Eleanor van Pyl closed the door to the church office, and walked along the corridor, nodding to the minister as she made her way to the front door.  She was heading home to spend the rest of the day with her daughter and granddaughter, as well as an old family friend, planning for an upcoming weekend event.


The sixty year old was a slim woman, with greying blonde hair cut short, her beige dress with the black flecks covering her body from the round neck to just above her knees.  Over the dress, she was wearing a tan jacket, while her legs were covered by the dark hose, and the knee length black leather boots with a small heel.  Stepping out into the cool evening air, she smiled as she made her way across the road and down the hill to where her home was.


As she walked down, she searched through her handbag for her keys, eventually finding them as she approached the front door of the detached house.  Unlocking the main door, she let herself in, and walked into the front room, removing her jacket and placing it over the back of a long recliner as she placed her handbag on the seat.


“Anyone home,” she called out – and then screamed as she was grabbed from behind, a latex gloved hand clamped over her nose and mouth and an arm wrapped tightly round her waist.


“HRRRUUUUUU,” she called out as she tried to break free, and then she saw the man walk in front of her, a clown’s mask covering his face, but a very real and lethal pistol in his hand.  She heard him say in a quiet, but menacing voice “if you don’t shut the fuck up, lady, you will regret to for the rest of your short life.  Nod if you understand.”


Eleanor looked at him, and then nodded as the clown said “Good – my friend will take his hand away, and you do exactly what I tell you to do – which will be to say nothing, and put your hands behind your back, understand?”


As she nodded, she felt the gloved hand release the pressure, and then her arms being pulled behind her, before she felt the cords on her wrists as thy were forced together and secured.  “What is this about, we don’t have any money,” she whispered.


“You’ll find out in good time,” the clown said as she felt more roe on her body, whoever was behind her pulling tight as it forced her arms into her sides and her chest out.  It went round several times, above and below her chest, framing and forcing her breasts out before it was made even tighter, the rope going between her arms and body as it was tightened.


“Now then,” the clown said as he walked forward, “has anyone ever told you that you are a very attractive woman?”


“What on earth do you…” Eleanor said, before he suddenly grabbed her chest in his leather gloved hands, squeezing and massaging them as she looked down.  “Stop doing that, you have no right to…”


“Oh I think I do,” he said before he knelt down and reached under her skirt, pulling her hose down to her knees and then taking out a flick knife.  Eleanor could only watch as he cut her panties away, picking them up and sniffing them as he rolled them into a ball.


“No – oh god no…”


“Relax – I know where you prefer,” the clown said with a smile, before he nodded and Eleanor gasped at the sensation of her hair been pulled.  She could not stop him pushing her own panties into her mouth, before white tape was wrapped tightly round her head.


“Now, you were saying,” the clown continued as he started once more to grope the older woman’s chest. Eleanor starting to moan as her glasses were removed…



“Mum?  Are you home yet?”


Sharon put her car keys down on the table and her handbag on the floor, before removing her dark jacket and hanging it on the coat stand.  She had a long blue flecked woollen scarf wrapped loosely round her neck, and over the neckline of her grey round necked sweater.  A blue knee length skirt, dark hose and black knee length boots with a square heel completed her outfit.


“Mum?”  She could hear someone in the front room, but before she could take another step the door opened and a man stepped out – a stranger, wearing a black leather jacket, t-shirt, jeans and gloves – but with a wolf head mask covering his own head.


And a pistol in his hand, as he said “looks like the middle generation is back.”


“Good – secure her and bring her in.”


“Turn round, hands behind your back,” the wolf said as he took from his jacket pocket a length of rope, and then motioned with his gun.  Sharon looked to the phone table, seeing the disconnected wire, and swallowed as she slowly turned round, her hands raised in the air.


“Who are you,” she whispered as the wolf walked up to her, and yanked her arms behind her back, Sharon biting her bottom lip as she felt the rope tighten around her wrists and hold them firmly together.  The cords rubbed on her bare skin, but she was powerless to stop the masked intruder taking the rope around and between her wrists, her hands palm to palm.


“But why are you…”


“Be quiet,” the wolf said as he took hold of her scarf, pulling it between her lips as she tasted the cotton on her tongue, the material filling and silencing her as he pulled the corners of her mouth back, and tied the scarf off over her short dark hair before he pushed her into the front room.





“Msrreeshern,” Eleanor said as she lay on the couch, her bound ankles pulled back and secured to her chest rope, a low humming filling the air.  It took a moment for Sharon to see the rope pulled between her mother’s legs and the small device tied under the rope.


