The Getaway




It took twenty one seconds for the sedative take effect. In the first fifteen seconds she kept her desperatly furious stare towards me. But in the last six second her eyes changed, and had not the five strips of red tape been over her lips, she would have shown a grin to cause jealousy in the fifth degree in the Cheshire Cat!


Poor Angel, always trying to outsmart me... always failing. I called my assistants.


'I am going down now, is there any problem?'


'The security guards are still dreaming inside their bolted lockers, Ma'am...'


There it was. Felicity wasn't supposed to call me 'Ma'am', unless she had been overpowered. Which meant that Billie was also a captive down at the underground parking lot. So my bodyguard and my chauffeur had been somehow surprised and were out of the count? That was her surprise, that was her plan to finally get the upper hand on me? Poor Angel... I took a good look at the young woman.


Barely 27 years of age, my former apprentice was quite tasty in her white tailleur and white heels, but I knew how deep and badly that little snake could bite if she wanted to... a petite and 'angelical' beauty hiding one of the most vicious, and so predictable on that matter..., and dangerous women in our line of work.


For the fifth time in a row our meetings would end with her being found wearing only her panties and tape, lots of it, and (not in this case) alone in the soon-to-be locked room.


Anne Treyland was looking at me with big pleading eyes above the layers and layers of tape that I had placed over her plump lips. I answered her question while I prepared the next shot...


'Your daughters are fine and well, Ms. Treyland. In one hour, when you wake up, you'll be able to tell the police that both are locked, with some company, at the...'


Hearing the good news made the 49 years old (and a bit fat) woman relax in her bonds, I had used rope to tie her to her chair after she copied the data I supposedly was after for me. I found a vein, swabbed the cotton damped with alcohol and injected the sedative. Her eyes were far more peaceful than Angel's.


Then I looked at the last other woman in the room. Anne could not have accessed the files that would grant her daughters’ freedom back without the codes that Jamie Lee, her boss, had to tell her which were. When I heard of the growing tension between two women I decided to not give Jamie Lee the 'benefit of the doubt', she had been Anne's former secretary and the rumors at the place said that she had betrayed Anne in order to get her actual position. Even when she saw the pictures of Ursula and Leona bound and gagged kneeling on a dirt floor, in a place that looked like a basement somewhere, she didn't gave up.


She tried to rationalize with Anne, who said everything she wanted to say about Jamie Lee's (lack of a) code of moral and honor as she demanded that she told me the codes. And Jamie Lee refused, threatened Anne with all the suits she could think of and said that nothing I could do would make her change her mind.


Two shots, one on each side of the head of that heartless blonde, were far more convincing...


Honestly, that girl had struck my mean bone... I hate women who 'sleep' their way up the ladder of their career, I just hate them. And the way she said 'Well, I won't gonna tell this bitch – me – the codes no matter what she does...' was unreally infuriating. I had her bound spreadeagle to the wall. The ropes attached to the knobs of closed doors gave her a little of movement, but her legs and arms were wide open. And she thought she had the upper hand on me? I shot the rounds less than a second after she closed her mouth!


'You know... you're not that special as you think... You think you can betray, cheat and gave your body to anyone who can help you and thus become someone? The whole company knows about the blonde whore of the Research Division... that's you in case you're too stupid to understand me.'


The first part of her 'attitude adjustment' was to jam a big pink ballgag into her mouth, so her retorts to my words, that ended abruptly as I produced a mean looking pair of big scissors from my purse, were completely unintelligible. Then I proceeded to part two. I didn't touched her hair as she feared, but I quickly tore apart and in very tiny bits every piece of clothes she used and left her stark naked. I checked her breasts as they failed to sag properly... fake. Big and firm, but fake. And so was her nose and ears and...


I left the room leaving three bound and gagged women behind me and carrying a hard drive with a complete worthless data that I would thrown away somewhere in a few hours, but for now I kept pretending that it was worth all the trouble it had given me so far... Which reminded me of Felicity and Billie... they were good in what they did, so the four security guards, supposing that they had already awaken, were now fighting their bonds and trying to figure a way to get out of their own lockers back at the men's locker room.


