Black and White










Alexa could not believe what was happening, as she twisted round while lying on her side in front of the low window of her apartment, the fire effect blazing as the streetlights shone outside.  She had returned from the nightclub an hour ago – and the ordeal had started the moment she walked in, and the gloved hand was clamped over her mouth as she was pulled backwards.


There were four of them – two men, two women, both dressed in black one piece suits and with balaclavas covering their heads, only their eyes and mouths showing.  It was the women who had forced her to the floor and pulled her arms behind her back, using what she realised then was some sort of rope to force her wrists together.


She was dressed in white – a leather blouson jacket with the sleeves pulled up so that her dark skin on her arms showed, that jacket over a tight white t-shirt.  Her leather trousers hugged her skin, the lower legs tucked into a pair of high white leather boots, with three inch heels.  Her brown hair was piled on her head, diamond earrings in her lobes.


The rope rubbed on the bare skin of her wrists, as she felt them crossing her ankles, and then heard a squeaking sound as they bound her ankles as well, the rope rubbing on the leather and making the squeaking.  Whoever these masked women were, they knew what they were doing, as she wondered what was going to happen next.  Especially when they tied the rope under the heels of her boots, forcing them together as well.


That was when she was made to sit up, and she saw the rope – black, a deep, deep black that went around and between her legs, before one of the masked women knelt behind her and held her, the other woman taking another length of rope and wrapping it around her legs below her knees to force them together as well.


She looked round, too scared to speak as the masked men searched her room, throwing stuff onto the floor and pulling the cushions up as they tried to find – whatever it was they were trying to find.  Her attention was forced back as the woman took the rope between her legs to make the binding tighter, tied the ends off under her legs, and then took another length of rope to tie her legs above her knees. 


What was strange was how soft the rope felt – and how strong as well, as the rope bound her legs, taking the ropes around and between her legs as had been done before.


She stared at the three bands, the black contrasting with the white leather, as it was tied off, and twisted her legs from side to side, hearing the squeak not just from the rope on the leather, but the leather on the leather.  She barely noticed as the woman behind her passed more black rope around her body and pulled it tight under her chest, forcing her arms into her sides and the sides of her jacket open as her chest was forced up and out.


“What do you think you are doing?” 


The words finally escaped her lips as the rope was pulled tighter with each pass, framing her chest as it went above and below, pressing down on her chest as she tried to move around – with little success, given the strength of the woman binding her.  She tugged once more, and then took the rope over one shoulder, fed it under the band below and between her breasts, and then pulling it back up so that her breasts were framed in rope, the white material of her t-shirt stretched tight over it.


The men turned and looked at the masked woman, as one of them said “check the other rooms, see what you can find,” and then squeezed Alexa’s chest with her gloved hand.  Alexa opened her mouth to scream – and then tried not to gag as a large black cloth was stuffed into her mouth, and then black tape wrapped tightly round her head to keep the cloth in place, her lips barely able to close over it.


She had then been laid on her side and her ankles pulled back, Alexa feeling them secure them to the chest ropes behind her back so that she was immobilised – and helpless, watching as the woman searched through her bags.


And the worst thing?  She truly had no idea what it was they were looking for – although the men coming back in with bags that tinkled as they walked told her that her jewellery and valuables had certainly been taken.  But what was it they wanted that meant they had to trash her home?


Or maybe this was part of their sick game?


As the four masked intruders left, she started to struggle, the ropes rubbing on her as she twisted her head round, trying any way she could think of to get free….





“We have the contact names, and she will have no idea we had them.  The robbery appeared to be just that – a robbery.”


“Excellent – how will you proceed?”


“Two teams – two hits tomorrow, two Saturday, we execute at dawn on Sunday.”


“Good – contact with a report on a regular basis.”




Olga Hammerstrom smiled as she checked her reflection in the mirror, her long blonde hair falling over her bare shoulders.  It was seven o’clock on a Friday night, and she was ready to meet her friends at the wine bar.


