The Heiress’ (Not-So) Horrible Ordeal









It had been a highly unusual proposition but she had accepted it, thanks to all the ego massage she got from the girls (who promised to keep it all a secret), and she had been paid in advance! So she agreed to put on the highly fetishistic blue and black ‘security gal uniform’, a tight shorts and a tighter tank top (still both were on her size, plus the crocs, the fake gun and the walkie-talkie), that were close to have been painted on her body… And was bound and gagged to her chair in the (real) security room of the place by all five young women before she could even blink!


And, since the girls were used to bind and gag each other (or their clients), they had all done a great job on her. She was stuck, efficiently (and more!) muted and very well restrained before reduced to a state as if she was glued to the swivel chair… and the desk in front of her since the whole thing was because her feet were ‘a superb 9’!


Their client, their actual client, was into bondage and foot ‘worship’ (or whatever), and while all the girls (including the one that had hired them all) were all ‘great 8s’, she was the owner of one of the rare pairs of ‘9’ in the eyes and tastes of their client…


If she hadn’t agreed to put on a bikini a few hours before… she wouldn’t be 20K richer!


But she also wouldn’t find herself dressed as a stripper, bound as salami and fuming while her bound feet were anchored to/on the top of the desk in front of her!


‘OK… time out…’


And their ‘client’, and more than once her regular ward years past, catwalked the short distance between the door and the desk and sat on her lap, legs open and facing her while her arms rested over her captive’s clavicles! Like the other girls, her current wards, she was nearly naked in that string bikini and was… posing for the three or four cameras that were aimed at her now, minus the one aimed at her bound feet, and she took her time (being both a tease and careful) as she removed the large strip of tape…


‘Are you hurt?’


‘No… I am mad because I just realized that you hired me as well, right?’


‘Yes and no. I saw you in a bikini a few years back and my secret friend…’ – and all eyes converged on the other woman who had already reached her 30’s in the small room – ‘…well… she does like to bind and gag young women, preferably but not exclusively. In addition, she also likes to watch pretty feet and, according to her, yours beat any and all of the ones of the agency’s catalogue… I know… Against the rules. But her birthday is tomorrow and I wanted to give her a weekend that she will never forget!’


‘Did the sisters…?’


‘If, and only if!, you agreed with it on your own free will… they were fine with…’


‘…My current situation. (…) More like my cajoled and bantered will…’


‘Oh, poor baby!’ – And Addie’s words were the sign for all four remaining half naked young women position themselves, while posing to the camera lens!, around her trapped body with a smirk or knowing smile on their lips and two of them even high-fived!


Then it was Janet’s turn to speak.


‘Look I… we won’t lie to you. This is a dream come true! I mean, it’s not like you are a bitch or a drill sergeant or the likes, but we getting the only chance we may have to see you as you regularly see us, per our own effort, it was too good to be true!’


And before she could say anything else a knotted strip of cloth, a very thick one, was shoved inside her mouth (by Esther), and three… four large strips of tape were carefully smothered over it, her pursed lips (as best as Holly could manage) and her cheeks.


And then the real client finally opened her mouth.


‘Look, if you actually don’t want it… we can end this…’


But she was shaking her head. Nope, and it wasn’t for the money, it was because she wasn’t freaking out. She was surrounded by the bunch of bratty bimbos she knew very well, and that dame that seemed trustworthy, her whereabouts were known by her two bosses and their sometimes creepy security chief (those three tramps!), and she was feeling fine. It was not like the first, and so far, only time she had been turned into a captive (a real one). Therefore, when the only other black woman in the room asked if she agreed to spend twenty minutes ‘trying’ to free herself, she nodded.


When she asked if she agreed to be stripped completely for the ‘second part’ of the security guard’s ‘ordeal’, she blushed and nodded. And, finally, when she asked if she would agree that, in the next day, she put on ‘something sexy’ for a few shots of ‘foot stuff’, she agreed once more. And the black woman turned around and left the room humming happily a song that, later, she would learn that was called ‘Perfect Day’…


One after the other, but only after taking a good at her feet and then at their own (and the other girls’), all girls left the room and went back to the pool.


While she was left alone, and between a squirm and the next one, she decided that she would wait for the night. Since their ‘client’ had been, once, one of their own (and her ward) she knew that regardless of what they would have for dinner, by midnight she would assault the fridge for a glass of milk and some cookies.


She had told her, more than once, that it was something that she did every night since she was eight! Every single night! So, tonight, she would have a serious talk with her former ward! And she would learn the truth about the ‘real client’.


For, as much at that dame was friendly and charming, there was something wrong with her. And tonight she would pry the truth from that girl’s lips!


Even if she had to use the feathers (she knew how ticklish that blonde was)!


But, as it turns out, the ‘new’ friend knew that part of their hostess’ personality as well.


When she arrived at the kitchen, hoping to catch a blonde in the act of assaulting her own fridge, she found a black woman making, for both of them, her favorite tea alone in the spacious kitchen! Aside some very beautiful porcelain, the only thing over the table was a file case with the ‘bad vibes’ lady name on top of it.


She grabbed it and started to read the documents inside it.


‘So you are indeed an ex-convict. – She said as the other woman handed her tea to her.


‘Minor traffic stuff, unrelated to my current line of work…’


‘Which is…?’


‘Let’s just say that if you have some trouble and need paralegal help (and I am not talking about those lawyer’s assistants), I am the kind of people you hire… Oh please, relax! The tea is not drugged, and you will be able to give to our hostess her milk and cookies when we are finished, I can give a couple of big feathers too if you want…’


‘And she is…?’


‘Totally unable to join our company at the moment, nothing serious or too strenuous but she is going to stay as I left her until you show up, so you will have to untie and ungag her as well before you start any ‘interrogation’ you may be interested on...’


The woman’s confidence and casualty were a bit annoying, but at the same time…


‘So you are a… trouble dealer?’


‘One of the best in the market.’


‘And your name is actually…?’


‘Devanna? Yes, it is. Nice to meet you, again, Tamyra.’


‘Okay… let’s cut down to the business… shall we?’ – the other woman just smiled and nodded – ‘Were you, in any way, involved in her ordeal a couple of years ago?


Officer… who do you think they hired to have her kidnapped, vanished and gone?’









For nearly ten years Devanna Carter had been ‘solving’ other people’s problems in a less than legal way. Either working alone, paired with some professional or a lousy stupid amateur (she could count in the fingers of one hand the number of times she had worked with two or more people), she ‘solved’ any kind of problems


That did not have ‘death’ as the solution for it, she was adamant about that part.

Industrial espionage happening in your backyard (or that you want/need to happen elsewhere)? A very talkative ex trying to get in touch with your business rivals, those reporters or your wife/husband? Fake (or not) ‘classified’ documents that either had to be removed from or added to somebody else’s safe?


She could do it.


Every kind of ‘job’ that could exist (inside her peculiar ethics limits) had been done at least five times. So the young blonde woman that she was spying with her goggles was like… what? The seventh ‘troublesome heiress’ she had to deal with?


This time it wouldn’t be an ‘advice’, there wouldn’t be ‘threats’ or ‘menaces’ hurled at a bound, gagged and blindfolded victim inside the girl’s own bedroom, or her own car’s trunk parked miles away or some dusty and abandoned shack in the middle of nowhere.


It would be the second time that she would actually have to kidnap an heiress…


What a cliché!


Although, truth be told, she would enjoy the experience much more than when she had to make… Laura? Maura? Maura!... 46 years old and over a hundred and a half pounds above her better weight (one of the few occasions she had needed more than just a pair of extra hands)… Not her best job (and one of the few that she had to ‘convince’ her client to pay her what she owed, or else!)…


So, in a matter of minutes or moments, Tessa was going to invade the room, tie up the elegantly clad girl nice and tight and would take her to the garage…


Her phone was vibing?


‘Can’t she just shut up?’


The moment she had aimed the lens at the only window with lights on in the two story (early XIX Century and manor-like) house about a mile downhill, she had seen one of the most genuine laughs she had ever spied, and nearly forty minutes had passed since!


‘Any problems?’


‘I am going to start having cramps!’ – Tessa texted.


‘Hold on!’


Whoever the girl was talking to, she now had a bored expression in her face, was she making a ‘yadda-yadda-yadda’ expression and a talkative mouth with her left hand?




The girl… What was her name again? She had the name of a season… Summer?




Autumn was wearing a white set of (classy yet spicy, but not much) underwear, with an open white and beige kimono-like robe over it, and was sitting cross-legged over the table, facing the very same window Devanna was using to spy on her.


Of course, Tessa was nowhere to be seen, but she knew that the redhead was within three to five seconds of distance of the pounce she had reserved for the younger woman.


If at least Autumn’s next-door-neighbor wasn’t celebrating her 70th or 80th birthday!


Then both of them could have invaded the house, and would have packed Autumn for transport a long time ago! But a black woman, in that neighborhood?


Breanna’s Hill was 95% WASP! And the other 5% belonged to Irish Catholic families!


