A Night to Remember










The large banner hung between two trees as the students of Holy Cross Sixth Form stood in small groups, talking to each other and sipping from the plastic cups.


“At least it’s not raining,” Freyja said as she looked round.  The seventeen year old was wearing a black jacket over a dark grey blazer, striped blouse, black leggings and white sneakers.


“Oh I agree – so far,” Avena said.  Unlike Freyja, Avena had her dark hair pulled back, and held in a small ponytail.  Her denim jacket covered a patterned jumper, with a large Paisley scarf wrapped loosely round her neck, a knee length black skirt, dark tights and mid-calf black leather boots.


“So when are the others going to get here?”


“Looks like them now,” Avena said as three more girls walked over.  Jocasta had long brown hair, and was wearing a peach coloured party dress with a white lace underskirt, and brown sandals with a two inch cork sole.  Sayle was wearing a cream coloured top that buttoned up the front, and had gathered cuffs, a pair of black skinny jeans and low slingbacks.  She had a white scarf with a blue pattern wrapped loosely around her neck, the ends falling down in front of her.  Finally, Imogen had on a pair of blue jeans with a black and white striped top, a brown leather belt and brown Ugg boots.  Her red hair was also pulled back in a ponytail.


“Ready to party,” she said as the five girls hugged each other.


“Oh yeah – I’m sure it’s going to be a memorable night!”




“Are those the five we need?”


The man looked out from the window of the cab, and slowly nodded.  “That’s them – let’s move out, and get them one at a time.  We’ll go for the brown haired one first.”



“I need to take a powder break – see you in a few minutes,” Jocasta said as she made her way towards the portable toilets, carrying her black purse with her.  She smiled as she stepped inside, fingering the little bow at the front of her waist before she relieved herself.


Flushing the toilet, she washed her hands and stepped back outside, looking to see where the others had got to.  She had no warning, no hint at all about what was going to happen – until she felt the hands pulling her back between the cubicles.


“What the he...” she started to say before a black hood was pulled over her head, and she felt someone forcing her wrists together behind her back – and then heard the sound of ripping tape, as it was used to secure her wrists and hands firmly together.


“HELP ME!!!  SOMEBODEEHPLMMMMMMMGDDD” she called out as the tape was ripped again, and then it was wrapped around her head, covering her mouth as it was used to gag her.  She looked through the thin material as she then felt her arms been forced to her sides, more tape pressing on her bare skin as it went above and below her chest.


All she could do was try to stay calm, control her breathing as the tape ripped again, she felt her legs being secured, and then she was lifted and carried away...



“She’s taking her time at the toilets isn’t she,” Imogen said as she looked over.


“OH she’ll be back eventually – probably ran into Tony,” Sayle said.


“My twin sister speaks true,” Avena said.  “Let’s go and get something to eat while it’s still edible.”


“You two go on,” Freja said, “I’m going to have a word with the DJ, make sure he’s got some songs on his playlist.”  She walked across the green, slipping her sunglasses down as she looked round, and then stopped as she looked at her mobile phone.


“Come to the car park,” she mumbled as she looked at the message, “got something private to say.  J.”  Looking round, she made her way across to where she had parked earlier, calling out “Jocasta?  Where are you hiding this time?”


But there was no sign of her friend – indeed, no sign of anyone she knew, as Freja looked round.  “If this is one of your stupid games,” she said to herself as she turned round and started to walk back – and then gasped as she was grabbed from behind, a damp and sweet smelling cloth clamped firmly over her nose and mouth.


“WHtthhh” she said as she tried to talk, and suddenly went light headed, her eye lids flickering as she tried to pull the cloth away.  It was no use, however, as she started to slump, her last conscious thought the question of who was holding her...


The man picked the unconscious girl up and put her over her shoulder, carrying her to the van and banging on the side as it was opened up.  Stepping in, she ignored the girl sitting against the wall, her eyes wide in terror as she watched him lay Freja down on the floor, pulling her jackets off before he crossed her wrists behind her back, using a length of rope to secure them together as a second man crossed and bound her ankles.


As Jocasta watched, the men then bound her friend’s legs together below her knees, before sitting her up.  They then wrapped rope around her upper body, above and below her chest, her blouse stretching over her breasts as they did so.


A scarf was rolled up and knotted before Freja’s lips were parted, and the silk knot pushed between her teeth, the band tied round her head and trapping her long hair.


IT was the last thing they did that really made Jocasta whimper – because she also had a rope tied round her waist and pulled between her legs, forcing the skirts of her dress up, rubbing on her if she tried to move, watching as the same thing was done to Freja and the two men left her lying there...





“Hey Tony,” Imogen said as she approached a young man, “what have you done with Jocasta?”


“Nothing – I haven’t seen her,” he said.


“So where is she,” Imogen said as she looked round.  She then made her way to the car park, passing a black van as two casually dressed men got out, closing the rear door behind themselves.  She was about to walk away when she heard the banging in the back.


“Is there someone in there,” she said as she turned back and listened to the sides.




Imogen walked to the back of the van, looking round before she opened the door and came in.




“Don’t move,” she heard a male voice say behind her, as a cold disc pressed on her back.  “Very slowly, put your hands behind your back...”



“Here’s to the long summer holiday,” Avena said as she passed Sayle a drink, and the two of them tapped the plastic cups together.


“Indeed – no classes and parties all the way.”


“Excuse me – would you be Avena and Sayle?”