So they had not been the ones that had took my girls. Angel had pretended that she had (somehow) managed to pass through Felicity and Billie on her own and undetected, which could have happened in as million years, not today. Rick and his brothers were in jail, Thom had retired, Ilka and Elise were working for me at this right moment six hundred miles from where I stood, the Finnegans were in Sweden or Denmark (something with a local millionairess and her jewelry collection), Fat Joe was in California, Huwey had not returned from his trip to New Zealand, so the next in Angel's list were the Dynamic Duo, Jada and her twin sister Cassidy. Dilettantes as they come, but very skilled in almost everything that matters and with a great potential...


This was going to be sooooooooo easy... almost unfunny. Almost.


Sure enough, there was Jada wearing Billie's chauffeur grey clothes and standing by the limo I had rented to get inside the facility. As soon as I got out of the lift and walked to the limo, pretending that I had not recognized her (both she and Billie had about the same height, 5'9”, and weight, none of your business, and measurements – OK, since Jada and Cassidy are a bit too naturally endowed there was some pressure on the chest and on the skirt, but she could have passed for Billie), at the same time that I saw a shadow on my left.


One, two and...


'Stop it right there!!!'


I didn't stopped, I kept walking towards the limo as if they had just greeted me, instead of pointing their guns (with silencers) and made their best 'mean' look. Laughable...


'Hello Jada, hello Cassidy. Can we get out of here ASAP?'


'Didn't you listened to me?'


I picked Angel's phone with two fingers, and threw it at Cassidy who was getting too close of me to her own comfort. If I had time I might be able to do something... but I didn't. And anyway Cassidy realized right away that I had just called 911. Her expression was really priceless.


Sooooooooooo easy!!!!


'Why... why did you called the cops?!!! WHY DID YOU CALLED THE COPS???!!!'


'Because if I beat the two of you as easily as I can, then tie you up and thew you both in the trunk of the limo, then free Felicity and Billie from any bondage you placed them in, then leave this place... well that would take too much time. And I have a timetable. I need to be at the Parkinson Airport in twenty minutes and airborne in forty, and out of the country in one hour. So... can we leave?'


None of the amateurs knew what to do now.


'Girls, Angel is upstairs tied tight and slumbered through a drug induced help of mine. She's not going to wake up for a couple of hours. The cops may be able to get here in five minutes, even less. Whatever plan that she gave to you to escape from here is gone up in smoke. And... you gals overpowered two high ranked pros like Felicity and Billie... quite impressive I must say. Now can we go?'


The predicted delighted face when I flaunted their small success lasted for a fraction of a second. There was some hope for those two... I picked the portable hard-drive from my purse and gave it to Cassidy as if I was handling her some cheap novel she had tried to sell to me.


'This is what I supposedly am after, what Angel pretended to rob from me. You two can have it in your power if that means so much for you. For me... it's worthless. Now can we go?'


Puzzled with my depreciation of what I had had so much trouble to steal, both sisters looked at each other for a second. Then Jada ordered me to wait for Cassidy to enter the limo, then I could get inside it.


I had already predicted that I would find Billie and Felicity on the floor of the limo, bound in stringent hogties (the twins most favored position to place their victims onto) while wearing only their underwear and having the knots of their bonds glued, heavy socks covering their hands that had been taped into small balls and with their cheeks bulging with whatever, probably a balled sock, the twins had used to effectively gag them. By itself the white scarf that was tied around their heads and over the mouth was very ineffective, but with the packing... both girls were sort of ashamed for having fell on the twins’ ruse.


What I didn't predicted was that there would be an unknown beauty tied in between my assistants. 19, 20 years at most. Two (ugh) tattoos on her back and another big one in one of her legs. A bit too big bust (she was easily the best endowed of us all girls inside the limo) and so cute and scary black eyes. I am not very much into black girls, I am not racist but I favor blondes like me, but this girl was a very great temptation for me to break the 'Thou shall not R***' rule that I followed...


I sat across from Cassidy with the trio of hogtied girls in between us, Jada opened the small window used to communications to the driver, and the first thing that she said was to Cassidy shift her position since she was blocking her (Jada's) vision of me. Only when we were a good five miles from the facility we all, minus the unknown beauty, had broken in voluntarily I spoke.


'Who's she?'


'Some co-ed we found while driving to here. Seems that her boyfriend tried to gain some favors that she wasn't interesting in offering to him and she got out of the car after punching him in the nose. Quite a feisty girl. That happened right in front of us when we were having a breakfast at a snack bar by the beach. Anyway, she punched him, he went after her, I found out that we could use...'


