Common Destination







He left the woman on the park bench, the blindfold tied over her eyes, and told her not to move for ten minutes before he drove off.  Today was a rare day for the man dubbed the Selfie Snatcher by the papers – he had no guests at home, and he felt that, for once, he could indulge himself and fulfil a fantasy of his own.


And, as he drove down the road, he knew just the people to invite to play…


Kamila sat on her bed, smiling as she looked at herself in the mirror.  It was going to be a special day, she felt – something was in the air, and she did not mean the scent of her perfume.


She stood and slipped on the black dress, which fell down her slim body, the lace skirt covering her leggings and the tops of her thigh high soft peach suede boots.  It came down over her knees, giving just the right hint of modesty mixed with fashionable look.


Only one thing remained – Kamila picked up the long peach scarf, and wrapped it round her head and neck, covering her long dark hair and her head as the ends fell down her back.


A look in the mirror to apply some lipstick, and she knew she was ready to face the day ahead.  She picked up her iPhone, and looked through the messages…




She suddenly looked up and saw a stranger in the room – he was tall, thin, with short blonde hair, and he smiled as he showed Kamila the pistol in one hand, and the small bag in the other.


“You look beautiful today, dear lady – I want you to take a selfie of yourself, in the mirror, and then you will come with me.”


“And if I do not want to,” Kamila said quietly.


“I think you will – I have the gun after all.  Now, take the picture, and leave your phone where someone can find it.”


“Who are you?”


“Someone who wishes you to know freedom – now, please, take the selfie.”


Kamila nodded as she raised her phone, and took the picture of her reflection in the mirror, the man smiling as he said “very good – put the phone down, and put your hands behind your back, palms together.”


“What are you going to do,” Kamila whispered, but he said nothing, as she felt rope around her wrists and then the sensation as they were pulled together, the rope going around and between her arms and locking them to each other.


He was quick, and as she flexed her fingers with the manicured nails, she knew she wouldn’t get free without help – especially as she was taken by surprise as a second rope was passed round her arms, making her elbows touch as they were secured in the same way.


She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror – her shoulders drawn back, her chest forced out – and was grateful her modesty was still in place, as the man bound the ends and put his hands on her shoulders.


“there – now, turn round, and open your mouth.”


“Why – whatrrugnnneedd,” Kamila said as the man pushed a folded cloth into her mouth, and then gently closed her lips together before he took a roll of clear tape, tore a wide strip off, and pressed it over her mouth, taking care to allow no creases or air bubbles as she stood there.  Kamila was speechless – and not just because of the gag.  She was helpless, as he put a long grey cape over her, covering her arms before he opened the door, and said “shall we?”


He walked her out of the building, and into the side road, and nobody – NOBODY – noticed anything wrong.  Kamila was too scared, with the man holding a gun – to do anything as they walked to a waiting car, and he opened the boot.


It was clean inside – a fact she was grateful for as he lifted her up, and placed her inside, before he poured some clear liquid onto a cloth and held it against her nose and gagged mouth.  It smelt sweet – and soporific, as her eyes slowly closed…


The boot lid swung shut, as the man got in and drove off.  He had another delivery to take…



Aaleyah adjusted the black hijab that covered her head and neck, and looked at herself again in the mirror. 


Her camel top sat well on her, over the black jumper underneath, the wide white lace untied at the chest.  Hr legs were covered by black leatherette leggings, and a pair of over the knee black suede boots.


“Now then, I wonder what is going to happennnhmggddd,” she mumbled – the mumbling thanks to the large hand that had clamped over her mouth.  Her eyes darted from left to right, and then she saw the reflection in her long mirror.


“Hello – you’re going to come with me, but first I want you to take a selfie of yourself, and leave your phone for your family.  Do not worry – you will back in the morning.”




“That’s right – so, I’ll let you go, you take the picture, and we go…”


As the hand was taken away, Aaleyah played with the end of the wide white lace, and said “what will you do to me?”


