The Faithful Bloody Maria



She was a cliché; a middle aged Latin (Mexican and illegal) woman who was a little small (5’2”) and above her better weight. She worked as the housemaid and was very diligent and devoted to her boss. After work she enjoyed watch Mexican and Brazilian soaps operas, made a frugal and exotic dinner for herself and had a small altar, right next to her bed, devoted to her family who had stayed down the border and to a myriad of Roman Catholic Saints. Twice a week she spent nearly two hours talking to her relatives, giving advises and hearing the news (and promising to do her best to send some more money).

All in all Maria Imaculada Gonzalez was so… plain and obvious that they thought that she would be just someone else to bind and gag, although none of them had ideas of doing something else with her afterwards, opposite to with the other women that were expected to be on the house. None of them gave a second and better look to her picture.

That was their mistake.


Miss Daniels had told her that she was expecting two ‘special visits’ for that night; in their ciphered language that meant that she would have two girls to play with tonight. She warned Ginny that, if anything ‘wrong that wasn’t wrong’ happened, then she’ll make sure that she (Ginny) and her guests wouldn’t be able to sit on hard surfaces for a month!

Genevieve (Ginny) Daniels just smiled at the admonishment of her maid.

She promised that that wasn’t going to happen anymore (Maria’s both palms were really powerful and painful…) in her playful tone… (gringa loca)… but begged to Maria to don’t go early to bed and check on them around midnight. Maria sighed; at least she paid her an sizeable extra to be the guardian angel of her lesbian fantasies.

Ginny Daniels had been once a famous actress before her puberty, after it she went into limbo to reemerge as a well known TV crime-series producer. She lived in this impressive (even for Hollywood standards) three stories manor that was purposely a bit isolated (making the jobs of the paparazzi a lot harder). Stories run about what happened in there during the nights, the fact that she was a mid-50’s bachelorette (and a very attractive brunette one) only increased the reputation of the place.

Sometimes Maria wondered what would happen with Ginny reputation if the truth was exposed, would her career end in shame or would it rise to unbelievable heights?

She had a very weird surprise in the third week of her work in there. It was over 11 pm and someone was making noises and the door of her room, located in the back of the manor on the first floor, like kicking it but not with enough strength. Maria asked who it was and heard a muffled answer, she opened the door and a tall, statuesque and not very heavy blonde girl fell on her arms. She recognized her right away; she was the main actress of one of the two current series of Ginny on TV.

And she was naked, and bound and gagged. And crying as she begged for Maria’s help.

At first Maria thought in thieves or rapists, but then she realized a few things… the girl’s black stilettos were tied to her feet, the ties that hobbled her legs and made her arms useless were unlike any of those Maria knew about (more like a weird form of art than a binding), the gag she was sporting was made of hard rubber and was padlocked and her nipples were covered with black tape forming an ‘X’. She already knew that Miss Daniels was a lesbian but… could it be possible that she had some weird kind of fantasies?

She made the girl seat on her bed and dried her tears, and then she mentioned to grab a knife or a pair of scissors to free her. The girl went berserk, she made it clear to Maria that that wasn’t an option. Then Maria asked her if it was Ginny who had done it to her…

She covered the girl with a blanket after she was sure that the (soon forgotten by everyone) actress was fine, it seemed that she had come to warn Maria that Ginny was in trouble. And that’s exactly what happened. Ginny had bound her lover and then, to add more spice, had tried some self-bondage… and got stuck. Maria freed Ginny, who went to free her girlfriend and the next morning Maria had a sizeable raise in order to keep her mouth shut.

Over the next two months the situation happened more or less again (with different girls) five times. In the last one Maria did not free her boss or her two equally nude and similarly bound friends. On the contrary, she added more rope and left them all three in a very exposed situation, then she spanked the trio mercilessly. She made it clear to Ginny that she was not into her lifestyle so it would be better to not try to drag her into it…

Surprisingly she was not fired in the next morning, but after a long conversation agreed to always go check on Ginny and her guests, to see if they were fine and well (and she always returned to her room blushing red as a tomato every time…), and usually had to carry one of them (without touching the gal’s bonds) to a guestroom… Miss Daniels always paid her an extra for that and it had worked perfectly well for the past eight years…


To her delightful surprise, Ginny Daniels was greeted by three young and very voluptuous girls when she opened the door. Beatrice was sick at her home, but in her place there were two sultry African-American beauties; Joan and Keysha. And with them came one of her favorite victims, Paula. All had a good time while they enjoyed the frugal dinner Maria had prepared to them, next some dental hygiene and all were ready. Ginny asked their sizes and left the room, she returned a couple of minutes later carrying three medium sized boxes.