Her shoulders were bare save for the black spaghetti straps that were holding up her tight black satin top, matched by the short black leather skirt that came half way down her thighs.  Her slim legs were in a pair of black fishnet stockings, as well as a pair of patent black leather boots that hugged them below her knees.


“All right then,” she said to herself as she picked up her purse and headed to the door, “it’s time to…”


“Walk right back in, with your hands in the air, and say nothing.”


Olga stared at the man and woman standing outside, and then walked slowly back, her eyes moving down to the pistol in the gloved hand of the man as the woman closed the door.  Both were wearing denim jackets and jeans, black jumpers under the jackets, and dark glasses.


“What – what do you want,” Olga whispered as she stood with her hands raised.


“Just remain calm, this is a robbery,” the man said quietly as he looked at Olga.  “Give your purse to my friend here.”


His partner walked forward and looked at Olga, then took the purse from her hand, placing it out of her reach as she stood behind her.


“Your jewellery, valuables, where are they?”


Olga relaxed a little, realising this was just a robbery as she said “in my bedroom, and some in my front room.  Why?”


“Because we’re taking it,” the man said with a smile.  “Now, slowly, lower your arms and stand with them by your side, palms against your legs.”


“what are you going to do,” Olga said quietly as she complied, and then she heard a strange sound – like wet paper being peeled from a wall, before something was stuck to her left wrist, and then she saw the white tape as the woman passed it in front of her, pressing her other wrist to her side before she started to slowly wind it up her body.  She watched as her black clothing was slowly covered in white, until it came up to her shoulders, Olga twisting round as she heard a soft crinkling – and realised her arms were affixed to her sides.


“Take her into the front room, secure her, make sure you find everything,” the man said, the woman nodding as she forced Olga to walk into the main room, and then sit down on a blue couch.  Lifting her captive’s legs up, she turned her round and rested her ankles on one armrest, then gently laid Olga back so that her head rested on the other side.


The woman walked back to her feet and peeled the end of the white roll of tape she was holding, sticking it to the side of her boot and then winding it tightly round her ankles, making sure they stayed together before she wound the tape up her legs, the black leather covered by the white, and then her stockings as she took it up over the hem of her skirt.


Olga knew she was immobilised, as the woman tore a long strip from the roll, and smiled before she pressed it firmly down over her mouth, the material forming to the shape of her jaw as she looked up.


The woman put the roll of tape down as Olga turned her head, watching as she found her safe and opened it, before the man came in.  He checked Olga, then left with the woman, Olga twisting round as she tried to find a way to get free from the tape that almost had her mummified…


“Stage 1 complete – proceed to stage 2.”


Carla sat back in her seat, watching Have I Got News For You on the television with a glass of wine in her hand.  She had just returned from her office, and wanted this time to unwind.


She was in her early forties, with brown hair cut in a bob, and was wearing a black satin dress with a square neckline and short sleeves, the skirt just covering the top of her black stockings, and black knee length boots with zips up the inside.


She allowed herself a laugh at one of Ian Hislop’s comments, and took a sip from her glass before she out it down – and then sat very still.


“That is a Glock you can see out of the corner of my eye – when I take my hand away, you will open your mouth, and my friend here will put that into your mouth without you saying a word.  Nod if you understand.”


Carla’s eyes were wide open in terror, but she slowly nodded as she saw a man in front of her, a stocking pulled down over his head, holding in his hands a folded white silk scarf, a large knot tied in the middle.  She waited for the pressure to be removed before opening her mouth, the knot pushed in behind her teeth before he tied the band tightly round her head.


“Get up, walk in front of me to the bedroom.”

Carla nodded as she slowly stood up, the man standing to one side as she stepped forward and walked round, then felt the pressure on her back as she was forced to walk into the corridor, up the stairs and into her bedroom.  The man nodded as he put down a bag he was carrying, Carla noticing the white rope he was taking out as she realised she was going to be there for some time…


“Lie on your back, hands on your head.”


