Under Pressure




Of all the stupid things she could have done in her life, betray HER was the stupidest!


No, what she had tried to do was more than betrayal... she thought she could betray HER and bring HER down, by having the police arrest HER!!!!


That was beyond stupid!!!


And, as predicted (if she had bothered to stop a moment and think a little), it had failed.


She had left HER naked, bound & cuffed, gagged and drugged for the cops to find and arrest, and enough evidence for any DA or ADA to sent HER for decades behind bars…

But there was nothing about HER arrest in the police airwaves (she was checking the police line ever since she had left their hideout), nothing…


Except for the mysterious disappearance of the two cops that had arrived at the hideout, over two hours ago. Six more cops went there to check on them and found an empty cabin. No famous (and dangerous) burglar/thief/musclebound terror lady wrapped up for delivery, no incriminating evidences and no cops! SHE was on the loose, probably riding a patrol car and with two cops as her hostages/captives… and most certainly on her trail!!!!



She was still within the range of the tracking device, no more than forty miles away. Good.


As long as her… ex-partner… wasn’t over a hundred miles away she’ll know where the little… fox… was. So she could enjoy this Chinese food dinner. The owners of the house mewled under their gags, they did looked like they were starving…


‘Scream and I’ll leave you both stark naked, totally wide open and spreadeagled and staked on your backyard, is that clear?’ – the brunette pair of twins nodded with synchrony – ‘Ok, you first…, red…’ – The girl with a red set of underwear ate in silence, but her sister simply had to ask what were her plans for them, and the couple of cops.


‘Do I look like a sadistic, rapist and cruel bitch?’




She stood up and went to behind the chair to which the co-ed was tied to, no visible slack in the large amount of clothesline she had used to restrain the tape cocooned girl to the stool with a small back, and placed her hands on the girl’s shoulders in a reassuring way.


‘I am going to regag you and your sister, put on anything that you have that fits me and steal your car. With any luck, in a couple of hours the police will find you… or perhaps when your parents arrived tomorrow morning they’ll free you and them… who knows?’


The brunette was already accepting the balled up hankie she was placing atop her captive’s tongue, five strips of tape carefully smothered over her face and she turned to the other twin. The way that this one had differenced herself from her sister was a longer hairdo and an eagle tattoo between her C-cup breasts, plus the pink set of (more provocative) lingerie. And her brown eyes were way more scared than her sister’s…


‘What’s your name?’




‘And you are Claire, right?’ – The gagged girl nodded with her eyes locked on her own – ‘Well, Anne and Claire, sorry for the disturbance I caused in your life. I hope we never met again, but if we do, I hope you remember that while I am a ****** off bad girl right now, I did not did anything really bad to you or them. Bye bye…’


Both sister saw the scantily clad Amazon walk away from the kitchen and then looked at each other. No way could they be able to free each other or themselves, there was tape above and below their breasts, trapping their melted together arms behind them and they could not even fight their bonds too much. The stools to which each girl was attached to by the ankles (to one of its feet), lap and waist was not very stable enough to handle a good fight of any of them against the duct tape keeping them restrained.


Fifty minutes before this ‘ladycop’ had knocked at their door and Anne had confused her with the Chinese food delivery guy, only one moment too late she had realized that the ‘cop’ was wearing clothes a couple of numbers smaller than the right one. They had been cuffed and gagged with that accursed tape, and shoved inside a closet in the back of the house, then the ‘cop’ had parked the patrol car inside their garage (after taking their own Ford out of it), had received and paid for their order (with one of them’s money?) and had took them from the closet right away. Next, at gunpoint, she had made them strip to their underwear and forced Claire to tape her sister, then had reinforced Claire’s ‘poor job’ after she had restrained her and had lashed them to the stools.


Another surprise of the night was when they saw a couple; a topless mid-30’s blonde woman wearing only a lacy blue pair of panties and a full uniformed Latino man in his 40’s, sporting the same absurd amount of tape over their torsos (and presumably arms) and gagged with the same material; coming from the door that connected the house (and kitchen) to the garage as their mutual captor pocked a gun against their backs.


Both cops tried to, somehow, reassure the girls that everything would be fine (they weren’t as well as gagged as the twins), but who returned to the kitchen about ten minutes before was none other than the ‘cop’, now wearing only a red & white silk panties and looking very hungry… and holding a weird device on her left hand. It had a display in it but it only showed an arrow and had a few numbers (that they could not clearly identify).


