The ‘Captive’’s Real Trouble





In 1982 four friends decided to show the world what they could do and formed the all female pop/rock band ‘The Red Bayonets’. Their first album was good, but didn’t sold well. But their second album, ‘Shootin’N’Stabbing with Anger’, was a smash hit.


Unfortunately, the pair of sisters that was the core of the ‘RB’ died in a tragic car accident in the following winter, when they were working on the upcoming third album, ‘Girlfriend, Never Send Them Flowers’, which was never released and became a myth in the music industry. Of the two remaining members one died a few years later of an ‘accidental’ OD (there were many rumors saying otherwise), while the other one only appeared in the media when she did one of her regular guest appearances on others singers and bands albums and shows (showing her absurd and excessive fun loving attitude all around) or when she got out of the closet in the mid 90’s and became one of the major supporters of ‘gay marriage’.


I remember that I laughed a lot when I saw the videoclip of ‘But I Love Them Both!’ (about how the leader of the band couldn’t chose between a yuppie and a punk leading to a comic end in a wedding) in a VH1 special about ‘Worst Hairdos Ever’, what they were thinking (if they were at all) back in the 80’s to use so much lacquer?


Anyway, the reason of why I’m telling you about my landlady’s past because it has everything to do with happened to me, her and all the others that Saturday morning.





‘Billie May’ Hammer (real name unknown) put her money on many buildings that she rented for a living, to the point that people called her the ‘Czarina of May Street’ since she (apparently) owned half of the buildings there. Including the one were I lived back then.


I was a student at a college and worked as a waitress in a restaurant when the economic crisis fell hard on the town. To make a long story short, I had but a semester left to graduate and no money to pay the rent. After a couple of months behind I was in deep trouble and had no one to turn to. My father had lost his job and my brother had his wife and three kids as priorities, so I had to find a way, any legal and decent way, to get the money or...


One day, I was returning home with some groceries I had just bought, and she was waiting for me at the elevator hall of my floor. Billie May. Any other early 50’s lady that dared to dress like her (like a Goth chick teenager) would be labeled as lunatic or ridiculous but not her, she was wearing a pair of boots with platforms (like some Japanese girls just love to do), skirt and tight T-shirt, all in black. Her nails, wig (with pigtails!) and lipstick were black too, which made her piercing indigo blue eyes stand out even more than the usual.


She apologized for her sudden appearance but was in a hurry, she had to talk to me and to be in a party in New York in less than three hours, and what she had to talk to me couldn’t be said in a phone. I invited her in and, after a small talk, she made the proposition.


She had this fantasy that she wanted to fulfill, and if I helped her she’ll forget the months that I owed to her and even would pay me some. My first instinct was to throw her out of the apartment, my second was to somehow make her repeat that proposal in front of a concealed camera, my third was to ask the obvious ‘What kind of fantasies?’.


She laughed, and told me that she knew exactly what I had thought a moment before, and said that it was not that. She was a big lesbian, very proud of it and of course she could have some sexual fantasies with a girl as beautiful as me. But she already had a woman whom she was living with for the past twelve years, said woman was very jealous and she didn’t wanted to get in trouble at home, not even for a ‘drop dead gorgeous’ little me.


The fantasy that she had was to be the ‘cruel’ kidnapper of a young girl, so basically she wanted to have me tied up and gagged for a full weekend. And she said that as if it was the most natural request of them all! And she didn’t even bothered to let me answer the question, she knew exactly what I would say to her if she didn’t started to talk and talk that I didn’t needed to answer right away, that I had a full week to think about it and that (oh!) she was so late for the party (she had a flight to catch with that appearance!)...


I found myself standing mouth open in my living room and completely unable to get a grip of myself, then I realized that I still had to put the groceries in the fridge and after that I knew what I had to do, I had to see Claire! ASAP!


Claire was my best friend among those that lived in the building, and in the whole city for that matter (people often were made to believe that we were relatives of childhood friends so big and natural was our relationship), I ran three flights of stairs in record time and she was already waiting for me. She didn’t let me say anything, nor that I was even a little coherent anyway, and she already knew why I was there. She had seen Billie May and had deduced what she was up to. And how could she do that? Because she had been once a ‘victim’ in one of Billie May’s fantasies herself! That was too much for me.


I let her guide me to her kitchen where I sat on a chair while she fetched some tea for us.


While I waited she told me everything...


Billie May was really deeply in love with the woman she lived with, a big bucks lawyer called Rosendra Estelita Carvajal, or Rosie, but there was one thing that she and Rosie never had managed to deal with properly, Billie’s desire to bind and gag women. So they had settled a deal, Billie would be free to have her ‘victims’ as long as there was no sex between her and them (Rosie was even more jealous than Billie had told me).


Six years before she, Claire, had had some troubles thanks to a guy who pretended to be her boyfriend just to get access to her bank account. She told me that, at first, she felt like the virgin lamb being offered to the Dark Gods of the RPGs she sold in her shop; but then she realized that Billie wasn’t going to hurt her or rape her, that she had breaks every two hours and that there were so many rules in the whole situation (all settled by Rosie) that she was safe all the time, Billie was safe all the time and, in the end, she bothered more with the cramps she got when she was bound to a tree in Billie’s estate than anything else...


Instead of teasing me with what might happen if I accepted Billie’s proposal, Claire excused herself for a moment and returned with a small photo album, one of those that has only one photo per page, and showed me her records of that weekend.


I looked at her then at the girl in the pictures, only her hairdo had changed! Now Claire had shoulder length blonde hair, while in the pictures in may go to the small of her back (really Rapunzel-like), but otherwise... I had a more voluptuous body while she was more athletic, but there were pictures in which she was stark naked (including the one that might had gave her the cramps)! And she had a lot of stories about each one that, when I realized, she had made dinner for us both and I was still listening to her. Me and Claire always ended up eating in each other’s apartment because when we started to chat...


And she talked and talked and talked, and I listened and laughed and when I realized I was back to my apartment with a few phone numbers and addresses of other women that had modeled for Billie May. I met all five during the following three days.


