The Stolen Warranties


They walked through the door as if they were just another couple of customers of the place.

Although the music kept going on, and no one stopped what they were doing and started to stare at them and they didn’t saw or heard guns being drawn or loaded, they knew that they had been recognized. They had one and only one chance to outlive the night, and that meant that they had to meet the man that wanted them dead in his office of his headquarter.

Lazlo Radic was known for his cruelty, but was also known for respect someone else’s courage. And that’s what they were doing, if they didn’t showed up at his strip joint as they had arranged through their ‘agent’, Lazlo would go after their families and would pick one of two members of each four and do VERY unpleasant things with them.

So they had no choices.

This was the city where they had settled their base of operations, and it was (still) HIS city.

They had barely sat in front of a brunette with the biggest set of breasts that all of them had ever seen, and they seemed natural!, dancing around a pole when Bruno went to them and told them that Lazlo wanted to have a private meeting with the four in his office.

As soon as they entered the office they were surrounded by a dozen of armed thugs who pointed their guns at them. But they had to keep a straight face, a steady voice and show no fear, or their only chance would be blown. They managed to do that.




Lazlo merely extended his right arm and Bruno placed an already lit cigar in his fingers.

‘So… let me see if I understood what you said. You are NOT responsible for the murder of my brother Pavel, you are NOT responsible for the murder of my sister-in-law Ivana and you are NOT responsible for the disappearance of my nieces Natasha and Olga, BUT not only you know the real culprit of all these crimes against MY family, than you know the current location of my missing nieces? And you want to lead me there?’

Ben nodded. Lazlo looked at his men at his right, then at the ones at his left and finally over his shoulder at the ones behind him. And smiled. And then delivered a vicious punch to Ben’s stomach, followed by a knee in his chin and another (even more vicious) punch.


‘Honestly? Right now that’s exactly what’s passing through my mind…’

Lazlo looked at the two women that had dared to say that to him. Both had early to mid-twenties and quite a reputation of being skillful and efficient in their business (both were industrial spies), and both were beauties. He was planning to send them to the local branch of Objects of Desire, and thus finally pay for their help on that case many months ago, but right now his blood was starting to boil… bad news for the girls.

They were a couple of Italians and a couple of blacks, and he was sure that they had done what he believed they had. His brother had died in his arms… the only reason why he had agreed let them come to his place was that he was going to make them tell where were the bodies of his nephews. But now… now the boys would have some fun…

‘Mister Lazlo, please think about your nieces… please do it.’

‘And why would I do that?’

‘It’s pretty obvious why… which also will explain why we know that they are alive…’

Inwardly Lazlo did it, they had been the only thing in his mind for the past hours anyway...

Natasha… the older one, 22 years and the body of a model. Not one of those anemic scarecrows that some magazines seemed to prefer, no, an elegant and classic concept of blonde beauty. Tall, breasts neither too big neither too small, not too thin… Olga, far more voluptuous than her sister, and two inches taller standing in all the glory of her curvaceous 5’8”. She had the body of a centerfold and loved to show it.

‘Now Mr. Lazlo, imagine that you are a greedy **********, and that you couldn’t care less if the persons you are hired to kill are the only living relatives of the most feared man in town, it’s only money… and you’re not supposed the kill the younger since they are so…’


Rosanna’s body was now pressed against the wall behind her. His eyes showed clearly all his rage but she managed to keep her face straight. She looked at Ben, now being held by three burly guys on the floor, then at Wolf and the four guys pointing guns at him. But it was Felicia who brought back her hope. Yes, there were two guys flanking her but one was picking something from her purse (that she held with both hands) without breaking eye contact with her. It was the envelope that contained the pictures.


‘<BOSS, look!>’

The man had broken the contact with Felicia and was handling to Lazlo a set of pictures. Lazlo saw them and felt like his knees were failing. Bruno was at his side the next moment helping him to stand. After a moment Lazlo composed himself, and took another look.

Natasha and Olga. In their underwear, bound and gagged with what looked like tape, and being forced to follow two or three men to inside what looked like a warehouse. They had bruises, or was it dirt?, around their bodies and their handlers seemed harsh on them.

‘Where did you take these pictures? WHERE?’

‘We… didn’t.’

It was Ben. He was trying to stand but the men holding him were not very cooperative. Lazlo looked at them and they took a few steps back, Ben managed to stand on his own and (after re-catching his breath once or twice) started to tell him the whole story…




Now Lazlo was genuinely puzzled.  Should he believe in them? Should he not?

At the very least their story made sense. Victor Wang was trying hard to get his territory, and was stupid enough to break the truce for that, and Mike Spillen was known for being a do-anything-for-money P.I. of the worst kind. Victor could have hired Mike to kill his brother and family, and Mike could have sparred Tasha and Olga’s lives in order to sell them to someone before HE was killed by the buyer. But they could be lying to him.

Bruno has been talking to the three biggest bookmakers on town, and was just finishing the last call. He looked at his four ‘guests’, the two women were doing a great job of hiding their fear, the Italian guy was concerned and nothing else, and the black guy seemed like he was on a bench waiting for the coach to send him to the field!

‘Boss, Bill ‘Two Fingers’ also confirms that Spillen had an enormous debt with him until five days ago. Paid all in cash, non-sequential bills of twenties and tens...’

The four now looked more confident.

‘OK, suppose that I believe in your story… You said that you didn’t take those pictures, then who did it? And where are my nieces?!!!’

The black man told the guys around him that he was picking his phone, and then threw it at Bruno. Soon they all heard a call to the last caller on that phone.

‘Are you guys fine?’

The voice was female, almost whispering, a bit cold and harsh and was familiar to Lazlo.

‘They are, for the moment. Whom am I talking to…?’

‘People call me Cinnamon.’

Cinnamon! The black girl he had hired four years back to kill that traitor who had fled to Rio de Janeiro With a case full of his money. Three weeks later she returned with proofs of the killing (a video and other gore stuff), all the money that she managed to recover and a list of names that had been very useful to him. She was nuts, lesbian and a black on top of it all. But Lazlo knew better than have her as an enemy. She was really that nuts.

‘Cinnamon, supposing that you are really you, how did I paid you for your help years ago?’

‘200K and a weekend in The Keys with all expenses paid and with two of your best busty gals as my company and playtoys, Sugar Kelly and Josie if I am not mistaken…’

It was really her!

‘Look Mr. Lazlo it’s really that simple. As you may know, my family lives less than a couple of hours up North-West. Yesterday was my great-grandmother’s birthday, she’s with a couple of ugly diseases and we gathered all the family for the celebration, and what a celebration!, and I slept there. This morning my pals called me and told me what was going on and asked for my help. They are thieves and industrial spies, some of the best available, and needed the help of a hired killer who happened to had as many contacts as they hoped she had. We met, talked and talked and found out that Mike Spillen was involved. They found Mike in a pool of his own blood and he told them that Wang had hired him. At that time I was in the docks, not too far away from one of the warehouses that Wang owns. I did a job for him a while back and he paid me at that place, where he stashes the girls he brings from China for his brothels after they arrive. The rest is what the pictures show you…’

‘Are they alive? Did they…’

‘They are locked in one of the cells in the back, next to three Chinese girls. All are fine, just tape bound and gagged. Wang’s plans for them forbid, for the moment, that they are…’

‘HOW can you be so sure?’

