Not A Robbery – the Anne Summers Party- Part 1






Roberta, the host


“Someone remind me why I thought this would be a good idea,” Roberta said as she sat at the dining table with her husband.  She was in her early fifties, with short brown hair, and was wearing an open necked blouse and jeans.


“Probably because you and your friends are the perfect clientele for something like this,” her husband said with a smile.  “Once you lot get some wine inside you, I don’t think anyone is safe from the cougar hunt.”


“Including you,” Roberta said as she raised an eyebrow.


“Which is exactly why I am clearing out for the night, and will not be back until late,” he said with a smile as he collected the plates.  “Dessert?”


“Not for me thanks – we’re probably going to have coffee and cake once everyone gets here, and the party gets started,” Roberta said as she stood up, “you clear up while I go and have a shower, and then you can clear off.”


“No problem – I’m sure it is going to be an unforgettable night,” her husband said, smiling as Roberta walked out of the room and up the staircase.




“I’m out of here – have fun,” Roberta heard her husband call up the stairs.


“Don’t come back too early,” she called back down as she sat at her dresser, putting in her earrings.  She was wearing a short dress with a white floral print on a black background, held over her shoulders by thin spaghetti straps, and with a little bow at her right side.


Hanging a pendant round her neck, she then turned in her chair and pulled on a pair of stockings, easing them up her legs before she used the clips from her suspender belt to keep them up.  Over them, she pulled a pair of over the knee black leather boots, feeling the soft leather before she stood up and walked down the stairs.


From the store cupboard, she took out a number of cakes and plated them, before she took several mugs down and placed them on a tray.  She had just finished preparing the coffee machine when she heard the sound of the front door bell.  Smiling, she walked over and opened it, saying “you must be Connie – welcome.”


“Thank you,” the younger platinum blonde haired woman said as she came in.  She was wearing a black leather jacket over a short black and white hounds tooth designed dress, with a black collar, hems and waistband.  She was also wearing a pair of black fishnet stockings, and tight black patent leather boots which came to just below her knees.


As Roberta looked out, she saw the grey transit van, and said “I take it you have some things to bring in?”


“I most certainly do,” Connie said with a smile, “do you mind?”


“No – I’ll give you a hand if you want.”


“Thanks,” Connie said as they both walked to and fro, carrying boxes and other bags from the van to Roberta’s front room.  Eventually, as Roberta closed the door, Connie smiled and said “I think I’ve got everything – when are the first guests due?”


“Not for another hour or so – you’ve got time to set up,” Roberta said with a smile.  “Would you excuse me for a few minutes – I just need to...”


“Oh of course,” Connie said as Roberta left her to get ready, walking into the kitchen to make the final preparations.  The last thing she expected to happen was for someone to grab her from behind, the scent of the latex filling her nostrils as she reached up and tried to pull the hand down.


“Do not do that,” a quiet male voice said as Roberta felt a cold metal circle in her side.  “I want you to stay quiet, and do exactly what I tell you, do you understand?”


Roberta nodded slowly as the man said “good – now I want you when I take my hand away to keep quiet, and open your mouth wide.  Nod if you understand.”


Realising she had no choice, Roberta slowly nodded as the latex gloved hand was removed, and then she felt a hard rubber ball as it was pushed gently into her mouth, the thin leather straps fastened tightly round her head.  As she felt this, all sorts of thoughts flashed through Roberta’s mind.


Who was this man, and did he get in while the door was open?


Why was he gagging her- to stop her raising the alarm to Connie?  She guessed so – but then what was he planning to do to Connie?  To her guests?


To her?


She felt the man pulling her arms behind her back, and then heard a harsh rasping sound as her wrists were forced together behind her back.  She figured whoever this man was, he was using a zip tie.


What she was not expecting was the second rasping sound, and then the feeling as her elbows were forced together, pushing her chest out.  She wasn’t sure what was going to happen, and found herself hoping Connie would come in, if only to stop him...


As Roberta was turned round, she got her first look at the intruder.  A thin man, with short hair, casually dressed, and smiling?


“You are a beautiful woman,” he said as he stroked her cheek with his gloved hand, “I hope you know that.”




“Hush,” he said as he pushed her down onto her knees, and then walked behind her, Roberta shivering as she heard the rasping sound again, and her ankles forced together, the plastic slipping and squeaking on the leather.  She was frightened now, as his arms came round, his hands resting on her chest before he began to slowly massage and probe with his fingers.


