Appraisal - Part 1








Sitting in the coffee bar, slowly slipping her drink, Kal watched the patients and staff as they walked to and fro in the entrance area.  To all intents and purposes she was just another visitor to a patient there, taking a few moments out to get a drink.  In her early twenties, with short mousey brown hair, Kal had chosen to wear a grey padded gillet over a long sleeved brown jumper, slightly faded denim jeans and a pair of pirate style brown leather boots, the cuffs of which were turned down just below her knees as they covered the lower half of her legs.


She had been sat there for half an hour now, just drinking and watching, looking for the right opportunity.  As she laid her cup down, she saw a young nurse walking past, looking at her watch as she walked past.  She was wearing a black leather jacket over her crisp white uniform, with slightly opaque white tights and a pair of slightly heeled black leather shoes.  As she walked past, Kal sized up her build, noting her height and build, before leaving her cup on the table and following her out of the main entrance.


The nurse walked quickly, Kal keeping a safe distance back as she crossed the main road and made her way over to the accommodation blocks.  Kal could see her long blonde hair blowing in the slight breeze, but said nothing, only accelerating slightly as the young woman approached the doorway that led to a set of flats.


As she pressed on the button, Kal caught up and smiled as the door was opened.  “Visiting a friend,” she said as she followed the nurse in, climbing the stairs with her until she walked past as she fumbled for a key.


The nurse did not notice her turning back until she felt the cold steel of the blade against her throat, and Kal whispering in her ear “Not a sound – just go into the flat.”  She gulped and slowly opened the door, offering no resistance as Kal pushed her in and closed the door behind her.


“Right,” she said as she pressed the frightened girl against the wall, “Just shut up for a minute.”  They both listened for the sound of anyone else in the flat, before Kal continued “What’s your name, sister?”


“Angie,” the young girl whispered.


“Right, Angie, where’s your bedroom?”  Kal followed the finger as Angie pointed, before turning her sharply and twisting her arm, forcing her hand up her back.  “Inside,” she said as they walked towards the room, stopping only as Angie stumbled towards her bed.


“What do you want?” she said quietly as Kal closed the door.  “If it’s money, you can have that...”


“Did I say you could talk?”


Angie shook her head.  “Take your jacket off,” Kal said, and as Angie slipped the jacket from her shoulders she noticed the way the front of the dress fastened over the blonde’s chest.


“Very nice,” Kal said as she looked at Angie.  “Now, where do you keep your tights?”


“In... In that drawer,” Angie said, “Why?”


“None of your business - yet.  Take those shoes off.”


As Angie slipped out of her shoes, Kal looked in the drawer she had pointed out, keeping one eye on her captive the whole time.  Satisfied, she looked at Angie and said “Now the dress – take it off.”




“Unless you want it to be the last thing you ever wear,” Kal said as she walked towards Angie, “Take it off.




Slowly, Angie started to unbutton the front of the dress, Kal watching the whole time.  As the edges of Angie’s white lace bra were revealed, Kal’s smile widened.


“Leave it on the chair,” she said as she waved at a white chair next to the dressing table.  Watching Angie the whole time, Kal reached back into the drawer she had opened earlier and drew out a pair of silk stockings.


“Right, Angie,” she said as the young nurse held her arms around herself, “I need to keep you nice and quiet.  Turn round, hands behind your back, and don’t move.”


“Please, don’t do this,” Angie started to whimper, but as Kal turned her round she pressed the blade of her knife against her throat and whispered “Just keep quiet – you might even enjoy this.”


Kal pulled one of the stocking tightly around Angie’s wrists, securing them together as she wrapped the smooth material around and between her arms.  The second one she pulled around her arms just above her elbows, almost forcing them together as Angie felt her shoulder blades been pulled back and her chest forced out. 


Taking a pair of black sheer pantyhose, Kal then wrapped the gusset around Angie’s lower arms, before passing the legs around her chest below her breasts and forcing her arms against her back.  Pushing Angie onto the bed, she then used another pair of white stockings to secure her legs together, around her ankles and just below her knees.


