The Real Prize of the Raid




They were really spanking her! And taking turns while doing it! And it was hurting!


It was really starting to HURT!!!!!


Their grip was even stronger now, as if the ropes that they had freely displayed all over her body weren’t enough to hold her still, as if the three scarves inside her mouth and the hose holding them there weren’t enough to muffle her cries and as if they needed to do that!


Well, they had warned her to behave or else... and she had tried to hop her way to the door while they were busy tying up the couple that had unsuspectedly barged inside the room hoping that it was desert so they could use the bed... well it wasn’t, there were those two women posing as female security guards and herself already inside it! And now she could see that both the man and the woman had put quite a fight... well at least the woman had.


She could only see the guy’s back and legs, since they had knocked him out cold with a taser (not wanting to know if they could take the NFL linebacker –she had recognized him- on their own AND take care of the girl at the same time) when he tried to yell for help and charge on them and had bound him on a tight hogtie.


The woman on the other hand... like most of the people at the party she was taller than her, and looked like she was one of those lingerie and/or swimsuit models that Dan liked to have hanging around by the dozen at his parties, long legs and a full and rightfully curved body, although she wasn’t as busty as herself. She had donned the ‘Carmem Miranda’ fantasy, with a pineapple as a 'hat', sarong and all the rest and now one of her breasts was exposed to the dim light of the room. They had tied her legs and wrists (in front) then they had tied a rope linking both and at the same time doing a few turns on one of the back posts of the four post bed of the room, another rope assured that she could bend or twist or whatever to make possible for her to free her wrists with her mouth (after she removed the scarves and tape that were gagging her of course), while giving an interesting enhancing effect on her bust, hence the popping up of the left breast.


She was no longer intoxicated, at least not apparently, and joyful as she was when she had entered the room not five minutes ago, her tears were abundant now, even with the black girl promising that nothing bad would happen to her... the barely legal girl (supposing that she was of course) was sobbing almost quietly... One of them stopped spanking her and went to stand at the girl’s side, drying her tears with a hankie and calming her down with soothing words, and putting the breasts back inside the fantasy. The girl was now still very scared, but apparently more calmer. Good for her....


But what about herself? Dan had promised to her that she would be safe, that nothing was going to happen to her, that she would appear at the meeting, tell the board what she had promised to (and was being royally paid for), and then she would disappear for good. No more traps for unfaithful husbands or wives, no more scams nor anything else. She would have her pet shop in Alabama, FINALLY!, and no one would ever know about her past...


As part of the deal, she had been Dan’s guest at his estate for the past month. She had a private masseuse, personal trainer, secretary and two full time bodyguards that took turns to protect her (now where were all those four girls by the way?). She knew how much Dan was relying on her ‘sob’ performance at the impending board meeting and was demanding everything that she could get from him, and he was paying without caring about the price.

Now the black ‘cop’ (all the security guards at the party were dressed as cops, although the women had donned a very sexy variation – with tight micro leather skirt and a blue shirt tied as a top, besides the ‘fake’ gun, taser and handcuffs), was about to resume her part of the spanking, the white ‘cop’ had just said “She’s all yours” when...




Where did that came from? Oh, yes, the earplugs that they had put on her ears before starting the spanking... The voice was female, charged with authority and impatience...


‘We have no time for that!!! YOU BOTH EARNED A SERIOUS REPRIMAND!!!!’


She could swear that both ‘cops’ gulped after that last phrase...


‘Now ‘Zara’ hold her still, ‘Zura’ pick up the palmtop while I send you the pictures...’


It was one of the latest of the latest models, with a large screen and very high resolution. The voice identified each picture to her. The first three showed what had happened to the real security guards, according to the voice they had spent two hours trapping each and all of them, stripping them to their underwear and locking them in two rooms, one for the men (who now formed a pile of drugged and bound human flesh somewhere) and another for the four ladies that were sleeping peacefully tied to chairs side by side. Three of them did looked like security guards for her, being above thirty years of age and despite some cleavage exhibited in very sexy sets of underwear, they did were showing some muscles on their arms and legs, while the fourth was too young, too busty and frail to be one...


‘She’s one of Mr. Daniel’s guests, who made the mistake to dress almost identically to the lady security guards and since we girls are in four, we needed her ‘uniform’... but as you can see she..., actually all of them are fine, and will only wake up by sunset...’


