The Weird Encounter








‘Yes Hélène? Maggie?’


The tall and strong late 30’s woman standing by the door looked back at the early twenties girl, gave her passage and (exasperated with her insecurity) almost dragged her inside Kathleen’s office by her hand. Both Liv (Kathleen’s head of security) and Joelle (who was working as Kathleen’s private secretary while the titular one was on maternity leave) looked at each other with a slightly puzzled (yet amused) expression.




‘Madame Talbot, Magdala here has an interesting story to tell you…’


(’No I don’t!!!’)


‘Yes… you… do!!!’ – With the first word, the taller woman grabbed the smaller by her shoulders, with the second one she spun her to her left (so she faced now their boss instead of her) and with the last one she slapped the girl’s white covered behind with her left hand, while pointing at Kathleen with the other hand.


‘Should I order some popcorn to ‘properly’ watch your… presentation, Hélène?’


‘N-no, it won’t be necessary. Let’s just say Magdala had a weird encounter a few hours back, something that may or may not concern you, Madame, but she agreed with me when I told her that you should be told about it. And then…’


The three women behind the desk looked at each other with more serious eyes.


‘Liv… correct me, it is Wednesday, right? The last Wednesday of the month?’


Liv nodded, and Kathleen looked back at the young beauty in front of her.


‘I know about your… relationship with Tess Moolins, Maggie.’


‘IT’S NOT LIKE THAT!!!!!’ – She then realized what she had just done and blushed – ‘I mean… she’s a widow, somehow she still loves that idiot she was married with for nearly forty years, and all I do for her is… scratch an itch. Just that…’


‘Maggie? Calm down. Hélène? Could you please bring her some water?’ – The maid tried to say something but both Liv and Joelle made the ‘silence!’ signal.


‘Maggie? Drink your water, please… I… used the wrong phrase apparently. The only thing that would make me care, and interfere, about what you girls do on your days off is anything criminal in its nature… which is NOT the case. Drink your water…’


Why did Hélène have to grab such a big glass of water and fill it up?


‘And just for your information… Tess has been hiring girls that work for me to ‘scratch’ her ‘itches’ for the many years now…’ – Say what? – ‘…And she has never, EVER, put any girl’s life, wellbeing & safety, reputation and self-respect in danger. Which is why you should not be afraid to tell me about your meetings with her…’


‘She… she knocked at my door about nine months ago. Portia was with her, so I thought she was ok and let them in, we talked and she told me her story, Portia told me hers… Do you… do you actually know about it?’


While Hélène almost yelled at Maggie, the women flanking her suppressed a giggle.


‘Let me see… Every last Wednesday of the month you are admitted inside the house that once belonged to Tess’ younger brother, and the reason she does that inside ‘his’ home is that he knew about her fantasies (or ‘itches’) and even helped her a couple of times, convincing two girls that he met to help his big sister. After you change your clothes to a ‘burglar uniform’ (made of skintight Lycra or latex, plus the high-heeled black plumps and the mask) you ‘invade’ the house, tie up, blindfold and gag Tess and go ‘clean her’, actually you stand by watching her. After about an hour she hums…’


She looked at Liv, and then at Joelle.


‘The William Tell Overture…’ – said Liv, 36 years old recently completed and one of Kathleen’s ‘Amazons’ with her piercing black eyes and hair of the same color.


‘…Or, as she calls it, The Lone Ranger’ Soundtrack’ – completed Joelle, 31 years old and more on the ‘voluptuous’ side like Maggie (albeit as tall as Liv).


The stupefaction look in Maggie’s face was too much for the other women.


‘I was her ‘Monthly Burglar’ about ten years ago…’ – said Liv, the first to recover from the laughing fit – ‘…I know, I know… she must have told you that she has…’


‘A preference?’ – asked Joelle with a smile.


‘…a preference for girls with non-noticeable muscles but very perceptible breasts… But, occasionally, when she feels the need to change her ‘Monthly Burglar’…’


‘… Which happens anywhere between eight and fifteen months…’ – completed Joelle.


‘…she convinces one of my security guards or lifeguards to play the part.’


The poor girl did not know to which woman she should look with more bewilderment!


‘But… all the secrecy… the codes and such…’


‘Well, it’s NOT like I would… appreciate if it was of common knowledge that ‘my girls’ (as many call all of you ladies) can be hired to indulge other people’s fantasies. And Tess has her plate way too full of reasons for not to disclose it either…’


‘Her sons…’ – said Maggie.


