A Week In The Life



It was convenient that Trask, the lawyer, had her offices at home – less so for her and her daughter, but much more so for us as it provided additional opportunities for gain and profit.


It would have been about five pm when we made our way into the house via the kitchen, and surprised her in her office.  Naturally, she tried to fight us off, but two burly men against one woman, albeit a very attractive blonde, was no contest.  As my partner held her face down no the floor, I took a length of brown rope and quickly bound her wrists together behind her back before pulling her legs up and tying her ankles together with the remaining length.


During the struggle, her white blouse had burst open to reveal a very pert chest for someone of her age.  Professional pride must come first, however, so my colleague pulled a red scarf into her mouth as a crude, yet surprisingly effective gag.


While we watched her struggling on the floor, we failed to hear her daughter approaching the room.  Her scream was the first indication we had she was there – a smaller woman, late teens, with jet black hair and glasses.  She must have taken after her father.


At any rate, my partner quickly grabbed her and forced her to sit down in a chair, whereupon we made sure she was securely bound as quickly as possible.  She was also wearing a white blouse, with a short black skirt, and like her mother as the ropes were pulled tighter the strain caused the front of her blouse to pop open revealing a rather fetching black lace camisole.


My partner tied off the ropes around her chest, and as I finished securing her legs together he took a white cloth and stuffed the young girl’s mouth with it.  Picking up a silk scarf in his gloved hands, he then tied it over her mouth, pulling tightly and smoothing it over her chin to keep it in place.


The two women watched helplessly as we stripped the office bare, scattering files over the floor and secreting the document we were after as the mess grew.  A swift raid of the house itself yielded more; before we left them thinking this had been a simple burglary.  By the time Trent discovered what else had been taken, we would be long gone.




“You’re not going to cause any trouble, are you?”




Our first visit was to the supposedly secure home of Madame DeWitt – but the female security guard found herself secured at my hands.


We surprised her, and as my partner went into the house I took the guard to the garage, where I introduced her to the support group – A support for the roof.  Crossing her arms behind her back and securing them in a boxed manner, I backed her up to the pillar and started to secure her to the wood, using a number of creative and unusual rope tricks.


My favourite was the way I pulled up her right foot, wrapped rope around her ankle and then secured it around the pillar to the ropes around her chest, forcing her to stand on one high heeled foot once I had finished.  Her other leg was tied separately, as were the ropes around her waist and chest.  The tightness emphasised her nice body over the drab dark uniform she was forced to wear.


I liked her smile as well – especially when the rope around her head pulled the blue handkerchief deep into her throat.  She looked at me as I waved my knife in front of her, the balaclava over my head only allowing my smile to show, and then as I turned the light off she screamed as I left her in the darkened room.


In the meantime, my partner had been taking care of the good Madame.  She had been preparing to go out for the evening, and had got as far as donning a pair of lace panties and some lace gloves before my friend walked in.


Now, as I came into the room, she turned and looked at me from the black and white check settee she was on.  She had been efficiently trussed – wrists bound behind her back, and ropes around her waist, chest and arms rendering her immobile as were the bonds around her ankles and legs.  A thin white cloth was pulled between her teeth, but from the bulging in her cheeks I knew there was more than that keeping her silent.


“Nice Work” I said to my partner as he stood there in his leather jacket, and he smiled through his balaclava.  “Let’s find what we came for and then get out of here.”


Madame De Witt had a fine collection of jewellery and valuables, which we availed ourselves of as well as the document we needed before leaving her alone.  After all, we had work in the morning….




“Hey that tickles!!”


“Then hold still – this won’t take long.”


Jackie laughed as the other actor finished tying her on top of the work surface.  She was wearing a pair of white panties, but her arms were secured behind her back with rope that was also attached to her ankles as they had been pulled back.  The man doing the tying was wearing a long cloak with a Scream mask.


“Are we ready?  Then …… Action!”


Jackie turned and said to the camera….  “If it looks like you’re going to be too tied up to cook dinner, save yourself some time and call for Scream Cuisine – the catering firm to die for.  Remember – Scream Cuisine for mmmmm”


The masked man tied a scarf into Jackie’s mouth, before saying “Get a friend to call if you can’t – we’re dying to take your order….”