The four women were tied to chairs with arms, and each of their arms was tied to the chair’s respective one with what looked like white tape (the same stuff that held them to the chairs and gagged them), and did seemed fine.


The next picture was almost laughable... it showed the current situation at what was obviously the center of command of the security system of the whole estate.


There were the mandatory wall filled with monitors, a few high tech computers and the geek technicians, a couple of nerdy young fellows (fully dressed still in their uniforms)... plus an intruder. The man was in his early twenties and seemed to be a relative of one of the women. They had the same nerdy look, the same nose, the same pair of glasses (and who knows? Perhaps even the same prescription...) and the same freckled face and reddish hair.


The woman that was bound sitting on the edge of a desk next to him was probably his sister, even more probably his younger sister, being just a couple of inches smaller than him. The woman bound on and to his lap on the other hand...


Dan really, really, had those sultry and voluptuous girls by the hundreds at his parties!


The girl must have come dressed as an ‘harem slave’, a two piece navy blue bikini and lots of veils and ‘jewelry’ adorning her body, there was even a thin blue veil tied over her nose and the white ballgag jammed into her mouth. After the guy had been tied to the swivel chair with his legs completely melted together with tape, she was forced to seat in font of him with her legs open (her ankles had been crossed and tied together and to the support column of the chair ) and the ropes had been placed in a way that she was unable to keep herself more than a couple of inches from the guy, and her very generous bust was nearly touching his nose! The look on their faces, perhaps trying to apologize to the furious ‘sister’ at their right, was unbelievable! I noticed that both my captors were having a hard time suppressing their laughter, and were curious about the jet and long black hair model.


‘I had to get inside here before we nailed the security guards, didn’t I? Our fellows at the valet service told me that many of the girls hired to ‘enlighten’ the party with their skimpy fantasies would arrive alone a few hours ago. I met this one as she was leaving her cab and I told her that I wanted to make a prank with the guy, and when I told her that he was a geek she agreed with a feral smile in her face. Seems like she enjoys making pranks on nerds, geeks and etc... just like I love to make such pranks on girls like her... did you two let Miss Patrick listen to those last phrases of mine...?’


Both captors gulped again and looked at each other...


‘Never mind... you just added three hours to your penance... Miss Patrick?’


And the voice explained how they had caught all the guards and how they had gotten in there in the first place. By intercepting the e-mails of Dan’s staff they had been able to make the previous hired valet parking service firm believe that the security firm had exceptionally overtaken the responsibility of the service for that party, next they dressed their most skilled members as valets and (after the security control room was ‘clear’) they had preyed on the guards. All this had happened in the earlier stages of the preparation of the party, about at the same time that her manicurist was...


Wait a moment... the girl who had done such a great job on her nails was NOT the regular girl sent by the expensive beauty shop at the nearby town....


There she was... Madlyn or Madeline... 29 year old, the body of an anorexic model (tall and very thin) and with a very calm and tranquil expression coming from her slumbered and gagged face. They had placed her between Adele (her tall secretary) and Georgiana (her big and strong personal bodyguard). She couldn’t see how the women had been bound, since they were all lying on their backs on a bed and covered with blankets, but the small mounds that she could see suggested that their hands had been tied in front and then held at the waist line (probably with the help of more rope or tape), all three women sported the same large strip of red tape over their mouths and were asleep (probably drugged).


How did they had managed to take down Georgiana? Adele and Madlyn (or Madeline, or Maddy for shorts anyway) were not very strong, just tall, and perhaps even she, with her 5’1/2” and few muscles, could have a chance against any of them. But Georgiana?


She had wrestled down two of Dan’s bodyguards at the same time at his requests during her job interview, she was a bodybuilder with over 180 lbs. of muscle in her 5’9” and three black belts. And none of the captors girls seemed to have engaged in a fight with her...


‘We tased the giant ‘sister’’ answered the black captor.


Next came what the voice identified as ‘Decoys’ ‘1’, ‘2’ and ‘3’. She made clear to her that to the whole world the raid in motion had Dan’s priceless Ancient Chinese Art, a few paintings from the XIX Century and his old and rare stamps collection as targets, and the ‘greedy’ thieves had decided to rob those who had been fool enough to drop by at the ‘Bal Masqué’ party with real deal VERY expensive jewelry. But of course, and the voice had no trouble in admitting it, they were in fact after HER...


