The Triple Assault at the Blackmailer’s Party




My story? Well...


I had paid my share and was clean for nearly four years straight when my wife called me on the phone in the middle of the day. Somebody wanted me to do a ‘job’. I would have ignored the proposition, like I had done with the twelve or thirteen prior to that one, if the ‘potential client’ wasn’t who he was and proposed to pay what he was proposing:


Judge Emmanuel Raphael Paulson Moore III.


And what he was offering as a payment?


My brother-in-law’s freedom, plus some money for help us to pay his treatment (he was back then in the early stages of one of the meanest cancers that exists).


A powerful figure, with ultra-clean reputation and an exemplary past like Judge Moore could do miracles for my brother-in-law’s hearing at the parole commission...


Apparently the judge’s wife, a regular customer of the beauty shop were my wife worked, had managed to have a very private conversation in a room in the back thanks to the help of the owner of the shop. She told my wife that the judge was being the target of a blackmailer and he needed that someone stole the ‘evidences’ (whatever they were, the lady was very vague – and a bit ashamed according to Elsa) from his safe. And for many years there was no safe I couldn’t crack! Thus... I needed to have a personal chat with the judge...


So I visited every member of the board of the parole and explained the same thing to them: Jack was a nice man, he had cancer, his conviction happened due to non-violent offenses... blah blah blah... then one of the members of the board said to me (in public) what I already knew, that the problem was that Jack had been convicted to thirty years in jail, and he had been there for only four years, unless I didn’t found anyone besides me (a multiple times convicted felon) to talk in his name... I pretended to research who could have a positive influence towards the board and found four names, one of them was judge Paulson.


I met all four in public places and, when I met the judge while he was leaving the court for a quick lunch in a restaurant nearby, I pretended to be THE boring plaintiff... I followed him into the restaurant and managed to ‘convince’ him to give me five minutes in private.


Five minutes later he was in the middle of a stern lecture of what somebody could and couldn’t do to convince a judge to appease to his pleas, and I had a pen-drive with all the info I needed about my target. Don’t think that the judge was a hypocrite or the likes.


To use my skills and pay the pre-arranged price was really eating him from the inside out!


Later that day the judge collapsed on his bench in the middle of a trial and had to be rushed to a hospital. I had to say about a hundred times the same story to the cops, that I was only trying to see what I could do to get Jack out of the prison on parole, and hear from all of them that I had quite probably blew it totally if the judge died.


I returned to my home at about the time I had to leave to work on the gas station, Elsa had already called them and told them that I had got the flu and was in bed. I had three cups of coffee before I checked on the data in the pen-drive.


I had heard about this guy. Kenneth Walterson, he had made some big money with the bubble, got it out right on time and invested here and there all over town. And now wanted to be a councilman, with obvious intentions to be the mayor in a few years.


There was a deadline, the following Friday, and a long list of what I could and couldn’t do to get the ‘discs’ from his safe. Basically I could bind, gag, conk and threaten (moderately – and there a long definition of what was moderate for the judge) to get the discs, as long as I did it in adult people. Children and teenagers, or tweenagers as they call themselves these days, were strictly forbidden. To kill was even more forbidden. The judges stated in the instructions that if he merely thought that I had gone too far, then he would call a press conference and confess everything..., to hell with his own reputation!


Ok, so what could the judge have done (leaving proofs behind him) that this Kenneth had found out and was forcing him to go against his obvious firm and stony principles?


Like it mattered one bit. I realized that I had the perfect opportunity, Ken’s Halloween Masked Ball in his own place, coming up in the following Wednesday so I relaxed, went to work diligently for the next days, got a chit-chat with detective Prudence (Joe Prudence, one of the most tenacious members of the police force) about what I really wanted with the judge (his investigations had showed that someone was really disturbing the judge and he was suspecting of either treats or blackmail), I really thought that I had managed to fool him with the ‘but I only wanted to talk with him about jack’ excuse, and called for help.


While I went to jail a few times, Carol Jones had never ever been caught and had managed to hide her real source of income very well from the IRS and everybody else. To the world she owned a flower shop and had made quite a few successful investments with the money she got from her grandfather’s will, which was partially true. But for the past seventeen years she had been responsible for the most successful jewels heists in the state! Sometimes her victims only realized that she had robbed them weeks if not months after the theft, other times she had to use rope and scarves on the soon to be previous owners of the jewels (but they never managed to get a real description of her to the police).


She did it more for the thrills than the money she achieved (which she used to have very wild vacations and was saving some for her retirement), and I had taught her a trick or two so she gladly agreed to help me when I stopped at her shop to ‘buy something’ for Elsa’s birthday. Turns out that it was Elsa herself who gave us the tip of how we could get inside Ken’s place during the ball. Carol called a friend California called Freddie Boswell, a ultra tattooed gothic (The greatest one seemed like a stylized black dragon and covered most of her back) chick who was a hacker and a registered nurse (besides being a burglar) and brought us the fantasies we were going to use in the ‘job’. We needed the help of a nurse because we were going to... ‘borrow’ the invitations from a pregnant woman’s husband.



Let me explain that better; Jules Garrity was a tall and strong ex-marine who had many bills to pay and due to then current crisis had to do whatever his boss, one of the many business partners of Walker in town, demanded him to if he wanted to keep his job.


And his boss had said that he was going to be her escort at the party, even with his wife in the last days of a double pregnancy.


Quite the ******** boss that dame and I haven't even started to tell you about her...


Jules and his wife lived in a small apartment in a condo at the North side of town, almost no security at all and close to many other masked parties that were going to happen that night. So even if someone spotted a masked Arabian raider (yours truly), Joan of Arc (Carol) and a ‘modern’ Goth vampiress (Freddie) on that particular neighborhood, he or she wouldn’t give us a second look. And that’s what happened.


We entered the elevator and got a pleasant surprise when it stopped at their floor. Jules, dressed like a Viking of the movies of the 50’s (horned helm and all) was rushing towards us, begging all the way that we hold the lift for him, while his wife (that he held in his arms) tried to reassure him that everything was fine. The babies were coming.


Behind the couple came what was undoubtedly the wife’s younger sister. Same hair, same brown eyes, same nose, almost the same face and a couple of years less than the calmer person (at the moment) of the family, which put her in her early twenties. Like her sister she was a little chubby, wearing a tight indigo/black jeans trouser and a white T-shirt.


Then, as we were more in the automatic pilot than anything else, we helped the big and burly guy to get inside the elevator and he said something that was music to our ears...


He asked Jen (his sister-in-law) to tell his boss that he was going to be with his wife as she brought his kids to the world, and if that cost him his job so be it. He was going to be incommunicable for the next hours no matter what ‘Ms. Mathison’ said!