‘I’m stealthy Mr. Lazlo, that’s part of the huge bill for my services. I managed to sneak in and placed a mini-directional microphone aimed at Wang’s office in the place. He’s there now. It seems that your nieces are to be used to make you attack Wang’s rivals, by making you believe that THEY are behind the whole story. Wang’s plans are too elaborate for me to resume them to you and since you don’t speak Chinese it’s worthless for me to play some of the conversations I recorded. Anyway, he put a couple of moles in the attendance of you your club. They reported the entry of my pals and he seems too anxious to know what’s going on in your office. They are talking to him right now…’

The internal security system quickly spotted the moles. A Chinese and a blonde dude with big hair and beard who seemingly were enjoying the private dances they were receiving from the half naked beauties in front of them. But with a zoom on their faces it was obvious that they were looking from time to time at the door that led to the office.

They needed to work fast, but Lazlo still had a hint of doubt about the whole situation. He had heard that Cinnamon now worked exclusively for the Duchess, who only allowed her to help her friends if necessary (part of Cinnamon’s code of honor) otherwise no free-lance job was allowed. And the story, albeit believable, seemed too perfect for the two couples that he wanted dead not just half an hour ago.

Then Rosanna made an offer that pleased him, and brought immediate outrage from her boyfriend. She and the black girl would stay as warranties while their boyfriends helped Lazlo rescue his nieces. They looked too calm for Lazlo’s likes but it was perfectly understandable, after all they really believed that in a couple of hours they would be cleared of the frame-up, and they knew that if Lazlo said that no one was supposed to touch them… then only a freaking stupid suicidal fella would try something.

Ben and Wolf had no other option but to comply…




Lazlo had ordered that a panic room was built in the basement of the building many years ago, only he knew the secret code to it. The girls were ordered to strip to their bra and panties and searched by Gloria (Lazlo’s manager of the joint and responsible for the drug searches – when necessary – on his girls), then each was cuffed and gagged with strips of red tape. They were escorted to the basement by five thugs and Gloria through a back door.

Lazlo was there and had already opened the door of the panic room – which was disguised as part of one of the walls – and only he, the girls and Gloria entered the room. The thugs stood in pre-determined places guarding the panic room with their backs to it.

A few years back, every time Lazlo felt that a girl needed ‘disciplinarian adjustment’, he had ordered to Gloria to bind and gag the girl and get locked inside it with her. Gloria had a few hours in complete privacy to do her magic inside the room. It worked perfectly, and the girls barely had bruises or ropemarks in any part of their bodies (but feared Gloria more than him). Until the day that he didn’t believed in that girl from Idaho who claimed that she was claustrophobic… He had paid for all her psychological treatment and never ever had used the place. But it still had a lot of BDSM paraphernalia inside it.

He and Gloria helped the girl to lie on a (dusty) bare mattress, then Gloria grabbed some boxes, placed them besides the mattress and opened them. Each girl was ordered to grab a small ball in each hand, then tape was wrapped around the hand until they looked liked the top of bowling pins, then she wrapped white rope around their elbows as much as they could go without the girls protesting, knotted it and then wrapped the around the girls’ torsos and connected both strands of rope. She added more rope above and below their knees and placed what looked like cuffs made for ankles around their ankles. Finally she put blindfolds on both girls and stood. Lazlo warned her that she was there only to care for the girls’ health and watch. They were not to be ‘disciplined’.

The redhead nodded but it was obvious that she had plans for the girls…

As soon as they were alone and the door was closed, the sensors in the room detected their presences and she heard the engines that would grant them fresh air and a nice temperature being put in motion. Then she looked at the two beauties that would stay with her for at least three hours. The ragazza had beautiful long legs, the black girl was more voluptuous, both had short hairs and large breasts. In Gloria’s mind that could only meant one thing…

She opened another box and grabbed a feather, then she crouched in front of the mattress and lowered her head until it was between the girls’ ones.

‘Say… who of the two of you is just ticklish and who’s REALLY ticklish?’

Both girls started to plea for mercy under their gags…




The two moles saw when the men, and only then, left the office with Lazlo who ordered them to have a few drinks while he checked their story. They managed to understand what he said, even considering the distance, because at that moment there was some trouble with the sound system of the place and before he gave them that order he had almost barked to some guy called Phil to fix it. Then Phil fixed whatever was wrong and the loud music returned and the girls went back to their performances.

The men drank a beer while they waited, then Lazlo went back to them, they talked and left the place. The blonde man nodded to the Chinese and left while the other talked with Wang at the phone. Five minutes later he left the place.

Twenty two minutes later the drugged beers that they had drunk while they were at the joint kicked in and both slept while driving. The Chinese managed to park his car and start to phone Wang before falling asleep and waking up everyone around as his head pressed the horn, the blonde man ended up at the hospital when he smashed his car against a post.

Both men slept for nearly a full day.




By the time Lazlo, Wolf and Ben arrived at the dock; Bruno had gathered fifteen of Lazlo’s men and had the plans of the warehouse with him. He was receiving some live feed from Cinnamon, and it showed the current predicament of his nieces…

Both had been lashed to the bars of the cell they were in with the three young Chinese girls. Since they were inside the cell with their backs tied to the bars he couldn’t see their faces, but it seemed that they were crying with their heads bowed. He couldn’t help to notice that the Chinese girls wore very sets of underwear, almost slutty ones; while his nieces were using more conservative ones. There were lots of rope around their waists, ankles and wrists and random parts of their bodies but it wasn’t like they had used the same position on each girl. While Natasha and one Chinese seemed to be mummified to the bars, Olga’s restraints were minimal and the two other Chinese stood in between those situations.

There was Wang and at least twelve men, two guarding the captives and the others scattered around the place. Wang was at his office and seemed anxious, probably because his moles were not talking anymore by now thought Lazlo.

They quickly developed a plan. Wolf and Ben would enter through a window on the second floor, they had brought their equipment with them, and would take care of the two guards. Only when they were down Lazlo and his men would storm the place.




Back at the strip club, Gloria was delighted. BOTH girls were EXTREMELY ticklish! Had she need to ‘discipline’ them she wouldn’t need any crop, whip or clamp, just that feather!

Their soles, armpits and breasts were the best spots… She had already removed their bras and was enjoying the sensation of having those two vixens under her ‘complete’ lack of mercy. She didn’t wanted any real harm to them, nor she ever had with the other girls, but THEY were HER way to get revenge over the passage of time (Gloria had been once one of the best girls of the club above her head, but it had been nearly twenty years ago…), so...

Then she heard the door opening. Weird thought Gloria, barely an hour had passed. Could it be that something went wrong? She stood up, grabbed her gun and waited.

No one entered the room, but she could hear someone outside the door. There was a lot of noise in the background, which meant that the door of the basement was open and that things were going as usual in the club, but she could hear some kind of noise coming from behind the door. Well, someone is trying to ambush her she thought. And she was trapped inside a room. Perhaps it wasn’t the best strategy, but it was the only one she had.

