The Wrong Girl




She was the wrong girl at the wrong place but, definitely, at the right time!


Last time she had been in this town she had stayed in a real hotel, but now she could only afford this fleabag. She was here to forget, at least for the weekend, that she didn’t had a home nor a job anymore. After the very strenuous past three months, she deserved a time for herself. And that’s what she was going to get!


She looked at herself in the mirror when she got out of the shower and put on a pair of silk white panties and pink negligée. 29 years old, and looking hotter than many late teens beach bunnies that she would meet tomorrow... OK, many of them would have bigger breasts and bigger... behinds... but who else in town had such legs? And the face was more than just fine; especially her big (and very expressive) brown eyes.


It wasn’t like she was ‘hunting men’, but Monday come and she’ll be completely focussed in her new life in another town, so she deserved a little fun before a very tough year that lied ahead. She went to sleep hoping that she would be employed and with a home coming next Friday. It did happen as she wished, but...


It was nearly 3 AM when she was awakened by the sound of the door, which she had locked, being opened by two shadows. She tried to turn on the lights but they didn’t worked. Then she saw the shadows getting closer and closer to the bed...


They jumped on her as she was threatening to wake up the whole block with her screams. Something was shoved inside her mouth while a pair of strong hands held her arms above her head. A blade was positioned right below her chin and she was told to ‘stop making a fuss’, which she did, then she heard tape being ripped and they started to immobilize her.


They crossed her wrists in front of her and taped them, then they wrapped tape above and below her breasts a few turns, her crossed wrists were placed right above her breasts and few other turns were done, leaving her upper torso completely trapped in tape.


As they were doing her legs she started to see better in the dim light of the room (provided by the lights coming from the windows). They were in two, not very bulky guys, but she already knew how strong they were. One of them was a woman more or less of her own size and the other one a tall and thin man. Then…


‘Freeze! Police! Drop your weapons and stay away from her, to the wall NOW!’


She could only see a flashlight and what looked like the muzzle of a gun. The voice was female, a bit harsh and with a slight hint of uneasiness. The flashlight illuminated the faces of her two attackers and she could see them clearly, as long as the woman didn’t aimed the light to her eyes that is. The man was really thin, in his early thirties, completely bald and nosey. The woman was more or less of her age and size, she was African-American and had a bigger bust than her own, both were dressed casually yet with style (as if they had planned to go to a night club instead of kidnap her).


They obeyed the policewoman’s orders and walked backwards staying with their back to the nearest wall. Then she saw a shadow behind the policewoman’s one, and all heard a ‘thud!’, and the flashlight dropped on the floor at the same time that the policewoman did.


Whoever had knocked her out cold wasted no time in restraining her. As she was holding a pair of handcuffs in her hands when he struck her, he used them to secure her hands behind her back. The flashlight was aiming at the woman’s face and left enough light to allow her to see how he quickly used a roll of tape to restrain her.


Since her previous two attacker were busy finishing her leg wraps, she had no obstacle to see the policewoman (supposing that she was really one). The woman was in her early twenties, she was probably the younger person in the room, and was a redhead with short hair and freckles. The man finished to tape her up and shoved something inside her mouth, then he merely placed a couple of strip of the tape over her lips, smoothed it and checked his prisoner. And whistled quite audibly.


‘I know this bitch! She’s Nan O’Hara, the latest in a family of cops and a rookie!’


‘You’re sure? Are you sure of it?’


‘Of course I am! Last time her father arrested me, six months ago, he was all smiles because his little girl had entered the ‘family business’, he showed her picture to everybody in the precinct, including me. It makes sense…’


‘What makes sense?’


The man, who was doing most of the talking, was a woman? Tall, strong and very little feminine. Almost like a man in drags, but his… her voice, albeit cold and dry, was of a woman, definitely! She was dressed in what looked like a mechanics’ overall.


‘Think about it… half the town is in VanBurkin’s pocket, that witch they elected as the DA had to find an unknown and yet trustworthy person to guard the witness that can put Mister VB behind bars for life, who better to fit the application but the latest batch of a family of cops, and quite an unknown one at that? Who else could guard our lil’ Bessie here?’