She then looked at the clown faced man standing there, as she suddenly felt the wolf pull her jumper up and over her head, exposing her white bra, before she felt the rope on her arms as her elbows were forced together.


“Whhtsgnnn,” she moaned as her chest was forced out, her breasts causing the bra cups to strain as she felt the wolf pass the rope between her arms as well – and then his gloved hands as he reached round and started to grope her, his fingers pressing into her breasts.


“Oh just a little fun to pass the time,” the clown said as Sharon felt her breasts begin to firm up, before the bra was eased down her arms and body, and she felt the rope as it was wound tightly round above and below her chest, framing her breasts as the rope then went between them to form a crude bra.


Eleanor was struggling – not to get free, the ropes were too tight for that, but to maintain her own self-control as she could feel the heat burning inside her from the device.  They hadn’t physical violated her that way, but it was driving her closer and closer to the edge, as she watched the wolf reach round and roughly grope her daughter’s chest, while the clown looked at her.


“Kneel down.”


Eleanor groaned as Sharon was made to kneel, the wolf taking more rope and lashing her ankles together, the leather of her boots squeaking as she squirmed round, her own boots making the same noise as she ribbed her own legs, trying to dislodge that damned thing…


“Pllsswhhruuddnggthsss,” Sharon moaned as she felt more rope pull her legs together at her knees, before the wolf pulled her skirt down, exposing her knickers and hose tops.


“Oh we have our reasons,” the clown said as he looked at Sharon, and then unfastened his pants, her eyes widening as she saw his member erect and proud.




“Oh yes, please,” he said as he reached down and pulled the scarf from her mouth, and then held her head as he rubbed the tip of his cock over her lips.  She didn’t want to do it, but the sudden squeeze on her chest from behind made her open her mouth, and she took in the cock, feeling it press down on her tongue as her lips closed over it.


“You know what to do, don’t you,” the clown whispered as he held her head, Sharon nodding as the hot tears started to flow down her cheeks, and she began to use her lips and tongue on him.  She could feel him respond as the wolf continued to assault her breasts, the ropes rubbing on them as well as she started to feel very strange – hot, flustered, and yes aroused, but petrified as well.


The organ was growing larger and larger as she sucked gently, wrapping her tongue round it as despite everything she started to respond to the massage, to moan as her own base desires began to take precedence over the fact she was been forced into doing this. 


“Hmmmmmswtlrrddddd,” she groaned as she started to silently pray for release, for an end to the nightmare – and then she heard Eleanor scream in pleasure, looking over to see her shake as an orgasm washed over her bound and silenced body.


The throbbing in her mouth was intensifying now as the cock pressed her tongue to the floor of her mouth, and she felt the gloved hands gripping her own head.  IT was getting impossible to resist, as her body started to shake as well – and then it hit her.


The hot flow at the back of her throat as he came in her mouth, the force taking her by surprise, but she had no choice but to swallow as he kept going, trying not to retch as it went down into her stomach, hoping this would be all he wanted to do…


“That’s better,” he finally said as he withdrew, and the wolf pulled the scarf back into Sharon’s mouth before she had a chance to say anything.  A rope was pulled tightly between her legs, making her moan even more as she was forced to lie face down and her ankles pulled back, then the crotch rope tied to them and to her chest ropes.


Eleanor could only watch and cry as her daughter started to try and move her legs, the rope rubbing on her as she tried to get some relief – and wondering what would happen when Connie returned home…




Connie walked down the street, smiling at the neighbours as the wind blew her light blonde hair slightly and she looked through her black rimmed glasses.  Her grey fleece sat over her black t-shirt and denim skirt, her legs encased in black tights and a pair of knee length tan leather boots clicking as she walked on the pavement.


She was looking forward to tonight – with her grandmother’s friend coming round, it meant she could practice her bridge again, ready for the church tournament.  She was a good player, but – well, that was for later.


As she walked into the house, the first thing Connie heard was the low buzzing, as she walked into the living room – and would have screamed at what she saw there, if the gloved hand had not been pressed firmly over her mouth.  She stared at the wolf masked man in front of her, then at her mother and grandmother as they lay on their sides, shaking and moaning with their eyes closed.


“Whhtsggnnnn,” she said as the wolf reached up, removing her glasses and folding the legs before he put them to one side, and then kneeling down, reaching round and unzipping her skirt before he pulled it down her legs.  Connie began to struggle, fearful of what he was going to do, as he looked up, and then took a flick knife from his pocket, pulling her tights down and then cutting her grey panties away.