‘Okay girls… as you know we’re going to play ‘Night at the Embassy’. Keysha, you’ll be an American spy sent to achieve some important documents on a foreign embassy, your goal is to overpower the two guards of the embassy, Paula and Joan, before you sneak into the ambassadress’ room. But I will overpower you, take you to the ‘interrogation room’ and then I’ll bring the two dilettantes (them) so they’ll be punished while I persuade you to tell me ‘yourrr nazion’z secrrrets.’ Any questions? Paula? Keysha? Joan? Good, these are your uniforms; go get dressed so we can start the fun!’

By ‘uniform’ she meant a two piece blue latex bikini, blue stilettos, a belt with rope and a flash light, a badge and a ‘police’ cap for the ‘guards of the embassy’, the ‘spy uniform’ was a black latex domino mask, a two piece shinning black latex bikini, coils of rope and the most fetishistic shining black boots Keysha had ever seen. And she had them in her size! She wasn’t sure she would be able to walk on these things, but then again, all she had to do was to pretend that she would follow Ginny’s script.

Ginny returned to her room while Paula and Joan went to the other side of the manor, Joan nodded to Keysha indicating that she would take care of the bimbo blonde. As they were out of her sight Keysha sighed in relief, and started removing the uncomfortable boots.


They must have selected this house because it was deserted, probably because from one of the recent fires, thought Beatrice. At her side Nora was crying softly, she didn’t wanted to be slapped again so she kept her cries as low as she could. The two women were bound side by side on the floor and were being watched by one of them. They had been forced to strip to their underwear at gunpoint earlier in their kidnapping, more or less at the same time that the two ‘replacements’ were picked up by the silver BMW, and were shivering with the cold air that entered through the broken window of the room. Then a cellphone ringed.

The other two members of the gang run into the room. Their leader, that good for nothing bitch that Nora once had called friend, grabbed the cellphone and talked to her nephew.

‘So? Yeah, yes… only a housemaid? Then go get her! Leave the big cow to Keysha and go get her! We’re leaving now and will arrived there in… twenty minutes? Twenty minutes. I told you didn’t I? only with what we’ll get with the paintings will let us… yeah. Slap this bitch’s *** for me and go get that housemaid bound like a salami! We’re arriving!’

The ropes binding Bea and Nora’s legs together were already being cut with a large hunting knife by Pedro, the more lascivious of the two creeps that were working for her. Julio, who wasn’t far behind but according to Keysha was trustable enough, was already starting the van. She looked at both women with a smile of triumph.

Mellisha had been one of Ginny’s favorites, a tall black Amazonian girl with long legs, very ample bust and exquisite long hair that just loved to capture or be captured by Ginny.

Until that night ten years ago when, after binding and gagging Giny and the famous actress ******* ****** back to back with a mile of electrician tape (something that wasn’t in the script), Mellisha run away with half of Ginny’s jewelry. She was arrested the next morning and Ginny and the lawyers of her friend’s studio used every trick known to suppress the most delicate parts of the story and were successful. She had spent years behind bars and now, with the help of her two equally Amazonianly beautiful nephews, she was going to get her revenge. Or so she thought…

Both Nora and Beatrice heard a commotion, harsh language screamed in English and Spanish, and the creep that was tying a leash on them simply warned them to not try ‘any stupid thing’ and run to help his friend. Minutes later he returned, finished the leash on both women and forced them to follow him to the nondescript brown van.

Mellisha, now clad only in her bra and panties, was lying on the floor of the van. Hogtied and gagged with the same lack of care and concern that they had applied on them. That wasn’t good news for the women; Mellisha had said that she would just let them bound to be found by the cops. Now this Julio creep was saying that, ‘unfortunately (and he chuckled while he said that), there won’t be any survivor of the fire’!

Nora now cried openly, and Beatrice soon followed her. And so did Mellisha (more of rage and impotence, but also of fear) after a while.


But not everything happens according to someone’s plans. A couple of drunken drivers decided to have a race in the famous mountain roads outside LA, they got into a crash and the police had to block two lanes of the road to free them from the wrecks. All the while Pedro kept a gun pointed to one of the three women, who had their bonds and specially their gags crudely reinforced. But they lost over one hour in the traffic jam.