‘Decoy 1’ was the wife of a famous media mogul in Latin America. A former actress of her country’s TV and Movie industry, she was famous for her roles as poor and honest goody-goody girls and her natural ‘assets’ that she had never displayed in public. It seemed that she had put a big fight: her hair was disarrayed and disheveled, her make-up completely undone, her Wonder Woman’s fantasy torn and still she had a furious look on her eyes, and she wasn’t bothering to be ashamed to be completely topless. She was lying on a settee with a pillow under her head and many men’s bound feet appearing around her suggesting that her husband and escorts/bodyguards were tied hogtied on the floor.


‘Decoy 2’ were a pair of Oriental women (Probably Japanese or Korean), obviously mother and daughter, tied side by side in comfortable (padded) chairs with a woman apparently kneeling on the floor at their left, the picture showed only the discretely (yet very elegantly) pair dressed as European Medieval Ages’ noblewomen (also with that coned hat that I had seen in Disney’s cartoon, actually they were dressed like Disney’s cartoon version of middle age noblewomen) from their knees up, the woman at their left was dressed as a red and blue soldier (armored – but not as a knight would be – and all) of the same period. While the two women had only a few strips of tape over their lips and around their wrists and the chairs’ arms, the soldier was tied and taped and shackled, all things overdone!


And seemed very ashamed and torn...


‘She managed to knock down one of our guys before both her employees ordered her to allow herself to be restrained, which she did at a great price to herself...’


‘Decoy 3’ was no other than the famous TV actress ********** *** ******, Dan’s latest girlfriend, who shared another settee in another room with Daniel W. Ferguson Trent III himself. What had became of Dan’s four bulky and very mean looking bodyguards was not pictured on the screen, which was actually focussed on the girl’s Jungle Queen fantasy (a two piece micro-string bikini with a zebra pattern), and how she had filled it to its limit of bursting, and the contrast that her youthful men’s magazine material body with the slightly obese mid-forties form of Dan, who wore a Tarzan loincloth...


Weirdly, Dan looked way more scared than the tear filled blue eyed girl...


‘We told him that we are going to take you and all the ‘movies’ he made of you and his sister, including those in which he had the sound altered to make look like she was really forcing you to comply to her whims, and you were doing those... performances with great disgust and shame, practically allowing yourself to be raped by her on a weekly basis...’


Now it was HER turn to gulp audibly. The ‘private war’ between the Ferguson Trent siblings was on full mode for four full years now, she had taken more than the double of the usual time to convince the early fifties lady of her ‘real’ intentions (and that thus she wasn’t another beautiful trap sent by her brother Dan), and the double of it to get her in a bed with a camera aimed at them... seven months of ‘relationship’ that would have earned Dan’s complete control over the multi-billionaire FT Enterprises Corp...


Wait another moment... Dan had hired a very professional sound mixer (or whatever it was called) to twist her and Esther’s voices. She had to go to LA (right before she became Dan’s ‘guest’) and spend a time in his studio until he worked the phrases on the videos the way Dan wanted. And the guy had made copies of his work...


As if she was reading her mind, the voice told her about the other raids that were happening that night. She had no images to show to her how it was happening or how it had already happened, but the copies in the guy’s personal and work computer had been already erased completely, he was being questioned to see if there were another non-authorized copies and the three ‘official’ ones, that Dan had (under aliases) hid in three different safe deposit boxes of three different banks in three different states were about to be stolen in that very night. She remembered that Dan had said that he was going to ‘hide them’ (the copies) in the most secure and secret places he could find, and that he had hired some people to hire other people to guard or put into other people’s guard the copies...


They were really covering all angles!


The voice then assured and reassured that they didn’t meant any harm to her or any other people. Since her very existence was a secret, and nobody at the party or beyond the walls that circled the estate knew that there was a petite brunette with very voluptuous attributes being kept in a gilded cage in the estate, nobody would know about her disappearance.