“You will see – please, take the picture, and then we take a ride.”


She nodded as she posed and took the picture, leaving the phone on her bed as the man took her arms behind her back, and bound her wrists together with thin cord.  He then turned her round as he produced a roll of white tape, and covered her mouth with strips, before he said “close your eyes.”


As she did so, Aaleyah felt the pressure on her eyelids as he pressed tape over them, and then led her out of the apartment, into the lift, and down to the car park, where his vehicle was waiting.  Kamila was aware of doors opening and close, before it moved off again…




As the tape was taken off her eyes, Aaleyah blinked, and then looked round.  She was in a cellar, with a large mattress on the floor, and two chairs – one of which she was sitting in, her legs spread and tied to the front legs of the chair at her ankles and knees.


There was another woman opposite her – another Muslim woman, dressed in black and peach, her chest forced out with her arms over the back of the chair, her ankles tied together and pulled under the chair.  Her lips were visible, but as she managed to focus Aaleyah could see the tape covering them.


“Welcome ladies – welcome to my den,” the man said as he walked round them, “I understand you both know each other?”


Kamila looked over at Aaleyah and slowly nodded.  They were colleagues, although they had never really talked to each other.  She had wanted to, but…


“Well, others have noticed – and don’t worry, I am not about to violate you in any way.  But they feel you would like some time together – hence our presence here.  And may I say, you are both stunningly good looking women.”


He stopped behind Kamila, and put her hands on her shoulders, gently massaging them as her eyes widened.  “So, relax, and enjoy the time together with my help.”


“Rffemelleeswllmssesss,” Aaleyah said as she looked at Kamila, seeing the way she moved as she tried to squirm out of his grip, the way her chest was moving under her top…


“Whtruussnnn,” Kamila mumbled, the tape crinkling over her lips as he moved his arms down her body, stroking over her chest.  She was surprised at the way she shivered at this, his hands were not touching her flesh, and yet…


Aaleyah was almost hypnotised as the man stroked his hands up and down, going over Kamila’s breasts as she started to moan.  This man had kidnapped her – both of them – brought them here against their wills, and now suddenly she was getting aroused at what was happening?


As for Kamila, she wasn’t sure what was happening – no man had ever touched her there, and she was afraid and curious at the same time of the effect it was having on her.  She squirmed in the chair, the ropes holding her in place…


The man looked over and smiled, before he let go of Kamila, the young woman sighing and then watching as he did the same thing Aaleyah.  As she tried to move out of the way, the wide white lace started to flap from side to side, but Kamila was entranced by the sight and sound of her slowly, slowly responding to his touch.  He had not been rough, but gentle – and that very gentleness seemed to be adding to the way he had made her feel, the way he was making Aaleyah feel, as she squirmed, the ropes and chair creaking, the lines on her black felt boots fading and intensifying as she shifted round.


What was more, she felt she wanted to be part of this, not to be left out after the way he had made her feel…


“Hmmmgdddwhtshppnnn,” Aaleyah groaned as she felt her nipples hardening, and then the man stopped – walking to the side of the room, he opened a box and took out a long length of rope, walking back and doubling it over before he stood behind her, and passed the rope around her upper body, pulling her arms into her sides as he tightened it under her chest.  Another pass round, this time above her chest, and she felt the pressure forcing don on her breasts, each pass tighter, adding to the two bands of rope as they framed and made them more prominent.  It stretched her top, her nipples now showing under the tight material, as he brought the bands together behind her back.


But that was not all – he took the rope under one arm and pulled it up, making her give a muffled yelp as the rope forced her chest out even more, then round the back of her neck and under the other arm, before he tied it off.


