The Temporary Hideout





I had been a stupid guy. I thought I could be smarter than the wrong kind of people to be fooled, and I was both betrayed and used by the people I pretend to fool. I won’t give you anymore information than that. I was a dead man and I knew it.


The only way to avoid a slow, torturous and painful death was to skip town. I had family and friends in a nearby town, and they knew it. I had a big friend who owned a small cabin by the lake that I could use, and they knew it. I had nowhere else to go, and they knew it.


So I had to find a new place. Like a cabin, no, a house in the woods up in the mountains.


Just like the one I was seeing after walking for nearly two hours in back hiking trails in the most secluded part of the mountain that I had been able to go with a quarter of a tank of gas in my bike (that I had left behind under a few bushes).


To say that the place was secluded and isolated would be an understatement! But that didn’t mean that the house was small, rustic or whatever.


Actually, the two stories old urban design was quite an offense to the surrounding area. It really was out of place. But so was I… so I had to get inside, neutralize any housekeeper or inhabitant, eat and drink something and… get down and think.


It had been a hell of a day. By now the cops were after me as well, and my face was probably on the local evening TV journal. But all my attempts to enter the house failed.


The glass in the windows and doors wasn’t glass, but something far more resistant. I received an electric discharge when I tried to open the back door with some ‘tools’ I was carrying. When I tried that in a window I received another discharge and a speaker somewhere started to tell me that the police had been alerted…


And it was. Fifteen minutes later I saw a patrol car stop by, two cops went out and checked, rechecked and rerechecked the back door and windows. I couldn’t hear exactly what they were yelling to each other, they were searching at the entrance of the woods in the back and sides of the house (and if one of them looked up they could have seen me), but they seemed to believe that a certain ‘Mac’ was doing ‘that’ again…


Anyway, they didn’t made a real search and left soon. I climbed down the tree and waited. They had said something about how ‘she’ would be arriving soon, how ‘she’ had had enough of ‘Mac’ and wanted him behind bars so she could enjoy a relaxing week...


So I knew that the owner of that house, a she, was coming soon.


All I needed was to grab her as she entered the house or something like that. I waited a couple of hours and then I saw the car approaching.


I had had my share of beautiful girls, but none of them was like her. My ideal of woman is a girl around 5’6” or 7”, small waist, long legs, large hips and big breasts. The color of her hair really doesn’t matter much, but I would like that, supposing that she is a white girl, her hair is jet black, and if she is black her hair is blonde or white. You know..., contrast. The whiter the skin the darker the hair and vice-versa. And she would have to have a long mane of course. Finally her clothes, slutty ‘have-me-right-now’ stuff only if we’re alone, in public she would have to dress like she was some fashion magazine’s editor.


I never had had a girl like that, hence the ‘ideal’, until now.


She fitted the application to the letter. A natural elegance aided by a simple (but stylish) combination of blue jeans knickers and black tank top. And how filled was that tank top! Her hair was as black as possible and flowed to a little below the small of her back. She moved in such a… wait a moment! She was moving in a way too sensuous way. Something absolutely unnecessary unless she knew that she was being observed.


But by who? I decided to wait and see, she was deliberately teasing someone. And I would find out who this someone was. The answer to that question appeared four minutes later at my left. And that was the last person I could think.




No, I am not nuts!


It was a 5’ 8” girl dressed in what could only be described as a Catwoman costume. Think about Halle Berry’s take on the character. Same boots, pants, gloves and almost same mask (a long ponytail was sticking out from the back of the mask). The only difference is that she was wearing a yellow tank top that covered a nice and round (albeit a little small) pair of breast. Yeah, I am a breastman. And she was a blonde. And was carrying a medium sized sports (perhaps tennis) bag and was holding a small sheet of paper in her right hand. She approached the back of house without any care in the world.


No stealthiness whatsoever.


Which was exactly what the other woman, clad in a green military trousers, green bodysuit and jacket and green cap had. This woman was taller than any of the previous two (6’ at least), and had the body of an Amazon. Beautiful, feminine and graceful, but with muscles. Her black hair barely passed the shoulders and she had a very confident expression.

She was approaching the tree I was in, but fortunately she never looked up, and held some coils of rope and a large sponge in her hands.


She positioned herself, waited… and jumped on the catgirl as she passed by. The poor babe never had a chance, in no time she was nicely roped up like a beautiful calf on the ground, struggling hopelessly as the Amazon patted her round behind and grabbed the bag that had been thrown a foot or two of the two gals. From there she removed an impressive number of cuffs (both for the hand and feet), rolls of tape (in three colors, white, red and yellow), coils of rope, scarves and gags, lots of them. And three little brown bottles.


She grabbed a scarf, folded it and drenched it in the liquid of one of the bottles. Then she turned the girl around so the furious gagged blonde was facing her, and me. If the Amazon had understood what her prisoner was trying to say I could have had some problems (she had a gun in a holster in her left armpit), but she misunderstood it as pleas for mercy, help or whatever. She placed the scarf over the blonde’s nose, and the girl tried to avoid it, to somehow make her captor look over her shoulder (and at that angle she would see me), but then the Amazon grabbed her chin with the other hand, pressed her head against the ground and held it firm in place. ‘There’s no need for such a fuss! I am not going to hurt you! Or her! Well, not much! I am not stupid!’ she said.