Ten minutes later the woman reappeared, wearing one of their father’s blue jeans trousers and black T-shirts. She had a weird expression in her face…


‘Girls… I have a proposition to make to you…’






She saw it as she was driving through a lane in the suburbs, a taxi leaving a girl who was more than obviously intoxicated in front of her (presumably) house. And no light was turned on inside the house as she fought with her keys against the front door’s lock.


Could it be possible that the girl lived alone?


She was wandering the outskirts of the town searching for a suitable, and if possible vacant, option to spend the night. She arrived at Bull Terrance’s house in time to see him being led by four cops (he deserved his nickname and was enraged/desperate since this was his ‘third strike’) while another carried bags with a white substance in it. Bull involved with drugs? Not a chance… in any case he and his house were not available.


Then she had tried Marika’s place, and again found the police patrol cars parked in front of it. And Marika being attended by some paramedics and four or five guys being led away by the blue boys. Her last reasonable (that she was sure that SHE had never heard off) was Skinny Horace’s trailer. But he had just been taken by the paramedics after having a seizure of sorts. It really wasn’t her night… until now…


She parked and looked around. 10 p.m. and quite a few lights in the neighboring houses, so she pretended to have a problem of sorts with the car’s engine. She opened the lid and looked inside it, fumbled and then ‘tried’ to call a number, and really looked distressed as the battery of the cellphone was obviously ‘completely discharged’.


Then she obviously went looking for help… and went straight to the house where the drunken girl had entered a few minutes before. The door wasn’t locked, and its owner was sleeping (holding a bottle of French wine) in the sofa in front of a TV showing an old 50’s melodrama. She was totally ‘wasted’, and a quick search proved that she was the only inhabitant of the house. But there were the lights on the other houses...


Mrs. Bagley, the 75 years old widow that lived across the street, saw the young woman that had entered the house of that libertine going out with a bottle of wine. But that was not wine what was inside it since she opened the tank and poured what was inside it. So she had ran out of fuel and had asked that drunkard for a bit... One minute later the street was desert, and after thirty minutes of inactivity Mrs. Bagley went upstairs to sleep.


About forty minutes later she reentered the house through a back door she had left open, there were still a few lights on the other houses of the street so she did not dare to turn on any of the house’s. Her night vision goggles (that she had used the night before) were good enough as of now. The owner of the house she was going to spend the night was still out, and would probably stay like that for a few more hours, but she wasn’t going to take any chances with... wait a minute... she knew this girl...


Oh mamma!


She was going to enjoy that!!!!






At least they have now a pillow under their heads and a comfy bed to whose front feet both cocooned bodies were lashed, but their captor was adding more rope to the tight packages that barely dared to wriggle and making it sure that they were completely anchored to their parents’ bed. And the look on her face… was it genuine concern for them?


They had been carried, one at the time, to room and first simply made to sat at the front edge of the bed (facing a TV who was showing an old mystery movie), then they heard some huffing and puffing and (Anne first then Claire) they looked over their shoulders and saw she carrying the ladycop, now stark naked under a lot of tape, in a fireman’s carry.

Remarkably the woman was more fully mode enraged than as scared as they were.


Then, nine or ten minutes later, she returned and went straight to them with some playful ‘mean’ look in her eyes. ‘Girls, watch the movie and don’t look back again, please?’, but of course she wasn’t begging, she was giving them an order.


Which is why when they heard a sound coming from the room where the cop guy was still trapped inside, and Claire motioned to look over her shoulder to the door of the room they were (regardless if there was something or not to be seen), Anne bumped her sister’s right shoulder with her left one. More fifteen minutes (standing a very lame old dark house flick set in the 50’s with a busty blonde detective fighting some nasty, and very stereotypical, ‘mad’ criminals) and she returned. She checked them and then simply sat at their left and watched the movie until the end with obvious delight. She liked that ****?


In the climax of the movie the bosomy blonde detective and another well endowed gal fell under the clutches of the most deranged of the ‘mad’ criminals (which revealed herself to be very sane but also very rotten to her core), who tied them up over a bed and left a bomb (wires & ticking clock & dynamite) to blew them up and everybody else in the house too.


