A Quiet Dinner






“Barb – glad you could make it!”  As she held the door open for her friend, Amy watched the brown haired woman as she came into the house and took off her long coat.  “Nice dress,” was Amy’s response as she hung the coat up and looked at the black pattern on grey.


“Thanks, I got it this week,” Barb said as she turned round.  The dress had a round yoke neck, with wide bands over her shoulders, and came about half way down her upper legs, which were encased in hose with her fete in a pair of black high heeled shoes.  “So, how have you been keeping?”


“Not too bad, thanks,” Amy said as she walked towards the door.  “Tough time at work, and I’ve had to bring a few things home to work on over the weekend, but nothing that can’t wait until tomorrow.”  She was wearing a sheath dress with grey and black stripes, which hugged her figure and had wide black straps that went over her shoulders and crossed behind her back, as well as her grey shoes.  “I’d like you to meet a work colleague of mine – we all have something in common.”


As she opened the door, Barb saw an older, blonde haired woman sitting on the couch, drinking from a tall glass.  She was wearing a leopard skin pattern dress with a v-necked front and a short skirt, and was wearing a pair of open toed matching shoes.


“Ann, this is Barbara, but you can call her Barb,” Amy said as her friend stood up.  “You can share your story with her as well.”


“Story – what story?”


“I was robbed at home a few weeks ago – a couple of hoodlums looking for a file.  After they left however, a second intruder broke in - a very soft spoken young man who, well, treated me kindly even if her left me tied and gagged.”


“Sound familiar,” Amy said as she looked at Barb, who just nodded as she took the proffered drink.  “I’ve met him too,” Barb said quietly, “and so has Amy.  Why don’t we sit down and talk for a while.”





Outside the house, a blue van pulled up.  The driver sat quietly, watching the road and the lights in the house, before knocking on the back of the cab and climbing out, waiting for the two other men to join him.




“My god – how many other women do you think this guy has robbed?”


“I have no idea,” Amy said as she pulled the cork out of the wine bottle, “but whoever he is, he could have been a lot worse and nastier.  I guess we should thank our lucky stars nothing else happened, and we got – something out of his attentions.”


The empty dinner plates were lying on the table as she recharged the glasses of her two guests.  Barb took a sip and said “This is actually quite nice – where did you get it from?”


“A thank you gift from a grateful client,” Amy said as she took a drink, “It was left on my desk today, I think by my boss.  May I propose a toast?”


“To who?” Ann said as she sat back in her chair.


“To those ladies that have been whispered to – may they have enjoyed the experience as much as we have?”  She raised the glass in the air and drained it, the other two following suit.


“Ah,” Ann said as she put her glass on the table, “That s very, very...”  She could not finish her sentence as her head fell back and her eyes closed.  Neither Amy nor Barb could say anything either, as they were in the same position, both unconscious in their chairs.


The door to the dining room opened and three men walked in, dressed in casual clothes.  “Let’s make these three women comfortable,” one of them said as the other two took Amy and lifted her out of the room, returning a few moments later for Barb.  He walked over to Ann and took her arm over his shoulder, half walking and half dragging her over to a leather bound chair that sat against the room wall and leaving her in it as he retrieved a length of white rope from a bag he had placed on the table.







“Whhh.... whhpnd.”


Amy slowly opened her eyes, only to find herself unable to see – some sort of dark band was preventing her from seeing clearly.  She felt stiff, and her mouth felt as if it was stuffed with cotton wool.


As she slowly regained consciousness, however, she realised a number of simple facts.  Firstly, she was stiff because her arms were held spread eagled above her head, and as she felt with her fingers she could feel some sort of rope around her wrists and above her arms.  Secondly, some sort of scarf or belt was covering her eyes, preventing her from seeing properly.  Thirdly, she could not move her feet apart either, and Amy realised her ankles must be tied together.


Finally, and most critically to her, her mouth was indeed stuffed with something – she could feel it pushing her tongue down, but there did not seem to be anything actually holding it in place.  Whatever it was, however, was filling her mouth and her lips were closing over it as well.


She tried twisting round, but realised she was lying on something, possibly a mattress.  “Llrt,” she called out, “whsthr.”


“Stay calm,” she heard a male voice saying, “and don’t struggle.  If you promise not to scream, I will take the gag put of your mouth.  Nod if you understand.”


Amy slowly nodded her head, and sighed as whatever was preventing her from talking was pulled out from between her lips.  “Thank you,” she eventually said, “but who are you and what are you doing in my house, much less tying me up.”


“We want something you have,” the voice said as she felt a gloved hand stroking her cheek, “something you brought home from the office and is on your laptop.  If you allow us to retrieve it, you and your friends will not be harmed.”