Bessie? BESSIE? Wait a moment, did they thought that she was Elizabeth Brent, the most wanted witness (by the bad guys of that state) in all history? Even she had heard about her in her hometown three states to the east and they were thinking that she was her?


How could they?




The man/woman’s hand was covering her lower face almost completely in no time. It was like a giant paw made of steel. What little and unintelligible sound she was able to make a moment before was now completely obstructed.


‘Quiet Bessie, we have orders to take you with us…’


But she wasn’t Elizabeth!!!! Her name was Magdalene ‘Maggie’ Rubirossa! While the real Bessie Brent was giving lap dances in one of VanBurkin’s joints she was sleeping in her room at her mother’s house, and she worked in a electronics store during the day! And she was over five hundred miles away from that town the night in which VanBurkin used Elizabeth as a ruse to trap that undercover narc cop!




‘QUIET! Mister VanBurkin ordered us to bring you to him alive and in one piece, but I can smack you a few times if I need to. It would be a big shame to hurt a gal like you, but I’ll do it if I need to. So don’t give me any more fuss! Is that clear?’


She nodded as best and as little as she could. The woman took her easily in her arms and shoved her over right shoulder very easily. Her knees confirmed that she was being held (and felt) by a woman. Her breasts were very smallish, but they were there.


They left the room in a hurry, leaving the fallen rookie cop still out on the floor behind them. As they got out she saw that there were no lights everywhere, the whole block if not the whole Southeastern part of the town was engulfed in complete darkness.


Five minutes later she was inside a SUV, sitting in the lap of the giant woman. They had blindfolded her with tape and told her to shut up, she even received a series of sound slaps on her buttocks when she tried to tell them that they were making a huge mistake.


Unable to do anything else, Maggie fainted.






Back at the motel another team was doing their job. They were using night goggles, so the darkness didn’t hindered their movements in any way. Two of them went to check on Nan.

She had awakened and found herself completely unable to move but in wormlike fashion, and her attempts to attract anyone’s attentions had been fruitless so far.


She felt their hands holding her still as her legs were freed. The back-up team! But why did they only freed her legs? With a bit of force, she was helped to get up and dragged outside the motel, she was flanked by a couple of musclebound fellas. The scarce light that she got at the moment helped her to identify a man on her left and a woman on her right. And both had lots of muscles! There was an awaiting van in the parking lot. They helped her to get inside, taped her legs and left her in a tight hogtie. Then she heard a voice coming front the front of the van says ‘Don’t worry Nan, it’s just us… again’, and froze.


Oh NO! She was in the hands of that rope freak… AGAIN??!!!


The couple sent to the room where Nan had been staying for the past three days found the real Elizabeth Brent inside the bath tub. The first thing that Nan did when she saw the lights going out when she was watching a movie on TV was to grab her gun, the second was to check in the window what was happening, and the third was to warn Elizabeth to not make any sound. As if this was necessary or even possible!


Elizabeth had been the epitome of the ‘hostile witnesses’ of the world. She had tried to flee five times, had knocked her out cold and tied her up (with very lame knots), had insulted her… when the DA had told her that she was allowed to do anything to keep Elizabeth alive, six days before, Nan had not wasted time into showing to Bessie HOW to tie a woman properly so she can’t free herself in less than five minutes. Fortunately she had found that padded gag with a lock in that sex shop in the other side of town (in which she bought many other stuff that she had been used the past days), it allowed her to allow Elizabeth to have a bath and use the loo unobserved.


Elizabeth’s sleeping ties for that night were the pair of padded wrist to thigh cuffs and a pair of ankle cuffs, plus three strips of microfoam tape over her lips. And even if she was able to move and talk the raw terror she was feeling at that moment wouldn’t let her do none of these things. When Nan saw the attackers invade the wrong room she thanked all her saints and helped/forced Elizabeth to lie on her belly inside the tub, then she grabbed a roll of red tape (why couldn’t those guys had any roll of more common tape back at that sex shop?) and further enhanced Elizabeth inability to move and talk.


Now two pairs of hands were cutting the tape and a woman, a big giantess of one, was holding her in a bridal fashion. She was whispering to Elizabeth that everything was going to be alright, that soon she wouldn’t have to fear VanBurkin ever again…






‘You idiot!!!’