But of course they were rescued in the nick of time…


Then their captors stopped the DVD player and ejected the 1st DVD of ‘Lucky & Morgan – The First Season’, that belonged to their parents (???!!!!), and told them that the junk was actually a ‘classic’ early 70’s TV series depicting (with many ‘artistic liberties’) the real life adventures of a blonde PI beauty (and her contact in the NYPD) called Morgan ‘something-with-a-‘port’’ in the mid 50’s and early 60’s. She really seemed to be a fan of the series…


Well, she probably thought that she had to say something to them as she made them lay flat on their backs over the bed and started to rope them to it (the spiderlike way she was doing did took too much time)… And besides the money she found on their parents’ safe (whose combination she got from them in exchange of the promise to call the police ASAP), some clothes from their father and something that she found in the safe, but oddly enough their father refused to even acknowledge that there was an envelope inside it to the police, she took the two boxes of DVDs of that series with her!


And dared to post it back to them a couple of weeks later!


After checking and double-checking EVERY knot of that web-like trap she had set for the two cocoons, and in the process making sure that their blood circulation was not threatened by the massive amount of rope over and around their bodies, she bent over and kissed each sister on the forehead and turned all the lights of the floor on, and then she left.


Twenty two minutes later about a dozen cops burst into the house and found and freed them and the male cop. Of their attacker and the cop gal...






Penelope ‘Penny’ Wasyer!!!!!


The very same Penny Wasyer that had made her sister’s college years a hellish experience. She was going to enjoy this!!!! She really was!!!


First thing first, she merely grabbed the slumbered girl carried her upstairs, then she threw the girl over her own bed and proceed to strip her body. As she was removing the flimsy bikini cut panties Penny showed signs that she was waking up. But even if she wasn’t with the amount of alcohol in her blood still paying a toll on her, if she was wide awake and ready, she wouldn’t have been a match for her attacker’s skills.


With three minutes she was finally waking up and realizing that her ankles and wrists were tied up, that she was naked, that she had been blindfolded and that something thick was filling her oral cavity almost completely and she couldn’t expel with because her own used nylons were wrapped around her head (yuck!). But only after nearly THIRTY minutes her attacker did finish and by then there was rope, torn strips of her pillow’s cover, unused nylon stockings and who knows what else making sure that she could at best wiggle like a worm. And then her unseen female attacker (she had felt the breasts against her back and legs during the long tie up) started to lash her trapped body to the front legs of the bed!


And not for a single moment she heard anything coming from that ***** woman! No treats, no gloats, no nothing. That was what was scaring her the most!


What was going to happen to her next? Then she heard and felt her attacker leave the large bed where she now lay, and in a few moments she could hear the shower. She did her best and clenched her fists as she exerted all the pressure she could muster against her bonds.


She was bound with her hands in front and under her, face first against the bare mattress and the friction against the few parts of her body that were in close contact with the mattress gave her some red spots on her skin. And yet it was all futile…


No slack at all in any of her multicomposed bonds. And she was sweating profusely when she felt her attacker return to the room. She heard all her closets and drawers (of the three rooms of the floor) being opened and their contents being scattered away, and then a strange sound (later she would find out that her attacker had sprayed insecticide and paint in ALL her clothes, save for a few items that the ****** obviously took with herself or was wearing when she left, leaving her virtually without a single piece of clothing!!!!).


Finally the attacker returned to the room and she could identify the sound as two aerosols being used at once. She opened the windows and the chilly wind that came from the night prevented her to identify what had been sprayed freely. Next her attacker climbed on the bed and spent five minutes spanking her, she gave a name of a girl she had met (and more than just tormented) in high school and gave her a hard slap on her exposed behind, and the list of her victims was very big for her current likes.


Then her attacker left and she could hear her car leaving her garage after a while.







‘S-stop! S-sto-op!!!’


‘I don’t think so. I also have a gun and I have this woman, who is a cop BTW, as my shield against yours. I know I can kill you both if necessary but I not sure that you can shoot with yours, no matter how good you are with it, since the safety is on and…’


And she instinctively looked at the gun in her hands, the safety wasn’t on. But when she looked back at the woman who had invaded her house minutes before, the other (naked and nearly mummified with tape) woman that only a split second before was being held in a tight embrace by that intimidating Amazon was now airborne and moving towards her!!!


She reacted before thinking and let the gun fall on the floor as she prepared herself for the impact, and did her best to not injure the captive woman when their bodies met.