“Where are they,” Amy said quietly, “and how did you get in so easily?”


“For the second question, I am afraid we slipped something into your wine – just a mild sedative, but it gave us time to get in and secure all three of you before we started,” the voice said.  “As to your friends – they are safe, so long as you do as we ask.”




Ann slowly shook her head as she tried to regain consciousness.  She knew she was sitting on something, but was not sure what.  She also knew her shoes were no longer on her feet, because she could feel the cool air on her stocking soles.


Apart from that, however, she knew she could see nothing save white fuzz in front of her eyes.  As she came to more, however, she realised the fuzz was actually a white cloth that covered her eyes.  She also realised that a similar cloth was covering her mouth, as she could feel the pressure on her lips and cheeks.  Something soft and spongy was also in her mouth, pressing her tongue down and soaking up what saliva she was producing.


“Ah good,” she heard what sounded like a Scottish accent say; “you’re coming to.  Listen – don’t struggle, I don’t want you making yourself sick or falling off the chair.”


Ann realised her hands were behind her back, and as she felt with her fingers she could tell that they were held together with rope.  From the way she could feel something pressing he rankles together, as well as her legs just above her knees, she guessed that they were also held together tightly with rope, as were her arms to her side by something that was wrapped round just below her breasts.


“Whru,” Ann mumbled through her gag as she felt the way her dress was pulled over her breasts.  “Oh, just an admirer of the more mature beauty,” the man said as she heard footsteps, and then somebody puling on the ropes.  “My friends wanted a word with your friend, so I’m afraid we knocked all three of you out for a little while and then made sure you were all safe.”




“Well, your host is her bedroom.  As for the other one – I really could not tell you just now.  Look, I told you to stop struggling – do you want me to make you more secure?”


“Udlktht,” Ann said as she tried to twist her arms round.  “Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”   As she felt herself been lifted off the chair and made to sit on the floor, Ann wondered just where Barb was....






As Barb slowly shook her head, she knew something was very wrong.  She was unable to move her legs apart, and she could hear the squeak of her leather shoes as they rubbed together.  She could not see them however – whoever was behind her had blindfolded her with a thick scarf, probably white given the covering she could see.  She knew they were tied together, however, at her ankles and knees from the way the bands tightened as she moved her legs up and down.


Her wrists also seemed to be tied together behind her back, and she could feel her assailant wrapping bands of rope around her upper body, pulling her arms tightly into her side as the coils tightened and forced the material of her dress to stretch over her breasts.  As she felt her wrists been pulled up and fastened somewhere behind her back, she finally said “Shit, not again.”


“Happened to you before, has it?”


“You would not believe me if I told you – and who are you anyway?”


“None of your business,” she heard the male voice say, and then felt his hands as he stroked her legs.  “Very nice,” he said as she felt him remove her shoes and run his finger along the sole of her foot, making her draw her legs back as she started laughing.


“Ahhhhhh – please, don’t do that,” Barb squealed as she felt her legs been held down and her feet tickled again.  “I could do a lot for you,” the voice continued, “but sadly, my orders are to keep you quiet and out of the way.  Pity, really – you have a nice laugh.”


“Thanks – I thnkkk” Barb said as she felt a band of cloth been pulled between her lips, forcing her tongue to the floor of her mouth as the corners were pulled back.  “No reason why I can’t have some fun, though,” it continued as she felt herself been lowered onto her back and rolled over.


“WhtdymnNNNMMMMMSDSDADADDFDFFGHHHHHH” Barb screamed as the tickling started again, her body moving round to try and get away from the fingers of fate.






“What’s going on in there,” Amy said as she heard the screaming.


“Nothing bad, I assure you,” her captor said as she listened to the sound of keyboard typing.  “Ah – there it is.  Thank you, dear lady – it saved us the trouble of stealing your hard drive.”


“I need to have a word with our people about file encryption,” Amy said as she pulled again on the rope holding her wrist above her head.  “So, now that you have what you want, how about you get out of my house.”


“Soon enough,” she heard him say as the sound of the computer shutting down came across the room.  To her surprise, Amy felt the ropes holding her arms slackening, as the man said “I need to make sure you cannot raise the alarm first.”


“Oh – and how do you propose to do that,” she said, but her answer came when she was rolled over onto her stomach and she felt her hands been pulled behind her back.  “Like this,” the voice continued as she felt more rope passing around her wrists as they were crossed, and the coils tightening them together in the small of her back.







“I told you to not struggle,” the Scottish voice said to Ann as she felt the ropes holding her wrists further up her back.  The assailant had passed more rope around her arms, above her breasts this time, and then made a harness by passing the rope over her left shoulder, down around the coils under her breasts between the two of them and back over the other arm.  She could feel them forced out, the material of her dress stretching over them as she sat with her back to the wall.


