The Three Nights of Amy and Andi







Night one


As she looked out of the large glass windows onto the immaculate lawn outside, Amy smiled at her good fortune.  The man she had been married to for the last twenty years was no more, gone, never to be seen again – and she hoped wherever he was, that he was happy with that bimbo of a secretary.


But, gone he was, and she now owned the house, the grounds – and a fairly substantial portion of his estate, thanks to the lawyers she had hired.  Taking a sip from her glass, she smiled again – life was indeed good.


In her late fifties, she still had the figure of a woman twenty years younger than her, even with a daughter that age.  She looked at her pale reflection in the glass, running a hand through her greying hair, and said to herself “first thing this weekend, I get an appointment at Antonio’s and get this dyed.  It’s time to live life a little.”  She was dressed in a fashionable style – a long sleeved blue dress with white polka dots, the skirt coming to just below her knees, her legs in a very comfortable pair of long leather boots dyed a dark blue with three inch blocked heels.


Turning from the window, she walked back into the main room, putting the glass down on a table as she walked slowly towards the kitchen.  As she approached, she felt the slight breeze on her face, but thought nothing of it as she came closer – until she was grabbed from behind, the scent of leather filling her nostrils as a gloved hand was clamped over her mouth, and a deep voice said “don’t make a noise lady.”


“NHFHKHHNNEHHHHH!” Amy shouted into the hand as she started to twist round, trying to free herself from the grip of whoever was holding her, as she felt his body against hers – and was shocked to feel his grip tightening, and then catch a glimpse of light on steel from the corner of her eye.


“I said don’t struggle, or I may have to cut you lady – do you want that?”


Amy shook her head as she stopped struggling, the man whispering “that’s better – now, walk.”  He frogmarched her back along the corridor and into the television room of her house, her eyes widening as she saw the ropes sticking out of the top of a canvas holdall.


“Now, are you going to say anything?”  Amy shook her head, as he said “correct answer – I’m going to take my hand away, and you’re going to put your hands behind your back, correct?”


Amy nodded slowly as the leather was taken away, and she whispered “please, don’t hurt me,” as she slowly put her hands behind her back.  There was no answer, just a strong grip on her wrists as they were forced together, and then the pressure of rope on them as they were swiftly, tightly secured together.  She looked over her shoulder, to see the short grey hair on the man’s head as he made sure she could not separate her wrists.


As he tied the rope off, she twisted her hands and wriggled her fingers, sighing as she realised this was an intruder who knew what he was doing.  That thought was amplified as he pushed her towards a leather couch, and he said “sit down.”


As she did so, she looked at him.  He was about her age, and wearing denims as he stared at her.  He had stubble on his chin as he rubbed it, and then he said “I just need a place to bed down for the night, and you got lucky.  Put your feet up on the coffee table.”


“And why would I do that?”  Amy watched as he walked over to the bag, and took out a second length of rope, then flashed a knife round as he said “because I said so.  Now, do it.”


Amy nodded slowly as she put her feet up, watching as he doubled the rope over and used it to bind her ankles tightly together, the rope going around and between her legs as he worked, then tied the ends off around her heels.


“Right,” he said – and then walked quickly behind her as they heard a door open and close, and a younger female voice say “Mum – you in the rec room?”


“Not a word,” he said quietly as his gloved hand went back over her mouth, Amy’s eyes opening wide as she heard the footsteps, and a woman in her mid-twenties walked in.  She had shoulder length dark hair, and had a white cardigan on over a black scoop necked dress, a pale grey leather belt tied round her waist.  The wrap skirt was over dark tights, and her legs in a pair of knee length black leather boots with short heels.


“Mum, I…  Oh shit!”


“Not a word, little one,” the man said as he kept his hand over Amy’s mouth.  “What’s your name?”




“All right, Andi – over her and sit down, nice and slowly, and put your bag on the floor where I can see it.”