‘And their wives’ – completed Kathleen.


For a moment 22 years old Maggie stood in front of her boss desk, biting her lip and unsure of what to say. Hélène almost tipped her shoulder, but a mere glance of Kathleen was enough for her to recoil her arm. Finally, Maggie puffed hard and…


‘Oh well, this takes a big weight off my shoulders! Before I continue, can I make a…?’


‘I was the one that provided the hidden switch and the mechanism it activates…’


That explained a lot! The moment she had seen the switch, disguised behind a family portrait of the late Mr. Nesbit (Tess’ brother), she had wondered how she had gotten it.


By switching it, the curtains on the middle window of the second floor opened and the light on the lamp over the nightstand were turned on, a warning signal that she (Tess) was having visits, so she should go to a restaurant nearby and have a dinner (that Tess would pay for) while she waited for her ‘victim’/’tormenter’ to send her a message either to come over or to return in another day. It was a bit too dramatic for Tess, not to mention that she doubted that Tess ‘connection’ did include anyone who could do it…


‘Anyway…’ – She checked her phone, 09:23 PM? – ‘…at about three hours ago I arrived there and the middle window was open, the lamp was turned on and Karen’s car was parked right in front of the house. So I walked a couple of blocks to a restaurant she had indicated to me, ‘Silver Moonshine’, I got there, found a table and made my order. I was sitting by the window and there was this dame, right in front of me, in another table by the window, and she was looking at me weirdly… I recall that I saw her looking at her phone impatiently as the waitress suggested my table to me… And then she saw me sitting and started to mouth to me: ‘Come here! Here!’… I mean, I am NOT a lip-reader but it was fairly obvious what she was saying to me… and then she went to my table after she left a hundred bucks over her own, to pay for a couple of espressos!!!’


Now this was getting interesting…


‘She didn’t say a thing besides ‘You are late!’ in a very rasped voice. I don’t think that it was her natural voice, more like she trying exaggeratedly to disguise it. Anyway… she said that and gave a thing, then she stood up and left the restaurant. I stood there, dumbfounded, for a moment and then the waitress came over and asked me if everything was alright. I told her to cancel my order and called Hélène right away…’


And Hélène handed a plastic bag, with a plastic case containing a DVD inside it, to Liv.


‘I live six blocks up the Cardinal St. from that restaurant… I had already told Maggie that if she ever had any problem, any problem at all, all she had to do was send me a…’ – The inquisitive look in the trio in front of her, coupled with the knowing smile in all their faces, made her sigh before she admitted – ‘Yeah… I cuddle Maggie every…’


Cuddle?’ – asked Joelle – ‘I thought that you liked to lie your head on girl’s bellies…’


‘That would be Petra!’ – said Maggie, Hélène and Liv talking about Liv’s second.


‘So you…?’ – asked Liv to Hélène.


‘I like guys, but every once in a while I call a girl that works here to sleep with me, and just sleep. We go down to our underwear, then we lie on my bed and I cuddle them, and that’s it. In exchange, whenever they feel like they are in trouble while in the city…’


Liv had already called a pair of assistants to come into Kathleen’s office, she handed the case to them and gave them their instructions and returned to Kathleen’s side.


‘So she handed the case to you and told you what had happened…?’


‘I was driving to here in the very next moment. I told her not to worry about you being mad at her because of her deal with Tess, but this pretty girl here is actually a donkey in disguise! The ‘S’ in her name must stand for ‘Stubbornness’!!!!’


More like ‘Submissive’, she turned around to protest to Hélène but a mere look of the giantess made her bite her lip and face Kathleen again…


‘One thing I don’t understand… The ride from the town to here don’t take that long…’


At the very next moment Liv was whispering the reason in Kathleen’s ear. There had been an accident in the kitchen, with Loretta who ended up twisting an ankle. And what Hélène had in muscles Loretta had in body fat, so as soon as Liv saw Hélène arriving she had sent an order to have her sent to the kitchen pronto, so she could help Loretta and the paramedics. That’s when Hélène looked at Maggie with an inquisitive face!


‘While I was helping Loretta to get in the ambulance, Maggie’s stomach reminded us that she was running on empty since lunch, so Hayden prepared a sandwich for her…’


‘Oooooooohhhh…’ – said Kathleen, Liv and Joelle as they facepalmed themselves.


‘…and I had already told her to stay put and shut up!’ – ‘accused’ Hélène.


