The Kidnapped Sheriff Affair




Ah, the quietness after the storm!


After spending three very strenuous days in and outside court, either being questioned by the prosecution and the defense or making sure that the trial would go to the end without any major incident (with moderate success on that last part), and then another four days cleaning up her town of all the ‘souvenirs’ left by the media and some people who had nothing else to do but stop by to protest, either for the defendants or against, even if their definition of protest wasn’t supported by the First Amendment or the state laws, Sheriff Lara Mae Caldwell was a mess.


She wanted a hot bath, a hot dinner and a warm bed. And Mike and Fred and Jeremy and Louie. But her husband and three sons were out of town (He was in Iraq and knowing the horrible freakshow that was coming they had decided to send them to her husband’s parents house six states away), and she was returning to a lonely home.


She opened the garage door, got the car inside, closed the garage door, got out of the car and saw herself sandwiched between two much younger and skilled women who then proceeded immediately to subdue her.


Where have they came from? How could they be so stealthy? Well, she was tired and such, the last weeks had been very demanding, but still they were abnormally good. The one behind her grabbed her hands and before Lara could realize had them cuffed behind her back, the other had stuffed a foam ball inside her mouth and was placing pre cuts strips of white tape over her lips. Then the first started to tie her arms together, first lashing her elbows and then tying the arms together and after that they were imprisoned and reduced to a useless extension of her, she bound them to the torso, taking care to not pass any rope that would compress her breasts after being tightly cinched. The other meanwhile had did a number with her legs and had crossed her ankles, so hopping was out of the question. To finish everything they tied a rope connecting her cuffed wrists and tied ankles, placing her in a stringent hogtie.


- Ok, phase one is done in... four minutes and fifteen seconds!


- Wow, that’s a new record!


The sheriff looked at the two women; by their voices she judged that they weren’t very old. Early 20’s at best. They had very good physiques that even their ninjalike clothes couldn’t conceal. Both were of the same height, circa 5’6”, lean and athletic shapes with moderately sized breasts (not like her own), Lara disregarded that last thought. Since they were all covered in black and grey, wore gloves and mask and even had sunglasses covering her eyes, she knew that every little information she could get from them would be the most necessary... after all no one bind another one that thoroughly and fiercely simple to grab a gun and then shoot him or her in this case. They were after something and there was nothing she could do to stop them.


Fine. But after she was released... they would be OH-SO-SORRY!!!!


What the... what was she doing?




- Keep still please.


Was she being... examined? There was a small light in one of the women’s hand and she was checking her face, eyes and body with it. At first Lara thought that the other was groping her or weirdly and inappropriately touching her, but she was wrong, she was checking for any injuries that the quick capture might have left on their captive...


- Just checking. You are Lara Mae Caldwell, sheriff of this little town, wife of Michael Caldwell and mother of three adorable triplets of less than two years old called Frederick, Jeremiah and Louis... right?


Before she realized, Lara nodded and answered the question.


- Good. You might think that we are here to hurt you, rob you or kill. You’re wrong. We’re here to save your life.


And they turned her to lie on her belly on the garage floor. And unbuckled her belt, removing as quickly as possible her pants and her panties. She trashed and fought a little, but then one of the women pinched her nose while both of them held her still and unmovable under them.


- Either you get the injection peacefully or we choke you to unconsciousness, the first is far more pleasant to endure than the second and is our personal favorite, but the choice is yours...


BITCHES!!! But they got her, for now. She quieted and was allowed to breathe again, as she filled her lungs as best as she could she felt a sudden cold spot on her right butt cheek, then a prick...






It was really weird for sheriff Lara to be a pampered prisoner of her own home.


She awoke completely naked in her own bath tube, with her two attackers giving her a bath. Her hands and ankles were trapped in stainless steel and a ballgag ensured her silence, and the bath was delicious. She of course reacted badly at first, as anyone would do if he or she woke up trapped as she was and with two girls in skimpy leather bikinis (but still masked) held him or her still. But then the one who had spoke told her that they would give her a bath, not molest or attack her in any sense of the words, so she had to let them do it or she would not have any other as long as she stayed their captive. Which would be a pity, for she might be able to enjoy the experience...


And the blonde was right, it was simply a bath. But; they had put something with a very aromatic fragrance in the water, they didn’t treated her as a piece of meat (quite the contrary) and they really took care of everything with the maximum of attention and care, and gave her a massage when they finished. Then they dried her and combed her hair, and helped her to hop back to her room, there they added rope to her restraints and proceeded to clean the bathroom of any evidence they might had left behind. Twenty minutes later they were sure that there wouldn’t be anything for the forensics to find. Then they turned on the TV.


- We still have a couple of hours until it happens, would you mind if we watched something with you until then?


What was happening here? Since Lara was a bit shocked to answer them, they simply acted as if she had nodded her approval. They sat on the king size with their backs to the headboard and flanking her. Lara recovered and started to make some noise, but the blonde placed her hand over the ballgag as the redhaired started to tear strip of tape.


- Sheriff please listen to me. We are not going to hurt you, you are smart enough to have realized that by now. We have orders to keep you safe, as comfy as possible under the circumstances and silent. We could simply put you to sleep, but in a couple of hours you will have another unwanted visitor in your home and we want you to see her coming, doing what she came to do and going. Unlike us, she’s coming to kill you. She’ll place a bomb in your car and leave, and we will record everything. Then she’ll leave town and return to her home, without any major trouble, she’s expected to arrive there tomorrow at noon. Tomorrow at 5 PM she’ll meet the man that ordered your death and that’s when we will catch them all. Until then, you are our responsibility. I am Alpha and she’s Beta, we’re lesbians and lovers and we like to have a girl with the same bra size as yours in the same situation that you are experimenting now, as long as she likes it too. Since it’s not the case, since you are our prisoner and since we go by a strict ‘hands off’ policy in such cases... there’s nothing to fear, do you understood?


Lara nodded. By now the redhaired girl had added five or six strips of tape to the lower half of her face. It was a bit uncomfortable but she could manage it. She looked at the two girls, unlike she had been in her days they weren’t buxom or quite curvy, more athletic and lean than beach bunny category, and since now that both were wearing only sexy sets of underwear she could see that the blonde had an eagle tattoo in her shoulder-blades and a tiger in her right leg, the redhair went in a more tribalistic choice, four medium sized tattoos in her legs and arms and a stylized sun on her right breast. Their hair wasn’t really long but went down beyond their shoulders. It was silly to be prisoner of two girls in pink (the blonde) and blue (the red) bra and panties and wearing mask and gloves too. And she was still nude. But then... that’s exactly what was happening.


- After the bitch arrives and sets the bomb in your car, we’ll put you to sleep for a while. It’s very probable that when you wake up everything is ‘over’ and you are officially dead. Now we are not sadistic, but we need that your family thinks that you are dead for some time. THEY, the ones that wants you dead, are the sadistic in this story. THEY want to see your family crying on their tubes, THEY want to laugh as your husband mourns you and it’s not really unlikely that THEY will toast to your entrance in Hell as ‘you’ are officially pronounced dead. And that’s why we will only tell your husband and your mother that you are alive ONE hour before we bring THEM down.


The feeble attempts of Lara to question them at this point were first met with indifference, then she was rolled so she rested on her tummy and mercilessly spanked and tickled by the two girls... until she got the message.


One hour and a half later the blonde received a text message in her cellphone. She was here.






Sharon was proud of being what she was. A fighter, a warrior and an avenger. She really preferred that they had allowed her to kill the traitor in her sleep, or better, that they had allowed her to wake her up and have one or two hours to teach the harsh consequences of the betrayal to the witch before killing her.


But orders were orders. A bomb was far more public than her preferences, and the Leader wanted to spread a message loud and clear to all the traitors; THIS is what a traitor deserves, THIS is what you’ll will receive if you don’t repent and stop being a traitor and THIS is Justice, not what the glorious warrior Lawrence Fitzpatrick had received from the town’s judge. No greater truths could be said, although she really didn’t believed that a traitor could repent being true in his or her heart, but the Leader believed in it, and the Leader knew better than her...


She passed in front of her back-up house. Although all lights on the house were out, the TV on the living room was showing Die Hard’s DVD menu (as it had been for the past three hours) and the absence of curtains in the windows allowed anyone on the streets to see it. It was the signal of ‘everything is alright’ and ‘proceed’.


Time to kill a traitor.





Inside the back-up house things weren’t going exactly as expected. Troy Fenwick and his wife Irene slept peacefully in their bedroom, their sons Ralph and Kenneth were doing the same in their rooms and no one was were they were supposed to be. They had been drugged six hours before and now were displayed as they had got drunk and went to sleep. No one could have displayed the signal or ended the display by closing the curtains and shutting down the TV and the DVD. He had did all three things, and had participated in the subjugation of the Fenwicks, and now was bored, beyond bored actually. He couldn’t do anything but lay still and gave his partner any help she might need if necessary. But she had drugged the Fenwicks very well, and the constant check-ups in their conditions (every thirty minutes) were actually the only thing that was happening and would happen in the house until noon.


They could communicate between themselves by using signal language, but she wasn’t in a good day for that so he kept sending and receiving text messages to and from his wife. He had already agreed in which store they would buy the furniture for their new house, with which colors HE would paint each of its rooms and etc... He had even agreed to suggest to their boss some slight changes in their new pasts. After all she claimed that she was Red Sox since she was in her mother’s womb, so she would never pretend to be a Chicago Cubs fan! She failed to answer a simple question. Five (tense) minutes later he received another message:








What work? There was no way that his partner would help a bunch of racist, useless dudes that thought very little of her due to her skin color and facial bone structure, to wake up. He was stuck as her bodyguard until the show was on in full scale in about... ten to eleven hours now.









Was it the night of ‘sheriff’s house’s invasion by athletic babes in skintight and revealing outfits’? When her captor said that a ‘she’ was coming to put a bomb in her car, she expected a macho-woman in military fatigues. Instead she was greeted with the sight of a 5’7” blonde girl that could have been one of her rivals back in her days. It really didn’t looked that this girl was more than a buxom blonde in a black overall, black T-shirt and gloves. Although her eyes were cold and her expression very hard, Lara had to agree that she was real model material.


Her TV was showing the images of all four cameras that her captors had hidden in the garage and a few others around the house. All cameras had zoom lens, so they could focus on the killer’s face easily. The whole deal (the invasion, planting the bomb and leaving) didn’t lasted more than six minutes. And they had it all recorded.


After the bitch was long gone things in the room went pretty fast for Lara’s tastes. The blonde opened a laptop that was hidden under the bed and started typing a report to her superiors, when she realized that Lara was trying to see what was in the laptop’s screen she unceremoniously rolled Lara over and reapplied the strict hogtie of hours before.


Meanwhile the other was checking the images they had recorded, put on some night-vision goggles and went to the garage to remove the cameras. When she returned Lara was turned on her side and saw them flipping a coin... the red won and, while the blonde put some clothes on, she went to the bed. She was on top of Lara before the sheriff realized it, but there was no malice or menace in her movements and smile. As with the blonde, she had drunk or swallowed something that altered her voice, or was it the necklace (?), giving it a metallic tone.


- Are you sure that you are a strict, very strict, straight vanilla lady?


Vigorous nods.


- You’re not into anything, not even tickling, spanking or...?


Even more vigorous shakes of the head.


- Sigh. That means that all we can do is keep you nice and tightly bound and gagged in our... base, so to speak. But don’t worry, I’ll be the cook and she’ll look after your other needs. It might not seem so as of now, but we are the good girls. The people who has plans to kill you are our enemies. Tomorrow, no..., today is going to be the weirdest day of your life. For when you wake up, you’ll be dead, and enjoying it!


Inquisitive stare and a quite curious (and a bit frightened) expression in her eyes.


The red extended her right arm and she saw the blonde putting a cloth in her hand. A cloth that was immediately pressed against her nose. It scented weird, a powerful and not really pleasant odor that filled her lungs. She shouldn’t be taking the breaths as full as both girls were telling her to, but she knew which fights she could and/or had to stand and fight, and this definitely wasn’t one of them.


- MMMMPPPHHHMMmmmmmmmmmmm...


If at least the thing didn’t had such a strong (and unpleasant) fragrance... Weird... She wasn’t feeling the scent anymore... she wasn’t feeling anything anymore...


- She’s a little chubby, isn’t she?


- She’s 41. She had triplets. She loves pasta. And she’s not chubby, a little plump and robust... but not chubby.


- Cory... you’re MY PR, not hers. And SHE IS CHUBMMMMPPPHHHMMMM...?


- Because there’s no neighbor in a 200 yards range doesn’t means that you can scream...







Fallen Stars Road was part of the city’s Northern limits, fifteen houses in about a mile and a half of a zigzag paved road that had became nationally famous with Lawrence ‘Larry’ Fitzpatrick trial, after all he lived in the last house of the road, right before a small woods took place and not six hundred yards from the sheriff’s home.


The house in which he killed Randall and Crystal Vickers.


Deirdre Helms had rented a room in FS Road 185 for her and her camerawoman, Nikki. The house belonged to a widow that had been a reliable source to a lot of (useless) information about Larry and his family and his problems with anyone who wasn’t ‘pure white’. When the sheriff, a (former lingerie model) buxom woman called Lara married a black man he became a regular at the town’s jail, after all HE might have thought that he had the right to disrespect her and her husband and her badge, but she and the town’s judge had repeatedly disagreed on that. And, when the Vickers went missing, he was the proud first and only suspect of being responsible for that...


When the news that a black couple had been brutally murdered by a white supremacist in a Southern town reached her she only thought about the chance to rebuild her career, since the scandal three years earlier she hadn’t had a real story to show to her boss, so she went all the way from Boston thinking in a series of articles depicting a cliché; small backyard town full of racial hate that is exposed by a tragedy that it seems that didn’t really affects the towns inhabitants. And was greeted in the small bus station with the sight of a white woman dispatching her three black babies before jumping head first in the media circus that was arriving in town. And the (a little plump) lady was the third member of her family to become the town’s sheriff, having been recently reelected! NOW she had a story!


Turns out that *********, **, wasn’t definitely a small and racist to the core cliché Southern town. They had racist folks? Yes. Big ones? Yes. The kind that had already found (lame) excuses for Larry Fitzpatrick’s crimes? Yes. But most of the town was really upset to be worldwide known due to the acts of such a... and made it clear from day one that he had very little support from the townsfolk. But the KKK, white supremacist groups and even some Nazis stopped by to give him that. And of course, the NAACP, the ACLU and many others stopped by too...


That had happened months ago. All the while the sheriff only saw her children about two or three times when she visited her husband’s family home. After some delay strategies by the defense, the trial had took place a few days back... and the town suddenly found herself besieged by anyone with a cause in the US (and from other countries too), making its population become momentarily three times bigger than the usual.


All the while the behavior of Sheriff Lara Caldwell was no other than exemplar and pristine, which helped the town’s population be detached from some of the stereotypes that part of the media wanted to pin on them all. But also marked her as an example for many liberals and a target for some far-right movements. On the second day of the trial she arrested two men who called her unpublishable names, and knocked one of them out cold with a club.


The whole action was recorded by Nikki which cleared Lara of any accusation of misbehavior (they had thrown open cans of beer on Lara when she told them that they were arrested and, as she was distracted by the cans, they had charged at her at the same time), and due to this unexpected help, the sheriff had FINALLY agreed to give an exclusive interview to Deirdre, which would happen that morning at 09:00


Deirdre thought that she had heard a noise downstairs as she was having a morning bath, but probably was the old lady and her camera returning from their morning jog. She was wrong.