Joan finished cinching the last knot on the now topless blonde babe one minute after she finished her call to her aunt. She looked at the girl she was towering.

She was so credulous… all she had to say was that she wanted to plan a ruse for ‘the spy’, then the blonde said that they were not supposed to know that there was a ‘spy’ in the ‘embassy’. Joan said that their job was to be ready for one, wasn’t it? So they needed to have a ruse. That convinced the girl, who agreed to search for more ‘restraining stuff’. After a four minutes search the girl found a box filled with neatly folded coils of rope.

And gave the box to Joan…

Now, seven minutes later, Paula was lying on her belly on the floor. What was going on? This girl wasn’t supposed to bind her! Unless it was another ‘secret script’ of Ginny! But it didn’t seemed to be the case… she said her safeword, twice, and was rewarded with a foam ball and tight cleave gag, and tape, lots of tape. Then the African American cute straight (she could recognize one instantly) girl started to be mean, and used more and more rope on her body! It was unnecessary! She was the worst escapologist of the whole world! And besides… this gal was too good for someone who said who had very little knowledge with knots as they were on the van, en route to Ginny’s place…

Fifteen minutes to tie up a gal… when all she needed was to conk her head and lock her in a closet… oh, boy, she had done it again! Aunt Mellisha was going to be so mad with her… again. But she couldn’t control herself! Everytime she bound a beautiful girl she overdid things! It had been with that beach bunny in San Diego, those two Scandinavian sisters in Annaheim and now with this… this… she was into men! She loved Dwayne Cabot!

But, again, she had overdone things uselessly and without any purpose…

‘Are you alright, girlfriend?’ – Paula nodded as best as she could – ‘I’m sorry I… went too far. I was only supposed to bind you and the maid… I am a thief like my sister, sorry…’

The blonde’s expressive emerald eyes became even more expressive… and she loved it. She knelt on the floor and taunted her captive, and admired her exposed bust a little more (she loved Dwayne!!!), before she went to capture the maid…


Upstairs Ginny Daniels was furious, more than just furious. But now she could just pretend to be furious, and hide the confident smile that was being formed under her gag. As this ******** was binding her she had managed to kick the panic button under her bed. Maria was on her way! Now she could let flow any rage and despise against this *****.

When she had seen the ‘spy’ entering the room she raised from her bed in order to warn the girl that she wasn’t following the script. And saw a gun, a real mean looking deadly gun, appearing in her right hand. After her wrists and elbows were bound together her captor became more talkative, and gloated about how she would see her manor being stripped of its most valuable items! She, and the other one (Joan), were Mellisha’s nephews!

And had kidnapped Nora and Beatrice! Nora, honest Nora… Not a pander, just someone who knew how different people with similar sexual interests could meet, and sometimes could provide girls (or men) for other people’s fantasies. They hadn’t seen in over a year, but she doubted that she had gotten fat or even changed her hairdo. And Beatrice, sweet Beatrice, one of the most flexible girls she had ever met! Canadian with short reddish brown hair, just the limit as small bust for her tastes (a couple of inches less and it would be too small, even being then a 36C) and the attitude… if they had hurt them in any way…!

Keisha was sort of enjoying tying up Ginny Daniels, the woman she blamed as responsible for the abrupt end of her aunt’s promising career as a model. She remembered everything all those stupid girls told to her in school and high school… by the time she had finished she had worked like Joan! This bitch was now effectively mummified on the floor of her own room! And she wasn’t like Joan! The four times she had to bind and gag girls or older women she had done it in the professional way. But mummification aren’t ‘professional way’, except for weirdos that enjoy it. And she wasn’t a weirdo…

‘Now listen up, I am going to help you stand and you will hop at my side to downstairs. No funny stuff or you’ll regret it! Understood?’


If Miss Daniels or any of her ‘friends’ had ‘accidentally’ hit the panic button while Ramon Nolon was about to force Maya Mendoza to marry him… but she did as she was supposed to do, and changed the channels of her TV… Humm, Miss Daniels looked to eager to NOT be bound by this black girl, and there was another black girl overly tying a blonde… Paula? in the secretary’s office floor. And there were supposed to be only two girls tonight…

She turned on the sound and heard Keisha’s gloat. A robbery!

She calmly (yet with a certain rush) removed her pajama and put on her ‘guardian angel’ uniform (which was exactly like her usual maid uniform, just all in black –Miss Daniels was really a ‘gringa loca’ sometimes-). She selected her guns and put on the night vision goggles, hit the shut-down button and the lock-on one and went to hunt two little thieves…


She had not taken a couple of steps away from the blonde when all the lights of the house went down. A blackout? Well probably, but it had be to be when they were working?

