The Unreal Factor




‘That’s just... plain crazy!’


‘No it’s not!’


‘Allow yourself to be kidnapped; to be kept against your will in an unknown place by unknown persons is not crazy? Come on Prue...’


Prudence Hall looked at her longtime friend, Linda O’Day was still a gorgeous woman in her mid forties, and very few of that were thanks to Botox and surgery. She was exactly what mature women wanted to be, tall, thin in the right amount, curvy in the right places, with a great hairdo and a strong natural presence.


Hell, Linda was exactly what she wished to be in a few years!


‘Lin... Who was complaining not three days ago in those ears of mine that she wanted a time off? No business matters. No office’s troubles. No greedy good for nothing ‘ex’ knocking at the door. No NOTHING? Just a time for herself?’


‘Wait a moment... that’s completely different of what you just told me you... you... freak.’


The last word came in a playful tone and was rewarded with a playful jab in the left arm. Prue had just told her how had been her ‘kidnap experience’ at the hands of Desires Inc. A whole week bound and gagged, except for feeding times and bathroom breaks, at the hand of a ‘strong Amazon’ had done miracles for her, and she wanted her friend to feel the same.


‘Look Linda, what are we? Successful women..., two very high priced professionals in our fields and thus we are always in control, always. During for that week I wasn’t in control of anything, that woman (whom I don’t know the name to this day) could do anything that she wanted to me, and boy she did! She tied me up in ways that I had not even imagined were possible! If I hadn’t taken those yoga classes I’d have had a lot of cramps at least! She treated me like... something very valuable, but something that SHE owned. And it was...’


‘Stop before you freak me out!’


Both women grabbed their glasses and drank their iced tea. After a few moments Prue was back on the attack. Linda was needing a time out, all to herself, and her last attempts to get some vacations had been disastrous, so Prue remembered to her what had happened in all of them (and got a cushion throw at her face) and insisted that this time she wouldn’t have no option but stay put, get bored and relax, liking it or not.


‘But what if a relative of mine dies? Or has at least a hospital emergency?’


‘Lin-DAH! They’re professionals; their job is to keep the client satisfied. I wanted to be without control of myself, so for a week that big black sister of Wonder Woman took care of me, making sure every second of it that SHE was in control. If any of those things happened, or there was a real emergency at my job, or a new recession or something that could endanger my future she would have set me free in no time! They are professionals, and the satisfaction of their clients is the number one priority for them!’


‘But..., I am in charge of the Mendelsson files... the ********, Inc., wants it badly and they play very nasty. And there’s Joni...’


‘The contract is already signed and I can take care of your kitty.’


Prue kept the pressure, until Linda was finally considering the possibility of, like her doctor had urged her to, get a week or two completely disconnected from the work.






‘The ‘Unreal Factor’?’


‘Yes Miss O’Day, the ‘Unreal Factor’. It is simple actually, YOU get to chose who is going to kidnap you and deal with you during your absence. We provide such person exactly as you wanted us to and you know, deep inside, that you are still in control of the whole situation because of that. That no matter how realistic and... Let’s just say ‘mean’ your handler is, you had chosen him/her so you are in charge. Every security clause still applies to its fullest. You’re still forbidden to get out of the ropes, cuffs or whatever YOU have chose to be restrained with for the duration of your absence...’


‘Absence’. No matter what the elegantly clad woman in front of her didn’t used the words ‘kidnap’ or ‘captivity’. For her it was just a planned ‘absence’...


‘So... if I chose to be kidnapped and held by a Playmate of the Year...’


‘You’ll get taken by a girl that could be one.’


It was plain crazy! Here they were, in one of the most elegant restaurants of the town having a fancy lunch, and they were discussing the whole situation that that nutty Prue had convinced her to give a try! She had already given to the woman her whole medical status. No diseases that needed special care, no diseases whatsoever in fact, just a recommendation (that sounded more like an order) to get some rest ASAP.


‘OK, suppose that I accept it... how it would happen?’