Those were the last words that Pablo Benicio heard. In the next moment Harvey VanBurkin shot him dead and aimed the gun at Tasha and Ursula. Then he turned around and aimed to the girl lying on the floor. She had saw him and was completely hysterical.


‘Somebody shut this bitch up!!!’


Ursula immediately walked to where the girl was, grabbed her as if she was a feather and kept one of her big hands over the girls already overly gagged lips, with the other arm she kept Maggie against her massive frame and at about one feet off the floor.


‘You! What do read in this paper here?’


VanBurkin shoved the piece of paper, in which his older son had wrote the complete address of the real address of the place in which that Sino American bitch at the DA office was hiding Bessie, in one of his thug’s face. As the man wasn’t stupid he read out loud: ‘Penn’s Motel, 156 Finnley Ave., room ‘7’’. And all the other thugs in the room repeated the same thing. But his younger son said ‘Penn’s Motel, 156 Finnley Ave., room ‘1’’.


‘Don’t you dare to…’


‘Hey Carl, if you had a legible handwriting we would not be in such a mess…’




To himself, he could admit that the ‘7’ could pass for a ‘1’, but he was too furious right now to do it. He had provided a blackout to cover up the whole thing, he had managed to pass the order trough all those bugs that the DA office and the FBI (and who knows else) had placed in all his phones, he had even managed to discover that the ‘secret location’ of Elizabeth’s whereabouts that has been leaked to him was actually a ruse of that witch to find out who was leaking information to him from her office. He had lost three good spies inside the DA’s building but, at least, hadn’t sent his men to a well elaborated trap.


And because that stupid Pablo Benicio had read ‘1’ and not ‘7’ that stupid bimbo who had dared to agree to testify against him had escaped! His men had returned to the Penn’s Motel and found no one, both in rooms 1 and 7. Probably Bessie had waited until she was sure that the coast was clear, then she had sneaked to this pathetic bitch’s room and freed that cop, then both had fled from the place in no time.


Yeah, probably that was what had happened to them. But what now?


‘YOU and YOU! Take this bitch outta my sight right now! Finish her and make the corpse disappear. FOR EVER. The rest follow me!’


No one saw the slight nod that Ken VanBurkin gave to Ursula as he was leaving the room in the back of the Lolla’s (another one of his father’s strip joints). Maggie was now trembling and crying under Ursula’s grip. She couldn’t believe that she was going to die!


Then she felt the woman’s hand relax her grip over her taped lips. For a moment the hand was gone, then it was back, pressing a sweet scented cloth against her nostrils, a way too sweet scented cloth… Maggie went limp in Ursula’s arms in no time.


Again she was carried by Ursula as if she was a sack of potatoes. It wasn’t unusual to the employees to see a half naked gal bound like salami being taken that way from the joint. It only meant that someone had bought that particular dame and she was to be delivered to her new owner ASAP. True, none of the guys recognized the girl as one of the babes that worked at Lolla’s, but that didn’t meant anything. She was probably another new gal in town fooled by VanBurkin Jr.’s job proposal, which was a way to attract strippers from out of town to the awaiting hands (and ropes) of Jr’s side business…






As expected, VanBurkin’s proverbial temper got the best of him and he didn’t check on the new info he received about Elizabeth’s whereabouts. An abandoned hotel for hunters in the mountains near town. A quick check up told him that the place had been closed for seven years, but someone had ordered that both water and light were reconnected a few days before. And according to some sources, three ‘untouchables’ cops had been spotted less than one hour before en route to that place. There was nothing else along the unused road in which those two highway patrolmen (that always had gave him great info) had seen them.


So VanBurkin gathered all the men that he could manage to find in five minutes (about two dozen of them) and drove to that hotel in a convoy of seven vehicles.


In the meantime, both patrolmen lay peacefully drugged, stripped of all their clothes minus their underpants and severely tied up and gagged inside the trunk of their patrol car…






At that hour of the night they were expecting that the girls were sleeping, they should have been fed with drugged food like every night sometime around 9:00 PM. She checked on her watch again, 4:48 AM, all girls sound asleep in their cages.


But where were the keepers?