“And Cut – print it.  Well done everyone!”


A round of applause went round the room – especially directed to a red haired woman sitting by the director’s chair.


“Where do you get the ideas for these shoots, Suzie?”  The director turned and asked.


“Oh they just come to me.  Excuse me please – I need to start planning for my next job.”


Standing up, the woman walked off, leaving the crew to free Jackie from her bindings…..




The maid actually squealed as we pushed the red ball into her mouth, passing the straps around her neck and securing them tightly at the base of her neck.


She had answered the door to us, so we didn’t give her a chance to alert her employer as to our presence by grabbing her and taking her into the nearest room.  From there, application of rope had resulted in her lying on the floor, her arms and chest tightly secured to her side and he short dress riding up as we secured her ankles to her wrists.


There must be some union rule about their dress code, for like so many other times her top was just a size too small for her chest.  Makes our day better, but must be so embarrassing for them.  Not that she had chance to complain anyway – my partner had tied her too tightly for that.


At any rate, we heard the mistress of the house ask who was at the door, so we left the maid and went to introduce ourselves.


She was a young Japanese woman, dressed in a wrap around skirt and short sleeved blouse, who when we walked in simply stood up, put her fingers through her long black hair and started to scream.  We could not have that, so my partner slapped his hand over her mouth and I told her (a) to shut up, and (b) to take her blouse and skirt off, so that we could make sure she could not interrupt us.


This she did, and we tied her wrists behind her back.  She ha don a white bra and knickers, as well as long tan stockings, so we took great care to secure her elbows together behind her back and her arms to her waist  before making her lie face down and tying her ankles and legs together.  Placing her in a hogtie position; my partner tied a white bandana into her mouth.  She looked at us from the floor as we admired our rope work, before stripping the place bare of valuables.


Oh no – this was a night off, not part of our main task that week.  We needed a little down time, after all.




She was writhing on the floor, naked and trussed up by the intruder with a length of white tape over her mouth as the gag.  As the rope around her breasts and arms started to rub her skin, she squealed as if someone was approaching, and then relaxed as the masked intruder walked out of the room.


That only lasted for ten seconds, before she began to sweat and wriggle around on the floor in a way the man filming her found exciting, entrancing, enthralling….


“CUT!!  Print that – someone get Jackie free.”


The prop lady walked over, sat on the couch behind Jackie and undid the rope that held her wrists together.  As she unravelled the rope and began to neatly coil it, Jackie reached round and peeled the tape away from her mouth,


“Down, Tiger” she said to the cameraman.  “Suzie, was that what you had in mind.”


“It sure was Jackie – great job.  We’ll see you tomorrow for the next scene.”


Suzie walked over to where another young lady was sat in a red dressing gown.


“So you’re Suzie Jones, the erotic writer?” she said as Suzie walked over.


“That’s right – and you’re the model for my next book cover.  Do you know what you need to do?”


“I think so – but is it necessary?”


“Absolutely – I’m known for my erotic tales of restraint, and this book about the Pryde kidnapping needs a suitable cover.  So, if you take your robe off, I will direct the props people.”


The girl undid the sash around her waist, and stood there as the robe fell to the ground to reveal a red g-string and a pair of tights.


“Put your hands together in front of you,” Suzie said as the prop woman approached with a length of rope.  She watched as the model allowed her wrists to be tied together, and then her arms to her side, the soft rope criss-crossing her breasts so that they were left more prominent even as her arms were made more helpless.


“All right – sit down on the chest,” Suzie said indicating an ornate Oak box in the floor.  A few moments later, her ankles and legs were bound with rope, cinched between her legs to provide greater security.


“All right, look scared as the photos are taken,” Suzie called as the photographer adjusted the e lighting to cast the model’s face in shadow.  As the camera clicked, Suzie stood there, admiring his work and thinking about her next job….




The crew were outdoors, where Jackie was wearing a pair of black bikini briefs and little else as she was bound to the pillar.  Rope held her firmly in place, and tape was over her mouth, as the man in sunglasses was menacing her and securing her legs together.