She could feel the probing, the kneading, and as she tried to stop him by moving away it only made things worse, his fingers sinking even more deeply into her firm, and getting firmer breasts...


Roberta suddenly realised there was something else going on – a growing feeling as he continued the pressure of – enjoyment?  She let out a low groan, and then heard the sound of scissors.  Two snips, and he pulled her dress down her body, revealing her garter belt, her thong, her bra...


“Whtrduddnntmm,” she moaned, a thin line of drool slowly descending from the side of her mouth as he continued the massage, and then cut through the straps of her bra, pulling it away before he made her lie on her back.  Her eyes were misting over as he sat across her legs, and continued to massage her chest, his lips kissing her neck and throat.


“Oh god he’s going to rape me,” Roberta thought as his lips travelled down, and then encircled her nipples one by one.  She felt the sudden increase in pressure, and the touch of his tongue as it traced over what were now incredibly sensitive parts of her body.  She knew how sensitive when she felt the dampness between her legs, and prayed to heaven she was wrong about his intentions...


Her fears kept growing however, as he moved down her body, and she felt him pull her panties down.  Roberta closed her eyes, praying that when he did it, it would be quick...


She felt something ease past her petals and start to move in her passage, but it felt different – and more to the point, she was sure she had not heard him pull a zip or anything else down.  Opening her eyes, she raised her head and saw the top of his head at her own crotch – and then she arched her back as she felt his tongue hit a sweet spot, the feeling like an electric shock coursing through her and suddenly flipping her feelings of fear to those of pure carnal desire.


She had no way of controlling what was happening as he continued to kiss her clit and use his tongue inside her.  The only response she could give was to groan loudly, arching her back as she felt the fire burning inside her, flaring up, consuming her as she thrust her hips forward into his face.


When it finally came, it came violently, Roberta shaking as she closed her eyes and let out a low, long moan, the juices flowing as he continued to kiss and kick her juices.  When she finally collapsed on the floor, she looked at him as he stood up, and said “there – now you can enjoy the rest of the evening along with the others.”




“Patience – you will find out soon enough,” he said as he went to the side of the kitchen, returning with a new electric toothbrush she had bought that day.  Removing it from the package, he turned it on and then eased it gently inside her, Roberta shaking as she realised it was going in.


“Now, let me make my own preparations,” he said as she rolled over onto her side, “and then the evening can truly begin...”



Connie, the party manager


As she arranged the samples of her ware on the front room, Connie smiled to herself.  She enjoyed this aspect of her work, the demonstrations of her wares and the lingerie, as well as some of the – more discrete items she was able to demonstrate.


She could hear Roberta in the kitchen, doubtless making the final preparations to the food and drink.  Something told her this was going to be an exceptionally special night.  Sitting down, she crossed her legs, the black leather of her boots squeaking as she did so.

The skirt of her hound’s-tooth dress rose up as well, revealing the tops of her fishnet stockings.  This was the way to dress for such a party, to wow the money from the ladies.


She stood up and smiled as the door opened.  “Well, I am ready if you are Roberta,” Connie said as she turned round – and then gasped as she saw the tall man standing there, a gun in his hand and a smile on his face.


“Roberta is ready,” he said with a smile, “and so will you be in a little while.  Please, walk in front of me up the stairs.”


“Who are you,” Connie said quietly.


“Not that important – not really,” he said as he waved to the door, Connie swallowing as she walked over and in front of him.  They made their way up the staircase, as she wondered where Roberta was.  She could hear her moaning, but where...


“In here,” the man said as he opened the door to Roberta’s bedroom, the woman looking at the chintz and floral bedspread.  As she looked at herself in the mirror, she saw the worried look in her eyes, as the man said “lie face down on the bed, hands behind your head.”


“Please, don’t hurt me,” she said as she did this, looking to the side as he went to the wardrobe and looked in.  He smiled as he took out a long purple paisley scarf out, and knelt across Connie’s back, taking her wrists and crossing them above her head before he used the scarf to secure them tightly together.


“Oh god,” Connie whispered, “What are you going to do with me?”


“Show you true pleasure,” the man said as he took the scarf between her wrists, and the secured the ends in small knots out of reach of her fingers.  He then took a stocking he had also found, and tied it between her wrists, before securing the free ends to the headboard.


He then turned her round, the silk tightening on her wrists as she looked up at him, his gloved hands slowly stroking down her body.  She felt a slight shiver as he moved down, and then off the bed, walking to the wardrobe and returning with two more scarves, these ones pale blue silk.