The desperate attempts of the blonde started to get weaker and weaker. Her eyes lost the focus, her eyelids closed and she went limp under the Amazon’s body. Gone the necessity of being furtive, the Amazon relaxed, stood up and lifted her unconscious prey. Five steps later she placed the blonde against the tree-trunk of the tree I was hiding. The acoustic was good, so I could hear what the Amazon was saying to her unconscious captive as she bound her body a little more and then tied the tight package to the tree.


‘Look… hnff… Rhonda, I am not going to hurt… that bitch as she deserve. Hell… I will spank her until… her cheeks turn bright red or even purple! And… I will make sure that she has some… cramps. But I will not really… hurt her. And you… you will be my bed warmer… my maid and my… cook. And if you’re a good girl… I will spank you a little too. And after I am gone… that bitch will never… EVER… mess with me or my girls again. And you… will be back at your stall in my… stable. Wouldn’t it be… great?’

The Amazon reinforced the gag and placed a blindfold on her captive. Then she took a closer look at the sports bag. There were more things that I could think it was possible, including two things that interested me right away; a small pistol and a taser. Then she started to read the sheet of paper that she had retrieved from the ground.


‘Security access code… why thank you… instructions…’


I couldn’t see the Amazon’s face from where I was, but suddenly her whole behavior changed. She got tense, and started to look at the house and then at her captive, over and over. Then she sat on the ground, resting against the tree in which her captive was bound, and  whereI was hiding fifty feet above her head, and kept looking at the house.


‘‘Action will have to start at 7:00 PM sharp’? Don’t worry sweetie, it will. And you and I and Rhonda will have a very good time. A very good time indeed…’


She then searched the bound woman’s clothes looking for something. Keys.


Dirt bike keys. She left the girl alone and went to find the bike to which the keys belonged. About twenty minutes later she brought a brand new 09’ model grey dirt bike, with a jeans backpack (where ‘Rhonda’ probably had put her clothes) and chained it to a nearby tree, then she went after her bike and returned with it (a slightly used black one) after another thirty minutes and chained it to the same tree of the first bike.


I could have climbed down at any time while she was out but, well as long as I kept it to myself, as long as I didn’t anything stupid and made my presence known, I had the surprise element on my side. And besides she had the instructions of how to enter the house and pass through the alarm, not me! So I needed to either ambush her here or inside the house.


And I preferred to take my chances when she would not be alert anymore. So I was silent and still up that tree for hours, got a few cramps but nothing serious, and waited.


At 6:55 PM I was greeted with an unbelievable sight. The lady of the house, and target of both women below me, appeared at the large window of her room on the second floor, in all her glorious nudity. Yep, she probably believed that she was teasing the blonde (that couldn’t see her), but was actually teasing me and the green-clad Amazon.


I am no rapist, but I have to confess that never ever I got so tempted of doing such shit.


The lights and the whole place conspired to give us a very good view of the spectacle, actually I couldn’t see really much, I didn’t had any binoculars, just the maximum zoom that my camera could give. The Amazon below me had a professional camera, with professional lens, and was taking pictures after pictures.


‘I am coming… I am coming Bessie, don’t worry... I am coming!’


Actually, the Amazon’s mood toward her real prey, the lady of the house or ‘Bessie’, had gradually changed as she had waited for 7:00 PM to arrive. She wasn’t eager to hurt Bessie anymore, not in the way she had been at least. She was acting more like a friend that is going to play a prank to her friend than anything else.


She looked at the blonde one last time, removed the tape gag and kissed her full in the lips.


That finally woke up the girl but as she opened her mouth to say anything, mostly like to warn her captor about me, a big black ballgag was jammed into her mouth. The Amazon kissed her one more time and went to collect her real prize.


I waited until she reached the back of the house, removed the top of a stone by unscrewing it and typed something inside it, then she opened the backdoor and entered the house.


I decided that I could finally get down of that tree. Of course, the girl tied down there was scared of me. She couldn’t see me, but felt me approaching as I was climbing down, heard me moving towards her. And shrieked when I held her chin with the tip of my fingers.


‘Shhhhh… it’s okay. I will not hurt you. I am no rapist nor torturer nor killer. I am a stupid dumb man on the loose. I need a place to hide for tonight and perhaps tomorrow and after tomorrow too. You stay put until I deal with the big lady that tied you up and come back.’


She got frantic and shook her head in all directions, well if she didn’t wanted to believe in my word it was her problem. So I grabbed the camera the Amazon woman place on the ground next to the tree and checked the house. I couldn’t see the nude woman any longer, but I saw the Amazon woman’s head (and occasionally her hands with rope in her fingers) as she talked to someone lying on the floor, she seemed to be enjoying her time very much.


Without any gun with me (except a Swiss Army pen-knife) I had to grab either the pistol or the taser, but the sports bag was inside the house. So I ran to there before the only free woman in the place took a look at the window to see her first captive.


I managed to get there without toppling or stumbling in anything and made my way inside the house as soundless as possible. I barely registered the place at first, my goal was to reach that room and have a gun with me. I could hear her making sexual ‘treats’ to the owner of the house, boy that woman had a wicked and sexually overcharged imagination!