‘Are you fine?’ was her first reaction when she got her breath back, the older and taller woman nodded and both realized what had happened at the same time and looked behind them just in time to see their captor (soon-to-be in the case of the owner of the suburban house) empty the gun that could have saved them.


‘Sorry’ was all that she could say, but the captive policewoman shook her head and did her best to make the frightened girl that she was thankful for her have prevented her trapped body to have a bad fall after the crash. At least she managed to make the girl say ‘You’re welcome’ before they heard the taller woman in the room harrumph.


‘Push her, gently, away from you Miss…?’


‘Glory… Glory Davis…’


In a matter of minutes both women lay bound and gagged on the floor of the entry hall of the house. The quick job their captor had done on Glory was effective, and she was hogtied with rope and gagged (without packing) with tape in a more humane fashion than Officer Krysten Yarnard. Their captor did a quick check in the whole one story house and made it look (to the captive cop) found that they were alone. And she playfully (and also in a quite enervating way) slapped both women’s behind for ‘punishment’ for having tried to free each other, even with Krysten’s taped fingers.


She found a roll of black electrician tape under the kitchen sink, and used it to make the 34 years old police officer spend the next three hours standing forcibly against a pipe in the basement. With her eyes and mouth taped the policewoman had no way to know that she had been fooled, for as soon as her captor returned to the hall she found Glory standing completely freed of any bonds, and with a grin that only got bigger when she was told that, before regagging the cop after the glass of water that she had giving to her after finishing her current bondage, the police lady had begged for her to not be harsh with Glory…


As if Glory had anything to fear from her longtime friend (and something more)!!!






She could have simply bound the ********* in some painful and humiliating position and spend the night in a comfortable bed. But no… she had to return every single tear that she had made her sister wept to the former ‘Queen’ of Tulsa’s less prestigious high school…




And to make things worse, she had received a text message informing that her car had been bugged by HER, and SHE was closing in on her. It had came from one of her bestest real deal friends, and one of the best ‘informed people’ in the market.


So she had to get out of that house ASAP and had to steal the *****’s car in the process, and now she was using Penny’s credit cards to rent a room in some fleabag by the highway. She should have been ON the highway by now, but the place where she had hid the money (all that money…) would only open at 11 AM…


And she wasn’t going to hit the road without her money!!!


So there she was, in a room at a place called ‘Sweet Victory Motel’… if she wasn’t so tired of running from one point of town to another she would have go elsewhere!






‘Nice girl you have here Glory…’


‘Take your eyes off of her… she’s mine.’


For the umpteenth time Lexie gulped as the mysterious friend of her mistress eyed her.


And yet… Usually she wasn’t so afraid of other lesbian women eyeing her, even when she was submitted to her mistress’ dexterity with ropes as she was now, but this one was special, very special. An aura of lethal danger, walking like a panther circling her preys and always on alert, this lady was dangerous. Much more than her mistress…


‘So make her deaf and blind for the next hours as we talk about what brought me here.’


The chest with her toys was wide open besides the bed, and Glory rummaged for a while before she found the perfect thing. A hood with built in plugs that would deafen her Lexie very effectively. The economy student knew very well her mistress’ line of work, but also had a strong moral code that Glory did not want to provoke. Besides the yellow ropes at the elbows and connecting ankles, thighs and wrists, the only thing that the busty beauty had to cover herself was a thong bikini bottom. She knelt on the floor facing the captive girl (whose body was facing the door of her room) and kissed those ballgagged lips once more that night before placing the custom made hood on her.


When she stood up she was not the Glory that everybody in the neighborhood knew. That Glory was dangerous, a hacker of very great reputation in the criminal underworld, had already killed two men in self-defense and was on the FBI’s list.


‘How things went?’


‘As bad as you told me that it would be… She double-crossed me, got in touch with the German dude and called the cops. The worst part was to pretend that she had really drugged me. I almost did not manage to free myself…’




The nerve of that woman! How could she dare to touch her Lexie? She quickly touched her… slave (if her granny heard her calling a woman that she was in for a series of slaps on her face!) on the left shoulder. Their sign for ‘It’s OK, I am here’, which did not meant to much. From what she had heard about her ‘guest’, if the tall and strong thief/killer/spy did want to rape Lexie there was nothing that she could do about it… but she dismissed such thoughts when she saw a tear at the corner of her guest’s left eye.