“What are you going to do with them,” Connie said, watching as he swiftly tied the scarves to her ankles, and spread her legs apart, securing them to the bottom of the bed.  She looked up, and whispered “oh god – please, not that...”


“Hush,” he said as he walked up to her head, stroking her cheeks with his gloved hand before he pushed a folded scarf into her mouth.  She tried not to choke as she felt the cloth on her mouth, and then the thin stocking as the man pulled it between her lips, the material pulling back the sides of her mouth as he tied it round her head.


She stared up at him as he smiled, and then started to massage her chest, the feel of his fingers through the material of her chest as they sank into her flesh somehow terrifying and – enjoyable?  She could feel her breasts firming as he gently worked them, and then the feel of his fingers over her surprisingly hard nipples.


“Hggddntrppp,” she mumbled, but he just smiled as he reached round and unzipped her dress, and then lifted it up by the skirt and along her body.  She squirmed as he did so, but was in no position to stop him lifting it over her head, resting it on the dress as he looked at her white bra and panties.


Connie closed her eyes as she felt his hands again, massaging her and then unclasping her bra at the front, the leather on her flesh as she wriggled round, and moaned softly.  She then felt the cool touch of his lips as he encircled her nipples, arching her back as felt the pressure, the touch of her tongue.


“Hmggddd,” Connie said as she felt something else – her body was responding to the touch, the kiss, the suck, and she was powerless to do anything about it.  All she could do was await the inevitable, and pray he would be gentle to her.


And gentle he was – he didn’t hit her, didn’t hold her, but with his lips and his tongue he was slowly walking her to the edge of a cliff, and she wasn’t sure if she didn’t want to jump...


That was made more clear as he used a pair of scissors to cut her panties away, and then kissed her on her clit, making her shiver as his tongue traced over her soft, yielding flesh.  She sighed as she felt this, and shivered in equal measure, twisting as she felt damp, warm...




She then gasped as she felt him massaging her chest again, and using his lips, his kiss, his tongue to make her feel warmer and warmer, walking her even closer to that edge, to the waves that were clashing below, and she was beginning to wonder how nice it would be to just dive in, let those waves engulf her.


No – it was more than wondering, as she felt him enter her passage with his tongue, touching those spots the men in her life had found before – but this was different, the way he did it made her jump and twitch, but also heightened her desire, her passion for more rather than for him to stop.


How was he doing this?  He was nobody, but she had let him bind her, and now it was almost as if he was reward...


“HMMFKNNGGDDD” she called out as her whole body shook, and she started to cum, her fluids flowing – but he continued to kiss and lick, to being her on as she shook and thrashed about, every ounce of pleasure new and exciting to her until she slumped to the bed.


“There,” he said quietly as he stood up, “isn’t that better?  More relaxed?”


Connie looked up and nodded, as she saw him take something from his pocket.  “Whtssttt,” she said.


“Oh – something to keep you occupied, while I welcome the guests,” he said with a smile as she slipped it into her, and then used two scarves to keep it there.  She wondered what it was, until he pressed a button – and then she knew.


“Ah,” he said as the doorbell rang, “the first guest.  I must see she is made – comfortable.”


Connie would have called out, but the vibrations inside her only made her groan...




After the day that she had experienced at work, Doris was ready for some fun down time.  The man she worked for as a secretary had been on her case all day, criticizing something about every single thing she did, and frankly she was wondering if the job was worth the hassle.


In her late fifties, she had curly red-brown hair cut short, and had ditched her standard office wear of blouse, skirt and heels for something a bit more – comfortable.  The purple jacket she was wearing was the same shade as her drop earrings, hugging her body and her arms down to her elbows.


Her tight skirt was made from black stretch fabric, with white polka dots, and a pair of natural coloured tights were on her legs, her feet in a pair of knee length purple suede boots.  “Tonight,” she thought to herself, “is a night for really letting my hair down and having some fun!”


That thought made her smile as she walked up to Roberta’s front door and ring the doorbell, wondering what the first surprise was going to be.  As the door opened, she walked in without looking round, hearing the soft buzzing sound as she said “don’t tell me you startedwfftmmmmhmgdd!”


“Don’t say a word,” a male voice said as Doris was grabbed from behind, a gloved hand pressed firmly down over her mouth and an arm round her waist, “just do exactly what I tell you to do, and I promise you, you will discover a great secret.  Nod if you understand.”


As Doris slowly nodded, the man said “Good – when I remove my hand, I want you to open your mouth and say nothing.  Nod if you understand?”