A veterinarian, a housewife, a cop(!), a bank teller and a shop clerk. All had been or still were very beautiful women and had no regrets of their modeling experience, although none of them had made the experience a public one (nor had the intent to do it), and all told me delicious stories about Rosie’s jealousy and Billie May’s wicked mind.


And thus, on the night of the fourth day after Billie May had made the proposition, I called her through a number she had left written on a post it taped on my refrigerator’s door.







Two Fridays later there was a SUV waiting for me when I returned from the job. Inside there were two very anxious girls who happened to be in the same situation than me, and Billie had decided to do a ‘damsel fanfare fantasy’ this time, and there was one last girl on the list of our driver. I put my bag (with three changes of underwear and a couple of my sexiest bikinis) in the trunk and joined the others in the back. One of the girls was from Chinatown while the other was African-American, the last on the list was a farmer girl that had recently arrived in town running from her home in the Bible Belt as if it was from Hell itself. She did have the Angel-like look while I was more the ‘bad girl’.


I’ll explain, since Claire and the other former ‘models’ of Billie had described the fantasies they had fulfilled for her to me, it was more than obvious that Billie got her ‘inspiration’ in old movie and TV serials, 30’s to 50’s comic strips and books and pulp literature, so I had spent my spare time reading on the web and public library about those ‘sources’.


The heroine, and most likely to be the damsel in distress, was usually blonde (OK Princess Narda, Normandie and Diana Palmer were not blondes, but I said USUALLY and it was also common that they had long hair during the 30’s and short in the 50’s) and buxom and had a... ‘naive’ (Ok, DUMB) attitude; always making the bad choices possible, trusting the wrong people and being there just so the hero could rescue her!




The ‘bad girl’, on the other hand, had black hair (preferably and usually short), might not be white in full or partially (every half caste was not to be trusted..., RACISM!) and was there to seduce the hero to the ‘wrong path’, to frame him, to be ‘bad’, to interfere in the hero’s romance with the heroine and to, occasionally, end up B&G either by the hero (most rarely by the heroine) or because she had ‘reformed’ and her allies or thugs wanted then to use her as a bait to the latest hero’s trap. It’s a generalization I know, but I needed to have a better idea of what Billie May had in store for me


So there was this buxom blonde sitting right next to me. And I have jet black hair, which I used short at that time and was more ‘Dragon Lady’ than ‘Normandie’, so I was to be the bad girl and would tie her up more than she would do the same to me.


The African American girl was more likely to be used as a ‘Black Amazon’, ‘Jungle Princess’ or (if Billie would reenact one of the scenarios that the ladycop had told me) the ‘Union Spy Behind Confederate Lines’ (from time to time Billie had PC fantasies...).


Finally, the Chinese girl would more likely to be a ‘Servant’ or a ‘Yellow Peril’...


Look, don’t get me wrong on this. I know that most of those fantasies were (according to the former models) STRONGLY BASED ON RACIAL STEREOTYPES.


The first thing that Billie was going to do, when we arrived at the place the SUV was taking us, was to read the contract we would have to sign before anything else. One of the clauses stated that in no way her fantasies condoned racist stereotype, she was more interested in ‘recreate’ scenes from old movies, TV shows and comics.


But if by any chance any of the models felt that that was the case she could excuse herself to take part of that fantasy, doing ‘tied up bikini model’ photo shoots instead. We would not be forced of anything. If any of us had a cold feet before or during the shoots there were clauses that would ensure that the wish (to not take part of the shoot) was respected.


But I was saying...?


Oh yes, there we were, four young and leggy girls hitting the road since Billie’s estate was located in another county. After a good hour in which we talked between us and with her (through a secure satphone link) most of the time, and she reassured us that everything was going to be fine, nothing bad would happen to us and (who knows, we might have a good time, we arrived at her ‘modest home in the hills’.


A two stories, XIX century Classic style, BIG of a manor!


All the regular staff was out for the weekend (as usual during her ‘fantasies weekends’) and there were only her and two maids to greet us. The burly driver unloaded what little we had of baggage and left in his car, Billie escorted us to the library as she told the two maids to get the dinner ready in fifteen minutes. She made us sit on a comfortable sofa and showed a video to us in which the ‘making-of’ of a few of her photo-shoots were depicted.


It was weird to see a girl dressed as a damsel from an old (Italian) Hercules flick and tied to a column being fed by one of the maids, then her teeth were clean and she was regagged for ‘part two’ of the shoot she was in. Not as weirder as when a couple of black (and really statuesque, Grace Jones would envy those two) ‘Amazons’ finished cinching the last knot on Billie, who filmed the whole procedure by aiming the camera at a big and large mirror, and then go bind and gag the girls they were supposed to... Then a quick series of pictures showed us all 113 amateur models that had posed for her until then...


Hey, she did it every 2 weeks! She still does it actually!!! By now there must be over 300 pictures! Why? Because what I am telling you happened YEARS AGO, long before I got married and had my children. Can I please be allowed to go on?


(Thank you...)


Most of the girls were wearing fantasies or historical costumes, but about twenty were wearing bikinis, and all were bound and gagged in all humanly possible poses that exists!


We had a great dinner after which Billie asked which one of us had second thoughts.


I raised my hand, like the others did.


And then Charlotte and Hildie (the maids, the first was a dirty blond with military cut hair and quite an athletic body, the later was a redhead with freckles, glasses and long braided hair) brought coils of rope and rolls of tape in silver trays to Billie.


She looked at us and focussed her attention on Marie (the farmer girl) and told her to stand up and turn around. The table of the main room was big enough for thirty people to sit around it and we were gathered in a corner, Billie took Marie by an arm and both walked to the other corner. There, with her back to us all the time, Marie was calmly tied up hand and foot by Billie. Nothing too complicated, feet together and hands palm to palm and then rope around the ankles and wrists. Another coil of rope for her knees and another for lash her arms to her back... Marie did struggle and get really uneasy at that point, shaking a little, but Billie whispered reassuring words to her ears and she calmed down. Billie then cinched all the knots, helped her to turn around and gagged her with a sponge inside her mouth and a very long white ribbon looped around her head four or five turns (until Marie got actually bored) and tied between her teeth. Billie helped her to sit on the first chair on the left corner of the table and then looped a rope to further secure her to the back of the chair.