‘Anyway, the German and his Hungarian boss will believe that I did not knew about their pact with my former… partner. I don’t intend to let them meet her so they can tell her the truth, nor does your boss…?’ – Glory nodded – ‘So, how’s the deceive plan working?’


‘Well, Bull’s lawyer is making a carnival with the fact that the cops arrested his client under a false pretense since the ‘white powder’ found in the bags was just flour, of some exotic kind but flour anyway. The cops for their part wants to know who switched the chemicals reagents on their kits so, all through the night, they have been having some ‘interesting’ results in all their apprehensions of cocaine. Skinny is going to spend the night at the hospital but the stuff he drank with his beer will leave no trace or permanent damages in him, and we actually managed to help Marika when her ex dropped by with some of his friends to ‘teach her a lesson’, and Amp… our agent called the cops after she was sure that they had understood their lesson very well…’


She had heard about Marika’s ex, bad guy with big muscles and a vast knowledge of mixed martial arts. Nothing that she couldn’t handle, but this organization, to which Glory had affiliated herself while she was ‘going clean’ for a while, had someone who could handle him AND some of his equally big and brainless friends?


Impressive. To say the least…


‘So where is she now?’


‘Well, she invaded a house a few hours ago, but left after we managed to make Ray send her a fake warning about your incoming arrival. Well, the message came from Ray’s phone number, but…’ – Glory was sitting beside her friend, who still kept a hand (casually) over Lexie’s right buttock, with one of her laptops open. In the screen the current whereabouts of Raymond ‘The Sphinx’’s wife where displayed through a live feed. Still wearing a business suit (that the B&W feed only let them know that it was of some light color), the mid 40’s (and slightly obese) brunette was bound to a chair under a light bulb in a bare room, and cleavegagged and blindfold with strips of cloth tied tight – ‘… as you can see this was one of the times he won’t tell the truth to one of his client…’


‘So…, what now?’


This was it. Glory took a deep breath and looked at her former mistress.


‘What made you bring a captive cop to my house?’


‘Did you manage to achieve a rap sheet while I was out of business?’ – Glory mouthed ‘no’ – ‘Does she knows that you enjoy to be tied up as much as to tie girls up?’ – Glory took a look at Lexie and resented once more to have not shared that secret with her yet, and when she looked back at her guest she realized what was going to happen – ‘I still have one place to go tonight before I play my last part in your boss’ plan. While I do that you and this lovely piece of flesh can have some fun that, now I know, you never had with her before. In a few hours, I’ll return with the last stuff that you and your boss are in need of tonight, and I’ll took the cop with me. Tomorrow morning you’ll have quite a few visible ropemarks over your dark skin to show to the cops when you go there to tell them that YOU are the ‘mysterious black girl’ that their gal saw as my captive. You can cook up any story to fill the hours between the last time she saw you and the next one. Of course, they will send all their techs to try to find any proof that I might have left behind, and the whole episode can be used by you to have a big enhancement in your security system…’


‘It’s already good enough…’


‘But is it good enough for you to avoid any unwanted meeting with Besí or any of his boys if they decide to stop by make a full questioning session about my actions in this place? I thought so… You honestly thought that I would stash that copper in some abandoned warehouse? To have one of their own as my captive will make my name resonate among the whole police force of the State, that’s part of the cover up. But of course I have to find somewhere relatively safe for her and for the owner of the place to put her away while I do what your boss wants me to do. WITHOUT making the innocent owner of the place a target for those Europeans scumbags, and you can handle yourself very well, don’t you? So, here’s the envelope that was at the Cremmers’ house.’


While she checked if the DVDs inside the envelope were the ones they were after, Glory heard her mistress (former mistress!) selecting, among her underwear, which one she would use when she would be tied up, again and after so many years…


The lemon green set, the green rope and the white microfoam tape… Reno still rinmged in her memory… And Lexie’s bulging eyes when the hood was removed were so funny and lovely. She saw her for… her mistress reintroducing herself to Lexie, saw her whispering something to the blonde girl and nod at the very surprised look in Lexie’s face.