I heard a door closing and water flushing, and I took a peek inside the room. I could only see a pair of crossed feet coming from behind a big four posted double bed, a quick scan and I saw the door of the toilet closed but no sports bag. The room was large and elegantly furnished, and the sports bag could not be seen anywhere on top or atop any furniture.


Perhaps beside the captive owner? Another look at the door and I decided to take a chance and rushed inside the room. And was greeted by two expressive and shocked blue eyes.


The woman in the toilet had really roped her up! From the ankles to her bosom everything was ‘decorated’ with white soft rope, rendering completely helpless to whatever I wanted to do. Again the thoughts about having her by force crossed my mind. Then I heard the water flushing again and someone singing (off-key) ‘You Sexy Thing’.


Where was that sports bag? I crouched on the floor and there it was, under the bed. I grabbed the handle and pushed it towards me. As I opened it and grabbed the gun the door opened and the Amazon reentered the room, clad in a very revealing set of lacy black underwear (gather belts and all). She stood there with her mouth open for a second. Then she knelt on the floor right in front of the toilet door before I asked anything.


I walked a few feet forward carrying the bag in one hand and the gun in another. Then she charged at me when we had no more than three feet between us.


More for reflex than anything else I pulled the trigger and nothing happened. The next moment the woman’s left feet landed painfully on my chin and I fell backward, bouncing on the bed and kissing the floor as the contents of the open bag were spread everywhere on the room. Including in the path of the furious black belt (in judo and karate) woman, who ended up sliping as she landed her sole on a white ballgag... she fell backwards and hit the floor a little too bad becoming very dizzy instantly.


Of course I was also dizzy, but not as bad as she. Besides, the thought of me being arrested and that news reaching certain ears was powerful enough to make me jump on her.


I grabbed everything that was at range: handcuffs (two pairs on her wrists), ankle cuffs (one pair), rope (three different colored types), two rolls of tape and to finish it a hood with a built-in ball shaped gag (a little too small for her). All the while the owner of the place frantically tried to reach something under the bed, but I barely registered it (I took a peek at her with the corner of my eyes every now and then), until she was now on top of the bed and something shined on her hand, that made me forget the Amazon and jump on the bound beauty. She tried to hid it behind her back and I forced both my hands under her body, after a brief struggle I had it with me.


It was a pair of scissors. Then I realized that I was on top of her, and she did it too as she tried to kneed me. I threw the scissors away and grabbed her now struggling body.


‘Do you wanna fell on the floor face first that bad?’


She calmed down immediately. Her firm and big breasts were enticing, but not as much as her big scared eyes. I am honest to admit that only then I definitely pushed those thoughts about having her back to whatever pit in mind they had crawled from.


‘Look, all I want is a place to stay for the night, and if its possible for tomorrow too as well. I am running from some very nasty and mean fellows. If they get me I am dead, simple like that. So I want a dinner, a bed to sleep and some money. You and your friends (or foes or lovers or whatever) will have to stay bound while I am around (specially her!), but besides that there’s nothing to fear. Nothing. You are a lesbian, right?’


She nodded very pausingly and looking me with the best ‘Bambi look’ I’ve ever seen.


‘Great. Just my luck.’ – I turned her so her back was to me, then I grabbed a piece of black rope and started to loosely link her ankles to her wrists – ‘I just found the most beautiful woman in the world, yes that’s you at least for my tastes, and the chances of a Stockholm Syndrome happens between us are... zero. Just my luck...’


She couldn’t help but chuckle as she realized that, while saying it in a joyful way, I meant every word I said. She was almost not scared about me anymore. Then I grabbed her big and overly bound captor and she saw what I had done to her. She became a little too agitated so as soon as I put the bound Amazon on the bed, on the opposite side of the owner of the house, I rounded the very large bed (she must have had that big mattress customized) and peeled off her white tape gag.


‘Please take it off! The hood was made for me! It’s too small for her! You’ll kill her!’


No way I would have a murder pinned on me, so I removed (with a little force) the hood and she was right. The Amazon girl face was marked by the seam of the mask, and she was sweating and panting. As the owner of the place started to call her by her name I learned that her name was Prudence (or ‘Pru’) and that she had a very foul mouth. I used white tape to regag Prudence and then turned my attention to the owner of the place.


‘Thank you. I believe you already have Rhonda under your power as well...?’


‘Actually, Pru here took care of her a few hours ago. Before I leave to bring her here, and while I make sure that none of you two are going anywhere, would you mind to tell me what’s happening in here? Who are you, who’s her, who’s Rhonda, etceteras and all?’


As I reinforced Pru’s bonds, and yet put her in a bearable hogtie, taped both women’s fingers together and tied a rope connecting their chest ties to the bedposts next to heir heads and thus keeping them away from each other, Elizabeth ‘Bessie’ told me all.


She was a millionairess who had prevented the nearest town to disappear, in exchange she had that corner of a state park as her private (sexual) playground. Her homosexuality was known by all, and except a weirdo called MacAddams (self proclaimed apostle according to her) who had been arrested for B&E and damaging her property a couple of times, no one else cared about it. She paid good salaries, taxes and was the town’s greatest benefactor (and it was all sincere and for real and not just for public relationship) so if she wanted to have her privacy respected, the sheriff (a good friend of her) would ensure it at all costs.