Then it was Neena (the African American girl), who just by sheer coincidence was wearing exactly the same white T-shirt with some movie logo (in red) on the chest that Marie was. Her black and indigo jeans pants were tighter and she was wearing boots instead of white tennis shoes. She did her best to hide her fears, with moderate success, and was tied exactly like Marie has, except that she was imprisoned to the first chair on the right corner.


Li’s dark blue coveralls were the next to be ‘adorned’ with the white rope by Billie who gagged her with strips of microfoam tape carefully smoothed over the smaller girl (of the whole bunch)’s lips. When it came to my turn Billie played a dirty trick on me.


She tied me exactly as she had tied the others and gagged me with a white ball with straps that she buckled behind my head, then she blindfolded me with a thick white towel and spun me around! Not very quickly, just enough to disorient me... and then she made me lie flat on the table! My ankles and wrists were connected by a long piece of rope and she then proceeded to have desserts for her and the maids, as they took their time chatting about generalities. I stayed like that for half an hour, then the blindfold was removed and I found myself staring at a camera lens! She had filmed the whole stuff, from Marie’s tying to the then current moment thanks to the help of a third maid! She did ask if we were still scared, because SHE (and the maids) were the ones that should be scared!


If I was allowed to be freed at that moment....


But then Charlotte tempted me with the most tastily (and still hot) piece of apple pie I had ever scented, Claire might have told Billie what was my ‘kryptonite’, and the other girls were also being tempted with delicious pieces of that divine recipe (Hildie gave the recipe to me afterwards, but while my attempts to follow that recipe are – at most – wonderlicious, HERS are simple out-of-this-world!). None of us was freed (except for the gags of course) and we had to be fed like babies by the maids.


That’s when it happened, the phone call.





Mellisha (the third maid, the only person of evident mixed ancestry in the whole place, tall and big and strong and yet very feminine) brought the phone to Billie, who was teasing Li at the moment, and we could see that it wasn’t a pleasant call. Billie immediately run to another part of the manor, one a bit distant from where we forcibly stood, and started to have an altercation in a foreign language with whoever was calling her.


After a few minutes of what was unmistakably an exchange of insults she returned and showed all her disappointment as she saw us freed of any bonds.


Marie quickly was in front of her, holding both her hands between her own and telling her that we had agreed to have a ‘nighty night’ photo-shoot after all the preparations for the night were done. Well, actually we hadn’t, yet. But Hildie had told us to ponder on the idea as we were freed by the maids, and let slip that a ‘Red Bayonets’ memorabilia collector was doing all that he/she could to have the recorded sessions of the production of ‘Girlfriend, Never Send Them Flowers’ for him/herself...


Little did we knew at the time how much truth lied in those words...


So I got a shower, put on a sexy lacy white set of bra and panties and spent thirty minutes striking poses with the others on one of the manor’s staircases (a spiral one) in what ended up becoming my very first model session! Hildie, wearing the only thong among us, was simply spectacular in her red and black lacy set and we could see that she was actually enjoying her ‘punishment’, she was bound form head to toe in red rope!, for tricking us into the photo-shoot... Billie’s mood was back to its devious and kinky (and friendly and non-invasive) usual tone. Meanwhile, over six hundred miles from were we spend a good night of sleep (all of us) afterwards, Billie’s ‘love of her life’ was having problems...





Rosie was having a dinner in her hotel room while she and her private secretary (who had dinned hours before) were revising some notes on a heritage case that had took her out of her state, and allowed Billie to have another of her ‘PhotoWeekends’ as she called them.


There was a knock at the door, a very quick one, and they thought that it was the secretary’s assistant returning from her ‘private’ phone call. Rosie’s secretary, Bella (and boy did that girl deserve her name!), went to open the door... and received the tightly bound and gagged body of Terry (the assistant) in her arms as four guys clad in black commando clothes entered the room. For a moment she didn’t knew what to do, Terry’s teary eyes helped her to get back to reality and she attempted to scream for help.


A huge bear paw was all over her lower face in the next second. Still holding the tight package of human flesh in her arms she was shoved against the wall and, with his other hand, her attacker pointed a gun at her, keeping it inches from her face.


Rosie merely raised her hands and asked (in a low tone) what was it all about.


Both she and Bella were forced at gunpoint to gag themselves, undress to their underwear and were bound as Terry was stuck (due to raw terror) at their feet. The musclebound leader of the attackers told them that they had taken care of the hotel’s security minutes before, that they would be all given a ride and that they would be set free in the following day’s afternoon. Both Rosie and Bella had been tied identically as Terry had been, except that their legs were free. Terry was helped to stand and the bonds on her legs were cut, the three captives were then taken to the corridor of the floor and straight to an awaiting elevator and taken directly to the 3rd sublevel of the hotel. At the parking lot each woman was grabbed by an arm and roughly led by one of the attackers to a black van.


Meanwhile, on the presidential suit of the Hotel, a famous Japanese director and a famous Bollywood actress had their tryst interrupted by three other black and grey clad attackers. As the young woman was roughly handed by the one of the few women of the group of attackers, the Japanese director was forced to clean one of his secret bank accounts.


After that he was then conked in the head and unceremoniously threw over the same bed in which the Indian actress was lying naked, crudely gagged to the limit of her oral cavity and spreadeagled. He woke up more or less at the time that the police appeared at the room.


At the lobby of the hotel the two pretty ‘replacements’ of the real receptionist, whom with the night manager and administrative staff were writhing on the floor of the offices behind the lobby, were checking if there was anybody else at the hotel that was worth to be robbed (to better ensure the cover-up of Rosie’s abduction) and found a couple of names (that were afterwards visited by their companions). The geek of the group ensured that all records of the cameras of the hotel had been erased and that Rosie’s registration was gone.


