When Notorious Reputations Crash




Nor Emmanuel nor any of his four brothers had ever seen so much money. One hundred thousand American dollars, small and non-sequential bills and he doubted that those two women had told anyone where they had gone… Those two very beautiful gringas…


‘Don’t even think about it…’


‘Oh yeah? Why not?’


‘Do you honestly think that we would be so dumb to hire you without making any back-up on you and your family? Tracy…’


The blonde babe handed an envelope to the black babe, who opened it and passed its contents to Miguel, whose face lost all its blood as soon as he saw what was in the pictures. Juan was next and then it was Juacinto and Felipe. All his brothers were now scared.


As he soon became. The pictures showed the culprits of the most famous and disastrous carjacking of the previous month. It showed them robbing Mr. Venaldo’s last ‘niece’’s car!

WITH the girl stringently bound and locked in the car’s trunk!


Then the discussion when they had realized WHO was the girl they had taken with the car and (especially) WHO had bought the car for her!


In the end the pictures showed them washing thoroughly the car to not leave any evidence of themselves in it, forcing the girl (under the supervision of their sister Inez) to have a bath (and how they had managed to hide a camera there?), and finally taping up the redressed girl to a tree while wearing latex gloves and even calling the cops! And mores pictures of the tape gagged and blindfolded girl, and even more! At least forty of them!


Mr. Venaldo wanted whoever was so dumb to defy so stupidly his power to be taken to him, alive and preferably in one piece, and they knew very well that none of these conditions would apply to them afterwards if he knew about them.


The two gringas looked at them with such arrogance…


But they had no option.


‘OK, ALRIGHT! What… what do you want us to do?’


‘Simple. In two weeks the two targets and a local friend will travel to Nayarit to enjoy some summer vacations in its famous beaches. They are to be taken by you, unharmed, and kept alive and well (although in a most distressing fashion) until we say so. The moment we gave you the order you let them go. Simple like that.’


‘But why… us?’


‘Because you are local kidnappers, with a big rap sheet and a reputation of targeting (preferably) young and good looking women that travels lightly and preferably lonely. WE are in control of this whole operation, but YOU will take the fame and the heat for it… Do not worry, AFTER you do your part we will gave one million dollars that, if I were you, I would use to run away from Mexico for at least a couple of years. YOU are going to be the target of very nasty people afterwards…’


‘Gringa burra! What makes you think that I will not…’


Another couple of pictures. Taken by a cellphone not ten minutes before and sent to the blonde’s cellphone, Treyci something, and now being showed to him.


Imaculada, his girl in Jalisco, and Estelita, his girl in Mexico City, and Helena, his girl in Guadalajara. All girls had been attacked in their homes, in their own bedroom. Imaculada, like always, was wearing a pink lacy (spicy) set of bra and panties while Estelita had been captured naked (as she always slept), and Helena for her turn was wearing… something black with a T-shirt on top of it. All three were tied up and cleavegagged with strips of cloth, and were openly crying to the camera…


‘We know all the people you know, all the places you could go if running away from us or the police or Mr. Mayor Alejandro Venaldo. YOU will do this and take the heat, and…’


‘Two million dollars.’


‘Excuse me?’


‘If me and my brothers are to disappear for a couple of years I want a million of dollars, from ‘Uncle Sam’ of course, for each year…’


The blonde smiled and the black girl looked at him with even more disgust.


She agreed and gave him all the info she had on their targets, and then she ordered him to take her and the blonde back to their hotel. By now Miguel was confirming that all three girlfriends were fine, having just been found by their relatives after being ‘burglarized’ by… two pairs of black attired women each three of them?


He drove them back and they gave him two of the three cases that were in the trunk of the car, they were up to pay him three millions and had made a bet… since the blonde didn’t believed that he was that greedy she had won.


Damn gringas!








‘Miss Daniels? Miss Daniels? Miss… Ohhh!!!!’


So many years for that gringa loca and she still could be surprised with the depths of the woman’s imagination! Three girls were technically tied at her left. Technically because the absurd amount of rope tied on them and/or to the pillars at their lefts and their right made Maria think that she was looking to a giant web with three cocooned beauties trapped in it. And what was Miss Daniels and her two busty assistants wearing as they stood in front of the three nude (save for the ropes and tape that gagged them of course) girls?


Spider Woman phantasies! That, she had to admit, looked very good in the two jet black hair beauties that were Miss Daniels minions, but not in Miss Daniels herself (she was starting to get some weight…)… Loca, loca, loca y LOCA!


‘Maria! Ehrr… I was… I am… these are…’


Instead of waiting a few minutes for the now suddenly dumbfounded woman come up with an explanation, Maria simply grabbed her by the hand and took her back inside the home. The two assistants looked at each other, sighed and returned to their job, which was really create a supersized spider’s web with three women trapped in it!


There was a woman in the lobby waiting for Maria and Ginny Daniels. The resemblance with Maria was astounding; she looked like a little younger, taller and fatter version of her trustworthy maid. She seemed to have been crying, but she was looking a bit…


Oh yes, the spider woman costume…


‘I am sorry, I was having a pre-Halloween costume party when Maria came in and… is this your sister Anna Leoncio, Maria? Of course it is! Nice to meet you!’


And soon Miss Daniels was making her magic. Anna, who was in the verge of tears when she went looking for her boss, was now calming down. They went to the kitchen and soon she, Miss Daniels, was making tea for all three of them. She talked about Maria and how she had been such a great help so many times, omitting how they had first met of course and exactly how and how many times she had saved her life and her friends or neighbors’, and how she was so wonderful. Maria inwardly smiled. It was working.


Miss Daniels always made nervous people calm down by her talks and her smile and other attributes. Actresses in the beginning of their career or models that had second and third thoughts about allowing themselves to be tied up, she had seen all of them fall in Miss Daniels’ charms. Just like her sister was falling.


But they had not enough time for that.


‘Miss Daniels?’


‘Hmm, yes Maria?’


‘Miss Daniels… my niece Leonor, Anna’s third daughter, was kidnapped…’


‘Oh no!’


And that was the cue for Anna, who could understand English but spoke it with a very strong accent; to start talking about how good was her daughter and how unfair was the whole situation. Little by little, with Maria’s help, Ginny heard the whole story.


Two girls with whom she studied at Berkeley (where she was one of the best students) had accepted Leonor’s invitation for a trip in Baja California that should have ended three days before. But not only all three had disappeared somewhere in Mexico but, due to Maria’s still famous reputation there; Leonor had been implicated in the disappearance! Even the FBI had talked with them (Anna’s family in San Diego) the day before!


‘But… is there any problem…’


‘Since your foundation helped to legalize her and her husband’s situation a few months ago there is no problem into make other people, specially the federales, believe that she’s here to ask and beg your help, which is partially truth after all. We need your help Miss Daniels to deal with part of the situation, and it’s about the other missing girls…’


‘And who are the girls that disappeared with Leonor?’


And then Maria answered her, and Ginny understood why Maria was calling for her help and how she could do it. And what was going to happen afterward…


Maria had that look in her eyes…








‘But I am telling you Mike, the poor girl’s is a victim too!’


‘But her aunt…’


‘Her aunt is a criminal that will burn in hell for what she did down the border! Her mother and the girl herself are clean, super-purity crystal clean! They are honest people, there always a rotten apple here and there, but don’t throw away…’


Anna was in pure stupefaction state. Could the man, Mike Lamanleel III knew that he was talking to a bit overweighed and ridiculously attired (even if Miss Daniels was in her best shape this costume was ridiculous!) woman that had just ordered that the ‘rotten apple’ ‘took care of her guests’? Miss Daniels was almost convincing her that she had nothing to do with Maria La Sangrenta! The very same Maria that was now somewhere in the backyard of the huge manor! So much… blatant ability to lie!


She was sitting on a chair at the kitchen’s table while Miss Daniels was walking back and forth and around the large table as she talked, through the cellphone on the table in front of Anna (which was in the speaker’s mode), stopping every so often to text some orders to Maria in a laptop right across the table (and with its back turned to Anna so she couldn’t see neither the orders nor the images on the screen). What a strange and yet wonderful lady.

At the very least she was now talking with the man that had put the FBI after her and her family, and what a disgusting man! Now she understood why Prizz never talked about her father. Disgusting man! And one of the leaders of the ultra anti-immigrants rights movement in California, and now a very scared man!