It turns out that both her and Prudence were once best friends, and made the mistake of trying a more intimate relationship. Since both had dominating, imposing and expansive personalities it had been a total failure who turned them into bitter enemies. The recent death of a close mutual friend had made her reevaluate her ways, and she believed that Prudence had made the same. But with Prudence being so stubborn to admit it, and without any ‘official’ way to reach her, she decided to use a... different approach.


She and a couple of friends invaded Prudence’s farm, bound and gagged the two pony handlers that worked and lived there and stole her favorite ponygirl, Rhonda.


According to Bessie, Rhonda was a totally submissive girl that, at first, didn’t wanted to cooperate with her plan until she explained everything to her. Albeit having technically committed kidnapping and assault and many other crimes, Bessie was sure that Prudence wasn’t going to call the police (her father’s political career would end if she did it) and would try to solve the things herself. When she heard through common friends that the two pony handlers had been sent to a private cruise in the Mediterranean as a form to pay for their silence, she realized that her plan was working.


Since she was the principal responsible for the end of their friendship, she had decided to ‘suffer’ under Pru’s ‘wrath’ until she had a chance to explain everything to her. Only then I realized that she was using her explanations to me as a way expose her motivations to Prudence. So I decided to leave them alone, I regagged Bessie and made a final check on their bonds, picked many coils of rope and scarves and left to grab Rhonda.


I returned to the room about twenty to thirty minutes later. I had been scratched, bitten on, slapped, kneed, elbowed and punched. And she was not finished! Rhonda was on the verge of a nervous breakdown when I reached the tree, she truly expected that it would be her mistress who’d remove the blindfold and gag and when she heard my voice... she was a ‘Scream Queen’! I made the wrong assumption that, since she had been forced to stand for so many hours in a restricting position she should be weak, and started to remove the ropes from her body after I detached the neatly bound package that was her from the tree.


It didn’t took me half a minute to deeply regret my decision.


The ‘poor and shaken’ girl that I had seen sobbing a minute before became a hurricane, delivering karate chop after karate chop on me, dodging gracefully everyone of my charges and attacks against her and giving quick counterattacks. When I managed to grab her left arm I didn’t let it go, then I grabbed her right arm and had both trapped under my armpits. She kneed and kicked me until I head-butted her hard enough to make me dizzy.


I didn’t let her recover, soon her hand were trapped behind her back and tied to her waist and I didn’t stopped until I had both her forearms completely roped up. Then I turned around (still kneeling on top of her) and did a similar job to the full extension of her legs and, as she started to scream, I grabbed a not-so-clean hankie on the back pocket of my trousers and jammed inside her mouth, keeping it in place with more rope.


She wasn’t bound like a salami, she was a living human spool of rope!


And still she fought as I grabbed her and threw over my left shoulder! Not even the fact that I spanked her from the tree to the bedroom’s door calmed her... I simply threw her between Bessie and Pru, with care enough so when she bounced (a little) her momentum didn’t made her land atop one of the previous two occupants of the bed.


Pru started to call me names right away and Rhonda joined her, but Bessie didn’t. She was looking at me in a weird way, as if she was evaluating me. So I told the other two to shut up (they were well gagged anyway) and gave them both a powerful slap (I had to climb on the bed and turn Rhonda around to give her hers), then I leaned and removed Bessie’s gag.


‘What exactly do you want with us?’


‘Nothing. Honestly... nothing. I told you, I need a place to hide for a while and food to eat (I’m starving!) and some cash to keep running from some nasty fellas. I don’t care about your sex games or fantasies, and none of you three (specially you) have anything to worry about me forcing you to do anything in that matter.’


‘So you’re going to keep us... us three... bound and...’


‘Probably. I mean... Pru is going to remain as restrained as possible and so will this blonde wildcat, actually... Be honest with me. Now that I have you three in my power I will do a search in the place. A thorough one. If I find anything that makes me believe that you lied to me... all I care is about my life and freedom, in that order. So I am trusting that you are going to be honest in your answers, and depending on the answers you three will have no problems regarding food and drinks and other stuff while I am here...’


‘I see... make your questions.’


‘First, I don’t intend to be a ruthless captor. And at one point all of you will need to use the toilet, do you have any idea of how can I manage to allow you to have that right without jeopardizing myself? I mean, do you have any kind of shackles, hobbles and the likes?’


Bessie chuckled and grinned. She told me to grab her and take her to the basement.


Before I did it I taped Rhonda’s fingers and checked the room, a sudden idea make me look under the bed and I found six pairs of scissors taped to the frame or large feet/posts of the bed, another check under the bedside table and other furniture found more scissors (all round edged yet very sharp) in a matter of minutes. Every discovery was followed by a muffled expression of dismay of Rhonda until Bessie told her to shut up.


‘Now, can you please take me to the basement?’


‘You don’t expect me to trust in you after...’


‘After what? Our fingers are taped so there was no way that we would be able to grab those scissors in the first place! Plus to be able to grab them we..., I mean they would have to be able to move a bit more freely. But Pru is tied to that post and Rhonda can’t raise her hands more than an inch or two from her butt! There’s no way that any of them could have used what you think was ‘my ruse’ to free herself or the other! Now big boy, could you please grab me and take to the basement? I keep my collection of bondage paraphernalia there and that’s where you’ll find the shackles you want!’