Of all the luck! Well she had the flashlight; she turned it on and went in the direction of the maid’s quarters. Aunt Mellisha had told her where it was located, and made sure that she remembered it, so she went straight to there. Man this place was HUGE!

She had taken off the stilettos because of the noise they made but was regretting her decision. The floor was too cold… and this place was a little darker than her likes. Just find the old lady (probably Latina and illegal), bind her and meet her sister.

Finally she reached the door to the maid’s room, she cautiously approached it, grabbed the handle and started to turn it… and was pushed inside violently by a shove coming from her behind! The gun escaped from her hand when her body hit the floor, but she managed to avoid a serious bang on the head, and both her arms were immediately drawn behind her back and her elbows were bound with a zip tie. Then her hands were grabbed and two or three zip ties were used to hold them together, finally she was turned on her back and something soft was shoved into her mouth. A silken handkerchief. She finally had her breath back, but was unable to do something as more and more of the ties were used on her body. She tried to spit the handkerchief, but then she felt something cold and sharp against her throat, a pressure of a body over her own and a husky female voice was heard.

‘Don’t do it. I can and will kill you if you become a nuisance. Don’t fight me back.’

Who was this woman? Another handkerchief was added to the first and she heard tape being ripped, and soon four or five strips covered her mouth. Then she was rolled back to her belly and her ankles and wrists were closely connected by another tie, others ensured that her legs stayed folded and her arms pinioned to her torso.

This woman’s strength was amazing! So was her efficiency and ruthlessness, she was placing her in a very demanding and strenuous position, and did not showed any emotion while she did that. True, the room was pitch black, but she didn’t gloated or made jokes that only she would find funny, it was like being restrained by a robot or zombie…

‘Don’t worry; this is just to make sure that you won’t interfere while I take care of your comrade. After she’s more or less restrained like you I’ll return and put you in a more bearable situation. What will happen after that is Miss Daniels’ business…’

Now that she spoke again… that accent… could she be the maid?

‘Close your eyes. NOW!’

Joan did as she was told to, she felt something soft being placed over her eyelids, and then tape was added. She had been blindfolded. She heard and felt the woman moving away from her. Just for thoughts she tried to fight her ties. Nothing gave her an inch of freedom; she was completely unable to move more than worm a little.


Paula was becoming scarier by the minute, two thieves in the house and (according to the one that had bound her so tightly) three more were on their way to here! And, besides the ropes and the gag, she was covered only by a tiny little blue latex bikini bottom…

And this place was so dark, who had shut the lights out? She barely could see a thing a few feet away from her nose! She didn’t saw her coming until her hand was covering her taped lips. Who was this woman? All dressed in black… wait a moment she looked like…

‘Miss Paula? Is that you?’

Maria! The maid of the house! What was she doing here? What had happened to Joan?

‘Miss Paula are you in pain? Please answer me by moving your head; I will not touch your bonds unless you are in pain. Now please answer me.’

What was going on in here? Of course she had to remove her bonds! And call the police! Paula did her best to protest and was rewarded with two sound slaps on her butt, and then answered with a small shake of her head when the question was made again.

She felt a delicate touch on her face, her tears were being dried, and Maria spoke again.

‘I know you want me to call the police, niña, but unfortunately this is not an option. I will deal with those thieves and any accomplice that they might have. For that I need to be sure that you won’t interfere, specially by calling the cops, so I will not free you… now. After I release Miss Daniels, and reduce the woman that has imprisoned her to a similar state of your own, I will return and perhaps… just perhaps I admit… I will set you free.’

And her head was carefully placed on the floor again, seconds later it was lifted quickly and she felt a small cushion being placed under it. Then she heard the maid walking away.

Ginny would have so much to answer for!!! Then her practical side slowly stepped in into her mind. Okay, there was a BIG secret involving Maria and Ginny, but specially Maria. As it seemed that it was highly illegal, hence the fact that she was kept still bound and gagged almost only to prevent that she called the police, then perhaps… just perhaps… she would finally be able to convince Ginny to find a role for her in one episode of ‘CSI’!