‘E-N-O-U-G-H!!!! Mike the Third, either you tell us what’s going on or I call the press!’




‘You are a bad liar Michael, for the fourth and last time… what’s going on?’


‘But I’m telling you Ginny…’


‘YOU NEVER CALL ANYONE BY A NICKNAME UNLESS YOU ARE LYING! Never ever!!! And during all the length of this little talk of ours it was ‘Ginny this’ or ‘Ginny that’ instead of ‘Ms. Daniels’ or ‘Genevieve’, plus I know that the FBI left a couple of agents in your house, if you’re not talking then they will talk to me or…’


‘Or what???’


‘I call all my friends in the press, ALL OF THEM, and tell them how you are smearing the reputation of a legal immigrant that disappeared with your daughter due to…’


There was a short struggle, more with words than with actions, on the other side of the line. Then a female voice restarted the conversation. She didn’t explained much, but left implied that the whole recent activity of Mike was what he had been instructed to by the kidnappers of his and Anna’s daughter. The whole deal was with the third missing girl, Lena Bradley, or better with her father. That was what Ginny understood after some pressure and counter menaces that came from the so called ‘Agent Lewis’.


The line went dead and Anna decided that she needed some activity, since it was getting late she asked Miss Daniels (who was starting a flow of calls to have better info about James Bradley) if she could make the dinner since Maria was ‘taking care of her guests’…


Minutes later Anna was in the kitchen, preparing a frugal salad for six girls (could the stories she heard about Miss Daniels be true?) and a dinner for her, her sister and Miss Daniels. A black girl, impeccably dressed as a conservative maid (grey uniform and white apron), appeared out of nowhere and helped her to finish the fruits and vegetables salad.


As the girl went outdoor to feed the captive guests (during the preparation of the meal she confessed that all guests were ‘a bit tied up now’ since they were in the middle of a photo shoot), Anna served the dinner for three.


And heard everything about James Bradley…








Meanwhile many miles down the border, all three captives were being prepared for the night by their captor. It was completely unnecessary to bind and gag them every night, but by now it was more than obvious that their captor enjoyed it a lot.


But besides that, they couldn’t really say anything bad about the tall woman.


She was of so many ancestries mixed in one body that it was hard to say exactly in which one she could fit better. There was white ancestry, black ancestry, Indian ancestry, Aztec ancestry and Latin ancestry, and there were the scars and burn marks. She had survived a fire in the past, but it had left memories in her skin. Yet they couldn’t say that she was ugly, she had a natural dominating presence, was a good cook and a great sailoress...


Damn knots! Did she really had to make them that tight?


Like Leonor at her left and Lena at her right, Pricilla ‘Priss’ Lamanleel was already overly tied before the giantess carefully placed her in the hammock and then made sure that no matter what happened, she would not fall or worm her way out of it!


‘Feeling itchy?’


She closed her eyes and nodded, and the blessed finger scratched her nose, then the woman kissed her forehead and exited the room after shutting down the lights.


After a few minutes only Priss was still awake.


In the first two days all three girls cried until the sleep and fatigue overcame them, but after they realized that the giantess would not hurt them without any reason (as long as they behaved and it was just spanking but how it hurt and stung!), torture or rape them... and after the first week of captivity came by they started to feel... used to their captivity.


It was so simple! None of them knew how to sail a boat, so let them stay somewhere in open sea (very far away from any shore) with a woman strong and mean enough to keep them ‘in line’, and they will be trapped! They spent the day free of most bonds, except when it was time to pose for the woman or she had to move the... what was the name of that kind of boat?... of course, and were getting used to just sunbathe while they read one of the woman’s many books. She had about a hundred of them, in English mostly, and they feared that they would end up reading all of them before it was all over.


The daily contacts of the giantess with her partners, the unknown people that actually had kidnapped them eight/nine nights before, was through a radio that seemingly wasn’t working very well, or only worked on pre-programmed occasions/situations.


The fact is that she had allowed them to try to use it, and after Lena got so frustrated that she almost broke it with a chair they spent a whole day bound in six different ways each!!!


The messages where simple, the other part made a weird question (in Spanish) like the one of that day: ‘How many birds the sea has today?’; which was always answered by a crazier phrase like today’s: ‘I only counted those who are buried in the sand’.


This or she had to go back to her Spanish classes after she...


She and the others... would they ever be free again? She had heard a lot about ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, and she was starting to fear that she was suffering of it.


One hour a day they were supposed to pose for the woman’s lens bound and gagged somewhere on the boat, and she had to admit that some of the pictures were really good (hey she had a degree in arts!) and they slept all nights roped like skeins. Plus there were the two hours that were spent every day with she roaming the boat from here to there and never getting anywhere while they patiently waited for her to free them...


But what was the point? Even if they dared and somehow managed to overpower the woman (fat chance for that to happen! They had tried four times and ended up needing cushions to sit at the table for the meals), they would not be able to move the boat and even if they did... in which direction? They had been drugged as soon as the last knot had been cinched when they were captured. For all she knew they HAD spent hours drugged and slumbered, which meant that they could have been transported to the Atlantic coast of the country. So if they were in the Atlantic Ocean, but thought that they were in the Pacific one, they would go on the wrong way while trying to reach the shore. And if they were in the Pacific Ocean, but thought that they were in the Atlantic one it would happen the same thing! She wasn’t sure of anything about her current location and neither were the others!


But their captor did enjoyed to bind and gag beautiful young women, the number of girls on the albums she had showed them in the fourth day reached three digits!, and mostly like them were NOT being paid to pose for her!


So... they had to endure what was in store for them, even if... even if... it started to feel normal to be mummified with rope and fabric. She was going to need help back home...


Professional help, LOTS of it.


Minutes later Priss finally managed to sleep and had very weird, yet pleasant, dreams...








‘<They don’t exist? The whole family doesn’t exist? But how can it be possible?>’


Since Ginny understood Spanish (but didn’t spoke it) she was the one to answer that.


‘Most likely Witness Protection Program. What my… source… discovered is that ‘James Bradley’, the ‘James Bradley’ that you know Anna, didn’t existed until twelve years ago. Every single piece of info about him was ‘produced’ at the same time and it’s quite possible that the ‘Agent Lewis’ that talked to us is a US Marshal...’


‘I doubt it.’


‘Excuse me Maria?’


‘Miss Daniels, please imagine the whole current situation as one of your TV Movies’ plot. Three young women disappear down the border, the kidnappers want something from the father of one of them (a man who officially didn’t existed until a few years ago) and order that the father of another uses his prestige and power to smear an innocent woman and her family. But the plot is discovered by a wealthy woman who is a friend of the smeared mother, and the US agents that are supposed to deal with the whole situation expose the cover-up so easily? Through a phone line that could been be wired?’


Both Genevieve and Anna were now realizing what she meant. The woman who identified herself as ‘Agent Lewis’ had told them a fantastic story (after Mike’s big mouth spilled out some details that he wasn't supposed to)...


‘You think that they lied to us?’


‘I think, and my guts are the ones that agrees the most with that line of thought, that ‘Agent Lewis’ (whoever she is) is lying to us and to Mr. Lamanleel.’


Genevieve thought for a while in silence as she ate the dinner, when she spoke again it was a simple question that she had to make:


‘Trouble ahead?’


‘If you agree with me, all girls that are involved in your latest... oh well, Anna knows about your photo-shoots (I know you told me, no you ordered me, to not say anything to anybody but she has a way to make me talk that works well since we were chiquititas!)... Well, as I was saying, if you agree with me, all girls that are having a frugal dinner in the backyard will spend the night locked in the ‘Goodies Room’ there, I'll personally make sure that they won’t interfere but you’ll probably will have to pay them an extra fee,  and Joan and Tabita will watch them and take care of their needs. Anna and you will spend in the one located in your room... Don’t worry Anna, you’re too old for Miss Daniels’ tastes...’


‘And you?’


‘I believe that we became nuisances to whatever plan those who kidnapped Leonor and the others had developed, and I believe that I’ll be hunting some... expected invaders tonight.’


‘<Are you sure Maria?>’


‘Like I was when I told papa to not trust that ****** of Nogales!!! Exactly like that day...’


