Bound Together











I didn’t know their names – never asked them, never found them out.  I had been ordered to retrieve something, and I had to retrieve it, it was as simple and impersonal as that, but it did not mean I could not have some fun while I did so.


I had entered the apartment some time before, and was searching the kitchen when I heard the door open, and saw the first of the two occupants had come in.  I watched from the doorway as she took off her coat and hung it up, and then unzipped the knee length leather boots she was wearing before walking towards where I saw hiding.  She was wearing a yellow hooded top, unzipped to reveal a pink t-shirt with black lettering, and a denim miniskirt.


Not that it mattered, as she walked into the kitchen and then felt my hand over her mouth.  She mumbled something unintelligible underneath – Japanese was never my forte – but her eyes widened when she saw the knife I was holding, and I think she got the message after that.


I pulled her hands behind her, and tore the end of a roll of tape I had with me free, before I taped her wrists tightly together, and then took it down to cover her hands, before taping them to her back by wrapping it round her waist.


Turning her round, I got a torrent of what I presumed was abuse – a torrent I stopped by pressing firmly at least three strips of duct tape over her mouth, and then pushing her into the front room, making her sit on a low couch and taping her ankles together.


That was when I heard the door open again, and I glanced outside.  It was her other flatmate – this one had slightly redder hair that the first, and had on a grey parka over a black top, the obligatory denim mini skirt and black combat boots.


Said boots soon sat next to those of the first girl – very house proud the Japanese – and the coat on the rack before she walked into the front room, to be met by the mewling of her flatmate and the feel of my knife against her throat.


She became very complaint after that, allowing me to tape her wrists and hands in the same way as the first girl, and then cover her red lips with the silver tape.


As I sat her down, and taped her ankles, I could see the two of them exchanging glances and trying to talk to each other.  IT was almost as if they wanted to be together like this, but I put that to the back of my mind, thinking instead about how I was going to get away with enough time to raise the alarm.


So I made them kneel on the floor facing each other, and taped their upper bodies together, forcing their chests against each other as the tape went around their upper arms, and then their waists.  I also taped their legs together above their knees, and left them staring at each other as I left to continue my search.


I eventually found what I was looking for, and stored it safely away, before going to see what my captives were up to.  As I looked in, I could see they were – not too perturbed by their situation.  In fact, they were moaning softly, rubbing their bodies together as the tape creaked under their movements, and pressing their gagged lips gently together.


Their writhing was almost sensual, and their moans increasing as they kissed each other again and again.  I must confess, I was sore tempted to join in arousing them, but I had completed my task, so I left them to their amusement.  My leader was waiting, and her patience was limited…


San Francisco


“You find anything?”


The blonde haired man looked over at his assistant, who nodded and said “some nice pieces – you?”


“A few things – but we need to get a move on, or there’s going to be…”


The two men stopped as they heard the front door of the house opening, the older man drawing a pistol from his pocket as he put his finger to his lips, and motioned for the other man to stand at the other side of the doorway.


They could hear the excited chatter of at least two women, and as the door opened they saw three walk in – one wearing a pink woollen jacket and carrying a purple bag, the second a red jacket and taupe bag, and the third a yellow jacket with a fur trimmed hood and a pink bag.


As they walked further in, the man closed the door and said “Good evening ladies – please, put your hands in the air and do not say a word.”


All three turned to look at the two intruders, the younger man realising they were all Japanese, and under their coats they were all dressed in the same way – an off white lace dress with a short skirt, gathered at the waist.


“Who are you,” the one in the yellow jacket said, peering at the two men through her glasses.


“Not important – very slowly,” he said as he pointed his gun at them, “put your bags on the floor and take your coats off.”


They watched as the three women did as they were asked.  Two of them – the one with glasses and the one with the pink coat – were wearing knee length leather boots, while the third wore a pair of brown suede ankle boots with grey socks turned down over them.