After a couple of minutes waiting for the lights to return Keysha started to get anxious. She tried to get in touch with her aunt Mellisha but failed, and then she got in touch with some guy called Julio. He told her that Mellisha was talking to a police officer; they were stuck in a traffic jam caused by some drunk drivers, but told her that whatever was happening the lights were still on in the few residences he could see from where he stood. The captives were making too much noise and Julio told Pedro to keep them quiet (and she heard that creep that Joan dated slap them) before finishing the call.

She didn’t liked it one bit. Pedro was an ******* who thought of himself as the ‘divine gift to all women in the world’ (and according to some of her friends was a convicted rapist) but Julio… he was trustable, wasn’t him? Perhaps it would be better to talk to her aunt by any possible way before letting them in. But these lights… she used her flash light to help her to put Ginny on the left side of her bed, grabbed the edges of the sheets and made her captive roll on top of her own bed, effectively cocooning her witch each new roll. Some rope to keep the cocoon steady and she went to look for her sister.

It was less darkly in the upper stairs but she doubted that she’ll be able to see something downstairs if she didn’t solved the problems with the lights. She was walking down the corridor en route to the stairway when she heard a sound at her left; she barely registered the sight of a small and a little overweighed woman…


The taser worked perfectly. She twisted a little and fell on the floor loudly. Maria quickly checked the girl and she was fine, she’ll have also a headache to worry about when she woke up but beside that… Maria quickly used the back pack’s collection of zip ties on her. She didn’t folded her legs or hogtied her because she would carry her to Miss Daniels’ room, and carry hogtied women just hurt her back, but otherwise she shared the same overtie of her friend downstairs. Maria realized that she was getting old as the effort to carry this awakening girl seemed harsher on her this time, just three months before she had carried another tall black bound beauty in a fireman’s carry and it didn’t made her feel like that. True, that gal back then wasn’t as tall as this one, but she had been tall none the less.

Fortunately the distance was short, she found the TV remote control, grabbed it, and still holding Keysha OTS, she (pointing it up to the room’s light bulbs) dialed the secret code.

Only when the lights returned abruptly is that she remembered that she was using night vision goggles… she removed them and blinked twice before she looked at the direction of the muffled sound she was hearing. The now awakened thief had cocooned her boss!


Five minutes later Keysha was completely unable to do anything, and any protest was immediately rewarded with a sting of that **** riding crop on her exposed behind, as the Maid from Hell and Ginny added layer after layer of tape on her body. They stood at her side taking turns around her body to apply more and more tape and smooth what they had already applied. She already was a standing mummy and these two wanted to add more?!!

The maid finished telling Ginny about how she had handled with her sister and the bimbo blonde, now Ginny was telling the maid what she (Keysha) had told her about the incoming reinforcements. But why didn’t they had dialed 911 or mentioned the cops yet?

‘Maria… are you sure you can handle these three?’

‘Of course, but what will we do with this one, her sister and her aunt after I dispose of the two men? I can kill them as well if you want them dead, Miss Daniels…’

She was NOT joking! Keysha sighed audibly when Ginny answered.

‘Nope. No deaths unless if they are strictly necessary. Strictly, do you hear me? And don’t YOU dare to thank me girl, I can’t call the police without ruining my name, but I will make sure that you, Joan and specially that aunt of your PAY, and in kind, for what you…’

An unknown ring tone was heard outside the room in the corridor, Ginny held her while the maid went to collect her cellphone. It was from her aunt.

They reasoned that it would be better try to force Mellisha to release her captives than trust in her. As if it was necessary the maid placed a hand over her more than taped lips and another was around her throat while Ginny answered the call.


Pedro was holding a knife under Nora’s throat, the babe her nephews had replaced had been knocked out cold and Julio held the phone for her. She was going to somehow  warn Joan even if that cost her life! But it was Ginny who answered the call. Fortunately none of these two cavemen had thought in putting the phone on the speaker mode…

‘Keysha! What’s up? The captives are giving you any trouble?’

‘I told you, you bitch, it’s me: Genevieve. Your two nephews are my prisoners and…’

‘So Joan overdone things with that bimbo heh? But the blond babe is fine in spite of it right? Good… and the maid? Did she gave any trouble?’

‘Mellisha!!! …Mel… it’s me…’

‘Well I don’t care! Do you hear me? I don’t care! The maid and the bimbo can cry a river that it won’t change anything… have you softened girl? You don’t look like yourself…’

‘You’re in trouble? That’s what you just said to me? And what about your captives?’

‘Pedro slapped them a little but they are fine, no… no, no, no! Don’t worry about it! We’ll be arriving in twenty minutes tops! Have them all locked in the same room and unable to free each other and start collecting the money and the jewelry! Bye!’