As much as she enjoyed the sight of the perfectly round naked behind of her captive, Ursula forced herself to deposit the chloroformed Maggie over the table in front of the row of oversized dog cages. It had been Jr’s idea, to help them break even more the girl’s morale and spirit but without really damaging their bodies too much. He had contacted a local manufacturer who had provided him twenty cages that he had bolted in a row to the floor in the back room of that deposit at the docks; there was a very noisy and legitimate business in the front, behind the soundproof walls, but the real profits came from that back room.


Of course, he wouldn’t let such valuable ‘goods’ unobserved. There were always at least six guys around to watch, and definitely not touch them in any way but the really necessary ones, the captives. But there wasn’t anyone at the back door or playing poker and watching TV inside. Actually the TV was on, and there was warm coffee in a mug over the table.


Three months before Jr. had hired a guy called Nimbus (real name unknown), smart dude but a bit too funny. He liked to play jokes on the others, albeit very unlikely all of this could be one of his jokes. Yet, both Tasha and Ursula drew their guns and decided to check on the place. If it was one of Nimbus’ jokes he would lose a few teeth!


First Tasha kept guard while Ursula placed Maggie in a strict hogtie, she was arched back to the point that her hands were touching the soles of her feet. There was a beam about five feet above Ursula’s head, she threw a rope over it and Maggie’s body was left mostly suspended in the air, only her face and breasts touched the table. Then they went to check on the deposit. They found all seven keepers, five men and two men, bound and gagged in the office of the front business. All had been drugged and stripped to their underwear.


No phone was working and the gizmo that Jr. had ordered to be left activated all times, and that was hidden somewhere in the building, was preventing them to use their cellphones. Carefully, and yet with all the speed they could use at the moment, both women returned to the back room since they didn’t had any key but the ones of the back door with them.


When they had entered that room, less than twenty minutes before, there were fourteen girls sleeping inside the cages. They had not bothered to check on them, just a quick glance, but they could see that all were young, naked and hogtied with hand and ankle cuffs linked very closely, plus lots and lots of zip ties applied freely over their bodies made sure that they couldn’t move too much even if they weren’t inside such restrictive containers.


Now there were sixteen naked girls inside the cages.






The hotel wasn’t that big, just two floors and about three dozen of rooms. They could see some shadows in the room at one of the corners, but they were weirdly ecstatic. Not a hint of movement or life coming from them. VanBurkin couldn’t care less.


He, his two sons and most of his thugs darted through the front door and to the stairs, storming inside the room and finding… six store mannequins? At the same time that the same conclusion dawned in all of them (‘It’s a trap!’), they heard a series of explosions and rushed to the windows of the room. Their cars, all of them, were in flames.


Some had exploded in a Hollywood like fashion and others were just burning, but now they were trapped in the mountains, at about twenty miles from the town!






While they were searching for the missing keepers in the front of the deposit, someone had broken the keys of the back doors leaving part of them still jammed inside the locks. They returned to the table where Maggie still was half lying half suspended from and discussed what they should do next. In the middle of the discussion Tasha realized that Ursula was taking a look at the two new girls that had been placed inside the cages while they were out of the room. Both were white girls and a bit too distant from each other.


One of them was a redhead placed at the farthest cage on the right, the other was a brunette with long flowing hair that was blocking the sight of her face, and this girl was in a cage between that stripper with the biggest set of breasts (fake obviously but still impressive) that she had ever seen and a Japanese tourist that had seen too much. Jr. didn’t liked to kill women, specially the young and beautiful ones, he preferred to sell them.


Then Tasha recognized the redhead in the cage at the corner. It was the cop that Ursula had taped up a few hours before!!! A couple of moments later the brunette’s head moved in her sleep and the hair was shaken off her face. It was Bessie!!!


Both looked at each other and then at the room. Boxes pilled up in one side, the door to the front in another, the door to the cargo area (and their blocked exit) in the opposite one of the later and the row of cages on the last one. They decided to take Nan and Bessie out of their cages, wake them up somehow and extract the truth from them somehow. At the very least they would have two shields to use against their mysterious foes!