Andi walked over, saying “are you all right Mum,” as she sat down.  Amy slowly nodded as the hand was taken away, and said “I’m sorry darling – he surprised me, and now…”


“Hands behind your back kid.”


“and now you’re going to end up the same way as me,” Amy said quietly as the man forced Andi’s wrists together behind her back, and then secured them tightly together with rope, as her daughter bit her lower lip.


“That hurts,” she whispered as he pulled the rope even tighter.”


“I could care less – put your fete up like your mother.”  He fetched more rope from the bag and waited as Andi slowly put her feet on the coffee table, watching as he tied her ankles tightly together, and then stood back.


“Can I trust you two to sit quietly?”


Amy and Andi looked at each other, as he said “trick question” and pulled two bandanas from the bag, rolling each in turn and pulling them between their lips as he tied the band tightly round their heads.  The mother and daughter watched as he walked off, leaving them to struggle as Amy said “shwwhhtdhwhdhnhh?”


Hchntrhhhndrhcmhbhg,” Andi said as she pushed herself forward – and then back again as the man came back in, picking up her handbag as he said “I knew I needed to remove the temptation” and left them again.  Andi threw her head back and muttered “Dhmmmmhhtt” as she looked at her mother.


Amy nodded as she leaned over and rubbed her cheek on her daughter’s shoulder.  Whlljshthhfthtrrhhlhtr” she mumbled, Andi nodding as she looked round the room.  They could smell something cooking, and wondered how long he was planning to stay.  Amy had heard him say he was staying the night – would he really…






He looked over at the two bound and gagged women, and smiled as he said “nope – a night of fasting and meditation will do you both good.”  He stood up, carrying the tray as he said “back in a minute” and walked out of the room.


Andi twisted her legs round, her leather boots squeaking as she did so – and then was joined by her mother as she tried to move her legs as well.  Htssthhthhttt,” she finally said.




Amy nodded as they turned so they were sitting back to back, Amy looking over her shoulder as Andi tried to find the knot holding the rope around her mother’s wrists with her fingers.  Hlddhn  Hldhnn…”


“Interesting – but it’s not going to work.”


Both women turned their heads to see their captor standing there, a roll of white tape in his hands as he said “I guess we’ll need to make that more difficult.”


Hshhtttt,” Andi said as he made them sit side by side, and then wrapped the tape round their hands, forcing and covering their fingers before he looked at them.  “Night night,” he said with a smile as he turned the light off, leaving them in darkness to try and decide what they were going to do next…




As Amy opened her eyes, she listened for any noise – and then nudged her daughter,






Andi listened carefully as Amy said “chnushtnddhhppp?”  She nodded as they pushed themselves forward and then slowly stood, looking at each other as they jumped out of the room and towards the rear of the house.


As the gardener looked up, he saw the two women in the windows, and waved to them – before he noticed the way they stood, the band of cloth round their heads, and ran to the rescue…




Night two


“They caught him,” Amy said as she looked at Andi over the dining table, “so that’s something.”  Her hair was now a strawberry blonde, and she was wearing a long grey cardigan over a white blouse, her pleated grey skirt falling over the tops of her burgundy leather boots.


“It’s something – but I still think about that night,” Andi said as she put her wine glass down.  Her blue jacket was over a grey patterned dress, a grey fabric belt round her waist, and her black hose covered legs in a pair of light brown riding boots.


“What do you think about?”


“How it felt to be tied like that, and gagged, unable to get free, unable to move – well, move very much,” Andi said as she looked over. 


Amy nodded as she looked at her daughter.  “Yeah – I know what you mean, but at least they caught him, and we get our stuff back.  Anyway – what do you want to do tonight?”


“No idea,” Andi said as she stood up – and then looked to the doorway, before she said “oh shit…”


“What is it,” Amy said as she turned round, and then stood up as she saw the masked men standing there.  “Oh he…”


“Language,” one of the three men said as he came in, “not a good idea to swear.  Both of you, sit down in your chairs, hands where we can see them.  Go and disconnect the telephone.”