She wondered what she must look like – so when he collected a second length of rope and went behind Kamila, she watched with interest, the way the white ropes looked on her chest as it was further bound – and the expression on Kamila’s face as the ropes got progressively tighter…


“Whhrusnnthhssss,” Kamila groaned as he tied the ropes under her arms, the clear tape coming loose from hr mouth.  As it peeled away, she said “please…”


“OF course,” the man said as he gently squeezed her chest, Kamila’s eyes opening as her mouth did- and he pushed the cloth in, before pressing along, wide strip of the white tape over it as she closed her lips, making sure it formed to the contours of her face.  Aaleyah could see the shape of her lips underneath, and wished she could offer some comfort as their captor released Kamila from the chair, and made her stand.


Taking another length of rope, he stood in front of her, tying it between the bands of rope in front and pressing them even more firmly on her, before he made her lie on the floor, her chest pressed down and her head on a pillow.


Walking over to Aaleyah with more ropes in his hands, he released her legs from the chair, before binding her ankles tightly together, the rope going around and between her limbs as she saw Kamila struggle on the floor.  She barely noticed as he bound her legs below her knees, his hands stroking her legs as he did so, and then he made her stand up, before he tied one end of a doubled length of rope between her breasts.


As the bands of rope pressed down even more on her breasts, she let out a low moan of pleasure, as the ropes dropped to the floor and he made her jump over, then kneel and lie on the floor beside Kamila.  The two women turned their heads and looked at each other as he reached between Aaleyah’s legs, pulling the rope up between her legs as it pressed firmly on her crotch, and then he pulled Kamila’s ankles back, tying the rope between her legs so that they were held in place – but as Kamila tried to straighten her legs, the rope rubbed on Aaleyah, and she squirmed and moaned at the way it felt…


Kamila watched, fascinated by the reaction, not noticing the hand between her own legs as the rope pulled her top up and rubbed on her tights, and then was tied to Aaleyah’s ankles.  As she tried to move her legs, Kamila groaned and looked over.


“Sreee,” she mumbled, “shllestpp?”


To her surprise, Kamila shook her head gently from side to side, and then started to move her own legs, making the rope rub on Aaleyah’s crotch, and making her groan as the warmth seemed to spread through her.  She looked over, and returned the favour, both women wondering what others would say if they could see what they were doing.


And how much they were enjoying it, as the motions got faster, and the fire grew stronger within both of them.  Their captor watched for a moment, and then left, closing the door as their moans got louder…





Aaleyah sighed as she felt her ankle been untied from Kamila’s rope, and then her ankles pulled back as they were secured to her own chest ropes, and then the crotch rope that had given her so much pleasure so far tied tightly to that rope, the effect increased by the dampness between her legs.  She rolled onto her side and watched as Kamila was hogtied in the same way, and then rolled onto her own side, their eyes meeting over the tape gags.


“Enjoy your night,” their captor said as he walked off, closing and locking the door, as Kamila shuffled closer to Aaleyah, their eyes locked on each other.  As they came together, she smiled and turned her head, before pressing her tape gagged lips on the other woman – the gesture returned as they wriggled round, taking themselves to the edge again as they shared their desire for each other, not caring any more what other people may think…


It was pure pleasure, pure desire that drove them both as they started shaking again, and then they rested, Kamila’s head next to Aaleyah’s…







“What the…”


Kamila’s eyes opened wide as she realised she was in her own bedroom, lying on the covers, free of binds, free of gag – but with the dampness evident on her leggings, and on her body.  She sat up, wondering what was going on, before she heard her phone ringing.


Looking at the caller id, she did not recognise it, but answered it as she said “yes?”


“Is this Kamila?” The voice was young, female, and as she said she was the voice said with a sigh “this is Aaleyeh.”


“Oh my – are you all right?”


“I just woke up in my own bed – but the memory of last night…”


Kamila nodded as she looked at the clock.  “Are you…  Will you come to work today?”


“I can do – why?”


“I want to have lunch with you, talk about what happened.”


There was a moment’s silence, before Aaleyah said “I’d like that very much.  I’ll see you there.”





As he delivered the morning post, he saw the two women smile shyly at each other across the office.  He was glad he had brought them together – it gave him renewed vigour for his hobby…







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