Minutes later both women were now loosely linked by their torsos, and she was planning how she would punish (or not) Lexie for the amused look she now sported in her eyes, it depended on how long the blonde co-ed would keep secret whatever her mistress had told her. Meanwhile Double Deal Deborah was going to do her last errands before meeting the girl she (most likely) thought that could have replaced her wife…






Invade the studio of that photographer was very easy, but to pretend to make a sloppy job and thus be seen by the night watchman of the building as she ‘left’ had been weirdly hard to do. The photographer arrived and quickly proceeded to check if there was anything missing in her studio, thanked the watchman for his efficiency and, after he left (scratching his head as to why she had paid him 200 bucks to not call the cops), moved a panel made of several of her panoramic shots all over the world. She typed the secret code of the safe and opened it, and was grabbed from behind right away.


The mid-fifties brunette had had years before some lessons of self-defense, and tried to use the tricks she had learned. It was all useless, and her attacker stopped her attempts short with a well placed chop at the base of her skull. She went limp on Debs’ arms and was carefully placed on the floor. No time for elaborate stuff, some tape around the booted ankles, more around the crossed wrists behind her back and four strips over those big lips.


The famous photographer was part of a blackmailer’s ring, and the safe had her ‘safety measures’ against her former (VIP and powerful) victims and her business partners, so there were too many of them for Debs to waste to pick to find the proper set of photographs and/or CD ROMs among the large pile that was inside the safe, so she picked them all…


Someone was coming…


‘Prudence? Prue?’


Well, well… the photographer’s manager… the next name on Debs’s list…


While her client, and criminal associate, was a thin woman, the manager should have done a long long time ago a diet to lose sixty/seventy pounds of fat on her body frame. And she was about seven inches smaller than Debs. And was a boxer. A good one.


If any of the three punches she tried to hit Debs with had landed properly…


But now she was sprawled on the floor, and Debs had to make sure that she stayed in the studio for a while more as she ‘visited’ her house. Debs spent fifteen minutes ensuring that the manager was only found, with her client and the night watchman, in the morning.


And was the one that gave most trouble for the cleaning crew, that found all three, to be freed from her tape bonds. Much later, when she finally managed to return home and managed to NOT rush to her personal safe on her study, instead she allowed her husband and three kids to show how much the whole experience had been frightening for them, she did find a moment for herself, at 11 PM, and opened the safe.


It was empty. Except for a note (‘Never try that stunt again’) that proved that her attacker had been there, in her study at her home with her husband and three small sons sleeping upstairs, and had only robbed the evidence they had achieved against… against…


She checked her e-mail and three cellphones and her answering machine. There was a call from Prue, informing of the disappearance of Aleena.









So this was the girl the trio of ‘entrepreneurs’ used as bait for their ‘business’?


Pretty, really pretty. Long and marvelous legs, trim waist, no real muscles, on the verge of becoming a fetish/porn comic book character with her obviously enhanced bra size, and very expressive eyes that she was now covering with a leather blindfold.


The captive redhead was sobbing, and not doing anything else, as she proceeded to wrap the tape around the tight hogtied packaged. By the pictures she had seen she knew that the girl was flexible and could endure 20/30 minutes of moderate to extreme discomfort, but there was no other way to remove her from that hotel except by walking out of the building with her packed inside the large sports bag in which she could be locked inside, as long as her balled and taped up hands and ankles met and the possibility of movement, as little as she could, was reduced to microns or less!


Still she decided to bent over and whisper in her ear: ‘Don’t worry, it’s just for a few weeks, perhaps less…’ before she injected the drug on her right buttock. Then her phone ringed, where was it? Under the bed? Aleena did have put up a fight!!!


‘How much time?’ she asked as soon as she answered the call.


‘Nine minutes, are you ready?’


‘Four minutes tops and I’ll be waiting…’


In the morning, when the disappearance of the guest of room 812 was noted when the older woman that usually (once or twice a week) had dinner with her at the hotel’s restaurant dropped by as if she was expecting the worst and discovered that her worst fears were true, the head of security of the hotel found a portable hard drive linked to the central station of the security camera network of the hotel. They had lost three hours of the previous night’s feed, replaced by three hours of twelve days before.






The moment she realized that Debs, the woman whom she had said ‘goodbye forever’ to in between mockeries and insults not ten hours before was inside the room with her was already too late. Her hands were already cuffed behind her back and a sponge ball had just been stuffed inside her mouth. She still tried her best to avoid being wrapped in the cheap bed sheets of the place and, after it failed miserably and she looked like a mummy, she tried to expel the huge sponge ball from her mouth. The pillowcase, quickly cut in strips with one of Debs’s meanest hunting knives, was wrapped around her head and she failed again. She barely acknowledged the roll of tape being wrapped over the sheets and furthering her distressed condition. All she did was plead with crying eyes. All was done in less than four minutes. And now they stood beside the bed, facing each other for two or three minutes as the captive grew desperate by the second and the other woman…


Her voice was emotionless and cold when she gave her the good news followed by the bad ones. She wasn’t going to be killed, but she was in for a hellish couple of years!!!


