Crime School 3




Miss Hardcastle sat back in her chair and looked at the two girls waiting at the other side of the table.


“So, let me see if I understand you correctly.  You wish to develop the theme of our evening class into your project for the media exam?”


“That’s right, Miss Hardcastle,” Sharon said as she looked over at Tina.  As was the tradition at St Blazius, the tow sixth form students were dressed in blouses and trousers of their own choosing, as opposed to the school uniform.  “We want to do a story illustrating how to cope if you are attacked, and what to do.  Do we have your permission?”


The headmistress looked more keenly at the two girls.  After the mandatory classes had been introduced for the sixth form, they had proven to be invaluable on a number of occasions, but this was a new turn of events for her.


“What will be the storyline, and who will be involved?”


“Well, we’ve got agreement from Dee and Alison to play the victims, and Akira will provide support as well.”


“Akira?  How interesting – her father expressly forbade her to take part in the classes, so does she know what she is getting into?”


“She does,” Tina said.  She was the daughter of the school nurse, and was a red haired beauty.  “We’ve also agreed that those taking part will wear a generic uniform – blouse and plaid skirt, like they wear in the soaps?”


“You mean Neighbours?  I thought we had banned that.”  Miss Hardcastle thought for a moment longer.  “Very well – I will authorise this, but take care and make sure you take all necessary precautions.”


“Thank you,” the two girls said as they stood up.  They left the room, talking between themselves as they did so.




“You are sure it will be possible to get in and out quickly?”


“Quite sure – our internal contact has informed us she is involved in some sort of media project, and this will provide the perfect opportunity.”


“All right – proceed and let me know when collection is viable.”



Dee and Alison were standing in the gym hall, watching the equipment being set up by Akira.  Both were wearing white, short sleeved blouses and plaid skirts – red for Alison and grey for Dee.  Dee was also wearing white sneakers with her socks, while Alison had on black trainers.


“All right, girls,”


Tina had also got into character, as had Akira.  Tina was wearing a white blouse and dark tie with a red tartan short skirt, while Akira was dressed in a typical Japanese school uniform of a short sleeved white blouse with a dark black pinafore dress.  A red scarf was tied in a bow around her neck.  Only Sharon was not dressed for the occasion, wearing as she was a white t-shirt and blue denim skirt.  She seemed preoccupied with something else, and a little off, but Tina put that down to nerves.


“Turn round and put your hands behind your back,” Sharon said as she held up several rolls of silver tape in her hands.  Dee and Alison looked at each other, then turned round as they were asked to as Sharon tossed one of the rolls over to Dee.


The door opened and Elsie, another sixth former and a friend of Tina’s walked in.  “Tina – we just got a message from your mother.  She needs to see you, so I’m going to help out.”


“All right – and thanks for getting into the spirit of the occasion,” Tina said as she tossed the large roll to the new arrival.  Elsie was dressed like the other two in a short sleeved blouse and plaid short skirt.  She found the edge of the tape and ripped it away from the main roll, a slight gleam in her eye.


“We’re in trouble,” Dee said as Elsie stuck the end of the roll to the bare skin of her wrist, placed the other one against it behind her back and started to secure them together, while Sharon did the same to Alison.  Akira started to film the process as they continued to bind the two friends with the tape, while Tina left the room and headed for the sick room.



“Mum – where are you?” Tina said as she entered the hospital area.  The floor was deserted, but there was a note on the table which Tina picked up.


“She wants me at home?” Tina muttered, but she did as she was asked and made her way to the flat they shared outside the main school building.  It was a short walk, but the cold air was biting at her legs as she ran over.  Opening the door, she barely had time to call “Mummmmm” before a gloved hand was over her mouth and a strong arm holding her.  She could see her mother standing there, in her blue tunic and dark trousers, with her hands bound together in front of her and a cloth stuffed into her mouth.  She was been held by a tall, blonde haired woman dressed in a jumper and jeans.


“This your daughter?” she heard a female voice behind her say, and her mother nodded as a tear started to come down her cheek.  “Get them out of here,” the voice said, and Tina was forced to follow her mother up the staircase.




Alison and Dee were now sat on the floor, their ankles and legs taped together and their arms secured to their sides below their breasts.  As Elsie stood beside Akira, Sharon covered Dee’s mouth with several layers of tape.  “I’ll talk to you later,” Alison said as she pressed her lips together and the adhesive tape placed over her own mouth.  The two girls looked at each other as Sharon stepped back and said “Right – go for it!”


The two gagged girls looked at each other and started to shuffle round on the floor, communicating to each other with grunts as they looked to find a way to start to free themselves.  “This is most fascinating,” Akira said as she continued filming, “and most instructive.  I do not know why my father did not want me to do this.”


“Neither do I”, Sharon said as Dee looked over at Alison.  “Come on girls – this is meant to show how you can escape from this – try harder…”




“There – that should keep you out of the way while we get ready for the Japanese kid.”


Tina looked over at her mother as they lay on the bed.  Both women had their wrists tied together in front of them and then secured above their heads to the headboard of her mother’s double bed.  Her mother had had her pants removed and her tunic opened to reveal a set of black and white underwear, before they both had their ankles and legs bound with rope.  Silver tape covered their jaws and mouths, preventing their screams for help from being heard.  One of the female intruders was tying their waists together with a length of rope, not to hold them together as such but to preventing one of them trying to sit up without forcing the other to move with her.


