with rope, almost covering them completely.


And besides them, on the large white silk covered bed of room 23 (one of the most isolated of the estate at the East corner), was a rope mummy. From her toes to her neck Marjorie (or Laura) was almost completely covered by white rope wrapped around her body. On a closer look they could see that each wrist had been tied to its correspondent thigh before the arm was wrapped to the torso. The hands, with its bound fingers, stood alone above the mass of crisp rope, even her breast were completely covered.


Then Illyana, clad only in a white and silver lacy set of bra and panties, grabbed two guns from the holsters that were hanging on the door’s knob and went outside.


‘Predictable... she was Vassili’s fiancée and, for some reason, deeply in love with that...’


The security system now showed Illyana running straight to the basement.


How did she know where the judge was supposed to be? She managed to get unnoticed and even hid behind a curtain as An-Li and Lin-Mei passed following on all fours their ‘master’ (for the weekend) as he tugged their leash (her expression as she emerged from behind the curtains was of pure disgust and perplexity). Then she got in front of one of the doors to the basement and opened it and run at top speed through the stairs.


‘Madam... shouldn’t we...’


‘All the necessary precautions were taken care of enjoy the show please...’


Meanwhile Illyana managed to successfully reach the door of Martha’s room, kicked it open... and had her ankle grabbed and pulled inside the room!


Inside the room, as they could see now, weren’t Judge Martha and Melissa, but Honey and Miss P. (the two real obese women that worked at the estate) plus Donna and Extravaganza (the only real sadistic woman, and martial arts specialist, that worked for Mistress Delores). And all four were really interested in making Illyana stay a little more...


It was a fierce fight, even outnumbered Illyana wasn’t an easy target. She managed to get a foot landing painfully in Donna’s side and a punch broke the nose of Miss P., but her hardest punches meant nothing to Honey’s 250 kg or to Extravaganza (who felt the punches but ignored them), and when Miss P. and Donna recovered the Russian girl was doomed.


As Extravaganza managed to cuff her wrists behind her back the tallest women of the attackers grabbed her flying legs (she was managing to send powerful yet ineffective kicks) and then Miss P. grabbed her and hugged Illyana from behind, making her torso disappear under her massive arms. From them on Extravaganza and Donna worked on a frenzy of rope and black electrician tape and, when they finished, they reduced Illyana to a black (tape) and white (rope) standing mummy not much different than the ones she had left in room 23. A hard rubber ball was jammed into her mouth and lots of tape ensured that she wouldn’t be able to remove it on her own, then Miss P. grabbed the captive and...


‘Well... that’s enough of that crazy loony. The four of them are to ensure that she isn’t able to move but her eyelids for the whole duration of her stay here... we have bigger issues to talk now. I am sure that you all have a lot of questions to make but first...’


There was a knock at the door and Layla and Mary entered. Both looked surprised at the sight of the mummified Russian displayed in the large screen behind Mistress Delores, but Layla seemed somehow to be... afraid of something?


‘Kelly, I know that you and Layla doesn’t like each other, and I know that you have been wanting to do something like that for months, so... bind and gag this little *******!’


Now Mistress Delores was furious and enraged, Layla tried to run and only managed to collide with Mary’s massive frame. Kelly was too much happy to oblige and soon the now naked (Mary cut and ripped her clothes from her body) Layla was resting on her side on the floor, her body trapped in a taut hogtie and her pleas for mercy muffled by strips of her own clothes stuffing her mouth and wrapped around it.


‘The 20K that you received from Illyana to tell her about the judge’s habits in MY HOME AND WORKPLACE were already removed from your bank account, which was cleaned by the way, and I must inform you that the only way for you to ever walk out of this estate a free woman again is following EVERY order that those two gave you!’


Then something happened that Kelly had only seen in some fantasies that she had taken part, Mary produced a nickel and showed to Marie that it was a true coin, not a twice-headed or twice-tailed one, then Marie shouted ‘Heads’ and Mary threw the coin, and won. She grabbed the struggling nude girl in her arms and left the room.


Kelly’s face showed all her shock.


‘Don’t worry, I am not a crazy vengeful bitch... HE told me that Illyana paid Layla the 20K as an extra bonus, the primary payment being 48 hrs of full and exclusive submission to her mistress (Illyana herself). I already knew that Layla is a closet submissive woman, or more like a one-woman-only-to-serve submissive, but HE told me that with a little pressure she’ll gladly accept her new role in my estate, as the toy of my three bodybuilders...’