“Go and see if you can find something to tie them up with in the van,” the armed man said, the second one walking off as the three woman stood there, holding each other.


“Work uniforms?”


The one with glasses nodded as the younger intruder came back with a handful of cable ties, and a roll of black tape.


“That’s good,” he said as he looked at them.  “I want you three ladies to sit on the floor, back to back, and link arms, before you put your hands together in front of you.”


“You do not have to tie us up,” Glasses said quietly.


“Yes, we do – now do as we say, or we’ll make you strip and then tie you up.”


The three girls looked at each other, and slowly sat down, linking their arms as they sat in a circle, and watching as the two men used the zip ties to secure their wrists together in front of each of them.


“Why?  Why do this?” the third woman said as she watched the young man use a second zip tie to secure her ankles together.


“Had you been ten minutes later, this would not have been necessary,” he said as he pulled the plastic strip taut, and then used a second one below her knees, before he bent her legs and used a fourth between the leg band and her wrists.


The other two were soon secured in the same way, before the older man took the roll of tape and tore it loose from the roll.  “Lips together girls,” he said as he started t wrap the tape around their heads, muffling their complaints as their mouths were covered in the black bands.


They could only watch as the two men left, and then try to move, the plastic unyielding and the tape stifling their cries for help…





“That was a fantastic dinner, Kate,” Jo Bolland said as she opened the front door to her house.  “Thanks for treating me.”


“Hey – what else is a twin sister for,” Kate said as she closed the door, while Jo put the lights on.  Both women were in their late thirties, with long straw blonde hair.  Kate was wearing a cream coloured top with black lace sleeves, a pair of black pants and open toed wedge sandals.  Her sister was wearing a grey and brown Aztec patterned sleeveless dress with a round collar, and knee length brown leather boots.


“I’ll put the kettle on,” Jo said as Kate went up the staircase, heeding the call of nature.  A few minutes later, she stepped out of the small room, the sound of the flushing toilet clear as she went to walk down the stairs – there to be met by a young woman, her dark hair held down by the stocking mask that was covering her face.


“Hello,” she said as Kate noticed the gun in her gloved hand, “Please, come in and join my friend and your sister.”


Kate slowly walked into the front room, where Jo was sat on the long couch, looking at a second armed and masked young woman who was standing over her.


“What’s going on, Jo,” Kate said as she sat down next to her sister.


“I don’t know – something to do with work I think,” Jo said as the second woman opened a small rucksack, and produced a length of rope.


“You,” she said as she tossed the rope to Jo, “tie your sister’s wrists together behind her back – and make sure you do a good job, or you may regret it.”


“Why?  We won’t cause any problems…”


“Just do it, lady,” the first masked woman said, as Kate turned and crossed her wrists in the small of her back.


“Just do it Jo – there’s no point in you getting into more trouble over this.”


“I’m sorry,” she said as she wrapped the rope around her sister’s wrists, pulling them together and securing them before she tied the rope out of reach of her fingers.


“Good,” the masked woman said as she passed her a second length of rope, “now secure her ankles, and put your own hands behind your back.”


Kneeling down, Jo tried not to cry as she tied Kate’s ankles together, feeling the second woman cross her own ankles and tie them tightly together as she did so.  Her wrists were then pulled behind her back and secured tightly, before she let out a little gasp as her elbows were pulled together behind her back as well, forcing her chest out.


“Oh come on,” Kate protested as the same was done to her, before ropes were tied around her upper body, above and below her chest, forcing her arms into her side as the same was done to her twin sister.


“Right,” the masked woman said quietly, “take their jewellery off them and bag it, then find something to keep them quiet with.”


Both women had to stay still as their earrings, rings and other items were removed, and then Kate was made to sit on the floor next to her sister, watching as their legs were bound below their knees.


“These will do,” they heard the other woman say, and then their eyes opened wide as they saw the pairs of panties in her hands.