Mona Lee Hayden was Loretta (the estate’s cook) number one assistant, and the estate number one gossiper! She had a way to make anyone to talk that was quite legendary! And the ways in which she spread what she had just learned was simply put, epic!


‘So when you managed to return to the kitchen…’ – asked Liv.


‘She was in her fifth…’


‘Fourth! I told you that it was my… fourth… recollection…?’ – The look of disapproval in Hélène’s eyes, and the twisted fun in all the other women’s, was a bit scary…


‘Alright… So you’ve had a weird encounter… And what about Tess? Have you…?’


That girl was priceless! She grabbed her phone immediately with a ‘Oh, s**t!’ kind of look in her face, checked her messages immediately…


…And found something really odd.








‘Girls, are you sure?’ – asked Kathleen to the pleading trio in front of her.


‘Madam… I had a couple of occasions in which she had to cancel our appointments. Back then, there was no social media, but emails. And she never wrote a… dismissal note like this one’ – said Liv, pointing out to the message in the screen of the phone.


‘In the seven months I was her burglar, she had to cancel our meeting only once. She sent me a tweet and it was definitely NOT like this one!’ – affirmed Joelle.


‘Please, Ms. Talbot, she did not wrote that!!!!’ – Almost implored Maggie.


Not that she actually needed their confirmation; she had known Tess for over thirty years. A kind and gentle woman who was married to a creep hollier-than-thou scumbag, perhaps the only good trait in his character was that he actually loved Tess.


No way would she wrote a note so harsh, so… cold.


‘Alright… Here is what we are going to do… I was considering your ‘meeting at the restaurant’ nothing but a prank, maybe from Ebby or maybe even from Tess (she does that, very rarely but still she does). However, this message… Maggie, are you hungry?’


‘A little…?’ – answered the girl in the middle of the trio of ‘burglars’.


‘Joelle, take her to the kitchen and make sure that she is satisfied. Liv will send one of her girls, Madelyn, who is a skilled sketch artist to get a ‘portrait’ of this woman you have met, Maggie. Afterwards, Hélène will take you to one of the cells below…’




Kathleen gently held the young girl’s face with both hands.


‘I am NOT punishing you for being a telltale, I am protecting you. The cells are much harder to be reached than any of my guestrooms… I know that the cots are… what they are, but it’s only for tonight and for your protection… Hélène?’




‘Give her everything you gave to Fredericka ‘Freddie’ Hamon, will you?’


The black woman nodded while suppressing a smile.


‘Liv, assemble a team and go check on Tess’ house…’








‘Surprise…!’ – shouted Joelle as she removed the blindfold.


Maggie blinked for a moment, and then she couldn’t believe her eyes.


She was in one of the guestrooms? With Joelle and Liv?


It all had been so unreal…


At first she had enjoyed some yogurt and slices of papaya as she described the mysterious woman to Madelyn. The girl was very talented and did a quick but good job with what little she had seen (and remembered) of that woman.


Next, her dental hygiene, one of her roommates showed up with her toothbrush, and off she and Hélène went to the cells, after Hélène heard the ‘protest’ that Hayden and Lee had organized against her detention. There was nothing that they could actually do about it, and if Ms. Talbot had said that it was for Maggie’s own good (and on the sly to teach her to keep her mouth shut), then it was for Maggie’s own good!!!!


As soon as they reached the bottom level of the whole complex (why wasn’t it called ‘The Dungeons’?), they went to a small cell detached from the others (who were all unoccupied) with only a cot with a bare mattress inside it, there Hélène told her to strip (albeit there wasn’t any pajama anywhere) and she did it, neatly folding her black jeans trousers and white T-shirt before she handed them to Bonnie (one of the guards of that part of the estate, or dungeoneers as they were called).


And then Hélène and Wallace (the other ‘dungeoneer’) jumped on her.


She tried to protest but a big piece of cloth was carefully shoved inside her mouth, and Wallace took her time wrapping medical bandage around her head, over her mouth and eyes, while Hélène proceeded to tie her arms and her legs, at first with simple stuff.


Then (after Wallace was done) they split it among them, Wallace took care of her legs while Hélène put her hands in a reverse prayer (with LOTS of rope over her arms!).


‘Don’t panic! We mean you no harm! Consider the next twenty minutes (or less) your punishment for not obeying me when I say ‘be quiet!’…’ – said Hélène as soon as she heard Maggie switching from muffled screams for help to a soft cry (or plead).