And that charming, yet sanctimonious, old lady had dozens of friends that were now celebrating her birthday! Some had brought bodyguards with them, and there was the valet service! She was good in sneaking inside buildings and houses, either at night or during the day, but not that good and not against so many odds.


Tessa, on the other hand, could easily waltz into the old neighbor lady’s bedroom right about now, even with the 60 to 90 people inside and around that lavish manor-to-be!


She was so good with passing unobserved, being furtive and popping out of nowhere that her nickname among their community was ‘The (Creepy) Wraith’!

And she was a redhead with freckles about three years older than Devanna (which meant that she was in her late thirties), so when it was time to move a (severely bound and gagged) Autumn from out of her own house… What would the valets and others see? A plain redhead driving a car that expensive (one of Autumn’s own), at that hour of the night, in that neighborhood and coming from Autumn’s house?


One of the ‘ungodly’ lesbian’s girlfriends going back home after visiting the tramp!


Why would a girl with that much money move to such an awful place was a mystery to both Devanna and Tessa. In any case, as soon as the phone call ended…


Tessa would strike!!! (…) Tessa…


She was her newbie, with less than two years in the field and the way they had started their ‘business relationship’ (and their friendship)…


Two ‘burglar’ dames after the same thing, she had broken into the house of the former mistress of that executive fella, trussed the early twenties gal up really tight and went to look for the DVD and, while she tore the apartment apart, the buxom brunette fought her bonds and managed to free herself but, instead of screaming for help or trying to escape, she went straight to her closet, moved a tile sideways and grabbed a gun…


And as she stood up and turned around to go after her, there was this other dame in the bedroom with her! A dame that knew very well how to disarm and subdue someone…


She heard a commotion and when she ran back to the bedroom… there was this redhead asking for her help to ‘properly tie-up’ the brunette! She, of course, grabbed her own gun, but the redhead somehow knew that she never loaded it (the brunette outrage when she realized that she had surrendered to an empty gun was still funny to remember)!


So, both of them practically mummified the nearly naked gal with colorful strips of her own bed sheets, that Devanna tore while Tessa held the buckling girl after a quick use of what little tape Tessa had brought with her, and then they drank a beer together in the kitchen as they decided what to do (she had been hired by their captive’s former ‘beau’ and his business partner, while Tessa was on the guy’s soon-to-be ex-wife’s pay).


In the end Tessa kept the original while she made a copy of the DVD that had caused so much trouble... and would cause a lot more.


But she wasn’t going to recall those rollercoastering days right now…


Three months later when word got out that she was looking for a partner for a job in Chicago, Tessa was one the candidates that stopped by Moe’s, and then there was… stuff in the Newark area (three times in a row!), then Albany and Ontario… For the past five months any and every time she needed help, it was Tessa whom she called.


So when came the order from (cliché alert!) the relatives of the late Ms. London Craven (who hadn’t liked a bit that Autumn; London’s housemate, protégée and bed warmer; was the sole heiress to all her money!) to make the girl disappear, get a ‘replacement’ in some God forsaken country to forge some paper trail for the proper authorities while the real deal signed some documents handing them all those millions… She wasn’t sure if they actually meant that she was to be left alive after it was all over…


Bound and gagged in some flea infested cabin or room of a shady motel? Probably.


For their better health, THAT was what of worse was supposed to happen to Autumn!


Could it be…? Yes! YES!!!! Autumn was finally closing the call!


A genuine ‘Phew!!!’ escaped Autumn’s lips, and in the next moment she was kneeling on the bed, arched backwards with those same lips now covered with the black leather glove Tessa wore on her left hand. Of course, Autumn had no way of knowing that the big knife Tessa was holding menacingly in her other hand was actually a dull one…


Four minutes later it was all over… Handcuffs (?), for both Autumn’s wrists and ankles (?), two hankies inside her mouth and five or six very wide strips of black tape over the pursed lips. She forced the blonde’s legs to fold by tying a rope on a link of the ankle-cuffs and then tying it tautly around her waist, next some rope around her arms and torso, above and below and crisscrossing the girl’s big breasts, a padlocked blindfold was carefully applied (but not without some force) and then…


She started to strip?


Oh yeah, Tessa was going to need to be wearing casual clothes when she took the wheel of one of Autumn’s cars. That black ‘uniform’ was very practical, as long as you were not supposed to be seen wearing it. And, as usual, Tessa had come prepared. Blue pants, chess patterned oversized shirt, a red scarf and a pair of tennis shoes.


She grabbed Autumn in a fireman’s carry, slapped the girls behind a couple of times and they were out of her sight in less than a minute. So Devanna decided to leave that empty house that she had been using as ‘watchtower’.


It was a two story house from the last quarter of the XIX Century, or something like that, and the only edification in the only hill that could have given the neighborhood its name. The owners were behind bars thanks to a Ponzi scheme, and it had been stripped bare to pay some of their debts… still, it had one of the finest security systems she had ever seen! And an active one! Too bad that she did not had time to find out why somebody would put such pricey stuff in a house after even the ring bell had been…


The phone? She picked it absentmindedly…




She started to sprint right away towards the back door of the house, her senses on its maximum alert. ‘Z4’, or their code for ‘Get the **** outa here/there!’, and that when ‘Z1’ meant ‘Something fishy’ or ‘We’ve walked into a trap’!


As she was about to jump on her bike she noticed that its tires were flat, and was it blood? There was a small puddle of something that looked like blood four or five yards away from the bike. She could have done a quick survey, seen if it was real blood, but she decided against it. So she started to run downhill in the direction of the city.


She had studied the maps of that neighborhood, there was an avenue not eight blocks away… she could do it. But as she was crossing a street, she saw a car parking in front of a one story house not forty yards at her right.


Three women were inside, and the two that left the Accord were obviously drunk.


They waved at their (designated driver) friend and struggled to open the front door of their house, they got inside, turned on the lights and turned back to wave goodbye one last time at the short haired blonde at the wheel… and failed to realize that she was no longer alone inside the car which left right away...


About six blocks away the girl stopped the car at an alley, raised both hands and behind her head. Devanna exited the back seat after she tied the girl’s crossed wrists, opened the driver’s door and both sat in the back.


‘Please.. I… I…’


‘Will have quite the story to tell to your friends tomorrow morning after they sober up. I just need to use your car for a couple of hours, okay?’


But the girl couldn’t stop shivering. She looked she had partied/danced a lot, a bit disheveled but still great in her dark green sleeveless mini, the tennis shoes were out of place (but she saw a pair of stunning high heels ones under the driver’ seat, so they were more like ‘driving shoes’?). In no time she had trapped the girl’s wrists at her crotch level with two ‘anchor ropes’ that were linked to the ones wrapped above and below her knees. She was short on rope and packing tape, but what little was left on the roll she brought with her was more than enough to silence the girl and trap her ankles.


A quick check on her wallet found nothing useful, so off she went to the car’s trunk, after being packed (with the very last of the roll) inside the jacket Devanna found there.


Aside a louder moan coming from the trunk, nothing happened in the next hour and a half as Devanna rode around the outskirts of the town. Then she stopped the car behind a billboard next to the north exit of the place, there was really nothing that could enhance the ‘gagging’ of that girl, but at least the pre-paid phone (that she took out of its box only after checking if the ‘seal’ she and Tessa had made was still intact) was working. She had to wait for a few minutes until Tessa activated hers.


‘Sorry… Some dude tried to cross a red light right in front of me. The other cars didn’t manage to stop on time and I had to wait until the first responders and cops cleared the street. Are you okay? Have you been followed?’


‘Yes and no. The tires of that bike were slashed, but I found a designated driver who had no way of denying me the use of her car… I am cool, what’s up?’


‘They were in three and were waiting for me inside the garage. As soon as the third one was out I checked their phones and guess what? There was a picture of you, kneeling by the window and aiming a pair of night vision binoculars downwards…’


‘There was somebody with me inside the house?’ – She said instinctively looking around. Nothing. There was nothing and no one around her…


‘Yes. You heard nothing?’


‘No, and I didn’t saw anything as well… You still have her?’


‘Yes. I am sending you a few pictures, one of Autumn as she is now, right in front of me, and the others are of my attackers. I call you in five.’


They had established those email account less than ten hours earlier, at a web café downtown. After a short wait the message arrived…


Autumn was now partially topless, her left breast had popped out of the bra, and very efficiently hogtied over what looked like the bed of a cheap motel room. Wait a minute, that was too much. Cinched knots all over her legs and arms, a lot of rope pining the arms to her back and how much tape had she used over the girl’s lips?


As for the attackers, all three were men that she had never seen before in her life. All whites, one overweighed and the other two in better shape, wearing camouflage or black clothes. They were lying side by side (unconscious?) next to what looked a car, she could see Autumn’s bound feet in one of the pictures and, for some reason, the image struck her oddly. She was still trying to figure why when the phone rang...


‘Never seen any of them before.’


