The Swimming Pool


“‘June, the l7th. Noon. Elmory Hotel in Humpton Bay. By the pool. Wear something that shows clearly to my representative that mark of yours that your husband loves so much to kiss’, is that the message? Are you sure of it?”

The nerve of that man! She had faced constant danger for a couple of weeks in order to get that message for him, and he dared to not believe in her? How dare he! But she was a pro, she controlled herself and answered politely his question.

“Yes I am sure. The mole will be there, probably a bimbo wearing a bikini, and his agent will get in touch with her. And before you ask, his agent is a blonde woman with long curly hair that will appear under the name of… Amber Dawson. She’ll be at the pool too. That is all I managed to achieve without them realizing it. But now I have to go...”

“Wait! If possible, IF possible, send us a photo of this Amber… Dawson.”

“Can’t promise anything now… risked too much with this phone call…”

“All your risks and efforts will be handsomely paid for as soon as we get the disc that our Amber will receive from the mole for us. Good luck, Miss Hallard.”


They had had over a week to prepare themselves. Elmory Hotel was actually a three stars and two stories hotel built in the shape of an ‘U’ a little far away from the shore, but not much from the interstate. It was mostly used by co-eds during the season and by salesmen and travelers in the rest of the year. It has a large pool that occupied most of the space between the two wings of the hotel, and was always in conditions to be used. What few knew was that it has a new owner.

He had arrived, talked with the manager, then with the owner, then he had opened his valet and had bid goodbye to all former employees and the former owner in less than an hour.

The police had appeared two days later just to say ‘hello’, and check on the new owner and employees. The bald mid-fifties man that welcomed the two officers had only a few traffic tickets (mostly for parking in the wrong place), the early thirties blonde chambermaid had spent a time on probation over ten years earlier due to public intoxication and indecent exposure and the other maid, a mid-twenties African-American with many scars in one of her arms, had survived a traffic jam that her father had accidentally started.

Apart from this there was nothing against them that could raise an eyebrow from the officers or their superiors, and the whole police force had been challenged by a pyromaniac that, so far, had not made any victims with his attacks to dumpsters. It was more annoying than anything else, but the general public was upset and feared that the ******** escalated and started to target houses or public places. As a result, the past four days had been of very little sleep for all members of the police force, so they had more to do than check properly on the new owner of a small hotel before the season...

On Sunday a beautiful early twenties girl registered as Amber Dawson. She seemed nothing but a girl wanting to enjoy the (in)famous Humpton Bay beaches, perhaps something more, and had a plastered smile on her face that she showed to everybody. The smile disappeared as soon as she thought that she was alone in her room. A concerned, even frightened, girl was seen in the screen of the team’s headquarter. She made one phone call to an hospital in Delaware and soon the hacker of the team had her whole profile.

Typical of his enemy, to hire a desperate woman, in this case a single mother who hadn’t enough money to pay the hospital bills of her three years old son, to be his mule. Since he had no interest of doing any harm against her she was to be watched but nothing else.

Monday morning saw the whole hotel staff receiving the accorded payment and leaving town. Now a tall mid-thirties man of very mixed ancestry sat a the chair in the reception, the two chambermaids were twins that attracted some wolf whistles and had no more than twenty years of age. The other members of the team posed as two couples whose rooms flanked Amber’s. The team leader, a former Marine (dishonorably discharged) of early thirties and very little fat in his muscular body, was perfect as the imposing husband of an early twenties petite brunette that looked so fragile that she seemed that she would break if he barked any other order to her in a harsher (if that was possible) tone. She actually was one of the best industrial spies in the market. The other couple was composed by two late twenties Latinos, an humorous man that attracted too much attention with his incredible jokes and contagious laughter and an attractive short haired woman. They blended very well with the other few guests and spent the whole day carefully following every movement of the Dawson woman, without no one else realizing it or with anything worth to report to their boss. But there was an unexpected development.

At first they thought that the mole was one of the two women that had registered all by themselves. Either she was Kathleen Morris, 36, a secretary from Wyoming; or she was Oona Jenkins, 27, an exotic dancer that was looking for a new place to work in town since she had just been fired. But then another six other women registered at the hotel.