They would have to take Adele and Georgiana with them, keep them in a ‘safe place’ for a few days and release them while making sure that they wouldn’t have reasons to go to the police or the press, by making sure that Dan himself wouldn’t want them to do it. Maddy and all the others never realized how much important she was to Dan’s plans, so if he just said to them that she had gotten scared by the whole incident and disappeared...


She on the other hand... she was going to disappear for a few months, perhaps for life.


Those last words made her become very agitated, and both masked women had to held her still (and this with the authorization of the voice) spank her a little more and finally bind her even more than she was, she ended up really looking like a spool of rope!


The voice then told her that they had proofs that Dan wasn’t going to keep his part of the deal, that HE and not THEM was the party involved on the whole extra-shady business who planned to KILL HER!!!! She was going to disappear for life, and probably would never ever open that pet shop in Alabama (how did they knew about it?), but that didn’t meant that she was going to die. She was the necessary (for Dan’s plans) sacrificial lamb, but not for them. Her fate was actually a big question that probably only their (the voice and the masked women’s) boss knew about, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.


That did not much for her state of mind, but at least she calmed down enough to only one of the women be necessary to held her, and for good measure she removed a good part of her bonds, leaving her hogtied on the bed and facing the ‘Carmem’. The other masked guard returned to the party and stayed out of the room for about one hour.


Even being now past one A.M. the whole manor’s activities were in full throttle, Dan’s parties never winded up before 5 , but no one did realize that Dan himself was around. Since it was common for him to have to deal with some emergency on one of his businesses in the middle of a party that was what everybody thought that had happened.


As the hours passed slowly the girl tied to the post eventually fell asleep. She was untied from the wooden support, stripped naked completely and tied at her. The black girl was in the process of binding her crossed wrists (now in her back) to the small of her back when she felt their presence, a couple of moments too late.


The lights went suddenly off in the room.


Her captor was fast, but they were faster. She could only see indistinct shadows at first, but then the lights coming from outside helped her to get a better idea of what was happening.


As her captor successfully dodged a dart that was aimed to her back (and hit the already slumbered model), she aimed a kick that meet nothing but air. She couldn’t see what happened afterwards, but heard a couple of very loud strikes and the black Amazon felt on top of her. They didn’t give her chance to recover, jumping on the bed at the same time and punching her two or three times, effectively knocking her out cold.


Then she heard the sound of tape being unwrapped from the roll and soon two of them were disrobing and mummifying the black captor. The white captor was already under their power, and also KOed. They put her at her left and she could see that she was naked under all that tape that grossly covered her torso (and her trapped arms, in what she would later learn was called a reverse prayer position) and her legs. The third woman even folded her legs and applied more tape trapping them that way.


The process was repeated on the now naked black captor.


‘Stay calm, stay calm… help is on the way…’


The voice in her ears was trying to be uncourageous; there wasn’t any hint of despair or fear in itself, but the effects on her were null. She was getting desperater by the second. After they checked the others captives in the room, all three new attackers focused their attention on her. They made her stand up and hop away from the bed, until she was with her back to a corner of the room; one positioned herself behind her and wrapped her left arm under her early exposed breasts while with the right hand she held a menacing blade against her throat. Another woman was standing in front of them with a gun in each hand that she grabbed from a rug sack she had on her back. Finally the third one, who seemed to be in charge, grabbed something on the floor near the bed.


It was a microphone, and she apparently already had one of the earplugs that her captors were using. When the woman spoke she realized why she was thinking that the new assailants were a little familiar to her. They were the three Oriental ladies dressed like coming out from a Disney Medieval cartoon movie!


Now all three wore skintight black spandex (no, it didn’t looked like spandex…) outfits that left only their faces appearing. The lights went back at the same time that the leader, the older woman, started to speak in Japanese with the woman that was still trying to reassure her that everything was going to be fine. She knew that it was Japanese because one of her ‘husband-traps’ she had performed a few years back was with a Japanese Language teacher, and she had approached him pretending to be just another one of his students.


But the woman was speaking a very polite and educate form of Japanese, and she hadn’t needed too many lessons to trap the 30 something guy… she couldn’t hear what were the answers of the woman who seemed to be in charge of the whole (other) operation, but it was obvious that a negotiation was in motion, and she was part of the ‘goods’ in trade.