“Akira?  What do they want with her,” Tina said as she struggled, her skirt riding up to reveal the top of her white tights.  That thought stayed with her as the women left her and her mother on the bed, unable to help each other or to raise the alarm.




“Fantastic, keep it going you two…”


Sharon was shouting encouragement to both Dee and Alison as they struggled on the floor.  By this point they had managed to get back to back, and Alison was trying to pick at the edge of the tape around Dee’s wrists.


The sound of a mobile phone came through, and Akira looked at her device.


“It is a message from Tina,” she said, “She wants both Elsie and I to meet her in the mathematics room.  She says it is urgent.”


“All right – the two of you go and I’ll finish off here,” Sharon said.  She watched the two girls head out of the door, then picked up her bag from the floor.


“I have something special for you two before I get you free”, she said as she walked over to the two stars of the film.  They looked up at her, wondering what she was talking about, as she withdrew an atomiser from her bag and sprayed several times into each of their faces.  Their eyes widened with astonishment for a few moments, before they both fell onto their sides as the anaesthetic did its work.


“Idiots,” she said as she walked out of the gymnasium, leaving the two unconscious and bound girls behind.




“Tina?  Are you in here?”


Elsie and Akira pushed open the door to the classroom, looking for their friend.  Outside the sounds of the sports teams could be heard, where most of the school and the teaching staff were either playing or watching.


“Tina?” Akira called out, but the response she got was not what she expected.  As Elsie closed the door, three women jumped out from their hiding place.  Two of them grabbed Elsie and Akira, while the third, a blonde haired woman in a jumper and jeans, watched.


“Get the blonde over there,” she said to the woman holding Elsie.  She was tall, dark haired, and wearing a white cropped halter top and shorts with a red trim.  “Make sure she’s kept out of the way while we deal with the other one.


“Keep quiet and you won’t get hurt,” the woman said as she marched Elsie over to the wall and made her stand facing it.  As she produced a length of rope and started to bind her wrists together behind her back, she looked over her shoulder to see the other two women forcing Akira to lie face down on the floor.  The third intruder, who was wearing a black flying suit and gloves with black shoes, was also pinning the Japanese girl’s wrists behind her back, forearms together, and starting to wrap some brown rope around them.


“Keep clam, Akira, and don’t struggle,” was all Elsie managed to say before a cloth duster was pushed into her mouth, the remnants of chalk on it making her gag slightly.  As a length of black tape was smoothed over her mouth, she mentally began to calm herself and relax, as she had been taught to in the lessons.


Akira, in the meantime, had been made to sit up and was watching the third woman binding her ankles together over her thick white socks.  Her arms were starting to ache as they were pinned to her sides with rope passed around them and her chest, above and below her breasts, but she had no way of articulating that clearly.  Not with the wide bandage secured around her mouth and holding another duster in place.  As the final knot was tied, forcing her wrists to be raised as they were attached to the ropes behind her back, she looked back over at Elsie.


Elsie, in turn, had turned her head with embarrassment as her attacker slowly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it down over her arms, revealing her white bra.  The look in the dark haired woman’s eyes was worrying her more than her own discomfort as she slowly pulled one bra strap down over her right shoulder.


“we don’t have time for that,” the girl in jeans said, and Elsie visibly relaxed as her assailant stood up.  She looked round at Akira, who was now lying on her side on the floor, and raised her eyebrows to indicate of she knew what was going on.  The young Japanese girl shook her head as the dindow to the classroom was opened.  Elsie looked in that direction, and her eyes widened when she saw Sharon put her head in.


“any problems?”


“Nah – we’re good to go,” the blonde said as the other two picked Akira and carried her struggling body over to the window.  They passed it over to Sharon, who left for a moment and then re-appeared.


“Head for the rendevsous – I have a stop to make,” she said as she closed the window to.  The other three left Elsie sitting against the wall, thinking about what she had seen.  Sharon was in with a gang of kidnappers?




For her part, Sharon drove the grey transit van round the back of the school.  “You just stay there a minute,” she said to Akira as she lay in the back, before jumping out and locking the door.  Akira did not reply – the anaesthetic had put her to sleep as well.


Unlocking the external door, Sharon walked into the storeroom and looked at the young, blonde haired girl sitting on the wooden barrel.  The girl heard the sound of her footsteps, and turned her head in the direction of the door. 


“Sorry about this, Sharon, but I needed to take your place for a while.”


Sharon screamed at her sister through the white cloth gag that covered her mouth.  She had been on her way to the gym when she had been grabbed from behind, pushed into the storeroom and bound by the wrists and elbows.  It was only once the gag had been secured that the person binding her had walked round and switched the light on, leaving Sharon staring into the face of her older sister Sam.


The two could have been twins, although Sam was a good four years older.  She had left home under a cloud, but recently had been trying (or so Sharon had thought) to seek a reconciliation with them.


“You shouldn’t have told Mum about your media project – the gang and I had been asked to spirit Akira away for someone, and this provided the perfect opportunity.”  Sam checked the ropes around her sister, as she sat there in her pink vest top and white shorts.


“Anyway, we’ll be on our way.  I’m sure your friends will forgive you when they learn the truth.  Doodles.”


Sam blew a kiss in the direction of her struggling sister as she closed the door.  Sharon listened to the sound of the van leaving, and then started to calm herself down, to relax and assess her position, just as she had been taught in the classes…