“Please, just take what you want and leave me alone,” Angie whimpered as she watched Kal taking a holdall from her cupboard.


“Oh I will,” the young intruder replied as she started to open a set of drawers, “but I need to shut you up first.”  Taking a pair of panties and another set of pantyhose, she walked over and rolled Angie onto her back.


“Open wide,” she said quietly, and as Angie opened her mouth she pushed the panties in, followed by the gusset of the second pair of pantyhose.  Wrapping the legs around her head, Kal forced the material back into her mouth, before tying the feet together between her lips.


“MMMMGFDGDM,” Angie called out as she watched Kal walk out of the room.  “Hush now,” she said as she looked back, “I’m just going to get something.”


Angie lay still, wondering what was happening before Kal walked back in with what looked like a toothbrush in her hand.  Laying it on the side, Angie’s eyes widened as she sat down and unzipped her boots, leaving them to one side as she allowed her pants to drop to the floor.


“Whtrudng,” she mumbled as Kal placed the boots into the holdall, followed by her gillet, the jeans and then her top.  Kal walked over, sitting next to Angie as she lay there, and started to stroke the backs of her legs with her hands.


“You have a wonderful body,” Kal said as she leaned to look into Angie’s face, “But I prefer redheads.  I’m going to take your money, your jewels, and something else.”  Kissing her lightly on the forehead, she stood up and walked round the room, Angie watching as she took everything of value to her and placed them in the bag.


Walking back, Kal passed her hand down the front of Angie’s hose.  The blonde bucked slightly as she felt Kal’s fingers between her legs, and saw the young girl smile.


“Now, I need your clothes,” she said as she withdrew her hand.  Angie watched as Kal stepped into her shoes, and then pulled her uniform on and slowly buttoned up the front.  It looked a little loose, but seemed to fit her well.  As Kal put on the leather jacket, Angie screamed out “WHYRUDNGTSSS.”


“Because I can,” Kal said as she leaned over and kissed Angie again.  “Now, I have a surprise for you.”


She walked over to the table and picked up what Angie had thought was a toothbrush.  As she came closer, Angie’s eyes widened as she saw it was a toothbrush – her electric one.


“Can you guess what I’m going to do with this,” Kal said with a smile as she leaned over Angie’s body....





Ten minutes later, a nurse with short mousey brown hair was seen leaving the flats, carrying a holdall and talking on her mobile phone.


“Yeah, I’m on my way,” she could be heard saying as she walked past, “How are the others doing?”






WPC Joanna Simpson had had one of those days – the sort of day you just want to forget about and restart if it was at all possible. Sgt Jenkins had been on everybody’s case, shouting at them about the crime rate and “just what are you going to do about it?” If truth be told, the crime rate was no worse in their town than other parts of the country, but for some reason the boss had had a real bee in his bonnet about it today.

As she made her way onto the tube, settling down and trying not to catch the eye of anybody else in the carriage, all Joanna was thinking about was a warm bath, a cold beer and a take away curry. She opened the paper and started to read it, studiously avoiding eye contact with anyone in the seats around her.

It took twenty minutes for the train to reach her station, and another fifteen for her to walk to the front door of her house. Unlocking the front door, she stepped in and removed her hat, leaving it on the table by the door before looking at her reflection in the mirror. At five ten, she was one of the taller woman officers in the station, and with her black hair done up in a tight bun she looked every inch the personal.

That air took a severe jolt as her head was pulled back and a thin, muscular arm wrapped itself around her throat. Joanna pulled at the arm, desperately trying to pull it away, but with her head pulled back it was all she could do to stop herself from choking. Eventually, her eyelids fluttered and closed as she stared at the ceiling, a glimpse of a blonde haired woman in the mirror the last thing she saw before she slipped into unconsciousness.

The woman released her arm lock, and grabbed Joanna under her arms as she fell backwards. Dragging her into the main room, she laid the unconscious woman on the floor before moving to the windows, drawing the blinds and then turning a standard lamp on.