Pricilla Matthews, 28, was travelling to another town but had to stay in Humpton due to some car malfunction. Regina Bart, 22; Deborah ‘Debbie’ Krupp, 21; and Vanessa Randall, 21, co-eds that would enjoy a whole pre-season week in town. Natalie Winsky, 38, told the receptionist that she was in town for personal business but was a very bad liar according to him. Bea Gerard, 33, a lawyer that wanted to party after a strenuous business arrangement and asked about all the ‘hot’ places in town. And finally – of all the bad luck(!)– Louise Andersen, 30, a cop from Nevada.

And all eight women were enjoying the pool at the noon of June, 17th...


Their headquarter was at the latino’s room, the leader, his ‘wife’, the men and one of the maids were there, and none of them was happy.

“Now what are we going to do?” – asked with some anger the manager.

“Calm down everybody!!” – He thought for a few moments, then he looked at one of the maids – “Are you sure that Amber Dawson won’t appear? That she drank the water?”

The reddish blonde looked at him with outrage in her eyes, but answered his question.

“You saw me putting the tablets in her bottles and we all saw her drinking it. It was the first thing that she did when she woke up! She’ll sleep until... 2 p.m., at the very least!”

He looked at his watch.

“It’s 12:02. So according to you we have two hours to find which one of these eight ladies is the mole’s agent, where she hid the data we’ve been hired to retrieve and make sure that, after she wakes up, the Dawson woman leaves this place with the data we want her to have... So we have no other choice but...”


Oona was the first. She had decided to try her luck in the strippers club in Lawrence Street after lunch, and it was already 12:10! She’d return to her room, put on some clothes and eat something at that place down the street, then she’ll get a cab and see what she could get...

The few men and one of the women at the pool looked at her with obvious intentions, good. She still attracted glances... she didn’t bothered to cover her thong bottom and went back to her room.

She was grabbed as soon as she closed the door. The latinos were there, but gone was the man’s good behavior or the woman’s friendly attitude. They still were dressed in the same khaki shorts and lurid T-shirts, looking like any ordinary tourist in town.

But definitely that wasn’t the first time that they forcibly subdued a woman. The girl took care of her legs first as her husband, if they were really married, held Oona in a firm and fierce grip. His hand was like made of iron! And so were his arms! With the ankles, thighs and calves properly cared for, Rosa stood up and faced the frightened busty beauty.

“Calma-te por favor!”

As she whispered her brother tightened the grip on his captive.

“We’re thieves. Not murderers or rapists. Thieves. We’re not interested in you or in any of your valuables. But we need to take you out of the picture, so don’t scream, don’t make a fuss and don’t ****-me off. We’re going to tie you up and that’s all...”

She didn’t made a sound as Manuel removed his hand. Rosa put a balled hankie inside her mouth and then carefully applied about five or six strips of tape. Then, as he took care of Oona’s arms, she checked all the girl’s stuff. Oona soon realized that both were searching for something, and was so distracted watching Rosa’s search that she made a muffled yelp when Manuel cradled her in his arms. This man was stealthy! And strong!

“Calma-te gringa. Hey, just for insurance recheck the bed so I can hogtie her on it!”

What he wanted was keep holding that bimbo in his arms! Ah Manuel, you’re such a... but Rosa did what he asked. Meanwhile, the petite (and a little plump) Bea had decided to give it a try. She was a closet lesbian, and this blonde was everything she wanted in a girl! So she decided to knock on her door...


At the same time Natalie received a phone call... and froze. It was him. HE was waiting for her outside in the street. How did he managed to find her? Whom had he hurt to do that?

Panicking she decided to put on some clothes and run. She could buy any clothes that she needed in the next city wherever it was located. She just couldn’t stay in this one anymore...


The team leader cursed. According to what they had managed to obtain about their targets in so little time they had been able to ambush the stripper, and he had already sent the Ramirez a text message warning them the impending arrival of the busty fat lady lawyer in a red bikini; his wife wanted to do the secretary (she had a thing for tying up ladies with glasses that he never had properly understood); he was keeping an eye on the ladycop; the twins were ready and waiting to ambush the co-eds in their room so it was up to Joe. He didn’t liked Joe.