Over the years; and after six robbery attempts, the rescue of that divine neighbor of Miss Daniels from those racists ******, the rescue of that regular model of Miss Daniels when a freaky fan tried to have her to himself, three invasions by paparazzis, plus more two by PIs hired to get ‘compromising pictures’ of Miss Daniels’ guests and other two by jealous/freak husbands of models/friends of Miss Daniels, not to mention that incident at Miss Daniels manor by the beach...; Maria’s ‘guts’ had gained a lot of respect from her boss...










‘ALRIGHT! I’ll pay you each twenty five grands for this, now stop complaining Betsy!’




While Anna was enjoying a deserved royal treatment at the skilled hands of Tabita, Maria and Joan had rounded up the models she had hired for the ‘Spider Women Attack’ fantasy in the ‘Goodies Room’ by the pool. The five models/actresses wannabes had enjoyed a frugal and tasty dinner and, since all thought that the ‘Spider Women Attack’ fantasy was off, they didn’t found odd when the older Latin maid told them that Ginny was going to have a ‘bikini bound galore’ photo-shoot instead.


All five went inside (to their provisory dressing room in one of the guest rooms in the back of the manor) and were quickly back to the pool wearing all the same skimpy white string bikini. Ginny had ordered not to gag the girls right away, so the maids just bound their hands palm to palm and anchored the tie to the small of their backs with a short piece of rope, then (to preserve the secrecy of the entrance of the ‘Goodies Room’) all were forced to wear a leather blindfold. Joan opened the ‘Goodies Room’ by twisting a fake rock 90° in a clockwise fashion. The mysterious staircase, that wasn’t there minutes before, excited more than frightened the girls who were guided down by Joan one at the time.


Meanwhile Maria checked all the six guns and respective ammo that were inside the room. All fine, the sprays and tasers were fine as well. Now to really restrain those innocent girls. By now the excitement of being subjected to a ‘new and different’ fantasy of Ginny was slowly being substituted by fear and uncertainties.


Joan had to force Flora, a tall and leggy blonde, to stand still as she roped her to one of the three poles of the room. Melanie wasn’t too cooperative either and Maria had no time to be patient, so she taped the petite and busty brunette to the center post after slapping six strips of tape over her lips. Bobbie (the less endowed girl of the bunch) didn’t opposed too much since she was really trembling of fear and in the verge of tears as Joan hogtied her on a very large, clean and bare mattress. Maria did a quick but efficient job with tape and Viv was taped to the last pole then, as Joan had some trouble to tie Betsy on a kneeling position besides Bobbie, she activated the link and the girls heard Ginny’s voice.


She told them that she was going to buy the *********, Inc., (a medium size action movies production company), but wasn’t the only one interested in them. Someone had tipped the ‘other side’ (that she adamantly refused to tell them whom they were) about tonight’s photo shoot and the girls had to agree that if the pictures of Ginny, wearing the Spider Woman fantasy, tying and gagging nude girls reached the papers...


Ginny told them that the PIs that she had hired to investigate the other side were adamantly sure that one of them (the models) had been the source of the leak, and she had already identified the car of a famous paparazzi parked nearby, so she had to take precautions (the guy would take pictures of her watching a baseball game by the pool and nothing else).


Flora and Viv were the most vocal ones in their rebuking of the accusation, and tried to menace Ginny with lawsuits, but Joan and Maria simply shoved sponge balls into their mouths and taped their pursed lips. Ginny told the girls that it was a 18 millions dollars business that was menaced by the paparazzi, so she was going to pay them 20K for their silence, and anyway they had signed a contract in which they all agreed to be kept all the time restrained to complete impotency if Ginny wanted to, and Ginny needed to...


Bobbie and Betsy feeble attempts to persuade Ginny only earned them bright red ballgags buckled tight behind their heads. The girls’ moans were a bit too loud for Joan’s tastes, but as she picked five syringes (already filled with a potent sedative) and separated them from the others in the medicine cabinet, both she and Maria were summoned by Ginny.








‘Your sister is fine Maria. After she had a bath I gave her a good massage and the mildly spiked tea. She barely had time to enter the ‘Goodies’ when she collapsed, she’s sleeping peacefully in the bed there as we speak and won’t woke up until tomorrow noon...’


‘Thank you Tabita.’


All three maids stood in a row facing Ginny who was behind a desk with a laptop showing the captives in the ‘Goodies Room’ by the pool. They all seemed to be scared to their cores.


‘You know what’s funny?’


‘No, Miss Daniels.’ – answered all three maids at once.


‘I am really trying to buy the *********, Inc., and both Bobbie and Betsy are in my rivals’ pockets. They were paid to use their cellphones to take some pictures of this photo-shoot (which is why I ordered you to secretly confiscate them Tabita). I was going to have you three to lock them both in that specific ‘Goodies Room’ for at least a couple of days, maybe more, after the ‘Spider Women Attack’ photo-shoot, as the PIs I hired used their e-mail accounts to lure my rivals into a trap... Hey, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and I rather eat one raw and still bleeding that be one who’s eaten! ...’


‘We know it very well, Miss Daniels... now what are your plans for them, and the others?’


‘Hum... it’ll all depend on how your guts are right this time Maria. If we do have ‘visitors’ tonight, then I’ll probably will have you two set the other three free tomorrow and make them punish those two bodylicious greedy little things. If not, then I’ll stick to my original plan and maybe I’ll manage to force my rivals out of this game. That would make me save a couple of million dollars, perhaps hopefully more... but that won’t be the case...’


Joan and Tabita, who were chuckling at the scroogy comment of Ginny, suddenly were alert. Ginny’s face was showing a growing concern and she was looking both at the screen and at Maria with changing the target of her eyes with increasingly speed...


‘Miss Daniels?’


Ginny’s answer to Maria’s mute question was simply turn the laptop around so the maids could see the screen. The 23 million dollars security system that Ginny (who had become more and more a security freak with the passing of the years and daring rescues at the hands of Maria) had placed around her manor showed its accuracy.


The big screen now depicted a map with the hill with the floor plan of the estate located at its center. Four dots were now going up the hill, dots that had the word ‘Invader’ pinned to them by an arrow and that were being analyzed. Each invader was progressively identified as she moved closer and closer to the manor. They were all women, had three to five weapons with them and came in pairs. Two from the East and two from the South.


Then the lights were suddenly cut and, save for the room in which they stood (the only one benefited by the emergency generator), the whole manor was now engulfed in darkness.


Maria needed no order from Ginny and left the room.


‘You two, protect the girls, all of them!’ – said Ginny as she rushed to her private Goodies.








The information came over one hour too late.


Their hacker division had worked nonstop since it was confirmed Ginny Daniels’ personal interference in their plans. They had checked all her finances from top to bottom with maximum scrutiny and had found two very interesting things.


First, Ginny’s relationship with the Leoncio family went way back, over a decade back when the family was still living in a small town in the Mexican state of Nayarit. Apparently she had settled, through a mazelike string of inshore and offshore bank accounts, that a substantial revenue (for Mexican standards) that was yearly augmented and was deposited every 1st Monday of the month in an account in Anna Leoncio’s name.


More interesting was the original sum was larger, but halfway between Ginny and Anna it was cut in two parts, the bigger one (two thirds of the money) was sent to Anna while the smaller one (one third) was deposited in a bank account of a small bank agency in LA.


That portion of the revenue was rarely used and mostly in small perfumeries and piracy stores in the Mexican portion of the town. They had done a thorough research but there was no apparent link between the Leoncios and the owner of that account, Bonita Libertad, then a technician commented that the name meant ‘Beautiful Freedom’ in Spanish.


A fake name, but then who was that woman? And why did she kept sending two thirds of her income to the Leoncios every month even after they had emigrated to the USA?


The second thing that the hackers found was at first just a suspicious and very generous ‘donation’ of Ginny to a firm that built artificial satellites. Through another (and bigger) maze of bank accounts, front business associates they had managed to discover something that at first they couldn’t believe in. She had a private link to one of the satellites of the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) that was permanently aimed to the State of California, which was locked over her estate.


She, Genevieve Daniels, had a private 24/7 satellite surveillance system! And wasn’t the only one! So if anyone tried to reach the manor by escalating one of the sides of the hill where it was located he/she/they would be easily spotted and identified!


By now they had already lost contact with the four agents that they had sent there to frighten, intimidate and provide sources for blackmail.