Then Debs grabbed the girl who had really fooled her, for about a couple of weeks but still she had been fooled by this two-bit no-good ********!!!!, and threw her over her shoulder.


It was now 4:55 AM and the wind was cold outside, still a scantily clad woman (coming out from another room of the roadside motel) almost bumped on them.


Debs held four bills of 50 in front of her eyes, and the woman grabbed them and gave her passage. She mouthed ‘sorry’ to the half enraged/ half desperate girl that was hanging from that biker’s shoulder, and decided to smoke a cigarette before going back to her corner down the street. She smoke four, one for each bill, and went downstairs.


Three very elegantly dressed (as if they were executives of some bank), and meaner as the devil, men almost made her fall face first when they ran upstairs with guns draw in their hands. She realized that, whatever was going on, the three men and the two women that she had met minutes before were somehow connected, and that it was better for her health that she wasn’t around when they decided to ‘ask around’ for some answers for the whereabouts of the women. She barely managed to leave the place before the cops arrived…


Debs went straight to Glory’s house, thirty minutes later she  removed the coplady from the basement and locked her inside the van she was now using, over the same mattress that the women that were now sharing a closet inside Glory’s room (the only freed woman left inside the house), who was busy getting the arrangements for the removal of the would-be-blackmailer and the would-be-traitoress from her house.


By 9 AM a removal crew had it done.


She was monitoring the police frequency and knew that the coplady had just been found inside the stolen van. She looked at her arms and legs. Those ropemarks were convincing and she would be able to fool the cops, the feds and who knows who else… but what about the deadly enemies of her boss? He was behind bars now, and would be expelled from the country after doing some jail time, but he was definitely not the kind that ‘forgave and forgot’. Definitely. She could handle it, but Lexie?









That was heaven!!! A luxury place, a legitimate Renaissance palace in Italy, the best of wine and food that she was enjoying with her hostess by the pool of the place, while seven heavenly bodies were enjoying the hot sun of (almost) summer. One was stark naked and swimming in the pool, two were topless on the other side of the ‘L’ shaped pool and ‘string bikini’ was a bit too much to describe what the other four were ‘wearing’…


But, from what she heard of this woman with whom she was supposed to be discussing business, and not appraising her other ‘guests’, she was straight.


She liked to dominate other women, well that was what that Serbian dude had swore that it was true (although he had no proof to back the claim except and long and fantastic story set in the French Riviera) when they were waiting for the buyer of the gems they both had stole to appear while drinking some beer in that pub in Vienna, but she only had sex with men.

Then why had she gathered all those goddesses in flesh in one place and had either allowed or ordered them to wear so little over their bodies?


‘Do you like them?’


‘Well, yes… but…’ – And then it dawned on her. They, all seven of them, were there for her? And to make things worse the Italian noblewoman casually covered her face with an open book and pretended to try to sleep under the sunshade!!!


‘I like sexual partners that have a couple of sexual chromosomes, not a pair as myself. But, right now, I am but the lonely minority in a 30 meters radius… Are you asking yourself ‘why?’. Simple and obvious, isn’t? Because I am trying to bribe you into becoming one of my operatives. Because I like the company of women, but just the company, and all these co-eds or recently graduated girls are more than just interesting (for YOUR tastes) sexual company/toys, that one over there…’ – and she pointed to one of the blondes on the other side of the pool – ‘…knows more about Italian literature than myself! And I feel a little embarrassed for that! And her companion at the lounge chair at her left knows a lot about opera. The one standing behind them? A notable biochemist, even with such a big bust her brain capacity is her best asset, and so on… I enjoy their company as much as you will do, but I can’t provide myself what they would love me to, so if you can help me on that one too… And, last but definitely not least, because you are amazing. Even under the emotional duress of having to pretend that you didn’t knew that the girl you love…’


‘I am not so sure of it anymore… I felt something for her… but…’


‘Anyway. I put you under an obvious test one week ago. You, alone, did what only one or two of my operatives could do in the same amount of time that you spent doing that. The police has no clues that can link of the two attacks that happened that night that they know of, Glory was very convincing with her bogus story about you sleeping for a few hours while hugging her so that part of the story is covered too. You helped me to crush a bunch of idiots who thought that could blackmail my main representative in your country, I have the man I hate the most in the world’s latest attempt against my organization smashed into bits while he is enjoying your country’s ‘hospitality’…’


‘Hey, he wanted me behind bars by now, and it was YOU who warned me of that!’