To receive orders from a nude, bound and captive woman is something that never ever had happened to me before, and I didn’t liked it one bit. But I cut the ropes connecting her body to the post, rolled her and made her stand and threw her over my shoulder. The smug expression in Pru and Rhonda’s eyes was very irritating.


As I took her downstairs (admiring her perfectly round behind all the way), Bessie told me that she had bought the house due to its basement. It had been the house of a local brewery during the Prohibition times and it was huge. She just didn’t said how huge.


I am not good in measuring things, but I can say that it had about a hundred feet of length, half of it of wideness and 15/16 feet of height! It wasn’t completely covered with her stuff. Not even close. But it did had a lot of racks and boxes at one corner. And it wasn’t exactly spotless clean but it was more clean than dirty.


‘Look, let’s be honest with me. Are you as skilled as those two in fighting skills?’


‘Nope. I know the basics of the basics. Don’t worry about me, why?’


I explained her how things would be in the place while I was there. I can’t say that she was too thrilled, but (after I freed her and she massaged her limbs) she selected everything that I was going to need and made no fuss as I put a large blue rubber ball inside her mouth, it was one of those gags that have a padlock and I wanted to test it (and have a little revenge due to her talk back at the room). Next I put the thing she had called ‘armbinder’ on her and checked how reliable it was, I removed her from it and took the ballgag out as well.


She wasn’t too thrilled with the last thing I wanted to test but, again, made no objections as I made her breath through the sedative soaked cloth. It was obvious that she was scared at me, and that little word with four letters starting with ‘R’ came into her mind, but she did what I told her to. She went limp in my arms and I carefully placed her limp body on the floor as I collected what I would need. Since she was on her back I turned her around to place the handcuff, the ankle-cuff and the connecting chains, short enough so there won’t be any chance of her removing her gag (unless she sat on the floor). Three strips of green tape and she was ready to be delivered back to the room upstairs.


But first I would take care of Pru and Rhonda. I turned her body again and placed a pillow under her head, grabbed the box where I had put everything and went up.


It took me forty minutes to sedate Pru and Rhonda, remove all their bonds, strip them completely, put the armbinders, ballgags and shackles on them and return. And Bessie still was out. Minutes later she and her friends were sleeping in the same bed, with chains connecting them in a very tangled way, I covered the trio of restrained women with a silk-like blanket and went downstairs to eat something.


The fridge was fully and as I lay there in the kitchen’s table, completely satiated, I started to finally appraise the place. Actually Bessie had quite a cozy and elegant corner of her own, all the furniture was either classy (yet not exactly out of place) or old or both, giving a sensation of old roots to the house. I would not mind to stay there for a while, but I knew that I had a couple of days at best. I checked the hours, it was nearly 11 p.m.!


None of the girls had had dinner, so when they woke up in a few minutes, supposing that they hadn’t already, they’ll be as hungry as I was moments before and very probably in need of using the toilet. I prepared a few sandwiches of ham and cheese, a jar filled with cold water, put it all in a tray with plastic cups and took it with me.


Only Bessie had woke up and was looking at me with pleading eyes, I removed her chains and she ran to the toilet. Minutes later she enjoyed two sandwiches and the water. I allowed her to brush her teeth and she offered her wrists. I had her hands cuffed in front and with a short hobble on her ankles, plus the ballgag was back to her mouth so communication between her and the awakening duo would be very limited.


Nor Prudence nor Rhonda were too thrilled to know that Bessie was going to take care of them, but they had no other option. Both started to call me names but I told them that that I could simply gag them and let them sleep without any solid food in their stomachs.


Since there was no chance (and I had checked and rechecked the room to ensure it) that either Bessie freed them or was freed by them, I let all three women alone and went to check on their mobile phones, agendas and the like. Rhonda’s were in the backpack, Pru inside her bag and Bessie had been on the dressing table before I had them removed.


A quick search on the phones’ messages made me sure that all three expected to be alone for the weekend. Bessie had received a couple of calls from someone called ‘Jo’ saying that she knew her plans and ‘just in case Pru wasn’t what she expected’ she’ll stop by the following day to take a peek, or in other words, problems ahead. Rhonda’s friends were not likely to drop by, but had demanded ‘incredibly vivid and graphic’ reports of the ‘Battle of the Mistresses’ as they called it. It seemed that all the 17 ladies that had sent her text messages were submissives (or ‘slaves’) like her. Pru had no messages except one from ‘Bonnie and Louise’ demanding that she took payback for the ‘grave humiliation’ they had suffered (they were the pony handlers that Bessie had mentioned earlier).


As for money and credit cards I managed to collect around eighty bucks from all three. I would ‘ask’ them later the pin numbers of the cards.


I yelled to Bessie that I was coming and entered the room right on time to see her kneeling on the bed behind Rhonda, who was sitting on the edge with her back to me, as she reapplied the ballgag on her. Pru was fuming mad at Rhonda’s right. I told Bessie not to move and removed her ballgag, then I cuffed her hands behind her.


‘Who’s ‘Jo’?’