The two girls turned to see two young men standing behind them.


“Well hello there,” Sayle said, “and what can we do for you?”


“The principal wishes you both to come with us – he’s going to announce a special award he wishes to give to both of you.”


“Really,” Avena said, “all right – where do we need to go?”


“this way,” the second young man said as they made their way behind their stage.


“So what is this special award,” Sayle asked as they found themselves out of sight of everyone.


“Captives of the year,” the first man said as he pulled a pistol out and pointed it at them, “so hands up, and do exactly what we tell you.”


“Oh my god,” Avena said quietly.


“Nice scarves girls,” the second man said, “very slowly, take them off.”




“Just do it,” the armed man said, the two girls looking at each other as they did so.


“Good – now open your mouths and gag yourselves with them.”




“Do it,” the second man said, Sayle shaking as she pulled her large scarf between her lips, forcing her tongue down and tying the ends together at the back of her neck.  She then felt her arms been pulled behind her back as she watched Avena gag herself.


The man then pulled Avena’s wrists behind her back, using a plastic zip tie to secure them together before they marched their captives to a black van.


“Hgdduswlll,” Imogen said as the last two girls were brought in.  Avena and Sayle staring at her and Jocasta, while Freja lay unconscious, bound and gagged on the floor of the van.


The last two girls were made to sit down, their ankles secured as the van moved off, all of them wondering what was going on.


“Hmmmwhthnnndd,” Freja said as she came to, looking at the other four as she groaned “hgdddd....”







The man pushed the five girls into the cellar, their wrists still secured and their mouths gagged, the second man locking the door before he followed.  As they huddled together in the centre of the room, he cut their wrists free, and removed their gags.


“What is the meaning of this,” Freja asked, “I demand you...”


“If you know what is good for you,” the man said as he held up the gun, “shut up and do what we tell you to do.”


“And what do you want us to do?”


“Right now?  Strip.”


“I beg your pardon,” Jocasta said.


“I said strip – or would you rather we stripped you.”


The five girls looked at each other, and then started to remove their clothing, leaving them in piles on the floor before they stood in their bras and panties.


“Panties off as well – you’re going to need them.”


“What for,” Jocasta said as she slipped hers off.


“To keep quiet – put them in your mouth.”


“Oh god no – please they’re sweaty, they’re marked, they’re...”


“Going in your mouth,” the man said as he pointed the gun at her head, Jocasta shaking as she pushed the yellow string briefs in.


“Well – what are you waiting for?”


The other four nodded as they used their own panties as a stuff gag, Freja crying as the second man slapped strips of white medical tape over their lips to keep them quiet.  The two men then pulled the wrists of each of the girl behind their backs, using white nylon rope around and between their wrists to secure them together, before their arms were bound tightly to their sides.


“Hsshhtwhtsththt,” Sayle mumbled as each of them were then fitted with an adult diaper, before they were made to lie down, and their ankles and legs secured.  They then felt their ankles been pulled back, and secured to their chest ropes, before the men looked at them.


“Ready boss,” they called out as a third man came in, and started to take some photographs of the five girls, all of them crying and mewling.


“Right – your daddies are going to make us very rich,” he said with an evil grin, “enjoy the stay.”


“Whhrudnnths” Sayle called out.


“Oh – we’re robbing your pater’s firms,” he said quietly, “now shut up or we really make you uncomfortable.”




One of the men smiled as he knelt next to Sayle, pulling her up onto her knees and then groping her, his firm hands squeezing and caressing her chest as she started to moan, her eyes closing as she realised she was enjoying it despite her situation.




“Oh, your twin sister wants some too,” the second man said as he forced Avena onto her knees and started to grope her as well, the other three watching as their friends began to respond to the caress.


They did not want to, they certainly did not mean to, but both Avena and Sayle realised they were pressing their bodies forward, wanting to feel the firm grip more and more as they started to burn between their legs.


“Don’t worry,” the man said as he looked at Jocasta, Freja and Imogen, “you’ll be next...”




Freja threw her head back and screamed as the new sensations washed over her, but only a muffled groan came out as she collapsed in the man’s arms.


“Okay – let them recover,” he said as he looked at the second man.  The other four girls were lying on their sides, panting heavily as they tried to process what had happened.


As they walked out, Imogen whispered “Whtsggnthpnnn?”


Jocasta shook her head, unable to answer...


“Good morning ladies – how are you feeling?”




“Soon, soon – untie them and remove their gags.  Your clothes went home with the photos of you, so I would keep the diapers on for now.”


“Our fathers...”


“Oh they will do what we want,” the man said as he passed them each a bottle of water.  “Have a drink.”


The five girls looked at each other and then drank from the bottles – their thirst overcoming their fears – before the bottles fell to the floor, followed by them.


“Bind them securely,” the man said as the other two came in, “get them to the collection point.”




It was the talking that Imogen heard first, as she slowly opened her eyes.  There were a crowd of people, and as she tried to move she realised her wrists and ankles were secured to the post she was standing against.


“Whrrmmeee,” she said – and then realised there was tape over her mouth as well.  Looking to the sides, she saw the other four girls – and then heard the principal say “Oh my god – they’re here!”




“Cut them loose – get something on them.”


Imogen looked at her naked body as two fellow students came up and cut away the tape holding her to the chair, and then put a coat over her shoulders.  She looked at the other four, grateful their ordeal was over...







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