After they were done… they weren’t! She was carefully placed on the cot and then tautly hogtied by Hélène, albeit she felt fine all along, who then whispered ‘God night’ in her right ear, and she was left alone inside the cell.


Not five minutes passed and then she felt the whole cell… rotate to her right?


‘Wow! Hélène did a great job, didn’t she?’


It was Joelle’s voice. But it wasn’t Joelle’s hands who grabbed her, lifting her body from the cot… Hey, where had the wall beside the cot went to? She was placed kneeling on a… trolley and wheeled to an elevator, who went ‘up’. Next the trolley was wheeled around until it stopped, and two pairs of hands grabbed her and took her to the bed where she now lay on her belly. Kneeling on the bed right in front of her was Joelle, and standing at her right was Liv, still wearing her suit. Joelle on the other hand…


‘Still scared?’ – Joelle taunted her as she removed the soggy mass from inside her mouth. Maggie shot darts at her while Liv held a glass of juice to her lips. Then, after she drank it all, she was looking at the taller (and kneeling) woman with different eyes.


‘You are… magnificent!!!!’


And indeed she was. Well, like Marilyn Monroe, Joelle would look sexy even wearing a sack of potatoes, but with a specially designed (to highlight and enhance her curves) set of white and beige bra and panties that was both classy and spicy?


‘Aren’t you a straight girl like me?’ – Joelle asked as soon as she stopped blushing.


It was Maggie’s turn to blush, and then she lowered her eyes.


‘Thank you. Coming from such a beautiful girl like you means a lot…’ – Joelle said as she lifted Maggie’s head up with the tip of her fingers on the younger girl’s chin.


‘Ahem?’ – came Kathleen’s voice, from a hidden speaker on the bed’s tester, right above Maggie’s head? – ‘Girls, as much as I would love to see Joelle hugging you Maggie, I have no time for that. Maggie, can you keep handling this reverse prayer?’


‘Uh… Yes?’


‘Just for your information, Freddie Hamon is now a doctor in Koln. Seven years ago she worked here and saved my life and, when I asked her what would she like to get as a reward, she said ‘A month as Hélène’s NCF prisoner…’. She had a huge crush in our favorite Haitian gal…  and was in heaven for a whole month! Now girl, I know that you would love a similar experience… But, believe me, if you tell to ANYONE about the secret of that cell… It will take more than a month to let you go…’


‘Madam! Of course I won’t tell anyone! I’ve learned my lesson!!!!’


‘Good. Joelle, gag Maggie and then gag yourself while Liv truss your legs. Now, girls!’


And Joelle lifted her butt from her ankles, resting solely on her knees as she grabbed a roll of tape as tore a few strips, which she placed by her left, before she forced a folded hankie inside Maggie’s mouth. Next she wrapped the tape around her head half a dozen times, then she put a folded pair of panties inside her mouth and smothered strip after strip of tape over her lips in a crisscrossed fashion.


By then Liv had tied Joelle’s ankles crossed and also tied her legs right above the knees, next she made Joelle’s body lower itself (so her crossed feet touched the mattress) and tied a rope around her waist and connected it to her ankles.


Liv’s speed was almost mesmerizing to Maggie as she worked on Joelle’s arms and torso, leaving the (current) second in command at the estate in a taut ball tie fashion.


‘Girls, I’ll be back, hopefully, in about twenty minutes. Until then…’


She kissed each gagged girl’s left cheek, then turned the TV on in a basketball game and waved them goodbye. But as soon as she left the sound went off, and Kathleen’s face appeared in a window on the middle of the screen.


‘Don’t make such a face, Maggie, there is a reason as to why Tess chose all of you to be her ‘Monthly Burglar’, right? And the reason is that you all, even Liv, like to be put in such a distressing situation, don’t you? (…) Don’t you?’


And Maggie conceded and nodded. Yes, more than for the couple of grands, the fact that Tess was a skilled rigger was the main reason why she longed for their monthly meetings. The burglar surprised by her victim as she was about to finish ‘looting’ her place, and who spent two to four hours in tighter bondage after tight bondage until ‘the cops were called’ (Tess called a night and made them a great dinner)…


How she loved those hours!


‘I hope Hélène wasn’t too hard on you, the idea was to teach you a slightly scaring lesion about following orders, but sometimes she gets carried aw…’


Maggie was shaking her head vigorously now.


‘She scared you, but more like a big prank than a trauma thingie?’


Maggie nodded.