‘Me neither. But they had files on me, you and Autumn, huge printed files in their car.’


‘Amateurs… Those files… are they good?’


‘Well, are you really from a town called Chili?’


‘****! Those guys…’


‘Forget it, I managed to knock two of them out cold and tased the third. Next, for good measure (since I had no time to restrain them) a shot a dart on each one’s right arm…’


The dart gun, Tessa’s precaution if she had to take down more than one or two people at once. It had been useful once or twice.


‘…and off I went with Autumn in one of her cars. I realized that they should have, at least, put some tracking device in each of Autumn’s three cars, but that they should be parked nearby. I found their car, found the tracker they had put in the one I picked and found the fourth member of their gang. She was hiding nearby, more like a gun moll than anything else, young good-looking gal that was actually terrified to see me. But before I could grab her or anything, some ‘concerned neighbor’ decided to open his window and shout at us and attract a lot of attention. She took her chance to escape…’


‘And you?’


‘I ran in the opposite direction, I used my gizmos to check and double and triple-check the car, rode for a while and now here I am, in a motel room…’


‘Where exactly?’


‘As if I would tell you now! Look, dump whatever car you are riding, and its owner, at some alley after you’re sure that no one is tailing you, do it preferably at the…’


She agreed with Tessa’s instructions and thirty-five minutes later she was placing a razor blade on the left hand of the still shaking girl, next she closed the lid and walked three blocks before managing to hail a cab. After basically going to the other side of the town through the longer route, she found herself entering a seedy motel.


During the nearly hour-long trip, she managed to realize what was bugging her about the picture with Autumn’s bound feet. They weren’t hers!


Although she wasn’t, by no means, anywhere close to being a lesbian, Devanna had a thing for women’s feet. She really liked her own and, for reasons that she had never bothered to try to understand, she also liked the watch/analyze other women’s feet (usually comparing hers to those in a favorable way).


When she had been hired to kidnap Autumn, she had done some research and had found out about her old job, an escort/model of the likes (but not a prostitute). Apparently, Benny Crawford (the hacker she hired the most) ‘knew a guy who knew a guy’ who had managed years ago to copy all the modeling portfolios of the girls who worked at that ‘agency’. Weird thing was, while there were the customary string bikini pictures, there were odd pictures of the models in various costumes (some obviously made to be worn by strippers, while others were more… accurate).


Nurse, nun, maid, cowgirl, cop, pizza delivery gal (?), businesswoman… and Benny had chuckled so smugly after he told her that they weren’t strippers or pros!!!


Anyway, there were six or seven pictures of Autumn in a white or yellow string bikini. Long legs to die for, a not fake pair of big breasts and… the feet. She took more than another peek at the picture of the slumped guy and the bound feet, she wasn’t really sure but it did look like that tiny mole in the middle of the right foot wasn’t there before.


Sure, it was small, the high-resolution pictures that she had seen (but not kept) were four or five years old and all that… But she had given Autumn’s feet a ‘8’, she was sure of that, while with that mole they would get a ‘7’ (like her own ones deserved).


The lone night staff member (a bald guy in his 50’s) was snoring in his chair. Drugged as Tessa had told her that he would be, so she went straight for the room ‘12’.


‘Who’s there?’


‘Missy Elliott… who else can it be? Open up!’


A very cautious Tessa opened the door, gun in hand, and let her pass. Autumn’s bonds had been changed. The now naked girl had rope all over her arms (either to bind them together or to her torso), her hands had now the shape of door knobs, her legs were in a similar state of her arms and were bent and linked to her arms through six or seven strands of rope, one linked her big toes to her now ponytailed hair, and she was gagged and blindfolded with appeared to be torn strips of a towel…


‘Isn’t that…?’ – she started to ask while thinking in a way to ‘casually’ get closer to their captive, without giving away the fact that she had tucked a gun in her pants.


‘Do you know what she used to be?’ – asked a slightly mad Tessa.


‘A model/escort?’


‘For the bondage fantasies of her clients...’


‘Come again?’


And Tessa told her everything that Rick Fleming, one of Tessa’s informants, had told her (while chuckling madly) about ‘Desires, Inc.’…


‘So after he said that I did a quick check, and she had worked out a lot of slack on her bonds! She hadn’t tugged or bucked like a wild maverick, yet, with her ‘passive’ way of dealing with her bonds she had accomplished way more than what she would have if she had done that! I grabbed my gun and, with it inches away from her face, I warned her to not try to scream and I questioned her. Turns out that some of the ‘fantasies’ she brought to life in her job involved the ‘kidnapped’ girl managing to free herself, and she got a LOT of training in how to do that, to escape imprisonment in rope and tape!’


‘Wow… weird...’ – Devanna said as she carefully sat next to Autumn’s head.


‘Not as much as your fixation on women’s feet…’ – said a voice coming from the bathroom – ‘…which is why you realized the truth about the pictures, haven’t you?’


Although Devanna had never heard that voice, the woman whom emerged from the bathroom was well known to her. Alena, the ‘super’ thief’/industrial spy that was in the FBI’s Most Wanted List for like a decade now.


She immediately drew her gun, aiming it first at Alena, then at Tessa.


‘Stop with that, you idiot.’


‘And why would I do that?’


‘Because I know what is the phone number you will use as soon as you are certain that everything is alright, so your client can come and ‘collect’ the young lady in between us…’ – Only then Devanna realized that, indeed, the single bed with the bound blonde over it was separating her and the newcomer – ‘…and pay you. I also know where they are staying and I have already acted against them, although they don’t know it. In fact, I only don’t know which is the password that you have to say to make them follow my plans. Honestly? I would have already made you join my friend here if I did know that. But I don’t, hence this elaborate charade you just blew. This… farce, this whole farce, is only happening because of that and another thing… I am woman of word.’


‘Put-down-that-gun… NOW!’


Tessa was about to pull her own guns, but Alena just raised her left hand and she brought back both empty to her front and then her sides.


‘Tessa, can I call you Tessa?, how many red dots are you seeing in Ms. Carter’s chest?’




Instinctively, Devanna looked down at her own chest…


And in the next moment she felt a sharp sting on both her wrists, and now her gun was in Alena’s hands, which seemed to not have moved at all, still standing four yards away from her and with a bed in between them! How could she…?


But, surprisingly, Alena was holding it by the muzzle.


‘Let me tell you what I know about your next client, whom you are supposed to meet in a week at a hotel in Anaheim, the ************* if not mistaken…’


How did she know that?


‘…Zeery Maller, born Misery Adele Maller. A mid-to-late 40’s African-American woman who owns a gallery in downtown Frisco and, apparently, fell for a temptress’ many charms. The usual stuff, find the girl AND the ‘very sensible data’ she has with her, with a sizeable bonus if you do extract some humiliating revenge upon her…’


‘How do you know that?’ – Devanna asked, and why did Tessa bore such a conceited expression in her face now? What was going on?


‘How do you…?’


‘Well, she…’ – Alena pointed at the oblivious and still struggling blonde in between them – ‘…insisted that BOTH of you, you and Tessa, were to be paid the same amount for your willing and unwilling help in my plans, and while with my former pupil this matter of payment was very easy, with you… Well, I had to provide a fake client and a fake blackmailer, who happened to have blackmailed a lçong list of fake victims… honestly you are saving me a lot of money, work and resources! Anyway, when you followed your client’s orders to ‘clean the bitch’…’




‘Check under the bed…’


Devanna didn’t move, so it was up to an exasperated Tessa to kneel by the bed, at Alena’s left, and grab something. A blue sports bag that she unzipped and then shoved into Devanna’s arms. Money? Neat packs of one hundreds!


‘A million dollars, that’s how much you are holding in your arms now and…’ – And Alena walked a few steps and placed the gun over the opened bag – ‘…I trust that you will no longer try to shove this into my face, right?’




‘I told you, I am a woman of word… and I am in debt in such matters. Years ago, I was in need of some… discrete collaboration from the late Ms. Craven. She did it and was very smart when asked what she wanted in return… Ten million dollars? No. A list of people she either wanted dead, disgraced, imprisoned or all that and more? Nope…’


The newcomer was undoing part of the overkilling ties over the… captive(?)’s body.


‘She wanted my help. I have contacts, informants and the likes that she could and would never ever have access to. And she had enemies, lots and lots of them…’


How many knots had… Tessa(?)… Alena (?)… put on the girl’s limbs?


‘…So if anything or anyone plotted against her or against anyone related in any way to her, and I knew about it, she was expecting that I would help her deal with the threat. And I promised that I would do it. (…) Years passed and suddenly I learn that there is a plot to kidnap both London Craven and her lover/ward/housemate, Autumn here. So I got in touch with London and we planned… we learned everything that could be known about her enemies plans, down to the fake plates of the eight vehicles (one SUV, four cars, a truck and two fake police cars) that were going to be used in their plan. We were ready, they would strike, we would interfere in their plans, they would be forced to get in touch with their bosses and London would get enough evidences of the whole deal to deter any further attempt against her or Autumn, ever! But then… A stupid hill-*****-billy ******** who never bothered to have his truck regularly checked…!!!’