She jumped and rolled on the floor, getting outside the room and away from the door’s frame in a moment. Then she stood and turned with her gun already aimed at…


Nell, from somewhere in North Dakota, brunette with a petite body but with the right curves for the job. Samantha, from Michigan, also brunette, quite big (6’4”) and as curvy as Nell. They were standing besides the open door, wearing their shining silver thong bikinis that they used on stage on their lesbian-love striptease act, but there was also a mile of silver tape keeping their legs and arms together and them severely gagged.

‘Wait a moment’ - thought Gloria – ‘bound that way there’s no way they could open…’

The realization came a second too late. She heard something behind her; saw something with the corner of her eye coming from her right, and then no more.





Thus started the slowest twelve seconds of Lazlo’s life. It didn’t had taken more than three minutes for him to realize that his nieces, and the other girls, had not enough protection if a shootout was started. They were trapped and tied up to remain exactly where they were.

So he ordered to Ben and Wolf to first release them from the bars of the cell before he ordered the raid to start. Those two were good, exactly like he heard that they were. They managed to invade the warehouse, kill a guard and get into position in seventeen minutes.

By then Lazlo had realized that every five minutes a couple of thugs appeared at the back of the warehouse, which was filled with many ‘made in China’ crates, and checked if everything was alright with the two guards. He waited for the guys to reappear, exchange a bored look with their friends and return. Only when they returned to the table were most of the other thugs were assembled and were Wang was showing signs of clear of anxiety.

The guards were appreciating the view of the back of the near naked captives and were caught by surprise. They fell dead on the floor as Lazlo sighed with relief. Then something weird happened, one of the Chinese girls turned around (wasn’t she tied?) with a gun in her hand (that was taped to her torso) while ripping the tape from her lips with the other hand.

She pointed the gun to Olga’s head and was about to shout a warning when she felt something hit her, she turned her head and looked down at her behind and collapsed against the bars. Ben and Wolf wasted no time in cutting the girls ropes, but ordered them to keep the gags on. The first thing that Olga and Natasha did was free the other two Chinese girls, and then they had to stop their assault on the now slumbered thug.

Quickly the girls gathered the ropes that held the two oriental and used it on their prey. Ben handed them a roll of tape, which they put to good use, and received the dart that Cinnamon (presumably) had shot. The lock on the cell seemed too good for be broken easily, and it was already time for the two other thugs reappear, so they ordered the girls to go to one of the corners of the cell and cover, and they dragged their bound prisoner with them.

One minute later the shootout was at its peak.




Meanwhile Rosanna and Felicia were controlling their panic. They had been kidnapped!

Since, to increase her pleasure and their torment, Gloria had blindfolded them they couldn’t have noticed anything wrong until they heard a characteristic mewl of a gagged woman coming from the door, and another and another and yet another! They heard and felt what they presumed were at least four bound and gagged women being dragged to inside the panic room, the girls were genuinely scared and made quite a cacophony so it was hard for them to estimate the exact number of captives and captors.

Then two pair of hands lifted Rosanna who was thrown over someone’s shoulder, then it was Felicia’s turn, then their captors run up the stairway and through the back of the club to what seemed to be the alley behind it with surprising speed and dexterity. They were then shoved inside what seemed a van and for the past thirty/forty minutes they were being cared by a woman who kept saying ‘don’t worry’ and ‘you are to be treated fairly’…

What did she meant with that? Who was she anyway? What was going on in here?




Victor Wang was dead, and so were most of his thugs. Bruno had lost four men and three were injured. Lazlo gave him the appropriate orders and received the key of the cell. Four minutes later his nieces were en route to the clinic of a friend, with the two captive Chinese girls, who would take care of them for the time they needed. The thug girl was placed in a trunk, still heavily roped up and gagged, and was being delivered to the local branch of the Objects of Desire. Now Lazlo wanted revenge. He would burn Wang’s house, and his establishments and cars and everything else.

But that was nothing of Ben and Wolf business. They had proven their innocence and now wanted their girlfriends back. Reluctantly, Lazlo agreed. He ordered to Bruno to call the joint’s deputy manager and order him to separate 500K in cash, as an apology offering from Lazlo’s part. But no one answered at the office.

And he received a call from someone else in the club.




Phil’s job was to provide music for the girls’ performances. But when Lola didn’t appeared to her scheduled ‘Naughty Señorita’ performance, and Kim (who was supposed to go on stage after her) was nowhere to be found he asked for Louise to check the girls’ dressing room. She returned in a hurry, and looked too agitated.

He found the battered bodies of Dewey (the deputy manager) and Howie (one of the girl’s escorts/bodyguards) on the floor and obvious signs of struggle. Neither Lola nor Kim, nor Nell and Sammy and Barbie and Dora were anywhere in the back of the building. He called Mr. Radic and received his orders. The other bodyguards and waiters helped him to close the club, with the excuse of a gas leak, while he went to the basement with a gun.

Halfway down the sound of the music and usual noise went down and he heard a strange cacophony. He immediately remembered some scenes of his collection of bondage DVDs, when three or more girls were gagged at the same time. Could it be?

There it was, the legendary panic room of Mr. Radic in the basement. And there they were. Lola, Kim, Nell, Sammy, Barbie, Dora and Mrs. Valens (Gloria), sprawled around the floor of the room, wearing either their bikinis or underwear, tightly bound in pairs or alone and more efficiently blindfolded than gagged. He couldn’t miss such an opportunity.

He grabbed his cellphone and (very quietly) spent two or three minutes taking pictures or mini-movies of each woman, then he retraced his steps and ‘discovered’ them.

By the time Josh (one of the bodyguards) appeared saying that some firemen had arrived but everything was alright, the whole ladder was in Lazlo’s pocket, he was still ‘having trouble’ undoing some knots (which in true were that hard to be undone) and was about to get out of the room and find some scissors (and hide his cellphone to later download in private his newfound treasure). Josh picked his faithful Swiss army knife and became the real hero to all the captives, and as he freed them he explained what they had to do.

Following Mr. Lazlo’s orders, the whole incident was portrayed as a mysterious gas leak by the crew and firemen. All the girls were soon taken in ambulances and cars to the same private clinic owned by his old high school buddy, Dr. Newmar.

Lazlo, Ben and Wolf were already waiting for them there.




Freedom of movements came unexpectedly for Rosanna and Felicia.

At one moment the van stopped, they were quickly (and quite roughly) bound into balls that were shove inside large cases, a gas mask was strapped around their face and what they assumed was a small oxygen tank was placed besides their heads in each case. Then the case were closed and they were carried away. Three long minutes later they were removed from the cases and placed in soft and large beds.

They recognized the characteristic movement of the sea against a boat, and they felt the boat be put in motion. All the while they fought their bonds (they had been rebound in a more bearable hogtie fashion), but with their hands still trapped under all that tape it was futile. Then suddenly both women felt the ropes being cut and the tape removed.

Firm voices told each one to stand still, and there was a funny ‘stereo’ effect since they were placed in beds that were side by side, and they received one of the best massages they ever had in all their lives. By the time they felt the cramps and pains go away their eyes were finally freed from the tape and they looked at each other and then o the little woman that was making such wonderful magic on their bodies.