As she did this, she looked at the woman who had ordered her in, dressed like the man, who waited until she had rested her head on the pillow before she took one length of white rope from the man, tying one end round her left wrist as he secured another length around her right one.  They then pulled her hands up above her head, securing them to the top of the bed with her arms spread out wide either side of her head.


She could feel the knotted cloth soaking up the saliva in her mouth, as she watched them each take another length of the white rope and tie it round her ankles, spreading her legs apart as they were secured to the bottom of the bed.  She was trapped now, forced to watch as they started to ransack her bedroom.


It didn’t take them long to find her jewels, but as the man went out of the room the woman sat on the bed next to her, stroking her cheek with her velvet gloved hand.


“Such a beautiful woman,” she whispered as Carla looked at her, “we could have such fun together…”


“Dhtntnudhrrr,” she mumbled as she tried to twist her head out of the way, but the intruder just smiled under the stocking mask, as she said “if we head more time, or we were alone, we could have so much fun, but not tonight.  There are more important things to do.”




“You may never know,” she said with a smile, “but perhaps, one night, I will come back alone…”


Carla stared at her, unsure what to do, as the male intruder came back in.


“We’re good – let’s go.”


She watched her binder smile and then leave the room, before she started to struggle on the bed.


“Were you planning on some fun?”


“If this wasn’t more serious, I would have done…”





“Stages 1 and 2 complete, we will have the full information tomorrow night, on schedule…”






Magda sat in her kitchen, her towelling robe fastened around her body as she sipped on her coffee.  She was due at the bar for four, so a lie-in that morning, a long shower and now some lunch, and she was ready to start getting prepared for work.


Her long black hair fell down the robe, which hugged her slim body, as she stood up and took the mug to the dishwasher.  Placing it in, she straightened up – and then turned as she saw two women walk in, wearing black bandanas over their mouths.  They were wearing black boiler suits and gloves, the legs tucked into suede flat soled boots, one holding a gun and the other a large bag.


“Good afternoon Magda,” the one holding the gun said.  “Remain calm – we have plans for your bar today, and you are an important part of that plan.”


“What do you mean, what’s going on,” Magda said as she looked between both of them, the first woman smiling as she said “just do what we say, and you’ll be all right.  Now, we need you to get dressed as if you were going to work – one of us will go with you, the other will be busy down here.”


Magda looked between them, and then said “I really do not have a choice, do I?”


Both women shook their heads as Magda was taken by the arm, and walked out of the room, while the second woman made her way into the front room…



It was a surreal experience, as Magda sat on the edge of her bed, making sure her dark hose was in place before she pulled on the over the knee black leather boots, all the time watching the masked woman watch her.  She had put on a tight black dress with a round neckline, the sleeves down to her wrists and the skirt covering her bottom.


“Okay, I’m dressed – now what?”


“Take your phone,” the masked woman said as she looked at Magda, “call your assistant, tell her you have been held up and she needs to open up.”


“Well, that has the advantage of being true,” Magda said as she shook her head, and then made the call, watching as the second woman came into the room.


“I’ve disconnected the phone and the internet,” she said, and then nodded as the first woman looked at her.  Magda ended the call, handed her phone over, and said “now what?”


“It’s time – lie face down on the bed, and put your hands behind your back.”


Magda looked at them, and then lay on her stomach, turning her head and watching as they drew lengths of white rope from the bag, and then came over, one of them crossing her wrists behind her back and starting to bind them tightly together while the other started to bind her ankles.


“Why on earth are you tying me up – don’t you need me if you are robbing the bar?”


“Our choice,” the woman said as she pulled the rope between her arms and tied the ends off, and then took more rope, Magda feeling the stroke of the two pairs of gloved hands on her legs as they were secured above and below her knees.  It felt – strangely comforting…


She turned her head and looked down at the three bands of white, welding her legs together as she was made to sit up, one of the women starting to bind her arms to her sides as the second compressed a large white sponge in her hand and walked over.