As Doris did so, the gloved hand was taken away – and then wrapped round her waist as the second hand pushed a folded cloth in, the hand covering her mouth again as Doris wondered who would rob her friend.


“That is to stay in your mouth,” the man said as her hands were taken behind her back, and she felt rope as it was pulled tightly round her wrists.  She had obviously walked into a robbery, but where was Olivia?  And the party host?  And what was making that buzzing noise?”


As she felt the rope pulled between her wrists, and then whoever was doing this tied her ends off, she wriggled her fingers round, unable to find the knots or anything else.  There was then a sound as if something was been peeled from a wall, before the hand was pressed firmly over her mouth again – but this time it was pressing some sort of tape into place, as her mouth was covered, her lips sealed together.


“Upstairs,” the man said, and he held her arms as she walked in front of him, too scared to do anything else.  She walked past a closed door, and then into the spare bedroom – as she saw several lengths of rope laid out on the bed, and realised she was going to be staying there.


“Do not move,” the man said as he stood her at the foot of the bed, and then she saw the doubled over rope as it was passed round her body, forcing her upper arms into her sides as the rope went above and below her chest.  It also had the effect of forcing her chest out, especially when he passed the rope under one arm, around the back of her neck and under the other arm to further tighten the bands.


“Whrdslffe,” she mumbled as she tried to twist round, the ropes rubbing on her as the man tied the ends off.


“Happy,” was all he said as he made her sit on the bed, and she got her first look at the thin, casually dressed captor.  He knelt down with a fresh length of ropes doubled over in his hand, and bound her ankles, Doris both worried and impressed with the speed he used to take the rope around and between her suede covered legs.


“Well, I said I needed an exciting distraction,” she thought to herself as she watched him double over another length of rope, and then bind her legs together below her knees, “I just didn’t expect this...”


She looked at him as he squatted in front of her, and then put his hands on her chest.  Doris tried to move out of the way, but that made her breasts rub on his gloved hands, and she was surprised at the way that felt.


That it felt so good...


She offered no resistance now as he smiled, and gently massaged her chest, his fingers kneading the flesh under her jacket as she closed her eyes and started to moan.  She had no way of stopping him, raising the alarm was next to impossible – but something about what he was doing was making her feel more special than afraid...


She allowed the man to knead her breasts, involuntarily pushing herself forward as he did so, and smiling at the sensations running through her.  Sensations that only increased in intensity as he opened her jacket, pulling the front panels to her sides under the ropes and then gently kissing the tops of her breasts as his fingers ran over the black lace bra she was wearing underneath.


Doris was shocked to discover just how sensitive her nipples were, even with the lace covering them – so as he eased her bra up, she could only lie back and moan as his lips encircled and sucked gently on each in turn, his tongue stroking over hem as she felt herself getting warm and damp between her legs.


“Whtrudntmmm,” she moaned as he continued to kiss and caress her chest, his lips, tongue and fingers easing her gently down the road as she started to wriggle round.  She didn’t even object as he unzipped and removed her skirt, the cool air now falling on the damp patch in her hose at the crotch.


Something he had noticed as well, as his fingers gently traced over and around that area, making her shiver and buck slightly as he did so.  “Hmmlrddd,” she moaned as he eased her hose down, and started to kiss her between her legs, his tongue licking her fluids as she started to writhe around.


After the day she had experienced, this was not how she had expected to end up, but somehow she knew this was exactly what she wanted to happen – someone to take her, to won her, to do everything to her and to make her his...


His slave.  It sounded right, it sounded good, as she felt his kiss on her petals, felt them part, and then felt his tongue as it worked its way inside her, hitting all those long forgotten spots, making her scream mutely and feeling the pressure, the ecstasy, the joy suddenly and rapidly building within her...


She had no way of stopping him either – so as he stopped and looked at her, it was all she could do not to shout at him to keep going.  He started to kiss her chest again, as his fingers worked their magic on her, and then he used his tongue again, bringing her closer, ever closer...


Suddenly she closed her eyes and arched her back, as the orgasm swallowed her whole, the man continuing to kiss her and lick all she could give as wave after wave crashed over her and her body...


When she finally stopped, he gently brought her back down, before she looked at him.  “Allow me to keep you entertained.”  She felt the rope as it was passed between her legs, and then pulled between her petals, making her groan as it rubbed on her damp, sensitive flesh.


They then both heard the door bell, as the man looked at her.  “Would you like a play mate,” he said, Doris groaning and then nodding as he left the room...







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