There was hate in her eyes, the genuine thing. If that Sam Holberg hadn’t died in the accident, along with London, he would be in for a private hell!


But, fortunately, both had died on impact. She had seen the pictures and had the whole story checked, twice. He lost control of his truck and the result was messy and ugly…


‘Are you alright?’


Save for that knotty mess around her wrists, all bonds over Autumn’s arms were gone now. Alena was kneeling behind the youngest woman in the room and had just removed the earplugs and the blindfold. While Alena obviously cared about Autumn, the love in the blonde girl’s eyes wasn’t reciprocate… No, it wasn’t love, more like… devotion?


‘Are you in pain? Thirsty? Do you need to…?’


After shaking her head twice, Autumn eagerly nodded.


So Alena produced a blade from a holster under her jacket and, with swift and precise moves, freed the blonde’s legs and cut that mess around her wrists. With her legs shaking a little, but without stumbling, Autumn then ran to the bathroom.


‘Are you responsible for her disappearance and for…’ – Devanna started to ask.


‘…she reappearing in this town under the alias of ‘Eve Wells’? Yes. She… took it hard, London’s death I mean. I had a team watching her, just in case London’s brother tried anything stupid against her again. And one week after the accident they saw her taking more pills than she should… They acted, brought her to me and I had her committed. I visited her while she was there, I visited her a lot of times. And now… she’s a friend…’




‘Give me that look again and you will be sorry, very sorry.’


And Alena, who was just sitting on the bed a moment before, was now within inches of her own body. Devanna jumped backward and found herself pinned against the wall.


‘She’s my friend, whatever you may ever think of me is of no consideration for me…’


‘Oh…, stop it!’


Autumn, still wearing the white (and silver?) set of undies, was back in the room, and was now past Tessa, in-between the two older women and forcing (with the palm of her left hand), gently but firmly, Alena to walk backwards a few steps.


‘You stay right there!’ – And then she turned her attention to Devanna – ‘Just for your information, I am the only lesbian in the room. You like guys, Tess (or Tessa?) likes BIG guys with bigger hands and Alena likes guys too. But… Alena loves to tie up and gag as many women as possible, I love to be tied/taped/chained up and gagged in pretty much every imaginable way possible, Tess has a ‘tickling-fetish-thing’ also aimed at (mostly) UNwilling female victims and you have hundreds of pictures of women’s feet, mostly against the will or consent or even knowledge or your victims, right? We’re all, in various degrees of intensity (I concede) pervs here! So let me ask you, Miss ‘I will never ever harm or rob the genius who put a camera in a cellphone allowing me to snap HUNDREDS of pictures of all those lovely feet’, who are you to judge me or Alena?’




Weeks later, while enjoying her collection of pictures in private, right after adding the ‘newest ones’, Devanna would think of the scene and smile, and smirk, at herself.


There she was, cornered against a wall by a busty gal that probably (and actually) had zero chances against her in a fair fight, and who was wearing but a flimsy bra and flimsier pair of panties, with both hands (fists clenched) on her hips, barefoot and flanked by two of the most dangerous persons she knew (that were obviously amused with her distress) who were not just pretending to have to hold Autumn (with a hand on each shoulder of the slightly taller younger woman) or she would charge at Devanna!


At the moment it was very effective.


‘Ok, my bad… I am sorry.’


All anger and wrath vanished from Autumn’s face and were replaced with… concern?


‘Look… The point is that London really cares… cared about me. And in spite of all the decades since she and her brother parted ways, she still knows what kind of a ****** he is. So, years ago, when a famous and powerful criminal showed up and asked for her help, she was thinking primarily in him when she asked to be paid with protection for her and her loved ones. And in spite of giving him ten million dollars in her will (Ten millions! He did not deserve a single cent!!!!), the ************* and his ******** daughter wants it all… at the modicum expense of my life…’ – And she closed her eyes and took a deep breath befoe looking her in the eye – ‘…So, how much do you want?’


‘Come again?’


‘How much do you want to follow Alena’s plan to the letter? I’ll pay another mill…’


Devanna raised her hand at the same time that Tessa grabbed Autumn, who had gotten too close of Devanna for both hers and Alena’s tastes, handgagged (gently but firmly) her with her left hand while pulling her backwards (to her side) with her right one.


‘Look, as much as I like the idea of having two million dollars in cash and all that, I have to think in my reputation. I mean, if words get around that I betrayed my client…’


Tessa relaxed and removed her hand from over Autumn’s lips, and all three women, at once!, in front of her smiled a very smug smile, which got smugger as they looked at each other. Both Autumn and Tessa turned their attention to Alena, who produced a smartphone from an inside breast pocket of her jacket. She fiddled with it until she found what she was looking for, and handed it to Autumn, whom handed it to Devanna with both hands, and an even more smugger smile plastered in her face.


It was a video, ready to be played, all she had to do was to tap the arrow in the screen.


Five minutes later, after finally calming down while being held in a human lock by Tessa, Devanna told them that there was no password at all. All that they had to do was sent their messages to a specific email account, which she gladly provided.


All eyes converged on Alena who, after a quick pondering, told Devanna what she should do next. Devanna immediately left to do her ‘errands’.


With all the other major crimes that happened that night, an unidentified (she wore a biker’s helmet) black woman stealing brake fluid and Oreos, with guns in both hands, from a convenience store a few miles south of the city limits never hit the news…


But to those interested, and in the coming months they were many (which made a pair of crooked officers very happy), that footage was another proof of Devanna’s claims of being set-up by her client, with a hitman, and how she had dealt with it.


Her reputation wasn’t damaged in the slightest by the whole mess her job ended up being. She had been betrayed by her client and, she never gave all the details no matter who asked her, came out of it with two million dollars from a ‘secret safe’ of Autumn herself, in exchange for the girl’s freedom. Yeah, she made her pay her own ransom!


Her client’s reputation on the other hand…







‘Finally!’ – He thought, and stood up as his daughter turned off the sound of the TV.


The prepaid phone rang twice more before he grabbed it. It came from the only number that would make him take the call according to the caller ID.  Too bad that the news he got were both what he was expecting to hear the most and also the least..


Somebody (the ****** he had hired?) had sent two short videos to his other email.


‘Weird… I can’t get in touch with the Bruce guy…’ – said his daughter.


‘You won’t be able to do that.’ – He said before he handed her the phone.


The first was the one they wanted to see while the second sent a chill down her spine.


In the first, Summer (or whatever, the latest in a very long list of **** her late ****** aunt had lived with) was half-naked and tied to and on a chair… nope, she was tied and taped. Her body had been taped (with black tape) and then tied to the chair she was sitting with crisp white rope. Both had been applied quite freely…


Ankles crossed and taped to the left front leg of the chair, above and below the knees and the thighs as well. Since the image showed the… girl from a front ¾ point of view, she wasn’t able to see her arms well, but it was obvious that they had been excessively taped together before her torso and them sandwiched the back of the chair, still… what had happened to her fingers? Since the only piece of clothing she wore looked like bikini cut panties, her big breasts were in plain view since they seemed to be the only portion of her body neither roped nor taped. Lastly she had been gagged with a strip of cloth (or whatever) before tape was place in and ‘X’ fashion over it.


So the darkie had done her job… too well.


The other video showed a nude white man, who had been mercilessly pummeled to a pulp. Blood and bruises everywhere, two exposed factures on the legs, arms obviously broken and the fingers… But the face had been left in peace and, save for a black eye, untouched. It was Bruce Drexler, the killer-for-hire she had hired.


For the next ten minutes they tried to get in touch with… what was her name again? And with Drexler and, in a fit of near desperation, with the Spring/Summer gal…


And a police officer answered the call, or at least she said that she was a police officer.


She didn’t give her enough details, save for the fact that her name was ‘Detective Andrews’ and that Autumn (?) was missing. But she and her father knew that Autumn had caller ID in all her phones, including her landlines, so she was honest with her. And ended up agreeing meeting with her on the lobby of the hotel in a few minutes.


Potter, always the efficient secretary, had already found out why the police was there.


Somebody had managed to sneak inside Autumn’s next-door neighbor’s house while the old lady was celebrating her birthday, and had stolen something from her safe inside her private study. If not for a couple wanting some ‘privacy’, it was more like the robbery would not have been found that night. But the attacker, whoever he or she was, KOed the man and tied and gagged the girl and barely managed to escape before they were found. The police were called and found footprints leading to the wall between the old lady’s property and Autumn’s, so they invaded her house and found no Autumn, signs of a thorough search (for valuables?) and obvious signs of struggle.


While they were trying to realize what was happening, he received a third email.


And they really started to panic!


Somebody (she?) had put a camera inside his own private office at his home! And had recorded (in HD!) the meeting with Drexler!!! At the end of the highly incriminating nine minutes long video the image froze as he and Bruce shook hands, and an address in the outskirts of the town flashed in the screen before the phrase ‘You have thirty minutes’ substituted it. They had to act quickly, so she stayed behind to meet the cop (with Potter at her side) while he went (with their bodyguards) to meet the *******.