'Ahem! Cassidy... you're not a good liar my dear... But I understand, she's quite the temptation in human flesh... don't worry my dear, we're not interested in doing anything really harmful to you...'


'Alright. Even being a burglar, thief and all of that, I like to help damsels in distress once in a while. And I like when they are... thankful. So I gave the guy, some big and huge Neanderthal with a Wild Cats T-shirt, a good elbow to the chin when he barked at me to mind my own business, and I ignored him, and he tried to punch me. Two minutes later me, Jada and Angel were back on road and she was thanking us effusively...  way too effusively actually... until Angel pointed a gun at her. She was, back then, wearing a string pink bikini top, some really small indigo jeans daisydukes and sandals. When I finished to tie her up I cut it all and... well I told Angel that we could use her as a bait, to better trap these two...'


'...And you whispered in her ear that you weren't going to let anything bad happen to her, right?'


Both girls nodded. I had to divert my eyes from the co-ed's naked body, too tempting...


'Don't worry, I have no intentions to let any harm happen to you or any of my captives, I might be a sadistic bitch sometimes, but only with those who deserves it, which is DEFENITELY not your case...'


I nodded to Cassidy, who then resumed.


'So when these two saw a naked, bound and gagged girl running at them in the parking lot, they lowered their cover for a moment, and found themselves with five guns being pointed at them...'


The twins had the lame habit to always use two guns, just to show their ambidexterity, in their jobs. I might not be as good with my left hand as I am with the right one, but no one knows that but me.


'And why did you not help her in her attempt to ambush me upstairs?'


'She said that it was something that she had to do on her own...'


Angel, Angel... greedy, dittohead and dumb Angel!


'Now it's your turn. Why this is 'worthless' as you put it?'


'And if it is... why did you had so much trouble to steal it? I mean, we're going to an hangar you rented a few days back, there's a Learjet ready to take to Europe inside, and two or three bound and gagged girls that your last assistant... Norma isn't it?... is keeping an eye on right now... so obviously you are going to get out of the country after having managed to steal... a 'worthless' data from one of the...'


'Don't finish that phrase... You said that you wouldn't let anything happen to this poor co-ed, that you didn't even managed to get the name if I am right (am I not?), so don't give her too much details about what is going on. Suffice to say is that, what I stole today is a bogus data that the company created to hire that such data was stolen by me and them about a couple of months back. If it comes to the public knowledge that such data is gone... well let's just says that the company might and will be forced to merge with one of its competitors or even close down all their facilities and bankrupt. So they created the bogus data, which I was forced to steal so... dramatically. And I even managed to find some credible buyers in the Venezuelan government...'


They were falling for it... dilettantes! I looked Felicity and Billie, and they were having a hard time trying not to spoil everything with their laughter! Then I looked at the co-ed.


She was so scared, so scared that she had paid attention to every word I had just said, and would repeat it to every reporter that asked it to her. An unplanned and unwanted witness that would be able to identify me, not that it really did  bother me, which would be also good for my plans.


Could those breasts be real ones? Those eyes, those legs... those...


I was devouring her with my eyes, blushing a little I decided to appreciate the urban landscape while we traveled to the airport (and planning some suitable punishment for Felicity and Billie who were laughing audibly under their gags)... but I kept my ears focussed to their conversation.


True, they were whispering, and at least on that they were not so dilettantely skilled as in the rest, but they seemed to be buying my hogwash as the Americans say...






When we arrived at the hangar I could see that Norma had followed my orders. The state of undress of both Treylands sisters was strictly for the pictures to show to her mother, now both girls were wearing clothes that we had taken from their own wardrobes when we had them kidnapped the day before. Ursula was wearing a khaki Bermuda shorts and a white tank top while her one year younger sister Leona had a tight fitting navy blue jeans trousers and a black T-shirt with some punk rock band name on it. Both were in the back of the hangar, behind the Learjet with the pilot who supposedly was going to take us to Maracaibo.


While her two companions in bondage were in their early twenties and just a bit plump, captain Kimberly Maddison was in her mid-thirties, in perfect physical form and wearing only her black set of bra and panties. All three women were tied to sturdy wooden chairs with enough rope individually to easily subdue all three, Norma always overdid the tying, but otherwise all seemed fine. Scared obviously, but fine.