“Open your mouth.”


“No, phlslsdhnnnttt,” Magda said, as the sponge was pushed quickly in, expanding on her mouth as she struggled to close her lips over it, before white tape was wound tightly round her head, trapping her hair against the back of her neck as she was silenced.


IT was the stroke of the gloved hands on her breasts as her upper body was secured that was giving Magda the most cause for concern…


She grunted as she was pushed over, her rankles pulled back and secured to her chest ropes before they searched her bedroom, and then left without another word…



“We have stage 3 – waiting on you now…”



Katrina was smiling as she entered the front door of her apartment building, her black leather jacket covering her white top with the pattern advertising her theatre on it.  She was also wearing a short black skirt, and white knee length leather boots with a wooden heel, her gold blonde hair cut to frame her face.


It had been a long afternoon, and she was ready for a few hours rest before she had to head back.  Unlocking her door, she was ready for anything – but not to be lifted up and carried into her apartment, a large hand covering her mouth as she tried to call for help.


As she was turned round, she saw a smartly dressed man close the door, and then look at her as he held a briefcase in his hand – and drew a gun out of the inside pocket of his jacket.


“Don’t scream, don’t raise the alarm,” he said quietly as he looked at Katrina.  “Point to where your bedroom is.”


As Katrina looked at him, she slowly raised her arm and pointed, the man nodding before he said “we’re going to make sure you stay secure and quiet in the main room.  My friend will take the hand away, if you promise to be quiet.  Do you promise to be quiet?”


As she nodded, she was put on the floor and the hand removed.


“Take your jacket off, let it drop to the floor, then turn and put your hands behind your back.”


“Who are you,” Katrina said as she complied, turning to see a second, taller, broader but equally well dressed man smiling at her.  She felt her arms been taken behind her, and then gasped as rope was passed round them pulling her elbows together as her shoulders were pulled back and her chest forced out.


She then felt the rope around her wrists, before she saw it coming round her, the black cords forming two bands on her white top as it framed her chest and stretched her top over it.


She wriggled round as the ropes were pulled tighter, then tightened between her arms and body to further secure them, before she was taken by the arm and pushed into the front room.  She noticed the taller man look round the room, before she was made to sit on a brown rug, watching as more black rope was produced, then used to bind her ankles tightly together, as well as her legs below her knees.


As this was happening, the taller man was searching through the bureaus and shelves in the room, humming to himself as Katrina grunted at the tightness of the ropes, the sound of the rope rubbing on her, the feeling of it, the sound of rope on leather and leather on leather…


“Open your mouth.”


Katrina nodded as she accepted the thickly rolled black scarf between her lips, muffling her voice as it was tied tightly round her head, the tall man making her way out of the room before she watched her binder sit and look at her.


“Thank you for cooperating.”




“Not really, no.  So don’t worry – we have what we need from you.”


She looked at him.  Surely not – and if they had that, then did they have the other parts…






“We have the codes – have the team meet us at the rendezvous at eight tomorrow.”





“Sit down.”


The grey haired cleaner had to watch as the masked woman used a plastic zip tie to secure her ankles together, the two security guards either side of her as they struggled in their bonds, silver tape over all of their mouths.  They had been taken by surprise by the armed gang, four of them moving through the front of the jewellery store, tow standing guard over them, and the other four…



“Do it.”


The man nodded as he looked at the papers, and punched the four code numbers on the four pads, watching as one by one all the lights turned green, and there was a clunking sound as the locks opened.


It was the most secure jewel vault in the city – only opened by four codes, known by four people, not known to each other, and only one part of the code each.


Bu tone person knew who they were, a woman called Alexa – and with all four men on a business trip, their partners alone…


The doors swung open as the quartet looked in, and smiled before they started to load their bags with the precious stones inside...







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