Jen told him that she was going to do it while I looked at the others and made them understand that we were going to let things flow for now. I helped the young couple to find a cab; he thanked me and went at top speed to the nearest hospital. The horned helm had somehow ended up in Jen’s hand who thanked me for my help and told us that she had a few calls to make before she went to the hospital.


We entered the elevator with her. Nine minutes later Freddie was cinching the last knots while Carol smoothed the tape over Jen’s lips. Quick and efficient job, and now she was lying hogtied over the master bedroom’s bed. Her fists were balled up and with socks taped over them, which gave them the look of knobs, and her ankles had been crossed. Now that she was sure that we didn’t meant any real harm to her she was starting to get furious with us. Carol patted her head, put the helmet on her head (which ended up covering all of the upper side of her face), shut the lights and closed the doors. I had disconnected he phone lines, the batteries of her three cell phones were in my pocket and the invitation to the party was in the other pocket. The only problem was that the invitation was personal, in the name of ‘Jules and Patricia Garrity and Jennifer Miles’.


Carol simply asked Freddie if she wanted to go to a party full of ‘masked bozos and potential targets’ instead of going back to LA, there was no pregnant woman for her to tend to anymore, and the answer came in the form of a question: ‘Will it be fun?’


‘Fun’ had many meaning to Freddie, but a ‘fun’ job was one in which there was thrill, there was action, there was fear and there was at least a ***** for her to ‘play’ with. Well, the first thing that we would have to do when we got at the party was to ‘neutralize’ Kathleen Mathison, and if there was a ***** in town, it was her. So...




Kathleen Mathison was the epitome of a Gold Digger, she had used her charms and looks to marry a wealthy and old rich guy, who died within a year of the wedding, and took over his assets and companies with a ferocity equaled only by her ruthlessness (and naiveté) on doing business. She was also the best friend of Ken’s wife, a former beauty queen (and famous for her drinking problems) called Toni Walkerson.


On entering the manor we quickly mingled up with the masked guests while evaluating the place. One hour later we met at a corner in the garden and compared notes.


We now knew that: Everybody who was somebody in the whole State was there; rumor has it that Toni has been drinking again and Kathleen was ‘helping’ her (Carol overheard a conversation in which the possibility of Ken file for divorce in the next month, to marry Kathleen, was brought up by the most famous gossiper of the town); the few security guards were already having trouble with the more ‘wild’ (intoxicated and/or on drugs) guests of the party (whose number seemed to be increasing by the minute); Ken had locked himself in the library with five big names of the city and state’s political spheres debating his upcoming candidacy; and that Joe Prudence and his partner Therése ‘Terry’ Duval were at the party disguised as a catholic priest and a nun.


Damn! How close this hanger-on was of the blackmail?


That was something really fishy; it raised both my eyebrows at the same time... As I said before, my wife Elsa had gave me everything she could about Jules and his pregnant wife and all the data I had about the security system came from a reliable source, a hacker, who worked at the public library of the Main Street. What was the link between those them?


Terry Duval. She was the best friend of the owner of the beauty shop where Elsa worked since forever, and had been the one that managed to find a decent and honest job for the 16 years old genius that had gave me the layouts/blueprints of the Walterson Manor. Since Terry had prevented that the shop’s owner youngest daughter was beaten to death by her then husband, who entered the hospital with both his arms broken before being booked, Terry had a start treatment (and some information) every time she went to the shop. Jerry (the hacker), or better, Jerry’s mother had a very great esteem for Terry (whom she called every week to say how her ‘precious baby’ was doing and, more rarely, to ask for a little help since it seemed that ‘some bad people’ were after her son). It could be nothing; it could be something, were the two nastier goody two shoes of town springing a trap on me?

No. Not even them would try something like that without the proper back-up. And neither one of us three had seen another cop at the party, the guards were really guards (big and burly ones but no cops), so they were on their own... apparently.


I hadn’t see them, but Carol had recognized the 6’3” ‘father’ right away, and when the sexiest ‘nun’ (Terry had plans of being a model before her father was killed in a B&E at his office) that she ever seen came to the ‘father’ and whispered in his ears she deduced that it was Terry, same height and black eyes (she was masked), a ridiculously obvious wig to mask her jet black hair and the posture/body gesture of a cop. It had to be Terry.


And she... no... they were there. At the same party that we crashing into...


One step at the time. We needed to make sure that the only person who could identify us as not being whom we claimed to be was ‘unavailable’ for the rest of the night. If by any chance we had to deal with the most famous local alcoholic and one or two maids at the same time, so be it. We carefully slipped to the upper floor, the ‘nun’ was nowhere in sight and the ‘priest’ was having a private (and apparently heated) conversation with his ‘host’ in the garden, and headed straight to Toni’s room (she didn’t slept in the same room that Ken since her third internment in a clinic last year). We played like I was going to have some fun with my two female companions and were a bit intoxicated, in case any hidden camera was watching us, and tried to open the door of Toni’s room.


It was locked and we could, even with the loud music coming from downstairs, hear a faint mewling sound coming from inside. Still playing the drunk/horny-threesome-in-search-of-a-room act, we pretended to check on other rooms while we approached the stair to the third and last floor. There were only three rooms on that floor: Ken’s giant sized master bedroom, Ken’s private study and the security room. And there was supposed to have someone standing by the stairway that led to that floor.


There wasn’t anyone, except two bullet holes on the wall next to the stairway. Now we couldn’t care less about our ‘act’ we rushed through the stairs and went straight to the security room. A tall and muscular woman with short jet black hair and a couple of prison tattoos on her back and in her mid thirties was lying naked on the floor in front of the desk with sixteen monitors turned off, she was struggling against the black electrician tape that kept her locked in a tight hogtie, gagged and blindfolded in earnest.


She felt our presence and begged for our help, but we simply ignored her the best we could (after having some trouble into moving her to a corner of the small room so we could have a better look at the now back to action cameras), until her muffled complaints were too noisy and Freddie ripped more tape and spanked her mercilessly before cutting the tape that created the hogtie and mummified the woman.


By then Carol had managed to access the database of the security system and we were watching what had happened. In one of the monitors while we checked in the others what was happening around the manor. The party was happening, people was having fun, and Ken Walterson and Joe Prudence were being prevented from keep on fighting with the help of some guests right by the ‘K’ shaped swimming pool of the place?


