Any other woman would scream or shriek at the sight of my 5’7”, completely covered in black from head to toe, appearing out of nowhere in her own bedroom as she was expecting her loved one and with a gun in my right hand and a roll of tape in my left one.


She didn’t. She knew exactly who I was or rather, who had sent me.


‘How… how did you find me?’


‘Before anything else, strip completely and lay down on your belly on this edge of your bed with your wrists crossed and so your ankles. Now please.’


She bit her lower lip, hesitated and then she gave up. I know the feeling, you spend a lot of time looking over your shoulder and hoping not to find whom you’re afraid to see. And then finally, after six years in her case, you’re right in front of your nightmare…


I knew that during these years she hadn’t taken any classes in self defense, I knew that she trusted in the four guns that I had unloaded earlier, in her big and burly girlfriend (a hot chick like her a lesbian? What a waste) that was now hanging from her feet in a closet downstairs and in a last resort in the security guards of the resort where she was living, the same guys that had drunk the coffee I wanted them to.


She knew that, for now, there was nothing she could have to fear from me. For now.


The petite lady quickly was standing in front of me in a flimsy green set of lacy underwear. But I had told her to undress completely. She hesitated and removed her bra but begged me with her eyes to keep the panties on. I pretended to comply.


She then carefully sprawled herself on the bed and took the position I had ordered her to, I wrapped six or seven turns of black electrician tape over her wrists and ankles and around her head. She was using her black hair very short anyway. I lifted her so she was kneeling on the bed in front of me, I wrapped a few more turns above and below her small breasts and then I yanked her panties from her body and injected the stuff in her.


Her muffled scream of surprise was followed by another as I grabbed her, made her stand, turned her around and threw her over my shoulder, all in ten or less seconds. Small breasts, but big and firm behind that I pretended to grab to have a better hold over her body, but my intentions were way too obvious. She protested and I slapped her a few times.


There was a thumping sound coming from the closet under the stairs, the Amazon she lived with was trying to free herself probably. OK, more rope for you babe.


I deposited the target on the stairs, where she stayed trying to scream for me to not hurt her lover as she didn’t dared to stand or crawl on her butt, and opened the door of the closet… and found it that surprisingly it was been occupied by my partner Jillian.


She was still wearing her black military pants and jacket, but gone were her mask and I could see her distraught for having been caught. She was standing tied very efficiently and precariously with her ankles crossed and gagged with black strips of cloth, torn from her T-shirt, and her bra was missing (her attacker her packed her mouth with it) and was looking past me. I crouched right on time to avoid a baseball bat…


It was the thief’s lover, a former Army lady that taught self defense classes for women and was well respected in the area for her knowledge of it.


She was a couple of inches taller than me, leaner and stark naked as I had left her and with rope marks all over her arms and legs. And was aiming the bat again…


I dodged it at the same time that I prepared an inclined roundhouse kick, she dodge it for her turn and soon we were realizing how good the other was when it came for martial arts. We trashed the place with our fight as the two women we loved watched and not very mutely cheered our efforts. She made me lose a teeth, I sent her KO and won the fight.


I quickly grabbed the backpack that I had threw away at my right before engaging in the fight completely, threw its contents on the floor and picked three rolls of duct tape that I used on the woman. I wouldn’t give that crossing between Houdini and Cammy (she was blonde and had it dangling in a single braid in her back) a chance to get free this time. I had a three hours drive before the meeting and I needed that the police wasn’t alerted before that. So I mummified the fighting blonde almost completely, only her firm and round breasts, head and feet poked out of the silver mass of tape after I finished it, thirty minutes later. Cursing myself for having wasted so much time taping the bodybuilder, I undid the knot of the strip that held Jillian’s ankles together, grabbed the petite lady (that now was crying as her last chance of freedom was gone) and went outside.


Jillian stood dumbfound for a moment, she couldn’t believe that I would not free her right away and precariously (she was still tied at the knees) went after me in a foul mood. I was busy making sure that the hogtie in which I was putting the woman was bearable. It was, she would have a few cramps from it but nothing really damaging.


Jillian stood at my side now, her large breast going up and down with every breath her fuming forced her to take a bit too loud. How could she have messed a simple stuff like ‘go check the lady downstairs’ the way she did? I ignored her protests and made she join the accountant in the back of the van, in a similar fashion of the black lady. Boy did she fight as I applied the tape! But I slapped her now exposed behind (I had removed her pants and panties) and told her that she was either going to spend a few hours that way in silence or was going to spent hours that way and would not receive her share of the money.