After a couple of minutes a deal was reached and the grip on her torso and the pressure of the blade on her throat lessened, and the woman’s voice returned explaining her what was happening. The three women had been hired to steal something that they already had in their possession and would steal just to cover up her kidnapping, so when they realized how big were the odds against them, the three had decided to grab her and use her as a leverage.

The moment they had the items they were after they would let her go, straight to their arms of course, and there wasn’t any real reason for her (the voice) to jeopardize her life. Out of the frying pan… but at least the voice (and the woman who owned it) showed enough consideration for her to enlighten her about the facts surrounding her fate, and that was at least something good that she could find in the whole terrifying situation.


After about fifteen long minutes there was a knock at the door.


Another Japanese woman dressed in black (albeit wearing a more sophisticated outfit) entered the room. She had no weapons with her and was holding a small box with both hands, she bowed to the older woman (who bowed in return) and gave to the woman with the rug sack the small box. From inside it the woman picked three CD-ROMs and from her rug sack the woman picked a small ultra-high-tech laptop. She took three minutes to check all the CD-ROMs and confirm to the older woman that they were those they were after.


The older woman bowed to the newcomer, who bowed in return, and the woman holding her let her go (albeit she had to hold her steady for a few moments). Five men entered the room as the Japanese women engaged a polite, yet apparently intimate, conversation and both parties ignored each other completely. The two captured captors and herself were thrown over the shoulders of three of them and they were escorted by the other two in a quick pace to the garage. By now the party was long over and the whole estate was quiet and covered in darkness, but the convoy was going on a quick pace and had no trouble to move through the maze of corridors and doors.


She managed to take a glimpse of the staff of the catering service hired for the party, all the men were tape bound and gagged and kneeling or sitting on the floor, and the whole staff of the estate was there too, as the group passed through the large kitchen of the place.


They would use the vans from the catering service to get out of the place. All three bound and gagged women were placed and belted on the back seat of a SUV and three heavily armed men plus a driver completed the occupation of the vehicle, the other members of the assault team (circa twenty people) occupied the others SUV and delivery trunks of the catering service. She managed to see from the corner of her eye four or five women being forced to enter the delivery trucks; some were still wearing their fantasies while others were partially undressed and their ages, body shapes and races varied (but none was below twenty or above fifty); before a leather blindfold was attached to her head.


Then she heard her voice. Esther.


‘Hello you little tramp...’


The lecture lasted for minutes, she was not even in the middle of it when the vehicle left the garage, and basically Esther was reproving her acts. Could had she been that good that the old big (not fat!) lady had really fell in love with her? In any case, the endless reprimands and accusations did not answered the question that dominated her thoughts.


What was going to happen to her?


At some point Esther simply said ‘farewell’ and then the earplugs went mute. She wasn’t sure how long their trip lasted after that, but she was sure that it was more than one hour. Her two companions apparently awakened sometime along the way, and had were not been released from their bonds and were absolutely furious because of it, trashing violently and thus poking her body with their elbows and balled fists... until the voice of their leader returned sternly: ‘YOU... TWO... BEHAVE!’, and was promptly obeyed.


They were in a private dockyard, she managed to feel and smell the sea before the blindfold was removed and all her bonds undone, her former captors were now flanking her still imprisoned and fuming mad (and blindfolded with strips of tape) and the Japanese woman in charge of everything was carefully cutting the ropes holding her kneeling in front of her.


‘Your private Odyssey will start in a few minutes, but it’s been quite a while since the last time you used a bathroom, so if you need to...’


She barely heard the indications of the woman as she run to it, not that she really was in need, but the woman had provided her with an opportunity to be alone and unbound, and she used it. The door of the bathroom didn’t had a lock so she went to one of the two stalls, close it and sat on the closed toilet, and cried.


She didn’t knew how long she stayed like that, suddenly there was someone easily forcing her to stand up with her both hands, and while waited for a punch or a slap (or at least some form of reprimand) she received a warm and big hug.


It was the black woman captor. She was being sincere, which only made the tears flow stronger and faster and she sobbed. They stayed like that for a few minutes, then the woman asked her if she needed a bath, she said ‘yes’ and suddenly they were under the water.


