Corporate Games








Julie smiled as she walked into the room, looking round to see that all the equipment and supplies they had requested were in place.  She looked every inch the corporate woman – her long brown hair falling over the shoulders of her fitted black jacket, fastened over the blue top, with a matching knee length black skirt, dark tights and knee length black leather boots.


“This should be a – productive meeting,” she said quietly to herself as the room door opened, and she turned to see who had come in.  The older woman had long chestnut coloured hair, and her red jacket was open to show her scoop necked top, the wide black leather belt tightly buckled round her waist.  Like Julie, she also had on a black skirt, dark tights and knee length black patent leather boots, her ones shining in the light.




“Julie – I see everything is ready for our meeting.  The agenda was agreed in advance?”


“Indeed – I think Claire will be here in a few minutes.  Would you like a coffee before we start?”


“Not yet,” Amy said with a smile, “I’d like to get straight down to business when she gets here.  Plenty of time to have a drink once we have started.”


Julie nodded as she opened one cupboard, and took out a small bottle of clear liquid as well as a folded white cloth.  Putting it to the side, both she and Amy smiled as the door to the room opened.


“Amy, Julie – I’m the next to arrive?”


“Indeed you are, Clare,” Amy said with a smile, “have a seat, and we can look at the slides you have prepared.”


“Just let me hang my coat up first,” Clare said as she removed her great coat and placed it on a coat stand.  The middle aged woman had short dark hair, and was wearing a purple sweater with a grey knee length pencil skirt, as well as dark tights and her own knee length black leather boots.  Sitting at the table, she opened her laptop and logged in, saying “so where do you want to start?”


“Well, how about the current status of Project Pegasus,” Amy said as she sat down, Clare nodding as they both looked at the screen, unaware of Julie as she opened the small bottle and poured some of the liquid onto the material.  She smiled as she walked over…


“So, as you see Amy, the projectdehttllhshtththh….”  Clare’s eyes shot open as Julie pressed the damp sloth over her nose and mouth, the sweet sickly fumes entering her and causing her to instantly swoon, her vision clouding as she succumbed to the narcotic.  Julie made sure the cloth was held firmly in place as Clare’s head slumped to the side, then she placed it in a plastic bag, sealed it and disposed of it in a black bag.


“Well, that worked better than expected,” Amy said with a smile as she opened a second wardrobe, and removed several carefully coiled lengths of soft white rope.  Shaking one out, she doubled it over as Julie sat the unconscious Clare up, then guided her arms round the chair back, crossing her wrists before she started to bind them tightly together.  She made sure the coils were neatly arranged, and the rope between her arms made sure it was tight before she had finished.


She then stood up, walking round and holding Clare by the shoulders as Julie unravelled and doubled over a long length of rope, doubled it over, and then wound it round her waist so that she was pulled back into the chair.  She continued to wind it round Clare, fixing her upper arms to her sides and her body to the chair back as two bands formed above and below her chest, forcing it up and out as she did so.


“She looks so cute like that,” Amy said with a smile as Julie secured the rope to the chair back, before she went and fetched another length of rope.  Doubling it over, she knelt down and crossed Clare’s ankles, then wound the rope round them and pulled the ends through the centre loop, forcing them together as she wound the rope around and between her legs as well, then tied the ends off before she used another length of rope to secure her legs together below her knees.  She then pulled Clare’s ankles back under the seat, using a final length of rope which she used to secure them to the central support.


“How long before she wakes up,” Julie said as she looked at her friend.


“Long enough for us to keep her quiet – open her mouth for me, will you?”  As she spoke, Amy took a large black silk square and rolled it into a band, tying a knot in the middle before she eased it into Clare’s mouth, tying the band round her head as her lips closed over it.  Both women looked at her as Julie said “well, the games have begun now.”


“Indeed – and just in time.  Behind the door?”


Both women moved quickly as the door opened, and a fourth woman walked in, wearing a black leather jacket over her crimson top.  She was also wearing a dark skirt, hers coming over her knees, but her dark tights were still visible above her mid-calf black leather boots.


She saw Clare in the seat, and said “oh lovely” as she put her hands through her feather cut black hair – then raised those hands as she felt a small disc of pressure against her back, and heard Julie say “hello Jane – why don’t you take your coat off – slowly – and hand it to Amy, then put your hands behind your back.”


“What is this, a corporate takeover?”


“Oh yes – you know too much about what we have planned for Project Pegasus – so do as my friend asks,” Amy said with a smile, waiting as Jane removed her jacket and handed it over, before putting her hands behind her back.  She knew what was happening, and smiled as she felt the soft rope encircle and secure her wrists together.


“So you want me to talk?”


“In time – once Clare wakes up,” Amy said as she watched Julie securing her colleague’s wrists, then doubled over a longer length of rope and passed it round her stomach, pulling her arms into her sides and taking it above her chest as well as she ensured her upper body was totally secured.  Jane nodded as she felt the ropes tighten, and then took the rope under one arm, up and over the back of her neck, and then under the other arm so that the bands were even tighter.


“Sit down,” Julie said as Jane walked to one of the chairs, sitting herself down before Julie took more ropes and knelt at her side, crossing her ankles and wrapping the rope round them as she started to bind them together.


