Captive Cheers




“Hi, Darling.


“Yes, she’s made it through to the finals, but there’s some stiff competition out there.  I don’t think she’ll be able to make it on her own.


“Yeah, I want to start the plan we discussed off.  Do you have a problem with that?


“All right, honey, I’ll let you know what happens.  See you soon – bye.”


She dialled a second number and put the cell phone to her ear.


“It’s a go – let the others know and I’ll talk to each of you tomorrow.”





The State Collegiate Cheerleading Championships were taking place the next day at State University, and the top cheerleaders from the high schools were each assigned “den mothers” to make sure they were at the competition on time, or to notify the schools if there was a problem and a substitute needed to be found.  This was a time honoured way of protecting the competitors – until this year.




“Sadie Hawker?  I’m Miss Green – the competition organisers sent me?”


“Oh yeah – come on in, I’m just trying out some moves with my partner.”


The older woman followed the girl into the large front room of her house, closing the door behind her.  She was casually dressed – a strap top and jeans – but Sadie knew the minders didn’t have to follow a strict dress code, so wasn’t too concerned. 


“Where is your mother, Sadie?”


“Away for a couple of days – she won’t be worried now that you’re here.  Come and meet Jenny.”


Jenny was stretching her legs when the two women walked into the room.  A tall, athletic blonde, she looked at Jenny and the new arrival with mild interest.


“So, you’re the nanny the competition sent are you?  You’re younger than I expected.”


“Oh I’m just full of surprises,” Miss Green said with a smile.  “So, you are the two main representatives for East High, correct?”


“That’s right.”


“And you’re both staying here until the competition?”




“Excellent.”  The two girls were wearing sleeveless crop tops and short skirts, with white bobby socks on their feet.  Sadie was dressed in white and blue, while Jenny was wearing red and blue.  Miss Green sat on the couch and opened her handbag.


“I wonder, Sadie, Jenny, if you would do me a favour?”


“Certainly, Miss Green, what is it?”


“Take these two scarves and use them to gag yourselves.”  As she said this, Miss Green drew two white scarves and a small pistol from her handbag.  She held the scarves in one hand and pointed the pistol at the two students with the other.


“Whhhh  What is this?”  Sadie stammered as Jenny put her hands to her mouth.


“I’m afraid your plans for the weekend have changed girls.  Now, gag yourselves or I may have to do it myself – and you would not like that.”


The two girls looked at each other, then reluctantly took the scarves and tied them into their own mouths.


“Make sure they’re nice and tight, and then Sadie you take this piece of rope and tie your friend’s wrists together behind her back.  Make sure that’s good and firm as well.”


“m sry jn” Sadie mumbled as she took the white cord and tearfully tied her friend’s wrists together.


“All right ladies – let’s go up to the master bedroom, shall we?”  Mrs Green said as she took Sadie by the arm and pushed Jenny in front of them.



Ten minutes later, Sadie grunted as her ankles were brought right back behind her and the ropes around them attached to those around her wrists.  She glanced at Jenny, who was lying on her stomach next to her having already being placed in a hog tie.


Turning her head, she looked over her shoulder as Mrs Green tied the final knot.


“There now,” she said as she got off the bed and walked towards the door.  “I’m going to call your college and let them know you both will be unable to make tomorrow – stomach cramps – and then we’ll spend the weekend together.  Won’t that be fun?”


The two captives looked at each other as she walked out of the room, screaming in muted frustration.




“Why are you doing this to me?  What can you possibly hope to gain?”


Babs Holden, the lead cheerleader of West High, was also having a little trouble with the woman claiming to be her monitor.  She had arrived some thirty minutes earlier, dressed in a strapless black dress with a matching bolero jacket, and introduced herself as Lavinia.  After some small chat, Babs had got up to go to the toilet only to be wrestled to the floor by Lavinia, who had held her down while she bound Babs’ wrists together behind her back.


Babs was wearing her squad outfit – a blue sleeveless top with a gold foghorn embossed on the chest, and a yellow short skirt.  Now she was sitting on her bed, trying to find out what was happening while Lavinia was wrapping layer after layer of rope around her ankles.


“We just need you to be out of the contest, Babs,” Lavinia said with a smile as she passed the loose ends of the rope between her legs to tighten the binding.  “You just do as you’re told and everything will be just fine, I promise you.”


As she worked Babs noticed Lavinia’s breasts stating to slip out from under the bodice of her dress.  She was further distressed  by the way she seemed to be running her hand up and down her legs.


“You have a lovely body, Babs,”  Lavinia muttered as she started to wrap more rope around her legs and knees.  “Maybe we can find time to have some fun this weekend, hmm?”


“You dirty old woman,” Babs spat out in pain as the ripe was tightened around her knees.  “You should be reported to the authorities.”