Pedro put the rag back in her mouth and tied another to keep it there. Then he shoved her against the unconscious body of… of… what was this gal’s name?... before he rejoined his friend in the front of the van. Now her life, and of these women and her of her nephews, were in the hands of Ginny. How could a soft (yet very mean sometimes) gal like her have managed to overpower two tough nuts like Keysha and Joan?


‘Are you sure Miss Daniels?’

‘When she was one of my favorite… models… she had this fiancé that knew what I did with her and really didn’t liked it. She needed the money, so every time he was around when I or Nora phoned her to propose to her spend the night here she said “I don’t care” in order to make us understand that, at that moment, things weren’t good for her and that we’ll have to wait for a while before calling her again. And every time she says ‘no… no, no, no’ it’s a signal that she had just lied. See, she agrees with me!’

Ginny pointed at Keysha who was nodding feverishly. Maria at them and started to remove Keysha’s gag. She did it in a hurry but still with some care, and soon was giving the girl the glass of water that Ginny had provided from a mini refrigerator by her four post bed.

‘Now look into my eyes. Do it. Do you think that I am capable of killing someone?’

Obviously! Those eyes were like Mike Crellster’s ones, and Mike was the biggest and meanest SOB she had ever knew, and he was a proud cop-killer who was in the death row now. She didn’t thought that it was possible to someone have them as cold, lifeless and vacant as Mike’s were, but there was this woman who could scare even Mike Crellster!

‘Good, we don’t have too much time. I have authorization by Miss Daniels to deal with the incoming intruders as I see fit. Miss Daniels says that it seems that your aunt’s partners in crime had betrayed her and have bad intentions against us and the women they had already captured. Is it possible? Don’t try to lie to me girl, and answer me: is it possible?’

Probably. She and Joan were specialist in attacking single tourist women in hotel rooms, and one or two burglaries in between the season, and had required the help of her sisters’ boyfriend and a friend of his when their aunt walked out of jail with the idea of a revenge against Ginny. The problem is that Joan had a really bad taste in men and always picked up the slimmest slime-ball ones. And Pedro was one of the worst she had ever picked…

‘Miss Daniels, Paula is in the secretary’s office and her sister is in my room. Please, while I am helping this one to get to this floor’s panic room, could you move them to the one on the first floor? Do not touch Miss Paula’s bonds, she’s more likely to make a fuss or try to call the police, and as soon as all three of you are inside it lock the door.’

Ginny needed no other words. She grabbed a scissor and ran downstairs and went straight to Maria’s room. She cut just enough ties to made Joan be able to stand and, with a little persuasion of her open palm, made her walk (even hobbled) at her side to the main TV room. She dialed a secret code on the DVD control and the wall in which the plasma TV was suspended on slowly opened. Ginny rushed Joan inside and grabbing a roll of black electrician tape (and what does it was doing in there?) taped Joan’s legs together and then her body to one of the two beams that were in the middle of the room.

As Joan stood there wondering what kind of panic room was that, Ginny run to Maria’s room. Paula was far more helpful than Joan, and soon was lying on the floor of the locked room as Ginny rebound her legs together, effectively hogtying her right in front of Joan. With the vault closed there was an eerie blue light illuminating the place. Joan took a good look around. The room was mostly bare, except for some boxes containing stuff to restrain someone and bondage DVDs (and some comics too), there was a mini-refrigerator on a wall right above it a big plasma TV. Behind her Ginny pushed some buttons and the lights became more usual ones, she felt her hands checking the tape holding her body and even smoothing it and then Ginny did the same with Paula.

‘Are you girls alright?’

As best as they could both girls nodded. Then Ginny sat on the floor next to Paula holding a wireless phone in her hand. She activated it and an image appeared in the screen. Keysha’s naked and now only partially mummified body overly bound to a chair in a room as bare as the one they were in. Standing next to her was a middle aged Latin woman, the woman that had bound her (?), dressed in a weird black maid uniform and checking a sniper rifle.

‘Maria?’ – Without even changing her examination the woman answered with orders.

‘Miss Daniels, I require the ‘shameful death clause’ of my contract to be used if I die. I believe that they will be bold enough to come by the front door, but if I’m wrong text me the correct way they’ll use. Stay there. No matter what don’t leave the room. This girl can handle a day in her current situation, and I made her drink some of that sports drink anyway so don’t worry about her. I hope to see you again.’