“Vrefnnn” she mumbled through her gag as she heard the man walking around the room.  “whthopnsn?”


“What happens now?  Now, I sit down, watch you trying to get free, and wait for my friend to finish his business up there.  Please, do keep squirming round – you look so cute in the ropes there.”


“Funny guy,” Ann said to herself as she tried to free her wrists behind her back, with little effect.  Eventually she sat still, wondering how Barb was doing.




Barb wasn’t having much luck either.  Her tickler had eventually tired of that, and had now pulled her legs up so that her feet were parallel to the floor.  He had then secured them to the ropes around her upper body, leaving her unable to move them without lifting her body off the floor.


“Time to go,” she heard a new voice say, and two sets of footsteps left the room she was in.  She lay there for a few moments, wondering what was happening, before she tried to call out “nn?  Meee?  Ruthr?”




“Well, it’s been a real pleasure, and I’m sorry we had to interrupt your meal with your friends.  You have a nice night now, you hear?”


If she had been able to see clearly, Amy would have glared at her captor as she walked out of the room.  As it was she could not, nor could she say what she really wanted to say, with a white scarf pulled tightly between her lips and holding a pair of her clean panties in her mouth.


“Jstgttfhr,” she shouted out as she heard him talking to someone else, and then going down the stairs.  She twisted her body round, trying to free herself from the ropes holding her legs in the air, but they too were holding fast.  She could feel the sweat under her arms, but she had to get free, she had to know what had happened to the others.





As she lay face down on the floor, Ann listened to the three men now leaving the house, and the sound of some sort of vehicle driving off into the distance.  She lay still for a while, wondering what she could do next, before she realised that (a) she could not hear Amy ort Ann, and (b) she was still able to move a bit.


“All right,” she thought to herself as she rolled herself onto her back, “decorum be damned, I’m going to try and free myself.”  With some effort, she managed to sit herself up and started to slide across the floor on her rear, hoping to eventually hit against something that might help her to at least get the scarf off her eyes.


Eventually, she hit what she realised was the couch she had sat on earlier, and slowly started to rub her head up and down on the seat, trying as hard as she could to remove the scarf from over her eyes.  After some time, she eventually saw a peek of light at the side of the cloth, and redoubled her efforts, eventually blinking as the cloth slipped up and over her head.


The room was still neat and tidy, but she could now see the white ropes around her upper body and legs.  She could also feel the sweat on her back, and took a few moments to recover herself.  She then continued to work on the scarf over her own mouth, hoping to eventually get the sponge ball out of her mouth....






How long she had lain on her side, exhausted from her efforts to free herself, Amy had no idea.  When she heard Ann calling out “Amy, where are you?”, however, she responded with a loud “NMRMMMMM!!!!!”  She listened to the sound of someone slowly, carefully making their way up the stairs and along the upper corridor, and then sliding along her carpet, panting as they did so, before she heard her friend going “Ugghhhhh” and somebody landing on the mattress next to her.  “Lie still,” she heard Ann say as the band was slowly lifted away from her eyes, and she saw her colleague looking down at her.  Her skirt had ridden up, revealing the blue silk panties she was wearing, and her body was ringed with bands of white rope.


“Whrwru,” Amy grunted through her gag, which Ann saw had a dark stain forming between her teeth.  “not important,” her friend said as she looked at her, “roll over onto your front, and I’ll see if I can untie some of these ropes with my teeth.”







Barb had heard Ann calling out, and the bumping of somebody moving, but then there had been silence for a good half hour, until she finally heard Amy say “Oh thank god, thank god.”


“He – whtbtm,” she called out as loud as she could, but there was no response for a few minutes, before she blinked as the light from the bulb in the ceiling hit her eyes and she felt her legs been lowered down as the rope holding them up was removed.


“Are you all right,” Amy said as she eased the cloth belt out from her friend’s mouth, while Ann untied her wrist and arms.  “I am now,” Barb said as she stretched her legs out, “what took you so long?”


“Tough knots,” Ann said as she helped Barb to sit up.  “We’ve called the police – what happened to you?”


“I got tickled,” Barb said with a blush and a sheepish grin.  “Trust me to get the foot fetishist.”


“It could have been a lot worse,” Amy said as the three women sat on the bed in her spare bedroom.  “We weren’t harmed, and they just took some files from my computer.  It could have been bad for all three of us.”


“I’ll tell you what it has done.”


“What, Barb?”


“Made me think twice about drinking Chardonnay again.”


The other two looked at her before breaking out in loud, uncontrollable peals of laughter, the flashing blue lights outside not catching their attention....




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