“Mum, seriously?”


“We don’t have a choice – be brave,” Amy said quietly as she sat down, Andi slowly nodding as the other two men came in, reaching into their pockets and taking out two lengths of white rope.  They walked behind the two women, taking hold of their wrists and pulling their arms around the chair backs before they felt once again the rope on their wrists as they were secured together, and then tied down to the centre spar of the chair back.


“Now, you’re going to be in these chairs for a while, so get comfy,” the masked man said as the other man went out – both women staring as he returned with more coils of rope, and handed one to his partner.  They then stood behind Amy and Andi, both girls watching as the rope went over their heads and then was pulled tight, forcing them against the chair backs as the rope was wound around above and below their chests, forcing Amy’s cardigan and Andi’s jacket to their sides as their chests were forced up and out by the tight bands.


“Mum,” Andi said as she looked over, “this is…”


“I know,” Amy said quietly as she felt the bands of rope on her body, and tried to twist round – then stopped as she realised the way the ropes were rubbing on here were doing something to her.


Andi was realising the same thing, as the men knelt in front of them, grabbing more ropes and crossing their ankles before they tied them tightly together, and then pulled their legs under their chairs and tied them to the chair back as well.


“NO!”  Andi’s cry happened as her binder pulled her skirt up, and then tied her legs together below her knees, his hands stroking the backs of her legs as he did so.  She looked at her mother – and then saw Amy’s skirt folded back as well, as her mother’s legs were secured in the same way as hers.


“Telephone disconnected?”


“Yeah boss – want me to start to look upstairs?”


“Do so – you want him to make a mess, lady, he can do so – but if there’s a safe up there, give me the number now.”


“There’s a safe,” Amy said as she struggled, hearing her boots squeak under the chair seat, “but there’s only some money – most of my valuables are at the bank.”


“We’ll take that chance – combination.”


Amy shook her head –and then looked over as Andi squealed, the hand of her binder pressing firmly on her chest.  “All right,” she said as she reeled off a sequence, the man nodding as he said “better – gag them.”


“OH come on, we’re not ghnnthhshhmsh,” Amy said as he pushed a folded red scarf into her mouth, watching as a black one was pushed into Andi’s, and then hearing a squelchy sound as a length of white tape was torn free from a roll and pressed firmly over her face, covering her lips as it adhered to the contours of her chin.


Shhlrrhttmhh,” she hard Andi say as her mouth was covered in the same way, the two men looking at each other before they said “maybe we can have a little fun here.”


Whtdhuuhmnhhhhnnnnn,” Amy said as she saw the gloved hands grasping her chest, the fingers kneading her breasts as she tried to twist out of the way – with no success.  Instead, she was aware of some inconvenient facts – the fact her breasts seemed to be firming up under the assault; the fact her nipples were getting harder and more sensitive; and the fact something in her was reacting to it, and finding it a pleasurable thing.


She looked over at her daughter, her eyes closed as the other man groped her, but she could hear the faint moans coming from her taped mouth – and then realised she was moaning as well, as the hands groped her more firmly.  There was something else – a fire that seemed to be starting to burn inside her, making her feel warm, sensitive – excited.  She closed her own eyes and tried not to remember who was doing this, or that she had no choice but to allow him to do this – and that seemed to liberate her even more, as she groaned and twisted round in the chair.


“Hey they’re really getting into this,” the man behind her said as Andi opened her eyes, watching as he opened Amy’s blouse up and pulled it to the sides, and then massaged her chest over her bra, Amy groaning even more as he did this.  She then felt her own tormentor slowly pull down the zip at her back, and ease the top of her dress down, before his hands slipped under and she felt him groping her over her own bra.


She groaned and closed her eyes again, as she began to slip into some sort of trance, letting herself be pushed closer and closer to an edge…





Both women opened their eyes at the same time and called out through their gags, shaking as the other men appeared in the doorway.