There was absolutely no malice in the woman’s actions, who declared to her that she was straight and proud of it so it was better for her not to try any ‘funny stuff’ towards her, and she was actually in a numbed state of mind. She barely registered when the black woman crossed and started to bind her wrists behind her back and accepted the foam ball without any objection. Then the woman put on a string bikini, admired herself on the mirrors for a few moments and easily lifted her in her arms, carrying her in a bridal fashion through the whole dockyard till the dock were a big and modern yacht awaited them.


She saw the group of four... no, five women (one catwoman, two playboy bunnies – although only one really had the body for it –, one Xena and one sexy/kinky cowgirl) standing in a line of bound, gagged and terrified captives awaiting their turn to be moved to the yacht. It was the last time she saw them and would be seen by anyone outside the organization for the months that followed, but at the time she didn’t knew it.


She was taken to a large cabin were two women, one white and the other black and both young beauties, were already hogtied on a very large bed while the same white sling bikini.


‘’Brenda’, ‘Bonnie’, meet your new roommate... ‘Goldilocks’!’


Now wait a minute...


The other women were placed somewhere else inside the boat, the yacht left the dock and quickly was in international waters and thus began her long captivity.





Seven months later...


‘Brenda’ was actually Ann Dobson, probably the only lunatic in the world bold enough to agree to testify against the Duchess, and who had paid the price for it almost in full. She remembered reading about her during the famous trial against the Duchess that went nowhere after she was kidnapped in a very daring raid. She was still alive after all those three and a half years, and in a very good shape. She even admitted to her that she was Ann, but asked to be called ‘Brenda’ or both would stay gagged for long periods of time. Word was that she and the Duchess had a secret deal that didn’t involved sex (anyone who dared to insinuate anything about them under that premise was in for a bad time!), and most of the time (when all three captives weren’t for any reason bound and gagged and locked somewhere in the yacht) she read and studied an ample array of subjects, did a few of the shores of the boat with pride and so far was the only one of the three allowed to be out of the yacht when they had spent a few days anchored somewhere in the Caribbean Sea.


‘Bonnie’ was still a mystery to her. She had fake and very big breasts, that she knew were going to be reduced to their original size one of these days, and was the best poker player that she had ever see. Beside it, she knew nothing about the leggy black beauty, especially WHY she was one of the Duchess ‘special guests’.


All the five women that had been taken aboard with her spent at most four days inside the yacht, she knew that they had been ransomed but apparently two of them had not be freed after their families/loved ones paid money to the Duchess’ organization. It was something else but no one in the boat knew what it was and nobody actually cared, less mouths to be fed and less bodies to be restrained, that was all that their departure meant to the crew.


The crew was made of a variable number (from four to six) of young, mean and very good in the use of rope and tape girls. She, ‘Brenda’ and ‘Bonnie’ weren’t the only ones that had been subjected to the crews’ knotty knowledge: beach bunnies (mostly), hostages for various reasons, cops, federal agents, two or three coast guard agents, rivals of the Duchess (and their families), kidnapees... even the proverbial ‘bunch of snoopy co-ed girls’ (more than once) had been kept aboard against their will by them.


The more constant member was a pixie brunette called Jeanette, who was a very great cook when it came to French cuisine and loved to spank mercilessly her captives for any reason or no reason at all, but she wasn’t really mean. The members of the Duchess’ organization assigned to the yacht were always women, as well as the captives, but their races and ages varied a lot (perhaps even more than the captives on board).


All of them, including ‘Brenda’ and ‘Bonnie’, knew that she was Florence Patrick, that Flo Patrick, but they all called her ‘Goldilocks’. ‘Bonnie’, Karen and a few others genuinely loved to help her curl her locks, and Karen (a mid thirties blonde woman with a very false frail body) was highly skilled so she actually craved to be put under her charges...


She spent the time reading books, watching movies and TV and surfing in the Web. The access she had was limited to the point that she had no way to get in touch with anything or anyone, but she could see everything she wanted. Gossip columns, comic strips, Wikipedia and news sites. That’s how she learned about Dan, and what he had really planned to do with her after she did her part of the deal.


And how these crazy and mean and adorable bunch of ‘bad girls’ had saved her life.


The FT Enterprises Corp had a vast number of activities that were direct or indirectly linked to the transportation business. Dan had used it to be the intermediary force in all kind of illegal commerce possible. Drugs, guns, wild life, stolen art objects and people... he smuggled them from anywhere to everywhere.