Norma, of course, was wearing the captain's uniform. They had the same height and body shape, and a brunette wig over her long red hair completed Norma's disguise.


Kim had brought us to town from Buffalo, and was so glad to finally have customers that she made not many questions as to what were our business in town. She was really regretting it now...


I placidly kept my hands up with Cassidy pointing a gun at me while Jada got out of the limo, pointed hers at Norma – who decided to go along and not subdue the arrogant brat as easily as she could – before she used what was left of silver tape in a roll she had with her to trap Norma's hand behind her back, her arms tight to her torso and gag her (without packing). Then I was allowed to get out of the limo and stood a few feet at Norma's right. One by one they emerged from the limo as Cassidy undid part of their bonds and presented themselves to the trio of captives, first Felicity (a 25 years old and a bit muscular girl of Mediterranean ancestry), then the co-ed, then Billie (the youngest of my assistants, her 22nd birthday had been three weeks before –what a party we had– and a fake blonde with real great looks). We formed a half moon with the limo, and the twins, at the vortex in a quite natural way. Jada tried to get in charge...


'Okay, we're here, now let's put them all on that office back there, make sure that they won't be able to free themselves and then... and then... can you pilot that thing?'


'I have over 2 thousand hours of flight... and not in simulators games. In real deal airplanes like this one. And we're only going to tie the co-ed to another chair and then we'll leave the country...'


'No way! You'll do...'


'Would you EVER believe in my word if I let them behind to be arrested by the upcoming police? They're working with me for the past two years, and just like that I would betray them in such a disgraceful way? Quite the proof of trustworthiness isn’t it... NOT! Don't worry. We'll land in a place that I know in the outskirts of Maracaibo, we'll leave them in the plane with means to be able to free themselves in one or two hours. By then we will have already sold that – and I pointed to the hard -drive – to those suckers down below and will part ways, supposing that it's what you want to do of course...'


Dear Lord, how could they have been so naive? It was one of those situations in which you think 'Even Stevie Wonder could see it coming!', but they were delighted with the implied possibility to really work with me in a heist. And now I had three assistants that had a lot of trouble in keeping a (gagged) straight face in front of those two... but they somehow managed to do it. They were no longer dilettantes those three.


So, under their watch I escorted and tied each one of my 'former' assistants to her chair in the jet. It was a very hot day in the Summer vacations in Florida, so I grabbed a soft drink and drank it in front of them. They remembered that they were thirsty and accepted my offer of one for each girl.


The small refrigerator with the soft drinks was a safety measure of mine. If they had paid attention they would see that there wasn't any metallic can of anything there, just small plastic bottles. All had been dosed with a potent, yet subtle and of delayed action, sedative. Me and the girls had swallowed a pill with the antidote first thing after breakfast that morning, so to us it was simply a variety of soft drinks in a refrigerator. To the twins... it would take about five minutes for them to go down.


I checked Ursula's bonds then Leona's and finally Kimberly's, I reassured to each woman that the police would be there in one or two hours, I had paid a friend to give an anonymous tip to them at noon, which would be in thirty one minutes. Then I turned my attention to the co-ed.


She wanted to say something to me. I grabbed her and carried her in a bridal style, hey i am that strong OK?, to a few feet away from the other captives, out of their eyes and ears, then I removed her gag.


'Take me with you, please...'


'Excuse me?'


'Your assistant... she got it really wrong. The man whom she saved me from... he’s not my boyfriend and I am not a co-ed... I am a waitress who was just enjoying a day off. And he's my brother...'




'I am broke, I have no money in the bank or anywhere else. And my family disowned me...'




And she bent over and kissed me tenderly in the lips.


'They are strongly, deep to the bone, hardcore and bible thumpers religious folks, and I like girls, so...'




'If you don't take me with you... they will try to cure me... like they tried... before...'


I looked deep in her eyes. She was telling the truth! The terror and fear I saw there were absurdly big and sincere. She wasn't acting, playing or pretending anything...