“Don’t worry – they’re clean.  Now open up and say Ah.”


“No you canttmmdmdmddd” Jo said as the panties were pushed in, and then a back scarf pulled between her lips and secured at the back of her head, a red one been used to keep the panties in her sister’s mouth.  They then were made to lie face down, in opposite directions, before Kate felt her ankles been pulled back.  Glancing to the left, she saw them been secured to Jo’s chest ropes, and then Jo’s ankles to hers.


“Have fun trying to get free,” the masked women said as they walked off, both women trying to call out through their stuffed mouths as they wriggled on the floor, unable to move much.





“Ah, Paris in the springtime – the birds, the flowers, the scent…”


“The con artists on the streets, the crowds,” Ashley said as she opened the door t her hotel room, her best friend Clara coming in with her.  The two young African Americans were on spring break in the city, and had spent the day at the Eiffel Tower and the surrounding area.


Ashley was nineteen, and wearing a white t-shirt with a blue and black Palestinian scarf wrapped round her neck, blue jeans and brown suede mid-length boots.  Her long dark hair hung over her shoulders as she opened the fridge and took out a bottle of water.


Clara was a month older, and wearing a faded blue denim jacket with elbow length sleeves over a pink and grey striped top, jeans and knee length black leather boots, the cuffs turned down.  She accepted the water and took a drink as Ashley looked out over the street.


“I wonder how gullible these people are,” she said as there was a knock on the door.


“Who is it?”


“Maintenance,” a male voice replied, “housekeeping reported a fault in the air conditioning.”


“Let him in,” Ashley said to Clara, who nodded as she went and opened the door.


“All right, what is ohmygodpleasedon’thurtme!!


Ashley turned to see Clara backing up, a man following her in.  He had short brown hair, and wore a boiler suit, but he also carried a gun and a canvas bag on his hand.


“All right, both of you,” he said quietly, “sit on the bed, take those boots off, and put your hands on top of your head.”


“I’m sorry, Ash,” Clara said as she sat down, and slipped her boots off, Ashley doing the same as the man looked down on them.


“All right – you,” he said as he pointed the gun at Ashley, “take your friend’s socks off and ball them together.”


“Why?  Why ask me to do this,” she said as she pulled off Clara’s socks and made a ball of them.


“Because you’re going to use them to gag her,” the man said.


“Oh that’s disgusting…”


“Just do it,” he said as he aimed the gun at her.  Ashley nodded and said “I’m sorry” as Clara opened her mouth, trying not to be sick at the taste of her sweaty socks.


The man put his bag down and opened it, taking out a roll of white tape and passing it to Ashley.  “Tear a long strip off and press it down over her lips,” he said, watching as Ashley did that, the shape of Clara’s lips clearly visible under the tape.


“All right,” the man said as he pointed the gun at Clara, “you do the same for your friend.”


The taste of Ashley’s balled up ankle socks almost made her sick, but she managed to damp that feeling down as Clara taped over her mouth as well.


“All right, you two,” the man said as he looked at them, “stand up and face each other.”


The two girls looked at each other, as the man produced two long lengths of rope from his bag.


“Take one of these each, double it over, and then tie it round each other’s waist.  Don’t worry about what’s left over – tie it at the back, and let it drop to the floor.”


The two woman looked at him as he waved the gun, and then tied the rope around each other’s waist, the lengths dropping to the floor as they looked at him.


“That’s good  now listen very carefully.  I want you each to reach between your legs, and pull the rope up between them, and pass it through the rope belt tin front of you, and then tie it off, leaving the ends hanging in front of you.  And make sure you pull it nice and tight.”


Ashley and Clara shook their heads and tried to complain, but that only made the man run the barrel of his gun across their stomachs, before he said quietly “now.”  They reached down and pulled the rope up, trying not to moan as it pressed on their crotches before they tied it off.


“Right, sit on the floor, both of you, and wrap your legs around each other.”