There were strong evidences in the possession of the law enforcement agencies of six countries (including USA) that he had made business with GWB’s ‘Axis of Evil’ and rumors that he had worked with some factions of the Al Qaeda. So when his sister Esther was about to kick him out of the FT Enterprises, he developed a strategy to sent her to the death row for the ‘brutal’ murder of the girl she had been ‘abusing’ for the past year!


It had actually been a series of events that had started the following morning after she was kidnapped that had exposed everything. At the same time that he had a huge unwanted exposure on the media, someone tipped the media that Esther (and not him) had made shady businesses with various countries around the world. There was a federal investigation that quickly cleared Esther of any wrongdoing, but exposed his owns. From them on Dan was in the middle of a giant crisis. The press, the channels, the feds, the board of the FT Enterprises (and its shareholders) and Esther examined every piece of information about his public and private businesses, and a guy from a small San Diego journal managed to find out about the sound expert and his studio when he was making a story about a gang of thieves famous for their boldness. That’s how they managed to find out about her, the now (in)famous Flo Patrick, and how she was going to act to remove Esther from the board.


Right at the same time that a famous hired killer recently arrested in Liverpool made a deal with the UK government and, in order to not be deported to the US (where he would face the death penalty), told them everything about how (and why) Dan had hired him to kill her... among many other jobs that he had made for him!


Now here she was, just like in the first night she had spent in the yacht, only that this time all three were wearing bikinis. ‘Brenda’ was simply stunning in the black and white sling one at her right and ‘Bonnie’ was (as usual) using the smaller one among the trio (a lemon-green string and thong one) at her right. She was wearing a chess patterned model and was trying to not look so bored when she entered the cabin. The Duchess.


She was wearing a sarong and a bikini top, both as reddish as her hair, and had a small pair of shears in her left hand. They heard the engine being started.


‘Hello girls, if I free you from your bonds you promise not to try any funny stuff?’


All three women nodded. She waited a few minutes to be sure that they had left wherever they had been until that moment and started to cut their bonds. She had big new for all of them. ‘Bonnie’’s surgery had been finally scheduled for the next week, they were going to give a party in her honor in a couple of days, on the eve of the arrival of the port in which she would FINALLY be allowed to get out of the yacht! And according to the Duchess all the other parts of her plans to her were already done or next to it. ‘Bonnie’’s reaction was to hug and kiss the Duchess effusively, to the point that she and ‘Brenda’ had almost to pry her from the imposing woman. After she calmed down, just a little, ‘Bonnie’’s eyes made a silent question to the woman in front of them, whose answer was ‘They will never find you where I am going to send you...’. As they were now in open sea, ‘Bonnie’ was ordered to go and get a good tan on the sun deck and left the room in a very good mood, humming and singing a bit of key (and making sure that everybody knew about it).


Whatever were the good/great news she had to give to ‘Brenda’/Ann, the Duchess would deliver them after she dispatched her (Flo) from the cabin.


So she started by giving her a complete report on how things were going really bad to Dan, how a lot of bad people (even for the Duchess standards) were really in trouble or were forced to lay low. She even explained who were those Japanese women that had used her to achieve their goal back at the raid (the kazeshimi, a modern day clan of shinobis – female ninjas – whom had a friendly rivalry with Amparo’s clan). But the most important part was to exactly why she wouldn’t be able to go back to US soil for at least a decade. To put it simple, all Dan’s ‘associates’ should not be informed of the Duchess’ participation in his downfall until they couldn’t really be more than a small nuisance for her plans.


So her options were: be killed (something that the Duchess told her that was never even going to be considered – the Duchess was ruthless if necessary, but hated to go that far), be sold to somebody’s harem (an idea discarded due to all the troubles that could arise if her ‘owner’ ever found whom he had bought) or the option three, to receive a new identity with a complete and foolproof background and a job (so she would be able to pay for their help).

ALL the women aboard (except the Duchess and ‘Brenda’) shared a collective good laugh at her expenses when, a few minutes later as she accommodated herself on a lounge chair on the sun deck, she told them that she had accepted the ‘modeling job’ offered.


And none of the ******** told her the Catch 22 on that proposal!





Three years later...


It wasn’t that bad for a job.