She was drying herself when they stroke, three women dressed in casual jeans and T-shirt, but wearing ski-mask and leather gloves, pounced on her. The clean white panties she was about to use were shove into her mouth as black electrician started to be applied to her naked body. Five turns of the tape around the head ensured her silence and then she was slapped hard in the face by one of the women. Another held her attacker’s right hand as they started a weird conversation, and Deirdre realized that both women were gagged.


They used a variation of the common sign language, which was not entirely unfamiliar to the 38 years old captive reporter. If she had understood it right the one who had slapped her wanted to do it again and again, but the first said that they were on a schedule. The last woman, and the bulkier and smaller of the trio, simply slapped the first one to put an end to the discussion. She wrote a message in a sheet of paper that she showed to Deirdre.




The three women helped Deirdre to stand and escorted her to out of the bathroom. Her upper body and arms were melted together by the tape, but it had only been applied above the knees in her legs so walking wasn’t difficult for Deirdre, but stand the wolf whistle that two of the three men downstairs gave to her appearance was.


Like the women they wore blue jeans and black or brown T-shirts, ski-masks and leather gloves. Unlike them they were not gagged, they were chatting in whispers among themselves. Forcibly sitting in the middle of the trio were Nikki and Mrs. Browning. Both women still wore the Bermuda shorts and T-shirts that they used when they went out for a walk, which meant that they must have been attacked when they were returning home, or perhaps when they were leaving (she really lost track of time when she took a shower). They were taped to the wooden chairs that usually were placed at the table and now stood in the middle of the living room.


There was an empty chair for Deirdre.





- Are you sure? Are you really sure Mrs. Hobbard?


- My young man, there are two things that always happen everyday when I am preparing my morning cup of tea; I see Troy Fenwick raise the flag at sunrise and Ester Browning leaving home for her morning walk, or jog, whatever. Today none of them happened. I saw a shadow in the Fenwick’s home, whose windows are very unusually closed and with the curtains drawn and saw five unidentified persons entering Ester’s home. As God...


- There’s no need for you to swear on it, Ma’am, if you said that this happened then it happened. We believe in you.


- DON’T BE condescendent WITH ME YOUNG MAN!


Deputy Daniel Landsmark spoke for six more minutes with the old Mrs. Hobbard. She was not known for seeing things, but the sudden overcrowding of the town had made her feel uneasy (paranoid) and every day she claimed to have seen something out of the ordinary. Most of the time it was just someone (from out of town obviously) that wanted to see the new ‘tourist attraction’ of the town, Larry’s home. But what she had told him was raising many flags in his head. As he kept talking to her deputy Kevin Lemon was trying to get in touch with the Fenwicks, deputy Joan Coyle was doing the same trying to reach Esther Browning and Chief Deputy Justin Ryder was trying to call their superior the sheriff. Only Joan managed to have success, albeit a weird one.


- Nah... you know how Chastity is... that’s right, she probably saw ANOTHER weirdo trying to get inside Larry’s house... yeah... yeah I agree, the best view of the place made her the best gossiper in town... I agree... and how are your disposition today, grandma?... Really? REALLY? Oh, oooooops... Dan is starting to look at me with a very bad expression... Yeah, yeah. I’ll stop by after my duty and we have dinner together... on me... of course... bye...


None of the policemen in the room had a good expression when she ended the call.


- Alright, Kevin?


- No response at the Fenwicks.


- The same with the boss. She’s a light sleeper, and I tried all three numbers! Joan?


- Well, for the first time in my life I’ve managed to made my grandmother accept an offer to a dinner at Stanley’s instead of she making me her guest at dinner at her home. She’s feeling ‘indisposed’, so for the first time since Ford was president she didn’t completed her jog this morning. And, last but not least, that tall brunette who jogs with her every morning? She finally managed to drink only one cup of coffee before it, and not her usual three ones. And I can swear that there was someone with her as I talked to her.


Justin thought for a moment, took a deep breaths and then gave the orders and calls he had to. Specially THAT one.






Ester Browning was regagged as soon as the call ended. It was obvious that whoever they were, her attackers were a family of sorts. The male leader was the father, the female one the mother. One of the men seemed too old to be a son, so either he was a brother of the man or the woman or a friend of the couple. The two other women and the last man seemed (and acted) as brother and sisters and seemed young enough to be children of the couple.


The sharp bladed hunter knives placed on the heavily gagged girl’s throats were placed back in the men’s holster. They were brave girls, deep scared and on the verge of breaking and crying but still managing to hold their tears. She didn’t liked the stare that the young man was giving to the naked Deirdre, nor his mother. She reinforced the tape restraints holding the reporter taped to the chair and then covered her from the neck down with a blanket.


- Alright. Put the newsladies out for good, but we’ll keep the old rag awakened in the case that there are other phone calls. Bear, put a blindfold on the old rag while you two get dressed... we have a meeting to attend...


So the sheriff was their target! Deirdre looked at the leader with disgust (call her a ‘rag’? She wished she had that stamina and disposition in a couple of decades!). At least they didn’t used the cursed black tape to blindfold her, a thick towel tied very tightly did the trick. She looked at Nikki, one of the young women (probably the one that didn’t had slapped her) was drenching a cloth with something while standing behind the chair her friend was tied to. Then the cloth was applied and pressed against her nose. Nikki didn’t fought back, but tried to hold her breath. The woman merely pinched Nikki’s left breast, Nikki yelped and trashed a little, but soon her eyes were closed and her head bent to her right. Then she felt a cloth being pressed against her own nose.


Chloroform. She wasn’t exactly a novice to the effects of the drug. She had had her shares of ‘damsel in distress’ situations, and here was a new one. Even with she taking deep and large breaths, the bitch who had slapped her also pinched (HARD!) both her breasts! If she ever… had the chance… to get… even…






Meanwhile, in one of the two hotels in town a gathering was happening in one of the best suites, the room 215. All had been ordered to get there as they were ASAP. Two of the men and one of the women were dressed in their underwear, a woman was wrapped in a towel and the others showed signs of having been forced to dress quickly. Nine persons were gathered around the phone, only one spoke with the man whose voice was heard through the speaker mode. He told them what was happening and what was going to happen.


- …we already called for backup in our neighboring towns…


- Thank you for your information. I am afraid that we were caught off guard, we were expecting that the action would happen in two hours, we’ll have to use one of our back up plans. We’ll get in touch.


- OK. Good luck… and if by any chance one of you gets caught…


- They won’t. Justin, I know what they can do… - after he was out she started giving their orders – First, Kim call Henry and Jess tell them to get out of the Fenwicks home, now! But tell them to leave theirs computers on and with THOSE files displayed on the screen, then get in touch with James and Phil and tell them to lay low if possible, if not evade sighting at all cost and leave town. Malcolm and Libby, you two go to the rendezvous place A and take them out of town. The others will have to be in rendezvous place B in twenty minutes!


- But what about…?


- Yelena will take care of anyone that will not have any effective participation in today’s activities. If they are asleep or restrained, leave them as they are and get in the rendezvous place in twenty minutes!


They all stormed out of the room, seven minutes later they were all dressed and leaving the hotel. There was no one at the reception, but Marylou managed to see Veronica (wearing a moustache) for a split second before the door was closed. They left the parking lot but took different routes to the rendezvous place.


Inside the hotel things were happening fast. The night receptionist and the morning one (mother and daughter) were already scared of her. She had forced the mother to handcuff and gag her daughter at gunpoint, and now was doing the same thing to her. Both women were dressed in the same blue and white business tailleur and now were on their bellies on the floor. She did a gruffy male voice that sounded very intimidating.


- Ok… ladies. Me and my partners are just after some of the ladies stuff. We won’t gonna hurt anyone that obey us. Be still and we will be out in half an hour. Don’t do any funny business.


She looked at her handiwork. Passable for such a hurry. She blindfolded both women and went to check on Yelena. Before she went down to take care of the receptionists, Yelena had asked who would be found by the police. Maya was helping her to trash her own (Maya’s) room before she was ‘left robbed and bound’, Cassidy was having trouble in waking up Therese (Malcolm, or Martin, had used too much chloroform again…) and Nina was already waiting for her. The former stripper was a great actress, if she didn’t knew better she would swear that the brunette was really afraid of her, crying so vigorously as she was and with her deep black eyes bulging as they were. But after she managed to recognize the ‘man’ that had entered the room she relaxed and smiled.


- Could you please cry a little more?


Nina nodded and more tears flowed, meanwhile Veronica removed and packed every evidence that Malcolm had shared the room with Nina and carried the cases to her room. Yelena had already done the same in the other rooms. Only the women that had registered with their true names would be found by the police, the hotel records about her presence and of the others would be destroyed by the ‘robbers’.


The police would find evidences that a bunch of robbers, possibly industrial spies, had found out that the world famous Yelena Andronova was in town and had decided to relieve her of her jewelry, then they saw the other good looking SINGLE girls names on the records and attacked them as well. With luck, the commotion would made some of the police force gathered at Fallen Stars to be moved to there.


That’s why she hated to have missions in small towns, stake outs were next to impossible and there was always the chance of someone realize that things were not as they were supposed to be sooner than expected in bigger towns.


She returned to Nina’s room as Cassidy was putting her ‘rival’ to sleep. The buxom brunette was now trashing wildly because Cassidy had decided to tickle her very sensitive soles. A slap (and the subsequent shriek) would attract too many attention, so she grabbed and handgagged Cassidy and ordered her to return to her room. Both could swear that Nina was grinning under her gag, but Veronica had to agree that the thrashing had made Nina’s bed more realistic (it would be easier for her to convince that she had been attacked now).


Nina went down very quickly, she rechecked the room and then went to check on Maya’s. She found the young nurse tied totally bent forward with a rope passing under her armpits connecting them to her crossed ankles, could these girls (Yelena include) take things a little more seriously? Maya didn’t dared to protest as she was retied to a more conventional on-the-belly position, nor when the refilled cloth was pressed against her face. Sigh, if they were ungagged before she awoke, then the cops or their rescuers would find at least weird that they were smiling…


Therese had already arrived in Slumberland and her room looked from passable to realistic for Veronica, and when she wen to Cassidy’s room she saw Yelena leaving with the last part of her jewelry and expensive clothes. Cassidy was tied standing against a wall. There was a post-it in her tape gag. ‘Bring her to our room’. Intrigued, Veronica grabbed the nude attorney and, secretly thanking that the few other guests of the hotel were not lighsleepers and that it was 7:00 AM now, she carried her to their room. Yelena was waiting for her there…






- Hey Justin! You have to listen to this!


Intrigued, the Chief-Deputy left the boardroom and went to the communication operator’s one. His cousin Amber was trying to pay attention to what she was hearing, upon his arrival she put the call on the speaker.


- Come on! Come on!


- I-I’ll do whatever you want just…


- Then do it!


Justin looked at Amber.


- The call is coming from a cellphone, the lady barely had time to tell me that she’s THE Yelena Andronova and that she’s at the room 215 of Lone Pine Hotel. One very mean dude entered the room and seems to be robbing her…


- You called LeeAnn or her mother?


- No answers… wait… Mary? Mary is that you? I think that it’s her… I’m not sure since it’s seems that it’s a gagged person. Mary, it’s me, Amber Neville. Justin is at my side…


Brilliant. A robbery at the hotel would force him to divide his subordinates in two groups, he doubted that his former protegee would really attack innocent people, unless if extremely necessary, so any victim of the ‘robbers’ would have to be somehow connected to Veronica. Then he remembered that in a social call they had talked about life, and she had said that she finally had found love, in the blonde person of a certain Yelena… Brilliant! Time to play his part of the drama. He looked at his cousin with genuine concern and grabbed the handle…


- Mary, if it’s you try to make three quick sounds now… OK, Mary we already know that the hotel is being robbed. Don’t worry, help is on the way, now please stay calm and…


Then Amber nudged him, he paid attention to Yelena's call and...


- WHAT’S THIS????!!!! THE ********** just hidden her cellphone and look to whom she called! You… – and a slap was heard - …you’re lucky that were not killers bitch! You’re just plain lucky!


‘You’re just plain lucky’ was one of his and Veronica’s code phrases. Now he was sure. Somehow the fear and terror that Mary and LeeAnn were experimenting would be compensated by Veronica.


- Kevin! There’s a robbery going on at the Lone Pine! You, Ralph, Jonns, Meredith, Neal and Lazarus go there now! The others come with me! – He quickly turned to Amber – Keep talking to Mary, and try to calm as best as you can.


Call Terry and Mike and tell them to meet me at the Fallen Stars… and keep trying to get in touch with the boss! – Then he looked at Winslow, a deputy who had broke an arm and had just stopped by ‘to say hello to the guys’ – Winslow, can you help her? Thank you, thanks a lot. Phillip, what are you waiting for… a formal invitation?


No wonder he was called ‘Drill Sergeant’ everybody though  as they left or stayed at the police station…






- How are the Fenwicks?


- Sleeping like babies.


- Good, make the call.


He looked at his partner. She was tense, but was holding it well. Vee knew who to choose for the missions. One primary plan and at least four others in case of a sudden and unexpected change of circumstances, three primary escape routes and at least six others ready to be used if necessary. They had a chance to get out of it.


He thought in Maya and her weird but funny fantasies... she had so many! He would have to be there to try them all!


He made the call.






Ester was ungagged as soon as the phone started ringing.


If she had gotten it right, the two imposters were just about to leave her home posing as her tenants and they were receiving some last instructions. They had taken photos of she and the two unconscious women at her right, and that’s how they would manage to overpower Lara according to their plan.


One of the young girls seemed to be trying to convince the others that she could take down Lara on her own, without the need of the photos or any other ruse. Ester smiled at that thought.


Lara had been the perfect tomboy, the hyperactive son that Jerome Lilly wanted, until she reached puberty. Lilly was relieved when she finally started to learn things that, in her own words, ‘all girl should know’. But that didn’t mean that she didn’t practice or had forgotten her carate, kung-pu or wu or whatever...


- Yes?


- Are you the lady of the house?


- Y-yes. Who am I speaking to?


- Sorry Ma’am, but it’s not you who I want to talk to. I want to talk to the STUPID IDIOT that ruined two months of careful planning, the ********** who let himself and his pack of ********* LOSERS be seen by a concerned citizen, who called the police! They are onto you all you bunch of **********!!!!!!


- What?


Ester felt someone grabbing her and then a blow, followed by another.


- HEY! Stop with that right now or I leave you for the traitorous cops to hunt you all down!


The blows must have been really hard for the man to hear...


- ‘Traitorous cops’? So you...


- The sheriff is dead. We cut all her connection with the outside world, she’ll wake up and go to work. And be blown to zillion pieces by doing that! That is... supposing that her minions who are as race double-crossers as her didn’t manage to find a way to get in touch with her! That’s what’s going to happen in... less than fifteen minutes, the bitch had already woke up and is taking a morning bath. But the ******* lovers are already here... and I am trapped with three worthy warriors in this God forsaken place because of you!


The information that Lara would die made them all cheerful. Yippees and hoorays filled her ears as she fought back tears and the urge to vomit. Monsters! Disgusting monsters! 


- Alright, no more slaps for the old rag...


- LADY. You will call her and treat her as a lady, do you understood?


The young man and one of his sisters returned to the room. They had went upstairs and confirmed that they had spotted shadows and suspecting movements around the other houses of the neighborhood. Luckily for her attackers the houses weren’t near each other, so if the shadows were from Justin and his men, then they would have to move in the open... and now her attackers would be ready for them. The young man and the other old one were trying to convince the leader that they could fight (shoot) back at them. Fortunately for them all, he at least had some brains...


- Alright, no more slaps for the old lady or the reporters. Now what?


- Now you are going to put her to sleep. The same goes for the reporters if you haven’t already done that.