She protested, probably trying to remind me that without her help I would not have been able to take care of the guards. Which reminded me of the first woman I had bound and gagged that night, the guard that Morgan had substituted. I warned them both to stay put and silent, closed the side door of the van and drove to the entrance of the resort.


She was still there with the snoring guards… and with Morgan that was waiting for us as she combed the bound girl’s hair while they were kneeling on the floor?


‘Hi, everything went… fine..?’


‘Almost, the target’s lovebird gave me a hard time. You?’


She stood up and looked at the naked mid-forties woman on floor.


‘Couldn’t be better. Like I told you nobody passes here after 2 AM on Wednesdays, I was enjoying some harmless fun with this MILF, she’s really the mother of three?, since there’s no time and no space for real fun. Do we have to…?’


My glare answered that question. She gulped and knelt behind the woman again checking all the knots we, I could see some of her handiwork, had put on the captive. My ties were of rope, hers were of scarves and neckties, she grabbed a few more scarves and started to use them to bind the woman’s arms a little more.


Weird, how she did that? That lady wasn’t exactly passive when I had her strip and tied her inside the van behind me a few hours back. Now she meekly protested to every new cinch and caress that Morgan gave her as she quickly, yet efficiently, encased each folded leg in scarves and rope, made sure that the MILF’s arms weren’t moving more than a couple of inches from her back and reinforced the gag.


She jumped on the van and laughed at the sight of her younger sister, then went to action and the three ladies spend the whole trip (that was uneventful for me) with her combing her captive sister’s hair and binding, unbinding and rebinding the target about four times, then she recombed her sister hair and returned her attention to the petite captive. It was how she dealt with the ever growing stress of the situation.


Dawn found us three, we had to keep some aspect of respectability so Morgan gave Jillian her freedom and clothes back, waiting for a boat at a desert dock of a lake. They came and it was exchange time; the last girl of my ‘harem’ for the target. They let her out of the boat’s interior in her birthday suit, plus a black ballgag jammed into her mouth, a sturdy leather strap blindfolding her grey-blue eyes and cuffs adorning her wrists.


Jillian wanted to pick her gun, and it wasn’t just part of the ‘play’ we had rehearsed as soon as the video that they sent to us, with images of her bound naked to a metallic column in a basement, had arrived in my secret e-mail account.


I wanted to shoot them as well. But if I knew then there was a sniper aiming at us from somewhere in the woods behind us, and they had all their guns on their hands, save for their leader. OK, ********, you think you’re soooo smart…


I don’t know all the details, suffice to say that our target had stolen important data from a multi-billions company years ago and had disappeared. We accidentally discovered where she was hiding and offered our services to the company, they had Sue Ellen kidnapped so we would have to do the job for free. Now we three had our hands raised in the air as the leader of the kidnappers slapped our friend every time she tried to protest about his big hand’s actions in her body. And he kept a firm smug expression in his face…


One of his goons opened the side door of the van, grabbed our target and threw her over his shoulder, then with his free hand he shot all the tires of the van and its engine. The leader shoved our naked friend on the ground and ‘thanking’ us he and his goons returned to the boat and left with our target. Whom was carrying a heavy load of nanorobots in her body.


The stuff that I had injected her hours earlier. We would follow the company’s script until our friend/cousin/lover was safe in a hospital bed. Afterwards…


About one hour later they arrived.


It’s good to have friends on the job, big time good friends. They came in three vehicles, one of them left straight to the nearest reliable hospital moments later. In the other two were guns, ammo and whatever we needed to our hunting season, plus some very eager people that wanted to help us. The tracking device showed that by then our target was en route, probably airborne due to its velocity, but we knew where it was going to.


It was a silent 8 hours trip that went across the Canadian border and deep into Alberta, way up North and North, until we reached our destination. We are good in our line of work, which is why we demand such a big fee for our services, the moment we decided that we would make them pay for their avarice/greediness we started to look to the most probable place where they would take the woman after they pricked her from our hands.


So the ‘refuge’ of the ********* who had decided to force us to do the job ‘for free’ in the Canadian Rocky Mountains was the best place for him to ‘question’ his former mistress with the help of his goons. All fourteen of them.


Against the nine of us.