‘Less than 48 hours after the confirmation of the deposit of the first part of the fee, the person that you chose will take you as you detail us. We recommend that you chose to be taken in your own home, public abduction have always the risk to be seen by other parts that can call 911 and you don’t to know the mess that it leads to. But the point is that he or she will take you and from that moment on you have no say in the matter, actually you won’t be able to say anything for a long while... (chuckle), sorry.’


‘But... Will I be safe?’


‘Completely, the client’ satisfaction is our goal, and you can’t be satisfied without being safe as always are, can you? So you will be safe... during all the time of your fantasy.’






Two days and five calls from Prue later, Linda conceded. And her doctor had been adamant in their last meeting, either she had a time out or she would need medical help. She called the number the woman had given her at the restaurant and described her kidnapper...






‘Excuse-me... I don’t want to disturb you but it’s that my car just broke and...’


She was the embodiment of the ‘kidnaper’ that she had pictured in her mind.


Mid-twenties, short blonde hair, tight black tank top (and they seemed to be real ones!), even tighter (it was –just like she had told them- a couple of numbers smaller than the ideal) black leather pants and black leather high heeled boots! The lame excuse to let her open the door (which in normal cases she wouldn’t) was the one that she had told them, word by word. She allowed the girl to get inside and...


‘Okay bitch, HANDS UP!’


The gun looked too real and too big in her hands. Linda knew a lot of self defense and this girl had a lot of overtures, she could easily overpower her, tie her up and spank her and...


What was she thinking???


‘Oh please, please, don’t hurt me...’


Now she was facing the wall as the girl fumbled with a roll of black electrician tape. My God, she could so easily send her elbow to the ‘tramp’’s throat or kick her or...


Four times she passed the tape in a crisscross fashion over her crossed wrists, then she was unceremoniously spun around and five strips of tape were smoothed over her lips.


‘Come along bitch, there’s a lot of people wanting me to do that with you...’


What? Oh yeah, she had given the first lines for the girl to speak and the general directions, but from then on it would be the ‘cruel biker’’ show. And she was to be a spectator. But the problem persisted, the girl had too many overtures for a kick, or a kneed, or...


Now the younger woman was kneeling on the floor and wrapping the tape over the knees and ankles, and now she could only hop. And was forced to by the smaller kidnapper-to-be. Linda wasn’t very tall, and the girl they had found was a couple of inches smaller than her! And had the curves that she had pictured in her mind! Actually her first thought was that kidnapper was to be a beach bunny in a thong string bikini, but she didn’t lived in a city by the sea AND there was the neighborhood... a slutty biker with large breasts, round behind and pouty lips wasn’t exactly something usual to see either...


Then why had she chosen one?


OUCH!!! Hey, spanking was forbidden, wasn’t it?


‘Come, I have to take you out of the house ASAP... I have a timeline and your fat lazy *** isn’t cooperating! Hop, hop, hop!!!! NOW!!!’


Helped by a couple of hard sounding slaps on her blue covered behind (when did the girl pull her skirt down?), Linda hopped fast and steadily as possible. They were going to the garage, which was alright since it was part of the script.


But she had not said anything about a spanking! Or anything against one...


The lid was opened and with some careful help of the ‘biker’ she was placed inside the trunk. Then came another thing that was really unexpected, a syringe.




The ‘safe word’ as they called it. The ‘biker’’s face was now of a normal girl looking at her with concern in her eyes, not the ‘wild bitch’ of moments before.


‘They didn’t told you about it? You’re not supposed to be awake when you arrive at the ‘holding area’, I will drive around for a couple of hours before I’ll go there but, to make sure that you’re not able to locate the place afterwards, I am supposed to put you to sleep.’


What they were thinking that she was? But it made sense. So she did the only thing that she could at the moment and nodded, the girl turned her to her side, removed the panties and it was lights out. Smiling the girl returned to the house and went to search for what she had been really hired to, it took about twenty minutes to search on the laptop and other computers, but there it was... the Mendelsson files. As she was downloading it to her laptop she fed the cat and thought about the women she had kidnapped earlier...