- Why?


- Do you really want me to tell you an escape plan for us all with your hostages listening to it?


Ester felt someone behind her chair; her hair was grabbed and pulled her head backwards. She wouldn’t have fought since she was well aware that it was useless, but the pain provoked an immediate response. Then a soaked cloth was pressed against her mouth and nose. It had a strong scent of chemical products? It was making her dizzy and building up a headache at the same time, it was nauseating.


And worked very well.






- Tell me again why do you choose TWO PAIR OF NEWBIES for this mission?


- Please Angela, don’t use that tone with me. Cory and Fay and Michael and Zee are good. They were in the back-up team of over ten missions each. It was supposed to be a very simple mission to ensure that the sheriff doesn’t dies in her car’s explosion. To be sure of that I had eleven people with me for the backup. I admit that I only gathered them all because I am..., no WE are owing them some vacations. So from here every single one of them will spend a month wherever they want, with the company they choose and in the state of their likes. Some of these guys and gals brought their love interest (or at least a ‘special friend’) together! It was supposed to be an easy job, a very easy one, to start the solo flights of Cory & Fay & Michael! That doesn’t mean that I came unprepared for an emergency like ANOTHER bunch of racists trying to get rid of the sheriff in the same day and hour!!!


- (...) Is it working? Your plans I mean?


- What little was left of the press and media in town is at the Hotel, a bitch even tried to ask Yelena some questions as the paramedics took her (almost by force it seemed) to the hospital. It has now become another media circus so they had to call for back-up. But there are enough men and women covering Fallen Stars to force us to do it (our plan) with extreme care. We are all in position. You know what to do... so please do it!


- Don’t worry. There are four Golden Bee’s attorneys going to there as we speak. They will arrive in two or three hours and one hour after that the police will be sure that Yelena was the target all along. By tomorrow she’ll be here with me, ‘recovering’ from her ordeal. Think or find a way to pay the hotel’s owners for their own ordeal before coming here to collect her, but only do that after getting HIM, understood?


- Hey... you showed me the pictures.


After closing the call she called the team that was following the bomber; she would arrive home in four hours tops. Then she would call her leader and would be allowed to meet him, something that wouldn’t happen in less than nine hours at least. Veronica swore to herself that she would be there when it happened.


Turning to her task at hand she checked all her subordinates. All were in position. Time to play a ruse.






Unfortunately for them, while Michael was definitely ready to fly solo, Cory and Fay weren’t. Six years of chloro-fantasies with her husband mixed with a natural great lung capacity made Lara a little resistant to drugs, able to control her breathing and making look like she was taking more air in her lungs than she really was and a great actress when it came to feign being under. If Cory had done a proper check up (hacking) in her husband’s financial data, she’ll have found that Michael Caldwell had a credit card exclusively to pay the membership for three different paysites about bondage and chloroform fantasies and some ‘toys’ (that were hidden in some boxes in the attic). If Fay was as good in knots as she believed and wasn’t the daughter of a cop, Lara wouldn’t have been able to free herself; but she respected so much the honest members of the police force anywhere that she had decide to not ‘overdo things’. Lara thanked her by waiting nearly two hours to strike unexpectedly and sending a well placed chop on the base of her skull as Fay had her back turned to her.


As the redhaired girl collapsed in her arms she paid attention to the sounds in the bathroom. The blonde was singing (a little off-key) while having a good and long hot shower. Good. They had left all the right materials at hand for her. One minute later the blonde started to come to, and found herself hogtied and gagged and with tape. The plump sheriff was waiting by the bathroom’s door, still stark naked and with some rope still attached to her left ankle, holding one of their bottles and a folded handkerchief in her hands. Fay tried to warn her lover, but Cory’s answer to her would have been comical in other circumstances...


- Hey, hey, looks who have awakened! Love, could you please put her to sleep again? Love...?


And with her lean and dripping body’s modesty protected by a towel that she had wrapped up around it, Cory re-entered the room. And gasped as she saw Fay taped up on the bed. And was grabbed by a pair of strong arms. The sheriff had escaped? HOW?!!! She trashed, she jumped and kicked, but the sheriff was holding her arms trapped at her sides and her whole body suspended in mid-air as she bent her muscular, not chubby or plump but muscular, body backwards. Cory had no leverage whatsoever, her legs kicked a couple of portraits and books off a bureau but Lara immediately moved so she didn’t have the time to use the bureau as a foothold to push her body against Lara’s.




The drug, number 23 (mint/lemon-flavor), was finally taking its tool. She was slowing down her rampant, lessening their potency and making Lara’s hold easier as the seconds passed.


Fay saw her love’s resistance fading until there wasn’t anyone anymore. She had screwed up, she knew that. She was going to jail with Cory, but they would not tell anyone about Vee and the others! At least that she would do right. The sheriff had Cory roped and taped up in no time, then more rope was added to her own body, and the gag was removed quick enough to don’t hurt (much). Then her cheeks were held by strong fingers and she was forced to look into a pair of very determined and furious eyes.


- I will only ask it once. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU??


- She won’t answer that one, but if you want to know what’s going on here...


Lara turned around and saw a man standing by the door. He was tall, strong and if she wasn’t wrong in her body language reading, ready to fight. He was covered from her to toe in black (leather? spandex?) with only the lower half of his face appearing. With that she knew that he was African-American as her husband.


- If you think that I would feel ashamed to show how loud I can scream for help now...


- First, there’s a bomb in your car which is only waiting to someone to turn on the keys to go... ‘BOOOOOOOM’. Second, there’s an unidentified group of people wanting to kill you that have overpowered one of your neighbors and her two tenants. Third, there’s a chance that a monster that had evaded Justice for nearly twenty years to get caught, TODAY. Fourth, like my red friend, I have some respect towards good cops, but unlike her I can be really rough with you if necessary. Fifth and last... look behind you at your right... it’s for you...


There was an unknown cellphone on the nightstand, and it was buzzing. She didn’t stop the eye contact with the man for a single second, but grabbed it and... It was Michael, her husband!


Ten minutes later she was back in the ropes, just wrists and ankles, but had been allowed by the man to put on some clothes. Her captors had been freed and, after don back their own ninja-like clothes, had left the room. As the mysterious man carried her OTS downstairs to the basement, doing his best to be quick but respectful at the same time, she was pondering about what Michael had told her. If her husband wasn’t being fooled by ‘them’, then she owed ‘them’ (including the two ex-captives in her room and the man that was carrying her) more than she could ever pay them back. They had saved her family’s life! There was another bomb at her in-laws house!


According to Michael, he had woke up to see three black clad persons standing in his room, her kids and her aged mother-in-law were sound asleep as they showed him the micro-cameras that they had placed in the whole house and what has been recorded by them. A man, white and in his early twenties, breaking in and taping a BIG bomb on the ceiling of the basement, right under the kitchen. Then, according to him, they had showed him the bomb. And told how the ‘clumsiness’ of his would-be-killer would saved his life (he supposedly wouldn’t have used enough tape to hold the bomb, she fell in basement floor and he –Michael- would heard it and find it out right about now). Then he was told about everything that had happened so far, and watched her overpowering her two captors in his late father’s old TV. Finally he was showed who had ordered his, his wife, their children and his mother’s death.


When he told her the name, Lara’s blood nearly went boiled. Then came the most shocking news for the sheriff.


She simply couldn’t believe that it was true. He reached the basement’s door and opened it, and as he carefully went down the stairs she could sense their presence. Then the man stopped and with great care slid her off his shoulder to a standing position, and helped her to turn around. Was not she gagged and her jaw would have hit the floor...


- Hello... boss.


Justin! And Hays! Buddy Malone and his brother Wally! And Anne! Her deputies!


They were all sporting bulletproof vests over their uniforms and carried guns. They had entered through the walk-up and her two female captors were kneeling on the floor with their hands in the back of their head in the middle of the circle they were forming. She looked over her shoulder and saw that the man had assumed the same position that the women had. Anne carefully peeled off the tape and gave her a glass of water. Then Justin spoke.


- Her... I don’t know how to tell you that boss, but they...


- Saved my family’s life. Yes I know that, I’ve just talked to Michael. What’s the situation here?


- We found the Fenwicks alive and well, along with some proofs that I don’t know if it is going to be able to be shown or not in court, but that showed us that your and your family’s deaths weren’t the only ones that they were planning to achieve. We’re sure that Mrs. Browning and those two reporters are captives at her home, we found two cars parked about a mile from here that belongs to Ken and Francine Morgan, from **********,**.


- Are they related to those punks I arrested because they called me THAT at the entrance of the court?


- Their father and one of their sisters. We believe, thanks to what we found inside the vehicles, that the ones at Mrs. Browning’s home are their parents, an uncle and their brothers and two little sisters. All of them have rap-sheets, mostly for petty crimes but Mr. Morgan has two convictions for assault and one for battery.


- Wait a moment please...! Justin, Hays, guys... you aren’t going to free me, are you?


All fell silent and looked thorn and ashamed for a moment. Then the man behind her spoke.


- They can’t. The next targets of the bombers are THEIR families. THEIR kids and loved ones and next-to-kin. The Fenwicks are only a small fraction of his followers. Nearly twenty years evading criminal charges made HIS ego go beyond any chance of return. HE truly believes that HE is the embodiment of Justice. The losers that follows HIM also believe in that. We’re dealing with a bunch, no, a pack of dudes that gladly, shamelessly and with a big smile in their faces would kill ANYONE that their leader tells them to. BUT, even with us knowing it, there are no legal and judicially acceptable proofs to endorse our knowledge about them. We don’t know where he’s living, we don’t how many of his followers there are out there, we only know that by today the number is written with three digits...


- And to have some small evidence against them you want ME to ‘DIE’?


Then one of the ninja ladies answered her question.


- No, we want you to ‘die’ because this is going to be their first major strike against the ‘liberal-driven-race-traitors-Jewish-seduced-government’. What they did so far that it can’t be pinned on them? A couple of bombing without any casualties and a few damages, some cemeteries vandalized and a few other things just to blow off their steam. They are preparing this series of race based terrorist acts for over ten years now, and YOU were chosen to be their presentation to the world. If they find out that their first plan failed they’ll go under the radar for a time, who knows how many years, but YOU and YOUR family (and THEIRS) will still be their targets. And one day they will try again, and again and again! But, if they believe that they were at least partially successful today, then they’ll gather together tonight. They’ll be in one single place, and will be surrounded and will be arrested. That I assure you.


- And how can I trust a masked woman???!!!


Justin answer was to simply peel off both ladies’ masks.


- We have their names, addresses and such. These two will stay with Buddy and Wally until 09:00 tomorrow, that’s how long you are supposed to stay ‘dead’. I… I have to confess that this is not the first time that I meet them, I mean I didn’t met these girls or the man behind you, but I did met their predecessors. I have gathered and/or received some information about their boss and themselves through the years, and I am the only one who saw the face of the man behind you. He gave me enough data about what’s happening here that will make the FBI very happy if I gave it to them, but it’s no longer with me, I hid it somewhere or passed to someone to guard it for me. If by 09:01 AM tomorrow you are still ‘dead’, I will retrieve the data and deliver it straight to the FBI, with our two prisoners. That’s the plan, but only if you agree. Give the word, and we’ll arrest them all...


Some choice... play dead and be the captive of an unknown party or organization or live with the sword of Damocles over your head. She really didn’t knew what to do for the first time in her life, too much information at once. But she knew she could trust in what Justin had to say. He was her father’s best friend, a very capable second-in-command and she knew she could put her own life in his hands and judgement.


- Justin, those proofs you have...


- ...can bring them down if they don’t bring you back in 24 hours, are in the safest place in the county and are real.


- I-I… can’t. I just can’t. Anne free me and guys, cuff them and…


The Malones were already onto the girls and Hays was reading towards the man behind her, then there was a glare so intense that blinded them all, minus the man behind her. She heard a couple of punches and ‘oofs’ and was grabbed and something was shoved inside her mouth, then another was tied around her head keeping it in place and she was thrown over his shoulder. Even with all the pounds she had gained the past years he was fast and kept a secure grip on her. She felt that he was running up the stairs and there was fresh air against her skin.


- Here!


There was someone else outside the walk-up, she heard a commotion coming from somewhere in front of her. Then she was thrown on a cushioned ground that moved. It wasn’t ground, it was the floor of a van or SUV. Two pairs of hand worked on her body, quickly reducing her to a tight and stringent hogtie.


- Forgive-me.


Forgive? Forgive what? Then she heard it. An explosion.






For the most part of his 42 years of life Earl John Dempsey never committed a crime, the two exceptions happened when his friends convinced him to smoke marijuana when he was 15. And now… this was a federal crime! A bunch of them! And, surprisingly, he was starting to feel like he had won the lottery…


Three hours before he, like everybody in town, had heard the explosion. Half an hour later he was one of the people who yelled and cursed at the Fenwicks as they were escorted to the police cars. Just two hours ago he was having breakfast at the Louise’s when Justin came in and talked to him, Herbie and Molly. One hour ago he was recovering from a big disappointment, the Fenwicks weren’t the Fenwicks, they also had been the Greens, the Bullfords and the Newmans, but whoever they really were, they weren’t worth any sympathy from anyone in town. They had come to town to… to… train to provoke a race war. They were fanatics and ********* and many other things! The best barman in town, the priest’s wife and the town’s mechanic would spread the words during the following week.


Then the FBI boys arrived in town and ordered and threatened them keep their mouths shut… as if anyone could say that to Molly! But Justin managed to convince them that (at least for a couple of days) no one would know that there was a domestic terrorist cell in town. Then as the federal agents started to inquire Troy, Irene and the others in private (something a little hard to do in the small building but they had managed), Wally Malone had called him ‘to check what was wrong with the patrol car that he had left at his shop’, the same car that Earl had checked the just previous day. There was nothing wrong with the car. But there was a weird and enjoyable sound coming from a closet, it wasn’t time for any kind of prank though Earl as he approached the door. Annie Stratton was in the closet, and so were two unknown, beautiful and bound and gagged girls clad in very skimpy underwear…


- What’s going on here?!!


- Earl… thank God, I was already thinking that you’ll never show up…


- Annie… what’s going on? Who are those two women?


- Earl… not everybody in town ...well... just me and some guys from the job (thanks to that crazy idea of yours last year) knows what you… like to do to women… and I tell you everything you want and need to know but… could you be sure that these two aren’t going anywhere until tomorrow?


He was already evaluating the girls and their bindings. Those knots were scout’s ones, so Wally must have been the one responsible for their helplessness. He had did a good job, a real good one, but just to be sure… (and to have a chance to touch the ladies) he grabbed a roll of duct tape and wrapped it over the ropes here and there, then he reinforced their gags but didn’t touched the blindfolds and, just to sure, placed them in a moderate hogtie on the floor, then he closed the door and shut the light. Whatever was that Annie wanted he’ll do it!


And listened to Annie. And had agreed to be an unofficial jailer.


After Annie left he closed the shop and moved the girls to the attic, mummified them and set the cameras and life monitors. Every now and then Earl paid girls to allow him to bind and gag them and then he would return to his shop and work as everything was normal, checking on his ‘captives’ every once in a while. After two or three hours he would set the girls free and, after night came and he closed the shop for the day, drive them back to their towns (he never did this to a local girl), and got caught by Annie and Lazarus right in the day that he fulfilled a kidnap fantasy while doing that... And now, as long as he didn’t hurt them or abused the trust Justin had placed on him, he could do whatever he wanted to them until Justin came to collect them back…


Obviously Justin, and most of the local police force, were being as criminals as he was right now. But that was the last thing in his mind now. What was intriguing him was the fact that the blonde, who while he was absent had managed to removed her blindfold, wasn’t scared or crying. She was as curious as he as he reentered the attic.