They never had a chance... I’ll spare you of the bloody details, but to put it simple we took them down in pairs or alone, and they died without warning their comrades of our attack.


Boogie and Carleton found the woman I had abducted, she was drugged and cuffed into a tight hogtie inside a dog cage in the basement of the place that barely contained her body, she had given everything that they wanted after some slaps and punches and they had just decided to ‘store’ her in order to check if the info she gave them was true. A bleeding nose and a black, plus some bruises, was all that she got from them.


Next to the dog cage a guy was working on a computer, transferring all the money from her accounts to the ones he was supposed to... until Carleton killed him and called Tinker Bell who, in a matter of minutes, emptied most of the (secret) accounts of the guys who did not wanted to pay my bill. It was too much money for us to handle, so...


Hmmm... I am getting a little bit ahead...


Well, as my buddies were taking down the thugs me and the girls went straight to master room of the place. As I was about to open the door a topless girl opened it from the inside.

She had her head turned back to the room she was leaving and managed to say ‘...and two crêpes Suzette, okay I got it...’ as she stumbled on me. Morgan closed the door for her as Jillian and me made her nicely mute and helpless and unable to warn the guy inside the room of our presence. Which was way too easy by the way...


Her name was ‘Wendy’, her real name was Danielle something, she wanted to be a dentist but ended up as a six digits prostitute. She had the body of one and nothing else.


No fighting style whatsoever in her brain, no self control to try to resist, just two of the loveliest frightened eyes and one of the nicest natural and really round pair of breasts I had ever seen. She barely registered my presence when she turned her head up front when I put my left hand over her mouth, Jillian was already grabbing her wrists and looping rope over them, I shoved a ball shaped sponge inside her mouth and wrapped a long thick scarf over it. Jillian was already finishing to tie her arms together and in front of her, so she forced the girl to fold her arms, as much as those huge… bags allowed her to, and wrapped rope enough to really trap them to her torso. I slapped three pre-cut strips of tape over her parted lips and handed her to Jillian and Morgan, and I entered the room...


I am NOT going to talk about it, I don’t intend to look like I am bragging or proud. He deserved it, he more than deserve it, and I gave it to him. End of that part of the story.


When I finished I went downstairs, Carleton and Mallassi had removed all the bodies in the living room which was where everybody had gathered, and they had put the kidnapped woman on a sofa. Tryton (and not ‘Triton’, it’s his surname and it has an ‘y’) who has some good medical knowledge was tending to her and gave us her general condition. She was fine, but she would not woke up for at least five hours. Then Tinker Bell told us how much money she had swindled from my ‘clients’...


It was too much money...


Carleton, Mallassi, Tryton, Tinker Bell, Jonesy and Wesley... I didn’t have to push them too much in order to accept 3.5 millions each for their help. They were all my friends and would have done it for free, but it was too much money and I needed to spend part of it anyway and they did deserve their millions. The rest was left to Tinker Bell in order to create such a mess with the company’s finances, but nothing like break the company or the likes, that it would attract the attention of every law enforcement of both sides of the border against them... including the IRS. You know what happened next...


And to think that all that they had to do was to pay me what I had demanded for the lady...


Anyway, by then Morgan and Jillian had hogtied Danielle over the table of the coffee table of the room, and Jonesy pointed at her and asked me what I wanted him to do with her. But Tinker Bell just said ‘I will take her with me if you don’t mind’ without even taking her eyes from the screen in front of her, I remembered her that the girl was not supposed to go the press or the police in any circumstance, she sighed audibly looked at me as if she was going to say ‘Doh!’ like in the ‘Simpsons’... and she took the girl with her.


I mean not then, we still had to get back to our side of the border, so she went upstairs and grabbed a blanket, wrapped the thong bikini bottom clad (and very buxom) girl in it (with Danielle still tightly hogtied) and asked Jonesy to carry her to the seaplane that had brought her former ‘client’ (and herself) to the place. Me (I could fly that thing with my eyes closed) and Jillian, plus Tryton and his ‘patient’ completed the occupation of the seaplane, Morgan would ride with the boys, and five minutes later the place was as the Mounties found them two days later. Minus a few guns that they (the boys) took with them…


When we were airborne I received a call from the doctor who was in charge of Sue Ellen.