“You know I won’t tell you anything about Project Pegasus,” she said as she looked at Amy.


“Oh I think you will,” Amy said with a smile as Clare slowly raised her head, her eyes blinking as she looked round, and said “hghddd…”


“Hey – sorry about this,” Jane said as she felt the rope being pulled between her ankles, Julie tying the ends off and then round her feet before she took a last length, and began to bind her legs together below her knees.


“Wthruhdhdhnn,” Clare mumbled as she felt the knotted mass on her tongue, slowly getting heavier as it soaked up the saliva in her mouth.  Amy smiled as she walked behind her, and then put her hands on her shoulders as she said “we’ll talk to Jane first.  What do you know about the funds transfers?”


“I won’t talk,” Jane said – and then she felt Julie’s hands as she started to tickle her sides, twisting her body round as she said “I won’t talkahahhahahhhhh…”  The tickle torture continued, Clare shaking her head as she saw the sweat start to appear on her colleague’s brow.


Amy smiled as she walked over to the coffee pot and poured herself a cup, sipping from it as Clare said “she’s not going to say anything.  What do we do now?”


“Gag her – I’ll have a word in a minute,” Amy said as the door opened, and a middle aged woman wearing a grey coat dress walked in, smiling as she said “am I interrupting?”


“No,” Amy said as she sat down – and then blinked.


And blinked again, before she slowly fell forward, her eyes closing as her head went onto the table.




“Not a word, my dear,” the woman said as she smiled, and produced a gun, “you will find some sponges and tape in that cupboard.  Silence your friend, and then come over here.”  As she spoke, the door opened again as a tall, thin man came in, dressed in a dark waistcoat and trousers, white shirt and bow tie.  He watched as Julie went to the cupboard, taking out a half sponge and a roll of white tape.  Compressing the sponge, she pushed it into Jane’s mouth, and then covered her lips with the white tape, leaving the roll on the table as she rolled over.


The man looked into Clare’s eyes, and said “she seems to be recovering nicely.  Why don’t you make Julie secure, Mrs F?”


“My pleasure, Mister P,” the woman said as she took Julie’s arms behind her back, and then picked some rope up from the pile she had removed from the cupboard.  Julie gasped as she felt her elbows been drawn together, while the man folded Amy’s arms behind her back, using more of the ropes to secure her elbows to her wrists.


A second length of rope was used to secure Julie’s wrists together, before Mrs F took the longer length of rope, and then wrapped it round her body, forcing her chest up and out and her arms against her back as she did so.


Mister P smiled as he went to the far side of the room, and then took out a long object with a bulb at one end, Clare watching as he walked back over and pressed a button on the side, and then started to gently run the bulb over her chest.  She closed her eyes and moaned softly as he said “now, when you are ready to talk, let me know,” feeling her body respond to it.


Julie nodded as Mrs F walked in front of her, and tied the end of one length of rope between her breasts, drawing the ropes together around them before she walked behind the bound woman.  “What are you – oh god,” she gasped as the ropes were pulled back, hiking her skirt and pressing down on her panties as it was secured behind her.


Clare was softly moaning now, wriggling round as the device was moved over her, the man smiling as he glanced to the side and saw Jane with her eyes closed.  He slipped the device under Julie’s dress, the bulb pushed up against her as her eyes opened, and then went to fetch a second device before he walked back.


Mrs F had now made Julie lie on the floor, panting softly as her hands stroked over her chest, and she whispered into her ear “tell me about Project Pegasus…”


“Never….  NEVER,” she yelped out as the rope between her legs was pulled on, and then she was made to lie down, groaning as the woman crossed and bound her ankles together, and then her legs below her knees.  Bending her ankles back, she secured them to the crotch rope, and pulled it gently to and fro as she said “I’m going to give you something to think about, while I deal with your friend.”


Julie wondered what she was talking about – and then got a shock as she took a vibrator and fed it under the crotch rope, placing it very carefully as it added to the humming sound in the room.


A sound that increased as Mister P slipped a second bulbous device between Jane’s breasts, hearing her scream in to the gag as Mrs F wound the white tape round Julie’s head.  The two of them then walked over, Mr P making her kneel as Mrs F secured her upper arms to her sides, and then tied the band together with rope between her breasts, pulling it down and back through her legs as her own skirt was hiked up, and then securing it to her forearms.  He then opened her mouth as Mrs F pushed the folded cloth in, and wrapped the white tape tightly round her head, before he pulled on the ropes.  The soft moan from her lips told him she was starting to wake up, as he lay her down, bending her left ankle and tying it to her thigh, then repeating with the right leg.


Amy groaned as she tried to move – and then felt the rubbing between her legs, the warmth, the question in her ear.


“What will you tell me about Project Pegasus?”


“Nhhff…   Nhfff….hswhtkhsshs….”


As the man and woman slowly built Amy and Julie to a climax, Jane and Clare were shaking, their own orgasms starting to build again as all four remembered.  They had been the ‘victims’ of these two before, in a coffee shop, but the experience had changed them all – so when Amy discovered they offered a bespoke service…







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