She gulped. And looked at the others, who looked back at her, before turning her head to me. Pru started to shake her head and obviously demand that she didn’t answered.


‘She is my best friend among the people of the town nearby, and she’s a deputy.’


‘You know what that means?’


All three girls’ faces where directed at mine. Rhonda was clearly begging something, pru was threatening me, but Bessie was analyzing the situation before answering the question.


‘That our captivity at your hands ends tomorrow?’


Now it was Bessie’s turn to have all eyes converged to her.


‘Jo spent the past week trying to make me change my idea. She was that woman with the holster you knew when I took you out of my car’s trunk, Rhonda. Although the earplugs prevented you to hear her, I know you saw her body from the waist down and don’t deny it! Anyway, she couldn’t care less if I have a lesbian orgy with forty women in this place (don’t you dare to look at me that way Pru, it never happened!), but had second and third and fourth thoughts about I putting myself in the hands of a woman she heard calling me ***********, ********* *********** and **********************!’


Pru looked surprised at Bessie, then she blushed deeply after Bessie continued.


‘The phone was on the speaker mode...’


Pru lowered her eyes and I could swear she was on the verge of crying. Bessie leaned over and kissed her ballgagged lips, and Rhonda looked at them exalted.


‘I said horrible things as well to you girlfriend... Forgive me?’


Before they could share another kiss I grabbed Bessie, turned her to me and she finished.


‘Errr... As I was saying..., she knows that I purposely let one of Pru’s sub knows about my plans for this weekend, and knew that Pru (being the resourceful and lovingly stubborn and arrogant woman that she is) would get in here and ‘capture’ me. It took me three hours to convince her to let me spend one night as Pru’s captive before she showed up. Then I was supposed to say some code words to her, indicating that I was fine with what Pru had did to me and was planning to, and she would leave me alone for a whole week. If I didn’t said the words, if I was that wrong about Pru, then she would rescue me... and leave Pru hogtied in the buff behind the ‘Welcome’ sign on the Northern entry of the town. She’s a closet dominatrix that denies her... interests on me Pru. I think I told you that once...’


‘You’re talking to me girl, to me!’


‘Errr, sorry again. Anyway, she said that she plans to drop by before she have lunch with her husband and kids. She’s 45, more strong than fat, 5’9” and a very shooter.’

I needed to think about it. So I regagged Bessie, threw her over my shoulder and left her hogtied on her bed. Pru and Rhonda received extra bonds, just for safety and some revenge of my part, and were supposed to spend the night in different rooms. But when I returned to the Bessie’s bedroom she was a bit agitated. I removed the tape from her lips.


‘Look, please, it’s not a ruse or a plan or anything else. But by now you must have realised that I am used to have helplessly restrained guests for the night in this place, right?’


‘As, probably, you have back at your home, so...?’


‘Do you know those baby care sensors? Well, a bound and gagged woman, specially if she was restrained the way I believe you did with my friends, is not that different of a baby in her helplessness, right? And if she had any problem, she’s unable to resolve it herself or cry for the proper help. So I have these customized sensors, about a dozen of them, that I use to safeguard my subs, guests and friends. Please, put them on them!’


‘A dozen, but why would you need... forget it! I did not asked anything! Fine, I’ll put those sensors on them, but in exchange I want some pin numbers from you...’


‘You would demand them anyway, don’t you? The last drawer on the left of that wardrobe. No! THAT wardrobe! Yes, that one...’


The sensors looked like a belt that were supposed to be tied at the girls’ waist. I put one on Pru, another on Rhonda and brought them both to Bessie’s bedroom. Customized mattress remember? I carefully gagged Bessie and laid her between her two friends/lovers. And then I hot a very cold bath. I hadn’t brought any change of clothes with me, so I had to wander around with a white bath towel covering my lower half as I looked for something to wear on her many wardrobes. I found an oversized Lakers T-shirt and a Bermuda shorts, no underpants obviously. The three women were looking at me with very expressive eyes.


I ended up biding them good night and slept in another room after I put a sensor in Bessie. Her laptop had a connection with all sensors and I left it open over the nightstand.


I had some trouble to sleep, followed by very graphic dreams of what could have happened inside the walls of that house previously. And outside too.


Morning came and I was the last one to wake up. Since it was pointless for them to try to escape, they merely waited for me to appear and free Bessie, whom I allowed to have a bath alone and completely free of restrains while I removed most of the other girls’ ones. I asked her how should I restrain Pru and Rhonda in order to let them have a bath under Bessie’s care. Stainless steel cuffs for the wrists (the model she gave me hadn’t any chain between the cuffs) and ankles, a medium length chain to connect them in front and a red harness ballgag for her was the answer. Just to be on the safe I added a shackle with a long chain for her hands, locked them on the bathroom and the bedroom’s door was locked as well. I made pancakes for everyone while they were at it.


One by one, the now completely nude and overly restrained women (I had wrapped rope a bit too freely over their bodies, even Bessie’s) were carried OTS to the kitchen, there I taped them to a chair and went to grab the next one.


Pru and Rhonda were ‘melted’ to their chairs, but since I needed someone to feed them I was softer on Bessie, just tied to the chair at the wrists and ankles and cleave gagged with a long scarf. After I had my share of the pancakes I freed her and she started to feed the other two (after removing their gags) while I wrote down the numbers that she gave me while watching them on the other side of the large table.