Ken was sporting a black eye and Joe’s fantasy was torn in a few places, and they were obviously not exchanging pleasantries. Two security guards ‘escorted’ detective Joe to outside the manor, weirdly none of the twelve guards (that we managed to see) did any attempt to communicate with the woman lying on the floor behind us. Ken returned to the library to his meeting with the politicians and the agitation became a more normal one.


Then we saw something interesting, Ken’s private secretary, a buxom red-haired lady in a strictly minimal ‘gypsy’ fantasy (just a little more than a blue string bikini adorned with a few scarves), went to look for someone. Three minutes later she found her, the nun, and told her something which make the nun follow her to a study in the back of the house.


Three guards jumped on the nun, who was really Terry, and after a brief struggle they had a securely knotted package on their hands. The fact that Terry was wearing a spandex (or the likes) black costume underneath the nun’s fantasy wasn’t exactly a surprise, but that she had three concealed weapons and two knives with her was.


The guards added more rope until she was turned into a tightly balled up captive. Two of them grabbed the human ball and placed her in a dumbwaiter; the secretary kissed her on her tape gagged lips, slapped her hard and pressed the up button. We heard an engine sound and suddenly there was a muffled mewl coming from behind us. The dumbwaiter with Terry on it stopped, we opened the small door and retrieved the cop lady (who seemed to recognize me but was puzzled as whom were the others) and we heard the melodic, and filled with obvious kinky intents, voice of the secretary telling ‘Loretta’ (the guard at Terry’s right) to ‘have fun but leave some for me.’ But that wasn’t everything.


‘Loretta’ answered!


‘Sure... say, why don’t you pick up a waitress and we have a little competition between the cop and her, after I gave the b**** the proper treatment to break her will?’


‘One hour?’


‘Hum, make it one and a half... and don’t cheat on me bringing the brunette from Idaho.’


‘Loretta’s voice was coming from somewhere else, Freddie quickly found the gizmo that made it look like it was coming from the security room while Carol finally discovered what had happened in that room and downstairs and who was locked inside Toni’s room.


And none of it made any sense!


Toni, drunken-all-the-time Toni, boozer-carouser-guzzler sponge... Toni? Well, she wasn’t exactly alone. There was a maid and a masked woman on her side. The maid was dressed just like the other ones around the house, think about a very conservative black (corseted in the front) dress whose pleated skirt goes way below the knees and a white and extremely lacy pinafore, white collar and cuffs (also lacy and fluffy) and shoulder puffs. And on top of it all a white tiara. The whole thing was sort of a sexy amalgam between the exaggerated ‘French Maid’ fantasy from the Japanese cartoons and a sober Victorian Maid.


The fact that ALL the maids of the house were beautiful bosomy young ladies just added some more spice to the whole picture. And I remember that while all of them had plastered dentifrice adds smiles over their faces, some of the eyes and looks told me another story.


And the girl who suddenly appeared at the hallway of the 2nd floor and asked the help of the giant (at least 6,5”) guard, that was at the post at the base of the staircase that lead to the 3rd floor, was obviously scared and shaking. She needed his help because a ninja woman was having some trouble, it really seemed that she had drunk too much and was about to make a scene. Said woman was wearing one of those ninja outfits that leaves only the eyes uncovered and it was in a light color (pink actually), and was obviously stronger than the frail beauty. So the guard left his post... and was tased by both women.


He managed to grab his gun as soon as the ladies grabbed the tasers but his gun had a silencer on it, and he missed the shots that ended up hitting the wall. As the ninja and the maid undressed and tied up the guy, Toni Walterson (still looking great even with all the evidences of her self-inflicted abuse on her own body) rushed past them coming from her room. She was barefoot and wearing the same bikini that Ursula Andress used in ‘Dr. No’, the maid left the job of restrain and drag the dude to Toni’s room to the ninja and run after her. ‘Loretta’ was sleeping on her chair, a mug of (obviously) spiked coffee was dangling on her right hand. And the look in both Toni’s and the maid’s eyes said everything to me.


They hated the taller and stronger Loretta, no... more than hate and despise combined. They quickly stripped the woman and reduced her to her current state and spread something all over the woman’s nude body (itching powder) and they enjoyed the way how she jerked back to reality and looked like a wild horse on a rodeo, they even laughed... then they looked at each other and did feel very ashamed and embarrassed, and hugged each other as they cried, they removed most of the itching powder of Loretta’s skin and spanked her.


Then something happened that they watched on the monitors and rushed out of the room.


Downstairs the ninja had finally managed to dragged the overly restrained and mummified to the door of Toni’s room, opened it to put him inside... and received a powerful headbutt in her stomach! None other than Kathleen Mathison appeared at the monitors.


She was naked, gagged and with her arms and hands useless due to the absurd amount of tape used on them, and there was some tape on her legs, but somehow she had managed to cut it (or more like have it cut for her) and now was running towards another maid!


At the moment I couldn’t see the obviously black girl’s face, only from the neck down in a camera and on her back in another. She was tall and a bit less busty than the other maids (Look, the legend that Kenneth demanded that his maids were at least 36C is not a legend but a fact!), and her posture struck me and the others a bit oddly.


Anyway the relieved Kathleen rushed to her, the ninja struggled to get her breath back and Toni and the maid were running at top speed to intercept the new maid and Kathleen. Then Toni, the maid and Kathleen realized that the new maid didn’t belonged to the house’ staff.

And when she grabbed Kathleen by the waist, holding her firmly while pointing a gun to the two women that had rushed downstairs and now were panting as they raised their hands, she moved a few steps forward and we all recognized her. And gulped at the same time.




Crazy, ‘sniper-queen’ and quite legendary CINNAMON!


She shoved Kathleen into Toni and the maid’s hands and they all walked back to the door entrance of Toni’s room. The ninja had recovered enough to sit on the floor and remove the hood of the uniform, and I recognized her as an old timer called Diana Lime who went downhill after she became addicted to drugs over twenty years before.


And Cinnamon seemed to have recognized her, they talked for a while (with Diana doing the most of it, probably explaining what was going on) and Toni tried to get in the middle of conversation at one point. The maid had her as unbelievably taped and gagged as Kathleen was in no time, then Diana taped the maid the same way and with Cinnamon’s help herded the trio of taped women back to Toni’s room, and closed the door.


‘Hello? ‘Lake Superior’, are you there?’


‘Lake Superior’ was the alias I used when I accepted the help of a still unknown, yet very promising, Cinnamon a few weeks before the failed heist that made me enjoy the State’s ‘hospitality’ for six years. Her alias was ‘Lake Huron’, so that’s what I called her.


‘I’m here, ‘Lake Huron’. What are you doing here?’