- But… but… NO! NO! No sir, I won’t do that!!!


Justin and the few policemen that were in his office were enjoying quite a show. The leader of the federal agents was receiving new orders from his superiors, and wasn’t liking it. He had already found that Lara wasn’t in the car that had exploded; that actually no one was in the garage, or in the whole house for that matter, when the bomb was detonated by a remote control device; that TWO WOMEN had been made prisoners voluntarily by the police (and WHO had told him that?) but were being kept somewhere; that the Fenwicks were actually part of Aaron Parker’s followers; and that Justin had made a deal with the sheriff’s kidnappers.


He had entered his office with all the attitude and arrogance that Justin was expecting, reminded him of what he already knew very well and made all the threats that Justin was expecting. Then his cellphone ringed.


Twelve minutes had passed and what a show had been!


But it was over. The federal agent that already had the handcuffs in his hand to arrest him was ordered to leave the room, Justin gave the same order to his subordinates and was left alone with the young agent Roberts.


- Who are you?


- Honestly? Remove the mikes that I answer that one.


Reluctantly, Larry Roberts removed and deactivated the two microphones that he was carrying.


- If you did your job, then you already know that there is a ‘void’ in my life that lasts nearly twenty years. No credit cards, no tax revenues, no drivers licenses and no medical records. For all this time I was invisible to the FBI or anybody else’s eyes. And you may already know the answer for that.


- CIA or something like that?


- Who knows? The point is that something big, really big, is happening in this town right now. The fact that a celebrity was robbed at the same moment that a bomb exploded ‘killing’ de most hated (by white supremacist) sheriff of the USA isn’t a coincidence. Whoever did this, and I can’t tell you who is for I MAY not know who they are, don’t wants the Fenwicks/Greens or whatever nor the blonde that placed the bomb. They want Aaron Parker.


- You saw the files...


- Of course I saw the files! It was the first thing that they told me to do! Imagine the scene; you get out of the basement of a friend’s house whose owner has just been kidnapped under your nose, and you see the men that you left behind as insurance beaten and knocked out cold scattered around, you hear an engine’s car and see a pair of blue vans leaving the scene. Then your men get out of the basement with your two prisoners saying that the bomb is going to go ‘boooom’. And it does. And as you stand there, trying to figure out what’s happening... you see a car leaving the house where you KNOW that a hostage situation is taking place, but before you say or do anything the cellphone of one of your prisoners goes ringing... and it’s for you. What could you hear in such a situation that would make you follow their plan? What else but the unbelievable death treats against your community, that will be cancelled if you follow their plan? And before you ask, I have personal and secret reasons to believe in their word.


- You know who they are.


Justin just smiled at that. Agent Roberts was on the verge of arresting him anyway.


- So...! What were your orders, special agent Roberts?


- YOUR orders are to help me finding everything about Parker’s plans to this town, I have to built a perfect case against the Lewis (or Fenwicks as you know them) and their leader... but how did you manage to make your men follow your or their demands? Or are they all...


- Fat chance. Just had to show them what Parker wanted them to do with this town... I know that none of them is pleased with what’s happening, and to be honest with you if Lara isn’t found safe until midnight, I will face a rebellion in my ranks. They are law enforcers and very good ones, so of course they don’t want or like to be involved in such a big ruse, but they’ll do it for two reasons: They trust me and they owe these guys BIG TIME. The fact that the bomb that exploded destroyed the garage but not what Lara and Michael had stored in it, because they had the patience to carry all those boxes and stuff that was with the car to the kitchen and kid’s room helped me (and them) into believe that Lara is now one of the safest women in this country, and the men and women that wanted her dead are in for the worst day or night of their lives.


- Do you, at least, know these guys? You don’t need to get in details, just yes or no.


- I know them, and so does your superiors, or they would not tell you to go along with their plan.






Meanwhile, Lara Caldwell woke up to see a nightmare. Her house... destroyed. Then she tried to get up and found out that she was bound and gagged on bed in a room that she never had be in before. And that she wasn’t alone.


- Stay calm, Mrs. Caldwell, besides the garage the damage to your house was minimal. STAY CALM WILL YOU?


Who would stay calm in such a situation. They had exploded a bomb in her house, they let it happen and they... weren’t the same women that had overpowered her last night. They were clad in skimpy underwear like them, but those two had not used domino masks and were both whites. The smaller woman was of Asiatic ancestry and the taller wasn’t the blonde of last night. And the human lock that the Asiatic was putting her in was very efficient, she couldn’t trash too much anymore. She wanted to beat them and to hurt them pretty much, they were in league with whoever had... had begged her to be forgiven. It was a female voice, and she wasn’t mocking her or anything. It felt sincere and honest to Lara. BUT SHE HAD EXPLODED A BOMB IN HER HOUSE!!!


- Put her in a sitting position please.


It was her! The woman that had exploded the... the woman? But it was a man that entered the room! A man that started to remove all his clothes, revealing a female body underneath it, very little feminine but female. And then she removed her mask. She could easily pass for a man, but it was a woman.


- What are you doing??? – Both masked women said.


- Sheriff Caldwell, I will talk to you and you will listen. You will listen because your moral and ethic integrity and your marriage made you a target to a very pathetic man that has a messiah complex and his followers; because your public ‘death’ made the arrest or death of this man more possible today – NOW – than it was yesterday, because your family is safe and knows that you are alive and because by this time tomorrow you’ll be in an hospital, standard procedure on persons found by the police after being kidnapped, and all those who wanted you and your family dead will be in jail and facing all the charges that the FBI can throw at them.


And Veronica talked to the sheriff, showing everything that they had found about the Lewis/Fenwicks and the plans of her death and everything else, the whole nine yards. It was 2:00 p.m. when she finished and ordered that Lara had a lunch and was cared for, then she put back her clothes and left the room.


Lunch was good and they had let her use the closet without surveillance, there was even a toothbrush with paste for her, and let her put on a white T-shirt and a blue shorts, but after she was finished they really made a number on her. Her fingers were rendered useless with tape, she was gagged, her forearms were melted together behind her back and a leather blindfold was placed over her eyes. She was guided by the two women to a place below, a basement?


Then the blindfold was removed. There was another woman in the same conditions of her, the blonde that had put the bomb in her car! She was furious, still blindfolded and trashing violently and being held by two black ladies who immediately proceeded to bind her to a chair, Sharon was her name if she could believe in what that... woman had told her. The same woman that was putting a disguise. Now she was a bearded man wearing a commando like fatigue and was flanked by two real guys dressed in the same way. Lara turned around to see a Nazi flag on the wall and an acronym painted above it. H.G.F.A., she had never heard of them. Probably they didn’t even existed.


What was happening here?






Heralds of the Glorious Future for America. He had never heard of them. And they had Sharon. The e-mail had a link attached and the link was to a video in which the TRAITOROUS WITCH that was supposedly dead was shown very much alive, in the chair next to Sharon. They had allowed the witch to wear clothes, but Sharon was naked (at least from the waist up). Whoever was this masked man he was as good as dead.


- Call your contacts, and you will learn that the Fenwicks, or the Lewis if you prefer, are being questioned by federal agents as we speak, and that a lot of ‘useful’ data about you and your organization was discovered in their house. But it’s all useless. Hours and hours of crap that MY men put in there in exchange of what really was there. I know that you told them to delete every file that was unnecessary, but they didn’t followed the plan this time. Call your contacts, and you will find how much you owe us.


At that moment the camera was focused in Sharon. A white masked man approached her and placed a cloth over her gagged mouth and nose. Sharon was a fighter, he liked it in her, but he knew it was hopeless. But not Sharon. She tried to move her head away from the cloth and all she got was that her hair was grabbed and pulled violently until she stood still. For a moment he was amazed at how big her breasts looked in that position, then he heard a wolf whistle and remembered what was happening here. He punched Cole and looked back at the screen.


It was almost over now, she was more breathing than fighting back and her head barely twitched. She was out. As the grip on her hair was released and her head was pushed until it bent forward resting on her bosom, he looked at his followers, they were quite restless. Then the man’s voice was heard again.


- We’re like you. Fighters. And we’re not going to hurt her, she’s also a fighter, she broke the jaw of one of my guys when we apprehended her. But this... bitch here is another story.


The sheriff. She wasn’t scared or afraid. Bound and gagged and at the mercy of people who couldn’t care less about her health and dignity, and she wasn’t scared. He almost recognized it as a quality, but perhaps she was more twisted and perverted than he believed. Who knows? Perhaps kill her was something that he should do for her, too.


- Here’s the deal. We know that you are somewhere in ***********, **. I heard that there’s a nice restaurant in this town, the Bungalow. A friend of mine will be there at 8:00 PM. Send a friend of yours and by 10:00 PM she’s all yours. And we, the Heralds of the Glorious Future for America, will start any procedure that you demand to be part of your ranks in the upcoming war! For the Future!


And as a chorus was heard repeating the motto, the sheriff received the same treatment Sharon had. But unlike Sharon she didn’t fought back; she looked straight to the camera. Defiant to the end. Her eyes lost the focus and her eyelids started to stay a little longer when she blinked, but she kept looking straight to the camera.


Admirable bitch! Perhaps he wouldn’t kill her after all, perhaps he would... reeducate her.


- So, who are those guys?


- Small group, the feds believe that they all must live in a couple of counties in *******, most of their activities was against faggots and the likes, but they are also against immigrants and, according to our sources, recently added a race manifesto to their agenda. Arrivists, but with some firepower and good manpower according…


- …to our sources. Any action that can be pinned on them that is relevant?


- Nope. They invaded some offices of pro-fags organizations, letters and one invasion of the house of a pro-Darwin lesbian attorney in *********, who was supposedly under the protection of the FBI. They came in, tied up the perv and her secretary, made treats and left after setting fire on some hardly important files. And the federal agents swears to this day that they weren’t sleeping when it happened. Actually they are masters in invading places in daylight and under the watch of anyone, it’s like they are invisible, their trademark of sorts. The feds tried to infiltrate one agent and he was found tied up to tree in front of one of their buildings a few weeks later.


- Stealthy… we might have some use for them…






The drug had caused a state of semi-paralysis on her body, her eyelids were closed and her head was bent to the right side. But she was awake. She heard her giving the orders, she was completely untied and cradled in her arms and carried away. halfway to wherever they were going she felt her strength coming back, but tried to hide it.


And was thrown into a swimming pool.


- What the…??!!!


- I have carried more girls and women than you could believe, all cradled safely in my arms. If it doesn’t makes you know when someone is feigning her unconsciousness, then what can make? Plus, the drug was a short term one…


Lara looked around, she was in a moderately sized pool in the back of a house. And there were some bodies displayed on the ground next to it, she got out of the pool and ignored the grinning she-macho (transexuality was the only thing in her mind to explain her captors appearance) and went to check on them.


She didn’t knew who they were. Two mid forties men and one that wasn’t more than twenty, one late forties women and two that must have been her daughters… wait a minute! She knew them! The Morgans! And they were all under the influence of some heavy drugs, and down to their underwear.


- We captured them shortly after they left town, actually they run into our hands as we made them fell into our trap. As for those two over there, they were treated a little roughly, but are fine.


Those two…? Deirdre and Nikki. They were sitting in folding chairs not twenty feet away from the Morgans. They also were under the effect of some drug, but unlike them they were fully dressed and bound, and were waking up.


- Excuse us please Ma’am.


Lara was gently pushed away from the two by a very beautiful pair of vixens, both in their mid twenties and filling marvelously the string thong bikinis they were wearing, one was a tall Amazonlike brunette and the other a Latina and both had cloths in their hands. Cloths that were delicately but also firmly placed over the women’s faces.




Lara was grabbed from behind as soon as she moved in the direction of Dee and Nikki. It was the woman, and she was doing it so easily, lifting her in the air and pinning her arms at her sides and gagging her, all at the same time. Lara did tried to resist, but then she felt a pair of hands holding her legs. The oriental girl… Chinese if she was right.


- Sheriff, we are not going to let those two to see you without any restraint holding you, they will wake up in about forty minutes and when it happens you’ll be bound, gagged and sedated in the very same place were they will be, and to all intended purposes… YOU will be as much as a prisoner as they are…


And as she saw the reporter and her camerawoman being gently put back to a drugged state, Lara heard Veronica’s plans for the night. It was crazy and unbelievable, and that’s why it might could work. Nikki was the first to go down, followed closely by Deirdre. By now the Chinese girl had already tied her with zip-ties and she was sporting a blue ballgag. She was hobbled at the knees, so her walk to the van (encouraged by the petite oriental beauty with a riding crop) so made with quick and small steps. She had decided to go along with their plan.


Wanting or not she was going to do what they had told her, it didn’t made much difference since her participation would be in the role of the ‘drugged and bound sheriff’, then she would be released.


And then she would hunt them down. But only THEN. Right now, she was going along with her two captors en route to the garage where the van was parked. Twenty minutes later she was wearing a pink babydoll and lots of tape, and saw the smaller woman immobilize the taller one with a hold on the right arm that would break it if she did fought back. Reluctantly, the taller one gave in and it was a grinning Chinese woman that climbed in the van with a syringe in her hand. Twenty seconds later Lara was out for the count.






It was not a first time for Deirdre. In her first days in college she had found herself in the middle of a ‘sororities war’ that escalated to kidnapping; actually it was the annual competition between the sororities in which they decided who had the right to be in charge of the campus extra-curricular activities for the following year. So she woke up in an windowless and empty room, bound and gagged in her bra and panties and was the Tau bitches captive for a couple of days, until she was ‘rescued’ by her sorority’s commando girls.


It was one of those funny and wild college memories... unlike this one.


Again she was waking up from a drugged sleep, bound and gagged in her bra and panties, wasn’t sure of what was in store for her and didn’t took long to realize what will be her fate. But unlike that time, she didn’t like the news.


She and Nikki were in the floor of a van, stringently hogtied (it was actually starting to hurt) by an excessive amount of rope and overly gagged with tape, and were facing the van’s sliding door which was fully open. Two of the men that had invaded Ester’s house were staring dismissively at them, they were a few feet away and one was trying to convince the other of doing something, with very little success, behind them she could see some trees and bushes so they seemed to be in a forest or something like that. They really looked like father and soon, and then she recognized them; the Morgans. The family of the two guys that the sheriff had arrested personally a few days back.


So it was all about revenge... but then... what had happened to Ester? Or the sheriff? What had happened since they were drugged a few hours (she hoped) ago? Her answers came in the shape of a tall man that was approaching the Morgans carrying a naked bundle over his shoulder.


Sheriff Lara Caldwell.






Ken Morgan saw the mysterious man coming at him. He was not ten feet away from the reporter and her friend, and it was true that the three guns he was carrying were unloaded, but he could use them as hammers to threaten the hostages’ lives in exchange of his wife and daughters. But as if on cue, as he was having this thought the three snipers and four armed people that were out of the captives eye range removed the safeties of their weapons.


He and his son had woke up less than an hour ago and found themselves surrounded by three ****** and some traitors of the race, one of them (the man that was coming closer) had some pictures for them to see.


Georgia and their little girls... stark naked and taped to chairs. And with two black dudes behind them all. They were told what they would do and say, how they were supposed to behave and act and to whom their performance was destined to. They were told what would happen to his wife and daughters if they slipped just for one second out of their scripts. They didn’t told him what they have done with his pal Hank.


And now there he was playing the cruel captor of his previous captives, but not allowed to get one feet closer to them or he was going to be killed. And Fred wasn’t making anything easier with his ideas...






Annie nearly shocked with her sandwich as she saw the picture. IT COULDN’T BE POSSIBLE!!!