He didn’t knew why, but simply couldn’t trust in him. But sent him to do that anyway.


She stopped when she was about to leave the staircase, that wouldn’t work and neither that one. She needed an excuse to knock on her door, but what? What could she say? All her ideas so far were either rude, offensive or stupid. She decided that she would simply knock on the door and see what happens. Bea composed herself and looked at her own body. She wasn’t really fat nor small, but she would like to trade twenty pounds of her weight for three or four inches more in height. But, at least, all that extra weight gave her a full bust (and she had purposely bought her bikini a number smaller in order to enhance that).

She knocked on the door and was surprised when the latina girl, who also had a good figure, answered. And before she realized it the girl grabbed her by one wrists and pulled.

The first thing that catch her attention was the looker bound and gagged in a weird position on the bed. The top of her white bikini had fell and she was on her side, a delightful vision followed by a frightening one. The barrels of two guns.

“We’re not going to hurt you nor her nor anyone else in the hotel. We’re after something and all of you ladies just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. So cooperate and...”

“Ve-very well” – Regain your composure girl, now! – “There’s no need to point that weapon to me, I will cooperate with you. Do I need to remove my clo... bikini or can I keep it on, please?”

Three minutes later she was lying face down on the floor as the girl finished cinching the knots. The girl mockingly thanked her captive for her cooperation and went to check on her room. Her brother was overdoing things with the stripper. There wasn’t any need for all that rope, except that it gave him an excuse to touch her all over, specially in her watermelon sized breasts. Men!

Manuel finally finished a couple of minutes later and admired his work. He wasn’t into bondage but knew what was ‘shibari’, at least the very basic of it, and he had never ever had the idea to use it on a girl, until now. Oona upper body was quite a living masterpiece (for him at least), and her furious eyes and deadly stare made her even more desirable... but he knew what the boss would do to him if he tried to do anything outside the orders.

Time to finish the little fatty lady. Now that was something strange with that one. She really wasn’t scared of him, actually she looked more like she was scheming something. He grabbed his gun and with it on his left hand undid the knots of the cleave gag. She had a proposition to make, both for him and the stripper.


Natalie heard the knock on the door and yelped. She told herself to calm down and asked who was at the door. The hotel manager. Had this guy some sort of a radar or was it just her bad luck? She had to do something to escape the hotel, now. Would him accept a hundred bucks, besides the hotel bill, as a bribe to let her go by the back door?

She opened the door, allowed him to come in and closed the door. And was immediately grabbed from behind. She panicked. She wanted to scream, to run and so many other things at the same that she was freaking out. And biting hard on his left hand, so he used a karate chop on the base of her skull and she collapsed. He didn’t let her fall on the floor.

First he taped her ankles and wrists together, then he gagged her and finally he checked his bleeding hand. That was going to leave a mark! He did what he could with the first aid kit that he had brought along (to hide the rolls of tape) and then checked on the woman. She was fine and was going to wake up soon, but what had made her react that way?

Then he noticed her cellphone on the floor, grabbed it and understood everything right away...


The envelope was were she said it would be (taped under the driver’s seat of her car) and... yep, it had five hundred in one hundred dollars bills. Manuel was happy with the unexpected extra money and was satisfied that she had not lied to him, he knew that he had done his part of the deal very well... He hid the money in one of the shorts’ pockets and went to report to the boss.

Back at Oona’s room there were two women on the bed. Bea was in paradise while Oona couldn’t believe that she had agreed with the lady’s plan. But now there they were; a tall blonde stripper exquisitely bound lying on her back and a another blonde, over a feet smaller than the first, bound atop and to the first girl. The height difference had mad Bea’s idea bear fruits, she could rest her head on those two wonderful, and real and natural(!), round breasts.

It was only a matter of time now, the greedy man must have the envelope at that time, but she sure was going to enjoy every single moment until it happened!

Beneath Bea’s surprisingly not-so-heavy frame, Oona considered if what the lawyer could be trusted. The guy had not returned, so he should have found something in her car, so it was quite probably that she was telling the truth about those five hundred that she told her that she would receive if she agreed to be in the current situation, crazy little..., but she had agreed. She needed the money and it wasn’t solicitation, it was really weird but it wasn’t solicitation(!), and what the hell, the lawyer looked ecstatic right now...