She was also five foot ten, and a similar build to Joanna, but wore a denim waistcoat and miniskirt with a white t-shirt and knee length laced boots. Smiling, she knelt next to Joanna and opened her coat, before removing her tie, folding it and leaving it on the couch before she unlaced Joanna’s flat black shoes. Removing them, she went back to Joanna’s chest and slowly started to unbutton her blouse, sitting her up to remove it as a lacy white bra was revealed.

“Very nice,” she said to herself as she laid Joanna back down, unfastened her skirt and slipped it down her legs, revealing the top of her dark pantyhose over a pair of white brief panties. As she laid the skirt on the couch, the intruder smiled again as she looked at Joanna lying prostrate on the floor.

“It’s been a long time, Simpson,” the blonde said to herself as she rolled Joanna over onto her stomach. Walking into the hallway, she brought back with her a bag, which she laid on the floor and opened. Removing a skein of rope, she shook it loose and doubled it over, smiling as she placed Joanna’s wrist together behind her back...


Joanna slowly opened her eyes, wondering what had happened and why she could not move her hands. As she came to, she discovered to her growing horror that it was more than just her hands – her whole body seemed incapable of movement beyond a slight to and fro movement.

As she looked down her body, she saw that her bare legs were criss-crossed with white rope, from her ankles to her thighs, and that her ankles were held together with several coils of the same rope. As she tried to sit herself up, she realised that her arms were also been held to her side by more rope, and her wrist were tied together behind her back. She tried to reach with her fingers, but the knot had been placed well out of reach.

“Nice to see you again, Simpson,” she heard a voice behind her say, and turning onto her side she saw a blonde haired woman standing there. She was wearing a pair of dark pantyhose, and Joanna’s uniform, her chest showing slightly where the blouse had been stretched over it.

“Oh ****,” she said as she recognised the woman, “Millie Farmer. When did you get out?”

“A while back,” Millie said as she fastened the neck tie at the front of the blouse, “and I don’t call myself Millie Farmer any more. It’s Millie Parker.”

“Bloody hell – Parker recruited you?” Joanna finally managed to sit herself up, looking down to see the rope that went between her breasts and pulled up the coils of rope that held her arms to her side underneath them.

“Oh yes – and I’m so glad he did,” Millie said as she picked up what Joanna recognised as her briefs. “Thanks for the clothes, Simpson – I promise I’ll put them to good use.”

“What are you talkignfdsffda...” Joanna was cut off as Millie stuffed her panties into her mouth, before picking up a roll of duct tape she had found in Joanna’s cupboard and tearing off several strips.

“This is for picking me up when I was ten,” Millie said as she smoothed the first strip over Joanna’s lips. “This is for sending me down five years ago... This is for the heartache you caused my mother... And this is for just been you.”

Pushing Joanna back onto her side, Millie placed the roll of tape on the coffee table and sat down, pulling the flat shoes onto her own feet. Joanna started to struggle as Millie walked over and picked up the bag that was lying on the floor.

“Enjoy your night,” Millie said as she blew a kiss at Joanna, turning the light off and leaving the trussed WPC in darkness as she walked out of the front door. Making her way down the street, she hailed a cab and climbed in as it stopped.

“Where to officer?” the driver said as he looked over his shoulder.

“Brick Lane,” Millie said as she sat back, “As quickly as you can.”






“Have you finished with your plate, miss?”


Suzie looked up at the blonde haired waitress standing beside her.  The young girl was wearing a long sleeved white silk blouse with a dark waistcoat over it, and a dark blue knee length pleated skirt.  Her legs were encased in sheer black pantyhose, while on her feet were a pair of highly polished lace up brogues made from black leather.


“Yes, thank you,” she said as she allowed the waitress to take her plate.  Suzie was dressed conservatively, in a dark wool jumper and knee length leather skirt, with black fabric boots over her lower legs, and she was sat at only one of three tables occupied in the restaurant.  At the one next to her were a young couple, obviously more interested in each other than their food, while the third table had a middle aged man and woman sitting at it, talking as they ate.


“Your bill, miss,” the waitress said as she came back.  Suzie took a look at the name tag on her lapel.  “Thank you for everything, Barbara,” she said as she laid a credit card down on the small metal dish the receipt lay on.  She watched as Barbara walked away, taking note of every part of her movement and her body shape, and smiling to herself as she waited for the young woman to return.