'Play along and fight like your life depended on it' I whispered to her. Then I grabbed her and replaced the gag while I shouted for help. Jada came quickly and helped me to tape the twister-like naked girl into a state of almost complete immobility. Both me and Jada were panting, and Jada was starting to yawn, as we half dragged/half carried the black girl to inside the jet. The things were exactly as I had left them, albeit my girls sported a genuine surprise over their gagged faces, except for Cassidy who now was sleeping profusely, she had been really thirsty, and drank three bottles... Jada followed her into slumberville as soon as she sat on her seat. I strapped the girl to another and saw that the 'escapology lessons' (alright, I do it for fun too) that I had gave to the girls had paid a little, only Billie hadn't managed to free herself yet.


'What... what are you doing? Why are we taking her with us?'


'I promised that I wouldn't let her be harmed... and I keep my promises. Please Felicity, put her in a more bearable tie, and show to Billie what happens with those who come last...'


Then I followed Norma, turned into Kimberly, to the cabin. It was only a good half an hour later, when we were over the Caribbean Sea, that I returned to the passenger cabin. Norma was not as skilled as myself, but she would take us to Manaus in safety. After enduring ten minutes of tickling madness it was with a satisfactory grin that Billie helped Felicity to give to the now hogtied and naked twins their first, of perhaps hundreds, experiences with the palm of their hands. I ignored them after nonchalantly order that thir gags were to be reinforced ASAP and took a good look at the damsel I had just rescued...


'Her name is Ada Mae Wright. 21 years, no implants in her body, she's a Leo and her blood type...'


'Do you want that I let Billie to tickle you for a good three hours without any pauses?'


‘Ehr... Boss... seriously... she’s Volcano hot and all that... and you’re into women... but...’


‘And so is she. And her family found a place to ‘cure’ her...’


Everybody in my line of work knows the reason why my folks are dead to me, and why I have the bad habit to expose the ‘clinics’ in which the ‘gay-cure treatment’ is ministered against the patient’s wishes. The girls looked at each, then restarted the punishment on the twins exposed behinds...


The twins, they had potential... Perhaps we could teach them something after all. And in the meantime I would have a couple of cleaners, dish-washers, handmaids and a long list of etceteras... FREE!


Then I sat in front of Ada Mae and admired her glorious pose....


She was still naked, but her ties were simple now. Ankles lashed together and wrists bound palm to palm and then to her knees, which had been tied together as well. A simple cleave gag ensured poorly her silence, but she was sleeping, very peacefully, and stayed like that for the rest of the trip.






Four weeks later, at a private cabin in a casino in Uruguay.


' the time they realized that you had NOT fell on their trap; that at the same time that you so boldly and openly, with the competition of a former apprentice included in the package, stole that junk data they had left so unprotected specially for someone to steal; you had a few agents copying the real data...'


This client's representative was too talkative for her likes, but his money was as good. So...


'So my client... OUR client is satisfied?'


'OBVIOUSLY!!! He even ordered that a sizeable extra bonus was paid with the stipulated payment. How did you manage to have the real data copied while you were so many miles away from the place where they were keeping it? How did you manage to find the location BTW?'


'That would be telling a secret, a professional one, which is something that I don't do...'


He insisted for a few more minutes, then thanked her again for the valuable data she had achieved for his client, and the ruse she had played on his competition using their own ruse, then he finally left. She called the girls back in Florianópolis right away...


Jada and Cassidy were fine, they were fast learners, great jane-of-all-trades and very flexible, plus awesomely ticklish. All of them (Norma, Billie, Felicity and even Ilka and Elise when those last two stopped by every two weekends) were enjoying teaching them the better way to fulfill their potential, and playing all those elaborated kinky games, pranks and fantasies with the twins...


And all of them, all of them, were straight as they came! She had been, for years, the only lesbian of her group of thieves and industrial spies... she sighed and returned to her room.


Ada was exactly as she had left her, standing against one of the poles of the bed tied to it with a single piece of rope around the waist. White ribbons were wrapped around her ankles and breasts and wrists and mouth in a beautiful pattern that adorned and caressed her body tentatively.


'Last chance. You nod now and in a few hours you'll be on plane, going wherever you want to go with a fail proof fake passport that attests that you are Linda Powell, and with a bank account with a million of American dollars to help you build a life when you get there. What’s your answer?'


She slowly shook her head without breaking the eye contact with her, foolish girl, lovely foolish one. She undid the waist rope tie, grabbed her in a bridal fashion and carried her to the bed...