They were the captives of two twins. Chinese or Korean, they weren’t sure. The girls were petite and almost frail, but the hands on their bodies said otherwise. Both had short jet black hair and seemed to be enjoying to give the massage as much as they were for receiving it. There was a tall woman, muscular and robust and yet very feminine, holding a .45 gun and standing at the doorway. Like the twins she wore a black bikini, and suddenly they realized that they were now naked, and flushed.

‘Before both of you gives any trouble to Ji-eun and Hye-Kyo, I have to warn that those two gave me a hard time when we first met, that any of them is more than enough to knock you two out very easily and that we’re allowed to be… ‘creative’ with any of you or both if it’s necessary to teach you to behave. Do I make myself clear?’

‘Crystal clear. What can we know about what’s going on and what’s gonna happen to us?’

‘Oh, that? Well, right now we are en route to Europe. If we’re going to free you in Ibiza or in the French Riviera I don’t know, right now my job is to make sure that your boyfriends have to cross the ocean in order to meet you when it’s all over. We’re aboard the ‘Merry Widow III’, who belongs to a very rich widow from England. She and her new ‘secretary’ are in the next cabin, and since they tried to escape for the fifth time in two days they really ARE ‘tied up at the moment’. Besides me and the twins there are two blonde sailorettes who keeps this yacht in motion and ‘Brenda’. She’s the only babe that you gals had obvious chances in a fight, but while I really like that girl, I like myself a lot more. So if/when you manage to capture her (which I’ll say is quite easy) and try to use her as a captive and hostage… You’ll spend a WHOLE day hanging upside down in the open sea. We have a specially designed and built apparatus for that (since it won’t be the first time that that lovely bimbo is captured). I have my orders and I’ll follow them no matter what.’

‘OK, OK, and if we behave?’

‘The twins, Paula and ‘Brenda’ are great cooks; even Lady Harrington (our widow guest) had to admit that. Plus you can be allowed to get some tan and will only be, moderately, tied up at bedtime. Just think that you are in a (kinky) cruise that you’ll get along fine.’

Rosanna and Felicia looked at each other, it was so obvious that those two were just buying time thought Debs, they were going to try something even with the odds being three against two. Ji and Hye had noticed it too and were silently begging her to leave the captives to them. Completely imperceptible to Rosanna and Felicia, Debs nodded.

‘But… why we were kidnapped?’

‘You and your boyfriends have quite a reputation. You’re really good in get inside places with high and higher security, and we are in need of your services. We do have two teams specialized in that, but one is currently unavailable and the other is doing a job in Japan. So we needed you. Problem is that you like to do some check-ups before accepting a job, in order to never again do some job to those guys that would love to see the States burn to ashes like those Iranians. Your patriotism is very much appreciated by our leader, but we’re in a hurry and we only needed two of you for the job… and I hate to tie up men!’

Then Debs said that she would check on her ladyship and go to sleep. She went to the next cabin, where Lady Helena and Phoebe slept peacefully on the bed.

She checked her watch; they had been mummified for over four hours now, time to let them out of the tape cocoons. Lady Helena did wake up when she felt her body able to ‘breath’ again, and looked at Debs with inquisitive eyes. Debs leaned over her and whispered: ‘one blink to sleep just tied up and two to sleep tied up to her body’, Lady Helena looked at her much younger (and beautiful) secretary and blinked twice.

In the middle of the tying she heard a commotion coming from the next room, then the expected outcome and smiled. Hye and her habit of whistling while tying up someone…

Turns out that she and the twins tied up their victims the very same fashion: placed on their sides and tightly joined at the ankles, knees, waist and chest. While Debs only mouthed ‘good night’ to her boss’s childhood friend, she heard Ji and Hye gloating chorus of ‘You were warned!’ as the spanking began, but instead of watching the show she went to her bed.




‘They were in six Mr. Lazlo, all big and burly, even the two women. They burst through the door and quickly had me and Lola seized and with huge hands covering our lips. The leader said ‘No fuss, we’re not here to hurt anyone that cooperates. Those who don’t on the other hand…’ and he kept he menace implied. I calmed down, and so did Lola, and we were the first to be taped up. Two did the job while two others guarded those who weren’t taped and two were on guard. They were professionals Mr. Lazlo, they didn’t coped or groped any of us while they taped us or after. They had brought a backpack full of rolls of tape so they weren’t niggards with the tape. Then as Sammy and Nell, who entered the room while we we’re being taped up, were the last ones to be restrained Dewey and Josh burst through the room and were quickly overpowered. The leader, the smallest men of those giants, blindfolded us with tape after he gently ordered us to close our eyes and placed something soft over our eyelids, then we all heard another commotion, Dewey and Josh tried to attract the attention of the others in the saloon, or capture one of the women of the gang, and then a fight or a beating. The leader spoke and said that they would have to spend some time in the hospital, but as long as we kept being quiet nothing would happen to us. Then the biggest guy grabbed us two at the time and took us downstairs. Me and Barbie were the last ones and we heard the leader said ‘we don’t have time to tape them together, just make sure that they can’t move enough’, next thing I know they bent my legs and taped my thighs to my calves and wrapped even more tape around my body. One of them whispered ‘sorry babe, but help is coming so it’s not going to last’ and they left. And next thing I know Phil, that idiot, is ripping the tape from over my eyes quite painfully, then he’s leering at my now exposed breasts, then he’s unable to free any of us! If it wasn’t for Josh…’

The same story of the others, just a different point of view and different words for Phil’s sudden inability with knots. He would have the idiot fired after he had Josh and two other guys teach him a lesson in how to behave with his girls. But now he had a bigger problem.

The two girls who had believed in his word were now missing, the men whom he owed his nieces’ lives we’re obviously mad at him (although they were still smart to not voice it) and there was someone outside bold enough to invade one of his places.

According to Bruno the secret cameras of the security system had been disabled before the invasion, so he had no actual image from the attackers, and the girls described them as ‘dressed like commando-SWAT ninjas’, whatever that meant.

Gloria, Dewey and Howie were at the hospital. Gloria had a mild concussion and the men had been roughly beaten up so he wouldn’t be able to talk to them before morning.

He had ordered to Lt. Bradley to treat the case as a potential sabotage, ‘someone’ purposely damaged the gas pipes in the basement threatening the lives of everybody at the club, which would explain all the crooked cops and forensics searching for clues in and out of the building. Every scrap of clue would be delivered to Bruno after processed of course.

He was now at Bill Newmar’s clinic nine miles outside town. Bruno had already spread about a dozen of his best men to protect his nieces. He was already providing a translator so he would be able to question the two Chinese girls when Bill said they were strong enough to. They might have zero knowledge about Wang’s activities, but if they provided him with the name of the ship he had used to bring them from China, then he would be able to destroy that operation with all the others those old guys in Hong Kong had put in the hands of Wang. The only problem was what to do with the two Chinese girls afterwards.

He, Bill, Ben and Wolf were at Bill’s office when a weird ringtone was heard. According to Ben it was Cinnamon, who weirdly had not reported since before the shootout. It was part of the men’s worries, which only got bigger when Ben opened photo that ‘Cinnamon’ had sent to him. It was none other than Cinnamon, bound and gagged inside a trunk of a car.