‘I am here to steal something that I believe that you are also after and kill the owner of the house. He is way out of his mind in his desire to become governor or senator ASAP, and messed up big time with the wrong kind of people. And you?’


‘I am after a peculiar kind of ‘parrots’ (data in our ciphered language)...’


‘So am I, so am I... On my word, you and those two have nothing to fear from me. Bring the cop lady and the security chief along with you, please...?’


‘Sure. I’ll be down there in a moment.’


Like myself, Carol was frightened with the mere idea of being in the same room than Cinnamon, while Freddie was starting to look like she was ecstatic... I grabbed the tall security lady and threw her over my shoulder, I would regret that in the morning but at the moment my focus was on being with Cinnamon ASAP, while Carol and Freddie undid the ropes that kept Terry balled up and rewrapped them in a furious frenzy to further even more Terry’s helplessness. Then an idea occurred to me and I made the ‘V’ sign.


‘‘Defeat is not an option’. Yes, ‘Lake Superior’, I can see you...’


That was the sign I should give to her, the sniper on that team I worked in back then, if I sensed that something was wrong with the exchange that took place one early morning in the shores of Lake Huron. Fortunately everything went as predicted and we got the data we wanted and a guy got his older daughter back home safe, in one piece and with 600 dollars she won in a poker game with me and a buddy whom I will call ‘Lake Ontario’...


You guys know how I suck at poker! Stop laughing dammit!


We quickly as possible got ourselves in front of the door to Toni’s room, which was opened to us as I raised my clenched hand to knock on it. If you guys ever need a reason to not use drugs just check two pictures of Diana lemon, one in her prime and the other today. She was wearing only her bra and panties and was sporting a blue tape gag over her lips. All the other women in the room, with the exception of Cinnamon, her helper and the maid who had helped Toni, were naked, gagged, blindfolded and restrained very efficiently.




Because they were all good looking women (even Toni), mostly young and we all know how much Cinnamon has a thing for naked beautiful young captives...


Toni was standing with her back against the left front post of her large four post bed, and even considering that she still had most of all the previous tape wrapped to her body by the maid she had been well tied to the post. She seemed way too passive for my tastes , she was actually praying non-stop under the gag for everything end up well to her, and was obviously lost in a world of her own. Cinnamon told me to leave her alone.


Kathleen, was lying spread-eagled on the bed behind Toni. And four women had been tied up and threw over her spread body. A blonde with long hair was lying on her side, crudely hogtied and over Kathleen’s left leg. A brunette with the largest natural pair of breasts of the women was frog tied and resting her head on Kathleen’s belly. The most busty of the women, albeit those were obviously fake, was a fake blonde who was tied kneeling on the bed and with her torso and arms tied to the bed’s left back post. Finally, the less endowed girl in the room, and the only Oriental one, was tied also kneeling and in a way that Kathleen right arm stood between her folded legs... on a closer look I saw that actually the arm was tied to the legs. All these women were gagged and blindfolded with white microfoam tape. And weren’t making any real noise so well packed was their mouths.


On the floor and besides each of Toni’s legs were two other girls, who seemed to be Latinas, who were quietly sobbing and crying with their heads down. They also seemed to be gagged and blindfolded, albeit with the same strips of cloth that kept them in a fixed kneeling position, their ankles were tied to their thighs, there was a long strip that went from the knot that finished and held the elaborate tie in the arms (that practically fixed their crossed wrists pointing up and between their shoulder blades) and linked it to the post in which Toni was tied to. Both girls were very lookalike (they were Spanish twins).


Then there was the maid who (seemingly) had helped Toni to overpower Kathleen and the others. She was stark naked and gagged, but otherwise she wasn’t restrained in any way, and siting on a cushion on the floor. And one of the three laptops in the room was laying closed in her lap. As soon as she saw me carrying Loretta in a bridal style she stood up pointing to a closet at the left of the bed and practically guided me to there, she opened the door and I saw two naked men writhing on the floor as they had been turned into semi-mummies with white and red tape. She grabbed a couples of rolls of tape and... well you know how that ******** was found by the police, don't you guys?


Her work, not mine. Stop laughing!


Then there was Cinnamon's helper. A hacker, burglar and other things like Freddie, a petite blonde babe dressed as a 'jungle girl'       (a tiger patterned bikini with fake tiger skin dangling over the breasts, strings of the bikini and between her legs) and wearing, I swear!, a Zorro-like mask also patterned as tiger skin! Finally, Cinnamon was really, really, ravishing like an Amazon of a Post-Apocalyptic World. Remember how Tina Turner was dressed in Mad Max 3? Did you ever watched the movie? Oh, you did. Well, less clothes, even better legs and a real killer look... got the picture? Both frightening and mesmerizing.


When I returned to the room with the girl in tow, I noticed that both Carol and Freddie were now flanking the 'Mexican Twins' as I had mentally nicknamed them. But besides a strip of blue tape over their mouths and the fact that they were kneeling on the floor with they hands on their heads, they were fine. Carol was still scared but Freddie was looking at Cinnamon like she had just met her biggest idol! That girl had serious issues to deal with.


Cinnamon was busy making sure that Terry would not be able to see and hear anything, having wrapped tape over cotton pads over the cop's eyes she was plugging and taping  plug on her ears, a quick check on the knots (and a compliment to both Carol and Freddie for their craftiness) and she turned her attention to me.


'Care to explain what you are doing here?'


'Only if you tell me what you are doing here afterwards...'


'Give-me a couple of minutes to tape those plugs in all those girls and ******'s ears and we can start. Care to help me and my galpal?'


So for two minutes we deafened the captives (except Diana, Carol and Freddie), the maid was ignored by Cinnamon and 'Tigra' (as I called her) and then I told her everything, only idiots try to lie to that woman, while she explained to me what was going on with her.


Do you really want to know for whom she was working for?


Thought so.


Suffice to say is that the megalomaniac sociopath known as Ken Walterson realized that he needed a bunch of killers to do his really dirty work. His security guards and other crew would do almost any crime that he ordered them, but he needed... he thought that he needed 'pros' under his thumb. So he went after someone, set a trap for this someone and then he could send this person behind bars or even to the Death Row anytime he wanted.


Then the person in question contacted Cinnamon, she asked for the help of' Tigra and they 'borrowed' their clothes from the bodies of two of the many models hired by Ken to 'enlighten' his party. The owners of the clothes were locked inside Cinnamon's provisory hideout, which was their own apartment (they were friends and roommates). Tigra had found their address, provided a good set of fake IDs for her and Cinnamon with the models names on them, they easily overpowered the duo and there they were.