Oona shifted a little and now they were resting on their side, Bea looked at her with a curious stare but she did her best to make her understand that that way she would be able to breath better. Bea understood, closed her eyes and rested her head in Oona’s bosom. They remained like that until they were found by the police and, three days later, Bea paid Oona the five hundreds.


Louise had felt something wrong when she registered last night. Now she was definitely sure that something was happening at the hotel. The stripper or hooker had entered her room, but it was a latin couple that emerged from it, and the chubby woman in red was still there, and she was sure that she had been forced to get inside of the room. Plus, the hotel manager was taking too long to do whatever he had went to do on the room that he had entered with a first aid kit in his hands, a very big box compared with the usual side of the regular kits.

It could be nothing, it should be nothing, but she decided to check on it. And her lieutenant and her partner and her father had all said that she needed a time for herself, without worrying with police work cause she was starting to get over her head...

She had not taken five steps from her lounge chair when she heard her name being called. It was that cretin that had treated his wife that badly. He waited for them to be close enough so he could whisper to her his concerns. How did he had found that she was a cop?

“I saw your gun and asked the manager why could you carry one. But as I was saying, I had a bad feeling the moment I saw that latin couple, I couldn’t tell why until a few moments ago. I remember now. A couple of years back me and Julie went to a town in Texas that was facing two crime sprees; someone was setting fire on public dumpsters and small motels and hotels were being robbed by a couple of latin youths that posed as husband and wife. They were the ones behind the fires too, so they could make the police be wherever they wanted as they robbed their victims which were usually women travelling alone...”

Now she remembered! It had really happened in a couple of beach cities in California besides the events that he had just told her. So the stripper or hooker and the lady in red must have been subdued by now. She looked at the man in front of her; he was wearing only a black and blue knee breeches but he looked quite in shape, not too muscular but strong enough to be counted for if necessary. She was 5´8” and more athletic than beautiful (than she liked), and had a gun in her room. And they could summon the help of the manager...

“Come with me, we need to call the police!”

They acted as inconspicuous as they could, but as fast they were able to. She knew that the guy was looking at her pink covered butt (bastard! Wasn’t he married?), but was too much in a rush to care about it. They would enter her room, she would grab her gun and call the local police, then they would call the manager and only then they would go after the robbers.

She opened her room and went straight to her bag, opened the case and... where was it?

“Is this what you are looking for, officer?”

Her gun! In his right hand... she had been fooled!!

“Please don’t scream. We’re not here to hurt anyone, it’s actually something really complicated but..., let’s just say that I need to properly check on this room as my people will check on the others. And I need you to be properly cared for before so... lie on the bed, hands on your hand and no sudden moves or I will really regret, but you’ll die. Mark my words on that...”

Cursing herself, Louise did as she was told.


Meanwhile Julie (actually Melody) was having fun.

She had found everything that she needed about this Kathleen babe’s life. Then she had sent her a text message, supposedly from her boss, demanding that she got in touch with him and sent him some data about the Marbury contracts (she hadn’t had hacked that deep in her life to know what was that). The lady had returned to her room in a predictable rush mode, right into her awaiting hands. Now, nine minutes later her left foot was resting on the woman’s right buttock.

The frightened brunette couldn’t understand what was happening. First the phone call then this... maniac that had reduced to a... a.... ball with all that rope! It was bearable, she knew that she could stay a while like that, but she obviously wanted to be freed and send the files to her boss!

To have her taped lips kissing the floor wasn’t as bad as the sound slap that the maniac gave to her exposed behind (why did she had to use a thong?), but apart that ‘final touch’ she wasn’t being treated bad by her captor. Who now seemed to be searching for something, but what? The Marbury contracts, albeit important for her boss, weren’t that important that justified an attack like that. Her purse, bags had been and now her laptop was going to be searched...

Did the bitch rested her feet on her back? Was she being used as a footrest?

She was. Kathleen fumed, protested... and received four slaps on her buttocks.