“Just do as I say,” the man insisted, as the two girls sat down, trying to ignore the rubbing on their jeans as they wrapped their legs around each other’s waist.


The man placed the gun where they could see it, and then reached between them, securing the loose ends from the crotch ropes to the waist band of the other girl, before he crossed Ashley’s ankles behind Clara’s back and tied them tightly together with rope.  Moving round, he secured Clara’s ankles in the same way, and then tied their legs together where they crossed at the sides of the two women.


“Hands behind your back,” he then said to Clara, as he tied her wrists tightly together, and then wrapped rope around her body, pulling her arms into her sides as it went above and below her chest, forcing her jacket to the side as her chest was forced out.


Ashley received the same treatment, the two girls looking at each other over the white strips of tape and wondering what was going to happen next – especially as they felt their wrists been tied to the crotch rope at the back.


What happened was Clara screaming into her gag as she felt the man start to kiss and suck on her bare toes, and then to struggle – which not  only made the rope rub against her own crotch, but also the rope between Ashley’s legs to rub on hers.  The two girls looked at each other as Ashley pleaded in a muted way with Clara to stop, but she kept struggling at the kissing and sucking, which started to drive both women towards new feelings, new expressions…




New York


“This was a fantastic idea,” Binky said as she and her friend Dee sat back at their office stations.  The staff had been told to come dressed in clothing from the seventies, and both had decided to come in similar outfits.


Dee had a long sleeved dress on, printed in a psychedelic swirl of colour, and a band of the same material tied in her long brown hair, the ends hanging over one shoulder.  Her legs were enclosed in a pair of red tights, and a pair of high stack heeled white PVC boots completed her attire, the sleeves of her dress billowing out from her elbows.


Binky had long blonde hair, and her dress was in an African print on yellow, but it was in the same style as Dee’s.  She also had chosen to wear a pair of knee length black boots, but that was the only other difference.


“Right,” Binky said as she turned her computer off, “what do you say to a drink before we go to the disco?”


“Sounds good to me,” Dee said as they looked round the now empty office – but as they went to fetch their coats, they were surprised to see a man and woman walk in, dressed in business clothes.


“I’m sorry, the office is closed,” Dee said as she looked at them.


“That’s all right,” the woman said as she smiled at them, “the business we need to transact is best done after hours.  Now, do you see what I have in my hand?”


Both Dee and Binky looked over and saw the small Tazer the woman was holding.


“Good – do anything stupid, and I use this on you.  Grant?”


“Have a seat ladies,” the man said as he pulled two office chairs out, “and put your hands on your heads.”


“Oh shit, it’s a robbery,” Dee said as she looked at them.


“Quite right,” the woman said, “now sit down, or I use this.”


The two women sat in the chairs, Dee allowing the man to take her hands behind her back before she felt some sort of soft cord holding them together, and then against the chair back.  She looked over and watched as the man took more cord from his pocket, and tied Binky’s wrists together and to the central back support of the chair.


He then moved them round so they were back to back, and pulled some cables from the back of a computer, using them to tie the two women together around their waists, before he took more cords from his pocket and bound their ankles, crossing and securing them to each other before he pulled them back, their toes free from the floor as he tied them to the bottom of the seat.


“You go and find what we’re looking for,” the woman said as she took two sponges from her jacket pocket, “I’ll make sure these two stay quiet.”


Binky looked at the sponge, before saying “No” and clamping her mouth shut.


“Not a good idea,” the woman said as she pinched her nose closed, waiting until Binky opened it to breath before she pushed the sponge in, and then used her own scarf as a cleave gag to hold it in place. 


“Are you going to give me any trouble?”


Dee shook her head and opened her mouth, the sponge expanding inside before she felt her own scarf been removed, and then pulled between her lips, the ends tied at the back of her head.


“Got it,” the man said as he walked out, the woman following him as the two friends tried to free each other’s wrists…







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