Coming For the Ride





Daisy unlocked the front door of her house, and smiled as she placed the keys in a small bowl by the door.  The church service that morning had been uplifting, and now she was ready to prepare lunch for her two friends when they arrived.


And then, after lunch, they could have some fun, just the three of them, with no interruptions.  She looked at herself in the long mirror, admiring the way her coral pink dress hung on her slim body.  With a white lace jacket over it, a set of pearls round her neck, natural coloured hose and white kitten heels, she looked good – even the tortoiseshell rimmed glasses added to her natural beauty.


It was so important she gave that impression – some of the elders on the church might not be too happy with what she and her friends did.  With that thought, she made her way to the kitchen and started to prepare the food.



An hour later, Daisy smiled as the doorbell rang, and she dried her hands on the towel.  Walking along the corridor, she smiled as she said “hey there – come away in, the lunch is ready.”


“Thank you,” Zoe said as she came into the house.  Like Daisy, she was wearing brown rimmed glasses, her dark brown hair piled in a bun on her head.  The white slip dress she was wearing had a diamond pattern in silk, and underneath she wore a white short sleeved top.  A white chiffon scarf with silver fabric at the ends was wrapped loosely round her neck, and she wore white shoes with cork heels on her feet.


Rebecca followed her in.  The young brunette was wearing a floral print dress with capped sleeves, and a pair of grey mules.  She sniffed and said “something smells good.”


“Chicken in cider – come in and sit at the table, it’s ready to serve up.”  Daisy showed her two friend to the dining table, then retreated to the kitchen as Zoe opened a bottle of wine, pouring it into three glasses.  Daisy returned with three plates, laying them down before she went back, carrying in next a casserole.  Finally, she brought through a bowl with some baked potatoes in.


“Let us give thanks,” she said as the three young women held hands, and then said the grace together, before they started eating.  The conversation was of the usual things – work, friends, and the simple things of life.


Eventually, the meal ended, the three friends laughing as they shared the task of cleaning up and putting away the dishes.  As they made their way to the front room, all three sat down, sitting with their ankles together and to the side, looking at each other with expectation in their eyes. 


“Well,” Daisy finally said, “it is my turn.  Which of you will be first?”


“I’ll toss you for it,” Zoe said as she picked up her handbag, removed her purse and took out a pound coin.  Rebecca and Daisy watched as she tossed the coin into the air, catching it and slapping it down on the back of her free hand as she looked at Rebecca.




Zoe lifted her hand and looked at the coin.  “Heads it is – first or second.”


“First,” Rebecca said with a smile as she and Daisy stood up.


“Actually, I’m quite happy with that – I could do with some thinking time,” Zoe said with a smile.  “Do you mind if I?”


“Of course not,” Daisy said with a smile as Zoe lifted her chiffon scarf up, opened her lips and pulled the material between them, taking the ends which were hanging in front around her head again and allowing Rebecca to secure the ends at the base of her neck, so that her words were muffled.


Rebecca smiled as she removed the young woman’s glasses, folding the legs and placing them safely on the table, as Daisy guided Zoe’s arms behind her back.  Crossing her wrists, she took a length of white silk rope, and deftly secure them together, wrapping the doubled over cords around and between her arms.  Zoe let out a soft sigh as she felt her wrists been drawn together, and then giggled as Rebecca knelt in front of her, crossed her slim ankles and started to bind them together as well.


The touch of her fingers on her legs made Zoe shiver, as the ropes rubbed on her wrists and ankles.  She looked on as Daisy passed a long length of doubled white rope over her head, and then felt the embrace as the ropes were pulled tighter under her chest, forcing her arms into her sides as Zoe took the rope around her again and again, the ropes tightening, rubbing on her chest as she felt the pressure on her.


That was not all she was feeling, as Rebecca began to secure her legs together below her knees.  She stroked the back and sides of her legs as she wrapped the soft ropes around, and then between her limbs, her breath coming in gasps and soft sighs as she felt the restriction increasing.


The pleasure increasing…


“Ohthtdsfflgd,” Zoe finally purred as Daisy took the rope under one arm, pulled it up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm.  As she felt the ropes being tied off, she wriggled round, saying “hyssss.”


“You are enjoying this, aren’t you,” Daisy said, Zoe nodding as she felt the soft touch of her lips on her neck, and those of Rebecca on her own.  “Do you want the extra rope?”


Zoe shook her head as she was helped to lie down, then turned onto her stomach as her ankles were pulled back, a last length of rope being used to secure them to her chest ropes.  She wriggled more as the ropes worked on her body, a warm feeling spreading through her as she did so.