She drank the orange juice, paid the bill and left the burger shop holding the magazine in her clenched hand. She ran to Earl’s shop as she collected her thoughts. It wasn’t possible! It wasn’t!!!


The shop was closed, as Earl said that he would keep it while the two girls were with him, so she ran to the back of the shop, grabbed and opened the false rock in which Earl kept a spare key and opened the door...


...and was grabbed by Earl as she entered the shop.


- Annie?!!! What are you doing here?


- MMMMmmmmpppphhmmm?!!! MMMmmm...


- Ops... sorry... now you were saying?


Annie looked at her childhood neighbor with a vicious glare, but knew that she should have at least called him in advance to warn him that she was coming, so his reactions were perfectly normal. It’s just that she still didn’t accepted what he liked to do with women... plus the fact that HE was always the one that tied HER up when they played ‘Cowboys and Indians’ when they were kids. She regained her composure.


- Earl! Do you know who those two girls are?


- Fay Arlen, who’s going to star in ********* ****** next movie as his love interest and her PR Cory Ghellard.


Annie stood there with her mouth wide open for nearly half a minute.


- I like his movies, the moment they released the news about his next I checked everything about it, I even read the book from which the story is taken, so I saw her photos... I recognized her right away...


Annie hit him on the shoulder, a little stronger than the usual.


- No you didn’t!!! If you had YOU would have shown it when I gave them to you. You’re a very bad liar Earl!!!! Very lame and lousy one... now how did you knew that?


- Because we told him.


The redhaired gal was standing right behind Earl. She was still wearing the sexy lacy blue set of a few hours before and has donned an apron on top of it. Fay Arlen smiled as Annie again forgot to close her mouth.




- Our lunch, care to join us?






The Morgans moved away to let the man pass, if Deirdre had really looked at them she would have realized that they had moved too far away from the man, but she was focusing on the captive sheriff. The man stopped and turned his head back to the Morgans to say something to them, and she saw that it was indeed the Sheriff.


A tomboy who had grown to be a voluptuous lingerie model (the job she used to pay her college), and had returned home to be a deputy of her father, then his successor. She had learned everything that the town’s gossipers  had on the woman and seen her three or four times per day for the past month. Still, she was admired that she could recognize her by her legs and... better leave that out of the story. Part of Deirdre was scared as she had never ever been before, but the other part was already looking for every detail that she could nail to her memory to tell to the world later. Nikki was crying softly at her left, so she tried to nudge her in order to somehow get her attention, so she would do... what? Gag-talk to her until her spirit and morale was a little higher?


Well, she would do something to help her friend. So while the men exchanged some thoughts, Deirdre managed to attract Nikki’s attention and tried (unsuccessfully) to help her as best as she could.


- What the *****???!!! I told you to tie them up!! Not to dislodge their joints!!!


It was the man, he was closer to the van now and getting more closer by the second, he had increased his speed (and as it seemed they were the reason for that). The Morgans stayed behind, walking to the van with leniency. The man put the sheriff besides Nikki and climbed on the van. He produced a hunting knife with a BIG blade and cut the ropes that connected Nikki’s wrists to the ankles, the look of relief in her eyes said everything to Deirdre, and then it was her turn. It felt so good to rest her feet on the floor. The man didn’t stopped there, he cut more ropes with more care and soon both women had only a few knots holding their wrists and ankles together.


- And you wanted to join us! YOU CRAZY SADISTIC LOSERS!!! Back off! I’ll take care of these two!!!


His voice was cold and potent and his face was obscured by sunglasses and what was obviously a fake beard, with a few strands of a real one (and of a different color than the fake one) appearing here and there. He tied a rope around Nikki’s waist and tied her wrists to it, then he repeated the procedure with her. Then he grabbed a first-aid kit box.

The small bottle that was passed in front of their eyes was labeled ‘Chloroform’.


He grabbed a handkerchief and folded it, then he poured some chloroform on it and tried to be gentle. But Nikki wasn’t not going to have it, out of despair she tried to avoided his hand and ‘fought’ back. Deirdre could hear the Morgans laughing and sneering at the man, but he didn’t change his expression one minute, he simply stood there; kneeling on the floor of a van with a struggling helpless girl between his legs and pressing the cloth against her face. When Nikki acted like she was holding her breath he simply pinched her left breast. Then Nikki took a full long breath on the cloth, the first of many. As Nikki struggles lessened his left hand let her chin go and grabbed a rool of duct tape that was somewhere between Nikki and the sheriff’s bodies.


He taped the fuming cloth over her (already gagged) mouth and nose and then started to use the tape in her body and removed all the rope that was left. Then he turned his attention to Deirdre.


- You’re a very lucky bitch, you know that? Aaron Parker wants you dead as an example for the press, that race traitors are not supposed to be called heroes or heroines or else, but we want you as a witness...


Aaron Parker?? THE Aaron Parker that was a regular in the FBI list for more than twenty years?? HIM???


- HEY!! Lady? Laaaaddddyyyy?


She was between his legs now. The mention of one of the most dangerous men in America had turned her Pulitzer Watch on, THAT was what she had came for when she arrived in town. True, the stories about Lara and the ones about the judgement had raised some attention to her name, but Aaron Parker... he was her Pulitzer!


He grabbed her chin with impatience and roughness.


- Now listen up. You and the camerababe will live to tell the world what will happen to Aaron Parker. You will tell why and how it happened, and you will have all the awards you want for that. All you have to do is follow my orders and be a good girl. That’s not what you’re thinking... Good girls follow orders. Simple like that. Be a good girl and follow my orders, and you’ll have your career back. And my first order is... breathe. With gusto.


And he pressed another folded hankie against her nose. It was dripping chloroform! But she obeyed him still. She took a full one, and another... and... another... strange... she could swear that the Morgans were falling like tiiiimbers in the corner of her eye... if she could only... open them again to check it... she managed ... but all she could see was... a wad of cotton... coming straight to her eyes... and then someone... closed her eyes...


And she couldn’t open them back.





- That was really unnecessary, you know that?


Annie didn’t answered. She went straight to the kitchen. They were still there and they seemed untouched. Cory and Fay were facing each other, tied to chairs in opposite place at the table. A former member of the girl scouts, Annie had used all the knots she could remember on them, had passed the roll of tape four times around their heads and finished by gluing the aforementioned knots. They looked more amused than scared, disgusted or mad at her!


They matched perfectly with him. She opened her purse.


- Now you two listen up. You know what’s this?


And they nodded. They did??!! She tried to regain her composure.


- Well, I told Daniel, ehr, doctor Grayson that I might need help to sleep tonight, that I needed something that could make me sleep for a few hours at least. I’ll put a few drops on these glasses of water and YOU both will drink them. Earl, YOU will go to your cousin’s home tonight and...


- Not a chance!!! This is MY house!!! And THEY are MY...


- Your what??!!! They are what???!!!


All the while both captives kept an amused stare at the mature couple. They stood in front of each other until Fay made enough noise with her gag to attract Annie’s attention.


- What? Are you hurt or something? – she said as she struggled to undo the overly done gag.


- Absolutely not. It’s quite comfy actually but it’s not what I wan to say. Earl? We will be fine. You know we will. We’ll drink this spiced water and you’ll watch over us until she arrives. Let’s face it; we went a bit too far didn’t we? You were supposed to be keeping an eye on us, not let me prepare the lunch while you take some pict...




Earl was almost dumbfounded, what was wrong with Annie? He had never seen her act that way before. But both Fay and Cory were not offended by her behavior towards them.


- She’s a cop, a law enforcer. And today she must have committed enough crimes to spend a millenium behind bars! But it seems to me that, whatever reasons she have and whatever was the deal that my friends made with her and the other cops of this town, she’s not pleased with it. I was supposed to be behind bars and not be the warrant of my friends conduct towards the kidnapped sheriff, that we helped to be kidnapped in case you have forgotten, so the least that she’s expect is that I am kept as a prisoner. And if you don’t provide it, she will. Since this seems to be one of the last places where a couple of living warranties of a highly illegal pact between the local police force and an unknown party would be found by the FBI agents that are in town, so that’s where we will spend the time restrained as we are now, or even more (please?), until the sheriff is found and the ******** that wanted to see bombs raining from the sky in this beautiful little town streets are arrested. Under HER watch. Simple like that.


Both Earl and Annie stood silent for a moment, then Annie spoke.


- She... she’s right. There WAY too much at stake. WAY TOO MUCH for you to... have your... your... fun with them... even if they follow their part of the bargain to the letter...


Earl looked at Annie, went to a cabinet and grabbed two glasses which he placed on the table. Then he looked again at Annie and left the room without saying a word. Annie prepared the glasses and gave one to Fay and regagged her promptly after the glass was empty. Then, as she removed Cory’s gag, Fay’s head bent slightly forward and rested peacefully in that position. She had such a great body... Annie realized that Cory had said something.


- May I have a glass of ‘normal’ water first, please?


She prepared and gave it to the bound girl. Who also had a great body.


- I will not... hurt you two. Rest assured. I will even allow... ehr... bathroom breaks?


- We know that, and don’t worry... we’re lesbians, not bi. Or are YOU...


- Finish that phrase and I’ll... I’ll... I’ll be VERY CREATIVE with you two!


- We know, and hope, that...


Oooohhhhh... she made the girl drink the water and even before the empty glass was put back on the table she was splashing strips after strips of white tape over her mouth. Somewhere along the way the girl fell under the influence of the chemicals, fortunately she realized that when she felt that there was no resistance at all to the new strips. She looked at the girl with a curious expression, that turned into a grin.


- If that’s how you want to play girlie...


Earl was back to the room. They looked at each other and sat on the couch in the adjacent room, from their position they could clearly see the girls, and (finally) talked about that last year’s weird incident that nearly cost their lifelong friendship. By the time they were finished Annie’s shift had already ended, the girls were still sound asleep and Earl had already packed a few things. Annie tried to tell him that she had overdid, but he countered saying that she was right, many things were at stake and he was having fun with it, and besides he had both girls’ phone numbers, so...


Annie pocked him on the shoulder and told him (playfully) to get the hell outta there...





As Deirdre had seen, the Morgans were hit with darts and fell of the floor. Then all the men and women that ensured their cooperation gathered around them as Veronica took off the two fake beards and other parts of her disguise. Then Violet came from the large manor in which ‘backyards’ the whole action had been developed, guiding a thoroughly bound and taped nude woman by a leash. This woman had a very remarkable resemblance with Lara.


Her hair was cut in the sheriff’s same style, all the measurements fitted with the original, actually only her face could tell that she wasn’t Lara Mae Caldwell. But if she was gagged and blindfolded or wearing a hood...


A few whistles were heard as she moved towards the van, she blushed but decided to parade... until Violet’s playful tug on her leash reminded her what was going on. She took a deep breath and prepared to face Vee.


- This is your last chance.


- I will do it. I told you that I will. So I will do it...


The woman marveled at Vee’s strength, she was carrying the sheriff’s unconscious bound body with such ease (and care)! She had spent the past four months preparing for today, she wouldn’t have to say anything or do anything (as if she would have the chance for that...), all she’ll have to do was play her role. As a bait.


- Violet, help this brave fool and remarkable idiot to assume her role as the kidnapped sheriff Lara Caldwell. You had your chance, now you are going to be bound and gagged for the next hours. For the most of it you’ll be sedated but there will be moments in which you’ll be awake...


- ...and conscious that I am helpless in the middle of some people that at the very least wants to put a bullet in my head. I know that! And I will play my role as expected! And you’re not going to sweet-talk me back!


- Violet...


She was gagged and helped by Violet and Michael to get in the van, there she was hogtied between the two sleeping women. Then violet extended her open hand and Michael put a syringe and a dripping cotton swab in it. Violet did her job and a minute later the van was moving away.


Still carrying the sedated woman in her arms, Veronica gave last-minute details in their parts of the plan. The men of the Morgan family were sent to their home two sates away, the women were already en route and the friend of the family was being dispatched for his part on the night’ scheme. The sheriff would be sent to a safe place.


And as for the others...





- May I speak with the lady you’ve just gagged, officer Stratton?


- I... I beg your pardon?


- May I speak with Fay Arlen, the redhaired girl mummified with rope that you’ve just tape gagged, Annie?


She looked dumfounded to the cellphone then to her two captives and then back to it. They were watching TV and chitchatting about their surprisingly (for Annie) many common interests while she gave them the slices of the pizza she had ordered. The said order had been the excuse to use so much rope on them that it wasn’t exaggeration call them mummies right now, not that they do mind about it a bit. Then the phone rang, she used the pre-cut tape to gag them a bit too quickly and answered the phone. A soft melodically voice was now making her gulp hard.


She put it on the speaker mode before she undid Fay’s gag.


- Fay? How are you faring?


- Deliciously fine thank you.


- And your lovely friend?


- Oh, she’s fine too… as you may already know. We screwed up, didn’t we?


- None of you could predict the interference of the Morgans… but yes, you failed to pass on your last…


- WAIT A MOMENT!!! Who are you? Who’s speaking?


- Hummm, you can call me Jane, that’s my name, but... girls... you aren’t allowed, under no circumstances, to tell her my family name. As for who I am, I am the safety measure of these two birds that you have trapped. The answer to your question of ‘how could these two crazy little vixens can be so calm if they are the prisoners of a woman that they don’t know very well, doesn’t approve their sexual tendencies and  fantasies, is so damn good with knots and can easily send them to a long stay in a federal facility?’ Well, because of me. By now you must have realized that these two also have brains besides their generously ‘envy maker’ appearance, so don’t think that they are stupid. They are acting like it’s no big deal or even like it’s fun be your prisoner because they know that in three days they’ll be back in California where Fay is supposed to attend a pre-production meeting, and she will be there. Tomorrow at 7 AM I’ll have a sudden problem with my Suburban while driving through your town that will take all day for Earl to ‘fix’ it, only by 9 or 10 PM it will be working again, and I’ll leave town with Fay and Cory nicely hidden inside it, your last gift to them. Until then, please be gentle with them both… but not very much, OK?


And she hung up before Annie could say a word. Fay and Cory looked at each other and Fay grinned while Cory must have done the same. But Annie was not going to let her questions go unanswered...


- Who was this...?


- Tramp? We call her ‘Crazy’ Jane and now you know why, but she’s a good friend and, as she just said, the reason why we’re not scared of you or anything else. Wherever she is now she knows what we’re doing, and believe us that she might not be even in a nearby state as we speak and I don’t believe that there’s a camera or even a mike in this whole building, but by tomorrow when she and her ‘broken’ SUV are brought here, she’ll be able to tell you exactly what you’ve done to us since we became your prisoners, in full details. How? Because she’s ‘Crazy’ Jane.


- Ehrrr... Fay, people like this doesn’t exist on the ‘real world’...


Fay’s answers was a grin that would make the Cheshire Cat either proud or envious. The rest of the night passed with the girls refusing to answer her questions about Jane or their organization, Annie punishing them for that with the back of a hairbrush or the palm of her hand, then letting them have a bathroom break and preparing them for bed. Again ‘mummified’ with rope from the neck to their toes, both girls drank a glass of spiced water and were helped to lie on the bed of the guestroom. Annie covered them, went to check on all the building’s entrances and sat on a chair beside the bed with a blanket to cover her and two loaded guns to protect them all. She soon fell asleep.


One hour later a black clad woman entered the room.





Meanwhile Lara was waking up, and enjoying it. She had had such a realistic nightmare. Being taken hostage in her own home, overpowering the two lingerie models that were supposed to keep her as that, agreeing of being rebound and recaptured after getting a phone call from Michael (who wasn’t in Iraq), shooting a video with fake racists and a fake woman who was posing as a man, being thrown into a swimming pool by the said fake woman...