‘Alright. We still don’t know what this is all about… In the highly unlikely situation that the mysterious lady confounded you with another of the girls who work here, which means that we have a rat among us, this rat thinks that you are in a cell at the bottom of this estate, and after a series of unfortunate events, she would have to have some serious super- ninja powers to manage to get where you are undetected and even more to meet you. It might be ‘just’ one of my ‘guest’-rooms, but its security is equal to the one in my private bedroom. But it’s probably something related to Tess. By morning, I either will have all the details or, hopefully, will have dealt with it. Moreover, more importantly, I will know what exactly I will be able to share with you Maggie… Until then, I should warn you (and Joelle can confirm) that Liv is into… tickling…’


Oh ****!!!!


With a gagged version of a ‘Yup, brace yourself’ look in her face, Joelle nodded to Maggie’s mute question. Both girls sighed heavily and decided to watch the game…


None of them cheered for any of the teams, but one of them was Joelle’s biggest rival, so in a matter of minutes, each girl was muffledly rooting for a side…









‘Kath? Is that you?’


‘Yes, Tess, it’s me… They are my employees.’


Tess thought for a moment.


‘(…) How many hours the first girl who worked for you (at the time) took to free herself from the very first knots I made on someone’s limbs after I left the girls scouts?’


‘Ramona didn’t take more than three minutes to free herself after that sloppy job…’


‘Oh… God… It’s really you!!!’


And the woman’s face on the screen started to cry. She almost gave her strike team the order to turn the lights on, but what if somebody was watching them? Somebody (who would get quite the raise for that) gave the widow a hankie, and after a while…


‘So it worked?’


‘Such a rude and cold note? Addressed to my codename in the early days of our peculiar relationship? It was fairly obvious that you were asking for help… What’s up?’


‘My daughter-in-law… Kendrick’s wife, Suellen, ‘Su’? She broke into here… she said she did it last week. She found the stash where I kept the pictures, all of them(!), since the very first one!, and stole them all. She has it all, and has already recognized about seven or eight of the girls. She is threatening me AND them…’


‘Unless you do what?’


‘It’s that stupid lot of land that Milo inherited from a great-uncle of his in Oregon.’


‘What about it?’


‘I don’t know, it’s just like half a block in the middle of downtown in one of the towns there. It’s not worth much, there’s no great development project (in Oregon?) that could make it worth a lot in such a short time… But both my sons are fighting each other for it! Somebody is offering twice its value to buy it and Cameron wants to go there and see why such an offer, while Ken wants to sell it right away. Each one has 45% of the land while I have the casting vote with my 10%... and she wants me to sign a bill of sale first thing in the morning! Or she will destroy Leigh’s political career!!! Not to mention…’


‘…Rose’s, Phoebe’s, Marylou’s and Rick’s career…’




‘Clara’s husband, he has a junior position in a law firm… And those are the ones that have public names that could get sullied by busybodies if those pictures went public.’


‘Oh… Kath.. PLEASE!!!!’


‘Theresa Ann Moolins! Don’t you f*****g dare to ask me to help you!!!! Of course I will do it you… YOU…!!!!’ – The sight of hope coming back to the (alas just slightly) younger woman’s face on the screen was enough to calm her down – ‘Don’t… don’t worry about a thing, ok Tess? I have my best people handling the situation but, in order to avoid any trouble for you… Well, they will have to tie you up.’




‘You are about to be burgled, for real, while doing your monthly ‘maintenance visit’ to your brother’s home. The masked guy or gal, your pick, that trussed you up took a lot of things with him… Don’t worry, they will be guarded in one of my vaults from now on. But he or she failed to see that you had hid a phone under the pillows, you waited to be sure that he was gone, grabbed the phone and called ‘9-1-1’… Will you do it?’


‘If you’re telling me to… well, of course! But, why?’


‘Plausible deniability. It’s legalese for ‘what you don’t know can’t be used against you’. You will be taken to a hospital, you will give a statement to the cops… you will be a victim of a crime, NOT the reason or a participant in whatever that I’ll have to do to get your pictures back, my dear. And, starting next month, your monthly troubles/revenge with/against sexy burglars will take place here in my estate, is that clear?’


Tess nodded, and her team of specialists proceeded with the not-so-impromptu plan.


Meanwhile, Kathleen Talbot looked at the screen once more, and pushed play.