“Calm down girlfriend, calm down! I’m not here to hurt you and you’re just lovely as a perfect example of a mature jet black haired beauty. But until I’m gone, I will rest my feet wherever I chose to. Or you can have trouble to sit for a whole month. Your choice...”


She was really crying when he returned. There wasn’t many other things that she could do. He had stripped her completely and then used his scouts knowledge. She had tried to free her hands or her legs, anything would do now, but had failed. Each ankle had been tied to its hips and the correspondent wrist. Her hands were useless, having been taped into the shape of fingerless gloves and her mouth had been stuffed with something, that at least was clean, before the tape was applied. She was trapped and knew it, and having nothing else to do, she cried.

Then she felt terror when she saw the blood in his hands. She vaguely remembered to biting him hard in one of the hands, but both were bleeding...

He grabbed her cellphone and showed her the last message; ‘DID YOU REALLY THOUGHT THAT YOU COULD HIDE FROM ME, BITCH?’.

- You running from an abusive husband, right? – She nodded as the tears started to flow again – Well, I think you need to see this...

There was a picture in the screen, and it showed something that she had always wanted to see. Jack, her husband, badly beaten with blood all over and lying inside a dumpster, with his body partially covered by its contents. She couldn’t believe in it!!!

“Do you know that you almost fell in his trap?” – She looked at him very puzzled – “He sent the text message because he knew that you would panic and try to escape running through the backdoor or something like that. He was waiting for you in the alley behind this hotel. He tried to bribe me when I told him to get out, then he tried to punch me when I told that I was going to call the police. I am really glad that he did it. As much as you probably is right now...”

Was it sadness that she saw in his eyes? He smiled a very sad smile at her, she wanted so much to thank him for having done what he had just did. He stood up and patted her on her exposed butt, and for a moment she really feared him. But then he spoke, and his voice was very gentle.

“I am a thief. Me and my partners are here to steal something. Something that a man might have gave you to carry to here..., or am I wrong?” – She didn’t knew what was he talking about and shook her head – “You’re on your own, right? You’re not supposed to give a pen-drive to a lady here, are you?” – She really shook her head now – “Do you mind that I check on that? By boss told me to and... thank you, Amelie.”

So he knew her name, well probably Jack had told him. He did a careful check on the whole room and then on her belongings. Nothing. Then he undid all her bonds, but kept the gag, and asked her if he could trust in her to allow her to have a ‘bathroom break’ of sorts. She nodded.


At least he wasn’t mocking her. He had tied her up with rope and tape until she was nothing but a wriggling worm on the floor. Her hands had been taped up in the shape of two small balls and then tied to the opposite elbow, her thighs and calves were now one and she was certain that he had purposely overdid as he gagged her. But at least he wasn’t mocking her.

Actually he was quite silence as he proceeded to search her room, he had completely forgotten her as a matter of facts! When he accidentally kicked her when he searched under the bed he was for a moment surprised to see her there, then he remembered and, without a grin or a smirk or a remark, went back to his search. Then he left the room.

It had happened a good thirty minutes ago. She had long gave up on the idea of freeing herself. She couldn’t grab or handle anything, barely could move and her breasts had popped out of the bikini top, so she didn’t wanted to expose herself. She stayed calm and waited for the rescue to appear. It was a long hour until it happened...


Helen sighed, it had been fun but now it was over. She had cinched the last knot of the last bond of the last girl. All three co-eds were fuming under their gags. They had fell so easy in their trap!

First one of the maids said to Debbie that someone was calling her at the reception desk. There wasn’t anyone there but a single white rose and a note. Danny was here? And in her room? But how did he managed to go there without nor her nor Vanessa and Regina seeing him?

She went to her room as fast as she could, and they jumped on her the moment the door opened. She was gagged with something that tasted like rubber and had the shape of a ball by one as the other grabbed her wrists and taped them together, then they used rope. Ankles, above and below the knees, waist to wrists, elbows, above and below her breasts (thus trapping even further her arms behind her) and ankles to wrists. They had dared to time it!