She had been stripped completely, was hogtied lying on her side and looked at the camera with such a hate that none of the men thought for a moment that she could be faking it. Except Bill, they knew very well how she loved to tie up girls and hated to be tied up.

Ben put the cellphone on the speaker mode.

‘Before anything, we’re the ones that stole your warranties Mr. Radic. We didn’t mean to offend you but we’re in a hurry. We have a dire need of Mr. Patrick and Mr. Wolf’s help and we can afford five or even ten times their usual bill, but they had this thing of always checking who their clients are and we had no time to waste waiting for the clearance. So we grabbed them and now they will come with us.’

‘Where are they???!!!! Where’s Felicia, and Rosanna???’

‘Calm down Mr. Wolf. As soon as you two meet us you will see images of them, and after you do your job you will reunite with them and find that, at most, they’ll have some ropemarks that soon will fade and you all will be kindly repaid for your worries.’

Wolf was about to say some names, but then Lazlo raised his hand and spoke.

‘Did Cinnamon shot that dart that saved my nieces’ lives (as well as theirs)?’

‘No. Cinnamon will be used as a member of the security around the operation that Mr. Patrick and Mr. Wolf will take part. We have other ways to convince her. So we grabbed her and had one of our own to perform that shot.’

‘Who are you? Do you honestly think that you can invade my territory and get along fine?’

‘We know we can. Mr. Patrick and Mr. Wolf, the corner of Lauderdale and Barrows, in fifty minutes. Mr. Radic, we’ll be in touch…’

Lazlo smashed the phone with the sole of his shoes, then he regained his composure and started giving orders. Ben and Wolf would be at the place and so would he and as many men as Bruno managed to reunite, the numbers of his men guarding the clinic would double before sunset and all the other inmates would be discharged or taken somewhere. Bill Newmar tried to object, he was obviously uneasy with the presence of so many armed men in his peaceful clinic, but Lazlo merely wrote a check and forced him to accept it.

Five minutes later he was on the road en route to town with Ben, Wolf and his men. At the clinic stayed Dr. Newmar, Lazlo’s guards, the inmates of the clinic, Lazlo’s nieces and the two Chinese girls, the unknown men and women that were posing as Dr. Newmar’ staff, his real staff (drugged and locked in the padded cells in the second sublevel of the building), the other part of the people who had taken over his clinic as the night fell the day before (hidden inside some unused areas of the whole complex), and his family (wife and one daughter, whom he had seen locked with the staff and under the guard of five mean looking people armed with meaner guns moments before the arrival of Lazlo).

Dr. Newmar was allowed to see his family by ‘his secretary’, and was guided to one of the rooms of the second floor. There they were, Marianne and Kayleagh. They were sleeping in one bed each and he was told that they had been drugged before they were freed of he ropes and scarves that held them previously. He was locked inside the room with after an ‘orderly’ searched him and declared him ‘clear’.

All the coffee and water that were served to Lazlo’s men were drugged, and those who hadn’t drink either were subdued quietly and very efficiently. Half an hour after Lazlo had departed the last of his men was locked with his pals in the garage. When Dr. Newmar had bought the place, he had found a lot of the paraphernalia that the previous owner (an ex-psychologist who truly believed that he could cure people from homosexualism by force). All the straightjackets and straps available in the place were used on them.

Natasha and Olga were placed on the back of an SUV, heavily (yet securely) drugged and sporting tape gags that were removed as soon as a few pictures of then were taken. When the convoy was about to leave the clinic, the leader of the group received an order from their boss and four minutes later the two Chinese girls (who were also in a drugged state) were hurriedly placed in another SUV behind the one that carried Olga and Natasha.




The phone in the booth (one of the last in town) rang about one hour late. Ben answered and then signaled to Lazlo, who was in a car parked half a block away down the Barrows.

Lazlo’s reaction when he heard about the (new) kidnapping of his nieces was to get out of the booth and slam his fist on the wall next to it.

After a few punches he reentered the booth and heard what the kidnappers expected from him, and suddenly Lazlo was calmer and seemed even surprised with what he was hearing, he even honestly agreed with some of the suggestions he heard, then he passed the phone to Wolf who got his and Ben’s instruction. There were two dirt bikes parked in the third block up the Lauderdale, a bum was waiting for them with the keys and helmets, they’ll have to pay him one hundred bucks if they were to receive the directions.

As he watched the two men running up the street, Bruno found very odd his boss’ calm demeanor. They went to Lazlo’s limo and sat one in front of the other. He received orders to send some guys to free the men at the clinic and then to expose to Lazlo what he had found about Wang’s operations in town. As he described them one by one he was surprised to hear that some were to be spared from Lazlo’s revenge.




Noon found Ben and Wolf waking up in an unknown room. They had drove through dirt trails in the mountains outside town for nearly one hour before they reached the cabin. That bum had told them to go park in front and open the door. They never made it, as they we walking to the porch they felt a sting in the side of their necks and then nothingness.

And now they were in what looked like a suburban home.

‘Good morn…, I mean good afternoon gentlemen. Are you hungry?’

A tall, voluptuous and blonde woman dressed as a maid was at the doorway. She held a tray with sandwiches, two glasses and a jar of what looked like orange juice.

‘We were drugged?’

‘Darted, actually. Juice?’

Wolf grabbed the woman’s hand and soon had her in a lock with his hand wrapped around her neck. She seemed more annoyed than scared.

‘Millie is here to serve you both, in ANY way that you wish, so please could you stop the drama? We have business, serious business to talk about… gentlemen.’

The woman at the door was casually dressed in a pair of denim jeans and white T-shirt; she had no weapon with her and was smaller and with her guard completely opened. Anyone of them could easily overpower her, but none of them could move an inch. She had such a natural presence that even her ridiculously dyed long red hair didn’t diminished.

They recognized her right away, the Duchess!




With undeniable pleasure Rosanna cinched the last knot and slapped hard the Korean girl’s behind, then just for fun she also slapped (albeit far more gently) the other three bound and nude women exposed behind. This brought a silent chiding from Felicia.

They still had to deal with the other Korean girl and their Amazon boss.

They had to do it fast; they hadn’t slept at all after those two Korean brats had used their buttocks as bongo drums. They had bid their time and waited at least one hour after the door was locked, then slow and slowly they worked on each workable knot that they felt that could get its grip lessened. They thanked the fact that at least they had practiced the lessons in escapology that their sensei had ordered them to have, and that their captors had used rope. Had they been cuffed it would be hopeless, but rope was something that they could deal with. So after hours of patient work, interrupted twice at dawn by a weird humming sound coming from the hallway outside the door, they were free.

Right on time to have their breakfast delivered by an attractive buxom gal in a black bikini. She opened the door and without even looking at them turned around and pushed the trolley table inside, it was with slices of bread, fruits and plastic bottles of water and linen napkins. She was a little smaller than them and had the most beautiful and blackest jet black hair that they had ever seen, and was too easy to overpower.

Two minutes later she was in one of the beds, bound at the ankles and wrists with her own bikini and gagged with three of the napkins. Cautiously Rosanna checked the hallway, no one on sight and it seemed that they were aboard a large yacht. Then they heard someone running in their direction, they closed the door and waited. The footsteps came in their direction. Without bothering to knock before, a blonde girl stormed in the room.