‘But... but...’


‘You have questions, lots of questions, don’t you, my dear?’


Kelly nodded.


‘Well, let me fetch some tea and I’ll answer them all.’








‘Frank Farmer? No, I never heard of a man called that. Why?’


‘Because, my dear, I would not be here if it wasn’t for him. Twenty-one years ago he saved my life and let me keep the money that caused a small bloodbath in a town three states on our west, I won’t give any more details, and it was a small fortune. I used it to create the Concealed Dreams Club and, as the years went, I heard his name become a legend...’


‘But I never... who he is anyway, and why Vladimir ‘Beria’ fears him so much?’


‘He is the one that is not to be disturbed, the one that you better leave alone. Because if you don’t... How do you think that Vassili B. was caught by the FBI, because he messed with Frank Farmer. If I told you the stories I heard about him, all true yet unbelievable, you would understand why the treat of messing with him stirs so much panic from every major player in the ‘underworld’ of crime in the US!!! They tried to kill him, not once nor twice but about two dozen times! And two dozen times they only managed to ****** him ***!’


‘But what he is exactly?’


‘According to his own words: ‘A guy with a huge honor word that likes to help his pals’. No more and no less. And he has such a big number of pals, like me. But it cuts both ways, he expects that we help him as well when he needs it... like now...’


‘So the two girls...’


‘Were about to get killed by Vladimir and his pals, after they had their way with them, but fortunately for the girls... Special Agent Cordelia Scott is the daughter of a ‘pal’ of his, so you can tie her up but besides that... ‘HANDS OFF BUDDY’!!!’


‘So what now?’


‘What else? You are in charge of two unwilling captives, you’ll have to feed them, bath them, clean after... you know, and keep them tied up and gagged for as long as its necessary for Vladimir close every little piece of action that has his name on it and returns to his country, leaving a new Russian mob boss in town in his place!’


‘But... why? Because of what that G-woman knows about him?’


‘Exactly! She’s under Frank Farmer’s protection and when it comes to Frank Farmer the rules are simple: 1- You don’t try to outsmart Frank Farmer; 2- You don’t hurt Frank Farmer’s protegees and; 3- You don’t try to kill Frank Farmer. You can’t be a major ‘player’ in the ‘big leagues’ without following these three simple rules!’


‘But a man so feared... how can he be so unknown?’


‘Because no ‘major player’ will ever admit that some hillbilly from Tennessee scares him or her to the core! There’s this aura of respectability that they want to preserve, and Frank doesn’t likes too much attention anyway, he prefers to live in peace...’


‘ long as no one messes with him or one of his pals... I got it. Sorry, madam’, but I still don’t believe in it although. Don’t worry, I am really going to take care of those two. But what about Illyana... and Layla? What will really happen to them?’


‘Illyana is going to live through the hellish experience (for a dominatrix like her) of being the ‘binding toy’ of Extravaganza and Donna, which now realize that they have a real tigress in their hands so they would ensure that, while she’s cared for, she won’t have a chance to get free until I say so. I just for good measure I won’t let her walk out of here on her feet, she’s to be delivered back to the Russian mob as bound and gagged as Christy and Cordelia. If that doesn’t take her down a peg or two...’


‘And Layla?’


‘Give the Maries two weeks to ‘punish’ her, after all Illyana was going to invade this place one way or another, to better avenge her beloved Vassili. It was going to be a real deal murder inside this walls and who knows she would kill along the way!’


‘OK, and after the two weeks ordeal?’


‘I’ll give all her money, minus the 20k that will go straight to charity, back and kick her out of here if she doesn’t wants to stay! If she does... it will be under new rules of course...’






Twelve days later the new Russian big boss, Arkadin Groylenko, stopped by to pick up and dispose of Christy and Cordelia. Christy was found inside a abandoned car’s trunk six hours later while Cordelia stayed a couple of hours more with the mob, and was found sleeping inside a foreclosed house. None of them had any useful information about the mob, and the corpse of the missing partner of Cordelia's was found three months later. His death wasn’t lamented. Illyana didn’t like to be delivered back to the Russian HQ inside another used potatoes’ sack, and tried two more times to invade the Concealed Dreams Club (which was under Frank Farmer’s protection) until she was packed up for travel and delivered to Vladyvostok. Layla had by then long became the personal slave of the two Maries. It took a while for Kelly to finally believe in all the stories she heard about Frank Farmer once she started asking for them, but she finally did it.