Then she realized that she wasn’t waking up in her own bed. It was a large room with only two doors, a plasma TV in front of her and a enormous beige built-in cupboard at her right. She realized that she was naked, she never slept in the buff anymore, didn’t had silk sheets and even if she had they would never be pink!


There was a knock at the door.


- Come... in...?


Three young girls entered the room. Two were black Amazons and one white and all three wore white string bikinis that were designed to reinforce their natural attraction, one of the black girls was so well endowed that she was putting the fabric to its limits while the other had a more ‘conventional’ bust size. They positioned themselves in front of the bed and the busty girl, after looking at the other two who nodded, spoke.


- Good night Mrs. Caldwell. We were designed to take care of all your needs during your captivity.


- My…what? Where... where am I?


- Actually, Ma’am, we don’t know. When we were brought here this morning we were all unable to see or ask where exactly we were being taken to. We were brought here by our mistress to aide you in any need that you request us to, we’re not supposed to hurt you and, if you want to try to escape, we’re supposed to allow you to tie us up and gag us and sedate us. We wouldn’t mind if it happens actually. But I digress... We honestly don’t know.


- What can you tell me about this place?


The cameras in the room had been deactivated when she woke up, only life sensors and microphones were supposed to be working now, the place was a manor of three stories located far away of everything else, surrounded by a small wood and mountains here and there. The security in the place was minimal, less than twelve men and women and most of them were in charge of taking care of the security of the owner of the place, Angela Benyngton.


Why wasn’t she surprised? There were so many stories and legends in the Web about how she hadn’t fired the army of murderers, kidnappers and arsonists that had worked for her uncle and grandfather that Hollywood always considered the chance of making a movie about, again. There were three with Barbra Stanwyck and another two with Angela Lansbury as the (in)famous elder billionaires (one with Barbra Stanwyck was very good and a favorite of her husband). And Aaron Parker had brutally killed the man she had appointed as her heir twenty years ago, just because HE wouldn’t stand the idea of working for a black man!


But of course, they could be lying to her now...


- Girls, supposing that I was to try to escape, how could I make sure that none of you would raise the alarm?


The cupboard was completely filled with restraining and gagging materials, and shelves with bottles of various sizes and shapes with a small pile of neatly folded handkerchiefs at the far right of each one. She had wrapped the silk sheet around her body for modesty, but it fell on the floor as she stood there admiring what was the dream of her (and her husband’s) life. Then she decided to go down to business.


- It would be really stupid for me to try to escape right now, wouldn’t it?


- Yes. Our mistress is waiting right behind the door to escort you to a dinner and what she called ‘a very special TV session’ with Mistress Angela. Even if you gave us the order to attack her, and we put all our might and strength in it and you helped us, we probably would end up getting black eyes and bruises all over (our mistress doesn’t looks like one, but she has two or three black belts), and you’ll have to be baby-fed during dinner. Or… - all three girls surrounded her and made her walk along with them to the bathroom -  you can have a nice hot bath, with or without our help, and put on the clothes our mistress choose for you before going to the dinner with Mistress Angela, we’re here to follow your orders and if there’s none, we won’t stand in your way.


She had her bath in private, and took her time, by the time she was finished the old ******* that was pulling the strings must have become really mad… The girls had brought a change of clothes, that fitted her perfectly, which were suitable for her plans. Blue jeans trousers, cotton T-shirts, boots and blazers, all seemed made of resistant materials. The girls were enjoying some TV (‘Night of the Hunted Hunters’, the second version made with Angela Lansbury) when she emerged from the shower.


- Just let me get this straight. Whatever order I gave you…


- Well, not ‘whatever’ if there’s sex involved; none of us are lesbians or are into rough stuff or real deal ‘burn in hell you pervert!!’ stuff. We’re submissives and you are a closet switcher, a submissive woman but only to your husband and who secretly wishes to know how would it be to be dominating girls. We’re here for that.


Lara looked at her with incredulity.


- You mean… that you are part of a bribe… to keep me quiet about what is going on?


- Absolutely not. Whatever way, if there is one, that our mistress and Mistress Angela will use to try to convince you to stick with their plan and be found by dawn tomorrow by some colleague of yours, of another county of another state, rest assured that they… well they’ll play fair with you. Sort of. They probably will place you with the choice of not following their plan and something bad yet predictable happens or follow their plan and something much better happens instead. But the choice will be there and will be yours. It worked for me at least. Look at me; don’t I have the body of a stripper? I used to be one, then I got into some trouble, big trouble, and my mistress gave me two choices; join the Witsec or follow her, just like with Corinne and Gina here. Honestly. Now, Mrs. Lara, we still have… a little more than twenty minutes until that door is opened. How do you want to spend the time?


Twenty two minutes later the door opened and there was a beautiful mid-twenties brunette lady wearing a elegant yet casual night white dress by the door, she was holding a book in her hands in which she had just placed a bookmark. She looked over Lara’s shoulder at her girls who lay side by side on the bed, all three were hogtied and gagged with tape and sporting chloro-masks, then she looked at Lara with a curious stare.


- They told me that I am supposed to be found bound and gagged on a motel room somewhere by 5 or 6 AM, so I told them that the first who wakes up and made sure that the other two doesn’t gets free will have the right to bind me for that, they seemed to like the idea of competing against each other…


- …in a game that could make your ‘escape attempts’ more easier. After all you seem to have taped their fingers...


- Nope. That’s just to make things a little harder for them; the sedative is the one with the shortest duration that was in the cupboard. You have me, that’s a fact. They seemed sincere when they told me more about your way to compensate what you’ve done to me. Perhaps they were trying to fool me, or perhaps YOU fooled them into believing in it. Whatever it is, I’ll play along for now, and besides... I am hungry…


- This way please.





Francine Morgan was the most revolted with whatever plans her three captors had for her and her family. She was the one fighting the most the padded cuffs and medical straps that kept her immobile on the bed. Laurie as usual was a waste of time, crying softly and making feeble attempts from time to time. Their mother wasn’t crying and was trying to do something, but was failing miserably. And the ****** that were in charge of them seemed to be amused with their efforts, they were a private show for the ****** ******** ********!!!


They were in what seemed to be an abandoned infirmary, besides the three old and metallic (and a bit rusty but still firm) beds in which they were being held there were at least another seven ones in that room. Between her and Laurie there was an empty bed and the same happened between her and her mother. The bare mattress in which she rested was clean but had seen better days. Laurie started to snap her fingers... again.


Without saying a word, the three black women looked at each and two of them stood up from the chairs and went straight to Laurie’s bed. One minute later they were more carrying than frog marching her to the toilet. They had been injected with something... a muscle relaxant of sorts. None of them would be able to fight them back, cowards!


Weird... Laurie returned minutes later escorted by only ONE woman. The third got up and went to help her to apply the restraints on her nude body. Two minutes later they were at the farthest corner of the room whispering between themselves. Then the missing woman returned to the room holding her cellphone on her right hand, she showed the other two a couple of images in its screen and she and quickly handgagged one of her companions as she was about to shout something. They kept a quick whispered conversation and, to the surprise of all the three captives, the one that was still handgagged started to remove all the black clothes that she was using, but kept the mask on, as the others opened a cabinet and produced four small bottles, some cotton wads and two syringes from it. Each one kept two bottles and a syringe for herself and moved to their captives.


Laurie and mom were looking at her as the women used the cotton and one of the bottles to clean their right arms as they prepared the injections. Laurie was crying (was she really her sister?) and mom was looking as if she said ‘I’m sorry’. Since it was worthless to keep eye contact with Laurie she focussed in her mother’s eyes expression. Was she trying to say something under all that tape? Then the ************ injected them with something.


She went frantic! She wanted to beat them! To really hurt them! To give them what they deserved! She trashed for a moment then she decided to keep looking at her mother. Who was still looking at her, but now her eyes were loosing its expressiveness, and she was crying. The most courageous woman that she knew... crying.


She was going to KILL them all with her bare hands, all of them!!!!


Her mother’s eyes were blinking now, then she closed them, she tried to reopen them but failed. And her whole body relaxed. She looked at the two women that were checking the vital signs of the two sleeping women.


Then she noticed something wrong, none of the bitches were moving towards her, instead they were... binding the third one? Who stood stark naked (except for the mask) as her body was quickly and fiercely taped and tied. Then she was made to hop to the bed between her and Laurie, then the two women strapped her to that bed in the very same way that her family had been. As if it wasn’t enough, as soon as they were finished one of the three women started to remove her own clothes. Minutes later only one (black) woman stood free on the room, and she started to remove Francine’s restraints. And, for the first time since Francine had woke up in the room a few hours before, she heard the voice of one of her captors. And it was in a condescending tone!


- The drug we gave you will be wearing out in a few minutes. I will give you thirty minutes after that to proper recover before we fight. You can check on your mother and sister while we wait, go to the toilet... whatever. We’re in what’s left of the underground infirmary of a huge industrial complex that closed down a few years ago. No one knows that we’re here, your clothes and weapons are in a room three doors left down the corridor. If you defeat me there will be no one to stop you from do whatever you want to my friends, and no one to prevent you from making your family escape justice. All you have to do is defeat me in a clean and honest fight.


- And you think that you can defeat me you *********?


Francine’s body was now completely freed, but she was having trouble moving her arms and legs, she couldn’t even get into a sitting position. But she was feeling her strength returning, slowly its true but it was returning.


- I know I can. You like to beat bound women, children and never fought someone of your size in a one-against-one fair fight, once you even was one of the seven that beat really bad that student from Morocco...


- He was just a ******* Arab, a non-white foreigner and wasn’t even a Christian!


- I’ll take that as a ‘yes’. Well. Fran Morgan, for the first time in your life you’ll test yourself in an honest fight...


It took eight minutes for she be able to stand and walk with firm and steady steps. She went straight to the toilet. Whatever power source they were using in the place, only the path to the toilet and another in the opposite direction had light and energy for that matter, all the other few corridors and rooms she saw were pitch dark.


She would beat the bitch, then she would made her tell things like where exactly they were and then she would kill them all, including the two bitches strapped to the beds beside her mother. She checked on her mother when she returned, she hadn’t the slightest motivation to see how Laurie was faring, and stood at her side until the thirty minutes went up. Then she moved away from the bed, looked at her mother one last time and charged the ****** at full speed already preparing a good punch.


She never saw what hit her.





- Talk.


- One kick. That’s all I had to do. One kick to the chin and the bitch fell like a sack of potatoes!


- And Daisy and her cousin? Did you let them go?


- Are you kidding me Vee? I injected them the same stuff we used on the Morgan bitches right after I finished putting the nazi babe back in her bed and injected her. They owe me for their prank on the job in LA nine months ago and I am going to collect... in kind... When does my ride arrives?


- Billy and Tobias must be arriving in eight or nine minutes if they follow the schedule. Remember, the Morgans...


- Will be reunited with the male portion of the family in the motel near *********, just in time to be arrested by the FBI and be implied in the sheriff’s kidnapping. How things are going for you?


- They are gathering as we speak... Aaron seems very happy for what I can see... he’s giving a speech about how the unfairness and betrayal against ‘poor’ Larry were corrected by blood, that Lara’s death is just the beginning and blah blah blah... We’re recording every second of it, plus we’re taking pictures of the attendance...


- Do you think that the reporter will agree to play her part? I mean...


- Did I mention that there’s an US senator in the attendance?





- You did what?


- I grabbed ‘em all and carried ‘em to your kid’s room, when it was overcrowded I put something in the guestroom and a couple of boxes went to the bathroom. I had no time to check which ones had something really worth to you and/or your husband and which ones had just junk, so... I carried ‘em all.


- But... the explosion?


- Toni?


And, as the man that she had seen at the dawn of that day in her bedroom sat back in his chair, an early thirties woman dressed as an executive stood up. Besides them, the ‘mistress’ of the trio of girls she had put to sleep and Angela Benyngton, there were two other persons at the large mahogany table having a simple yet delicious dinner with Lara. Al Talbot, one of the most well-known and wanted men in America, and a tall man in his late fifties.


At the very least, so far, they were being honest with her.


- Mrs. Caldwell? My name is Antoinette ‘Toni’ Harrod. I am part of a freelance insurance investigator team that made quite a few favors to the company that insured your house, my boss is Helen Hayes (Yes, THE Helen Hayes). Angela here already called the CEO of said company today and he called Helen shortly after that. To put it simple, whatever is the ruse that Angela is using against Aaron as we speak, it demanded that at least your car and your garage were shown in all TV channels across the country burned and destroyed by a explosive device, a bomb. NOT the bomb that this... Sharon?... girl put in your car but a far less powerful one. Helen, our resident geek freak and I will arrive to your town by tomorrow at sunset. We were ordered to investigate the explosion itself but there is nothing to investigate, you were the target of extremists that wanted you dead so they put a bomb in your car. Whatever happens after that, what kind of explanation that will be given to the world to explain why you are still alive even if the bomb exploded, that’ll be of our concern only if Angela’s plan here backfires, doesn’t works as planned or is exposed. Since she already pledged with my client to pay herself the premium for all the damages in your house and anyone that might have occurred at your in-laws’ one, and thus my client won’t have any loss on this whole story… everything is fine by me. Mrs. Caldwell? Are you all right??


- How... how can I be alright? THEY EXPLODED A BOMB IN MY HOUSE!!!!


- True. And the ones that were planning to bomb FIVE OTHER houses in your town, and start spreading a series of terrorist attacks in the US for the next couple of years to better ignite their... Rawohar...?


- RAcial HOlly WAr or Rahowa.


- Or this... well they are going to be stopped in the next few weeks, starting today. Please Mrs. Caldwell, understand this, years ago I received positive and confirmed information about the whereabouts of Aaron Parker. I sent a team over there and was watching what would have been his bloody, no, ‘bloodbathy’ fall when he said something that made me cancel the whole thing. What had seemed to be years of apparently inactivity had been years of very patient work of indoctrination and preparation. He was building sleeper cells all across the country and had a plan that would not bear the fruits that he wished, fat chance for that happens, but who knew how many people would die in the process? I needed to find out the most about his plans before... well... before I had my vengeance.


- But... why me?


- Because you are the answer to HIS prays. A blonde woman, former beach bunny and lingerie model and still very attractive that married a BLACK man. A race traitor. Who did a KEY part in putting a loser like Larry Fitzpatrick (or a true warrior in the upcoming war in his point of view) behind bars for life. YOUR whole family’s death would have been the signal to start the war. The fact that your husband lied about when he was coming back in order to surprise you tomorrow, and decided to bring your sons with him, made your in-laws’ home a secondary target of their actions. I am not saying this in order to convince you to not tell the truth to the world. As I speak he is speaking too..., to a whole bunch of wackos and he is declaring a war that he had already lost. With your ‘death’, posterior kidnapping and the ruse of the HGFA (which was created years ago specially for that), we managed to be very successful in hacking into his computers, we have the name of nearly all his moles and we are giving all the data we managed to achieve to the FBI as I speak, and they are ready to give us a show in a few hours...


- You... created a white supremacist terrorist organization?


- Whose ‘targets’ until today were all directly or indirectly connected to me. It was a bit... strenuous for some of my friends and associates to take part of the ruse, I lost some good friendships and had another few ones... but it had to be done that way or when that e-mail with the best Trojan Horse virus ever made was sent, they would have simply deleted it. I assure you that all of the men and women that were the ‘victims’ of the HGFA had a large compensation for all that they endured, and I plan to do the same with you...


- But...