“I’ll some and fetch you when it is your turn,” Daisy whispered into her ear, before she tugged on the ropes, Zoe grunting and nodding as the other two women made their way upstairs.



Entering the large bedroom, Rebecca watched as Daisy slipped off her jacket, and placed it over the back of the low chair at her dresser.  The two women stood in front of each other, looking into each other’s eyes before they put their arms around each other’s neck and started to kiss.


After a few minutes, Rebecca looked into Daisy’s eyes and then let go of her, turning and looking over her shoulder as Daisy opened a box and took out more silk rope, black this time.  Selecting a length, she soon had her friend’s wrists secured behind her back, her hands stroking slowly, softly down Rebecca’s bare arms as she kissed her neck.


“Shall I continue,” she whispered, Rebecca nodding as she felt the ropes around her arms, her elbows touching as her chest was forced out.  As Daisy tied the rope between Rebecca’s arms, she then reached round and stroked her fingers gently over her captive’s chest, Rebecca groaning at the sensations this was causing.


“Shall I continue?”


“Yes Mistress Daisy,” Rebecca whispered as she felt the rope around her body, forcing her arms against her back as it as wound above and below her chest…




Zoe heard the soft footsteps, and wondered why they had finished so early.  IT was only when she rolled onto her side, and saw the man standing there looking at her that she started to struggle – and then to groan at what the tight ropes were doing to her.


“Hush,” he said as he knelt down and stroked her cheek, “I’m not going to hurt you.  Did someone do this to you at your choice?”


Realising her position, Zoe whimpered as she nodded slowly.


“They did a good job – and are you enjoying how it feels?”


Zoe nodded again, and then whimpered as she felt his gloved hand on the inside of her leg, stroking gently, and then the touch where she was sensitive.


“Let me go out on a limb – you prefer women, right?”


Opening her eyes, she looked at him and slowly nodded.


“Then do not fear – I am not going to do that to you, but I think you will enjoy this,” he said as he moved his hand inside her skirt, and stroked over her damp panties and hose.  Zoe groaned – he was right, she did enjoy that.  And she was in no position to stop him as he gently eased her hose and panties down, and started to run his finger over her sex…




“OH that feels so good,” Rebecca said as she felt Daisy’s touch on her bare legs, the ropes holding her legs together at her ankles and the legs below her knees.  The band were tight, and cinched, so that she was truly helpless, the ropes rubbing on her arms and chest as well.  For her, Daisy had taken the ropes over one shoulder, under the band below her chest and then up again, forcing her already prominent chest up and out, the material of her dress stretched so tightly over them the shape of her nipples was clear.


“I’m so glad you like it,” Daisy said quietly, “and that it is my turn to take care of both of you this week.”  She leaned over and placed her hands on the captive’s head gently kissing her as Rebecca kissed her back, feeling the cool breeze as Daisy slowly pushed her onto the bed, straddling her legs as he hands started to gently, firmly, caress her chest, her fingers sinking into the rapidly firming flesh as Rebecca gasped.


“Do I need to keep you quiet, in case the neighbours complain?”


“I…  I think you had better,” Rebecca gasped as Daisy got off the bed, walking to her dressing table and returning with a pair of silk knickers in one hand, and a roll of white medical tape in the other.  Rebecca smiled as she opened her mouth, feeling the material on her tongue as Daisy pushed them behind her teeth, and then closing her lips, the smile still there as Daisy smoothed the strip of white tape over them.


“Now, where were we,” Daisy said as she continued to knead and caress Rebecca’s chest, planting soft kisses on her neck and throat as she did so.  Her captive could not do anything except feel her pleasure growing, as she wriggled under Daisy.  For her part, Daisy had pulled the skirt of her dress up to her waist, allowing Rebecca’s legs to rub on her as she moved around, and her own pleasure increasing as well.


She wanted to rip Rebecca’s dress off, but their rules were simple – the dress had to remain on.  So she had to be content with moving down, Rebecca lifting herself up enough to allow Daisy to push the skirt of her dress up, and then sigh as her captor pulled her panties down to the rope around her knees.


“Hmm – you smell so fresh,” Daisy said as she looked at Rebecca, running her finger over her damp clit as Rebecca sighed into the gag, and pushed herself up.  Daisy smiled as she gently kissed Rebecca there, smiling as her petals parted and she started to use her lips and tongue on the young woman.