And fell prey of the two before she could realize what was happening. She had short curly hair, was almost of Rosanna’s height and wore a white and navy blue version of a sailor uniform that was more likely to be seen in a men’s magazine or a strip club; a stylized crop tank top that, a mini-skirt (hiding a thong bikini bottom), a blue tie and a sailor cap.

Since they had nothing to bind her with, and rip the bedclothes could make too much noise, they first knocked her down with a precise hit in the back of her head, she would be out for five to ten minutes, and then they used her uniform to tie her up.

They found the owner of the ‘Merry Widow III’ in the cabin opposite to the one they spent the night. They identified the widow with the photos on the nightstand, it was the older woman. Weird, according to some photos she should look a lot older… she should be in her fifties but looked like she like a little overweighed brunette in her late thirties. The overly buxom brunette tied next to her was young (early twenties tops) enough to be her daughter, and both seemed heavily drugged. A quick check confirmed it.

They were loosely hogtied in the buff side by side on top of the red silk sheets, and there were folded strands of rope and a roll of tape at the left of the secretary. They grabbed them all and left the room. And failed to see Debs emerging from under the bed…

The next girl they grabbed was the other sailorette, taller and with longer hair than the first, but equally bosomy and dressed in the same fashion. They found her eating something in the kitchen, the yacht was one of those ‘super-luxury-and-easy-to-handle’, and used all the stuff they had grabbed in her ladyship’s cabin on her. She fought hard as they were binding her, so to punish her they removed her ‘uniform’ and half dragged/ half-frogmarched her to the cabin where their other captives were being held.

But when she was about to open the door, Rosanna’s instinct kicked in and she kicked the door, hitting the Korean girl that was hiding behind it.

Felicia hit the struggling blonde in the base of her skull, prevented her to fell on the floor and with all the gentleness possible deposited her on the floor of the hallway, and went to help Rosanna who was having a hard time due to the lack of space in the cabin, the attempts of the still bound women to help their friend and the Korean’s fighting skills (not in that order obviously). They managed to knock her down as the sailorette in the hallway was waking up, Rosanna dragged her inside the cabin by her ankles while Felicia started to bind the Korean, both women lifted the blonde to the bed where the oriental girl was lying and Felicia proceeded to adjust her ties to be the same of her friends, leaving Rosanna to deal with the woman who had gave her a soon-to-be-black-eye…

They got out of the room once more. At one corner of the hallway stood the other Korean girl, at the other her boss. The oriental girl bowed and knelt on the floor with her hands on her head. The boss extended her right arm and made the ‘come here’ sign.

They looked at the smaller girl once more, then at the taller woman, and charged at her.




‘…So that’s all for now uncle Lazlo. We love you, bye bye!’

Olga leaned onto the camera and kissed the lens, and got a ‘reprimand’ from Dr. Hannigan.

The smile in her face faded and she got a hug from one of the nurses, then she was escorted back to her room. Tasha and those two were again having an argument, the fifth or sixth since they had woken up, this time Tasha argued that Daniel Craig was a better looking action movies actor than Jason Statham, Chou and Sun thought otherwise and were already starting to call her names in Mandarin. And to think that she, Olga, was the younger one among the new clients of Dr. Hannigan… Yeah right.

‘Girls, please, STOP IT NOW.’

The girls stopped at the older woman’s ‘request’. They welcomed back Olga and then bombarded Dr. Hannigan with questions and requests. Patiently the doctor gave answers to all their doubts; Yes they would stay in the clinic for a couple of days at least, yes their families (specially Chou’s) had been contacted and were en route to there, no they were not allowed to leave before their families arrived (Dr. Hannigan was vague but they could understand that something like a gang war was happening and they were being kept there for their protection), yes the place was safe (safe enough to handle an attack of a SEAL unit if necessary according to Dr. Hershey, Dr. Hannigan’s assistant), yes they would be allowed to wear new clothes (the white T-shirts, shorts and plumps looked ‘weird’ on them according to all four girls), and so on. The pair of doctors left their four most important inmates at the cares of three highly skilled nurses and returned to Hannigan’s office.

‘So… how are things going with our other special ‘guests’?’ – asked Hannigan.

‘Well… the two wives of the board members of ********** are being kept sedated in the ICU as you have ordered; the stripper who was trying to blackmail the Duchess’…’

‘Ms. di Vespusiano! I will not call her by such a ridiculous nickname!

‘But she is really a…’ – Pauline Hershey looked at the face of her mentor and gulped – ‘As I was saying, the stripper who was trying to blackmail Ms. di Vespusiano’s hotel manager in Atlantic City is safely straight jacketed in the padded cell nº 3 while we wait for the guys from Objects of Desire; and ATF agent Monroe and her sister tried to escape last night…’

‘So I heard, they overpowered the newbie and stole her clothes, right?’

‘Precisely. Since we were keeping them in one of the rooms in our ‘locked’ basement they didn’t managed to see or hear anything that could help them to identify this place when we let them go, as soon as the D… Ms. di Vespusiano order us to do so.’

‘Where are all three?’

‘Stripped naked and heavily hogtied, with punishment hoods laced to their heads, and tied to their beds and locked in separate rooms in the ‘locked’ basement.’

‘The newbie, her name is Jamie, right? Measurements?’

‘34B-26-32, 5’8”, blue eyes and reddish/blonde hair.’

‘Place her next to the stripper in exhibit room 3; put them both in red lacy underwear and use… white tape on them. Let’s see if the men of OfD accepts her, she’ll be remembered as a warning to the others nurses to never screw up. Anything else?’

With her parallel job’s duties solved for the moment, Dr. Hannigan returned to her persona of a widely respected psychologist and owner of a clinic specialized in helping victims of traumatic events. She knew that the members of Ms. di Vespusiano’s organization referred to her clinic as ‘Damsels Storage Facility N. 2’ (of at least six) but she did have an honest commitment to her patients. And besides, in a few days she would have very VIP visitors.

So she had to get everything ready for them




That night Ben and Wolf were allowed to see and talk to Rosanna and Felicia. They still were at Millie’s house and had spent the whole day discussing the craziest heist they would ever do, and one of the few they would never tell anyone about, with the Duchess and a very eerie petite woman who called herself Amparo (who was of obvious mixed ancestry, Japanese with something else), who would be their partner in the heist.

It seemed that one of Amparo’s partners had had appendicitis and when the other partner had hushed him to the hospital he ended up staying there as well due to a freakish accident with an ambulance. The whole heist has been planned for a year or more and the Duchess probably wouldn’t have no other opportunity, and would miss not only what she was about to achieve but also the millions spent in the preparation, so she had ordered to Amparo to find ‘adequate substitutes’ that could, even given the unexpectedness of the situation, help her to do the job she had been hired to no matter what would have to be done to ensure their cooperation. She had chosen the Phantom Gang, but since they only needed two members of the quartet (and as a form to better persuade Ben and Wolf to obey her orders), Amparo had suggested the kidnapping of Rosanna and Felicia and their shipping to out of the country. They knew that they were to be kept in the dark about who was behind their plea, and without any form of communication between the separated couples, but another unexpected fact (that neither Ben nor Wolf had any clue about) had forced the Duchess (although she didn’t admitted it) to allow the upcoming conversation.