‘Yes, and instead of doing things your way, you did them MY way, following MY plan to the letter and in a most admirable and effective fashion. And the way you dealt with that little snake… you could have killed her or at least made her a guest of a hospital bed for years! And yet, right about now she and the ‘bait’ of that group of idiots are counting the seconds for their penance to end. Don’t look at me like that..., Mistress Dunbar is the best dominatrix of all Europe! She charges as if she was ‘just’ another leather dame of Paris, but the two of them won’t have any real mental scare or trauma or whatever you may call it. They won’t even going to be sure if they should regret or not being under Dunbar’s cares right when the nine months I paid for are up. Let’s talk about you. You, your skills and self-control and everything else, ARE an asset that I want to have all to my plans and dreams… Consider them my ‘exposition’ of what you will find if you ‘sign’ an exclusivity contract with me and, as I believe that it will happen, do manage to get things done…’


‘No strings attached, for now at least, and all seven of them?’


‘At once, in pairs or trios or one by one… free of any clothing or bonds, or chained or roped or taped up in any way you see fit, wherever you see fit (except the second floor of the building, that part of the palazzo is forbidden), you’re going to be my guest for a couple of weeks Ms. Immoden, and so will all these very submissive girls…’


Now all seven girls had stopped to pretend to do whatever they were doing, sitting on their chairs or standing up, including the naked blonde on the pool, and all had their eyes converging to her. It was true, UNBELIEVABLE!!! All of them were just submissive women, not a single pro among them… and all were hers…


‘Any countrywoman of yours among them?’


‘None of them was born in this continent, Ms. Immoden. The interracial couple that was ‘playing’ strip-poker? A Zulu and an Afrikaner, both South-Africans. The pair at the other side of the pool?  Canadians. The most well endowed girl among them all? New Zealander. The one crossing all her fingers? Brazilian. And the most ‘free’ of them? A countrywoman of yours… So, Ms. Immoden, they are waiting…’


She was really going to enjoy the next couple of weeks! She pointed at the black Brazilian babe and one of the Canadians and ordered them to rush to her room, then, on a whim, she looked at the naked blonde whose pouty lips had became even more pouter with her obvious, and delicious, distraught with the fact that she had not been chosen…


‘What’s your name?’


‘D-Dayna, ma’am…’


‘And you are…?’


‘I graduated from a law school three months ago, I was working for Ms. Di Vespusiano…’


‘<Enough my dear… you don’t want me to have all the others roped up and locked in a cellar as I wait for the Objects of Beauty to come by and pick them up, do you?>’


All the others had no clue of what the Duchess had just said, in Russian (?!), to the naked blonde, but nor only this Dayna girl knew Russian but also she knew about the OB? And any kind of relationship that the Duchess had with them?


She had to have a talk-talk with her…


‘You, and any girl that you call a partner, will be waiting for me tonight in my room, wear something… red or pink. Your call, ok?’ – and she went inside the four story palace


The lawyer nodded, and one minute later she was surrounded, still inside the pool, by the other girls who tried really hard to fall under her good graces… until the

Duchess told them that they were getting a bit too loud for her tastes… Dayna was unceremouniously pulled out of the pool, dried up by three pairs of hands and then half carried/half dragged by the other girls, still stark naked, to the trophy room of the right aisle of the palace. There she ended up making the others agree that luck would decided how many and which ones would be with her and Debs that night, and they all went to look for a dice in the large place. Meanwhile, the Duchess decided to return to her book.


My oh my, the ruse had worked. How long would it take for Deborah to realize that Dayna did not understood a single word in Russian and had just acted as she had been told to by her? The first of many tests that she intended to put that interesting American woman through had been a complete success, but it was only the FIRST of MANY… And all these lovely, enjoyable and submissive ‘babes-with-a-brain’ would be used in the tests…


Two very interesting weeks lay ahead, but for now Ken Follett demanded her attention.





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