She had 'replaced' a maid (the brunette) who was left sharing a closet with Tigra to better check on the upper levels of the house, and ended up overpowering Toni, Diana and the others, capturing another guard and two or three maids. Then just after they installed their gizmos in the security room they went to collect the brunette maid in a closet on the first floor and had to lock themselves inside the room as they saw our impending arrival. Cinnamon had used her forced stay at Toni's room to put back on her costume.


OK, that explained Cinnamon and Tigra's presence, but what was going on with Toni, Diana and the maid? Seeing the obvious questions in my eyes and the way I looked to the three, Cinnamon told Diana to remove her gag and tell me everything.


Ken's plans required the necessary trophy wife, which was the only reason why he had married Toni. No serious, all that body and curves and breasts and he only wanted someone to look good by his side in the campaign photos! Yeah, I was a married man back then, I loved my wife and everything else. BUT I WAS NOT DEAD, WAS I?


Anyway, as I was saying, Ken's plans required a trophy wife. What he forgot to do when he dated and married Toni was to check if Toni was amoral enough to stand the life by his side, which Toni's alcoholism proved she wasn't. Oh come on! The story of his abuses on her, with Kathleen's, Loretta's and Marjorie's help is way well documented! He quickly found out how 'weak' (in his terms of course) his wife was, but his wife 'best friend' soon became a suitable substitute. Problem was what to do with Toni, she knew too much.


As much as he believed that he could commit the perfect crime, he realized that he needed to be patient, plan very well and execute it even better or it would not be the 'perfect' crime. So he decided to count with Toni's increasing dependence on the bottles of bourbon.


Four of the past five internment of Toni had been fabricated by Ken, Loretta or Kathleen.


They had put something on the water she drank which had made her become maniacal... no... way out of control. Some money to the owner of the clinic she went to and he was making sure that the weakened woman was very receptive to his...


How can I say that? ...Hummm...


Well, he was being paid to NOT help her. He was making sure that she felt bad and badder, I really don't know if the story that Ken was planning to make Toni commit suicide is true or not. But if it isn't – mark my words on that one –, it it's not true, then I can assure you that Ken was planning to 'suicide' her. And considering how Loretta, Marjorie... Marjorie is the name of Ken' secretary (doh!)... and many of his personal staff was ready to claim that she was really wanting to kill herself, and all the then previous public and shameful incidents would be a proof of her bipolarity or whatever. Perfect crime.


Problem is that Diana, who was interned at that peculiar clinic last time Toni was sent there and was really trying to finally get rid of the drugs, ...Diana had not lost her 'feeling'. She trusted her doctor, most of the orderlies and she actually trusted almost everyone at that clinic. Except the owner of the place. And when Toni was brought and presented to him she told me later that it was like seeing a fox welcoming a hen...


She managed to hide a mike in the doctor/owner's office and watched and recorded a couple of Toni's session. Her doctor, whom she trusted was not in league with the owner of the clinic (and wasn't), heard the tapes a bit... reluctantly, Diana didn't explained what she did with him, but in the end he was pissed with his boss, and decided to help Toni.


Together Diana and her doctor managed to exchange the 'remedy' prescribed by the owner with real medicine. Have Toni have real support was a bit tricky, the story that she jumped on Toni and tied her up and locked her in a closet with her doctor who then explained to her what the owner of the clinic really was doing... well it's true, and far more kinkier than that!


Anyway, little by little Diana managed to have everything exposed to Toni...


Why she was helping Toni that much and in that way? Diana messed up with her life for long twenty years, very long very twenty very years! She wanted, no... she needed to do something 'good and right', more like for herself than for Toni.


But as I was saying... Eventually she managed to get all the evidences she needed, at least against the owner of the clinic. So she, Diana and her doctor cornered him at his own home. Diana and her doctor – no  I don't know his name – had helped Toni to escape from the clinic and they... well they made sure that the doctor understood that from them on it was real help for Toni, real medicine for Toni and lies after lies for Ken!


Toni just pretended to be bad and worst than Ken expected when she returned from the clinic, Ken even paid a large extra to the owner for his 'spectacular' job..., and didn't accepted any pill that came from anybody's hand at her own home. She pretended to swallow them and spat them in the blind spots of the cameras’ surveillance.


The problem, for Toni, was that she was in Ken's hands. Don't ask me what he had on her. She didn't told Cinnamon when asked, as she didn't told Diana or anybody else. She could not run from that house until she had destroyed whatever Ken had against her.


That’s why she went after help inside the house.


You know the stories about Ken's harem? Well, that was part of the reason of why Toni started to drink that heavily. Sub girls from S&M chat rooms and clubs were his favorites, but actually he always managed to have the girl he wanted in his bed, or to ruin the life of the one who said 'no' a bit too convincingly. Yes, that story about he faking proofs that sent a girl to jail for embezzlement is true and she was only one in nearly a dozen!


Those three porn movies about how life was at his place might be too prude if compared with the actual true. Yes I mean it! Look... whatever Loretta, Kathleen and Marjorie are receiving from their cellmates and blockmates it is way well deserved!


Anyway, she looked at the girls who, officially, worked in her home as maids, but were actually his sex toys. Whose she could trust and whose she could really trust?


The two Spanish, not Mexican, twins hated every single minute at the job, but feared Ken's reprisal more than anything else so they were useless and were as captives of the house as herself. The women sharing the bed with Kathleen (the other maids) were either in Ken's pocket, believed that he was their own sex deity (really! REALLY!) for whom they would do anything or were 'sadistic sex addicts *******' (Diana's words, not mine) who enjoyed putting Toni and the more submissive maids in a routine of hourly humiliations. The only one she found out she could trust was Salomé, a Portuguese student that went out of the fire (a bookmaker) top the frying pan (Ken) and has been prevented from leaving the place...


Their plan was to immobilize the hated Loretta and anyone else on the floor, enter Ken's study (where he kept hidden somewhere most if not all of the things he had against his victims), find the proofs of whatever he had against Toni and then... well, Diana admitted that she thought about checking first if he had or not anything against the commissioner or the mayor and then expose his blackmail ring.


Through a 'forgot to be sent' invitation they managed to lure Diana inside the party, and she and Salomé hid inside Toni’s room. Then they overpowered Kathleen and the maids she brought along to make sure that Toni would not make a scene at Ken's party (most of the rolls of tape were to mummify Toni in her bed), then they took care of one guard and Loretta. But then Cinnamon and Tigra appeared and overpowered everybody...


At that moment a voice was heard coming from the closed laptop still on Salomé's lap. She opened it as Diana and Cinnamon knelt at her side and removed the earplugs and tape. Marjorie was telling her that she could not find Kathleen anywhere, neither the 'slave' (one of the Spanish twins) she had selected for their games with Terry.