“I think they’re distracted enough now,” Amy’s captor said quietly, “get anything?”


“Some nice things – come on, let’s get out of here.”


“Yeah – thank you ladies,” the second man said as they walked out, Amy and Andi looking at each other, sweat glistening on the top of their chests as they wondered how long it would be before someone came to rescue them…



Night three


“That was an amazing concert,” Andi said as she got out of the car, pulling her white jacket round her to keep out the chill.  The purple knee length dress she was wearing had a wide leather belt fastened round it below her chest, and her legs were in her favourite long black leather boots.


“Yeah – thanks for agreeing to stop over tonight,” Amy said as she got out and locked the car.  She had a black and white hounds tooth check coat on over a longer light grey cardigan, and that over a grey cowl necked dress, her legs in tights and a pair of knee length grey suede boots.


“Well, it’s not as if I have anyone at my apartment waiting for me,” Andi said with a sigh as they walked to the door.  “In fact, if I’m being honest, the last time I had anything like that was when…”


“Those men robbed me?”


Andi looked at her mother and nodded as she unlocked the door and they walked in.  “I know – something happened that day, Andi, and ever since then…”


“You two?”  Andi shook her head as she said “what is wrong with us?”


“What is wrong is you walked in before we had left.”


Both women turned at the new female voice, and as Amy turned a light on they saw one – no, two women standing there, wearing tight black sweaters, leggings and boots – as well as gloves, stocking pulled down over their heads, and a gun in the hand of one of them.


“Oh no, not again,” Andi whispered as she looked at them.


“Not the first time you’ve been robbed then?”


“No – which is why you won’t find anything,” Amy said quietly, “so please just leave us alone…”


“No, we need to make sure you two can’t raise the alarm,” the second woman said, “Eve, make sure they go into the front room.”


“Of course, Lilith – move,” the first woman said as she waved the gun, Amy and Andi looking at each other before they walked into the front room.


“Wonder what they’ll do this time,” Amy said quietly as she pulled her dark grey leather gloves off.


“Can’t be worse than last time,” Andi said quietly as the two masked women looked at them.


“Take your coats off, drop them on the floor,” Eve said, both of them smiling as Amy and Andi let their coat and jacket fall down.


“The cardi as well, lady,” Lilith said, Amy nodding as she let her long cardigan fall down.


“Very good – now, turn and face each other,” Eve said, Amy looking at her daughter as she stood with her arms folded.


“Right, old lady – take her belt off her.”


“I beg your pardon?”


“You heard me – take her belt off her, and then take her dress off her as well.”


Amy stared at that masked woman, who then said “or would you rather my friend Lilith here took a knife and cut them away.”


“Mum – just do what they say,” Andi said quietly, Amy nodding as she unfastened and removed her belt, then reached round and pulled the zip down, before Andi allowed the dress to fall to the floor, revealing a black bra and panties under her dark hose.


“Your turn, sweetie,” Lilith then said as she looked at Andi, “Take Mummy’s dress off for her.”  The younger woman nodded as she bent down and lifted Amy’s dress up over her waist and head, revealing her white bra and panties as they both stood there.


“You both look trim for older gals,” Eve said quietly, “good.  Lilith, give the older broad a special gift.”


“Take this,” Lilith said as she handed Amy a sponge ball, “compress it – then put it in your kid’s mouth.”


“Look, just tell us what you are going to do to us,” Amy said quietly as she looked at the masked woman.


“Free you both – now do it.”


“It’s all right Mum – I get the feeling I may have to do the same,” Andi said, Amy nodding as she watched her daughter open her mouth, and then pushed the ball in, Andi standing still as it expanded behind her teeth and she closed her lips over it.


“Now take this,” Lilith said as Amy watched her tear a long strip from a wide roll of white tape, “and press it firmly down over her mouth.  Do a good job.”  She nodded as she pressed the tape down over Andi’s face, covering her lips as it adhered to the shape of her jaw.