“I have been several times,” she replied as she lifted Babs’ legs up and started to wrap rope around her waist and thighs, holding her in a ball.  She then wrapped the rope tightly around her upper body, holding Babs’ arms to her side.


“Fortunately for you, my dear girl, I have the entire weekend to show you how exciting life can be outside of cheerleading.  Isn’t it nice that your parents are away, hmmm?”


Babs started to shout out, but a firm hand was quickly placed over her mouth.  “Now, now,” Lavinia said as she shook out a small handkerchief, “We can’t have you disturbing the neighbours can we?”  She quickly stuffed the cloth into Babs’ mouth, followed by a thin black scarf that she pulled between the girl’s lips and tied off at the back of her head.


“There now – you rest,” Lavinia purred as she picked up a piece of toast and sat at Babs’ head.  “You’ll need your energy for later.”


Falling onto her side on the mattress, the cheerleader stared up at the older woman as she closed her eyes and savoured her snack.




“Three of them out of the way – that only leaves two schools to deal with.  Well done ladies.”



Dee-Dee was the lead entrant form Central College, and one of the favourites for the competition, so she naturally thought when Karina arrived that she had got the cream of the crop from the nannies.  Dressed as she was in a purple two piece suit, with her black hair pulled back in a pony tail, the blonde athlete invited her in.


“When you will be going to practice next, Dee,” Karina asked as she sat demurely on the couch.


“Later today – I just like to wear the top the day before the contest.  Kind of a superstition,” she said as she brought two glasses of lemonade in.  Dee-Dee was indeed wearing her cheerleading top – sleeveless, it was white and red with three “v”-shaped stripes on the front and the word “CENTRAL” on the chest.  She was also wearing a white denim miniskirt, socks and trainers as she sat down opposite the woman.


“Forgive me, Dee, but I need to see your schedule for tomorrow.  Could you bring it to me please?”


“Sure,” the girl said as she stood up and went out of the room for a minute.  “Here you go,” she said a minute later as she handed Karina a sheet of paper.


“Yes, that seems in order,” she said as she watched Dee-Dee take a drink of her lemonade.  “So, how do you feel about tomorrow?”


“I’m excited, but I’ll be all right,” she said as she continued to drink.  Putting her glass on the table, she sat back.  “So, what do you want to do for the rest of today?”


“What do you want to do, Dee?”


“I don’t know – oh, excuse me – maybe just hang around here untilllllll”


Her head flopped over to the side as Dee fell into a deep sleep.  Karina placed the sheet of paper on the table, stood up and picked Dee-Dee up in her arms, carrying her out to her waiting car.




“Dee-Dee?   Time to wake up, little girl.”


“Wht happnd?”


Dee-Dee slowly opened her eyes, and found herself in a garage standing on her feet.  From the way her wrists were immobile, and the rough feeling in her fingers, she figured that her wrists had somehow been tied together around something.  Looking down, she saw that her ankles were bound with rope, as were her knees, and a layer of rope was visible above her breasts.  The hard feeling behind her she soon discovered to be a support beam for the roof, which she had been lashed to.  She also saw Karina standing behind her.


“What’s going on,” she shouted as she tried to struggle free.


“Just a kidnapping, Dee-Dee,” Karina said as she admired the way her captive’s body moved against the pole.  “anyway, we need to keep you quiet for a little while, so just stand still please.”


Taking a long white scarf, Karina held it in both hands as she walked over to where Dee-Dee was.   The young cheerleader tried to turn her head away, but eventually she was unable to prevent her captor gagging her with the cloth, muffling any sounds that she may try to make.


“I bet you’re wondering what’s going on, aren’t you?”  Karina said as she pointed at Dee-Dee


“Wht d u thnk?”  she mumbled.


“Well, my dear, I and some friends are keeping you and the other main competitors out of the way for the competition.  We’ll bring you all together – eventually – but for now just try to relax.  I’ll be back later.”


Dee-Dee glared at her captor.  So they were after the others – all of them?  She wondered who was left free of the top competitors.






“Of course Amelia Earhart School ahs the best squad – I lead them!”


Trixie was a bubbly blonde with an incredible sense of humour, and Charlie hated her for it.  Oen of the assistants on the AES squad, she had been forced to act as Trixie’s “helper” before the competition, and only one thing made it bearable.


The plan.


“Say, Trixie,” the dark haired Asian girl said, “I wonder if you’d like to play a game to pass the time before the chaperone arrives.”


“Sure, what is it?”


“How would you like to be the damsel in distress that the team captain has to rescue?”


“Oh, that sounds fun.  You mean all tied up and everything.”


“Just a little bit.  Would you like to see what that si like?”


Trixie was not the brightest tool in the box, so Charlie was surprised when she readily agreed.  “Sounds like fun – where do you want me to be?”


“Let me see if I can find a few things first – you go to the toilet and get freshened up.”