With the two ‘receptionists’ and two men he was ordered to take one last check on the night staff of the hotel. And found that even tape bound, gagged and blindfolded the two receptionists (a mid-twenties petite brunette and a thin – yet very beautiful - blonde girl) had somehow managed to undo their bonds and were untying the others...


Since somehow one of the chambermaids had managed to hide a cellphone with her as she was in her undies, the police had been already called and was getting close.


The real receptionists were quickly regagged with duct tape and had their wrists and elbows taped together. They were supposed to be taken as hostages (and something more to punish them for their interference), but as the group run to the back of the hotel and entered the employee’s parking lot they found themselves surrounded by the cops. From behind and in front of them about a dozen guns were aimed at them.


The geek grabbed the nearly naked terrorized blonde (her bra had been removed as part of her upcoming punishment) and tried to use her as a shield, only to be pistol butted (hard) by one of the fake receptionists. There was death penalty in that state and she would not have it landing on her lap dues to his actions (and besides the whole punishment idea had made her want to puke, but she knew better than to protest). She was the only one among the cover-up group of attackers that received some leniency from the authorities of that state.


All the seventeen members of the cover-up group were arrested in less than thirty minutes, but Rosie’s abduction was only discovered four hours later after the cops rounded the whole hotel after other robbers/attackers and managed to discover who was in that hotel room that depicted obvious signs of a fight/kidnap (the records of the hotel had been erased by the geek). They got in touch with Billie May right after that...







It was roughly 5:00 AM when Billie May received the e-mail from the kidnappers. She wasn’t really surprised that they wanted ALL the recorded sessions of ‘Girlfriend, Never Send Them Flowers’, she knew how bad was the reputation of the person that was after them for the past three years... (one of the many secondary reasons as to why she didn’t sold them), but the sight of Rosie, Bella and Terry writhing on a bare mattress made her blood became magma in her veins. For the first time in her life she saw women bound and gagged and didn’t felt warm inside because of that.


She was going to make them pay! But first she had to deal with me and the other ‘models’ and the bitchy maid (Charlotte) who was in league with the kidnappers and had captured the other maids. It was actually very simple for Charlotte to do that.


Every night Hildie went to sleep after drinking a cup of tea, that night she went to the kitchen and thanked her friend Charlotte for having prepared one in advance for her and was lying drugged in her ‘friend’’s arms not three minutes after. Charlotte carried the girl to her room and proceeded to tie her up immediately, simple stuff actually (crossed ankles and wrists) all done with tape and lots of strips over her pouty ‘Angelina Jolie’-like lips.


Then she grabbed her gun and knocked at the door of Melisha’s room. Five minutes later she escorted/dragged Melisha (who had her wrists crossed and taped behind her back and was gagged as Hildie had been) back to her room. There she made Melisha lie on her bed on her side and facing Hildie and, with many threats of the use of her gun, she managed to tie each girl’s wrists at the small of the back of the other. There was a rope tied around each girl’s waist, that also ran... between the legs, that anchored the other girl’s wrists in position. Charlotte then tied each girl’s legs at the ankles, above and below the knees and thighs and linked each tie to the correspondent one on the other girl’s legs with short pieces of rope. With some effort she managed to wrap some home over both girls’ torsos, tightening their ‘hug’ in the process and finished her job by cutting and removing both girl’s (sexy) underwear. Then she sat on the edge of her bed and, while awaiting for her comrades to contact her (thus forcing her to contact Billie May), she turned the TV on.


Hildie woke up around 1:30 AM and was quickly as scared as Melisha was with that total stranger whom she had worked with for over an year, not that Charlotte was bad or mean to them, she simply was showing to them who she really was; a cold blooded mercenary that wasn’t going to hurt simply because she wasn’t being paid for that, because if she was...


Around 2:45 AM Billie May was awakened by the police and informed about Rosie (and her assistants)’s kidnapping. She called for Hildie in the internal line and received no answer, then she called Charlotte. Twelve minutes later the tape bound and gagged former drummer was sitting on Charlotte’s bed and, as the two frightened maids at her side, she simply couldn’t believe in what had happened with the joyous girl she had known as Charlotte. Unlike the maids she had been allowed to keep her black & white lingerie and she didn’t fell asleep during the long rest of the night. She didn’t fought her bounds, put on a very scared (gagged) face and stood still as a statue.


She was biding her time.


Billie became really agitated when she saw the pictures of the now naked women tightly restrained inside a van, to the point that she (and Charlotte as the mercenary had to held her ‘employer’ down with some effort) awakened the two nude maids. Then Billie was made to lie flat on her tummy and was tightly tape-hogtied by Charlotte. After that Charlotte made a call and was informed that the van would arrive in the estate at noon and that ‘everything had to be ready until then’. She decided against going to each girl’s room and capturing us all at the time. For the next two hours and a half nothing happened.


Then at around 7:45 AM both Neena and Marie awoke and went downstairs to have breakfast and were welcomed by Charlotte in the kitchen. Neena was already wearing a blue string thong bikini while Marie had an oversized black T-shirt and more conservative pink bikini bottom, Charlotte was wearing her maid uniform, as both sat side by side at the table and both covered the ‘maid’ with questions about the upcoming photo-shoots. And both drank the spiked orange juice that Charlotte gave to them.


Instead of moving them to someplace else, Charlotte simply laid them on the floor and proceeded to tie them up. Ankles, above the knees, waist and wrists, above and below their large breasts (much larger than mine own, and she removed Neena’s bikini top and Marie’s T-shirt for that) and one of those incredibly long yellow scarves (that Billie used more for tyings than gaggins) around and around and each girl’s head and between their teeth.


She had just finished her job, and was considering if she had or not to tying them sitting back to back on the floor, when Li appeared at the kitchen, and found herself in front of a maid with weird looking eyes. She more sensed than actually saw or heard something bad or wrong, and tried to flee. Charlotte tackled her before she could reach the stairs.


A towel inside Li’s mouth, some turns of rope to keep it there and (since the rope used to gag the smaller girl was all that Charlotte had managed to grab as she ran after Li), Li was denuded completely and bound with the two pieces of her violet string bikini. As she bound the terrified Chinese girl to a stool in the kitchen, Charlotte heard the buzzing of the signal of the intercom at the front gate of the estate. She stood up, went to the one of the walls of the kitchen and activated the gizmo/screen that showed who was at the gate.


