Diana slowly opened her eyes, and stared round the opulent office she had entered some time before.  As she did so, she became acutely aware of a cramped feeling in her arms, and the fact that she seemed to be unable to move her legs.


“Ah, good – you’re awake.  I wondered how long it would take the drug to wear off.”


She looked up at the blonde haired woman who had spoken.  She was wearing a grey sleeveless dress, with a thin black leather belt, and high heels, but the most striking thing was the trilby she had perched on her hair.  Looking down, Diana could now see she had been tied to a chair, with her ankles tied around the central pillar for the wheeled base, and her thighs lashed to the seat.  The cramped feeling in her arms was coming from the fact they were bound behind the rest, and rope was holding her to the seat back.


“I suppose I should thank you for not gagging me, Miss….”


“You may call me Huntress.  Do you mind of I call you Diana, or do you prefer Ms DuPont?”


“Diana will be fine.  So, why have you tied me up – I just wanted to talk to the boss here.”


“Oh, he had a few minor things to deal with.  Tell me,” Huntress said as she leant over Diana, “Do I know you from somewhere?  I am sure I have seen you before.”


“I’ve done a few things in my time,” Diana said as she tested the ropes around her wrists.  “Perhaps you saw me in the street.”


“No, no – you were Amazonia.  I remember that – what really happened?”


“How long have you got?” Diana said with a smile.


“All the time in the world – you’re not going anywhere….”


Amazonia!!  Warrior Princess sent to bring peace and justice to Mankind!!


Amazonia!!  With the strength of ten men and the courage of ten lions!!


Amazonia!!  Villains beware – she’s coming after you!!


She approached the masked man with a smile on her lips and a wriggle in her hips.  Grabbing him by the arm, she hit out with her clenched fist and watched as he fell backwards onto the rug on the floor.  Moving swiftly, she brought her heel down onto his chest and stood over him.


“You never stood a chance, did you?” she said as she started to laugh, before the shout of “CUT!” was heard.


“That was great, Di – we need to get you ready for the next scene now.  This is where you’ve been taken captive by the kidnappers and left to watch while they take the heiress away.”


“Are you sure this is necessary, Derek – can’t we do this later?”


“No – get it out of the way now.  You go into the bedroom set and the prop man will get you ready.”


This was Diana’s big break in the industry – playing an obvious Wonder Woman rip-off, but still a break.  Her costume was a knee length pair of red leather boots, blue briefs with white stars on the front, a red vest top with gold trim and a wide gold belt, and a golden tiara on her head.  She shook her red hair as she went over and seat on the bed.


“First time with this,” the prop man said as he approached with several skeins of white rope in his hand.


“First time for everything – where do you want me?”


“Just stand still and put your hands behind your back,” he said as he doubled over the first length.



“Perfect, just perfect!”  Derek looked at Diana a short while later as she sat on the bed, her wrist bound behind her back and ropes around her arms and chest making her breasts appear even more prominent.  Her ankles and legs were also bound, with the rope cinched to provide additional support.


“Not too bad – now, the villain is going to come in and make sure you’re secure before he takes his hostage.  Are you ready?”


“Yes,” Diana said, and Derek nodded before saying “Places, everyone – and – ACTION!”


The masked man came into the room, accompanied by a woman with a ski mask over her head as well.  Laughing, he rolled Diana onto her stomach and tied a length of rope between her ankles and wrists, before the girl gagged her with a white cloth.


“You won’t get in our way now, Amazonia,” he laughed as the two masked intruders set off.  Diana rolled onto her back, and pulled her legs up to see if she could untie the ropes that were holding her.  She had some skill as an escape artist – indeed, this was what had got her the role in the first place.


“Good, good,” Derek said as Diana looked up to the camera, “Keep it up – you’re doing great.”  To Diana’s amazement, however, the masked girl came back into the room.


“We thought you should see what happened to your predecessor, by the way, blunder girl,” she said as she left a photograph by Diana’s face.  Rolling over, she could see a picture of a young woman in a similar costume to hers in some sort of warehouse.  She was bound to two pillars, in a spread-eagle fashion, and looked worried as she struggled to get free.


Derek walked over and looked at the photograph.  “My god – that’s Donna,” he said as Diana looked up at him.


“Your stunt double – she was meant to be here, but – what the hell’s going on here?”


“Stop filming,” a voice cried out, and everyone looked round to see a well dressed man running in.  “My wife – they’ve kidnapped my wife!!”


“Who has?”  Derek asked in a concerned manner.


“Those two actors in the ski-masks – they’ve grabbed my wife and demanded a million dollars, or else they’ll kill her.”


The crew looked round and filed out of the set, leaving Diana on the bed trying to call out “Fr m – gt m los!!”