OK, they already knew that Ginny Daniels liked to see women B&G, just like their boss.


They reasoned that, like their boss, she might have hidden somewhere in her home a large collection of mementos and professional stuff. If she was like their boss she might have a huge collection of photos! There was a rumor on the streets about a small business of hers turned into something really big due to her notorious rivalry with **** ********, who had decided to melee her latest transaction as a form to get even after the ********** Affair.


So they would overpower everyone in the house and tear the walls apart if necessary, but Ginny’s interference was not to survive the sunset.


Piece of cake, but they had to start doing jobs on their own if they wanted to stop being considered newbies by their legendary leader. So they divided their group in two pairs and one of the pairs was left at one point of the road, then the other pair parked their car behind a sign on the road (activating a bean that was hidden there), and they started to climb up the hill. There was a ridiculously easy to climb rock wall surrounding their side of the hill. She went first, then it was Jeannie’s turn. Then she was hit on the neck by a mini dart.


Jeannie found her slumped on the floor, but before she could reach her radio and send a warning to the others someone jumped on her from somewhere at her left (it was really dark now since the hackers had cut the lights of the estate), and she was quickly tased into unconsciousness. Maria had no time to waste, so she lowered the girl’s pants and panties and injected a strong sedative in her behind, then she left the slumbered pair and went after the two ones that had managed to reach the manor.








Where was everybody?


By their data there should be Ginny, Anna, three maids and five models in the manor. They had expected to hear a furious demand for the light through their wired tap on the phone lines, various women wandering around the ground floor (alone or in pairs) holding candles and flashlights in their hands and thus an easy job for them to overpower, bind and gag everybody. But it really did seemed that they were alone in the manor!


No one in the ground floor, perhaps they were somehow already sleeping upstiars in the main and guest rooms? But then why weren’t the maids in their rooms in the back of the manor? And where was her partner? She was supposed to be back from the kitchen by now!

She had to get in touch with somebody, to hell with the ‘silence radio’ stuff!


She put her gun over a table at her left and grabbed her phone, their boss’ tenant’s number was in the speed dial, all she had to do was to press the button...


Somebody smaller yet stronger than her grabbed her from behind, she was caught totally by surprise and tried to exclaim ‘What?’ right into the drenched cloth that was shoved over her mouth and nose. The woman, it was a woman (she could feel the small breasts pressing against her back) but which one?, had a very powerful grip over her. Her right arm was now uselessly trapped behind her back and how did she managed to avoid her left elbow two times? Three times now! She was getting frantic, and agitated, and inhaled deeply into the cloth until she slowly started to diminish her efforts, her body didn’t felt like it could twist and shake as she wanted anyway. She was getting... asleep?


She... no... they had been caught? But... who had done that?


Maria helped the drugged girl to lie on the floor, then she quickly stripped the girl, grabbed the now naked body and threw it over her shoulder.








‘Could I have the lights back on please? I am going to lose everything that was in the fridge! Or do you prefer that I make it official and call the cops? I am sure that your ‘Agent Lewis’ would not like it one bit... so the lights... please...


And Ginny hung up.


The picture in the screen showed her four less promising agents; four girls very eager to please her and work the most effectively and adequate way possible, and they had potential, but it was a long way until she would have to agree that they were suitable to her needs.


And the picture sent to them by Leah’s phone showed why she was right to think that way.


Jeannie, Leah, Amber and Melody: kneeling on a stone floor and naked as in the day they had been born, with their bodies displaying a large amount of BDSM paraphernalia that suited them very well. Armbinders, nipple clamps, hoods, ballgags, four or five belts to restrain each pair of legs and a couple more, locks everywhere.


She was going to keep that picture...


‘Give Daniels her lights back, now.’


One hacker, mesmerized by Amber’s perfectly round breasts, took a couple of moments to realize that he had received an order, then someone pocked him in the ribs and he obeyed. She was going to call them back sooner than later, she was sure of it.


She sat back on her chair as the techs, hackers and everybody else tried to analyze how could a very simple mission turned into the big mess they were now.


What went wrong on the estate? The files of the models didn’t turned reasonable the chance that they had overpowered the quartet. Ginny Daniels had some knowledge in self-defense but it was insufficient to make it possible either. Anna Leoncio? Nope. The maids?


Tabita Clemente? Ex-con, but she wasn’t that dangerous and she doubted that she could stand two minutes in a fight against any of the four.


Joan Carlyle? A fugitive, still wanted by the police for a string of robberies in a couple of states. Probably working under an alias, had quite a reputation... nope. No way.


Maria Tresfuegos? Illegal immigrant and nothing else. They had not much on that woman (not even a picture since she scarcely left the estate) and only knew that she was Mexican or Nicaraguan, about 40/50 years old and... and...


NO WAY!!!!








‘Maria La Sangrenta? Who’s that?’


‘Maria Imaculada Gonzalez, or Maria Tresfuegos as she’s called nowadays, or...’


‘Look... I don’t know what you’re smoking, injecting or inhaling but...’


‘Enough Miss Daniels...’


Then there was a muffled conversation on the other side of the line, like if someone had covered the phone with the palm of her hand, and when the conversation restarted it was between her and one of the most dreaded Mexican criminals that she had ever heard of.


‘Good night, how may I call you, Ms. ‘leader of those who kidnapped my niece’?’


‘Ava, it’s not my real name but I am a big fan of Ms. Gardner...’


‘Very well Ms. Ava, please pay attention. Whatever, whatever is your plan, we don’t want to interfere more than we already have. It’s not our goal, not our business. Neither are those four that will spend a while under our... care, you will have them back eventually and sooner than you can think since they also aren’t our business. Leonor, Lena and Priscilla, THEY are our business. So whatever you want from whoever Mr. Bradley really is, you can have it with our blessings and silence. But we need to discuss our mutual business.’


‘We are doing it now, aren’t we?’


‘Face to face. Tomorrow... today. 8 AM, come alone. And unarmed.’


And she hung up. Everyone was staring at her, her secretary was the first to react when she saw the hint of a grin being formed in her face.


‘You’re not thinking... We can have two dozen of really qualified...’


‘That would be spotted just like those four were...’ – she turned to the techs and hackers – ‘Any chance that you guys manage to get by the satellite’s security and control what she can see in the next hours?’ – All of them shook their heads, one of them even said that they had got lucky to be able to enter and see what she was seeing – ‘And how much money she spent on her own security, how much of it that you managed to identify to that anyway?’


‘A little over seventeen millions...’


‘You see? There’s no way you can be thinking about...’


‘Loooouuuella... Shhh...’ – She put her index finger over lips and even blushing deeply the young secretary, and one of her favorite playthings, complied – ‘Now get on the phone and get in touch with our contacts in the press, get them ready to publish at my whim the story of ‘Maria La Sangrenta’, make sure that they will make a big story of the possible presence of such dangerous criminal in the USA, more specifically the LA County. Ms. Gonzalez might be a female version of the bogeyman down the border, but she’s not well known here in California. We can win big if they keep their mouth shut, they can lose a lot if we open ours, they will get ready and so do we...’


‘But we can...’


But Alena wasn’t hearing her anymore, she was giving orders to other people and then she went to sleep. Without her. If they dared to touch in one lock of her hair!








7 AM found Flora waking up as Viv shook her up with the grinning help of Melanie.


She stretched and realized that the still sleeping Bobbie and Betsy were still tied up in sloppy hogties and cleave gagged. Viv told her that Ginny had told her, as she freed her, that the PIs had found out that Bobbie and Betsy were the leak, and that they had orders to take pictures of Ginny (in the Spider Woman fantasy with any of the girls, preferably either Bobbie or Betsy so they tell the press a big sad & sob story, bound and gagged and sharing the space in the picture) and, more important, that Ginny had told them that that they had the right to extract (non-violent) revenge over the pair until noon, when the photo-shoots would restart with other models to replace those two.


‘The... tramps! But, what are we going to do? I am not into this stuff you know, it’s only...’


‘Because like me you need the cash. Yeah, I know how it is.’


‘Me too... I was thinking and we’re going to need some help but, what do you say about...’








When Alena got out of the car at 8:05 she was greeted with an interesting view. Two pairs of women were playing volley in the grass at about five hundred feet at her left. The two pairs were wearing string thong bikinis, and since they were all but one professional models they filled them very well. Even the non-model girl was interes... hey, it was Joan!