Cinnamon whispered something at Salomé's left ear, who looked at her shocked and with an unbelievably funny incredulous look, then Salomé thought a little and typed something on the keyboard. And we all heard Loretta's voice (coming from the laptop) admonishing Marjorie for having interrupted her counting (of whip strokes on Terry's back), then 'Loretta' stated that Toni had... somehow... managed to put one of her sleeping pills in a bottle of water in her own bedroom. After the fierce fight that was for Kathleen and two maids (one of them the one she was after) to mummify Toni all three drank of the water, and realized too late that it was tasty... Marjorie cursed audibly, then she told 'Loretta' that Ken was leaving the house with two of his new 'fundraisers' to better force a third one to accept his orders. He was carrying a copy of the proofs he had against all three men to better 'expose' his arguments. Then 'Loretta' told her that, from what she could see, the party was going in such a way that no one would miss her if she, and one or two 'slaves' stopped by at her 'kingdom' to have a private and unfortunately short party for themselves...


The reason why Cinnamon had made Salomé type was now clear. Obviously, and very badly for her, Salomé knew the real Loretta very well. Mannerisms and words that she was used to say and those she wasn't were really important for that ruse work as she was, but how on Earth did Cinnamon found a way to put all the phonemes... sounds of the letters of the keyboard..., of Loretta's voice (and in the right tone, mostly at least) in that laptop?


She did not told me that.


Anyway... Me, Cinnamon, Diana and Salomé saw the face of the pretty, naughty and completely WORTHLESS A SPITE Marjorie enlighten at the idea she had just heard. The laptop that was now in Diana's lap was connected to the camera system of the place, and those cameras had zoom lens and one of them gave us a great close up on Marjorie's face.


She quickly distributed a few orders to the remaining guards at the party, most of them later proved that they knew nothing about the owner of the place's activities and had been hired just for THAT party (which they erased from their resumes), talked with a couple of another buxom maid beauties (a reddish redhead and a girl of mixed African/Native American ancestry) and all three went, with a couple of minutes between each, upstairs and knocked at the door. 'Welcome to my parlor said the spider...'


Now the bed was really occupied with seven bound babes on it. The redhead almost kissed Cinnamon when, after being overpowered by her, was told that Ken was going to fall, HARD, that very night. Actually Cinnamon misinterpreted her intentions and thought that was being attacked by the newcomer, and had her immobilized in an human lock right away. After the mistake was cleared, she did receive a long hot kiss from the redhead who then whispered something on her ears. For a fraction of a moment Cinnamon did looked surprised, then she told Tigra to really bind the girl but leave her besides one of the twins.


As for the exquisitely beauty of mixed ancestry, she had hesitated a bit too much for Cinnamon’s likes and now stood wrapped with and by tape to the right front post of the bed. Freddie and Tigra bound Marjorie in a taut bow and then placed her on top of Kathleen, using more rope to make sure that she would stay there.


Now all we had to do, ‘all’ of us and that included Carol and Freddie, was to discover the safe or whatever in Ken' study. But then Cinnamon started to think, while looking at me, then at the twins and the balled up and mummified redhead (never thought that it was possible but Tigra proved me wrong) and Salomé, then at Terry (who had only managed to fell on her side as she tried to free herself), then back at me and so on.


'If I kill Ken tonight... you might end up in trouble with that judge of yours...'


'He had a seizure or something close to just with the idea of having to hire me to do what I am doing. Honestly, I don't how I was going to do it, but if I had one chance...'


'You'll make me kill yourself and them besides him... Alright, I can kill him another day. I will kill him, be sure of that. But I owe you one, 'Lake Superior', and after that we're even!'


'Girl, you have a deal... so what now?'


'We all need a suitable excuse for this triple crash of thieves, all those bound and gagged girls and few men too and all that we did and will do tonight. But before anything else... why do you think that Marjorie had that cop overpowered and delivered to Loretta?'


'Let's find out...'


Well guys, if you ever find yourselves with the detective Terry Duval in your power and wants to know what she knows about you, here's my clue... 'armpits'. That ladycop is way beyond more ticklish than any other woman I ever heard of! And there, in the armpits, lies her most sensible spot. At first I didn't understood why Cinnamon was roaming her hands all over the girl's bound body, then I saw her jerking and twisting and when Cinnamon found the armpits point... bingo! She jolted up and down and after just two minutes, just TWO MINUTES, of ticklish frenzy from Cinnamon... she was begging for us to remove the gag an ask again why she had been captured and everything else...


Guess what? She and Joe were lovers and Ken had hid a camera in her bedroom, recording one session of kinky sex between them. Come to think, Ken was spreading his tentacles everywhere in town, so it was a bit logic that he had, either by blackmail or money, a few cops in his pocket. She didn't told us exactly what she and Joe had done and Ken had recorded, while she was defiant her eyes were almost begging to Cinnamon to not ask about it, but they were planning to use my capture (so they were really springing a trap on me!) as an excuse to find the place where he kept the proofs against them (and all the other stuff that he had collected) and make it disappear. I slapped her hard on her exposed behind and told her that next time she saw Joe he would be sporting, as he did, a black eye.


She gave us Joe's private number (that only she was supposed to know), we regagged her and called him. And after a few harsh words between me and him we, actually I was following Cinnamon's ideas so it was a three way conversation but he didn't knew that, set the whole thing. I ungagged Toni, explained to her what I wanted her to believe that was happening and she agreed wholeheartedly to play her part on the ruse.


First we had to make sure that there was no one in any of the rooms of the second and third floors. 'Loretta' discovered, and sent a couple of guards to have them expelled, three couples (one of them gay) that were using a room of 'her boss' house for sex. Then we all checked the rooms ourselves and locked everything. Cinnamon and Carol went at the room where the dumbwaiter had been loaded with Terry and took care of the guard in it, he was soon threw naked and unconscious and bound inside a closet. The last maid of the house, who was with him when he was found, was the first to be hogtied on the cold floor, in the buff as she had been found... Then we spent nearly an hour and a half, and weren't bothered by anyone while doing it, sending all the captive women (and the two male guards) to the security room, placing them in the dumbwaiter (that was really built for that!!!) and down to the room. Yes the dumbwaiter was made to send up and down that house bound and gagged girls! I don’t know where Ken Walterson picked the idea...


A vampire movie with David Neeven? Niven... ok Niven... oh, wait, that David Niven?


From ‘Around the World in 80 Days’? And was it a good movie, the one about vampires?