Nine minutes after her father left, Jean Craven and Potter took the elevator to the lobby, inside it where three women that looked like they were going to hit the town, one had a remarkable resemblance with Jean, but two of them they left four floors down…


…half carrying/half dragging an unconscious Jean while ‘Jean’ and Potter went to the lobby and met Detectives Andrews and Carmody. After some pressure from their part, ‘Jean’ admitted that she and her father were in town to try to persuade Autumn to accept their proposal regarding some ‘unfinished business’ about London’s will when she got a ‘weird email’ that made her make that phone call.


She agreed to go to the precinct with her father in the following day, since it was late and her father was now sleeping, and the detectives left.


‘What now?’ – asked Potter as they arrived at the entrance of the Cravens room.


‘Don’t worry about a thing. We hacked into the security system of this place about a couple of weeks ago, so when we bring Jean back to this room no one will see a thing.’


‘And my daughter?’


The elegantly dressed mid-forties woman in front of him grabbed her purse, and took a cellphone from inside it. Charisse was sleeping peacefully one her left side over a bed, and the bed sheet had the hotel’s emblem on it. So she was somewhere in the hotel, in one of its two hundred (or more) rooms… For the last time he dismissed the idea of trying to find her, even if he had to be… forceful with the woman in front of him.


‘You wouldn’t have a chance, you know that?’ – she said as if reading his mind.


‘Am I being too obvious?’


‘A former green beret, who kept himself in more than just apt shape at 52, who has recently widowed and has his only living relative, his own daughter, kidnapped and is forced to obey orders from her kidnappers for nearly a week… Of course when you finally found yourself alone with one of said kidnappers you would try to regain some control, for your daughter’ sake I hope because if you try to do anything for those…’


‘They pay well, but not that well…’ – He said while analyzing the situation. She was with her guard down, a whole opening ready for him…


And she handed him the purse she was carrying.




‘Look inside…’ – she said as she turned her back to him. He emptied the purse on the desk at his right, without taking his eyes of the woman in front of him. A pair of handcuffs, many coils of rope, a nerf ball, a roll of tape, a blindfold (with a lock) and earplugs. Meanwhile, she removed the lens and the prosthetics she was wearing.


‘In less than two hours, Charisse will be entering that door on her own, safe and sound and without any kind of scar you may think of. We have cameras and microphones in this room so if you try anything really bad… nothing will happen to her. We also know that you have two or three pre-paid phones with you, if you want to waste your time using them after using that stuff over there on me… go ahead, I just needed to be sure those stuff wouldn’t get in your way as possible threat to myself.’




And he went ahead. Twenty-five minutes later the woman was lying over the table in the buff and sporting all the stuff she had brought with, plus half his ties (the cheapest ones, since he had brought twice the usual amount ‘just in case’ they would be needed for Charisse’s rescue). It was a really tight package, a ‘ball-tie’ if not mistaken, and he had made sure that she was also unable to speak, hear and see.


He had found a phone and a small bottle of some medicine in her clothes. Next he made a quick search and found three cameras and six microphones that, he reasoned, were best left in place, so he spent the next hour and a half talking to everybody he knew that could help him or who knew somebody who could.


It was a long list and a fruitless one too.


Then, as she had told him, there was a knock at the door. It was Charisse. She almost jumped on (she had taken on her mother, and was nearly a foot smaller than her father) and hugged him and they stood like that for about two or three minutes…


And then she saw the overly tied and taped up naked woman over the table at the same time he felt her wincing, and realized that she had a few bruises on her arms.


Four minutes later she was still bashing him as she tried, unsuccessfully, to undo one of his ‘special knots’ that was keeping Toni’s chin so close to her knees.




‘That’s how she told me to call her. She was the one who was in charge of me for the past two weeks… (…) Humph!!! Could you please undo this damnest thing?’


‘Now wait a minute!’


He grabbed his daughter and lifted her as he put himself between his captive and her. She tried to argue but he made the ‘silence’ signal, and he turned to ‘Toni’.


The knot had been ruined by Charisse’s efforts of undoing it, so he cut it with his pen knife, next he undid or rearranged the other ties and thus he finished with a naked woman sitting at the edge of a table, ankles bound to one of the table’s legs, at his left (he had plenty of view of her cuffed and bound wrists) and his daughter safely in front of him (a couple yards), and Charisse was pouting and fuming?


‘She was the one that kidnapped you?’


‘I don’t know, maybe… I was jogging in the park and next thing I know I am inside a floatplane headed somewhere far and far away from home. The plane was a bit big but me and the two masked gals that were piloting it were the only ones on board. I wasn’t gagged, at first, but my demands and pleas to be untied… well they said that I was ‘annoying’ them… Bitches!!!... Anyway, after four or five hours we arrived somewhere in Canada, at least that’s where she said where we were, and when they untied my legs and opened the door, there was a canoe with three women inside it, only she wasn’t masked. I was placed in the canoe, the other two masked gals jumped on board of the plane and off we went… I mean, off she went paddling us to the shore while I struggled in my bonds. There was another masked gal on the shore and she took the canoe, paddled to the floatplane, and both went inside and the plane took off. Next she carried me, fireman’s style, for like half a mile until we reached a small log cabin. She untied me and explained me what was going on… Dad…’


If Toni had turned his only daughter into some liability to Mr. Craven’s plans…


‘…You cannot tell me what exactly Mr. Craven is neck deep buried in, right?’


Trying to disguise his relief, he took a peek at the bound woman and he was sure that her muffled grumbling meant ‘You’re welcome’.




‘It is… it’s very complicated…’ – Charisse hugged him, and after a couple of minutes...


‘Anyway, she told me that Mr. Craven was trying to do something very illegal, they were hired to prevent it from happening and thus they needed your forced help… I spent the next two days trying every now and then to escape; I only managed to put a mile between myself and the cabin before she recaptured me. She kept lecturing me as she bound me, carried me back to the cabin and untied me there. I spent most of the time nicely roped up, and when she freed me… In the third day she surprised me with a new strategy in her attempts to convince me to stop trying to escape… a hike.’


‘A what?’


‘She said that since I was so eager to run to the woods, then we would go there. She made me chose West randomly and off we went. Dad… the place was beautiful, and in the middle of nowhere! We walked for a couple of days and I made my last attempt to escape after we had a discussion about why I should accept that I had no control over my freedom anymore, at least until today. I spent a night… forget it… Forget it!... Next morning, she had another proposition; the hike back would take a couple of days, but what would we do when we got there? She could teach me some of the stuff she knew about martial arts. I already knew (from my escape attempts) that she was way better than me so I agreed. We went back to the cabin and for the past ten days she put through a harsh routine of exercises and martial training… Dad, she can beat you!’


He really felt offended with Charisse’s vehemence, and his eyes made that clear.


‘Anyway, yesterday the floatplane was back, and so were the five masked gals. Among the trio that paddled to the shore were the two ones that actually kidnapped me and took me there, and Toni told me that if I managed to beat them, I could get some revenge…’


‘So these bruises…?’


‘Yeah, they… One of them is my age and the other is 18 or 19, they took their masks off before we fought (one at the time), and they knew a lot but she and YOU were great senseis… Anyway, about thirty minutes later, the plane was back on air, and I was sitting beside Toni here with two options to what to watch during the flight, the scenery through the window or the two naked and bound gals in front of us. Save for putting them both inside the plane, I did it all alone. They seemed furious, genuinely furious I mean, but were good sports. After like five hours, Toni grabbed a cup of water, dripped something in it and told me to drink it. I woke up hours later inside this hotel…’


‘What?’ – He knew that way to avert his gaze! – ‘Charisse… what?’


‘Well, my clothes had been changed. Off with the stuff to spend a day (or a month) in the mountains and in a beautiful blue silk pajama. I was lightly gagged, and my hands were cuffed in front and tied to my legs above the knees, and I was sitting in one of those wonderful chairs like that one over there… since the bed was a bit crowded with the two ex-masked and still bound and gagged naked gals…’




‘They said, Toni and the other two (non-masked) dames that were with us inside that room, that it was ‘standard punishment’ for them. The two gals were supposed to have, at least, not be KOed by me (Yeah, I did it with BOTH!), since in spite of all that you taught me, all that Mr. Kyoshiro taught at the dojo and all that she taught me…’


She was almost beaming!


‘Anyway, they gave me the remote control and I was in charge of tying and untying those two (I admit that this part of my ordeal was really awkward…) and of everything we watched yesterday and today. I had bathroom breaks and could eat without any pressure or force from their parts, and so did the ‘punished ones’, but aside that…?’


‘They kept you lightly gagged and with your hands cuffed all the time…’


And Charisse nodded and Toni mumbled something in her gag. ‘Me awmpomph’?