It was the police.


Or, more actually, the female deputy that the sheriff had sent to check on Billie after he received more information from his colleagues (of the state in which Rosie had been kidnapped). Some of the members of the cover-up team had spoke and it looked like Rosie was the main target all along. So he needed to know if there was something wrong or not at the estate, but there was this problem in his town (a dangerous escaped convict at large) and he was short on personnel to do that errand.


So he called his niece and asked her to check in as a favor (since she was on vacations). Wanda wasn’t fat nor thin nor big nor small, she was THE miss homely and knew it well (and she had a big nose, and wore glasses, and had big fingers...), and actually wasn’t thrilled to be at Billie and Rosie’s estate. She, like the rest of the town, knew about Billie’s photo-shooting sessions with girls that were, all of them, far more attractive than herself.


Obviously Wanda hadn’t a great esteem of herself at that time...


She parked her personal car and was greeted by that former military, what was her name again? Oh, yes, Charlotte. Before she entered the house she explained everything to Charlotte about why she was there, if she had or not to call her uncle (she obviously did) and then she asked Charlotte about Billie’s ‘latest bunch’.


Of course Li made her best efforts to warn Wanda about Charlotte’s intentions. But, let’s be honest..., it had quite the opposite effect in the deputy.


She did recognize the sound of a gagged mewl, apparently an anguished one, but for what else did Billie had brought ‘those busty bikini babes’ to the estate in the first place? And, by the sound of it, it did looked like Billie was taking pictures of a girl in the kitchen...


So she entered the kitchen with all the care of not troubling ‘Billie and her models’, and with her back to Charlotte and absolutely not a single precaution against the ‘maid’.


Charlotte cuffed her hands (with her own handcuffs!), gagged her with her own tie and a hankie and then proceeded to tie her up with blue rope. She didn’t bothered to remove any part of Wanda’s clothing (save for the boots and socks) and had the deputy tied to a stool next to Li in no time, and then she REALLY bound both girls up. Then she looked at the still slumbered pair on the floor a few feet away... and decided to bind them back to back.


When she finally finished it she heard me coming to the kitchen and humming (off key) a... (Ok, I confess...) Mariah Carey’s song. She positioned herself behind the kitchen’s door, I opened it and was greeted with the sight of four heavily bound and gagged girls and felt her gun against the base of my skull. She ordered me to open my mouth and had me cleave gagged in no time, then she told me to go to the kitchen’s table. As I took the few steps to there I heard a thud, turned around and saw Charlotte’s body sprawled on the floor.


And Billie Mae holding the dart gun with both hands a few feet behind her...


OK, I ‘forgot’ to tell you that I found Billie Mae and freed her...





Alright, alright. I woke, had a shower, decided to wear a white bikini top and a blue jeans shorts and went to the stairs to have breakfast. As I was arriving on the ground floor I heard a sound coming from the back of the house at my left. It was very feeble and Charlotte, busy overtying her captives in the kitchen at my right, had no chance to hear it. I turned my head to that direction and saw Billie Mae taped like a mummy and trying to make short hops without falling on the floor, she somehow managed to saw the tape linking her wrists to her ankles, don’t know how she did it but... I could have shrieked, and thus denounced me and her to Charlotte, but I quickly realized that whoever had done that to her might be still around and I would not attract his attention to me. Why I thought that the responsible for Billie’s condition was a he? Don’t know... really, I don’t know...


Anyway I ran to Billie and first thing first I removed her gag, I had to cut it but I saw a table with some correspondence on the way to her, and there was a letter opener in between them. So I grabbed it and, very carefully, cut Billie’s gag.


And she told me about Charlotte.


My cellphones were upstairs, but what about Hildie’s and Melisha’s? But as I tried to go the room from were I could muffled whimpers and cries for help, Billie grabbed me by one arm and covered my mouth with the other hand. She told me that Charlotte was no amateur and sooner than later she would go look for me, probably right after she had finished the job with Li, Marie, Neena and Wanda (Billie had heard the talk talk between the cop and Charlotte). And she had guns, real guns with her.


So Billie told me about her plan. In another room, right next to the one from which came the girl’s cries through the door, Billie showed me her huge collection of guns (all locked behind bulletproof glass cases whose key to open them was in Charlotte’s hands) and the dart gun (that Charlotte had no knowledge about). And told me to play the bait...


Now, as she removed the dart from Charlotte’s back and I run to Li so I could untie her first, she shouted at me ‘Help me take care of her first!’, which made a lot of sense, and soon both of us were mummifying the bitch. I used tape, Billie used rope and medical wrapping and the final result was a very weir looking cocoon with a woman inside it.


Then I stood up and told Li that I would untie her first...


And Billie jumped on me.


Before I could say anything she had my wrists and elbows ziplocked, then she spun me around so fast that I stood a bit uneasy for a moment trying not to trip over her as she grabbed something in the fruit bowl behind her over the table. As I opened my mouth to ask her what she was doing, or scream… I’m not sure which I’d have done actually; she shoved a small yellow lemon inside my mouth!!!


Then she grabbed a roll of blue ace bandage and started to wrap it around my head!!!


I tried to protest, but she merely grabbed my chin with her strong fingers and with a look in her eyes that completely disarmed me she begged me to let her do it. She had five girls bound and gagged at her mercy, plus that slumbered bitch, and yet HER eyes were the most desperate and begging ones!!! So I let her wrap the bandage and then, after she was done, she took a deep breath and a few steps backwards.


She looked at me, then Neena and Marie, then at Li and finally at Wanda. She went straight to Wanda, ignoring completely the other four of us, and removed her gag and asked her about what the sheriff knew about Rosie’s abduction (without mentioning Rosie’s name), but then Li started to make too much noise wanting to be untied right about now and Billie covered all her lower face with both her hands in no time.


I still remember what she said and how she said it:




‘I pay whatever you want with a smile in my face but now shut up’.