Then the phone rang. I indicated to Bessie that she shouldn’t move and let the answering machine get the message. It was from Jo.


‘Ms. Prudence, if your hearing this, I’ll give you one minute to put Bessie on the line. You can put the phone on the speaker mode, but I demand to talk to Bessie! NOW!’


Before I let Bessie answer I cuffed her hands behind her back, posted myself behind her and warned her to not try anything really stupid.


‘Hi Jo. What’s up? What’s the urgency?’


‘Bessie... ‘They call me The Wild Rose...’


‘‘Why they call me it I do not know...’, there. It’s me and I am fine. I am tied up right now, cuffed actually, and I will probably spend the rest of the day that way. And I spent the night very tightly gagged and restrained, but I was fine and was safe all the time...’


‘Bessie... is there anyone with you that wasn’t supposed to be with you? Did you or Pru or this Rhona, Rhonda, the girl whom you took from Pru, did any of you hear or saw anything suspicious last night? Or while you were all preparing your... errrr... performances for your ‘trap’ to Pru? Please, ask them if they’re not nearby...’


I had placed my hand over Bessie’s mouth and I whispered to her ‘Say ‘no’ and say that you’re going to check with the others’. Then I removed my hand.


‘No... not that I can remember, one minute please while I check with the others...’


I kept her handgagged for a couple of minutes while I whispered to her what she had to say.


‘No... they told me that they waited outside for a few hours and nor saw nor heard anything that seemed out of the ordinary. What’s the problem Jo? MacAddams?’


‘Who else? Yesterday someone tried to break inside your house…’ – Bessie looked at me with her expressive eyes and I nodded – ‘…and activated the alarm at the sheriff’s office. By the time Shawn and Bobby arrived there was no one around. But the mayor ordered that we went to check on MacAddams just in case. What we didn’t knew was that *********** had reunited a couple of followers that were planning to attack your house today. They would wait for the first ‘outside binding’ that Pru would give to you and Rhonda and... well the bunch of ********** wanted to make an example of you gals. A bloody dead one.’


‘NO!!!! Oh my...’


‘Calm down girlfriend. Since their attack was scheduled to today, they were sort of getting ready, concentrating if you prefer, in MacAddams’ bungalow. When Shawn and Bobby arrived there they were drunk and there was a shootout, Shawn called for reinforcements and we raided the place. Didn’t you saw it in the news? Forget it, I don’t want to know why you didn’t!!! They’re all behind bars now. You’re all safe but...’




‘One or two of the followers are still on the loose.’




‘Don’t worry. I am at less than five minutes from there. Sorry to spoil your fun but... Bye!’

As I closed the call Bessie was shaking and trembling in my hands.


‘Please, I am begging you. She’s the mother of three lovely brats, she’s a... MMPPHHH...’


I cleave gagged her with another long white scarf and turned her around. She was crying.


‘Silly girl... I told you... only a bed, food and some money. I got what I wanted. Now I have to set a trap for this ladycop, place her in a similar restriction of speech and movement that your friends and yourself will face soon and disappear from this county, to (hopefully) never ever be heard from again. I will not hurt her, why would I do that anyway?’


Her eyes now looked far more relieved. You wouldn’t believe in the amount of restraining stuff there was in that house, every room had rolls of various kinds of tape and coils of rope and a big number of other things. I wrapped a few turns of electrician tape to ensure her immobility, blindfolded her and the others with scarves and positioned myself.


Over twenty minutes passed. And she didn’t arrived.


There was something really wrong happening. I was considering the possibility of making Bessie call her back to ask the reason of her lateness when I heard an engine coming. I did a quick check through the front door’s curtain with Pru’s goggles. It was a patrol car indeed, but there were two occupants in it. A couple of young cops.


I crawled back to the chair were Bessie lay and whispered in her ear.


‘You said that she’s 45, right?’ – Bessie nodded – ‘Not early twenties, 45, are you sure?’


She nodded eagerly. I removed the tape gag while warning her to whisper.


‘What’s going on?’


‘There’s a patrol car coming up. With a couple of young cops in it, both are not even 30 yet. The man is a redhead with lots of freckles and long hair, the girl is a brunette with afrail expression, a bit too thin for her police uniform...’


‘Did she have a ‘5’ shaped scar right above her left eye?’


I went to check. They had parked the car now and were walking to the house but they were splitting, the girl was coming to the front door while her partner went to the back of the house. They were walking with their hands next to their holsters, but had not grabbed their guns (not even the handle), perhaps in order to avoid suspicion from any onlooker from the inside of houswe. She had that scar Bessie had told me about.


‘They’re MacAddams son and daughter! They must have done something to Jmmmpphh!’


She almost yelled that last phrase, warning them that we knew their little secret. On top of the kitchen’s table, closer to my previous seat than theirs and besides the pancakes and syrup and bottles of orange juice, was the laptop that controlled not only the sensors they no long wore, but the house security system as well.


I whispered to Bessie what she was supposed to yell, and begged her to sound natural, then I crawled under the table with the laptop and reactivated the security system. Two little knocks on the wooden floor and Bessie knew that it was time for her performance.