As he walked out of the room, he could hear the muffled gasps and groans in the upstairs room.  He turned to see Zoe looking at him, shaking as the rope rubbed between her legs, and started to walk slowly, quietly up the staircase.



“HMMMYSYSGDDDYYYYYYYYS!”  Rebecca started to shake as the attentions of Daisy on her began to make her feel different, the ropes holding so that all she could do was squirm round, and the ropes only adding to the excitement as she felt the fire growing between her legs.


A fire which the kissing, the feel of the tongue, was fanning rather than dampening – especially as she felt Daisy slip her tongue inside, and start to use it inside her, finding those places that can….



She suddenly arched her back and screamed into her gag as the orgasm overpowered, overwhelmed her, making her shake as the juices flowed – and Daisy licked them up, her own pleasure increasing as she did so.  She continued for as long as Rebecca came, wanting both her friend and herself to experience every morsel of the pleasure.


Eventually, Daisy lifted her head, Rebecca slumping on the bed with her eyes closed as she said “there – I think it is Zoe’s turn now, don’t you?”


“Hmmysss,” Rebecca said as she slowly opened her eyes, looking at her lover through misty eyes – and the tall man behind her who put a gloved hand over her mouth, saying “I see your other friend has had some fun – It’s past time you had some, my dear.”


“Hrruu,” Daisy mumbled as Rebecca looked on.


“Oh I’m here to rob you,” the man said quietly, “but I see I interrupted a game session between very, very good friends.  I merely feel you should join in too – so very slowly, kneel down on the bed and put your hands behind your back.”


“All right,” Daisy whispered as she slowly knelt, leaning forward and crossing her wrists behind her back as the man went to her box, and took out more rope.  Why was she not scared?  Why was she feeling excited by this?  Other questions raced through her mind as she felt the rope on her own wrists, pulling them firmly together as the man wrapped the cords around and between her limbs. 


“Do not be afraid – it is obvious you prefer women, so I will not force myself on you,” he whispered into Daisy’s ear as he tied the ropes off, “but it is unfair that you will not experience what both your friends have, so I will make sure you do.”


“How will you go that,” Daisy whispered, Rebecca watching as the man began to use a longer length of rope to bind her arms to her side.  Looking down, she saw the way her dress was now stretching over her chest as it was forced out – and the way the ropes were rubbing on her body, making her sigh as well.


He did not stop there – he then took the rope over one shoulder, diagonally down across her chest and then up and around in the opposite direction, and then as she had done with Zoe – so that her breasts were framed and forced out.


“Ullkshhtlktht,” Rebecca said, and Daisy did feel strangely aroused by this, as the man made her stand up, and then wrapped a doubled over length of rope around her waist.  She wondered what he was doing this for – and then she realised as he reached between her legs, pulling the rope up, making the skirt of her dress rise as it pressed her damp panties against her own crotch.  She barely noticed as the lashed the ends around her wrists as well – but as he reached round and started to massage her chest, Daisy closed her eyes as her struggles forced the rope to rub her – and she realised just how sensitive she was there.


“Oh goddess,” she whispered as she groaned, Rebecca squirming round as she felt her own fires burning again just by watching.  His grip was strong, as she closed her eyes and wriggled round.


“Open your mouth.”


Daisy opened her lips wide, as she felt a pair of her own panties as they were pushed into her mouth, closing her lips over them as she heard the sound of tape peeling loose from the roll.  He wrapped it tightly round her head, sealing her mouth, the tape holding firm as she was forced to walk over – and that made the rope rub even more…


She lay on her side, looking at Rebecca as she squirmed round, and then felt the man crossing and binding her ankles together, as well as securing her legs below her knees.  He then looked at her, smiling as he pulled the rope between her legs, making her scream and her eyes close before he started to look for her valuables.


“Whrrssszee,” Rebecca said as she looked at her lover.


“Hpppshllrrtt,” Daisy whispered as she moved again, and then started to shake as the ropes tipped her already sensitive and aroused body over the edge…




When she calmed down and opened them again, she saw that the man had gone – but only for a moment as he came back in, carrying Zoe and placing her on the large bed next to the other two captives.  He had wrapped the white tape round her head as well, covering her chiffon cleave gag.


“I’ll make sure someone is alerted to your predicament – eventually,” he said with a smile as he picked up the pillowcase he had placed Daisy’s jewellery in, and then left the room.  The three women looked at each other, before Rebecca and Zoe moved themselves over the bed, their gagged lips pressing against Daisy’s own taped mouth as they started to enjoy the company of each other…









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