A woman with her face hid by shadows (but who, thanks to the most modern softwares available in the market and some social media digging, had already been identified as Angelyne Trask, Suellen’s little sister, the same woman that had met Maggie at the restaurant earlier) threatened Maggie with having ‘the following pictures’ sent to her family, or to her family’s friends and acquaintances, before a series of twenty pictures of Maggie, ‘the Poor Burglar in Distress’, ended the short video.


While photography had always been Tess’ passion and glory, if her husband wasn’t a caveman who knows where her talent could have taken her?, the well done series of ultra-tight bondage brought a smile (then a huge grin) to her lips…


The night when George Bush (the father) became the 41st, back in 1988…


Milo Moolins was in Washington DC, her kids were with her mother, and Tess Moolins got drunk enough to get the amount of courage to talk with ‘the Notorious Kathleen Talbot’! The next morning, she awoke with the mother of all headaches, and after some teasing and cajoling from her girls’ part, she showed to Kathleen, and Ramona and Irma and Valentina, how poor were her ‘knotting skills’… A lot of secret lessons later, she had become quite good… quite good indeed. If she… dared to make some copies… to make ONE copy of ONE picture alone, which one from which model would she chose?


The way Maggie’s long legs, large breasts and lovely hands were entrapped, tied and restrained… Just to choose ONE from that lot of twenty would be maddening!


She nodded to Liv who nodded to… one of the newbies, Felicity? Nope, Prudence!


Liv nodded to Prue and the image in the large screen switched to the ones of her two team leaders. Small windows at the bottom showed Tess being taped up and… were those two actually rooting for opposite teams in that game?


‘Just to be on the safe side… Team A will stand by while Team B strikes. I want things done with swiftness and total precision. Truss that little c**t as hard as she can get, but do not wake up the little girl. Is that clear?’










‘We mean no harm to you, and especially to your daughter…so stop it!’


But she didn’t stop. Both the man and the woman of the couple holding her was more than enough to handle, alone, four or five of her at the same time. And still she bucked and twisted as more and more rope was applied to her body.


‘Stop her, now.’ – came the order through their comlinks.


And another pair of agents immediately jumped on Angelyne.


One minute later she was practically mummified over her own bed.


‘Had enough?’


And the woman wrapped in rope and strips of her bed sheet flipped the bird at them!


‘Knob her fingers while the others search the pla… What?’


The leader of her attackers seemed to hearing something.


‘So that’s why? Ok, I’ll say it to her…’


And the big masked man with a ridiculous goatee knelt by the bed and…


‘We are NOT here to take your daughter with us, we will NOT harm her in any way and we will NOT put her in any danger. And your ex-husband is NOT the one paying us!’


The way she stopped fighting them back, and her expressive eyes (even in the dark) got really big, was almost funny. But they were professionals and had a job to do.


Now only one of them was needed to handle her, another checked her notebook, tablet and computer while the others tore the place apart.


They found nothing but a receipt of five safe deposit boxes at the train station. Team A was told to drug both Ken and Suellen, and then comb their house.


They found nothing.


The next morning seven years old Lana Trask found her mother ‘odd’ when she woke up. A weird couple of friends of her, of whom she had never heard of, were visiting them (‘At such an early hour?’ she asked her mom) and while the man was funny (he did look like Wolverine’s BIG brother) the woman was ‘creepy’ in a curious way...


But she went to school as usual and, as soon as the bus made a turn at the end of the street, the couple (plus two others who were hiding in the basement) tied Angelyne to a chair in the kitchen and waited for about an hour.


A message came from the train station, they had found ‘them’, and two of the agents left the house right away. The couple then tied a stripped to her undies Angelyne hand and foot over her own bed, gagging her with a towel, and left the house.


It took twenty or so minutes for Angelyne to free herself, and she found the pile of Ben Franklins inside an empty drawer in Lana’s room, as they had promised her.


She did not warn her sister about the ‘counter-theft’ of whatever Suellen had stolen from whoever was her victim… She had promised her less than a quarter of what those masked creeps, who had been very respectful to her and her daughter, had left to her.







‘You dumb, stupid, totally moronic… IDIOT!!!!’


No one had ever seen somebody threw those words, or any of such words, to Kathleen inside her own estate, anywhere inside it, until that moment. Sure, she and her friends traded playful insults during ‘The Games’, or any ‘competition’ that happened inside those walls or around the estate. But Tess was serious and Kathleen was stupefied…


‘How the **** do you dare to ask me that after what you did to me?’