Fhllssdhffrrhntthnlhstthm,” Andi said as Lilith handed her a sponge ball, and Amy allowed her to push the sponge behind her own teeth, feeling it press down her tongue and on the roof of her mouth as it expanded.  She then felt the tug on the skin of her face as the tape was smoothed over her own lips, Lilith smiling as Eve went behind the couch, and took out lengths of rope.


She brought two over, handing one to Lilith before she stood behind Amy, the other masked woman behind Andi as they moved their arms behind their back.




REhfhknnkssshhhNNNN” Amy mumbled as, instead of what she expected and her wrists been forced together, it was her elbows that were forced to touch, as the rope went around and between her arms, forcing her shoulder blades out, her chest back.  She looked at Andi, and realised the same thing was happening to her as she stood there, her eyes wide open.


She could feel Lilith passing the rope between her arms, and then she left for a moment, returning with more ropes as she began to tie her wrists together, her hands palm to palm.  She wriggled her fingers as the rope was taken between as well as around her wrists, forcing them tightly together as she stood there.


Andi looked over her shoulder as Eve secured her wrists, wondering how she was able to stand this – and why she was still standing in her boots.  Yes, her mother was in the same situation, but still…  And then she felt Eve’s hands on her chest, gently stroking them before both women went back to the ropes.


Whllhshdhfrhnt,” Amy said, Andi nodding as the masked women came back, and then saw the rope as it was passed round her body, pulled tight under her chest as her arms were forced against her back.  Lilith took the rope around her body, above and below, framing and rubbing on her breasts as she did so.  It was a strange feeling – especially when the masked binder took the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, then under the other arm, as her gloved hands stroked over her chest.  Somehow, they had become sensitive, so that she felt her knees give slightly at the soft strokes.


Eve pulled the rope one more time and tied it off, as Andi groaned at the tightness, the way the ropes were pressing on her, rubbing on her as she twisted round.  It was tight, it was constricting, and it was – arousing?


Eve smiled as she stood in front of the younger woman, and passed one end of a fresh length of rope around the two bands of rope that encircled her chest – but between her breasts, so that as she pulled them together the constriction on her chest increased dramatically.  She looked over at Amy, as Lilith did the same thing to her, wondering what was going to happen next – and why the masked women had let the long rope drop to the floor in front of them.


Whrrhrruhghnn,” Amy mumbled as Lilith walked behind her – and then her eyes shot wide open as the masked woman reached between her legs and pulled the rope up and back, the rope rubbing on her panties between her legs as it was pulled even more tightly, and then secured to her chest ropes – further tightening the bands around her breasts as she did so.


Hmhhghddd,” she heard Andi say, and as she looked over she saw the same thing had been done to her daughter, the ropes now pressing on her black bra and panties as she wriggled round.


Dhntmhhffdhlnnn…”  Amy then groaned as Lilith pushed her forward, making her walk across the room as Eve turned and pushed Andi in the same direction.  They were then forced to kneel down, the rope rubbing more as they felt the two intruders cross and bind their ankles together. They turned their heads and looked at each other, as they were then made to lie face down, and their legs secured below their knees, the rope going around and between their limbs as they were pulled tighter and tighter.


As Amy looked at Andi, she felt her ankles as they were pulled back by Lilith, and then secured so that she could hardly move them.  She wondered what they were secured to as she tried to move them – and then heard Andi say “Hnnhhdhnttdhthttmhffrr!”


Whnnhtt,” she said as she watched Eve pull Andi’s ankles back – and then felt the sudden increase in the pressure on her panties as her daughter’s ankles were tied to the rope between her own legs.


“Let’s go,” Eve said as the two masked women left, and Amy started to struggle. “Hmhghddd,” Andi groaned, and then she started to struggle as well, the two women looking at each other as they started to sweat, and groan – and then nodding as they carried on, each woman knowing exactly what it was doing to them, and each one wanting it to happen…









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