The video who was attached to the call showed Sue Ellen peacefully sleeping on a hospital bed, plus the doctor and a nurse writhing on the floor next to the bed. Both women had still their scrubs on, plus lots of black electrician tape over their legs (they had taped one woman’s taped knees to the other’s taped ankles), arms, torso and heads (so they were gagged and blindfolded with it). They were in between the bed and the room’s door, the doctor’s head was closer to the door and nurse’s was closer to the bed.


And the voice who greeted me was a familiar one. Felicia (of the Phantom Gang, those two interracial couples that are sometimes way too good to be true, but are that true anyway?), whom I had worked with just six months before (a simple B&E in Buffalo that no one, except those who were our targets, noticed before it was too late to prevent our success), long time friend of the Amazon who had gave me a hard time nearly a day before, and she was inside the room were Sue Ellen was sleeping thanks to some sedative.


Before she made any demands or anything I told her what had happened so far, and I could hear a commotion as she told the Amazon (who also was in the room) that I was going to return her petite lover to her anyway (so the whole ‘helpless girl captive on an hospital bed’ situation was unnecessary). Felicia said that they were going to be leaving in a moment and would made it possible for one or two of the doctors/nurses of the very private clinic to free him/herself as they did. They chose a bald guy in his late fifties.


I got a call from the doctor, and this time it was really her, nine minutes later.


In exchange of her silence, and all her clinic’s staff’s one (except for the bald guy, whom a quick investigation of mine pointed out as the one who had told the Phantom Gang about Sue Ellen, he got fired after the doctor paid some guys to teach him a lesson…), I paid ten times the bill she handed me five days later. No one said a thing to anybody, and if somebody did it then it would damage their reputation in our middle anyway...


The Amazon, plus all the Phantom Gang, was at the very same dock that we had been hours before, it was afternoon and there still was no one around to see us. By now the kidnapped woman had awakened, so much for Tryton’s estimations!, and she was very anxious to meet her wife again. The kiss that those two exchanged... whoa!


I told the two of them what had happened and why, Tinker Bell gave them the new number of their offshore bank accounts (which had doubled in size) and the Amazon (never got her name right, it was ‘Tina’ or ‘Dinah’, something like that) asked me if there was any chance that anyone went after her wife again. Tinker Bell answered that one for me, she showed them the news about the former employers of one of them... the mess that we all know about... and said that if they did it right, no one would ever hear of them again...


So the Amazon gave Tinker Bell quite a kiss, gave ME another Hollywood kiss and then she punched me on the chin with all her strength!!!


By the time I woke up they were long gone...


Me and the girls drove Tinker Bell (and her new ‘toy’) and Tryton to where they had parked their cars, Tryton helped Tinker Bell to put Dani in her car’s trunk and off they both went, and me and the girls put on some more ‘normal’ clothes before we drove to where Sue Ellen was waiting for us, well sort off, we had to wait a few hours before she woke up.

I never told them what I did to that worm.


In the end we had quite a haul from the whole story, even after I paid everybody and all that I had nearly ten times what I had tried to get at the beginning of the whole story! The girls, all three of them, knew that they could trust in me, so all they did was spend like crazy shopaholics and give me the bills... and I still got a lot of money even after that.


The woman I kidnapped and her Amazon wife? Never heard of them again...


But the other day Jillian did need to go to the dentist. We had just moved our ‘base’ to Indianapolis, and she went to look for a new dentist for all of us, and she found Danielle!


Tinker Bell ‘kept’ her (not what you think, TB is not a lesbian, remember? She just like them stringently tied up, wearing revealing bikini maid outfits and sometimes both things at the same time) for a couple of months, as she created another one of her ‘perfect fake IDs’. After she was sure that Dani would leave her old life, and wouldn’t tell no one about what she had seen and heard that day, she drove her to Indiana and left her in her new home.


Yep, TB bought a house for Dani (with what she thought was reasonable as Dani’s share of the money from those accounts) had it completely furnished according to what Dani had told her she wished that her house was like… and left the house owner tied and cuffed up in TB’s usual abusive way over the bed, warning her that she’d have to worm her way to the kitchen to find the keys of all those cuffs she had on her body, and that she (TB) had a link to her state of the art security system (another ‘request’ that Danielle gave TB without realizing it) so she was going to record every single second of it!


It took Danielle nearly three hours to get to the kitchen…


Anyway, she’s fine, has a whole new life and a job in that town and no one, especially her husband, need to know about her past or how she got out of it.


And she’s a great dentist too...





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