After she got her breath back she calmed, removed both hands from Li’s face and said that she didn’t meant any harm for us, she wasn’t going to hurt us or allow it to happen, that we were and still would be as safe as possible, but now she might need us to stay as we were.


For Rosie’s, Bella’s and Terry’s safety she needed, or at least thought that she did, to have us as her captives at least for the moment. We (her models) looked to each other with the same dumbfound expression on our gagged faces; ‘Who are they?’.


Sensing the more than obvious question she explained everything to us. EVERYTHING. As she was finishing we all heard ‘Dixie’ coming from one of Wanda’s breast pockets. It was her cellphone’s ringtone. Her uncle, the sheriff, wanted to know why she was taking that long to report back to him… Oh, yeah, later, when all those ********* were doing their best to point fingers at each other, we learned that Charlotte had received orders to:


1 – ‘Neutralize’ (exactly what you’re thinking) any police officer that appeared at the estate until her brother and the others appeared there and after


2 – Threaten us to force him/her to send a fake ‘no troubles found’ call to the sheriff.


Anyway, Billie grabbed the phone, put it on the speaker mode and talked with Wanda and the sheriff. And with the FBI. They had sent a couple of agents to check on Billie since she and Rosie (who IS a BIG bucks lawyer with lots of connections) were involved in such a high-profile case of kidnapping. Then, after Billie and Wanda explained the whole surreal situation at the kitchen, the sheriff demanded that we all were set free at once, and Neena and Marie started to plea for it a bit louder, and Billie threw the bomb…


I mean, Billie told us her crazy plan. She and sheriff and the federal agent (who was at the sheriff’s side) were screaming at each other in less than two minutes. Then Wanda set out the mother of all screams for ‘SILENCE!’, and all three obeyed.


She remembered to the sheriff and the fed that there were still three innocent women in the power of the kidnappers, that there was NO WAY to localize them and their captives, that Billie’s plan (as crazy as it was) would only put SHE in danger, not her then captives. And she agreed to take part in it, even if it had to be the way it was…


We all looked at her as if she was an alien… People say that the sheriff’s jaw nearly hit the top of his desk as in the cartoons… and the fed said that we (the captive models) should be asked if we agreed or not with that idea, since there was nothing that he or the sheriff could do to prevent Billie to do it if she wanted, but if we were not ‘in’ he’d make sure that Billie spent jailtime if she tried to do that. Regardless if the plan did worked or not.


I never saw someone with such begging and teary eyes before of after that moment. Then she went to each girl one by one and, before removing our gags, she whispered to each one of us how much she would pay if we said ‘yes’. All her captives, including me, had their eyes nearly out of its sockets as we had our gags removed…


And we all said ‘yes’ of course, after gulping a little.


So she untied our legs, separated Marie from Neena and helped them to stand, untied Li and Wanda from their stools (without touching their overtyings on their torsos), regagged all of us (including Wanda) with the ace bandage or white microfoam tape and led us out of the kitchen, we walking in front of her as she guided us. Then she ordered us to stop at the bottom of the stairs and went to the back of the manor.


We heard some noise, like muffled screams, and then silence. She returned five minutes later with each arms around the waist of Melisha and Hildie, forcing them to move faster than they could. Seriously we thought that Billie had lied to us about Charlotte and then she had just attacked and tied her maids! Both girls were still tied as Charlotte had tied them (except for the legs) but now sported black electrician tape gags.


I never knew how much Billie paid them for their help…


And up to the stairs we went, seven bound and gagged girls lead by a mature woman and all of us (except Wanda) dressed in our underwear or wearing very little to cover us…


No, none of us thought about freeing herself or try to free another girl while Billie went to get Melisha and Hildie. I mean, what was the point? Even if someone undid the knots on the ropes that Billie had ‘applied’ over my arms and torso - I didn’t told you about them before because I thought that it was between the lines that she had did it, I mean, why would she have all the other overbound and me just plasticuffed? - , there would still be the ziplocks to prevent me from being free. And the girls were way too well tied to reach each other knots... And we would get royally paid for our ‘inconvenience’ as Billie’s lawyer (and Rosie’s partner) called it... we did get some cold feet at this point and were looking at each other with that ‘Is this really happening to me/us?’ look on our faces.


But we didn’t moved nor tried anything, and then Billie dragged Hildie and Melisha and was guiding us through the stairs. ‘Up, girls, up’ and making us move...


Yeah, I know, every time I think of it I portray her as a (little fat) cowgirl and us as her cattle of bound and gagged... IT’S NOT THAT FUNNY!!!


Twenty one minutes later she returned to the kitchen and shoved the cocooned Charlotte over her left shoulder and went straight to the basement, she got out of there six minutes later… right on time to see the sheriff arrive in a convoy of five cars.


And right on time to receive a phone call from Rosie (and the others)’s kidnappers in Charlotte’s cellphone. I wasn’t there, obviously, so I can’t say what part of the story that she threatened the kidnapper to have a horrible death (the one with his… that… inside his mouth) is true or not. But I can tell you that she managed to have all the deputies, federal agents and the sheriff as silent as possible (before she put the phone on the speaker mode) and made him believe that she was alone and had, somehow, managed to overpower Charlotte (who was none other than the kidnapper’s leader baby sister!) and was thus the only woman in the manor that wasn’t bound and gagged at the moment.


Then she went down to business.


She said to him that she couldn’t care less how much ‘Mr. Nakajima’ was paying him, and she made him eat back all his feeble attempts to deny that (he has been trying to buy the records for the past six years, and she knew to which lengths he would go to have them), but it couldn’t be the ten million dollars that he had offered to her the day before, could it?

So if he hurt Bella or Terry or Rosie more than he had already, she would simply sell the records to Nakajima in exchange of his name and the ten million dollars, and would use the money the reward for anyone who killed him.


The federal agents wrote a few notes trying to guide Billie during the negotiation, ‘saying’ that she was ‘pushing him too far and too fast’ and, following their leads, Billie managed to make a negotiation with the guy. He would have the records plus all the money that was in the safe of the manor in exchange of the safe return of his captives.