“Good night, everyone!”  Barbara waved to the remaining staff as she left the restaurant, pulling the collar of her bomber jacket around her neck as she stepped into the cool night air.  She looked up and down the street, wondering if a taxi was going to pass, but resigned herself to a walk home as she started to pass the shops and other establishments.


She looked straight ahead, not noticing any of the people passing her or any movement in the alleyways as she went past the entrances.  As a result, she failed to notice the footsteps of someone coming out behind her and approaching quickly.  In fact, she noticed nothing until the sweet smelling cloth was clamped over her mouth and nose, held firmly in place as she was grabbed around the  waist and held there.  Her eyelids fluttered as she mumbled something, then slowly closed as her whole body went limp in Suzie’s arms.  Satisfied, she removed the chloroform soaked cloth and picked the blonde haired woman up, carrying her into an alleyway as the boot of a large sedan swung open.


“Enjoy the ride,” she said as she laid Barbara down in the boot, closing it gently before walking quickly round and climbing behind the wheel.  As she drove off, she smiled – this was going to be a good night.





The garage door swung closed silently as Suzie turned off the engine.  Stepping out of the car, she opened the boot and picked up the still comatose Barbara in her arms, taking her through the doorway into the kitchen and into the front room of her house.  Laying her gently down on the floor, Suzie went back to close the doors behind her, returning with a box of ropes and other items.


Kneeling beside Barbara, she brushed her blonde hair away from her face before moving to her feet and unlacing the shoes.  Placing them carefully to one side, she slowly started to unbutton the waistcoat, pushing the front to the sides as she did so and gently pulling Barbara’s arms through.  As she did so, Barbara started to moan slightly, so Suzie paused and went to retrieve a roll of white sticking plaster from the box.  Tearing a wide strip from the roll, she smoothed it over Barbara’s lips, the tape forming itself to the shape of her mouth as it held firmly to the skin.


“There now,” Suzie said as she returned to the sleeping girl and unbuttoned her blouse.  Taking the sleeves from her arms, she rolled Barbara gently over and folded the blouse and waistcoat under, rolling her onto her other side so that she could remove the clothing and place it on the chair behind her.  Barbara lay there, her pert breasts held in place by the ivory silk bra that went around her chest as it rose and feel with her breathing.


Suzie slowly pulled the zip down the side of Barbara’s skirt, before slipping it down her legs.  Taking hold of the top of her pantyhose, she did the same, moving it down her legs and leaving the gagged girl lying on the floor in her bra and panties. 


“You are a real dish,” Suzie said to herself.  “Pity we can’t spend more time together.”  Taking a length of soft rope from her box, she knelt at Barbara’s feet and pushed them together, winding the rope around and between them and holding them together as the cord tightened over her soft skin.


Pushing her knees up slightly, Suzie wound a second length around Barbara’s legs below her knees, passing the rope around and between her legs so that they were held firmly together.  Allowing them to fall to the floor, she rolled the blonde over onto her stomach and moved her arms so that her wrists crossed in the small of her back.  As she tied the rope round, she allowed herself a touch of the captive’s arms, smiling as she felt the smooth skin under her finger.


“Someone is going to be very happy,” she sighed as she rolled Barbara back onto her back, noticing the eyelids starting to flutter as she did so.  “Oh goodie,” she said, “you’re starting to wake up.  I did so want to talk to you before I go.”


As Barbara slowly opened her eyes, and she struggled to focus, she saw Suzie kneeling next to her, a smile on the brunette’s face as she looked at her.  She tried to speak, but when she heard herself saying “mmmwhhpnd” her eyes opened wide.  She looked down at her naked body, and the ropes around her legs, and started to struggle.


“Shh – don’t struggle.  It will be much easier for you if you just stay calm and accept what is happening,” Suzie said as she knelt beside Barbara and helped her to sit up.  As she came erect, Barbara felt with her fingers the ropes around her wrists, and looked mutely up at the woman she had served last night.