Millie, who seemed to have a huge collection of maid outfits and had already changed twice, was preparing their dinner in the kitchen and the two personal bodyguards of the Duchess were nowhere to be seen. The Duchess herself was sitting in a chair flanked by Ben and Wolf with Amparo standing a little afar at her left.

In front of them a huge video screen was on and waiting for the signal coming from the ‘Merry Widow III’. The face of Debs, sporting an ugly black eye, appeared on the screen.

From her conversation with the Duchess they learned that neither of their girlfriends had behaved ‘properly’ and that, somehow, they had managed to capture and tape-up ‘Brenda’ (as the Duchess expected) and Hye, Paula & Ashley (which was truly unexpected to the point of the Duchess question Debs harshly about how it could have happened).

Debs had to fight them and now they were hanging from hooks that had been nailed to the outer walls of the cabin of command of the yacht. They were safe, yet at at least 8 ft. from the water, upside down and mummified with rope. Neither Ben nor Wolf liked to hear that, but it was a complain from Amparo that made Debs order that they should be brought to the cabin where she (Debs) was, ASAP. First Felicia, carried by a blonde in a skimpy version of a sailor uniform and a jet black haired girl in a micro black bikini, and then Rosanna, carried by the black bikini gal and a Korean/Chinese girl in a white one piece swimsuit, were brought in and placed on the wicker chairs behind Debs.

They really looked like they had been mummified with rope, only few small portions of their flesh appeared at random intervals (not considering their exposed breasts and heads) and it was obvious that their mouths had been packed to the fullest before white towels were used to gag them. At a nod of Amparo Debs gave the order to properly restrain them to the chairs, made of aluminum with a small back and arms. Three women took care of Felicia while two subdued Rosanna (another Korean/Chinese girl, identical to the first yet dressed in a black one piece, and another blonde, taller than the first and with a dark shade of yellow in her hair but the same ‘uniform’, had appeared in the large cabin).

When they finished it was obvious that Rosanna and Felicia were naked under all the ropes. Their arms had been tied both to the chairs’ arms and back and their legs were lashed to one of the front legs, they struggled valiantly but the chairs were bolted in place.

‘Please Deborah-san, have their gags removed and give them water.’

The men noted that while Debs slightly bowed and followed the order; both their girlfriends froze and slowly moved their heads and torsos trying to look past Debs, but seemed unable to see either them or Amparo. From their side they were looking to a blank screen.

The Duchess ordered that they had image from their side and both captives were genuinely shocked to see Amparo. Only after a while they registered their lovers’ presence and, timidly, started to answer to their questions (the gags had been removed by then).




So the two Chinese who were in the same cell that his nieces were the daughters of two rivals of Victor Wang that he had kidnapped from Hong Kong? And whom he planned to use to gain more power and raise his rank inside his Triad? The guy was greedily nuts!

Well, now his two nieces were saving and receiving the best care available in a three hundred miles range area. This clinic from the renowned Sheila Hannigan was famous and well recommended; in fact he should have sent them there in the first place!

According to Dr. Hannigan, about half a dozen ‘masked and heavily armed’ persons had invaded her house and explained her the whole situation, after a few treats in order to ensure her silence and cooperation, and the four girls were found unharmed inside a her own car in her garage, she merely had to drive them to her clinic and had them interned. Lazlo had already settled a sizeable sum of money as Dr. Hannigan’s payment in order to guarantee his nieces (and the two Chinese) the best treatment she could provide.

The father of one of the Chinese girls was arriving; he had chosen a bench in the western entry of the Wells Fargo Park for the meeting, they exchanged the usual polite (and false) introductions and went down to business. The Triad’s envoy wasn’t very happy after Bruno’s men had destroyed seven of the enterprises run by the late (and unlamented) Wang but had to agree that, if the roles were reversed, he would have done the same in order to protect his reputation. After all no one kills the relatives of a ‘boss’ and goes unpunished.

Mr. Chong-Wai’s mood got better after he saw the two videos of his daughter sent that morning by Dr. Hannigan, he couldn’t understand one word but the girl seemed fine, and they started to discuss the redistribution of the territory Wang had achieved. Many other (small) ‘bosses’ wanted a share of their own and there should be a reunion, scheduled for the next week, in which all the assets will be set clear and a new truce would be established.

How long it would last was another matter…




‘Please gentlemen, I assure you that whatever punishment that they had suffered from the second best student ever of my sensei, their security were highly considered by Deborah-san as she administered the ordeal. You will have ten minutes of total privacy with your loved ones, I assure you. Now, may I talk with my awkward pupils?’

Both men looked at Amparo and then at their girlfriends, who were blushing deeply.

‘Sensei we…’

‘Shut up you two! Now…, I must say I am disappointed with you two…’

The tongue-lashing lasted for fifteen minutes. Finally the men discovered with whom the girls had learned to be almost as stealthy as they were, whom had teach them those fighting skills that had taken them from some perilous situations and many other things.

And why they were all in the current situation.

Amparo had originally chosen Rosanna and Felicia to be her new partner in the invasion of the following day, but the Duchess’ Intel department had enough data proving that they (and not the girls) were better for the job at hand – and that was the cause of Amparo’s fury towards her pupils – so she had suggested that they were kidnapped, expecting to find them in their current situation since their ‘impulsiveness and lack of patience seemed to have not changed at all’ (and the men silently agreed with that).

Then Amparo turned to the Duchess and made a question.

‘Marcella-sama, would it be too much if I ask Deborah-san, and the others, to have those two lazybones all to themselves for a full day? It took me three years to teach them all they know and I told them to never EVER stop practicing and learning. They should be better than their boyfriends by now, and not the other way around, which means that THEY DID NOT FOLLOWED MY LAST RECOMMENDATIONS!’

The Duchess looked at Debs who answered the unspoken question.

‘Her ladyship and her ‘secretary’’s fantasy demand us to be shoring on Ibiza in a week at the most. We can spend another whole day… having our ‘revenge’ toward those two…’

Amparo bowed to Debs and then to the Duchess, then she turned to Rosanna and Felicia.

‘As for you, BOTH OF YOU WILL SPENT A FULL MONTH IN MY DOJO! There’s no other way I can clearly put you both back on the path for you to reach your potential. Seriously girls, you BOTH have the potential to be as good as myself, if not better! Rosanna, be there in August the 1st! Felicia… you’ll go first, I’m expecting you in the 1st of July! BE THERE! Good night, Michaela-sama.’

The Duchess on one side and Debs on the other left the Phantom Gang to chat alone. The girls hadn’t had been really treated badly by Debs or the others, they felt like they had dived head first in a Nutrix cartoon story, but really had no complains (the food was more than just edible for instance). When the men told them HOW much they would be paid for their help their eyes bulged, they had never received that much for any paid job, what was the deal? What should the guys do to receive the money?

They didn’t tell them and the arrival of Millie (who went just to ask what they wanted to dinner…) dressed as a ‘beach maid’ (blue thong string bikini covered by a very small apron and a cap) just helped to ignite the girls’ jealousy. And when Millie simply closed the videolink before dragging the men to the dinning room the two captives went berserk.