And with that she left the ‘Goodies Room’ as Paula called it. Keysha struggled valiantly for the next twenty minutes, but since Ginny had connected to the security cameras’ feed her useless effort went unnoticed. Were they really thinking in let her in there for a whole day?


‘Who is she? Why haven’t you called the cops? Why am Iiiiammmppphhh’

‘Just drink the water Paula, please. I’ll answer your questions but just drink the water…’

Made to kneel by Ginny, Paula did as she was told and obediently drank the glass of water, then accepted the foam ball and tape and stood in her pose as Ginny checked on Joan.

‘Girls, you might have a lot of questions, right? Maria is more than another illegal Mexican immigrant in California, she’s a fugitive from the Mexican Justice. Until twelve years ago she was the leader of a group of kidnappers known by their boldness. One day she kidnapped the four years old little daughter of a very important man. She made sure that the child was treated well during her captivity. Then the father, for some reason, decided to not pay the ransom. The whole gang, but her, decided to sell the child to some pervs. She killed them all, and then she returned the girl to her mother and went to ask the father the reason of his behavior. Whatever was his answer, she killed him too and his four bodyguards. People started to call her ‘Maria la Sangrenta’, the Bloody Maria. I won’t tell you HOW she came to work for me; the point is that, besides being my housemaid and leader of the staff that works here, and very occasionally a helper when it comes to deal with problems of my… fantasies, she’s my bodyguard and hired gun. I hire girls from the streets so she can still practice how to restrain women against their obvious will in various situations, she goes to the shooting range once a week to keep her aim sharp and she always keep herself in shape. I know people think that she’s chubby, plump, a little fat and all, but they’re all wrong. It’s muscle, almost pure muscle. I… swore to myself that I would never ever spend another night fearing the police to arrive with the press and thus annihilate my reputation… I went to the lengths of hiring her to ensure it! The ‘shameful death clause’ she referred to is more or less like this, if she dies protecting me I will be able to create any cover story to protect my reputation even, no… specially, if that means that I’ll have to smear her name. She truly doesn’t mind to be known as a killer who employed herself as a maid to better hide from the Law and/or rob the rich Genevieve Daniels, as long as her family receives a very sizeable check from my lawyers…’


The gate was opened and the van passed through it, a short ride and they parked it in front of the front door. Both men walked out of the van and run excitedly to the door. They were shot down with a single bullet each. She sent a text message to Miss Daniels saying that everything was fine, but she was to remain in the panic room for a while more.

She opened the van’s side door with care and pointing her gun at… three bound, slightly battered and gagged women. Miss Nora was hysterical, Miss Beatrice was out cold and this Miss Mellisha looked relieved. First thing first she checked Miss Beatrice, nothing wrong with her, then she undid all her bonds. Then she blindfolded Miss Nora and helped her out of the van. She had removed the bodies with the help of a wheelie bin, but there were still some blood stains, so she guided the crying woman to the interior of the manor.

Miss Daniels was already waiting for them, hadn’t she received her message? She undid Nora’s bonds and held her in her arms as she cried and trembled. Soon the door was opened and in came Maria, carrying the unconscious Beatrice in a bridal fashion.

Forty minutes later Henry and Phillipa (Nora’s secretaries who were turning the town upside down as they looked for her) arrived. Nora and Beatrice were fine, although the latter’s black eyes and bruises would take a while to heal, and had had a much deserved bath. Phillipa gave them both a mild sedative and sat down with Henry, Ginny and Maria to discuss how they would handle the whole business…


It took two months to Ginny Daniels’ anger be replaced by some concern about what she should do with them, what she had done with them so far and how she would handle the situation. She had ordered Maria and Miss Susannah to be harsh, but not excessively, with them and they could not say that they had been molested. The food they received was edible and for humans (and was tasty actually), they were allowed a bath (a real one and not the use of a hose on them) everyday, slept (heavily bound or otherwise restrained) in soft and warm beds in the ‘Goodies Room’ and knew that the police would not be called.

The ‘Goodies Room’, or the room where the ‘Goodies’ (girls) are stored if the necessity arises. Once it had been due to an unexpected visit from Ginny’s mother, another happened when the furious (soon to be ex-) husband of a friend invaded her home and had to be taken out by the police; the police was invited to search the place looking for her as she laid in peace (knowing that the moron had done everything she needed to have a sizeable divorce) pole tied inside it; the room had stories. For the past two months it had been their house.