The two kidnappers sat at a desk and started to look over some papers, as their captive sat in the chair some way off.  Dressed in a brown dress and heeled shoes, she had been snatched from her car and brought here, at which point she had been tied to the chair and gagged with duct tape.  She looked over, wondering what plans the two villains had for her.



“Well,” Diana thought to herself, “I guess it’s up to me.”


She managed to get herself into a kneeling position, and looked round to see if there was anything she could use to free herself.  After a few moments, she noticed a letter opener that had been left on a nearby table.


“Better than nothing,” she thought to herself as she wriggled free of the ropes she had loosened between her ankles and wrists, and forced herself into a standing position on the floor.  Hopping over, she took hold of the opener and started to stork the ropes around her wrists loose, grunting as she did so.


“A kidnapping, eh?  Well, I have a pretty good idea where they’ve gone – something that bloke said as they were waiting about his next trip to the docks – AH!”


The ropes came loose around her wrists, and Diana started to work her free from the other constricting ropes.  Eventually, she stood free, the ropes in a pile, as she removed the gag from her mouth.


“Right,” she said, “no time to change – I’ll just….”


As she went to leave the room, from somewhere above her a green mesh net was dropped down, entrapping her and forcing her to stop.  She looked up in time to see someone running along a gantry towards an exit.


“Now that’s just fifties serial bad,” she said as she stopped struggling, and eased the net off her body.  “More to the point, I think I know who did this – but why?”




Diana made her way carefully round the side of the warehouse, trying to make sure she wasn’t heard.  Looking cautiously through a window, she saw the two kidnappers and their hostage, and knelt back down.  Slowly, carefully, she made her way round to an entrance door, and slipped in.


Across the floor ,she could see the woman who was in the picture – similar hair and build, but a slightly different costume.  Diana quickly walked over, and using a knife cut the girl free.


“I presume you’re Donna,” she said in a whisper.


“Yeah – I was told to come down here to film a scene, but when I came in there seemed to be no-one there.  Next thing I knew, I’ve been grabbed and tied up top those pillars.  What the hell is going on here?”


“I think I know – but I need you to get out of here, find a phone box and call the police.  Tell them to hurry – understand?”


Donna nodded and walked quickly out, trying not to make too much noise with her stack heels.  Diana smiled and made her way over the floor towards an archway, through which she could see the party of three.


“Courage, Girl, Courage,” she said to herself as she ran into the room.  Coming to a halt, she stood with one hand on her hips and the other pointing at the two, and shouted “Stop, Villains, before Amazonia deals you swift justice!


The girl stood up and walked towards her, saying “You stupid little actress” but a well aimed karate chop from Diana sent her reeling.  As the man ran towards her, she remembered the moves she had rehearsed with the stuntman, and sent him flying with judo throw into a mattress.  As the two lay there, the sound of police sirens coming closer made Diana run to the bound woman, and peel the tape away from her mouth.


“Can you tell the police what happened – I need to get back to the…. To my next assignment,” she said before running off.


When Diana returned to the studio, it was to be greeted with thanks and shouts of “Well done” – the word had got back of what she had done, especially as Donna was standing at the back.


“I don’t know how you did it, Diana, but I do know one thing.”


“What, Derek?”






I regretted that when I was trussed back up and made to finish the scene – but I knew then my acting days were over and I was meant for something else.”


Diana looked up at Huntress with a smile.  “I had recognised the producer on the gantry - he had cooked up this scheme to make some money and pay off his gambling debts.  A completely idiotic plan, but men will do desperate things - which is why I formed the Angels of Mercy agency, with Donna as my assistant.  Now we take on cases for women that require a – feminine touch.”


Huntress looked down at Diana, who was wearing a light grey jacket and flared mini skirt.  Placing her hand on Diana’s chest, she said “Yes – my client is aware that you seem to be looking into one of his – sorry, her affairs.”


“That would be Doctor De’Ath?”


“A little melodramatic, but yes.”


“I know – that’s why I asked my operative to play along with her – predilections for a while.”



“You fiend – you won’t get away with this!”


“I choose to disagree, my dear Overgirl – I mean to get away with it!”


Overgirl, as Miranda Davies had chose to call herself, was strapped to a table that stood at a slant in the laboratory.  Actually, it was a film set, but she was playing along with the act for the moment to try and find out what she needed to know.


Dressed in a purple leotard, with bare legs and short purple boots, the gold belt around her waist had a stylised “O” on the buckle.  It was an odd costume, but something about these studios demanded that approach.  She had been sent in undercover to find out why the lead actresses kept disappearing.  Standing next to her was a tall woman, dressed in a red leather jacket and black leather skirt with heels and a belt, who was playing the part of Doctor De’Ath.


“What have you done with Penelope?” Miranda shouted.