The maids and the guards and the ‘nieces’… save for Maggie Magdala and Hélène, they were all thunderstruck. And then Tess grabbed the medium sized trunk box Kathleen had given to her just a couple of minutes earlier, and shoved it in Kathleen’s arms!


Kathleen fell back to her chair with that thing in her arms in such a ridiculous fashion…


‘OF COURSE YOU CAN MAKE COPIES!!!! You want to make copies of all the pictures? Go ahead!!!! You earned that right!!!! YOU STUPID… Ooooohh!!!!’


And Tess spun around and stormed into the big manor behind them.




‘Hélène, dear, could you please lift this thing off of me?’


Immediately three scantily bikini clad girls grabbed the trunk and lifted it, and handled it to the Haitian giantess who thanked them. More girls came closer but, after a while, Kathleen Talbot almost screamed for them to shut up, and then she turned to Joelle.


‘Have all the pictures scanned before dinner, I don’t care how many scanners you have to borrow or even buy, but I want them all scanned in the maximum resolution possible (without any of your usual exaggerations my dear) before nightfall…’


Joelle nodded and, followed by Hélène, returned to the manor through a different door, straight to the scanners that had been brought from the city the night before.


Kathleen then perused the crowd of women in front of her…


‘Girls, please raise your hand whom among you is a good, if not great, photographer.’


Four girls raised their hands. Jessie, Maggie Margaret, Octavia and Summer…


Respectively a tall blonde Iowan, a Harlem born bald black girl, an exquisite ‘mignon’ beauty from Boston and another tall blonde girl (from Illinois)… quite a group.


‘All right you four and you Maggie Mag… Magdala! I want you to go back inside the house and find wherever my really mad-at-me longtime friend went to throw curses at me, wherever it is go there, and I want you to calm her down, to cajole her and to make a proposition to her. Jessie and Octavia, find the tiniest bikini among your own private collections and put it on before you join the other three. Let me make this clear, she is not a lesbian like me, but she is a great rigger and an even better photographer… who only have a pair of very lame pictures of her as the victim of the infamous burglar…’


It took a moment to Maggie to realize that Kathleen was giving her an opening.


‘Hmmm… The Black Kitty?’


Kathleen almost ordered the other laughing girls to immediately grab and throw Maggie inside the pool because of that. As the lighters subsided…


‘That’s how she calls me! The Notorious Black Kitty!!! And Joelle’s nickname was…’


‘Joelle???’ – asked all the women around Maggie, marveled with the revelation.


‘You were saying? What was Joelle’s name in Tess’ fantasies?’


‘The Wild Paw…’ – answered Maggie, prompting another round of laughs…


‘Sigh, she was never good with names… Rose and Dawn, go to one of the deposits and find them catburglar’ stuff. Plus kitty masks and gloves, whips and the likes and, of course, enough material to bind them all… thrice! Which is exactly what is going to happen in a couple of hours anyway. Also, find some supercop stuff for Tess as well…’


Margaret and Summer were having second ideas by the way they were looking at each other. But Maggie was suddenly by her side, facing them all, and…


‘Girls… in the case you haven’t realized it yet, in spite of she being a proud Republican, Tess Moolins is a longtime friend of the boss, make it a three decades long friend, give or take a couple of years. In all this time, Tess had truss up many girls that works or worked for the boss in her burglar fantasies. She likes to be tied up and she LOVES to tie up girls. I am but the latest in a long line of girls whom she respects, cares for and tie as tightly as you ever were or will be trussed up in your lifetimes!!! She’s that good…’


‘Okay… Fine… But… can I pick my own… super-catburglar name?’ – asked Summer.


‘Good luck with that!’ – said Maggie before she grinned.


Now the girls were hooked. Those who had submissive sides, those who liked to learn new ways to restrain their ‘regular victims’/lovers, those just curious… the little ‘play’ she and Tess and Maggie had rehearsed the night before had worked as planned.


‘The Supercoplady versus the Five Kittens’ was still a bad name though…


But it was Tess’s multi-girls bondage fantasies coming to reality, and given the mess that the past week had been for her, she was needing a break…


The upcoming divorce of Kendrick Moolins, the mystery concerning the huge lot of land (definitely not a half-a-block inside some town!) that partially belonged to her…


A weekend fulfilling every single fantasy that it was possible in such a small amount of time, with copies of the pictures to her own collection…


What was that? A security guard, Jonesy?, was handing her a phone




‘Yes Liv?’