‘JO! Is it you? I’m in the kitchen! The door is open, get inside!’


What a formidable pair of lungs Bessie had!


In the laptop’s screen I saw the images coming from the security cameras. The girl and her brother were ready to invade the house, they got closer and checked through the windows to see what was inside, the boy wolf whistled as he saw three nude and bound women.


This was his and his sister downfall.


‘Who’s there? WHO’S THERE?!! Jo! JO!!! A-Are you alone?’


Cursing himself for his reaction, the guy grabbed the door handle of the back door as his sister did the same with the front door’s one. I had regulated the discharge to the maximum, it lasted for a few seconds and was more than enough to knock them out could.


I went to the guy first, nothing wrong with his tongue and he was breathing, so I quickly wrapped tape around his legs and wrists (placing them first behind his back), then wrapped around his chest to deny his trapped arms a lot of freedom to move and run through the house to see the girl at the porch. She was fine too and thirty seconds later shared the fate of her brother. Now, where was the policewoman? I went to check in the patrol car first.


Right ON! There was a now very familiar mewling sound coming from the trunk, I opened it and found Jo. They had beaten her, not too badly but she had a black eye and an ugly bruise on her forehead., and she was crudely hogtied to the point that her blood circulation to her hand and feet had been cut. She barely opposed any resistance as I cut her bonds and carried her inside, she passed out as I was placing her in a sofa in the lounge then I went to the kitchen and freed Bessie, who wasted no time in taking care of Jo.


By that time the MacAddams siblings had recovered to the point to yell obcenities towards Bessie, Jo and whoever was with them. I grabbed a roll of tape and made sure that both were silent and really unable to move but their eyelids. When I finished the taping of the girl’s fingers I remembered. The silent alarm to the sheriff’s office!


By now they must have realized that something was wrong, since they had tried to get in touch with Jo and hadn’t received any answer. Turns out that the would-be-killers had destroyed the police radio and threw Jo’s cellphone in the forest…


When I run back to the house I had an unbelievable sight waiting for me. Bessie was still kneeling besides Jo, who looked much better now but was still out, but there was a blue tennis bag besides her. It was open so I could see what was inside. Money, lots of it.


‘You didn’t raped me nor my friends, you didn’t hurt them more than just enough to have them unable to hurt you, you allowed us to have some bathroom privileges, you gave us edible food (albeit I am not a big fan of pancakes) and finally, you saved our lives and Jo’s. This is the only retribution I can give to you, Mr. Fugitive.’


‘But where… how…?’


‘The tennis bag was in the same closet where I picked the first aid kit, the money is from a hidden deposit, not a safe since what I have to do to have access to the money is dislodge its cover, that I keep in this house. It’s my definition of petty cash, OK? Now go! GO!’




‘Here… Pru’s keys, now please, please, go, GO!’


She nearly threw me outside while handling me the bag. I could hear the sound of the sirens and wasted no time. I run to the trees trying to remember where Pru had left the bikes. I must have looked like a clown; Lakers T-shirt, pink Bermuda shorts, barefeet, no helmet and running through the woods in a stolen bike with a tennis bag full of money…


My first and only stop for almost a day was in a trailer park about three hours later.


I saw a couple of bikes parked in front of a trailer a bit afar of the other and, cautiously, peeked inside. I saw a guy in his late twenties dozing off in an armchair in front of the TV, he had a can of beer in his right arm was snoring. The very younger dirt blonde gal at his right was watching the news intently. I was on them already, so imagine her reaction when I entered the trailer with my left index finger over my lips and a gun pointing at her.


Her eyes bulged, for a moment I thought she was going to scream but she then looked at her boyfriend and cautiously, on her tiptoes, moved away from him and stood in front of me like I was Zac Efron. She was totally in awe! She leaned over and whispered:


‘Oh my God! You’re him right? You’re that guy from TV, the man who’s fleeing from the law and the bad guys and saved those millionairesses’ lives, right?’


I must have made a very dumb face, then she turned to the TV and, since she had the remore on her hand, raised the volume (not enough to wake up her boyfriend) and zapped through the channels. I was on almost all of them, either with a footage of Bessie’s security cameras or stills from them. They were talking about how I had cleverly used the house’s security system to capture the MacAddams, how I had rescued Jo and were speculating if I had or not did anything to Bessie, Pru and ‘a still unknown third woman’.


Although they definitely were not closet lesbians, both Bessie and Pru had good reasons to not let anyone know about Rhonda and their other slaves/subs/harem girls... whatever. So Rhonda’s identity remains a mystery to the general public to this day.


The girl gave me some of her boyfriend’s clothes and made no fuss as I quickly taped her ankles together and her crossed wrists behind her back, put a gag over her lips and tied her ankles to the front door’s handle. In exchange I signrd an autograph and told her an edited version of what had happened in that house. I made a sandwich with what I found on the fridge and left. She sold the autograph on e-Bay at the same time that she dumped the guy.


With new clothes and no hunger I used almost every back and/or abandoned road and trail between there and the Canadian border, and I kept going on until I reached a safe place.


A container ship en route to my grandfather’s hometown, Yokohama. It would take me a while before I could return to the US… But with US$ 126.450,00 dollars (and a gun) with me I would manage to live under the radar until then.