And he, the captives and his associates would be there in one and a half hour.


Six minutes late the black van appeared at the gates of the estate, they parked it right in front of the entrance (you know, like the ones in the movies with a few marble steps?) and five men got out of it holding guns whose muzzles had been taped to the necks of their three captives. Billie had left the door open to them and stood about twenty feet away from it with three large bags at her feet. They forced their captives to move up in a more brutal way than Billie had did with me, entered the manor and closed the door.


Rosie, Bella and Terry were still stark naked; save for the tape around their throats, the clear tape gags and the cuffs on their wrists behind their back. Billie was standing next to a large plasma TV and, as soon as the guys positioned themselves (four of them behind the now kneeling captives and their leader in front of them all), Billie turned on the TV.


I must have seen that image about a hundredth times...


Yours truly, Neena, Marie, Li, Hildie, Melisha and Wanda, almost all of us writhing around on two very big and large mattresses. Save for Wanda, who was kneeling on the floor in the space right between the two mattresses still wearing her beige and brown uniform, and Marie (stretched tautly diagonally between two hooks pinned on the walls), we were now white tape blindfolded and gagged and harshly hogtied and surrounding the terrified and salamized young cop (right... she enjoyed it the whole time! She ENJOYED IT!!!). She did pretended to put a real fight on her bonds as she kept looking (she wasn’t blindfolded) at the mattresses with three bound babes on each, she almost got herself loose actually.


Marie had no chance whatsoever, although her bonds weren’t hurting her she was stuck, comfortably stuck with the right to have a pillow under her head, but... stuck.


Meanwhile I pretended to sob as I kept moving my legs up and down, Neena at my right pretended to be trying to free Hildie (who was really passive) and in the other mattress both Melisha and Li were ‘crying’ with their heads over Marie’s torso, and every now and then Marie did pretend to get desperate and moved her arms over her head and legs a bit wildly.


Then Billie pushed a button on the remote control and Charlotte was in the screen.


Still cocooned as before, except that now she was standing against a post somewhere and being held against it by six or seven leather straps applied at random intervals over the cocoon. Her feet and head were the only things that stuck out of the rope & tape and she was gagged and blindfolded with white tape. The leader merely asked if the records were in the bags and, after Billie said that they were, he punched Billie on the stomach and kicked her a couple of times after she fell on the ground.


He grabbed her hair and forced her to raise her head, he said that he knew where we were being held, in the safe room inside her (and Rosie)’s bedroom. And as for his sister he had recognized the post as one of the basement. He had ordered Tess (Charlotte’s real name) to take pictures of the whole place (which was easy for her to do during the two years she had worked at the estate) and he had memorized it all. Whatever ‘stupid plan’ that Billie might have had about using his sister as leverage, or to try to avoid any harm that they might want to bestow upon us (amateur models and maids), was so ‘predictable’ that as a punishment they would take ‘two or three’ of us (besides Rosie and Bella) with them...


Billie, Billie wanted to kick him so hard a hundred times there! But his partners were still aiming their guns at their hostages... so she did pretend to get desperate...


Of course she was scared! She was deep down to the core of her bones desperate!!! But she didn’t allowed herself to enter in the panic mode.


So far, things were going as expected...


Then the leader said to two of his men to go upstairs and ‘grab some *****’ for themselves while he would rescue his sister, one of the two remaining criminals grabbed a roll of tape to restrain Billie and the other decided to serve himself a drink. The shotguns were still strapped to the captives, but now no one was holding them.


The two guys run upstairs with a sheet of paper in their hands, it was the code of the safe room (that ‘Charlotte’ had managed to achieve somehow), and run straight to the main bedroom. They removed a painting from the wall and typed the code on the keyboard that was now in plain view, the door slid open as they were delighted to hear the muffled whimpers and pleas of the captives inside the safe room.


The RECORDED muffled whimpers and pleas.


Four heavily armed deputies barged into the bedroom coming from the safe room, those ********** were taken by surprise and barely made a sound. The leader of the gang did manage to open the door to the basement, there was just a short flight of stairs to there and his sister was in plain sight. She seemed agitated, too agitated...


When he realized what was going on it was too late, a federal agent and the sheriff came from under the stairway and the other federal agent appeared at the door, all three were pointing their guns at him and, by the look in their eyes, they knew who he was...


The last three deputies (that were assigned to take down the kidnappers) captured the remaining two criminals by surprise: the one taping up Billie (while making jokes about lesbians) was tipped on the shoulder and turned around right on time to see a gun inches away from his nose and the other tried to reach for his gun and received a bullet in the shoulder and another in the leg. Billie was the first to be released from her bonds and run to free the others. Then Wanda and another deputy came from the kitchen with blankets to all three nude women and the paramedics (who were hiding in the garage) were allowed to tend to them. Then the leader of the kidnappers was brought back to the main hall...


Billie, against the sheriff’s orders, positioned herself right in front of him. They eyed each other for a second and Billie asked the worm if he knew why people called her ‘Hammer’.


The idiot not only said no but attempted to spite on Billie’s face. She KOed him sending the top of her head against his chin with incredible speed, and woke him up immediately after by playing the kicker (of OUR football, not yours or soccer as we call it here) with her right feet between his legs... Can you believe that he tried to sue her for that?


Meanwhile me and the others (including the maids) were informed that it all went well at the estate. We where under the guard of one of Billie and Rosie’s neighbors, a former military dude that had more trouble with the fact that he wasn’t allowed to help the sheriff and the FBI in capturing the kidnappers than anything else. As soon as the sheriff contacted him he drove his spacious pick-up truck to the Billie’s place and took us to his ‘humble’ home (another BIG of a manor...), said that we were his guests (including the maids) and treated us like that. But he did wanted to be there to shoot a few rounds on those guys...








During the few hours in which she was captive of ‘Charlotte’/Tess, Billie was subjected to extreme psychological torture by the ***********.


She told her what she thought about lesbian, what her brother and his partners thought about lesbians and what they were used to do with them (worst than what you are thinking), then she told her that every time Billie gave her a time for herself she ran to her house, ‘grabbed a girl’ while en route and she and her brother... exactly what you are thinking.