She was pairing with the much smaller and younger Melanie. Viv and Flora were the other pair. And unbelievably tied to the posts of the net were the other two models that she was expecting to see in the estate, Bobbie and Betsy.


Those two were naked under all the string used to melt them to the posts, and since it was a hot and sunny day they would end up with a very weird tan... If she only had brought her camera with her... Well, she had business to attend...


She was frisked at the entrance by the younger Latin maid of the house’s permanent staff, who said that she was clear to Ginny (who was wearing a black business suit contrasting to Alena’s white one) and Maria who like Tabita was wearing her maid’s uniform and a gun belt. She could have had overpowered Tabita, too many openings for that, and Ginny.


But Maria was another story. Not for a single moment she motioned her hands near the guns at her waist, but Alena knew that she could take her down if she tried anything stupid.


But Alena wasn’t stupid.


They went all to a study in which Alena and Ginny sat in sofas facing each other, Maria positioned herself at Ginny’s right and Tabita went to the kitchen to fetch some coffee.

‘My four amateur minions?’


Ginny handed her a closed laptop that was over a coffee table at her right. Alena opened it and was greeted with four different live feeds of security cameras. It was night vision like feed, so it meant that they were being literally kept (naked) in the dark. Apparently all four were fine, but where were them? It looked like... like...


Oh well... enjoy the show girlfriend!


They had used long leather belts, at least two dozen of them, to tie Melody into a kneeling position over a bare mattress, she was really fighting them but with no use. She rolled back and forth, strained the belts the most she could and stood with only her knees touching the mattress, and ended up panting heavily in the tape gag that covered all her lower face.


Leah was resting with her face buried in a soft pillow as she was laying over another bare mattress. By the way her head and upper torso were shaking she was crying. She had already given up? Humm... It didn’t seemed fake (like some sort of strategy to diminish her perilousness to her captors) so... she had given up! The weakling! The... beautiful ropework only enhanced the girl’s frail beauty. Alena knew all along that particularly Leah was just a pretender, no real material for her business needs. But for her other needs... Perhaps.


Jeannie was fighting her bonds with the same might that Melody was showing, the only problem was that she was reduced to the state of a mummy now. Only her feet, breasts and her popped out of the tape mass that covered her body. Was she trying to sweat hard enough to be able to slip through her gluing bonds?


Amber was the only one that was standing on her feet, completely taped and tied up to a column (probably in the basement) and no matter how she (feebly) tried, she couldn’t move but her chest (and only the strictly minimum for her to breathe) and head. Not that she wasn’t trying, but wherever rope didn’t held her still there was tape to do the trick!


‘Thank you, now...’


‘What can you tell us about Leonor, Lena and Priss current whereabouts?’


‘They’re fine, I can assure you that. On my word. That do means a lot.’


‘You are Alena, the head of that infamous all-women group of thieves and kidnappers that took Marion Matthews away in order to save her life, aren’t you?’


‘As you American says: ‘Guilty as charged’.’


Tabita came with the coffee that Alena politely refused. Maria resumed the conversation.


‘And what else can you say about them?’


‘They are neither in US soil, neither in Mexican soil. They are allowed to have freedom of movements most of the time and I sure hope that they like to read because...’


‘Maria ‘La Torre’ Ballenero! They are in the hands of ‘La Torre’ Ballenero! Aren’t they?’


It was the first time that Tabita saw Maria with a look of surprise in her face.


‘Very well, very well indeed. Do you know her, Ms. Gonzalez?’


A bit contrived and blushing, Maria nodded.


‘Back in the day, we were good friends. We did... a couple of jobs together. She had this idea, this weird idea about using a boat in the open sea to held her captives, that she said she’d try one day. Not only with girls (she NEVER takes part in any kidnapping has not young women as target) that she held for profit, but also those that she held just for fun...’


‘She...’ – asked Ginny.


‘Just like them tied and gagged, like myself by the way...’ – answered Alena.


‘And never really hurts them, although I believe that she do enjoys a lot to spank women’s bare behinds... Two years ago she was the one that held Cristina ‘Pedrita’ Ramon, a famous young actress/singer in Mexico, captive as her producers were forced to pay the ransom. With the repercussion of the case she got some unwanted fame and had to lay low. But last... September a couple of Danish tourists recognized her as the woman who held them in a boat for a couple of weeks, and after that at least a dozen other girls came forward to denounce her as their kidnapper and captoress. She’s... she’s a bit loca.’


‘I agree. But she’s reliable, trustworthy and cheap...’


‘And you don’t have any clue, any idea at all, as to where she and the girls we care about are right now, do you? Thought so...’


‘My turn. What have you managed to find out about James Bradley?’


‘You mean, Pavel Ivanovich Kuragin?’ – answered Ginny with great contempt.


Alena’s face showed fear, rage and then resignation.


‘So... we're both ready to lose big if we fight each other, but there’s too much at stake for each side to back down now. Thus, what do we do now?’


‘Maria, Tabita, please leave me alone with her... please leave me alone with her...


Reluctantly, and discretely checking if the hidden 'Panic Button' in Ginny’s left cufflink was working, Maria and then Tabita left the room.


‘She’s a great... friend. Over the years we developed our unique kind of friendship and I would hate to lose her, to have her on the run and everything else...’


‘And I need that no one knows that Pavel/James is very much alive, even after he’s finished with what he has to do to have his daughter back and I am a few million dollars richer...’


‘And there's Mike the Third, one call to the nearest US Marshall’s office and he’ll...’


‘...talk to one of my employees. I have over thirty phone lines related to him directly and indirectly that are being monitored 24/7, every call that we don’t want that is completed will be intercepted. He knows that James is in the WitSec and that his daughter’s return depends on him, and he trust in ‘Agent Lewis’ like he would in the real one...’


‘There is really an ‘Agent Lewis’?’


‘Much older than the one knows... hey, I DO want those millions...’


Ginny seemed to be germinating a story. Then she made a proposition to Alena: they would  write right then the script of the next movements of the ‘agents’ at Bradley and Lamanleel’s estates/houses, her own and Maria’s and find a suitable (for all parts) way to have all their wishes fulfilled. But there were some conditions on which Ginny would not negotiate.










‘Girl, cut it out. ‘La Torre’, tie them up and stash them somewhere, I’ll call you in ten.’


‘Alright...’ – answered the woman to the man on the radio.


What was she thinking? What were they thinking?


They were having lunch, fish and pasta (again), when suddenly there was a weird noise right behind her. They were sitting at the table in the kitchen and their captor was right in front of her. The moment the trio of girls realized that it was a radio sound they were hearing, that someone was trying to make contact with them they had not thought, they had acted. Lena and Leonor jumped on the big woman while she desperately tried to open the drawer from where the sound was coming, why was the key jammed that way?


She wasn’t seeing what was happening behind her, but heard the dishes breaking and... one of her friends was shoved hard against a wall, Leonor. Now Lena was mounting on the giantess’ back and trying feebly to prevent her from getting closer to her.


When she finally managed to open the drawer she grabbed the radio’s microphone with one hand, pressed the ‘talk’ button and screamed. And, of course, all that she had managed to do was to annoy the giantess’ partner on the other end.


Now, as the knots of her gag were being cinched tight and Leonor and Lena looked at her with the same tear filed eyes, she could only hope for the worst...


‘Come on... walk in line to your room...’


Surprisingly she did not enhanced their simple wrists ties or added any piece of rope to their bodies. ‘Bad girls’ was all that she said as she locked the door. Leonor motioned her to turn around so they could free each other but she and Lena shook their heads. They were in trouble and it was better that they did not increased it any longer...


Leonor stomped her right foot a couple of times as she tried to, somehow, force them to obey her whim. But both she and Lena pressed their backs against the small room’s walls. Leonor’s cleave gagged face said it all...


Time passed slowly inside the room, then there was the sound of the key in the lock.


‘Girls... good news. I will not punish you for your... stupidity. And even better news...’


The next moment all three girls’ eyes were almost out of their sockets and shinning.


Damn! She should have brought her camera with her! The best picture she could have ever taken of that trio and she had missed it!










‘Repeat after me... ‘I am NOT going to hurt the girls...’’


‘Maria, I swear... I didn’t knew that she was your niece...’