‘We have a problem…’


‘Yes, what it is?’








‘...and that sums it up. The forged documents, and how they were put in their current place, it’s more than just a professional job. The quality, and finesse, of the job prevents me from saying that she is just another Bella Schultz or Ricki Arroyos… She definitely is not a teenage girl running from an abusive, or way more than that, upbringing and creating a new identity, based on a poor child who lived but just a few hours if that in some backwater town lost somewhere in the middle of our great country…’


‘Put them back in the screen, please…’


The image in the monstrous screen switched back to the dance saloon, where Tess was giving a (barely rehearsed) workshop on her bondage techniques (‘Her techniques’!), using Maggie as her model, to an audience of twenty-two very interested women.


She had to admit to herself that it was quite surprising the way she had half piled/half suspended the six girls (Rose, dressed as a ‘hot’ bad cop, joined the catburglars’ in their fall) on that corner of the saloon at the end of her largely appreciated (by the audience and Kathleen) ‘Super-Cop’ fantasy, but why do she still had to be wearing it?


She looked ridiculous! Basically the uniform of a less known movie-serial hero adapted to a woman’s body, without those rockets on the sleeves. What was his name again?


Commando Cody? Something like that… and she was in her sixties!


Maggie was wearing but a bikini bottom as a masked Tess kept wrapping rope over her arms and legs, and ‘against’ the ropes already there. And it was her ballgagged face who dominated the screen now. The fact that Tess had made a ponytail with Maggie’s hair, and then used it to anchor her head backwards by tying it to that Gordian knot between Maggie’s shoulder blades, was helping the camera aimed at her.


‘Should we wait for the night to come or…?’


‘No, and you won’t have her sent to do some shore somewhere isolated in the estate so a group of your agents can ambush her. Leave her be…’ – The look in Liv’s face… It was better for her to explain a few things… – ‘Girls? Please leave us be… If anyone asks, tell them that, on a whim, I told Liv to reenact this superb tie-up that Tess placed on Maggie Magdala, so Carole and Franciska are to be sent to here… is that clear?’


The girls nodded and left.


‘Why should we NOT have this ‘Maggie’, whoever she is, interrogated by the hour?’


‘Because you told me, this identity created for her is way too good to be simple stuff like a runaway starting over or an industrial spy. She is something else…’


‘Who could very much endanger everybody at the estate or elsewhere in your life!’


‘I doubt it, but to be on the safe side have the techs to program the computers to monitor her 24/7, if she does anything other than what she’s told to, or any unusual physiologic need, and I want to be warned. Leave her be, as you know she is not against being jumped on by scantily clad girls and overly restrained all of a sudden…’




‘Which is exactly what you will make happen when I tell you to… ‘Girls? The boss wants to see all the maids by the pool getting assaulted by bikini clad burglars…’, a quick distribution of masks and gloves, those who don’t get any will fall victim of the bikini burglars as well, and rolls of tape and coils of rope… and twenty minutes later she’s inside an interrogation room. (…) After you do your job, as best as you are able to with whatever expense you’ll need promptly covered by me, that’s what will happen…’


‘And what job is that?’


‘Find as much as you can about the lovely girl on the screen’s early life. DNA tests? Check the immigration files of that year, the ones immediately before and after too? Do whatever you want to, you have my authorization and full support. We know that the real Magdala Hallerson did not live more than a day, and that this girl didn’t have her current identity before she was eleven years old… So who was she, and from where she came before she was eleven? Is she a Russian spy, a British one or one of our own?’


Carte blanche?’ – asked a more relaxed Liv.


‘And a timetable, you have six months to find as much as you can about her childhood.’


At that moment there was a knock at the door, and a statuesque maid and a bikini clad buxom girl entered the room carrying big paper bags in both hands as they laughed at some joke, and then they both gawked at what they saw on the screen…


‘Beautiful, isn’t? Tess is a skilled bondage rigger, and I am recording her workshop as well, but I really would like to see Liv here showing if she can or not mimics Tess’…’


‘Of course I can! Fran, get down to your panties, now! Carole, remove your top! And… which one would like to go first?’ – Liv asked teasingly as she grabbed the four bags from their hands. Carole and Fran played rock-paper-scissor, Fran won and hummed happily, as she started to remove her clothes, while Carole huffed and pouted.


While, on the screen, the girls examined Maggie’s bonds and let Tess untie her and give her a (quick) respite, Liv told Fran to lie on her belly on a desk and went to work…





The end












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