But Billie, while pretending to get more and more desperate, was actually thinking about how she would take us all out of the whole situation. Billie knows every trick of escapology that there is to be known, so whatever was the way that ‘Charlotte’ restrained her there was a chance for her to get free and overpower the bitch. Which she did with yours truly.


After that she would need to set a trap, with the help of the police, to the kidnappers. Since ‘Charlotte’ had told her, laughing all along, that her brother and his partners were used to ‘celebrate’ a well done job with the help of a couple of girls that they took as hostages after every job, then it meant that they had those intentions towards us all, and she decided to use it for our own good. It was more than obvious that ‘Charlotte’ had had enough time to give to her accomplices everything that she could know about the estate, including the safe room. So, if they found out that the girls that they wanted were locked in there, they would go to her room to grab them. But what if they weren’t?


She needed to have a footage of about ten to twenty minutes, if possible thirty to forty, of bound and gagged totally helpless girls to lure at least two of them away from Rosie and the others. If she placed ‘Charlotte’ somewhere also a bit distant from the main hall, then at least her brother would go after her to free her. And the one or two that were left to vigil their captives (and probably restrain her) could be easily taken since the main hall (the most likely place for them to be when they decided to divide their ranks) was very spacious but had not many places for them to try to hide behind it...


So she took us to her room, bound us the way the footage showed and started to record what her cameras were showing in the house’s security system computer. The sheriff was boiling over when he and the female federal agent (and Billie) started to free us after thirty two minutes of recording, then we were ordered to go to our rooms and put on some clothes and get ready to get out of the estate. The accomplices that had been arrested at the hotel started to spill the beans and, when they told the police WHO was the leader of their group, the federal agents were informed and requested (and were granted with) all help possible. The leader was already a convicted killer, serial rapist and fifteen other charges of such caliber had been branded on him. He was dangerous, extremely dangerous.


We spent two hours praying and trying to relax as Alex and his two teenage sons (whom honestly were delighted to have so many beautiful girls – no fake modesty here, I am still a good looking lady, am I not? – lounging around their living room) tried to entertain us.


Soon it was a media circus, everybody was rushed to the nearest hospital, the estate was closed and the forensics took all evidence they needed to have a case against ‘Charlotte’ and the others. Do you believe that she DID kept mini-movies of her moments with her brother and an unwilling sexual partner in her room at the estate?


In fact, the whole bunch of ********* recorded nearly everything that they did while making their ‘jobs’ and afterwards. The authorities of six states (plus the US Attorney) never had so much help provided by those they prosecuted...


You must remember the name. ‘Mr. Nakajima’, or Tetsuo Sakamoto, a rich entrepreneur from Nara, an obsessive-compulsive collector that simply HAD to have everything that was connected with the Red Bayonets, no matter what he had to do or pay to have done. The Japanese Police did a great job into connecting him to the whole affair and a series of seemingly unrelated crimes, that included arson and other kidnappings, on their backyard.


Then there was that tele-evangelist that tried to pin the whole incident on Billie (and Rosie)’s lifestyle... She managed to gather forty of her previous models (plus us four) and we all showed our contracts, that forbid most of what that ****** said that we had done (or in my and the others’ case, would have done), and threatened him with forty five actions against him for libel if he didn’t recanted ASAP. He faded into oblivion after that...


It was the last time that I saw Billie for nearly five years.


Oh she paid all that money, I gave some to my father and to my brother (there was way WAY more than I needed...) and bought a nice place in town for me.


Then one night, after I returned from work, there were those four younger girls waiting for me at the entrance of my building. Billie’s latest batch. All nearly ten years younger than me (one of then couldn’t be 17, much less 18), all drop dead gorgeous and all wanting information about what meant to be a ‘model’ for Billie Mae Hammer...


We chatted at my apartment while I fetched some coffee and biscuits for us all, and I gave them a few names and tips since I actually hadn’t modeled for Billie. And after they were gone I found myself thinking about the whole incident. I hadn’t had a nightmare about it for years, the whole incident was just a bad (and a bit exciting) memory and...


I haven’t had spoke with Billie for nearly five years...


So I phoned her, one thing led to another and I went to visit her at the estate a couple of days later. What a night that was... She had finally been convinced by Rosie to release what could be considered audible from the records of ‘Girlfriend...’.


Turns out that the Albert sisters (the core of the Red Bayonets) had quite a weird and chaotic creative process, they simply sat and played song after song (from 60’s and 70’s pop/rock groups) until they had the inspiration that they were looking for. There were four songs from the RB and seven covers, their version for Tin Lizzy’s ‘Jailbreak’ is as good as the original, in the CD whose sells went straight to charity.


And I arrived as they were shooting the clip of ‘Stop It Right Now!’ at the estate... You know... the song is about starting over, stop being trapped in the past and moving on... and they shot it like Billie’s deceased partners urged her to do it... a bit weird I admit.


Amid the chaos we managed to chat as she had a quick dinner. Rosie (and the others) had recovered from their ordeal (they weren’t... just submitted to all sort of verbal assault and the treats), and after a couple of years they had talked and she was allowed to have her weekends back. And we talked and talked until the assistant of the director interrupted us and she went back to the shooting. After all those guys were gone for the day, she showed me (after insisting a little bit) whom had been her models after the restart.


Li, Marie and Neena weren’t among the girls. She looked at me as she could read my mind and actually she could, it was so obvious what was running through it...


I spent nearly two hours writhing on a large and comfy bed, I couldn’t separate my legs or move my hands from around my waist, but I was reasonably comfortable. The gag wasn’t really effective as the blindfold was, she told me that gags without packing only works in Hollywood, but I was silent (sort of) all the time. Then she freed me, I put on a pajama and slept on that same bed without any restraint at all and left in the following morning.


We still talk with each other every now and then, I visit her at least twice a year and I help every girl that comes to me fearing the worse and worst to have a rational, and calm, decision about Billie’s proposal to her. But that was my last experience with bondage.