- Mrs. Caldwell, rest assured that NOTHING is going to happen to you. NOTHING. Either liking it or not, you’ll leave this house in a few hours bound like a salami and will be found by state troopers two hours after that. But when you wake up... it’s up to you if you follow this charade or not. True, my gals and guys are very professional and it’ll be very hard for you to prove ANYTHING. But that’s NOT the way that I want that things happen. I am not, I repeat I am NOT trying to bribe you but...


- Give me a time to think, OK? Just... give me a time for that...


The rest of the dinner went on uneventfully with the other guests chatting among themselves while Lara tried to cope with everything she had just heard. Then she asked for a phone call.






‘Who were this people?’, ‘What was going on here?’ and ‘What dress I will use when I’ll receive my Pulitzer?’ were the thoughts crossing her mind as she stood watching Aaron’s speech and the attendance energetic reply to it. Not that she could do anything else for that matter.


When she had finally woke up about an hour and a half ago, she blearily remembered eating something previously but wasn’t really sure of that, nor Nikki nor the sheriff were with her. But there was this guy, the same that had carried the sheriff to the van and sedated her, towering her. She was in a mattress in a large and decrepit room, and there was some activity behind the man. He easily grabbed her and cradled her taped body in his strong arms, then he carried her to where the action was happening at the other side of the room.


Three other men and a woman were in front of monitors checking and rechecking some live footage... Hey! That was her equipment! They had not bother to even remove the logos! They must have robbed her van and dismantled everything! And were did they had stashed Nikki? Then she saw Aaron.


He was testing the audio of the mike, making some jokes with the sound technicians and being greeted by part of the attendance, he had put on some weight, mostly on the belly, but was still an imposing figure.


- I am going to remove the gag, but you’ll only answer my questions. I am giving you the scoop of the year, Aaron Parker’s Rahowa plans! Why? Because I believe in the Rahowa, as everybody around me does... but as you will see in a couple of minutes Aaron and his followers only believe in Aaron Parker’s manifest destiny. He’s using me and my beliefs, and is planning to kill Americans in order to attract the attention and subsequent trust of the common American dude. He plans to kill children, white and the true God believers children... for that. All my beliefs are but a pity and lame excuse for him to get power. I am a racist white supremacist and very much proud of it, which is why I won’t let this maggot to use me! Nor any of my friends here will do it. So... spread as best as possible to the whole America what you’ll see now, you can have any kind of compensation for that that you want for what I care, but bring this SOB down! Or... next time we meet will be our last...


And then he removed the gag. They spoke for a while, and Deirdre learned something about her captors. They were the HGFA, a small group of supremacists that had met some ‘moles’ (they told her tat she’ll understand what they meant with that when Aaron spoke) a few months back and had learned Aaron’s real agenda. Since then they had plotted to bring down the now legendary racist leader by exposing him. They had found out that while he had given orders to have Lara Caldwell ‘killed’, she would be kidnapped and taken to his private quarters for ‘indoctrination’ purposes. They had intercepted the kidnappers and were making a ‘business deal’ with him. They would enter his forces in exchange of the sheriff and the secret behind her being still alive. The truth was that Deirdre would be a witness to the whole transaction and the aftermath of it, and she would tell the world about it...


Before she agreed to the proposition, Deirdre demanded to see the sheriff and Nikki. Both were fine, lying naked and bound on a bed somewhere else. She didn’t understood why they had put a leather hood on the sheriff, but that body was hers, no doubt about it. As for Nikki she seemed to be snoring under her tape gag... So Deirdre was regagged and had to endure over one hour of a series of racist speeches and gloats and treats, many treats, against innocents in order to ignite the war. The *************** even dared to conduct a prayer for those ‘who had to be sacrificed for the greater good of America’! And the whole attendance (including one senator, two singers and a rising star from a popular TV series) had the nerve to agree with him on that!


Being the professional, Deirdre started to think on how she would uncover Mr. Senator or any of the VIPs she had identified so far... she couldn’t really believe that those guys from an obscure supremacist organization would let her do what they said they would. Just the footage they were recording was enough to bend a Senator to their will, and blackmail a whole underground terrorist organization. Unless they were real in their dislike and disgust and wanted to see Aaron’s fall, a possible but not probable situation. She knew that she was going to be used by this... HG... H something... whatever. Even if they let her go with nothing to prove what she had just learned, she had enough to start a BIG STORY!!!! Someone was poking her from behind... everybody was looking at her as if they wanted her to see or witness something... a phone call. The first in a row of five in less than two hours that sealed Aaron’s fate.


Oh, Deirdre did won her Pulitzer BTW...






Sharon SHOULD be feeling furious now, she was quite sure that she should, but in truth she wasn’t sure of almost every and anything now. She was sure that she was feeling good, very good, and that she was safe. Otherwise than that she didn’t understood why she felt that she should be angry, why she couldn’t move properly and what had happened to her vision or her voice. If she could concentrate enough she could feel tasteless rubber keeping her mouth open and against her skin. But such moments of concentration had been very rare in the past hours…


Thirty years working for a sleepy fetish dominatrix had made him an expert in keeping girls in various states of unconsciousness, and he was proving it again. He kept her at the border of the conscious state of mind only to make her aware of her helplessness, but not enough to be able to think about it. The poor idiot was to be found unable to tell anything about her last hours of life, since they had zapped her at that gas station over twelve hours ago.


Much more interesting to him was the other girl in the other bed. What a body! Just to be able to make some proper comparisons, he had asked her to undress completely and had bound her in the exact same way that Sharon had been. While the racist blonde had a nice body, moderate sized breasts and a more athletic frame than anything else, this lady had a superb body, big and round and firm (and surprisingly natural) breasts and was the incarnation of the term ‘voluptuous vixen’. And had been his for the past six hours…


Not that he was mad to do anything to her, he knew the stories about her husband and knew that HE had only allowed her to be there because: 1; HE had lost that poker game last week (and SHE didn’t bothered to be the prize) and 2; SHE just loved to be kept sedated while bound and gagged (and HE went along very fine with the second part, definitely no the first, of that phrase). So, in a way to keep him… happy… while he made his part of the deal, he had two nude girls bound in his guestroom. He removed the soaked silk handkerchief  that he had just streched over Sharon’s face and checked her vital signs. She wouldn’t be aware of where was right and were was left for at least another hour… time to play (again) with the delicious Nell.


By play he meant to bind her in a stringent hogtie as she was waking up. Just to be on the safe side he used the code word for ‘Wanna play?’ before regagging her. Anyone that saw her right now would be sure that she was real scared and did not wished to be there. Even with her movements reduced to a feeble minimum possible, she did try to avoid his hands and the cloth, she actually jumped backwards somehow, as he played his part…


- No one will fid you here my dear…


At that moment Nell really wished that he didn’t used his (in)famous villain’s roar of laughters, Dean was such a nice guy and good friend but what a bad actor he was! He always submerged in the role of the stereotypical… what was the name of that guy that wanted Penelope Pitstop’s millions? Anyway he always played that role, and seeing the renowned surgeon playing so poorly that role always made her want to laugh… but Vinnie had told her to NEVER do that. He really knew that he was a bad actor, he just didn’t admitted it to himself. So as the smelly cloth was forced against her nostrils Nell really fought to hold her muffled laughs at bay.


Dean, as usual, didn’t realized that. For him Nell was trying to hold her breath, playing her role as the kidnapped victim with her usual competence. She moved her head side to side, writhed and moved as best as she could and took nearly three minutes to succumb to the fumes… and all was being recorded by the two cameras.


He wasn’t that young anymore, and took a moment longer than he liked to catch his breath again. Then he checked the footage of the two cameras, then Sharon and Nell’s pulse and conditions. His experience told him that Nell wouldn’t stay under more than ten minutes, the sedative was made for plays not for real action, while Sharon would stay in her consciousness’ borderline state for at least another half an hour…


He started to undo the ropes in order to try something different… then the phone rang.


- Oh! Surprise, surprise! You’re still alive!


- Ha ha, very funny Jane. What’s up?


- Aaron made his own demands and chose the place in which ‘Lara’ is supposed to be delivered to him, the real Lara accepted to play her part of the bargain with Angela, Vincent wants you to know that if he just THINKS that you fondled Nell’s perfect orbs you’re dead meat and, honestly Dean, just tie her up and this time SEDATE her for real. You don’t have thirty years anymore… sorry but that’s life…


- Jane Mallory…


- Just tie her up and prick a needle with something in her bare butt ok?




But she had hung up. Spooky and creepy like her father had been, but a sincere and honest and concerned friend. She had no reasons to call him, except to warn him. He checked himself… pulse a little too high for his likes and his press was within the limits. Sigh, he wasn’t thirty anymore. When he was thirty he had the dream of his life made true during a mission in Las Vegas, four strippers had to be kept sedated for nearly two days straight and HE had been the man that made that happen! His first mission for Angela, thirty two years ago.


He was over sixty now, he had to take care. So he prepared a syringe with the most potent drug he had in stock. Then he turned her now freed body over so she was resting on her belly and injected it. That Vincent dude was really a ************** lucky *******!!!!






Lara and her husband talked for over thirty minutes. Someone had given a cellphone to his aunt Bessie while she was at the market and he had received instructions through it. Their conversation would be private, secret and totally untraceable. They talked and talked and agreed to play along… for a price.


The garage would have to be rebuilt EXACTLY as it was, and the house itself would receive some maintenance. Their sons would have to be able to go to college with some scholarship granted to them if not by their own merit by some pliable and suitable excuse. And finally, as soon as possible Lara would have her ‘revenge’ upon the lesbian pair that had overpowered her. Angela agreed with everything and she returned to her designated room escorted by the ‘mistress’ of the three girls that were still as imprisoned as she had left them.


Well, they looked really disheveled and frustrated, and stared at them with beautiful begging eyes.


- My oh my… girls… I AM disappointed with you. No one? Absolutely none of you managed to get free?


- Well… I was a tomboy, a girl scout and the best nephew that my uncle Joe, who spent over half his life in the merchant navy, had. I loved to hear his stories and learn his secrets…


- But how did you… I mean you… I was told that you never… did it before…


- College sororities ‘wars’. I am still quite famous in **********.


- WAIT A MOMENT!!!! Are you ‘Lariat’ Lara? THE ‘Lariat’ Lara???


The mention of the ridiculous nickname she earned after roping three sophomores that wanted to humiliate her, in a very public and shameful way due to pure jealousy, made Lara smile, then she grinned as the woman in white at her side showed a playful mean grin in her face, and then both laughed.


- Girl… I wanna talk with you! I have tons of questions to make to you… But now, I need to put these babies to sleep and, since none of them achieved the proposed goal but you still have to be tied up, I’ll be the one responsible for your new restraints. Do you care… - and she prepared two chloroform soaked cloths - …to help me?


- Sure.


The only reason she was doing it was that she wanted to get out of this whole madness and return to her family as soon as possible, Lara kept repeating it to herself over and over as the only white girl of the captives took lungfuls as she writhed under her. But the girl had no fear in her eyes, and the one that wasn’t being sedated kept looking at her and to her ‘mistress’ with an obvious smile under all that tape, and she was having fun.

Soon the three girls were down for good, and had enjoyed every second of it. And then it was her turn.


Now she understood why this girl could have the other three under her power so easily, she was falling under her spell as well! From the moment she started to undress as the still unknown lady gathered some coils of rope it was like she was with Michael, she obeyed each and all requests to the letter and found herself tied to a very demanding hogtie before she could realize it. This girl was a natural queen bee!


- I’m sorry but right now you’re supposed to be the captive of people who really despise you. You’ll have some cramps and some persistent ropemarks, but I believe you’ll manage.


- It’s okay.... ehr... humm... ehr... what’s your name by the way?


- Louella James Bennett, nice to meet you sheriff Caldwell.


- Call me Lara. So... Lo-J or Louie?


- Spy-der. I helped Angela to solve some problems a while back by doing some undercover work and I REALLY do prefer to use lots and lots of rope, thus... Spy-der... Silly I know but I kinda like it. Now open up please...


Lara didn’t knew that she could manage to hold three (yuck!) pairs of panties inside her mouth, well at least they didn’t seemed to have been used. The folded handkerchief was placed so close to her face, as it was being drenched with chloroform, that she was sure she would pass out if Louie kept it a minute more in that position.


But of course she pressed it (gently) against her nose. Lara just closed her eyes, relaxed and started taking deep breaths. Did she really have to hum softly as she was? It’s not that she wasn’t appreciating the melody, it was more like... like something that she was remembering now... she knew that melody... where did she had heard it before?


And then she remembered... OH... NOOOOOO... Louella was from the sorority she had so many times humiliated!!






At the exact same time links to a series of four videos made by an obscure group called HGFA popped in the chat-rooms of many racists and neonazi websites (mostly in English) all around the world. They showed a white masked man who called himself THE ‘True Patriot’ who spread a warning to all ‘real Americans and believers’ about the political use of their beliefs, like Aaron Parker and his ‘bunch of **********’ was doing.

In the first (the oldest one, dating back to fifteen months before) Aaron was seen talking to US Senator ********** ****** about their plans for the future. They were in need of something, anything big enough to attract attention to their cause, so when their plans were put in motion there would be enough ‘heat’ to make them successful. The video ended with a close to the mask of ‘True Patriot’ with him saying that he and his men had been hooked with what they had seen, the only reason why he hadn’t joined Aaron’s followers at the time was that he was having some particular problems, that he didn’t explained which were but was now thankful for having them, and when he and his ‘pals’ were ready to join him, they all smelled a rat.






The respectable retired anesthetist, former owner of a health spa and main sponsor of many ecological bills in the county Dean Rockburr realized, with a sigh, that he was indeed too old to live a double life. He had been driving carefully his old 1957 Cadillac Eldorado, taking maximum of attention to every sign and every light from his home to the drop point. He had two young and beautiful naked, bound, gagged and sedated girls in the large trunk of the car; it was obvious that he would not appreciate to be ordered to pull over by a patrol car.


And that’s exactly what had happened to him...


But the ‘officers’ were no officers at all! They were the husband and a good friend of the most beautiful, voluptuous and enchanting of his two captives. What these two idiots had done to the REAL police officers? And how did they dared to play such a heartless charade on him? And how did they dared to laugh like that?


He opened the trunk and Vincent checked his slumbered wife all over, she seemed fine. He didn’t liked to leave her behind when on a mission, but Dean was a good friend and respected the ‘bind and sedate only’ rule. He knew that, as any hetero dude in the world, he had fantasies with Nell, but then he trusted in Nell and in him. Then he checked Sharon. Yep, she was fine too, although she was most likely to wake up with some cramps due to the restrictiveness of her bonds, Dean had really exaggerated. He cut a few and immediately could hear a muffled sigh.


She was a racist bitch, a BIG one, and was involved in a couple of murders. But she did deserved some refreshment before her fifteen years of penance, after all... Mistress Dolores deserved her surname (sorrows in Spanish).






The second video started with a close to the mask. TP recognized that showing himself to the world wearing a mask didn’t said much about his courage and bravery, but he had his reasons. Then as he explained what he truly believed that was courage the image showed Sharon in all her glory. She was doing ordinary things like going to the mall, buying groceries, having fun... and then showed her throwing Molotov cocktails to a Baptist church, depredating a Jewish cemetery and invading Lara’s house. According to TP, there was absolutely nothing wrong with her behavior so far. She had the right to do everything that she had done and, IF she hadn’t done what she did after invading Lara’s house, he would have backed her until Judgement Day. But...