No? Anyway, there was NO real reason for that dumbwaiter to have been built. And Salomé and the Spanish twins (Marisa and Alejandra) and the redhead (whose name was Alexia) and the mestiza (Naomi) and Toni did told us stories that confirmed it!


Those whom Toni classified as 'victims' received simple and bearable ties. Those who weren't became the subject of a competition between Freddie and Tigra; 'who can tie up a ******* in the most strenuous and non life-threatening position??!' You think that I am joking? I am not. Like Freddie, Tigra (whose real name I never learned) was there for the thrill and the fun, and that was fun for them! Lots of it!


While me, Carol and Cinnamon went to look and find that safe, Freddie, Diana and Tigra locked the victims of their ‘artistry’ in a reinforced adjacent room – Don’t ask me why it was reinforced, DON’T ASK!!!! – and placed the other girls inside three cars in the garage... Look that ********************* built his house in order to be able to bring in any girl he wanted, specially those who at first had rebuked his attentions, by force and unobserved by anyone, then they would be stocked... yes, in the reinforced room! In the reinforced, soundproof and full of BDSM paraphernalia room! And delivered to his bed, through the dumbwaiter! And we were just doing the opposite route to help the girls that deserved it! No, we didn’t did it because were ‘good Samaritans’!


Look, let me finish the story, will you? Thank you...


So we three were searching the whole place, we soon realized that we had activated some alarm bean and it was most likely that Ken knew about our presence at his study. Freddie told us that he was trying to get in touch with Kathleen and Loretta and when it failed he did not called any of the security guards at the party, another proof that those guys were honest, since it was too risky for his plans. He called the cops he had in his pocket.


No, not the ones he was blackmailing, the ones he was paying on a weekly basis for such an occasion. We didn’t had much time when Carol realized that two of the walls were smaller than they should be. She checked and double-checked it and we had the same idea, they were smaller because the wall opposite to the door of the study was false, it was hiding another (much smaller) room. We quickly found out the hidden gears that made the wall open (it was disguised as a small eagle statue, by pushing it to the left the gears activated the opening of the wall, placing the statue back on it former place closed the wall), and entered Ken’s hidden safe. There were letters, pictures, documents and lot of incriminating evidences against about a hundred different people. Including the late son of Judge Moore.

I saw pictures of him having sex with four minor girls, two of them at the same time. They were obviously below 18 which is statutory rape on our State. So the judge had hired me to protect his son’s memory... or more likely had decided to use me as scapegoat as Joe (with whom he was in collusion with) retrieved the evidences against him and himself...


Then Cinnamon said ‘I will kill that bitch!’ and I could see that she was furious. She was holding the file with Toni’s name, but before she could say anything else or show me its contents, Carol shouted ‘HEY!’ and thus attracted our attention.


Most of the stuff was legit, things that many people had really done with the intent of doing it and because of that didn’t wanted that nobody knew about the fact. But there were those who were innocent... those who Ken had framed up big time.


At a corner of the room was a small cabinet filled with very dangerous, yet legal, drugs. Carol, who knew a little about how some of them worked, also found a diary in the cabinet and in it was how Marjorie, a former nurse, had used the drugs under Ken’s orders and when and in whom. And the **********, ******, ********** and *********** hadn’t even bothered to use codenames for their victims!


I remember that Toni’s note, dating back more than three years, was ‘Drug administrated to Toni at 0630 PM, she performed as ordered between 0715 and 0935 PM, and no additional doses were needed’. Me and Carol looked at Toni’s file still tightly gripped in Cinnamon’s hands... I found Joe and Terry’s file (among those that were of cops), Cinnamon found the one she was after and we soon set fire on that place!


Yes, I was one of those who had the undeniable honor to start the fire!


All the bottles of wine, bourbon, scotch and liquor we could find were smashed and their contents poured all over the study. Cinnamon did a check up to see if there was any real  proof of a real crime, according to her standards of course, and piled what she believed was ‘fabricated’ evidences of crimes and set it on fire as I torched the curtains and Carol grabbed Ken’s collection of jewelry, that he liked to present his assistants with every now and then, put it inside a case (that had some papers inside) and we locked the hidden room.


Everything that could be used against what Cinnamon classified as ‘innocents’ was destroyed in the fire, what was preserved inside the well built hidden room/safe is still being disputed and used in the courts of these days.

We of course flee from the third floor as fast as humanly possible at the moment, at the

same time that we shouted ‘FIRE!’ the loudest we could! And soon the place was a big pandemonium! To the point that, even didn’t wanted to do that, the crooked cops that arrived at the place five minutes too late had to act like cops!


We escaped and parted ways in the giant flux of cars fleeing the estate in the next minutes, I was at the wheel of a double cabin pickup (with tinted windows) and with the company of the Spanish twins and Salomé. They were all tied up (and still naked), and strapped by their seatbelts in the backseat, I ungagged them at one point and had to make sure to them that they were free, that I wouldn’t want any form of sex with or among them as payment for that but they would have to do one thing for me if they were ever discovered as former employees/captives of Ken Walterson, lie the lies I told them to. They agreed and, as I drove to the rendezvous point, they described to me how have been their lives for the past months. If Cinnamon did need any help to kill that ******** she would have it!


When I arrived at the scene I saw Toni standing by the white sport car she and Cinnamon had shared with Freddie and terry, the only one still inside the car.


She was crying and sobbing as she was hugged by Cinnamon and there was a fire a few feet at the car’s left that Freddie was making sure that it would consume all of Toni’s file. Cinnamon had placed a jacket over Toni’s body, but as the woman couldn’t stop trembling, and not from the cold breeze I was feeling at the moment, it was now starting to dangle from her shoulders. I picked the blindfolded Terry in my arms and wrapped her and Salomé in a blanket, then I did the same with the twins with another blanket and, when Carol, Diana and Tigra arrived with Alexia and Naomi sharing the large trunk of the tailfish 60’s model they were all in, I used the last blanket that I found in the pickup to cover the last two. No, I don’t know why there were three large blankets on the cargo area of the truck...





Can somebody please shut him up?


Thank you.


Humm... Where was I?


Oh yes. Me and Cinnamon checked what Ken had managed to find against the cops that we would soon call, and we compared notes with Marjorie’s diaries and some of the papers Carol found when she decided to show to Freddie how much that whole confusion would be profitable for them both (there was nearly a quarter of a million in very fine and expensive jewelry in that case). Cinnamon told me to turn around and put on ‘proper’ clothes, a black commando-like jumpsuit and night vision goggles. Tigra had also changed clothes and left the place wearing a GI-Joe character (I guess the girl’s name is Scarlet in the movie) fantasy and with Alexia in the trunk of the sport car. Before she was ballgagged and then place in the trunk, she told the others that ‘she would be fine’ and smiled.