Then as one of them kept an eye on her, the other attracted Vanessa. The tallest of the trio, the beautiful African-American girl was lured with the excuse that Debbie wanted to surprise Regina and needed her help. Remembering all the events in the war of pranks that was running between her two friends, Vanessa went along only for the purpose of telling Debbie that she was neutral on the matter. She stood flabbergasted a moment too much when she entered her room.

Debbie was there alright, still wearing her yellow bikini and those sandals that she had bought specially for this trip. The ropes, tape and ballgag that she was ‘wearing’ were so unexpected that she didn’t realized what was happening until another ballgag (also a white one) was jammed into her mouth. The other twin grabbed her wrists but wasn’t able to move them behind her back, so they were tied together in the front of Vanessa’s body, and were quickly (but also exquisitely) bound in a way that she couldn’t move them away from above her bosom, they also taped her fingers in a ‘fist’ shape. Her calves and thighs were bound together. Finally, she was forced to stand kneeling with her back against one of the bed’s feet as they wrapped rope after rope until she was unable to detach her back from it.

Regina was expecting Hannah, she had already realized that (somehow) Debbie had managed to convince Vanessa and these two maids to help her in a prank...

Hannah was pleased to learn what the red-haired gal was thinking, this would be the easiest one! So she confessed that Regina was right and that they were waiting to jump on her and force her to watch all three ‘Porky’s’ movies while they spent all the evening shopping downtown. That infuriated Regina right away, how they dared to force to watch such lewd and sexist ****? She stomped her feet all the way until she entered her room with Hannah right behind... Her bonds were exactly like Debbie’s. But right now, as she realized that she wasn’t going anywhere until someone appeared and freed them all, as the ***** who had tied her up joined her sister as they searched the whole place and as Debbie’s cried softly with her head resting in Vanessa’s lap (they had rearranged the bonds on her legs so now she was sitting on the floor), she thought that it was weird, really weird, that they knew that she hated to her core all those sexist comedies from late 70’s till today, specially the ‘Porky’s’ trilogy...

How did they had managed to find it out?


Since she was the last one, and besides their captives there wasn’t any other guest of the hotel anymore, they didn’t used any ruse with Pricilla.

She was by the pool still enjoying the sun while she covered herself with a tiny blue, yellow and green bikini when a latin man and that creep that barked at his wife excused themselves and pointed guns at her. She gasped and sat on the lounge chair, looking around for any help she could summon. There was no one else at the pool at that time, and seemingly no one else in the whole hotel. Four minutes later she was bound hand and foot and cleave gagged with her own towel and craddled in the creep’s arms as he walked to her own room. There was a latin lady there helping her husband or whatever in a search. For what? She only had her car and a bag of clothes! Nothing else! She was deposited on the bed and some more rope was added.

“It’s not here. Nor in any of the other rooms.”

“Did you checked the empty rooms?”

“... No. Should I...”

“Go! NOW! I want every room of this building checked!”

As they had bound and rebound the ladies they had managed to check if any of them was carrying a mark, tattoo or scar in a visible spot of their bodies. All of them had at least one...

Including this Pricilla something. Did they had been tricked somehow? Then, as he considered his options and all possibilities, his cellphone ringed.

Amber had woke up...


2:25? But she had to be by the pool at noon! She almost run out of the room in her underwear. Then she grabbed a quite conservative black bikini, put it on and, trying not to look suspicious (and failing miserably), she went to the pool. No one was there, except one of the twins that were also the chambermaids of the place. Could it be...?

She had a tattoo, a dark horse, on her right shoulder. She checked all the rest of her body. And felt a little envious, she was just two or three years older than this girl... but what a difference!

“I know that I am beautiful, but I don’t like that people think that I am a lesbian... sit.”

Amber gulped and looked around. No one else was there, only the two of them. She sat, they exchanged the passwords and she received a blue pen-drive of the woman.

Ten minutes later she was already en route to the local airport.


They gathered in the management’s office as soon as Amber was in the cab. They would close the hotel and check all the vacant rooms. One hour later they were frustrated. Where was it? If found it would meant at least a couple of millions of dollar to each and everyone...

Where was Joe? He had sad that he was going to check the back of the building and had not been seen ever since. They all had the same idea at the same time and they all run to the hotel’s front door... where the local SWAT team was already waiting for them...