As Angela saw the video on the screen she thought about giving another raise to Veronica and the others. The ruse was perfect! PERFECT! If she didn’t knew the truth she would also believe that it was Lara that emerged from the backdoor of the house. The woman... Marge if she was correct... did bore a notable resemblance to the sheriff, and the fact that she was hooded diminished the chances of being discovered. She was semi-mummified with tape and wore a pajama that enhanced her curves, the ones that the real Lara was proud of and wasn’t...., and the effects that all that tape had on them (this part of the video would later become a hit on Youtube...).


Sharon was seen forcing ‘Lara’ to frogmarch until they reached her black SUV, then ‘Lara’ was (presumably) strapped in the back seat and received an injection (the angle of the image at that point wasn’t really good and most of the time showed only Sharon –from the back– and the SUV). Then Sharon left the place.


The video ended with TP looking enraged straight to the camera and asking ‘Why did she kidnap the... woman... that she was supposed to kill? Did she disobeyed orders AND is a *********** lesbian? The answer to the second question is ‘NO’, but the answer to the first really... REALLY... will turn your stomach!’.


Selma paused the video and, with a barely conceived tone of disdain, said that Vee was overdoing...


- Just because SHE was in charge of the whole project since day one doesn’t means that you have the right to be...


- Envious? – suggested Thelma.


- Ridiculously envious? – added Meredith.


- I AM NOT... – but Selma saw that Angela wasn’t pleased with her behavior... – I... I’m not really...


- Meredith, could you please prepare Selma to sleep? This is History-in-the-making, and I don’t want that a spoiled brat hinders me while I watch it. NO! I don’t want to hear it Selma! Meredith... be traditional, please.


Meredith was already pinning the tall short jet black haired woman wrists as Thelma handed her a roll of tape. As Angela and the others watched the third and the fourth video, Meredith proceeded to ‘be traditional’. By the time she was finished the proud and powerful Selma Rogers, Veronica and Yelena’s official boss and ‘CEO’ of the RB&GH, wouldn’t be able to move not a single muscle. The ‘traditional’ punishment for her when she was cocky and envious was a near complete mummification, her nostrils and breasts were the only visible things from the cocoon the rest of her body was trapped in, Meredith checked if she was fine and looked at her boss…


- Let me see… Eeny, meeny, miny, moe! Meredith, finish her now and have Savannah with you when she woke up.


Inside her cocoon Selma heard the name of Savannah and started to get agitated. *******! SHE was the one supposed to be with Meredith tonight, not that Canadian **********!!!! To add insult to injury, Meredith allowed the pretty Canuck gal to chloroform the trapped executive. Sigh, that gal had much to learn… that wasn’t the proper way to soak the cloth with chloroform, nor it was the best way to grab a taller woman from behind (even if she was reduced to a wriggling giant roll of bandage and duct tape and, definitely, she would never pinch that hard the breasts of a helpless woman… oh yes, Savannah was returning the ‘favor’ that Selma had done ‘for her’ a couple of weeks ago. Thelma looked at her and both looked at Angela who nodded.


Both little bratty girls would receive a very much needed lesson in a few moments…


Without realizing that she had overdid, a grinning Savannah kept a firm hold on Selma until she realized that the five inches taller woman had succumbed to the fumes. Meredith grabbed the now unconscious mummy in her arms and walked away from the room, followed by a humming Savannah. Thelma opened the ‘crop drawer’ and selected four very stinging ones and, with her usual irony, hummed exactly the same music (in the same tone) that Savannah did as she went after them. Angela returned her attention to the news channels that all the TVs at her right were displaying, she watched as all American news channels, plus many Europeans and a few others from Asia and Latin America showed the impact of the videos and the shooting at Aaron’s secret hideout.

It was it, the moment she had been anticipating for so many years... And she was enjoying in the fullest!





Annie Stratton had waked up with a start when the phone ringed about half an hour ago. It was Earl, and he seemed quite frantic. She had to turn on the TV, ASAP. So she did it. What the…


It was in Fox News, CNN and the others, and it was really BIG. A HUGE shoot-out in a deserted road near a bridge somewhere in ******** had attracted the attention of a group of federal agents, ATF or FBI, that were investigating suspicious activities in that county went to check what was happening and found half a dozen corpses, many injured (in various degrees) suspects of some yet undetermined criminal activity and three bound and gagged women. Two were sedated and naked, but otherwise unharmed; the third was… wait a moment! Wasn’t that Deirdre? That TV reporter that had been kidnapped by the Morgans? Yes! Yes it was!


What the... the other was her camera! But who was the third lady?


She and Earl talked for twenty one minutes straight… until she finally decided to take a look on her captives, and gasped. They were there alright. And had awakened. And were absolutely freed of any bonds. And were glaring at her. That’s when Annie took a good look to herself and was shocked to say the least!


She didn’t have such an exquisite, sexy and small blue lacy set of bra and panties, nor could remember when she had put it on, she was supposed to still be wearing... Before she could realize it, Fay grabbed the phone and told Earl that she would call him back in a few minutes, then smiled and placed her hands over Annie’s shoulders.


- You look great, you know that?


- How…?


- I believe that a certain friend of me and Cory is the responsible. Are you feeling a metallic taste in your mouth? Yep, she likes to chloroform her preys or prank victims. Hey, you didn’t really believed that ‘our people’ would let you guard us if they didn’t had a safety measure available in the case that you were a sadistic bitch, freaked out for some reason or by any other excuse me and my gal were in danger while your captives…


- My… captives? That means?


- Hey, girlfriend, WE are your responsibility until your boss is found safe and almost unharmed by the FBI or whoever else finds her, something that is most likely to happen in a few hours. That’s a fact and there’s no way to deny it. If you prefer to have us back to the ropes and under the spell of some sedative… fine by us.


Just to be on the safe side, and to punish them for their grins, Annie took over an hour to finish them. True, from time to time she was interrupted with a ‘shocking news bulletin’ or a phone call from Justin or Earl, but she also made it clear that those two were HER prisoners when she finished it. The knots had been glues and taped, both girls had been thoroughly bound before she used a web of tape and rope to keep them as one body, they weren’t feeling any pain or problem with their joints and blood circulation, and seemed to be really enjoying it.


- Any chance that this friend of yours... returns?


- IF she does it, you won’t see her until it’s too late, or you won’t see her at all. But it’s more probably that she won’t returns, after all, she only changed your clothes. It’s her almost classic ‘prank’.


- She... has done it before?


- More than twenty times... You know, she is very... flexible and can stand a lot of pain. So she have this kind of deal, if the owner of a house where she’s supposed to stop by spots her, at the very least, she’s the woman (or far more rarely man)’s slave for a week after her mission (not that it had ever happened). But if she’s not seen, overpowers the owner and changes his/her clothes, the owner becomes her slave for a week. But she only makes the owner wears a piece of clothe that it would be quite rare for her to be seen with, much less using it. Since you’re not part of our ‘gang’ it’s most likely that she only did it to remind you to treat us well... but not much, please.


- And you won’t tell me WHO she is, right?


- Nope, the only thing that you need to know is that she is not the gal that is going to ride us outta this...


And suddenly there was the special bulletin that everyone in town wanted to hear, Lara Caldwell had been found. Twenty minutes later Annie decided to get more info and proceeded to enhance (even more) their bindings and gag them and taped a soaked cloth smugly over their noses.


Then she put on some ‘decent’ clothes and went to the police station.





The third video was the longest one and showed an edited version of Aaron Parker’s speech. Between each dramatic intonation of the racist leader the voice of the True Patriot was heard, at first he agreed with what Aaron said but little by little he started to criticize Aaron more harshly, until his reasons became clear in a passage in which Aaron asked that everyone in he attendance to follow him in a prayer. For the good Americans, especially children, that has to be sacrificed ‘for the good of the cause’. When the news television showed that part, most of TP’s commentaries were obstructed by sirens and sound signals, that ended with True Patriot looking straight at the camera and shouting obscenities to Aaron, calling him every name in the book.


Then, supposedly twenty minutes after the abrupt end of TP’s cursing according to the camera’s clock, the masked man looked more calm as he explained that ‘when’ the Rahowa came it would because of the *********, ******** and ***************; not for fuel a political ascension of a bunch of **************!


Suddenly a man’s voice was heard; ‘But... what if they don’t believe in us boss?’. TP’s reaction was to order that the one that spoke was beaten or slapped and then he looked at the camera, ‘Wait for the last video’ was his answer.






Georgia Morgan and her two daughters were the last ones. The padded restraints were removed and their limbs checked and rechecked. No marks, the special lotion had worked perfectly. The drugs will wear off in a couple of hours, probably on time for them to be awakened by the police and FBI.


With what they already have against them no member of the family would walk out of the prison’s gates before her newborn grandchildren gave her great-grandchildren. She was pleased with the thought. If anyone else, she was sorry for Laurie. She had been the first to go to the hunting shack owned by a cousin of the patriarch of the family, she had found diaries and albums of photographs that showed her an extremely dysfunctional family.


Ken was the lord and master of the will of his wife, sons and daughters and also had an obvious (for her) power over his friend Lucius. Georgia shared many of her husband’s beliefs, like his sons and the oldest of the daughters, Francine. Laurie Morgan on the other hand was the black sheep of the family; too shy and weak to be considered a ‘true Morgan’, she had been subjected to a series of abuses by her whole family.


All recorded in pictures and video since her childhood. This girl needed help, not a long stay behind bars. So, for the twelfth time in her life, she disobeyed the orders of her mistress and her mistress’s mistress. One of her slaves, the only one that had could fit on Laurie’s clothes and also had a certain resemblance with the girl, was ordered to put on some clothes of the new acquisition to her other family.


As Laurie was being prepared for a long trip, the two girls and three men that were taking care of creating a perfect scenario for the police to find smiled to themselves or with each other, it was something so obvious that no one bothered to accept any bets on it. ‘Mother Goose’ as she was nicknamed had the habit to try to help ANYONE that attracted her interest during her mission, it had brought her many troubles and dislikes but she probably would never change. So she carefully prepared a dose and injected it on Laurie’s right arm. At the same time her ‘double’ was ready to start the diversion strategy. The rest of the Morgans was left to be awakened rudely by federal agents three hours later. None of them could ever be able to lay his or hers hands on Laurie, whom they blamed for their unexpected demise since they had few and vague memories of the past day…


Actually, Laurie Morgan was never ever heard from again.






The fourth and last video demolished years of a patient and very successful aggrandizement of Aaron Parker’s figure within the far-right and extremist portion of America. He negotiated with the man known as the True Patriot the life and body of the ‘race traitor’ known as Lara Caldwell. TP (as he became known eventually since most of America despised him) had previously said that everything that he said in the conversation was only to expose ‘the worm’ as he started to call Aaron. The negotiation went very fast and a meeting was arranged, then Aaron fell on TP (Veronica)’s trap. TP knew about the planned terrorist acts that would be blamed on Arabs and other foreigners and tried to negotiate, he could explode as many buildings as Aaron wanted, but why did he had to kill children?


He made a lot of proposition of alternatives, but Aaron was adamant. Children, white American children, killed by Arab or foreigners would be capital for his plans for a greater America.


Aaron even tried to justify the need of the sacrifice…


TP finished the video showing for the first time his three captives. Deirdre and Nikki were fully clothed, bound and gagged and a little intimidated by the men and women surrounding them. The third woman was wearing only a sexy lingerie (that barely covered her body) and a hood. TP said that the woman was a ****** lesbian that they had snatched (somewhere) due to her resemblance to Lara Caldwell. He had lured a worm and his followers and was going to kill them all, but needed a bait (the lesbian) and two witness (Deirdre and Nikki).


The video ended with Aaron Parker speaking to his followers, with him calling himself (and them) patriots, the words ‘****** traitor’ flashed over him at that point.





The police of ******** county was called due to some suspicious activity in the Kerrigan Motel. The manager could swear that something was up at the room 14. At first the pair of policemen that went to check on the call were more bored than interested on doing their job. Ford Kerrigan was known for calling the police to chase every ghost that his paranoid behavior saw lurking in and out of his small roadside motel.


But the car parked in room 14’s lot was reported as stolen… they draw their guns and were received by a round of nine shots from at least three different weapons. Soon reinforcements arrived and the whole motel was surrounded, but the occupants of the room were long gone. Due to what was thought as a weird but ‘sheer’ coincidence, Caroline Westcott, one of the most important members of Angela Benyngton’s legal aide, was at that motel at that hour...


The police decided to check in (since she or her secretaries hadn’t appeared at the door as the shootout had started) and found her stripped bare and bound to Lara on the bed of room 17, her two secretaries/bodyguards shared a similar fate inside the tube. All women were fine, they had been drugged, stripped and bound but otherwise didn’t suffered anything from their captors. They were rushed to hospitals before the first TV crews arrived.


Eventually, Angela Benyngton admitted that she had been contacted (again) to pay the ransom for someone whose kidnap had become quite popular. So she had ordered that Caroline went to check on the story.


It seemed that some of the ‘True Patriot’’s followers decided to get out of the ‘war’ that he wanted to promote against Aaron Parker’s followers, so they had managed to be the ones in charge of taking care of Lara and the very first thing that they did was to contact Angela and run away with their captive.


Their number was estimated in four, but aside some very generic description from the manager of the motel (who wasn’t paying attention at them so focused he was in a baseball game), Caroline and her bodyguards, there were no leads. They had been polite (more or less and given the circumstances) with all three women (Lara was apparently kept sedated by them all the time), spoke with a heavy and fake Texan accent and, even having the chance to ‘feel’ their naked captives as they rejoiced with their luck and wisdom, they had only shoved ‘those awful tasted cloths’ over their mouths after they had restrained them.


No one ever knew how much money Angela had spent that time…





‘Clay Feet’ was the title of the book that the renowned journalist and writer Phillip H.M. Sutterland published about Aaron Parker’s downfall. It described in details the whole incident, and the accounting of the years that Aaron Parker had spent preparing his race war, and how it all sank in less than a week (that didn’t prevented his tomb to become sort of a tourist spot for the few white-supremacists that still believed in him).

It was described as ‘brilliant’ and ‘masterful’ by most of the media, earning him a few prizes and a contract to adapt it for a HBO mini-series. After a few weeks of negotiation, three city councils agreed to let it be shoot in (most of) the places it had happen. Specially the one in which the ‘Kidnapped Sheriff Affair’ had took place.


One funny thing, that no one exactly in the county understood exactly why it happened, was that in the following months after the incident the whole police force of the county went after psychological help. None left the force (albeit some were tempted to) and none explained why the en masse movement to the shrink’s office.


Fallen Stars Road (and particularly Larry Fitzpatrick’s home) had become one of the county’s most well known tourist attractions, a subject that divided the townsfolk. But even those who had disliked the profusion of ‘weirdos’ that even now went to the city to see where IT had happened, a flow that had triplicate due to the production of the mini-series, had to agree that if it wasn’t for the whole incident there would not be three new factories in town.


The whole thing had put their town in the map of businessmen and women, and that had helped the town in a way that no one could ever have thought about. Well, no one but Sheriff Lara Mae Caldwell and her husband.


They didn’t lived in Fallen Stars Road anymore, she was still the sheriff and he had returned to his job in a used cars store after been discharged of the Army following a third season in Iraq, but they had moved to a much larger house a few blocks away leaving the house to one of Michael’s brothers. After all, they had three sons and two daughters (who were also twins) to raise. Besides some people that bothered her every now and then demanding that she told them stories or posed to pictures, the main concern of sheriff Lara had been the slow raise of the criminal activity in the county, something obvious to happen when the town’s population have a raise of nearly 30% in less than four years. But, besides the increase of worries in her job, she had also found some very good compensation... that no one, no one but her husband (of course) knew about.


Especially when she finally managed to have her ‘revenge’ on the two girls that had tried to kidnap her… when Fay went to the county to impersonate Sharon in the mini-series.






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