“You have a wonderful body, Barbara,” Suzie said as she shook a long length of rope free, “and it is a crime it is not available for those who may wish it.  Crime been a speciality of mine, I have seen fit to take care of it.”  She doubled the rope and passed it into her breasts, pulling her arms tightly into her side as she wound it above and below, forcing her breasts out as the rope encircled her.


“Ysudngts,” she mumbled as she felt the rope passing over her shoulder and through the loops under her breasts, the lower rings forcing their way up as the rope was pulled tightly and taken over her other shoulder.  She could feel the material of her bra stretching over her breasts, the nipples against the silk as Suzie tied the ropes off in the small of her back, pulling her wrists up in the process.


“You sit there for a few minutes,” Suzie said as she walked round and looked down on the blonde.  “I need to take a shower and make a phone call.  Don’t go anywhere now.”  Barbara followed her with her eyes as Suzie walked out of the room, before looking frantically round to see if there was anything she could use to free herself.


The room was bare, however, except of r the chairs and the now empty box sitting beside her.  She wriggled round. Desperate to find some sort of give in her ropes, but there was none, as she finally fell exhausted back against a chair.


After what seemed an eternity, she saw Suzie walk back in, realising for the first time how similar the two of them were in build as she stood there in a cream bra and panties set.  “You’ll be leaving in a few minutes,” she said as she finished towelling her hair and placed the wet cotton on the chair, “but I wanted to thank you for what you gave me before you went.


“Whtrutkngbt,” Barbara said, but when she saw Suzie pick up her pantyhose and slip it over her own legs she began to realise what was happening.  “I was asked to arrange an outfit for today,” Suzie said as she stood up and picked up the skirt, slipping it over her legs and fastening it around her own waist before putting on the blouse.  As she buttoned up the front and sat down to pull on the brogues, Barbara screamed out “HLPMMM!!!” as she started struggling.


“I told you to calm down, sweetie,” Suzie said as she squatted by Barbara and held her chin up.  “You don’t want to choke on your vomit because you kept struggling, do you?”  Barbara looked Suzie in the eyes, realising the truth of what she was saying, before sitting back and watching this woman who had kidnapped her putting on the last part of her work outfit.  As Suzie laced up the shoes, there was a sound like a doorbell.


“That will be your ride,” Suzie said as she stood up and walked out of the room.  She returned with a tall, well built grey haired man who looked down at Barbara as she sat there.


“Who is she,” he said, and Barbara’s eyes widened as she watched Suzie hand the new arrival her handbag.  He opened it, removing her purse and looking at the cards within.


“Usual fee?”  He said as he looked at Suzie.  “Oh, I think this one is worth a bonus,” she purred as she knelt and stroked Barbara’s chin.  “After all, I have only secured her for you – I haven’t had any fun with her.”


“Unusual for you, Suzie?”


“No time – other matters to deal with.  Can you take care of things?”


“eSlave thanks you,” the man said as Barbara realised what was happening.  Suzie blew her a kiss as she watched the man pick her up and carry her out of the room, her legs thrashing up and down as she was taken out.  “Should have added a crotch rope,” Suzie said to herself as she followed them out, closing the door behind her.




Thirty minutes later, Suzie walked into the warehouse, spotting both Kal and Millie waiting already.


“Nice,” Millie said as Suzie joined them at the table.  “So, a nurse, a policewoman and a waitress.  What’s next?”


“That’s up to Pam and Carol,” Millie said as she looked at the other two.  “I know what Carol was looking at, though, so it’s Pam we need to try and guess...”



The door swung open, and a young woman with bleached blonde hair walked in, her flat shoes making little sound as she came in.  She was wearing a dark blue knee length skirt and jacket, under which they could see a crisp white blouse with a small brooch at the neck.  On her head was a blue cap with a red crest at the front, while silver lapel badges were on her jacket.


“Pam, you have got to be kidding me,” Suzie said as she stood up.  “You actually did it?”


“Kinky,” Millie said, “Definitely kinky.”


“You have no idea,” Pam said as she sat down.  “You really have no idea...”




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