Albeit even younger than herself, the now naked ‘biker’ was a famous model, and rigger, in the bondage scene. They had chosen her due to her looks and boy how she was trembling as she was ‘bound for real’ for the first time!!! Not to mention the fact that she had bound the girl in her bedroom. Albeit blindfolded and heavily gagged under that hood the girl had managed to recognize a soft tissue like silk, and the pressure of her body against a mattress.


She had almost freaked out, which was the reason as to why she had tied her that tight (but in a way that even now, many hours after, the girl should be fine)!!!


The representative from Desires Inc. had been another story... what a cool bitch! She hadn’t flinched when she had produced her gun from her purse, hadn’t reacted as she was salamized to the post in the way that she had been and probably would look at her with the same blasé eyes over the tight ball gag if she was back in her place now.


Well, the ***********, Inc., was paying top dollar for the files and the removal of the bitch from their hair for at least a couple of weeks... and thanks to that intercepted phone call she knew that the dumb cow would spend two weeks in tight bondage, in an unknown place at the hands of an unknown woman (herself)... and enjoy it!

She went to the garage smiling and humming a joyous song.






Damn, this old cow was in need of a diet!


As she carried the taped lady over her shoulder, panting all along, from her garage to her basement, the industrial spy was thinking in what she was going to do with the model before she let her go. The tight tank top was originally from her, and suited her even better than it was doing now, those long legs and firm butt and...




The representative was no longer tied to the post as she had left her. Only the fact that the lady over her shoulder was worth 200K to her was the reason why she didn’t dropped her to the ground immediately. With a little haste she let the woman slide down and to the bare mattress that she had prepared for her, then she went to look at the post.


Nothing, just a common sustentation column of a basement. Not a single strand of rope, and she had used tons of it over the carefree lady (that attitude of hers had really gotten her mad!), and no trace of the bitch.... the model! HER busty model!!!!


She ran the stairs as if there was a fire in the basement, opened the door and... fell into a trap. Four guns were aimed at her. Two men and a woman hooded and in commando like clothes were looking at her with the ‘Gimme an excuse’ look. And the blasé woman was right behind her, holding a still frightened model in her arms...


‘Put that gun down, kneel on the floor with your hands in your head and don’t try anything funny, or my assistants will be mean. VERY mean I might add...’


She was roped up like a calf in no time, and then the hooded ‘Xena’ cut all her clothes leaving her stark naked and roped. One of the men threw her spooled body over his right shoulder and as if she was nothing he walked outside.


If she only had a neighbor... but the nearest one was six miles down the road.


Inside her house the model was finally managing to get a hold of herself.


‘What is going to happen... now?’


‘Don’t worry, we’re not animals... we’ll use drugs to make that unpleasant girl spill out everything about her interference. I believe that the business rivals of our client are behind this. After a couple of months under our care we will bring her back here and leave her tied as a gift somewhere, probably inside one of the closets if I know my assistants...’


‘I am sorry, I really am but I can’t...’


The representative held her tighter as a new flow of tears came out. Another assistant, carrying carefully the still slumbered body of their client in his massive arms, passed by them completely unnoticed. After a few minutes she recovered.


‘Don’t even think about it... Her fantasy demands that she is kept by a busty and ‘mean’ captoress, I am already thinking in three or four names to replace you with a suitable excuse to her as to why her captoress and her kidnaper are not the same ‘mean biker’.’


‘And me?’


‘I’ll take you to my home and I will spend the night with you, no sex involved of course, if you feel like you need it. And we will deposit ten times the usual amount in exchange of your silence. Remember, to the rest of the world her fantasy is going on without problems or hindrances. The client’s fantasy is always fulfilled. Do you understand it clearly?’


For a moment the eyes lost that lovely and tender look she had seen ever since she had been freed from that tight hogtie, there was no danger, but cold determination replacing it.


‘Yes... yes I understand, don’t worry...’


The taller woman kissed her on her forehead. Then she hugged her and held her in her arms as they walked outside to an awaiting limo, while her assistants checked the place from top to bottom in search of clues about their latest real captive.