They walked until they stood in front of the cages where their targets were locked inside. They had been restrained exactly the same way that the other girls had, and it all looked real bonds to both of them. Both Tasha and Ursula knelt on the floor at the same time, looked at each other and nodded, and touched the cages at the same time.


And received the electrical discharge at the same time…






Morning came and someone, an informant that disappeared from the face of the Earth that very same day to never ever be heard from again, tipped Harry O’Hara that his missing sister was locked inside a deposit at the docks. Soon all seven O’Hara in the police force, and their partners and friends in the force, converged to the deposit.


They found a group of regular and honest workers trying to get inside their workplace but completely unable to do so. They could hear some activity inside, then someone yelled that he had managed to open the back door, which had almost fell over him since its bolts were gone. Carefully the cops entered the deposit, and found the cages…


Seventeen girls, heavily drugged and wearing only a flimsy panties each were found inside them that morning. All were under thirty years old, some had been reported missing and they soon found evidences of what was the intended destiny to all of them.


One of the girls was their beloved Nancy O’Hara, another one a missing Japanese tourist, a quartet of co-eds from the local colleges, two strippers from the VanBurkins joints and the most important of them all, the star witness of the DA office, Elizabeth Brent.


Attached to one of the cages was a note. ‘It was them..., again…’ said Jack O’Hara Sr.’s partner as he shredded the note in tiny pieces and guarded them inside his breast pocket.


No one outside that room ever heard of that note.


Joan Cheng, the first woman to be the DA of the town, managed to get all the warrants she had ever wanted before noon. The FBI, all honest cops and the press were soon taking down every enterprise of the VanBurkin family in the town.


The mysterious disappearance of all VanBurkins made it easier since none of their lieutenants had enough power to take the necessary decisions at the moment for him/herself (thanks to Harvey VanBurkin’s famous inability to trust in his subordinates). One of them was stupid enough to receive the cops with his guns shooting all its loads…


The list of city officials in the VanBurkin’s pockets was growing by the hour, and when he finally reappeared, leading his sons and men out of the woods, around 4:30 PM he couldn’t understood what was going on, he left his men behind on their own and tried to reach the state’s international border that very night, but was arrested and sent back to town.






If Elizabeth Brent was so much wanted by the local mob because she would testify, liking it or not since she had not any other option, that Harvey VanBurkin had ordered her to lure officer David Gianetti to her apartment and then had paid her a weekend in the Grand Canyon, so he could ‘teach him a lesson’ (Gianetti’s remains were found one month later), she had testified that she had seen him shooting and killing Pablo Benicio, for his mistake about Elizabeth’s room at that motel, and had sent him to the death row!


Now she was Felicity Schubert, owner of a small pet shop in a city in Maine, she had changed her hair color, her nose and used lens to change her eyes’ color, was a registered Democrat and kept a very low profile. She even had a boyfriend.


The therapist, that she saw twice every week, and the retired sheriff were the only ones that knew who she really was. Or so she thought.


They were very polite, and the interrogatory was being conducted by their leader in a very civilized manner. She was blindfolded and tied up in a way that she sat cross-legged in her own bed. Albeit a bit harsh, they had respected her enough to the point to put the cup of her bra back in place after they finished the tying of her arms. And, finally, it was over…


‘Thank you for your cooperation Ms. Schubert. My friend, the one kneeling behind you, will stay guarding you for the next three hours. Then she’ll drug you and remove all your bonds. Albeit fast coming and deep, the sleep provided by the drug will be very short and you’ll wake up, free of any bonds, in less than twenty minutes. Then you’ll have two options; in the first you’ll contact agent Kaneda of the US Marshall, and will lose all your friends and new love and will be relocated faster than you can say ‘Shazam’, or you can forget the whole incident. We have not the slightest desire to tell those who really want to know where you are about your new identity, they are… our rivals in business and besides, you helped them by removing that loose cannon from their side. Gag her.’


As the sponge was delicately placed inside her mouth she could hear the woman getting out of room, being preceded and followed by at least a couple of persons, and the small woman behind her undoing the knot on her blindfold. In minutes she was receiving the massage of her life, all the tension of the past three hours was vanishing under the caresses and grip of those wonderful fingers. At first she had felt fear when the woman stripped her completely, but now she had almost forgotten it. The massage lasted for hours…






‘Nothing. She didn’t saw who put her inside that cage, like that O’Hara girl didn’t saw who took her from the motel and put her inside her own.’