‘Oh, yeah… they told me that they told you to tell Mr. Craven that I spent the past two weeks in Scotland with that buddy of yours, Stan something, right?’


He nodded.


‘By now there must be some luggage by the door of this room, and a ticket to New York and another ticket to Glasgow inside an envelope on top of it…’


Five minutes later she was gone, she had to.


If Mr. Craven had any suspicion that she wasn’t across the Ocean… He used to be just a grumpy boss, but in the past two years he had taken a nosedive regarding anything moral or ethical. A light kiss on the cheek and a beg for him to change his job and off she went, dragging the white rolling luggage in one hand and with the grey envelope (with her passport, the tickets and a few hundred dollars and pounds!) in the other.


He ungagged Toni right away.


‘And now…?’


‘Don’t worry, before it’s all over Phil Craven will have a lot to be worried about, and you and Charisse will not be in that list… Wait a couple of months before quitting, ok?’


‘That’s my problem and business… what now?’


‘Charisse will send you a snapchat of her inside the plane, she forgot to tell you about it but she will do it. After that I will ask you to put three drops of the stuff I brought with me in a glass of water and drink it. When you wake up, in like five hours, Jean will be writhing over her bed and I will be long gone…’


‘And what about the girl I hired to be the fake Autumn Jameson?’


‘She’s fine…’


As if on cue he felt his cellphone vibrating. The girl, Lilly something, had just sent him a video taken moments before. She was now in Florida, although she did not know how she had gotten there, and was enjoying paid vacations at one of the top hotels in Miami for the rest of the week, and then they would send her somewhere else (also with all paid in advance). She looked fine, but the fact that she was no longer gagged (as she had been in three different ways in the pictures they had sent him) made him wish that she was. A very beautiful girl, with such a high pitched voice…


‘Alright… But, if you don’t mind, I will take some precautions…’


By ‘precautions’ he meant spending thirty minutes making look like Toni’s previous balltie was a sloppy job! When he finally finished she could only move her eyelids!


And as he regained his breath, while trying to not pay attention to Toni’s blasé attitude at her ordeal, he received the snapchat from Charisse. ‘Stop it!!!’ was the caption under the angry girl sitting on a plane’s chair’s picture. He thought about having one last ‘act of revenge’ against the woman that had participated in daughter’s kidnap, a powerful slap on her bare buttocks, but sighed heavily, next he prepared the spiced water, sat by the thoroughly tied up woman over the bed and…


…awoke with Jean Craven’s fruitless efforts to free herself when dawn was breaking.







‘…and Autumn was waiting for me. She had been bound diagonally over her own extra-large bed. Crossed hands to the right front leg of the bed, crossed ankles to the left back leg. Nothing painful but taut enough so she wouldn’t be able to try to use her teeth to undo the knots. Some rope around her legs and arms to keep the package stuck and taut and a blue ballgag completed her ‘ordeal’. She thanked me for the extra glass of milk, put on some clothes (she was wearing nothing but a flimsy string bikini tong), a dragon patterned green pajama, and then sat cross-legged over the bed and submitted herself to my questions, as honestly as she could, for the next hour…’


‘And…?’ – Asked Crystal.


‘She confirmed, with a lot of new details, everything that Devanna had told me minutes before. Phillip Craven was behind her kidnapping of two years ago. He hired Devanna to do it, and then he got a creep called Bruce Drexler to kill them both. Devanna learned about it somehow, maybe she is telling the truth about her ‘gut feelings’, and sent Bruce to the ICU while ‘solving’ the matter for Autumn, after she actually kidnapped her for her own good… HOW Devanna did it, or anything to explain what happened when she and Craven met wherever it was… she begged me to not ask her.’


‘And you?’ – asked Faith.


‘What was the point? Better call you and ask you if the contract should be rescinded or not. You demanded a lot of info, had that phone talk with Autumn and in the end, I had to put on a floral dress and next a yellow and blue bikini and let Devanna take a lot of pictures of myself, and my feet, while the jealous bikini contestant rivals settled their…’


‘What?’ – asked Crystal.


‘The scripted fantasy for the next morning was a ‘bikini contest’ going,… wild… You know? Jealous participants plans of making sure that their rivals won’t show up going well, and then not? Revenge upon betrayals galore and all girls sharing a last tie?’




Crystal could be so dense sometimes…


‘Tamyra, be totally honest with us please, aside for the fact that the ‘real client’ of your last assignment is a real deal criminal… nothing out of the ordinary happened?’


‘Ms. Fay, aside from me joining the girls as part of the assignment, we all had a regular stay at Autumn’s home... lots of tie-ups in no less than four different scenarios, plus some agreeable moments. This time there was a birthday cake and an impromptu party, and Devanna thanked us all, myself included, for the ‘great time’ she had… Monday morning she drove us to the airport and here I am.’


‘Thank you Tamyra that will be all… Sofia…, Andrea…, please leave us.’


They waited to be alone in the room before Crystal broke the silence.


‘What should I do about Devanna?’ – She asked.


‘We should not accept her as a client, even if that means dropping Autumn of…’


‘I don’t know, Faith…’


And thus the sisters started an hour long discussion. As usual they did not raise their voices, not even once, but were firm in their positions.


They examined the subject from all possible angles and, in the end (just as she was expecting all along), Crystal was told to make some inquiries, spent as much as she needed but she had to come with all facts about Devanna and her participation in Autumn’s ordeal, even if that meant an ‘unwanted visit’ to Autumn’s estate.






The address belonged to an abandoned farm. One of his bodyguards had to break a padlock and remove a sturdy chain from its gate, with a badly readable sign informing that the property had been repossessed by some unidentified bank hanging on it.


The car drove about two miles on a dirt road until they reached the farmhouse in ruins and the barn, which had light coming from inside it.


As he mulled about what should be his next act, he got a fourth email…


‘Get inside’


Attached was a picture of Jean’s face, the lower half covered in black tape…


The four bodyguards struggled to make a shield around him, as he ignored his age and raced to the barn. In the middle of the barn, under the spotlights that were the only light available, was a stage with a chair with a naked, bound and gagged Autumn tied to and on it and a large (50” at least) TV screen behind her.


She was struggling her bonds heartily and increased her fight when she saw him. And then he heard the sound of his bodyguards falling unconscious on the floor, all at once.


One had been darted, the other three knocked out cold, and now their attackers were closing on him. Black clad women. Why it had to be full body clad in black… women.




Another black clad masked woman came to the stage and started to free Autumn, although she did not touch the strips of white cloth trapping her body, she had the girl standing by her side in a moment, covered her with a blanket, and next she was carrying the ‘kidnapped heiress’ out of the place in a bridal fashion.


‘Kidnapped heiress’…


The whole stunt had her signature on it!


‘Hello… Phil. How are you doing?’


LONDON!!! She was alive!!! The ****** was alive!!!!


‘This is a recorded message, so don’t bother hurling insults at me. Remember…’


And the image on the screen switched to Jean, lying naked inside some car’s trunk, her body crudely arched backward with her long black hair tied to her toes and what looked like… what was its name again? ‘Reverse… pray’ or something like that… London’s face was back in the screen. She had aged, badly, in the period she was ‘dead’.


‘And just in case you think me stomping into your level and threatening your loved one for you to do my binding is not enough…’


And in the next five minutes the screen showed him the footage she had taken, over the period of a whole year!, inside his private office!!! The clips shown one after the other were very brief, 10 to 15 seconds at most, but he knew that she had them all in their entirety. The kickbacks or briberies, the negotiation of the law that he had bought and paid for, his actual opinion about that senator… and the whole ‘Autumn’s kidnap and murder affair’! He started to feel ill right away…

But then one of the ‘women in black’ gave him a glass of water and his pills!!!!


‘Now… listen up, unless you want to be implicated in Autumn’s kidnap, unless you want that the FBI knows about your ties with the killer they arrested tonight, unless you want that each and every single video whose clips you just saw goes to public…’


He was still unable to stand on his own; two ‘women in black’ were holding him.


‘…here’s what you and Jean and Autumn will tell the cops tomorrow, you decided to try to settle out of court your claims against my will…’


She dictated his present and future actions, adding a threat for him and Jean to leave Autumn alone here and there, and when she finished he was told to drink the glass of water that was already being offered to him.


He awoke sitting on a folding chair by the limo, cuffed to one of its door’s handle, and had to wait for his bodyguards to wake up (it took about an hour), next he had to wait for them to find their own clothes. He arrived at the hotel at about 9 AM, and found himself surrounded by the press before he could get out of the car.


But, at least, Jean was waiting for him with Potter by her side.


Too bad that two or three very angry police detectives were flanking her as well.








She had undergone months of supplementary training, had her senses and skills honed to their limit and beyond… and it still was not enough against… her!!!


Maddison, no known last name, Autumn’s ‘outlaw bodyguard’/friend/lover… and her nemesis. Who had the bad habit to have her in a situation like to the one she was faring at the moment whenever she wanted it; lying naked, bound hand and foot in a taut hogtie, and with two of her own (clean) panties inside her mouth with tape covering it!