As the scene ended, the prop girl quickly moved in to release Jackie’s hands while her legs were untied.  Once her hands were free, Jackie reached up and peeled the tape away from her mouth.


“Can we find something that doesn’t sting so much,” she cried as her arms were released.


“Ms Jones?”


Suzie looked round to find tow men in suits standing over her.


“Can I help you?”


“I think so – we’re investigating a break in last night,” one man said as he flashed a badge at her, “and it looks like the scenario came straight from one of your novels.”




The two girls were as nice as could be once they saw our weapons.  They had been at a garden party, and were dressed up in their finest gowns with lace hand gloves and all sorts of nice touches, but we just needed them to do as they were told.


Once they took off their dresses, they stood there holding themselves.  The younger of the two was in a white panties and gloves set, with white heels, while the older was in something similar in black.


No matter – both were going to be treated the same way, especially as my partner had found a large stash of long silk scarves in the bedroom.  We told the younger one to lie down on the couch, where a set of propel scarves soon had her securely bound.  For the older woman, we bound her wrists and ankles with red scarves, before securing the two together with a long purple one.


We wanted a contrast, however, so we took two small scarves and stuffed them into their mouths before taping them over with white tape in an “x”.  They watched us taking what we wanted before we left them there – the younger one not realising we had also taken an important document from the older one.




“It does sound like one of my novels – but many people read them.  I can’t be responsible for that.”


“I agree,” the policeman replied, 2but it’s the fourth this week that has similarities to your tales.  Tell me, Ms Jones, do you have any enemies out there?”


“Of course – all authors do.  Why – do you think the Moral Majority are behind this?”


“No – but if you know of any in the area do let us know.  We think they may be trying to implicate you in their work.”


Suzie smiled as the two officers left.  She wrote fantasies – why would anyone want to enact them?




I actually enjoyed sitting on top of the dark haired girl as she tried to struggle.  She had just walked in on us as we were visiting her cousins, and tried to run off again.  While my partner took the other two women upstairs, I started to truss up this young little wildcat.


“Let go of me,” she screamed as I lashed her wrists together, thinking she could be heard above the stereo.  No chance of that, but let her try I thought.  At any rate, I soon had her wrists secured and her arms lashed to her side, so I reached over and pulled a roll of black tape out of my rucksack.


“Keep quiet,” I said as I tore a strip off and smoothed it over her lips.  More followed until her jaw was a smooth black expanse, and I was free to continue binding her in peace.


She was wearing a black shift dress and red shoes, so I had the chance to admire her body as I passed rope around her crossed ankles, secured them and mover up her legs to tie them together as well.  Given what I had seen of the other two, I knew my partner was having the better view, but I didn’t mind – I was enjoying myself regardless.


As I passed rope around her arms and chest, and tied it behind her back, I whispered into her ear “Stay there,” and left her to struggle while I went to see how my colleague was getting on.


The Benjamin sisters were a musical double act – blonde, talented, and at this moment in time on a bed, one silently screaming and the other fighting my friend.  The silent one was sitting at the top of the bed, stripped and her wrist bound to the ornate headboard.  Her stockinet ankles were crossed and bound, with a rope running up to her waist, and another length above her breasts holding her back to the metal.  White tape was across her mouth, and it was obvious something else was behind it.


Her sister was wearing a black PVC skirt and top, with my partner astride her as she lay face down binding her ankles together.  Her wrists were already secured, so I took more rope and pulled her arms together around her elbows, which caused her to yelp with surprise and pain.  As her ankles were tied off, they were then pulled back into a hogtie.


My partner and I like hogties – we think they’re the best position to leave those we visit in.


Anyway, I stuffed a pair of panties into her mouth and put several layers of black tape over while my partner started to rip the room apart.  We eventually found their valuables, and left them struggling as we went downstairs.


There was an envelope on the table in the hallway, and the dark haired one looked on as I opened it and took a document out – the one we needed.  Waving, we left them alone to their fate.




We had one more main group to hit before we had completed our task for the week of retrieving the microdots that had been sent out.  This was a suburban house, so we sat outside in a van watching until a car  drove up and opened the garage door.  Jumping out, we quickly made our way in before the door closed and grabbed the young girl as she got out of the car.