Except on Tuesdays (with the presence of a cleaning crew) and one weekend (when Ginny gave a party for a couple of friends that were returning from duty in Iraq) there wasn’t anyone else in the place during the day except Maria and Miss Susannah and them.

And Miss Susannah was a ‘dominatrix’ hired by Ginny in order to provide her as many photos, mini movies and recorded (or live) feed from her security cameras of the trio. It had been a strenuous time for them, very strenuous indeed, but they were managing it fine.

But what would their future be?

All three were anxious to know the answer of that question and, when Maria and Miss Susannah realized that only a bit of shame and tons of stubbornness prevented Miss Daniels to find an answer to it, they talked between themselves and locked all four overly restrained women in the ‘Goodies Room’ for a whole night. They warned the impotently furious Miss Daniels that until she realized how they would be really punished for their crimes, without the involvement of the Law, she’ll spend the time just-like-them…

Genevieve Daniels finally had an answer after two very looooong days…


Both Beatrice and Paula looked simply divine in their white string bikinis; but since none of them wanted any weird suntan due to the ropes that adorned their legs, arms and torso, they didn’t comply to be tied to the parasols’ masts. Under the shade (provided by Beatrice) Nora read placidly a book while Ginny had removed Paula’s gag and fed her with slices of the tropical fruit she was eating. Maria and Susannah (a mid thirties African American woman, former volleyball player, taller than any other woman present and with the most exquisite pair or brown eyes Ginny knew) escorted Mellisha, Joan and Keysha to the pool.

All three sported the same white string bikinis than Beatrice and Paula and were similarly bound. They were made to stand side by side, flanked by Maria and Susannah, in front of the others. Ginny stood up and circled each woman, then she stood in front of Mellisha.

‘Unlike your nephews, you are not being wanted by the law. Maria went to their place and found a trophy album with pictures they took from the 23 women they attacked and robbed. She removed every single mention to the heist in this place she found and tipped the police. They identified 19 of the girls, and now both are wanted in four states. But you ‘paid’ your debt with society, didn’t you? And I can’t do anything against you… if a cop appeared right now you, and only you, could claim that I am illegally detaining or even kidnapping you without fearing being recognized and arrested. But you have, and will, pay for the terror you brought upon me, Paula and specially Nora and even more specially Beatrice!’

She took three sidesteps and was now looking at a increasingly fearing Joan.

‘Maria was at your former boyfriend’s place as well. If you don’t already know it, he was a rapist. She identified trophies he took from four women and called the police as well. Don’t you ever dare to mourn him! But…, a friend of a friend of a friend of mine managed to loan me a copy of some of the files of the police about you and your sister’s victims. Some of the women have complaints against her and none, not a single one, has anything against you. You never abused them or made them feel bad or guilty. That counts for me.’

Finally she moved so she was in front of Keysha.

‘As for you… you’re a mean girl. The Belgium tourist told the police a lot about you and what you did to her, she and the Kentuckian gal and the others that suffered under your power…, (okay) with ME included, deserves some compensation from your part.’

She dramatically seat back in her lounge chair, and received mockingly Nora’s commentary on her lame performance, and ate another slice of the fruit.

‘Here are your options girls. They’re two and two only. In the first one all three of you will be ‘guests’ for a couple of years in a farm of a friend I know. You will be well treated and cared for but… you will be fulltime ponygirls. Think about being treated like a pony and having to do what ponies do for two full years 24/7. Or… Mellisha will be Susannah’s personal slave for a couple of years; Keysha will be the same for a friend of mine who lives in Nebraska where she’ll spend the next couple of years and, finally; Joan will stay here a couple of years. After you endure your penance, you’ll be left somewhere a couple of hundred miles from here with sizeable clothes to wear and money for a couple of weeks. In any of the options none of you will be sadistically harmed, nor raped or tortured. You will all be well cared for…, as long as you obey the rules. But these are your only options…’


Keysha stayed in Nebraska, she and her ‘turnkey’ (as she called him tenderly) married one year after. Mellisha moved to the same town where she lived and became the owner of a local beauty shop. Joan became Maria’s main aide, and Ginny most regular model. Beatrice left Nora’s list (who stayed in business) and was rewarded for her silence with small participations in six different series, she used the money to pay her studies and became part of Ginny’s legal team. Paula was ‘Judy McEvans’, one of the main characters of a short lived crime/comedy series, her sole prominent experience as actress, and was a regular guest actress in all Ginny’s following projects. Maria kept working for Ginny, and prevented at least four other robberies attempts to gain success, until she died of age.