Ten mintues later, Trixie bounded down the stairs.  Charlie had placed a folding chair in the middle of the floor, and was busy sorting out some lengths of rope.


“All right, boss, you sit down and let your hands drop by your side.”


“Like this,” Trixie said as she sat in the chair.  She was wearing her school squad outfit – a blue sleeveless dress with gold trim and upper chest, and the letters AES in white over the front.


“Yeah, like that.  Now, jus relax and sit still.”


Kneeling behind the chair, Charlie took the other girl’s wrists and crossed them behind the back support, before wrapping a doubled over length of rope around them and pulling the loose ends through the loop.  After a few passes, she knotted the rope out of reach of Trixie’s fingers, then secured the loose ends to the back of the chair.


“Hey, that’s firm,” Trixie said as she looked over her shoulder at Charlie’s rope work.


“it’s meant to be,” the other girl replied as she knelt in front of Trixie and started to tie her ankles together in a similar manner.  “Now, we need to make sure you can’t raise the alarm when the captain comes.”


“Why don’t you use my scarf?”  Trixie said as she looked at the table next to her.  On there was a yellow silk scarf that she had intended to tie around her neck.


“That would work,” Charlie said as she rolled the scarf into a band, quickly tied a knot in the middle and stood behind her boss.  “Open wide,” she said as she placed the knot in front of Trixie's mouth, then pulled it into her open mouth and tied the ends of the scarf tightly together under her hair.


“Wht nxt?” Trixie mumbled as Charlie took a long length of rope, and straightened it out.


“Well, now you sit there while I finish tying you up, and then I have a secret to tell you.”


Walking round behind Trixie, Charlie passed the doubled over rope around her arms and chest, below her breasts, and fed the loose ends through the loop behind her back, pulling tightly so that Trixie felt her arms being held against her sides.  The rope went round several more times, above and below her breasts, before Charlie knotted it behind the bound girls’ back.  There was still a considerable length of rope left, which she passed over Trixie’s right shoulder, between her breasts and the lower of the two bands of rope that encircled her, and back over the over shoulder before tying the loose ends against the back ropes.


“Shall I tell you the little secret now, Trixie?”  Charlie said as she adjusted the binding so that the other girl’s breasts were made more prominent.


“Yspls,” Trixie said with a nod.  Although the ropes were tight, she wasn’t uncomfortable as such, just curious as to what was going on.


“I have been paid a considerable sum of money to make sure you don’t get to the championships, and I’m going to make sure you don’t.  I cancelled the chaperone – it’s just you and me, Trixie, just you and me.  Would you like to know something else?”


Trixie looked up at Charlie with a strange expression.  She was being held captive – to stop her winning the championship?




“Why?  Oh, you’ll find out soon enough.  For now,” she said as she knelt down and wrapped more rope around Trixie’s legs, “Just sit back and relax.”


Trixie stared at the young girl as she bound her legs together below her knees, a sense of panic rising in her.  This was for real – she was being held captive – and she fell for it like a complete and absolute idiot?


The screams of frustration were muffled by the effective gag, but Charlie knew what Trixie was trying to say.


“I tell you what,” she said as she put the television on, “Why don’t we watch the championships together, hmm?”


She put her hand under Trixie’s face and turned it so that she could see the events unfolding on the screen….






“Let’s give a big hand to the SouthWestern State University Cheerleaders!”


the crowd cheered as the women waved their pom-poms.  Dressed in tight fitting orange tops that barely covered their breasts, matching hot pants and white knee length leather boots, they had entertained the crowd in a variety of ways for the last fifteen minutes.  As they ran off, waving and cheering, the master of ceremonies came onto the centre of the basketball court.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, we have seen some fantastic cheerleading displays here today despite the late withdrawal of a number of hotly tipped favourites.  Please, give a round of applause to all of the contestants.”


The hall filled with loud cheers and clapping.


“There can, however, only be one winner of the State Collegiate Cheerleading Championships, and I have the name of that winner in this golden envelope.”


He opened the gold paper and withdrew a card.


“And the winner of the title, and a place in the junior cheerleading squad is…. Anna Marie Holme!”


A cheer went up as a dark haired girl in a purple t-shirt with a white trim at the bottom and a black split skirt ran onto the court, waving and cheering.  She went up to the judge’s table.  She held the trophy aloft before running over to join her mother and sister.


“Isn’t it great. Mum – first Charlene wins Miss Junior America, and now I win this!!”


“I know – your father and I are so proud of you,” her mother said as she gave both of her daughters a great bear hug.  “I need to call your father to let him know – you two wait here.”


Leaving the ecstatic girls, their mother walked out fo the hall and opened up her call phone.


“Miss Green?  Thank you for the help of you and your companions.  Gather your guests together at the rendezvous point – I will meet you for payment there.”