Debs and the others had a little trouble to give them a much needed & reinforced ‘bedtime tying’, which only earned them more joint demanding positions in the photo and movies sessions that went on for the whole next day.




Get inside the building was, even with all the help provided by the Duchess, a very though job. It had gotten them a little above one hour to be where they were now, and now they had nothing to do. The data storage unity that Amparo had brought with her was doing all the job, copying all the files requested by the Duchess and a lot more.

Carefully crafted and very expensive Trojan Horse viruses would ensure that their presence wasn’t noted by the sensors, the cameras were reprising the feed from a month before (and only a very inquisitive check on them would reveal it), th copying of the files had a good chance to never ever be discovered thanks to other (and far more expensive) Trojan Horses, and they had twenty three minutes until the guards rechecked the place.

They spend the time talking among themselves through their radios, or better, with the men answering all the questions Amparo had about her pupils (which weren’t few) and asking her questions. She was Amparo Kanzaki Pujol, she was born in a small town in Peru and had moved to Japan with her mother after she (the mother) had avenged her father’s death at the hand of a group of members of the Sendero Luminoso. Her family was friend of a long lineage of female ninjas clan and she had received her training from the same master that had taught Debs all that she knew. The story looked a bit too cliché for them, but they knew that it was an historical fact the existence of clans of kunoichis (and she was indeed far better than them both, together!) so it could be truth (and it was).

After nine more minutes the job was done. No one ever noticed that they had been there that night, and the Duchess organizations’ growth was guaranteed for the years ahead…




‘Do you want to get in trouble? It’s not dyed; it’s its natural color!’

‘But that shade of red?’

‘YES!’ – replied all the other women on the deck.

They were enjoying the sun as they approached the Pine Islands, and many vessels were coming closer of the yacht with young beautiful topless women enjoying the summer.

In her cabin her Ladyship felt a pang of sadness; her kidnap fantasy was almost over. Oh well, all she had to do was book Phoebe for her next one. After spending a few days worrying that the girl was really believing that they had been kidnapped, she found out (in one of the few occasions their ‘captors’ allowed them to talk to each other) that she was the victim of an elaborate prank of the senior girls at the Damsels for Hire, Inc.. They had told her that the kidnappers would be men and other things that hadn’t happened.

This prank had the whole hand of Adele on it!

She had already made the girl believe that their captors were actresses, and had promised to her lot more fun in a couple of scenarios in her villa in Spain. She was already picturing in her mind the girl dressed as La Bionda and all the pranksters as her victims. They had a lot of good time planning Phoebe’s revenge… If only one of her captors appeared and removed the tape gag, she was starting to get thirsty…

Back to the deck neither Rosanna nor Felicia could believe that a woman could have such an intense natural color of hair, until they heard what the Duchess used to do with those who asked her if her hair color was real or not. It seemed that it was some sort of childhood trauma for her, her only known weakness.

Debs threatened them to have them gagged and taped to their lounge chairs until they had a very interesting tan if they ever dared to doubt that again. After being the subject of 478 photos and 2h23m of them struggling in many forms of bondage, they have been treated as royal guests by Debs and the others, but they knew that any ‘misbehave’ (which could be anything) would send them straight back to another long photo session.

So they spent the rest of the trip enjoying the cares of ‘Brenda’ and the twins, helping them to fulfill the kidnap fantasy of her Ladyship, and having their fighting skills evaluated by Debs, who agreed with Amparo that they had potential and were wasting it.

Her Ladyship and her ‘secretary’ spent another couple of days as the captives of Debs, and by the dawn of the third day they were ‘rescued’ by the local representative of the DfH. Her Ladyship booked three other girls for the following weekend and she and Phoebe spent a whole week preparing her villa for their ordeal.




Three weeks later…

No one would be able to imagine that the infamous Duchess and her personal secretary were them if they saw them now. Could it be that those two ordinary women enjoying a frugal very late dinner in a small town’s restaurant were them?

If so… what they were doing in that town?

Even Masserattis can have engine troubles, and they were simply waiting for a new car arrives while they enjoyed the culinary talents of a former employee of the Duchess, which would also explain their disregard for secretiveness in their conversation.


‘Well, she was truly mad that she was unable to help her friends as she expected to after she promised them to, and being kept bound and gagged for days only increased it, so I sent 4 girls of our best ‘Damsels’ to her cabin in Washington, near the Canadian border, and…’


‘I haven’t heard of any of them for the past five days, except the daily check-up calls that doesn’t last more than twenty seconds, usually followed by a ‘Don’t interrupt me anymore with this gibberish!’ or the likes. Which is a good sign...’

‘Good. Cinnamon is a good girl, a great asset and an efficient employee. Keeping her happy and satisfied is not a bill, but an investment. By the way, talking about our ‘Damsels’…’

‘We have a total of 23 new girls this month, none has any DST and all are either closet or openly submissives. The check up in 41 potential new clients detected 5 teenagers playing with their parents’ credit cards and 2 psychos.’

‘How two last two were dealt with?’

‘One was ‘burgled’ and when the police arrived found evidences enough to lock him up for a couple of decades. The other had created, and apparently tested, a ‘Pit and the Pendulum’ scenario in the basement of his house. He will never be heard of again…’

‘Good. If we’re going to send those girls to make into reality the kinky fantasies of being ‘gloating villains or villainesses’ of our clients, at the very least we have to ensure their safety. Which reminds me of my old friend…’

‘Her Ladyship is one of our best clients, and is doing a free publicity of our services among her many friends. And no, she seemingly doesn’t know that we are using her yachts for transportation purposes while we fulfill her fantasy of the moment.’

‘Don’t count on that… she probably simply doesn’t care. As long as my name is not linked to terrorism and child porn she simply won’t bother if we’re keeping the First Lady or the whole female cast of ‘Gossip Girl’ in the next cabin. And the Phantom Gang?’

‘Well, Millie paid for teasing the girls the way she did. Rosanna and Felicia forced their boyfriends to at least give them her address, since they won’t gonna tell them what they did for us anyway, and they paid her a night visit last Tuesday. Don’t worry, Millie’s fine, and very happy for having been the subject of their ‘wrath’… They’re all en route to Amparo’s dojo to try to persuade her to change her agenda. It seems that they have a great job that’ll request all four of them’ skills which is booked for the middle of August…’

‘Good luck for them. Even I have a great problem to convince Amparo when the same happens to me, imagine them! The last information we had about the data she (and them) provided to us? Was it confirmed?’

‘Positively. We have already recorded over twenty conversations between the moles in our organization and their contacts with the feds, 87% of the data was confirmed as truth and we’re working on the 13% left, we already know what they know about most of our rivals and ourselves! The whole plan was a tremendous success!’

‘It’s easier to deal with your enemies when you know what they know about you… It can be a bit hard to achieve it but once you did it…’

‘And what about Lazlo and the Triad?’

‘What’s with them?’

‘Aren’t them our rivals in that area of the state?’

‘Mr. Lazlo have to deal with the Jamaicans, the Puerto Ricans, the Italians and even some street thugs, besides the Triad. The current truce won’t last forever, and by the time a new truce is necessary, we will already have made good use on what we know about all of them.’ – she picked her glass of wine and raised it – ‘To the future!’

‘To a bright future!’