She had returned home after checking and double-checking all the data her many hackers and informants had gathered for her bosses’ needs. And somehow she had been KOed without a fight, and awoke in her current ordeal…


Current ordeal? Was she actually getting used to that kind of humiliation?


And the worst part was that she couldn’t even put blame in the fact that Maddison was young enough to be her daughter! Just a month ago she had taken down three steroid-enraged ass***** as they tried to beat the former girlfriend of one of them!


She tried once more, it was useless and she knew it… but what else could she do?


Submit to the… the… she couldn’t even call her names anymore!


Maddison was sitting at her desk, checking her notebooks and almost ignoring her, save for a snicker or a snort after every louder bid for freedom of hers failed.


‘Just in case you wanna know… I put a canister of sleeping gas inside your closet, you got in, I turned it on and the rest is obvious. I would love to fight you once more but… Damn! How could he know that? How did he… they found out about it?’


She ignored her for the next half an hour, and then she closed all the computers and turned her attention towards Crystal. She sat on a chair by the bed, after positioning her captive back to the middle of it, and toyed with Crystal hair for a little.


‘I believe you would like to punch and kick me a few times right now, right?’


Crystal nodded.


‘If I give an address… Oh, to hell with it! Scream and I… I…’


And she started to peel the white tape.


‘Scream and I can guarantee that by morning you will be known by every person in town, in the whole state! And NOT in the way you would like to be! Understood?’


The tape and the panties were out, and in went the straw so she could drink some water.


‘Thank you… I take that it was too obvious that the Calhoun would tell me to…’


‘…learn everything about Devanna as soon as Tamyra gave them a full report about this past weekend? Come on girl, get real… Those two are so…’


‘Plain obvious?’


‘Exactly… So, how are they leaning?’


‘Well, Autumn is one of our best clients, and she is a great hostess! All the girls think that she’s a bit crazy, but ‘unpredictably-fun-crazy’ not ‘dangerous-crazy’, and they all like her and her company. On the other hand, I am the one that is in charge of dealing with problems the way that Devanna offered to in exchange of a few more…’


‘But what about a scapegoat?’




‘What about a scapegoat?! Let’s say that the ex-wife of Senator *******, who we both know is a **** with a capital ‘C’, manages to finally get her hands on some of his ‘Pulp Covers’ and in the behind the scenes pictures as she keeps trying to…? Don’t interrupt me! You would be an obvious target IF somebody managed to get them back, and who knows… she hates you guys enough to try to bring the Calhoun sisters through you…’


And she removed her right hand from over the older woman’s lips.


‘But if instead of a British gal in her fifties…?’ – started Crystal nonchalantly.


‘She would have to put the blame in a totally unknown, and unrelated to ‘Desires, Inc.’, mid 30’s black American woman, not you a white British gal (wearing blackface)! And with your help, Devanna could do everything to induce her, or anyone else that might be threatening ‘Desires, Inc.’ at the time, to believe that!’




‘Every four/five months, ‘Autumn’ could book a foot-fetish weekend. Devanna already has a list of your ‘8’ class feet girls. Can you believe that Tamyra is alone as a ‘9’?’


‘Really?... I mean, that would be perfect! Can you really make her to do that?’


‘As long as it’s also a bondagefest weekend, with Autumn as one of main protagonists of the whole action… Devanna is not into that, Autumn and I are, though lately…’


‘You and Autumn…?’


‘We are a couple, a threesome if you need to know… can we get back to business?’


They spent the next half an hour discussing the details. Although the law enforcements agencies didn’t have a positive ID, they knew about many of Devanna’s exploits so she could be used as a willing scapegoat if the need arose. Next, they discussed exactly what the Calhoun sisters would be told, for their own safety, about their latest deal.


As usual, their ‘business’ meeting ended with Madison/Tessa regagging Crystal and pressing (gently) a hankie drenched in something that smelled weirdly nice against her face. About an hour later she awoke, again, hogcuffed in the buff over her own bed, and the keys to all three cuffs were (again!) inside a massive block of ice that was melting by the four post bed, inside a bucket. By the size of that block it would take a while for it to free its ‘cargo’, and the light gag (totally unnecessary, but she knew Madison…) was bearable, so she closed her eyes and tried to get some sleep.


Hours later, after a surprisingly refreshing sleep (again!), she didn’t take more than three minutes to free herself. There was a note under her pillow (again) detailing when she could pay another visit to Autumn, and try once more to defeat Madison in a fair fight… She had a month to submit herself to a harsh routine of training this time.


After three days of a ‘thorough search’, conducted both at home and while attending to her usual work at the HQ, Crystal presented her report to the Calhouln sisters, who ended up agreeing with the ‘Scapegoat Strategy’ (and with keeping Autumn on their list) as long as there was never any indication that Devanna was, directly or indirectly, their client. All contacts and payments would have to come from Autumn.







‘One thing I don’t get in all of this, Crystal knows that you’re alive?’


Autumn and London looked at each, blushed and tried to avoid Dr. Hannigan’s gaze. Right behind Autumn, Madison started to whistle in a mocking fashion while London’s two bodyguards (for that month) on the other side of the bed looked very interested.


‘Well, you see… London planned everything down to the last detail; don’t ask us how we provided the corpses and how we faked the DNA identification, but everything was prepared and went down as expected. Autumn, for example, was only told that it was all a cover-up one week after the burials… Boy was she mad!!!’


‘And would you not be?’ – The blonde snapped back at Madison before London grabbed her hands and Madison placed the tip of her right index finger over her lips.


‘You are a terrible liar, and we needed that Phil and Jean Craven, and some other people whose names I won’t say in your presence, doctor, actually believed that London was dead. Sam Hollberg was a loner with no friends and failing health; he actually died a few months ago on a hospital bed in South Africa, after spending most of what we paid him having the world tour he had always wanted to have; but London? Lots of people flocked to the funeral, and all saw how devastated she was… THAT couldn’t be faked!’


Autumn felt a light push on her hands, she turned her attention to London.


‘Will you ever forgive me? Really forgive me?’


‘Oh you silly old killer ninja girl!!!’ – Autumn bent forward and gave yet another kiss to London, and all other women in the room harrumphed loudly, twice.


Blushing again, but for a totally different reason, both women broke the kiss.


‘Do I need to remind you that, in spite of all her stamina, my patient is a 64 years old woman still recovering from her, apparently, successful multiple cancers treatment?’


‘Hmm, no, sorry… Hey!’


Madison had placed herself between the bedridden London and Autumn, and then two orderlies grabbed the blonde girl and sort of lifted/dragged her to the doctor’s side.


‘That’s better, but what does that do with Crystal knowing that London is alive?’


‘Well, you know how bad was London’s mood in the fifth month of her treatment, and the fact that she and Autumn could finally meet only made things worse thanks to those two clumsiness. So, in their next meeting, Autumn came with the idea of providing homemade bondage movies for Autumn. She would fill her house with cameras, HD cameras everywhere, would hire the girls from ‘Desires, Inc.’, ‘Damsels for Hire’ and other places and have all fantasies that London wanted to see recorded and shipped to here… and it didn’t long for Crystal and the sisters to realize that the fantasies were eerily similar to the ones London used to have when she was their client…’


‘Ooooh…’ – said the doctor, the orderlies and the bodyguards at the same time.


‘So the sisters told Crystal to see if Autumn was ok and there was…’


‘Oh, alright! I spoke too much! Tongue slipper, that’s me! Which is why I cannot be allowed to be alone with Crystal anymore, ungagged that is… Stop it! ALL of you!’


The condescending eyes and knowing smiles were quite infuriating…


‘We honestly thought that we would have to bribe her or… But all that she cared was to know if whatever reason that had made me ‘die’ posed a threat to ‘Desires, Inc.’, in her botched and aborted research she had done about London a while back, she had come to learn that there was stuff that about London that was better for her to never hear of…’


‘And it didn’t pose a threat to her bosses or/and her wards. That is what matter the most for her. When Autumn books one or ten girls, all that she want is some spicy fun time with them, that is all. Plus… she wanted a rematch.’ – said Madison.


‘A rematch?’ – asked Sheila.


‘Years ago, when we had to storm the HQ of ‘Desires, Inc.’, Crystal was the last to be captured, and managed to take down two agents before she met me… That was nearly two years ago and she still hasn’t managed to defeat me, not even once!’


‘Anyway, when she met the Calhouns a couple of days later, she had already convinced them that I was being ‘creepily nostalgic’ and that, ‘for my own good’, the models I had already booked for that weekend would follow any fantasy they, the sisters, could come with… and when the girls showed up, the ‘script’ they had to follow was so silly! But that was part of Crystal’s plan. I was ‘enraged’ and ‘mad’ when I called Ms. Faith in her private number and I ended up having an hour long talk with her and Ms. Kathleen, while Crystal pretended to gave them tips about me, and they finally got convinced that I was being a bit ‘spooky’, that’s all. But to finally convince them I, well… Stop it!’