Be a ‘Damsel for Hire’ meant that she was going to be the damsel in some guy or gal’s hero/villain or heroine/villainess fantasy on a weekly basis, which required to be in good physical health condition, be very flexible, some proficiency in escapology and sailor knots and, of course, to be photogenic. They always did a thorough check-up on their customers past and present live, and there were no chances at all a freak to have one of them at his/her absolute lack of mercy. They even sent a few potential customers to jail after the check-up.


One of the few problems was that she spent days bound and gagged, completely immobile and helpless, and that was SO BORING! Another was that she rarely had a weekend (when most of the jobs were scheduled to happen) for herself.


This weekend’s fantasy was a classic one for the DfH’s English customers, the ‘poor heiresses trapped in a dark house’.  So she had to put on some fancy old lingerie, dress like her great-grandmother had probably did and allow herself to be ‘taken by surprise’, ‘forced to strip’ and ‘thoroughly bound’ by two women dressed in black robes. She was the third (among five) ‘heiress’ to be captured in the span of two hours by the ‘mysterious-foes-that-doesn’t-want-the-heiresses-to-receive-their-heritage’.


One of the foes was Jeanette (which meant ‘spanking torture’ as part of her upcoming ordeal) but the much older other one was hooded, and yet familiar.


‘Hello... liebchen.’


Esther! By now she was being guided by a leash tied around her waist to a support beam in the basement of the old (and eerie) cottage used as the scenario of the fantasy. Marjorie and Celeste were already tied to other beams at he left, wearing only the big lacy white pair of panties model she also had to cover herself, actually there were five beams well lit in that shadowy basement... someone had really spent money to achieve the fulfillment of his/her fantasy! While Celeste (a tall and lean former volleyball player with muscles, small breasts and a large smile usually plastered on her face) had been bound quite economically (ropes around the ankles, waist and chest to lash her to the beam and ropes around her ankles and wrists to restrain her before that), Marjorie (a feisty brunette about one inch taller than her and as bosomy as herself)’s restraining had as witnesses the three empty rolls of duct tape next to her, she had been turned into a shining silver mummy!


Both girls sported white ballgags, which meant that at some point they would remove the black cleave gag she ‘wore’ as of now. Strangely the proximity of the woman whom she tried to ruin, and in such a circumstance, brought no fear to her. She was trusting the DfH.


After she was artistically bound, with web-like patterns all over her body, to the beam and her gag was replaced, the two robed foes left the basement through a hidden passage (how much had she spent on that fantasy?), but not before one of them slipped an earplug to her left ear. They were used to make the client dictate how he/she wanted that the 'damsel' reacted to his/her fantasy, so soon she would receive instructions (she hoped) from Esther.


Minutes passed. First they took Victoria (a blonde with a very long braided hair – it passed her waistline -, a sizeable bust and the ability to cry whenever she wanted to – which made her one of the most wanted models of DfH), chained her to a beam and went to collect Erzebest (‘Betty’, a Polish girl with a cute nose, big eyes and a the best pair of legs she had ever seen); and that's when she heard Esther’s voice on her ear.


‘It took me two years to make them realize that they can book you for my multi-damsels fantasies, they thought that I had a huge grudge over you and boy weren’t they stubborner than mules on that subject! Did you know that they went to the lengths of giving me a girl who has the same body, with the exact same measurements, than you and tell me that it was you (she was hooded) just to see how I was going to react? The same way I did to all the girls they sent me before and after her, two days of tight ropes and one day of fun. Which is why I am calling you. All the girls are doing fine, even Betty is really looking frightened and terrorized for realizing that she is now ‘alone’ in the lugubrious structure she’s now locked in. All the girls... but you. You’re too calm! Too... passive! A little more action! Tears please, NOW! Or I will give my best fantasies assistant, Jeanette, a birthday surprise. YOU, for a whole week of spanking and tickling fun... starting tomorrow!’


Uh-oh... better put some water on her face. Unplanned extensions of the period of time in which the model was going to be the damsel of the client’s fantasy were rare, but happened if the client was Top Gold Class, and there were less than twenty on that category.


She was starting to get really curious as to what kind of relationship Esther might have had developed with the Duchess’ organization. But for now... back to the script, you’re a heiress who finds herself in a sudden a dire situation... look scared girlfriend!