She had to agree that whoever those ‘Federal Agents’ were they were good. Even she was starting to believe that they could trace the three way conversation link, and thus know exactly where the girls were being kept and Maria was hiding.


From the moment she and Alena reached an agreement everything went way too fast for credibility, but the three couples of parents in the room (and probably their daughters) seemed to have bought it hook, line and sinker. Now her main hall was storming with ‘agents’ that were there to ensure everybody’ security and to ‘try to trace’ the conversation between the two Marias (and the captives). It was working, she could see it...


Everybody could see it. It was eating Mike Lamanleel from the inside out!!! One of the most vocals opposers to illegal immigrants rights was thinking that he would have to credit his daughter’s freedom to one of them, who was also a woman (Mike was more than mildly misogynistic) and a wanted criminal in both sides of the border!


No way that he or his family would ever tell anyone about the whole incident!!!


The Bradleys/Kuragins were a different story. James/Pavel’s second wife knew that he was not whom he claimed to be when they met, they rarely spoke about his past existence as a member of the Russian mob, and Donna loved Lena like a younger sister (she was just six years older than the kidnapped girl). And she had a lot to lose if they had to disappear and went under the WitSec’s wings. Her career, her large family and many more... she didn’t wanted to lose it. So that’s why they had chose her as the one that would start their drama.

She was leaving her job, one of the previous demands of the kidnappers was that they all should act as if nothing was wrong with their families, while discretely being watched by two ‘agents’) when she received an e-mail from a co-worker. She found it odd since they had just bid goodbye to each not five minutes before.


The e-mail came from a woman called Maria, and had a picture of her friend bound, gagged and blindfolded and sitting on a water closet. The message was simple: ‘Go to the bathroom of the second floor right now or...’. She excused herself to the agents and run upstairs in record time. She was grabbed by a smaller and stronger woman as soon as she entered the bathroom. She could hear Sandra’s muffled scream coming from one of the booths and feared that she was the next to be kidnapped. But her attacker merely dropped a pre-paid cellphone in her purse, whispered to her that she was going to get in touch and it was about Lena’s disappearance, and told her to count to twenty before freeing her friend.


Of course, Donna didn’t told the police about the cellphone. Maria La Sangrenta resurfaced that night as she phoned the Bradleys/Kuragins and talked with them and the ‘US Marshal’ that were there. She demanded to know what they knew about her niece’s kidnapping and told them that she had a few clues of her own. She even identified the most possible person to be the one guarding the girls as ‘someone’ called ‘La Torre’ Ballenero.


One hour later ‘complete files’ about La Sangrenta and ‘La Torre’ Ballenero were shown to the reunited parents of the girls. Ricardo Leoncio, Anna’s husband, almost punched Mike when he started to harshly interrogate his wife about his dreadful sister-in-law.


All the parents agreed that their daughters would not be able to sail a boat so the ‘La Torre’ woman had a perfect captivity set for them.


The following morning there was another call from Maria, just to tell the ‘agents’ where (near Ginny’s estate) they could pick the device that they had ‘promptly checked and rechecked’ and identified as a long distance radio device that was jammed into only work in a specific radio frequency, although a very safe one (encrypted and all).


There was a note indicating that she was going to get in touch with ‘La Torre’ in the following day at that hour and Ginny had managed to ‘convince’ ‘Agent Lewis’ to have the monitoring of the conversation being held at her estate.


And now Maria, wherever she was, was ‘forcing’ ‘La Torre’ to promise not to hurt or do anything serious to the girls more than she had already, but she was ‘failing’ to make the captoress agree to free the girls ASAP. It was hard not to laugh at both women forced and fake strong accents as they ‘struggled’ to speak in English!


Meanwhile, the myriad of ‘techs’ that the ‘agents’ had brought with them did seemed that they were doing their best to trace the current whereabouts of both Marias.


‘Ballenero... do you want that bad to have me hunting you down?’


‘Maria, the people who hired me to keep the girls out of the picture... I would have done it even if they hadn’t me paid any peso... YOU DON’T SAY NO TO THEM!!!!’


‘But you will... IF they come with any order like ‘get rid of them’ or ‘sharks’ dinner time’ YOU WILL NOT OBEY! I’m in Mexico now, and it’s just a matter of time before I find out where you dock your ship regularly and where you do it when the heat is on you!’


‘I got it... I got it... Say... I am supposed to free them in three days... but there’s no order (or money) about what to do with them after they’re back on the continent. Could you drop by and pick them? You’ll see firsthand that all they have are just ropemarks that will fade... and it’s up to you as to how send them back up the border...’


When Mike realized that he was really going to own  to Maria his daughter’s safe return he nearly screamed, but his wife (and ‘James’) prevented it from happening.


After all, Ballenero was supposed to not know that her conversation with Maria was being heard by a third party... Then came the moment that all parents wanted the most.


‘OK, give me a few hours and I’ll find a way to deliver them up north. Now I want to talk with them, my niece first... no. I have no time. Put them all on the line. NOW!!!’


The conversation between Maria and the girls lasted for five minutes. They were all fine and even tanned a bit, each girl found a different way to beg to her to bring them home ASAP, Maria told them that she had a ‘buddy’ that knew better than do anything to them as he flied them home, then she asked them to hold on for a couple of days more.


‘Agent Lewis’ (a mid-thirties African American woman that could play the villainess of any show that she wanted so powerful was her presence) was furious. She knew exactly where the girls where being held. And there was ‘nothing’ she could do about it...


‘They are at about twenty miles from the shore, near a relatively important port in the municipality of Compostela, in the state of Nayarit. There must be about a hundred ships and boats of all kind and sizes in that area right now. And we don’t which kind of ship is the one in which they’re being held. Even if I got in touch with the Mexican federales... what would I tell them? There’s no way they will stop every ship, boat or canoe at my order! We know where they are right now, and that’s all we can do right now!’


Her ‘impotent rage’ was perfect! What a great actress the world had lost!


‘Agent Lewis’ talked with the parents separately, ‘gave’ a few orders to her personnel and stayed behind as the previously crowded room became more and more vacant. Only her secretary, actually her real boss’ secretary, Louella stayed with her. The curvaceous petite girl was obviously fuming mad at their boss’ latest extravaganza, she on the other hand was more concerned with the sudden disappearance of two of her subordinates.


Time to meet the devil...








Alena was in a study down the hall, sitting behind a desk and typing something on a laptop as they entered. She stood up, kissed ‘Lewis’ on the cheek and Louella full on her lips, thus extinguishing any protest that the girl had prepared to deliver, who was then ignored by the other two women who started their business conversation.


'Did they bought it?’


‘Oh yes! They’re ecstatic that their daughters are seemingly fine and will return to them soon, Mike is demanding ‘more action’ from me and the other ‘agents’, Pavel just wants that it is all over ASAP (and that his former business associates doesn’t realize that he’s very much alive) and the Leoncios... well the man doesn’t like to know that he’ll be owing one to Maria... But the sister, I think she knows more than she shows...’


‘Perfect. As soon as those ********* who killed our friends realize that some of their most ‘secured’ bank accounts are now empty they will try to find a culprit. If the others did their part well each one will soon believe that another one is the guilty guy. Without any trust and a serious loss in their currency, it won’t be long until they start to kill each other.’


‘And the guy who killed my brother?’


‘Give them a few weeks girl, either he’ll get to be killed in the process or he’ll lose his powerful backing... making him an easy target for your revenge...’


‘Can’t hardly wait. But I have a serious business, at least for the moment. to discuss...’


‘YES!!! Why are you here Alena? Why are we doing this staged drama and deviated so much from the original plan? Come on... you can be out of...’


Alena’s glare cut Louella’s voice right away. The girl gulped and got ready for whatever punishment she was soon going to endure. Alena placed her right hand over the girl’s trembling face and leaned over so she could whisper in her ear...


‘Upstairs, sixth room on the left. There’s a woman called Susannah that is taking care of some girls assigned to me. Go there and submit to every order she gives you. Now.’


Looking like a little girl that had just been reprimanded by her mother Louella left the room. Alena offered a mug of tea to ‘Lewis’ and both sat on the sofa of the study.


‘Do you also believe that I could not have been able to get out of here if I wished to?’


‘Of course not! But I am curious... why did you...?’


Alena drank all her tea before she answered.