No one, absolutely no one, had any clue about the ‘unknown other gang’ (as the media had called them) that had helped the FBI to get rid of the VanBurkin family. She had lost a few operatives that she had managed to infiltrate in the VanBurkin’s operations, and some money too, but that didn’t mattered much to her.


What really had gotten her mad about the whole thing was the note that she found on her bed two weeks after the events that she had just forced the cutie to remember.


She was visiting one of her many safehouses in the South and had left that night to dinner at a local restaurant to start her relationship with the local bosses. When she returned home everything seemed normal, until she found her four personal maids, and the official owner of the house and her daughter, all bound and gagged in their underwear on HER bed.


They hadn’t seen any of their attackers’ faces, which the hidden identified as being six men and three women, and besides the binding had not been molested by them.


Then she found the note, inside an envelope taped in the back of Bianca. ‘We strongly recommend that you return to Italy ASAP… The Uncanny Friendship.’


She had learned everything that there was to know about them, and it was very few. But they had invaded HER home, bound and gagged HER friends and maids and, by far most important of everything, they had threatened HER.


‘So… what do we do now?’


‘Go back to that town, nab the O’Hara girl and have a serious talk with her, it seems that all the cops of that area of this country knows more than they tell about this… this ‘Uncanny Friendship’… as they call themselves. I don’t want any sort of permanent harm on her body and soul, but use drugs if necessary. And I want you to…’






‘Its confirmed, Maggie Rubirossa a.k.a. Felicity Schubert was visited by them a few days ago. Probably by the Duchess herself. No real harm except for a few ropemarks…’


He didn’t bothered to hear what their assistant was saying anymore.


It had been a mistake to involve that poor girl, who got herself face first in the whole mess, just because that stupid goon couldn’t read his boss handwriting! They had quickly adapted the plan to her presence (and silently prayed that VanBurkin didn’t killed her in one of his famous rage attacks) and, against his vote, had decided to let her be kidnapped.


If VanBurkin’s goons had invaded the right room that night they would not let Elizabeth Brent be kidnapped in the first place!!! Then why did they had let Maggie Rubirossa spend so many hours of shear fear? Because: ‘The realization that his men got the wrong girl, and that the right one got away, will shake VanBurkin. He doesn’t shows it but he really fears the idea of spending some time behind bars. It scares him. Right now he’s expecting to get his hands on the woman that is the cause of his fears. And if he doesn’t, and we do it right, he’ll probably become soon a resident of the state’s Death Row!’


That gambler’s argumentation had won the most votes of the Council. But what if VanBurkin had killed Ms. Rubirossa? He hadn’t, but THEY HAD ACCEPTED THE RISK! THEY HAD GAMBLED WITH THE LIFE OF AN INNOCENT GIRL!


Counselor 6 was a very dangerous man, he would end up putting the Friendhip at risk if they didn’t neutralized him. Problem was that he was the best friend (no pun intended) of Counselors 1, 9, 10 and 11, whom usually backed his ideas. But he had to be stopped!!!

‘Counselors! Counselors! Bad news!’


And now their Media Management Chief was informing them that it was confirmed. Sgt. Nan O’Hara was kidnapped from her dentist’s chair by a group of five masked thugs.


They had left the dentist, her secretary and a couple of clients bound and gagged behind with a note attached to the dentist’s chair: ‘I am sorry my friends, but I don’t intend to return to my hometown. I decided to invite Miss O’Hara to a mug of tea and a chit-chat about her Uncanny Friendships… Aux revoirs…’


Clever and brilliant. During their nearly a century of activities, they had become a legend among most police forces of the West Coast (and the FBI of course). Now with the public and daring kidnapping of such a famous (and woman and young and beautiful) police officer they would generate a lot of heat among the police forces. People would talk about what ‘Uncanny Friendships’ the note was talking about and soon someone would say something that would reach her ears, something very interesting to her…


So Counselor 6, you wanted a war with the Duchess… Now you have it… YOUR TURN!!



The End