Carol helped Cinnamon and myself to tie all the covered captives around a small bonfire a few feet away from the pickup truck that Freddie had lit, but when it was time for her to leave she had a surprise. Freddie somehow managed to convince Cinnamon to give her the address of the model’s apartment and asked Carol to drop her there. Cinnamon was holding a sniper rifle (with night sight) as she smiled and even waved to the second crazy young babe that had made propositions to her that night, looked at me in a way as she was saying ‘What are you looking at?’ and disappeared into the night.


So I was left in a isolated campsite in the middle of nothing by the river with Diana and six kneeling women that I helped to be put in their current status. And I called detective Joe.


He and five other cops that also were victims of Ken’s blackmails arrived less than twenty minutes later. He had gathered those two he knew that were Ken’s victims and those two had called other three that they knew that were in the same condition after Joe told them to do so. They were all with their guns drawn and looking menacingly at me, Joe just run to where Terry lay bound, gagged, blindfolded and deafened and covered her with his own jacket among many demonstrations of what he truly felt for her.


I handed detective Clarence Bull all the proves that had turned their lives what they had become in the past weeks or months, they checked all separately their own share and asked me if it was the only copy (it wasn’t but that’s a story for another day), and soon it was all burning in the bonfire. Then, and only then, they asked me who were the other captives...


They cut them loose and gave them spare clothes (that I told Joe to bring along, none of them was an exact fit but they at least gave some coverage for them) as we all discussed what we would do with the proofs that were about to be discovered in the secret safe room and those that they hadn’t destroyed, like Marjorie’s diary.


And after all of that was said and done I punched Joe.


He didn’t fought back, and as we had planned he drove me, Terry and Toni to the hospital in which the judge was still recovering. I personally bound and gagged the two since, for the good of our story, they had to be seen as MY (and only mine) captives. He was in his civilian car and ‘somehow managed’ to activate the two way radio. As it became clear to the operator that TWO cops were in the hands of a desperate ex-con (me), the other girls and Diana were taken away by the other cops. They acted like the ‘Underground Railway’ with them, thus avoiding that the general public knew about their existence.


When we parked at the Hospital’s lot there were already about half a dozen patrol cars coming our way, two were at the front of the hospital and closing the deal there were three appearing ‘suddenly’ behind us and ‘blocking’ my way out.






I still can’t believe that Hollywood made a movie of the whole story focussing mostly on the short hostage situation and showing the lies I told the world as flashbacks. And Jack Nicholson is too old to have been the best choice to portrait me! I am not that ancient!


I soon was speaking with the negotiator and explained to him ‘everything’:


-       How I thought about making the judge believes that I was one of the blackmailers that would smear the reputation of his dead son if he didn’t obeyed my orders, which would eventually make him obtain Jack’s release for humanitarian conditions...

-       How I had, with the help of a friend who remained anonymous, decided to steal whatever evidence Ken (I didn’t bothered to explain them how I had found out that he was the real blackmailer) had against the judge after my ruse had sent the judge to the hospital. The only thing that I let pass was that she was a nurse, because of the pregnancy of one of the women she and an accomplice would substitute.

-       How I had witnessed the capture of Terry by Ken’s underlings.

-       How me and my friends had helped Toni to overpower Kathleen and the others after she told us the full extent of Ken’s activities.

-       What exactly Ken had against the late son of the judge, and how he had achieved it.

-       And why and how I had set the fire on the manor.


After they put Elsa on the phone to convince me to release Joe and the other two, and she proved to me how a great actress she could have been, I gave the gun to the nearest SWAT member and was put in a patrol car right away. The two officers that drove me to the station were among those five that Joe had took along with him hours earlier. They told me that the girls were fine and would, this time by choice, ‘vanish from the surface of the Earth’ in a few weeks. They also congratulated me for my performance and make sure that all of the other cellmates knew that I was ‘untouchable or else’.


Ken was arrested that same night, and the ladies and gentlemen found inside a steamed, bolted and reinforced room in the basement of the house were placed under arrest at the hospitals they were sent to. Six days later, as he was being led to the courthouse to his indictment, Ken was shot down by Cinnamon who was about three to four hundreds yards away, inside an apartment whose owners were found inside a closet and in the bathtub. A superb shot, but she’s not called ‘Sniper-Queen’ for nothing...


The DA office and the federal government fought a little until they settled who had the right to have me as their star witness for Ken’s trial, and the his death did not changed anything. I have no problem in have lied the way I did, it was necessary to establish how the proofs they had against those crooked, killers, rapists and the likes had became public.

They still had a lot of cases against those whom he was blackmailing. So they gave me full immunity and a new identity to me, Elsa and Jack (who died a few months later). About the time Elsa died too, of natural causes, I started to get tired of the new identity I had.


It wasn’t my name, it wasn’t ME actually.


So I called the US Marshall agents in charge of me, gave them a glass of orange juice with sedative to each three of them, undressed them to their undies (why is that only in the movies and TV there is a sexy and busty agent around every corner but not in real life? One of them was really macho man!), then I locked them in the closets of the small house they had gave to me, and with their money and guns I disappeared.


I got in touch with Carol who gave me Freddie’s address in San Diego. When I got there I was greeted by Alexia who with Freddie were then (I don’t know if they still are) the most regular ‘chicks’ of Cinnamon. That’s why Cinnamon was there two, enjoying her hobby of painting portraits of ‘prude’ girls. No, Freddie and the other girl weren’t naked, kissing each other or anything like that. The Korean girl was dressed in a traditional Korean dress and Freddie was dressed as a Dark Victorian lady. The ropemarks on their arms (when they changed their clothes to more ‘common’ ones after Cinnamon called it a day) were evident, but I knew better than comment about it with Cinnamon.


In the lunch that followed, and after all four girls had a good laugh as I told them how I had left the WitSec, Alexia told me what she knew that had happened to the other ‘slaves by force’ of Ken. All are fine. One of the twins is married and has a couple of kids, Salomé has a coffee shop in Nebraska and the other twin was in college at the time, in Idaho if I am not mistaken. Naomi has a small business in Big Apple, something like a bakery but not a bakery. Of Diana, who finally managed to get rid of her addiction, they knew nothing but that Toni (who had inherited Ken’s millions and had paid a lot of settlements to Ken’s victims with it) was taking good care of her, and then Cinnamon asked me what I wanted and why I had left the WitSec. The consequences of my answer led me to a few adventures and eventually to this charming place and even more charming company...


But that is a story for another day...