‘Last night, today at around one AM, I woke feeling weird. One of the twin curvaceous Asian babes that I had salamized had rolled over my right arm and it was dormant. Carefully enough to wake her or her sister I removed my arm from under her and left the bed, as I waited until the blood circulation was properly restored I saw some human activity in the back of the house, my room faces that side, more or less at the tree line. On the table where I had put all the restraining materials that Ginny gave to me there was a night vision binoculars. I grabbed it and aimed at the tree line. You won’t believe in what I saw!’


‘Lewis’ didn’t even tried to imagine anything...


‘Ginny Daniels and the black maid, Joan, dressed as Spider Woman!’ – ‘Lewis’ mouthed ‘no way’ to her – ‘And that wasn’t everything... Guess who were the naked models of the photo shoot that for some reason Ginny wanted to have at that place and at that hour?’


‘Models? Wait a moment... the four...?’


‘Exactly! Amber, Jeannie, Leah and Melody. Stark naked and unbelievably roped up as if they had fell in the clutches of some real spider women!’


Both women laughed as they pictured in their minds the shoot as Alena described it.


‘Then I looked back at the table. There were two columns made of rolls of tape. One roll of green tape, two of blue ones, one of red and one of shiny metallic orange one. Five rolls of tape. And I needn’t anything else to raid the whole estate if I wanted to!’


‘Lewis’ pictured all that Alena told her as if she was reading her thoughts at that moment.


‘There was no need to wake the twins with further bindings, those two weren’t going anywhere as long as I wished to. The three other models that I had deliciously spent the evening binding and gagging were in other guest rooms of the manor. Find which ones, carefully enter them and overpower those sleeping beauties with the rolls of tape wouldn’t take me more than ten minutes. There was also Susannah, a dominatrix that Ginny hired to take care of those four amateurs and help me with my fun, but I already knew where she was sleeping and I doubted that her bedwarmer was unrestrained anyway. More five minutes with that one. Lastly it would be Tabita’s, the other current maid of the house, turn. Since I don’t knew where she sleeps (I believe that it is in the back of the manor on the ground floor) I would have to do a quick and quiet search first, more nine to eleven minutes for her. Then all I’d have to do was to crash into the photo shoot. More five or six minutes and I’d have the whole estate to myself! All in a little more than half an hour...’


‘Just for my curiosity, if you had done that, would you free any of the four?’


‘Except for Leah, she’s but a toy for my collection from now on, I would need the girl’s help to properly and quickly raid the place. It’s a real Mattisse that she has in the dinning room! Not to mention the Ming porcelain, silveries and everything else. If I wanted...’


‘In one hour you’d be leaving this place with Leah and any other new ‘toy’ that you wanted to pick up for you, plus a great raid for your memories and everything else. So...’


‘Why didn’t I did that? For the same reason I don’t grab Carly every time Peninah becomes more than just a nuisance to our plans. I know everything about that girl, more than just her measurements: when she goes shopping, when she goes to the gym or to her classes at the college or... everything. A snap of my fingers and she’s out of the country, in a place that only I know and Peninah is attaching the strings that I’ll control by her own forced will...’


‘Just like we’re doing with Pavel...’


‘Exactly. Who’s Pavel? A former accountant for a big Russian mob family whom I don’t really respect or have reasons to fear him. Who’s Peninah? A woman I DO respect and fear with the same intensity. And she deserves it. One thing is me dropping by anytime I want, ignoring any new device she added to their apartment’s security system, ignoring any new chop/movement Carly learned in her self-defense classes (she’s already good enough to terrorize any burglar that she ends up meeting) and leaving the bosomy wonderlicious body wrapped to Peninah’s enjoyment (although she denies it to herself with all her might). She hates to come home from work and find out that I had been there again, Carly filling a see-through genie fantasy, gagged and hogtied over their bed with Sleep Dragons’s ‘I’m Free’ in the background (‘I'm free to do what I want any old time’ remember?). But if I became a real treat/menace to the one she loves more than herself... From a personal affair between us three it will be turned into a private business, with a lot of rage from her part!’


‘But Daniels doesn’t looks like someone you should fear...’


‘Ginny (look at me, two days as her guest and I am already calling her by her first name in a more private way...), Ginny is someone that deserves to be respected. But I don’t fear her one bit. She can’t hurt me or the organization. Joan or Tabita? Great bodies, high skilled babes that we could hire if they ever offer their services to us and two very lame poker players. I can respect them... But it’ll be an insult to myself fear them! But... there’s Maria.’


And she picked the laptop, typed a few commands and showed the screen to ‘Lewis’.


Dana and Nuala, her missing subordinates, were kneeling on a dirt ground somewhere in what looked like a jungle and being forced to hug each other. The tight mass of ropes on their backs, arms and wrists forced them to really squash onto each other. She could see some bruises here and there over their naked bodies, they hadn’t go down without a fight (good), and their eyes still showed defiance and courage (even better). The effective tape gags, covering their bulging cheeks, probably had prevented Maria to hear some very new ways to offend someone else. OK, there (wherever it was) they were...


‘She grabbed them last night. She got in touch with the family of lowlife goons we hired to grab the girls, she found in which hotel those two were staying and grabbed them and took them into the tropical woods to one of her ‘secret spots’, all in two days!’


‘She’s not going to...’


‘That’s the beauty of the thing. She had no reason at all to grab neither Dana nor Nuala, except to prove that she can become quickly someone that we can and will fear if we mess with her. It would be very easy for her to get her revenge for any indiscretion about her current whereabouts of our part, or anything really bad that happens to her niece and her friends, by simply letting Pavel’s former associates to know that he’s alive and well. But she’s saying ‘I am not going to do this, if you provoke me I’ll go after you all myself!’, so I don’t think that she going to treat them too harshly. Their personal prides, more than their bodies, will suffer the most of the damages. So... we won’t mess with her. And besides... didn’t I ordered them to be back to the States before the kidnapping of the trio of co-eds?’


‘Well, they were the ones scheduled to bring the girls back on the first place, so they would have to return to that town, and it’s summer and they hadn’t had a time out in quite a while so they... decided on their own... to enjoy Nayarit’s famous beaches and each other...’


‘Serves them well, they could enjoy any beach in any country they  wished to after the whole heist was over. Not before and certainly not during it!’


She should stay quiet, she really should. But she ended up opening her mouth...


‘I see... so tell me... how is the life of a ‘living warranty for the safe return of the co-eds’?’


And Alena had the gall to stretch before answering!


‘Wondermegafullylicious! Not only the bed is better than the one I have back home, so is the food and especially the... company! Everyday at noon I bid goodbye to five more than just satisfactory toys and hello to a new batch of five lovely, flexible and busty models that arrives just in time for lunch and we play up until 10/11 PM! I made over two thousand and five hundreds pictures already! Then I select two of them to be my bedwarmers and sleep with two bound angels sandwiching me (I just love it)... New games in the morning and then it’s noon and I have to get ready to a newer batch...’


‘I see... so you can have fun in the middle of a heist, but nobody else can...’


‘Hey girl, paraphrasing Drake Edwards in that old movie: ‘It’s good to be the queen!’’


‘Err..., Alena, first its Soup Dragons not Sleep Dragons, and its Blake Edwards...’


‘Funny... do you realize such a great body that you have? Your bust might be a little too small for her tastes, but your legs and your eyes... I am sure that Mistress Susannah would just love to use you as a chandelier for a few hours. Just like Louella is about to...’


‘Lewis’ quickly changed the subject...








‘Go ahead, aunt Maria...’


‘Sorry for that, I promise I’ll punch him silly first chance I have!!!’


Maria bent over and kissed Leonor’s forehead, gave her a few advice whispering in her ear and then put the sponge into her mouth. Then she added a couple of strips of tape and took a look at the other girls. Both Leonor and Priss were looking mad at Rodolpho, and slightly less mad at Lena. Why did he had to be such an ***?


And why did she had to be honest and answer that yes she had a pilot’s license?


Rodolpho, a refuse from the 80’s in a real bad shape of body and mind, suddenly became adamant that she (Lena) could be used to land his drug filled airplane into some DEA base (And he did ‘knew’ that the DEA, not the Air Force, had base for their airplanes), so she had to take the flight in the same condition that the two girls that Maria had brought with her claiming that they were linked to their kidnapping...