Thirty minutes earlier

He checked and double checked if there wasn’t anyone following him. It had been an artifice very poorly planned and executed, but he had been successful. He had managed to carry her from her room to the back of the building, and now she was looking at him with so teary eyes that he knew she deserved an explanation. So he checked over his shoulder for the last time and spoke.

“My sister had a husband that was as abusive as yours, and I didn’t realized it until she was dead. I don’t know what’s going on here but the whole plan that I was supposed to follow has just sank! I’m leaving, and you are coming with me. But don’t worry, when I feel that were safe I take all those ropes and remove the gag, by then I’ll probably will have bought some clothes too. Then you’re on your own Amelie, simple like that.”

He waited until she showed that she had understood what he had just said. He had no reason to lie to her, if he wanted her as his sextoy there was nothing that she could do about it. But he seemed sincere in his words, and anyway she was his prisoner, she was lying bound and gagged inside the trunk of his car and he had beaten Jack!

So she nodded and saw him opening a smile that meant many things, the lid was closed and he hit the streets right on time to see the police arriving.


Three days later

“Oooonnne thousand. Twoooo thousand. Threeeeeee thousand. Fooooouuuuur thousand...”

Oona gulped. She meant it. She really meant it. She was adding bill after bill in the pile.

“Ten thousand dollars! Do you want to count it?”

Of course she didn’t! She wanted to grab the money and run. But the three sturdy bodyguards by the door would not let go very far.

“Just for this weekend... and no sex!”

“I signed the contract, didn’t I?”

It had been a surprise when, after they had been freed and almost all creeps had been arrested, she had found how much VIP was the woman that had ‘paid’ her captor to be bound atop her. What he didn’t knew was that the envelope was actually a last safety measure. The removal of it from under the driver’s seat activated a silent signal that had alerted some top dollar security firm who had gotten in touch with the police. Due to an unexpected malfunction in its circuits it had took more than the triple of the estimated time to give to the cops her location, but when it did...

Unfortunately that poor Natalie lady was still missing and no one knew (yet) who was the man that her kidnapper had beaten so badly, and why he had done that.

After all were arrested and she gave her statement, Oona received a call. She went to one of the state capitol’s most exclusive restaurants and had the most expensive dinner she ever had all at Bea’s expenses, and she received an envelope with her $500 and heard a proposition.

That she had accepted.

Bea could see that the voluptuous beauty in front of her was nervous. She dismissed all the guards and was alone with her soon-to-be ‘captive for the weekend’. She decided to tell her what she had managed to learn from her contacts at the police about the investigation of the incident in which they met. Apparently some big bucks, real BIG, businessman had paid the gang to achieve some highly classified information. Everything was so vague and shadowy at that point that she (Bea) had not decided yet how much she would ask from anyone that was behind her ordeal, she started to talk about how she would bleed dry the bastard, for the benefit of all the women that had fell captive that evening. And little by little Oona relaxed.

She was being paid, and Bea seemed that was going to follow the contract (she did) so why not relax and enjoy, even if she couldn’t move her arms any longer?

“Last chance... If you say no you’ll be out of this building in twenty minutes...”

Oona smiled, and opened her mouth.


The week before

“All your risks and efforts will be handsomely paid for as soon as we get the disc that our Amber will receive from the mole for us. Good luck, Miss Hallard.”

The line went dead. Jessica Hallard sighed audibly and then looked at the man who was sitting besides her sister on the couch. She knew that Lena was crying, but she kept her eyes locked on him. He seemed amused, which was good for both Hallard sisters.

The bitch behind her had already balled a handkerchief and was forcing it inside her mouth, then layers of white tape were added over it. Now she and her sister shared the same predicament. Both were bound and gagged at the mercy of the man she had been paid for to spy on.

He tenderly dried Lena’s tears as Molly (or was it Sheila?) made her ties more secure and efficient. She protested when her elbows were lashed together, then another rope went above below and between her breasts, effectively pinning her arms to her torso.