‘It was a weird idea that one of yours…’ – said Madison.


‘No it was not!’


‘What?’ – asked Sheila for the others in the room.


‘I told them that they would be in charge of the scripts for my next four bookings…! I agree that they weren’t exactly original with their scripts, basically rip-offs of the old ‘musical chairs’ child play, you know that game about chairs and music?’


She was talking to one of the orderlies, Vanessa, who kept the grip as she nodded.


‘Four/five girls walk into a house, and one by one they go missing?’ – asked Sheila.


London and Autumn nodded and the condescending from the others smiles got worse…


‘Well, I liked those eleven variations on the same idea…’ – said London.


‘And that was what mattered in the end!’ – finished Autumn.


‘One last thing before you two leave. I would never ever have accepted to take part in your plans to have London as my patient, for the treatment against the cancers, if I did not know you and your organization very well. So I know that whatever reason she may have had to force her to, legally and officially, ‘die’ before she was interned here, this reason is gone. So, if the last lab results are confirmed by the next ones…, how will…?’


‘You are so right, Sheila, the main reason behind my death is gone. But I died two and a half years ago. I can’t go back. The fact that, outside this place’s staff, the number of people outside my organization that knows that I am alive is less than ten helps to keep this farce up and running. And the fact that one of these people is my good for nothing worthless brother is not a problem, he can’t prove a thing and will lose everything he ever build if he tries to tell it to the world, and… yes, it brings way so much satisfaction for me to know that he knows that! Still, I will never be able to be seen in public again. Not as London Craven. ‘Françoise Reynolds’ or any other name. But, since past winter, Autumn has become a regular visit, every now and then, to a recluse widow in…’


‘I don’t want to know! (…)? But I take that as soon as you become this ‘widow’, whom I believe lives in a remote estate filled with top of the art security measures…’


‘I bought her next door neighbor’s estate yesterday, and I will be living half the time at my current address, the other half there… It’s time, right?’


Both London and Sheila nodded, and the orderlies did their job with the usual fast speed. Although Sheila doubted that the padlocked blindfold worked with Madison, she had heard about the incredible navigation compass she had in her brain, it was protocol that all visiting personnel had to be blindfolded and had their hands cuffed in front.


But with Autumn things were, different…


She had only agreed with London’s idea because London had become her personal (and of the whole staff of her clinic) financial manager, so anything to please her…


And while Madison wore a more… businesslike set of clothes, Autumn’s black pants were really tight on her body and she wore a white tank top! That was even tighter!


‘You are a big perverted old dame, you know that?’ – Sheila whispered to London.


‘And she deeply loves me because of that…’ – London whispered back.


The knotted strip of towel was being used to gag the totally defenseless girl now, her legs had been ‘connected’ with rope at seven different points, her wrists were crossed between her shoulder blades, with the knobbed hands in full display, and kept there with a complex weblike pattern held by a series of enormous knots, and so used were those two orderlies (exclusive to London’s care, and who had been hired by her organization if they did not belonged to it, but who had revealed themselves as very useful in more than one occasion) of doing that with Autumn that they had timed the whole thing (and were unhappy that they had not broke their own record…)! Oh well…


‘Autumn, are you alright? Can you handle…?’


The girl was now nodding quite enthusiastically!


‘Very well, proceed…’


While one of the orderlies threw Autumn over her left shoulder, the other led Madison by grabbing her right arm as gentle as possible. The ‘Lost in a Maze’ route they would use now had been already download to their smartphones, and off they went.


During the thirty minutes walk, in and outside the whole complex, there were cameras everywhere sending their footage to the 80” TV screen in front of London’s bed. By the time they reached the exclusive (for unwilling patient arrivals and departures) parking lot, Claudine (London’s private secretary) was leaving her black sedan.


One of the orderlies released Madison while the other gave Autumn to Irma’s awaiting arms, the chauffer waited for Madison to tidy herself and say hello to Claudine before she helped Madison to ‘accommodate’ Autumn, whom in no moment at all was allowed to stand or touch the ground, inside the limo.


As the limo left, and the orderlies cuffed and blindfolded Claudine and went back into the complex, guiding her, London turned the TV off as Sheila turned her bed into a sofa.


‘When will you be able to…?’ – Sheila started to ask.


‘I don’t know, you know how it is when Autumn visits me… I pay no attention to the market and the economy and the world, Claudine will give me a few reports, there are a lot of things that I have to check, but I believe that after lunch… Perhaps?’


Sheila nodded, was cuffed and blindfolded and guided as she left the isolated ward.


The lack of revenue (their capacity of taking care of clients had been cut by 15%) and control (the whole section of the complex was under care and effective management, down to the cleaning crew, of those… American ninjas) she had endured ever since London’s death had been counterweighted with the sizable increase in security, their undeniable help in the management of those two crisis that had been averted, and with having London as her (and her employee’s) really good private finances manager!


But since she was, primarily, the ‘ninjas’’s ‘bank and savings manager’… she had strict and specific priorities to deal with before anything else. Still, why did she have to be blindfolded as well before she could leave the room?


By a strange coincidence, all the sectors & divisions’ directors, Oona and Amelie and a few ‘representatives’ of the nurses and orderlies were waiting for her at her office.


‘Forget it, folks, she got a visit from Autumn and you know how it is…’


After a chorus of unsatisfied ‘bad luck’ reprieves, and even some badly whispered curses aimed at the heiress, the place was almost emptied in less than 30 seconds. Only Darla (her secretary/bodyguard), Oona and Amelie stayed with her. Oona was biting her upper lip while Amelie had an unfriendly attitude aimed at Oona…


‘I just found out that guess who has been demanding that Oona finds out ‘the truth’?’




‘Before you say anything, Oona, I did not, and I will never do, ask either Autumn or Madison if the fact that Autumn moving to Breanna Hill, the ‘burglary’ that happened at her next-door-neighbor while she was being ‘kidnapped’ by the ‘burglars’ and your ex-husband’s former boss political plans being crushed the way they were are, in any way, connected events. Honestly girl…’ – and she grabbed the already crying and shaking younger woman by her shoulders – ‘…do you want another taste?’


Oona’s marriage had imploded at about the same time Angelo’s boss found himself without the vital political support of the ********* family for his political bids. He and Angelo were at the party with their wives, and Angelo was the guy surprised by the burglar/kidnapper, but the girl left bound naked from the waist up by her wasn’t Oona…


And her friend’s clumsy investigation started with she correctly connecting the tidbits of data she had heard or knew about the case with what she saw and heard at the clinic, had earned her a month of disappearance after being visited by Madison…


It was the only time their (current) relationship with London’s organization hit a very dangerous stress area, but after a month Oona was back and according to the doctor she had assigned to treat her, the whole experience hadn’t left any considerable trauma.


And yet, especially after the revelation that the incredibly (fake) busty Latina gal was just the latest in a long list of infidelities from Angelo (!), Oona was still trying to save her marriage by finding, and then giving her findings to Angelo, the truth about that burglary/kidnapping! What did she saw in that… ********** to put her life, or at least her own freedom, at risk in such a blatantly stupid way?


And then the phone rang and Darla took it.


It was Autumn, and she wanted to talk with Oona… next with Sheila.


The conversation was brief, they knew about Oona’s enquiries and would help her, but not Angelo. The limo was coming back to the clinic and Oona would join them and leave for ‘a while’. Autumn assured both Amelie and Sheila that all they wanted was to give Oona a ‘time out’, but they would still be able to talk to her at least on a weekly basis, and to show her their latest videos about her ex among other stuff...


Sheila and Amelie made Autumn repeat the promise about the weekly calls before they let their friend, ‘shielded’ by them, enter the limo after hugging both women at once.


About a month after ‘Françoise Reynolds’ left the clinic, Sheila (finally) returned home after a day’s work to find a hooded and ballgagged woman writhing over her bed.


She had a ‘vine-like’ black and silver tattoo that extended from the back of her left hand to her back (in a sinuous fashion) and then ‘wrapped’ itself around her right leg, there were red flowers along the ‘vine’ every now and then, the woman also had had (clearly exaggerated) breast augmentation recently and wore red fishnet gloves, red ropes and red stilettos (the hood and the ballgag were red as well).


And yet she recognized Oona right away.


What had happened to the once blonde (she was now red) in her nearly full semester of ‘extended vacations’ would never be clear for her and Amelie, no matter how many times they talked about it with Oona, she always gave cryptic and evasive non-answers, because there were many ‘things’ that she would not reveal…


Had she taken willing/unwilling participation in any crime executed by the ninjas? Like the weekend activities that sent her ex to prison? Why was she favoring the color red now? Why had she enlarged her already big bra size? Where had she learned to cook?


Not that it actually mattered to her friends…


The spunky/awesome attitude they had loved to deal with while in college was back.


The whole package was back.


Aside from the huge profits she got thanks to the help of London/’Françoise’ with her finances, that was the best thing that had happened to Sheila in the whole episode.







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