She watched, her bare pussy in full view as he stood up, folded the panties into a wad, and then stood with his head to one side, Connie staring at him before the gloved hand was removed.  She opened her mouth to scream – only to taste herself as the panties were pushed firmly into her mouth, filling the space before she was forced to close it and a length of very sticky tape was pressed firmly over it.   Her fleece was pulled off, and then her arms pulled behind her back, the two older women watching as the clown started to bind her arms and upper body as well, while the wolf knelt back down.


“whttrruuhhmmgdddd,” she said as she felt the wolf’s gloved finger on her pussy, gently stroking it as the ropes were pulled tighter and tighter around her arms and chest, her t-shirt stretching over her breasts as the ropes encircled and forced them out.  She could not escape, could only give muffled pleas and gasps as he gently stroked round and made her feel weak, while the ropes were tied off, and then a pair of gloved hands began to massage her chest as well.


She felt strange, giddy, unsure whether to scream or gasp at how it felt.  She had played occasionally with herself, but no man had ever known her, and the way he was gently caressing and playing with her, she had to think.


Was he going to be the one?  Especially as she could feel herself moving in rhythm to the massage of her chest, and to the way he was slipping his finger past her petals, her flower opening as she groaned at the way he was feeling inside her, the way he…




Eleanor and Sharon looked up as Connie almost collapsed into the clown’s arms while the wolf thrust his fingers gently in and out of his passage, making her shake and squirm as a fire started to really burn within her, and he began to move his fingers faster and faster…


Both women cried as she eventually threw her head back and screamed, her whole bod shaking as she felt her juices flow freely.   The clown lowered her to the floor as the wolf sniffed his damp finger, then removed her boots and tights before he frog tied her legs, while the clown slipped a vibrator into her damp passage and then used a crotch rope to keep it in place.


They then heard the knock on the door, the three women looking over as they walked out…


“Hello, Eleanor, I….  Oh dear god!”


“Not a fucking word – face the wall, hands behind your back.”


They could only watch and hear before the clown and the wolf returned, walking between them a grey haired woman, wearing a long light grey jacket over a floral print cotton dress, and grey leather mid-calf boots.  Her arms were behind her back, bands of rope framing her chest as she looked round.


“Hmmssreechrsteennn,” Eleanor moaned before she shook again.


“Ungag her,” the clown said, as the wolf walked over and cut the tape away from Eleanor’s head, then pulled the damp panties from her mouth.


“Eleanor, what’s going on?”


“I’m sorry Christyne,” Eleanor gasped, “they…  they…”


“Are here to give you a good time Christyne,” the clown said, “but first, we need to make you more comfortable.  Bring the old girl over here.”


“Whtffrrr,” Sharon said as the wolf made Eleanor kneel in front of Christyne, the two women looking at each other as the clown said “you are very old, very close friends – and you share a great deal.”


“Mmummmmwhtshhtknnggbtt,” Connie said as she looked at her mother, Sharon blushing over the damp scarf as Eleanor said “Please…”


“I know you want to,” the clown said as he reached under Christyne’s dress, pulling down her panties and lifting her skirt up.  Eleanor looked at her, then nodded as she shuffled forward, and started to gently kiss Christyne between her legs.




Connie closed her eyes as another orgasm started to build, while Christyne moaned as well in response to the gentle caress of the lips, pushing her hips forward as Eleanor continued to gently kiss and then lick her between her legs, making her old friend shiver as she did so.


Connie and Sharon looked at each other, unsure of what to do as their mother and grandmother was pleasuring their old friend, before Connie slowly started to pull on the rope between her legs, driving the vibrator further into her as she closed her eyes and groaned.  Sharon followed suit, Christyne unsure of how much more she could take as her petals parted, allowing Eleanor to slip her tongue in and tease on the most sensitive of spots…


All the women were groaning now, as Christyne felt the passion growing, ad reached own to kiss the top of Eleanor’s head.  As she did so, however, Eleanor touched on just the right sport, making Christyne scream out as she suddenly climaxed, her juices pouring onto Eleanor’s mouth and nose as she did so.


Eventually, Christyne collapsed on the floor, as the clown started to bind her legs, while Eleanor was regagged and white tape pressed over her mouth.  Christyne herself was unable to stop the wolf from gagging her with her own panties, and tape gagging her as well, before the two older women were left facing each other on the floor, hog tied, crotch ropes rubbing on them and the two others.


“Btwhhhhh,” Eleanor moaned as she looked at the man.


“John 8:32.”


The two men turned and left, as the women looked at each other, thinking over the verse.


You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”







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