She was in her early twenties, wearing a purple blouse and light blue leather skirt.  She cooperated with us as we started to tie her up – we sat her down, and as my partner took her wrists behind her back I removed her shoes and started to tie her ankles together.


We moved as a pair – my partner tied her wrists into the small of her back as I tied her legs together below her knees, then as I wrapped rope around her thighs he passed a long length around her arms and chest.  As he finished off by passing the rope around her shoulders and armpits, I took a thick scarf and used it to quickly gag her.


Satisfied she wasn’t going to give us any trouble, we made our way in through the kitchen door.


We found another young woman in the living room, listening to music on a set of headphones.  Wearing a light blue vest top and white pleated skirt, she didn’t stand a chance as my friend grabbed her and gagged her, before my friend  took some rope and quickly tied her ankles together.


It wasn’t long before she was also been placed in a hogtie – her wrists and elbows bound, she lay on the floor rug as I gagged her with silver duct tape (his preferred colour) and he pulled her legs back.  That completed, we set off to look for the home owner.


We found her in the bedroom – a stunning redhead with a blue and white top on and a very short skirt.  When she saw our knives, and heard we had secured the other two girls, she then asked if we were there for the package.


She had heard about our other visits that week, and knew that a letter that had come for her was more than it seemed.  Handing it to us, she then asked if we were going to tie her up.  When we confirmed that, she asked if we minded if she went to the toilet, and then tied her up on the bed so that’s he would be “more comfortable.”


Well, we were happy to oblige, so when she finished we took great care to lash her wrists and arms tightly together, and then binding her legs.


As we finished doing this, she remarked how much this was like a scenario in a book she had been reading by someone she was working with.  Apparently, she was a prop worker on an adaptation of a Suzie Jones book – and Suzie Jones is an inspiration to me and my partner.  We base much of our work on what we read in her writing.


I asked if she knew where Suzie was staying, and she gave an address before we gagged her with tape.  Thanking her, we set off to meet our boss.




He was very pleased to get his work back, and asked if we wanted anything else in return.  I asked if we could stay an extra day – there was someone I wanted to meet, and he agreed.





Suzie watched as the final scene was set up.  Jackie was already lying on the floor, in a dark jacket and trousers and a vest top.  She had been gagged with a light blue scarf, her wrists and ankles bound and her jacket and top pulled away to reveal her breasts.  Next to her a masked woman in a black cat suit was tying rope around the wrists of a blonde haired actress wearing a striped bikini top and light briefs.  She also had been gagged with a white scarf, and was struggling to show she was fighting while the cameras were rolling.


“I hope you two are comfortable.” The masked woman said as she stood up and walked out of the room, leaving Jackie and her friend to struggle and try to free themselves.  The cameras kept rolling as they tried to untie each other, before the director finally said “Cut!” and everyone who could applauded – Suzie the loudest of all.


“Well done everyone – that’s a wrap.  Party tonight at Oscar’s place!”


Suzie walked over to where Jackie was lying and started to untie her.  “Drinks in my room beforehand?” she asked with a smile, and Jackie nodded.



It was about six when Jackie knocked on Suzie’s hotel room door, and it was opened.  As she walked in, her heels clicking no the floor, she started to say “So Lover, what do you want to do….”




Well, I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to meet my favourite author, and possibly show her how much she had influenced me.  We’d just arrived when that dark haired lass walked in, and suddenly it was a double party.


I’d already tied Suzie’s wrists behind her back, and buckled a light blue ball gag into her mouth that complimented her lingerie, when this black haired beauty decides to join us.  Well, the more the merrier I always say, so my friend forced her to strip at gunpoint while I took Suzie over to the bed and pushed her face down, taking more rope to tie her ankles together.


I tell you, it was a privilege undreamed of to hogtie that woman.  She even seemed to enjoy it as I pulled her ankles back against her wrists.  Meanwhile, my colleague had bound the new arrival’s wrists as she stood there bare-chested, before using a red ball gag on her.


We left the two of them there, struggling on the bed and unable to free each other.  Suzie Jones is the unparallel mistress of love bondage literature – I’m sure she enjoyed the chance to live out her fantasies.