A heated discussion ensued, and in the end, all three girls (who just wanted to take the flight back to the US no matter what) agreed to have their wrists tied to their knees and be gagged by Maria. The two near naked lady kidnappers were far more stringently tied, and really furious and glaring at her aunt with eyes that said everything.


So Maria tied each girl crossed wrists in front, helped them to sit on their places in the small airplane, attached the belt for them and gagged each girl while promising them to punch some sense into Rodolpho’s paranoid mind.


One hour and forty minutes later they were landing in a back road somewhere in the desert. It was a cold night, specially for two scantily attired women like the interracial pair. The white girl was topless, wearing pumps and a lacy pair of red panties. The taller black girl was wearing a flimsy black set of underwear (even more unprotective to the weather than the full set of the blonde if she was wearing it). Both had been the first to be freed from their seats by Maria after they heard and saw her delivering a blow to Rodolpho that sent him unconscious. They were both carried outside OTS by her aunt (she was that strong?) and then, before she started to freed the girls, she grabbed a dirt blanket to cover them.


There was a jacket for each girl in Maria’s large travel bag, and the wind was chilling!, so they put it on before going out. Rodolpho was coming to, they heard her harshly lecturing him as they surrounded the two bound women as wolves did with their preys...


Did they had really something to do with their ordeal?


It hadn’t been more than six hours since suddenly aunt Maria was on board, she probably was the source of that engine sound they had heard minutes before. She dramatically opened the door of the room they were locked into and was soon hugging her, and nearly suffocating her and crushing her bound arms with that bear hug, until she suddenly realized that she was holding a bound and heavily tape gagged girl in her arms.


‘Before you say anything, your dinghy is the fourteenth ship to pass near my own in the past two hours. I had to take my precautions...’


While she substantially enhanced her knowledge of Mexican foul words, all directed to the giantess, Maria freed her and the others in no time with the help of a mean looking hunting knife and offered them clean clothes. Suddenly realizing that it did matter to wear the same set of shorts and T-shirt for days (the underwear was changed every morning), they quickly put on large T-shirts that promoted historical sites in Mexico and blue jeans shorts, as they did so they heard a harsh reprimand of Maria on the giantess, and loved every second of it.

They were soon onboard an inflatable dinghy going to the shore. She and the others just cried as they realized that it was all over...


Until they get to the shore. They were at a very isolated beach and there was a very old white and blue Combi (VW Type 2) parked nearby. They run to it and found themselves staring at two nearly naked buxom babes that were writhing inside it.


‘Don’t touch their bonds!!!! Those ****** are behind your ordeal!!!!’ – screamed her aunt.


As Maria drove them to the place where they would pick their flight she told them a long and complicated story, it was a fifty minutes drive through Mexican bumpy back roads, about how the two women (that weirdly didn’t cried nor screamed into their multilayered gags, just stared at the back of Maria’s head as if they wished they had Supergirl’s heat vision) had hired the goons that had kidnapped them as they went to that remote beach. The reasons why she kept to herself, but said that it was something too big even for herself and it was better that they knew nothing about it. Then she told them how she had found out about the girls, had kidnapped them and forced them to reveal the frequency of the radio of the medium sized old fishing boat in which they were being held...


She told them that she had gotten in touch with the girls’ bosses and was forced by them to back down her plans of immediate rescue, it was such a complicated story and her accent was so strong that Leonor preferred that she spoke in Spanish and then she translated it to Lena and Priss. After thirty minutes they were sure that, at the very least, the two bound women sitting between Priss and Leonor were definitely not ‘innocent’, they didn’t knew if they could trust Maria’s words (she had been one of Mexico’s greatest kidnappers once) but whatever was the reason she had brought those two along, it didn’t and wouldn’t matter them one bit. Probably, more than just probably actually, the pair deserved it.


Then they had arrived at an abandoned airport in the middle of the jungle and waited for Rodolpho to appear... And now they were waiting for...?


A 90’s black SUV, with a tall, mean looking, tattooed and in his mid-thirties Latin guy at the wheel. He and Maria shared a hug and he introduced himself as Carlos and kissed each girl’s hands. Then he grabbed both bound girls at once and threw them over his shoulder. Maria opened the side door of the SUV and soon they did looked like they were competing to see who would restrain his captive the quickest and the best...


Maria won with a rope and tape regalia over the black girl. The girls were then allowed to hop in, and Carlos drove them to the estate of the woman that had legalized her family’s situation in the USA, they were left at the gate about two hours later.


Their families were in the manor, waiting for a call of Maria. A large number of brand new cars filled with about twenty agents soon was crossing the gates, but they didn’t found nor her aunt, nor Carlos nor the two women. As if it mattered something for her...










The Russian mob family was in full self-destruction process! First they had found out that out of the blue they had became 80 million dollars short in currency. Fourteen of their most secret bank accounts had been cleaned up. Then the subsequent bloody investigation went nowhere and exposed them to many European police forces and the American one. Plus there were indications that some members of the board of control of the family were behind the whole theft, but each major member of the family had a good reason to think that another one was behind it, and no member was the target of two others. Recrimination lead to accusations that lead to confrontations that lead to the current situation...


They were going down, less than a year after they had savagely murdered her employees and business associates. And she was 80 million dollars richer...




‘Yes Miss Himiko?’


‘You did well, very well indeed.’


‘Thank you Miss Himiko.’


‘Are you sure that it won’t be traced back to us?’


‘Positively. James/Pavel has all the reasons possible to keep his and his family’s mouths shut. Mike Lamanleel is a complete idiot, he might one day in the future meet the real agent ‘Holly Lewis’ and think ‘Funny, I once met another agent with this woman’s name...’, but he will keep it to himself since he doesn’t want how much he owns to an illegal alien that is also a criminal at large. He even paid a trip to France and Italy to his daughter in order to bribe her silence. The Leoncios are happy, and don’t want that people knows about Anna’s older sister, it would be terribly bad for business and all. I don’t think that Ricardo knows that Anna and Maria meets every second Tuesday of the month. As for Ginny, Maria and the others... they have all the reasons to be quiet about everything...’


‘Good. Very good indeed. But... Alena, I heard that they’re still keeping one of our agents as their captive. After six months! Is it true?’


‘Leah was never a real agent. She wanted to be one but didn’t have the... the necessary stuff for it. She had skills that could be enhanced and all, but her filling was inappropriate for our line of business. She’s too soft to say it kindly. And Ginny wanted a new maid so...’




‘I confess, I still talk to her every so often through secure lines. Two weeks ago one of her models was burglarized and terrorized by a drug addict and she asked my help, the police got a tip from an informant not related to us and he’s behind bars now. We have a weird friendship, and so much in common! She’s like the older sister that I never had...’


‘Does this weird friendship jeopardizes in any way your status as the front leader of our organization? Please, think about it before answering...’


‘I don’t need to think one second. The answer is no Miss Himiko. I take all the precautions necessary and the fact that she’s my friend won’t stop me to rob her friends and neighbors as soon as we find a way to bypass the satellite security that they bought...’


‘It won’t?’


‘Yes, Miss Himiko, it won’t.’


‘And if I ordered you to, as soon as the unique security of that whole section of the county is... bypassed as you said, to have her manor as the first place to have robbed?’


‘I’ll try to persuade you to back down that order Miss Himiko, but if I didn’t managed to...’


‘Because of that maid, the Maria one?’


‘Dana and Nuala knew about the satellite security, but they wanted to get even with Maria. So they, with the help of two other agents called Jasmine and Chastity, ambushed four models that had been hired to a photo-shoot in Ginny’s estate and took their places. The result? Ginny had to pay an extra to the four models (who ended up posing for her anyway) and I, to punish those four... bratty agents and reassure my authority over them, agreed to let Ginny have them for a week and ordered them to comply to any order Ginny gave them. All because Maria overpowered four agents, four real and talented agents if you let me say that, in less than one hour without any help from Joan or Tabita!’


‘I see. Did those four agents learned their lessons about their place and your authority?’


‘They did Miss Himiko...’


‘Very well. I think I have no reasons to forbid you to spend your free weekends there, human salami sandwiches and all, as long as you take the necessary precautions...’


‘Thank you Miss Himiko.’


She controlled herself until she was out of the older woman’s private chambers.


Then she exploded. If she put her hands on the blabbermouth who had talked to her boss about the human salami sandwiches! He or she would have a hard and harder time!