And the bitch (Sheila) wasn’t finished yet…

It took another five minutes, and surprisingly it wasn’t hurting (much). All that rope was more like a hug from quite an abusive friend than anything else. Sheila and Molly helped Jessica to hop to the couch and made her sit at the left side of their boss. Only when he was ‘sandwiched’ by the nude bound bodies is that he looked at Jessica and spoke;

“Thank you miss Hallard. Now my special assistant can have that meeting with my informant without my… rival’s interference. Of course, it won’t be nowhere near that fleabag, it won’t be in the same city! I am paying a poor single mother called Amber to be there just to keep the ruse on for a few more time. I sincerely hope that they don’t harass too much people, but if they do, it will only increase the number of plaintiffs against my rival when his part in the scam is revealed (and I intend to make it happen). Fear not, for I am many things but not a killer. An associate of mine is going to be lucky to have you and your sister as his guess until the 18th in his boat a few miles away from the coast... of Hawaii. When my opponent realizes that he was fooled, it will be too late. And do not worry about retaliation from his part, he’ll have much more trouble to deal with than the necessary to bother to think in you two. This I can assure you…”

She was made to stand and to hop all the way through the very large manor until they reached the garage. And the two ********** took pictures after pictures of the trip! She was panting (as best as she could) hard as he arrived carrying Lena in his arms with genuine concern.

“Damian! You old *******! Are these the two babes that I...”

Jessie looked at the newcomer. Unlike her current ‘host’ he was young, very young, if he was twenty that’ll be too much. But they were blood relatives, that’s for sure, the same facial bone structure and height. He looked like a young blonde version of the man who had kidnapped her sister the day before. Could they be...

“Jeb, you’re my favorite nephew, but I would like that you showed some manners when you...”

“Do I need to remind you that you are holding a nude, bound and gagged brunette in your arms, uncle Damian? And that it’s quite obvious that she is NOT here by her choice and will?”

“This lady here is completely innocent, so she deserves a better treatment than her big sister...” – and all looked at Jessica – “who entered my staff with the purpose to help my most bitter rival to keep bleeding me out!!! But it’s up to you how both are to be treated while they share your boat’s hospitality. Just make sure that none of them is seen or heard until the 18th...”

The man called Jeb now had Jessica in his arms, and the way he was looking at her nude body was more than obvious! She tried to avoid his gaze.

“Don’t worry babe; I’ll follow my uncle’s advise... until we’re out of American waters...”

His mood, his looks, his behavior... was he flirting with her? He was! Openly!


Five months later

She was waiting for her train. Just another lonely lady at the Central Station with two suitcases and a handbag, reading a newspaper as she waited.

It had taken so much time… but the FBI had found out how and why most of what had happened that day did happened that way. A group of industrial spies trying to steal what a single industrial spy had managed to ‘achieve’ for his or hers client, but being all admirably fooled by him or her.

Of course, that super lady lawyer had managed to make all the women that had found themselves in the middle of it that day as her clients in a lawsuit against the Wall Street mogul that had ordered their ordeal. Well, all the women but her… ‘Natalie Winsky’.

On a side note there was the story of her husband, and what he had done to track her down to that hotel. He was going to spend a lot of time behind bars for that…

One day she would return to her home, to her family, one day… supposing that the police didn’t catched her or Joe Three Clouds before that.

Their latest heist was in the police section. None of those secretaries had managed to free themselves before the cleaning crew arrived in the morning (FINALLY she had learned how to properly tie-up a woman without hurting her), but no one knew why the only thing stolen were old lawsuits from the firm’s archive that were over forty years old. That’s what she liked in Joe, he always knew how to baffle the law enforcement forces. That had worked in Tulsa, Reno and in so many other places! Now with what they really had taken from the archives they will have quite a time in Nebraska… too bad that they couldn’t travel together…

Oooops, they were calling her train. She stood up and (with a little rush) went to catch her train. Only a few feet away from her another woman stood up. She spoke to the field director.

- Found her. Can I arrest her?

- No. We’re not interested in her. John Three Clouds is our main target. Follow her.

- Okay…

She looked at the two men that were ready to arrest the elusive thief and barely shook her head. All three federal agents took separetely the same train in which Amelie would go to Nebraska


The End?