“I think you need to be quiet now,” the actress said as she pulled a thick black rubber gag into Miranda’s mouth, buckling it behind her head.  Her wrists and ankles were manacled to the table, leaving her unable to stop the woman doing the gagging.


“Just be quiet, my pretty,” she cooed as she stroked Miranda’s body.  Looking round, Miranda wondered why the director had not shouted cut – only to realise that she had been so caught up in the scene she hadn’t seen the crew leave.


“Wh tth hl…” she mumbled as a cell phone rang.  The Doctor answered it.


“I’ve got her!!”


Some way away, a white shirted man was talking as he straddled a quad bike.  On the front of the bike was a young blonde haired woman, whose wrists were tied behind her back.  Dressed in a purple mini dress, with dark stockings and shoes, she was tied by her ankles to the front bars, and the silver tape over her mouth prevented her screaming as her head was placed between the handlebars and over the mans leg.


“No need to shout, you idiot, I can hear you well enough.  You have your orders – I believe the train is due to arrive in one hour.  Don’t let her miss it.”


“Don’t worry; it’ll be the last thing she catches.”


The woman screamed as the man shut his cell phone off and started up the bike.



In the laboratory, Doctor De’Ath looked at Miranda.


“I presume you heard that – well, no worry, Lady Creighton-Ward will get her train and you can’t stop me.  What am I going to do with you?”


That was all Miranda needed to know – where they had possibly taken the kidnapped daughter of the governor of the Bank of England, and where she might be.  The problem was now, how to alert the office?


“Release her, but do not remove the gag,” the Doctor said to two men who came in.  “Then secure her to the cutting table.”


Miranda struggled as the two men released her from her manacles and dragged her over to a low wooden box, with a slot cut down the middle.  Laying her down, one man held her legs while the other secured her arms and upped body with leather straps that went around her body and over the various loops.  She clenched her fists as they did this, but to no avail.  Satisfied, the men then secured her thighs and ankles to the wood.


“I know this seems like a bad sixties film, but I do love a touch of the melodramatic,” the Doctor said as she positioned a laser over the end of the table.  “I especially love Bond films – have you ever seen Goldfinger?  Well, no matter – I’m sure you will get that point in a few minutes…”


Laughing, she flipped a switch and Miranda watched as a thin beam of concentrated light hit the edge of the table.  A thin wisp of smoke rose as the beam cut into the wood, and Miranda gasped as she saw the laser start to slowly move along the table.


Slowly, slowly, the beam advanced along, and Miranda started to genuinely believe that this was one trap she wasn’t going to get out of.  As she struggled, the wisp of smoke drew closer, closer to her crotch, until………



“Miranda, I know you like to get into character, but really!”


She looked up to see Donna standing over her, a smile on her face as she started to cut the bonds holding her down to the table.


“You took your sweet time,” she said as the rubber was eased out of her mouth.


“I’m sorry – something came up with Diana.  Where’s the girl?”


“We need to move – I think they’re planning to have her meet a freight train…”





“Now, don’t struggle and it will be quick.”


Lady Creighton-Ward looked up as the man wrapped rope around her neck and the train rail.  The think tape gag was still muffling her pleas as she tried to pull her ankles free from the other rail.


The kidnapper took the end of the rope and secured it around a metal peg a few feet behind the girl’s head.  “Goodbye, My Lady,” he said with a sneer as he got onto the quad bike and drove off.


She struggled, trying to scream for help, but after a while she started to lie still and accept her fate.  As the sound of the approaching train came into earshot, she turned her head to avoid seeing the oncoming doom when a car came speeding towards her….






“You know, Huntress, it was a master stroke to stop me by inviting me to the associate of Dr De’Ath, but I cannot help thinking you have overlooked something.”


The blonde haired woman looked at Diana.  “What would that be?”


“My office – I’ve failed to check in for two regular times now, so I imagine some help will be on the way.  Why don’t you take a look outside?”


Huntress looked out of the office window.  Although all seemed to be normal, two women in the park across the road caught her eye.


The first was a dark haired African woman, who despite the hot weather was wearing a red leather dress with a peasant type collar and sleeves.  She wore over this a black leather corset, fastened at the front, and on her feet were six inch heeled shoes.  Around her neck was a leather collar with a number of rings attached.


The second woman was dressed in black leather – a vest top, trouser with the legs tucked into thigh high boots, and a quilted jacket.  A small handbag was over her arm as she looked at the first woman and a furled umbrella in her hand.


“The two women you see,” Diana said as Huntress turned back, “are called Raven and Redfire.  They work for me, and should be here in about five minutes.  As I see things, Huntress, you have two choices.”


The blonde haired woman looked at Diana as she at in the chair.


“What would those choices be?”


“Run, or join my organisation.  Choose quickly, however, my girls get upset when they see me like this.”


Huntress stood quietly, pondering the situation as the clock ticked away.